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OnRamp in Compliance with EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework

OnRamp, a leading provider of high-security hosting, compliant cloud, and colocation services, was granted the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework Certification for the EU and Switzerland, formerly known as the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor Program. Awarded by the Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA), this certification adds to the growing list of data security and privacy credentials OnRamp upholds.

Global Automobile Electronics Market - Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast by 2021

Automobile electronics is an electrically developed systems used in road vehicles. It plays a major role in controlling engine of a vehicle. Engine ignition (spark, timing), fuel injection, entertainment systems such as music, communication systems, emissions controls, heating/air conditioning, a navigation system, security systems are different functions controlled electronically in vehicles. Automotive electronics basically originated from the transition towards advanced safety systems. Automobile electronics are becoming very popular and increasingly adopted by the consumers due to rising technological advancements.

McElroy Parts Promotes the New Polypropylene Socket Adapters

LogoThe new socket adapters represent a natural evolution of the McElroy product catalog. With the introduction of these adapters, the type D and type Q socket fusion adapters will be phased out in favor of an all-new single design adapter. Order selection becomes dramatically simplified while inventory requirements are minimized and the manufacturing process is significantly streamlined.

McElroy Parts Spotlights the McElroy PolyPorter

LogoThe PolyPorter® is designed to make pipe handling on the field significantly easier. It is a fusion of the many mechanical advantages of a dolly with pipe stand functionality, resulting in an incredibly useful pipeline tool.

Cage Care Liner Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Seek Global Support

LogoCage Care Liner is a patented Swiss invention that will solve the problems associated with the cleaning of animal cages worldwide. The exclusive in-liner for animal cages is made from renewable materials that are safe and healthy for both animals and their owners. It not only biodegradable but is also completely hygienic. The project is now seeking generous community support from pet owners worldwide and it comes with several unique features and benefits.

Sela Blue: An Inspiring Picture Book for Children Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSela Blue is an inspiring 6-year old character who shares her adventures while growing up in Canada. Created by Alisia Dale, a remarkable Canadian mother, the aim of this picture book series is to remind everyone what it is actually like being a six year old. The picture book not only reminds everyone about their childhood, but it offers many educational and interesting experiences for the children. This wonderful project is now seeking community support on Kickstarter and Alisia is welcoming everyone to support her.

BP Oil Spill Victim Harry Wilk Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo Generosity to Bounce Back Against Atrocities

LogoHarry Wilk started his line of high-quality outdoor wooden beach furniture in 2002, working from his garage. Started as a hobby business, the product very quickly achieved an unexpectedly high business volume. By the end of 2009, this business expanded to over $1.4 Million in sales. Harry sold his products all along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida. The business also manufactured an exquisite range of products for different hotels, resorts, wineries, and many other clients.

New Release Encourages Faith in Difficult Situations

"Throughout many years of ministry, I witnessed too many believers walk away from their faith," says novelist Jo Piazza O'Mara. O'Mara is the author of the newly released Songs in the Night, a sequel to Garden of Hope (both Redemption Press). She adds, "It is my desire to reassure Christians that, even when faced with the most difficult situations, they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to stand victorious in their faith."

LAMOSE Offers World's Highest Quality, All Steel-Insulated Water Bottle

LAMOSE, the best traveling water bottle is created, innovated and engineered after years of research and development. LAMOSE water bottles are world's highest quality all steel insulated water bottles. As compared to the conventional plastic water bottles, LAMOSE water bottle is not harmful to the environment.

Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA Announces Its Reopening Date

After a long wait, Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA has finally announced its reopening date. According to the reports, Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA will reopen on July 1, 2017. This is important news for the people of the USA because Hyperhidrosis Clinic is one of the most trusted clinics for Hyperhidrosis' treatment.

Express Garage Door Repair Announces Their Decision to Target New Areas

LogoExpress Garage Door Repair is an established name in Texas. They are hailed as one of the finest garage door repair company in Grand Prairie, Texas. The company is now looking at the prospects for future expansion. They want to tap the existing opportunities and find out new areas for further expansion of their business.

Top-Rated Compounding Pharmacy Provides Studio City Patients with Outstanding Customer Service

LogoBecause every individual has different health concerns and requirements, ABC Compounding Pharmacy near Studio City works with physicians to create tailored treatments addressed to the needs of their patients. Through their comprehensive compound services and formulations, this compounding pharmacy near Studio City is able to modify dosage forms and strengths, combine medications, and more. These specialized medications offer many advantages to both patients and physicians.

Free STD Testing in Los Angeles for Those Who Qualify at Vermont Urgent Care

LogoVermont Urgent Care is proud to announce that they are now offering sexual health services, which includes free STD testing in Los Angeles to those that qualify. Free STD testing in Los Angeles has never been easier now that Vermont Urgent Care accepts everyone without discrimination against race, sexuality, income, or citizenship status.

Slave Free Trade: A Movement to End Slavery Is Seeking Support on Indiegogo

LogoBrian Iselin, the Founder and President of Slave Free Trade is seeking support from the global community on Indiegogo to end slavery. Being an Ex-Soldier, Federal Agent and an Organized Crime Operations Specialist, he is on a lifelong mission to end slavery. According to Brian, SlaveFreeTrade is on a mission to free the 45 million people in slavery today. These people are mainly slaves in business supply chains ranging from fish to basketballs manufacturing to necklaces, t-shirts and mobile phones manufacturing industries worldwide.

Sterling Consolidated Corp's Subsidiary Signs Huge in a Partnership with Amazon

LogoSterling Seal & Supply, Inc., a subsidiary of Sterling Consolidated Corp. (OTCMKTS:STCC), is now a Business, Industrial and Scientific Supply Partner with Amazon. This BISS Division of Amazon will enable Sterling Seal & Supply, Inc. the opportunity to have its name seen on 65,000 items worldwide through Amazon.

Thermidor: A Japanese Role-Playing Game Set in Revolutionary France Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThermidor is an amazing Japanese Role-Playing Game that has been developed with state of the art 3D Graphics. The game is tactical in nature and can be played on mobile, Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Moreover, it features exciting characters and it takes the users back to revolutionary France era with several amazing options of gameplay. Developed by HyperDevbox Japan, the game can be played on multiple devices by a same user.

Bob Sima Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Healed People Extension Project

LogoBob Sima, a dynamic singer as well as songwriter has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for his healed people initiative. The artist is raising funds for his upcoming album titled 'The Movers, The Shakers, & The Peacemakers' and he is welcoming everyone to generously back this album. Bob is also a performer, a storyteller, a public speaker, a servant of humanity, a workshop and retreat leader, a meditation and breathwork facilitator, and a creative collaborator. Moreover, he has created 7 albums in 10 years, which is another amazing accomplishment on his part.

NYSE:DVA Long Term Investor Alert: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing at Davita Inc

LogoAn investigation was announced for long-term investors in shares of Davita Inc (NYSE:DVA) concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officers of Davita.

Clearsight Releases Its First Free Antivirus for Education

LogoClearsight Antivirus announced today that it will provide its first free antivirus software protection program for schools and other education customers. "We wanted to help schools and colleges create a safe and secure network, and we realize that's hard to do on a shoe string budget" said Vice President Dmitry Chendev. "Schools spend thousands on antivirus programs every year, and by using Clearsight Antivirus, we save them thousands without them losing the high quality software."

Powersoft M-Force Enters Cinema Sector

LogoDescribed as "the most advanced cinema subwoofer in the world", with a frequency range extending from 18Hz to 120Hz and SPL peaking at 145dB, MAG Audio's new MAG THOR has set out to redefine the cinema experience, by reproducing soundtrack low frequencies well beyond capabilities of conventional subwoofers.

'If These Walls Could Speak': Wallace Detroit Guitars' New Limited Edition Brewster Wheeler Series Makes Detroit's Legendary Past Come to Life

Wallace Detroit Guitars, a Detroit-based guitar manufacturer that creates unique and timeless instruments out of reclaimed wood from local landmarks, announced its limited edition Brewster Wheeler Series is now in production. The new line of exclusive instruments are constructed of wood harvested from the historic Brewster Wheeler Recreation, which was frequented by many Detroit legends including music artists Diana Ross and the Supremes, boxing Joe Louis and many others.

My Rose Buddha Spring Leggings Collection Coming Soon

Today My Rose Buddha announced the official launch of its eco-friendly leggings Collection called ''Intuition''. Excitement is already starting to build among yoga practitioners and My Rose Buddha fans within the yoga world, as Intuition collection launches. My Rose Buddha has also released information about what customers can expect from their new leggings collection.

Rank of Hands: An All-New Card Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoRank of Hands is an all new card game that takes many of your favorite card games, and blends them into one. Developed in the United States, the game takes a new approach to card games as we know them today, and adds elements of surprise, and opportunities for revenge. The creators are now seeking community support for this unique card game and they are welcoming everyone to back this game on Kickstarter. In return, they are offering an exclusive Kickstarter Gold Edition of the game as a reward to their backers.

Airwaves Music Is Proud to Return to Vancouver and Expand Wedding DJ Services

Airwaves Music, which specializes in providing professional wedding DJs for weddings and other special events, is pleased to expand its services and once again, return to Vancouver. Originally, the company was founded in Vancouver over six years ago.

Coshare: A New Concept of Online Transaction/Interaction Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoCoshare or Community Share is a first of its kind networking solution and a whole new way to connect people. It is a reliable network based on trust networking to make people safely trust each other on the internet. The network has several amazing feature as well as benefits and it now seeking generous community support on Kickstarter.

The Original Beach Cart XL Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Seek Support

LogoThe Original Beach Cart XL is the fastest and most reliable way to take all the stuff required for the beach in one go. It is an amazing and lightweight beach cart that can be pushed, pulled or towed with a golf cart. Moreover, it has an umbrella mounted on the top of it so it eliminates the need for screwing, digging or pounding to have an umbrella on the beach. The project is now seeking community support on Indiegogo and it is the best way to carry gear to the beach.

Flexxelight: The Revolutionary Lightbulb Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoFlexxelight is the technological answer to the commercial power failures and blackouts. The state of the art technologically that took nearly five years in the making has resulted into this amazing light that comes with 7 different modes and one of them is the detection of commercial power failure. The lightbulb stays alive and illuminating for five hours without power. Flexxelight is now seeking community support on Kickstarter and backers of this project from around the world will get this lightbulb only by pledging for $50.