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Kamin & Associates, Inc. Launches Comprehensive New Promotional Products Website

Kamin & Associates, Inc., a branding, strategic planning and promotional products company operating in Atlanta, GA, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website,

Carlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi Seek Crowdfunding via ToyBacker for His Upcoming Animated Comedy 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad'

Carlos Lopez and Pablo Raimondi are the creators of 'The Little Super Heroes in Training Squad' or The Little S.H.I.T.S. This animated comedy is about a team of five super-powered kids that accidentally end up obliterating their homeland while trying to save the same. A twisted comedy, the show promises to have plenty of wrongful observations on human existence and elements of social satire.

Online Bakery Pizazz Sweets Now Ships Nationwide

The Lake Oswego, Oregon based online bakery has developed the company's Portland Oregon area market and is looking to expand its market nationally as well. To serve customers better it was decided to become an online bakery at Pizazz Sweets added national shipping and a hassle free delivery service for local orders. Although the market is larger, what hasn't changed is that Pizazz Sweets continues to custom bake desserts fresh when ordered, and still bakes gluten free, vegan and sugar free desserts. Easy to order gifts for a special occasion, for business gift giving, or for yourself, this online bakery is the perfect solution to keeping a clean kitchen while giving a sweet treat of baked goods.

Marketing in Los Angeles That Will Help Businesses Get More Clients

Branding Los Angeles is a full-service Web design and marketing agency that provides customized branding solutions to give a wide-ranging spectrum of businesses in Los Angeles and beyond that can help your company grow its business and increase its customer base.

Car Seat Protector by Freddie and Sebbie Proving to Be a Best Seller

Those who have children know how difficult keeping a seat can be. Children lack the appropriate fine motor skills to eat without making a mess. Others struggle with keeping candy, crayons, markers and the like off of the seat.

Introducing FastCoin - The World's Fastest Bitcoin Alternative Gaining Traction in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

In late May 2013 FastCoin (FST) was launched; its primary innovation being to have the fastest transaction speeds of any digital currency currently in existence. Compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block times the FastCoin network has just a 12 second target block time with transactions fully confirming in 48 seconds. Based on the same fundamentals as the Bitcoin protocol FastCoin is a blockchain based, decentralized, peer 2 peer worldwide digital currency with no central issuing authority. FastCoin has seen a rapid rate of adoption, with the coin’s market cap briefly reaching $250 000 USD in early August, and the official website,, seeing constantly increasing traffic and serving thousands of unique hits every month. The coin is backed by a team of developers and FastCoin enthusiasts from all over the world; including the USA, Europe, Australia, UK, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India and more.

A Site to Help Homeowners Create Elegant Decorations This Holiday Season

There is not better time of the year than Christmas season. It is a season when festive mood is high in the air and everyone is rejoicing. For those who have been thinking all year about spending quality time with the family, there is no better time than Christmas. Putting up Christmas decorations around the house is the best form of activity where everyone in the house is excited to be involved. "The idea of turning your house into magical Christmas land will surely get everyone excited but without proper planning, the ending may not always be a happy one", says Karla, who over the years, has seen team works in the family falling apart just because of the lack of proper coordination.

30 Day Insulin Resistance Bootcamp Set to Launch and Help Individuals Be Rid of Sugar and Starch Cravings

Anyone struggling to bring their insulin resistance and sugar and starch cravings under control will soon have a new way to do it. On September 8, 2013 the 3-Day Insulin Resistance Bootcamp will launch to help those suffering from insulin resistance. The bootcamp is the brainchild of Alison Cox, herself a victim of insulin resistance. Cox was diagnosed with insulin resistance in 2011 and quickly realized the condition was the reason she could not lose weight. According to Cox, “Learning how to eat right for this condition was the thing that made the difference, and that’s why I developed this boot camp, to teach others how to take control of their cravings.”

Avail Well-Maintained Used Cars from John & Murray Autos

The market for pre-owned or secondhand cars has grown tremendously over the past few years. People who are looking for used cars in Perth and WA can collect valuable information from car articles provided on the website In addition, this website also offers a list of different used cars put up for sale in Perth and other areas. All customers of John & Murray Autos can avail the benefits of weekly specials and hot deals, which will be notified through ‘Specials’ link in the website. Potential customers can take wise decisions regarding secondhand car purchase with the help of useful tips given by

Before Winter Arrives Is the Time for Pest Inspections

Pests invading homes are a fact of life in Portland area. Ridding homes of pests is another fact of life residents of Oregon contend with. What too few area residents realize is that homes need to be inspected for pest on a regular basis, and that the most important time for an inspection is before winter sets in.

Content Creation Services Brings Your Website to the Top of Google Search in Los Angeles

Branding Los Angeles is a full-service marketing and Web design agency providing provides critical content creation services that will not only help improve the overall look and quality of your website, but will also help drive visitors to it.

Seegrid Flexible AGVs Reduce Overtime in Great Lakes Wine and Spirits Distribution Centers

LogoGreat Lakes Wine and Spirits experienced several distribution center challenges that motivated automation in the facility. The company has two distribution centers that are over 300,000 square feet. Bill Przytulski, VP of Operations for Great Lakes Wine and Spirits explained, “Receiving is on one end of the facility and a good portion of inbound product has to be transported to the opposite end of the facilities to be put away. A lot of time was being spent by hilo operators travelling back and forth. Seegrid’s robotic industrial trucks provided to be the right solution with low cost, quick implementation, and operator friendly.”

Vebo Pet Supplies Now Offers the Best Range of Dog Enclosures and Cages

While discuss the company's recent success and stellar achievements at the press meet, one of the spokespersons stated, “We are proud to be one of the top pet enclosure suppliers in Australia, and we will continue to expand our range and offer our customers the largest selection of dog cages, exercise pens, kennel runs and other enclosures. Customer service is also our major focus because we understand the challenges of online shopping.”

Magline Exhibits at International Foodservice Distributors Association Next Month in Orlando

LogoMagline has taken a leadership role in route distribution which directly impacts those industries involved with food distribution. Because of this important industry leadership role, Magline will be exhibiting at the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) Conference at the Marriott World Center, Orlando, Florida on October 14-16, 2013 located at booth #923. The trade show is designed for decision makers from across the foodservice and convenience distribution industries. The Distribution Solutions Conference provides in-depth education as well as 9.5 hours of dedicated exposition time. The IFDA is designed for every distributor serving the food-away-from-home industry. The Distribution Solutions Conference is the premier industry-wide conference addressing distribution, technology, human resources, supply chain, technology, and executive topics. About Magline Magline, Inc. ( manufactures a complete line of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions under the Magliner brand. Recently named one of the Great Supply Chain Projects of 2013 according to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Magliner solutions are used in the beer, soft drink, food service, parcel delivery, home healthcare, and other distribution industries. Magline also offers implementation consulting and solutions for reducing service times and eliminating waste during deliveries. Magline, the manufacturer of the innovative CooLift Delivery System, allows distributors to deliver more product in less time, combining an easily maneuverable and high capacity hydraulic lifting truck with integrated plastic “half” pallets for improved safety and efficiency. Before the IFDA show, Magline will exhibit and present the award-winning CooLift at PACK EXPO 2013. The show is at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 23-25, 2013 located at booth #7457. Magline will also be exhibiting at booth #422 during the National Beer Wholesalers Association’s (NBWA) 76th Annual Convention & Trade Show. The tradeshow will take place September 29 - October 2, 2013, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Recently Magline was accepted into the as “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Program” by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMCT). Magline is a proud member of The National Beer Wholesalers Association, The International Foodservice Distributors Association, and Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association. Follow Magline on Twitter at @MaglineInc.

CRMnext, Asia's no.1 CRM Solution Launches Enhanced Assignment Rules Which Enable Smart Assignment of Leads to Sales Teams

CRMnext enhances Assignment Rules for leads facilitating quick sharing of leads automatically or manually based on their product and territory to specialized users in the CRM solution. This new feature for assigning leads to specific users ensures better collaborations and turnaround time for converting leads to customers.

2013 Pivotal Year for Bed Bug Infestations in Hotels, Colleges and Universities

LogoAccording to the 2013 Bugs Without Borders Survey conducted by the NPMA and the University of Kentucky, 2013 has been a pivotal year for bed bug infestations. The survey found that 99.6% of professional pest management companies are reporting more bed bug infestations.

CRMnext Launches Advanced Automated and Manual Responses with Activity Tracking for CRM Generated Customer Communications

CRMnext’s new advanced Auto Response Rules facilitates automatically responding to customer cases with dynamically populated templates which are selected on the basis of the related record’s details like customer ID, territory, product, campaign, etc. The template’s details can ensure contacts are in-the-loop about the status of their complaint or request thereby reducing call volumes and non-core activities.

When Dreams Come: Ground-Breaking New Novel, Based on the True Story, Exposes Stealth Jihad Operating Inside U.S.

Written by Carmen Perez, ‘When Dreams Come: The Rise and Fall of a Nation’ is as much a warning to America as it is a compelling novel. Following the trail of Ellie Blackheart, a wild and tireless adventurer, readers are empowered to question the practices of the U.S. Government and demand they uphold their Constitutional right to freedom.

Mastering Success: Ground-Breaking New Book Fuses Modern Therapy with Ancient Healing, Compelling Thousands to Achieve the Life They Desire

Written by renowned Life and Business Coach, Jose Incer, ‘Mastering Success’ helps readers overcome limiting beliefs and destructive emotions in order to achieve all they have ever dreamed of. Opting for a realistic and plausible approach instead of hype and self-promotion, the book is poised to change lives around the world.

American Hot Rod Celebrity Jo Coddington to Appear at Champion Booth During 2013 SEMA Show

LogoJo Coddington of television’s American Hot Rod fame will represent and sign autographs for Champion "Classic & Muscle" Motor Oil at the upcoming SEMA Show in booth 25221.

Pcdata USA Manages Complex Assembly Processes

LogoAssembly processes often involve the collation of several materials or components into a single batch prior to the manufacturing or construction process. Pcdata USA has years of experience in deploying pre-assembly systems where Pick To Light can be used to pick the correct components in the fastest, most accurate way possible, reducing stoppages and lost time in the rest of the assembly process.

Dreams Animation Provides Big Services for Small & Medium Businesses

Dreams Animation is a New York based boutique-advertising agency founded by Ricardo Alonso Diaz de la Vega. The brand is currently being established as a web development, digital marketing and software solution provider. Dreams Animation helps small and medium sized business organizations to establish their brands and reach a higher level of visibility. The agency was created with an intention of fulfilling the needs of start-up companies by providing premium services similar to the services provided by big advertising agencies to large corporations. Dream Animation offers top quality development in code and graphics at a remarkably affordable price.

Seegrid Shares Flexible AGVs at Material Handling Middle East Expo in Dubai UAE

LogoThe most important news anticipated from the Middle East Material Handling Expo next week, is that Pittsburgh, PA based Seegrid will exhibit at the event, highlighting flexible AGVs, also known as robotic industrial trucks. The Materials Handling Middle East exhibition held in Dubai, September 10-12, 2013 will showcase the affordable vision-guided pallet trucks and tow tractors and Seegrid will be prominently located at booth MH-822.

TransactRx Announces New Partnership with GPO MPPG

LogoTransactRx has formed a marketing relationship with Medical Practice Purchasing Group (MPPG) to bring medical practices savings on vaccines, and more. Offering adult vaccines through Medicare Part D now just became more profitable for healthcare provides using the TransactRx physician billing service for their vaccines.

Tenou Firesafe Insulation Co. Exuding Excellence with Superlative Fiberglass Insulation Products

LogoTenou Firesafe Insulation Co. has gained worldwide recognition as a noteworthy and trusted manufacturer of Fiberglass Insulation products, chiefly in the categories of rock wool and glass wool. Located in Hong Kong, the company is known for making use of only premium quality basic material in the production process. Aside from this, stringent quality control measures are adopted at every step of manufacturing. These products are available in the market at very economical rates.

Xpert Flood Control and Seepage Inc. Named the Best Flood Control Expert in Chicago

Water Damage can produce an extremely difficult or complex situation for any property owner whether its home or office. There are many different causes for water damage, which are capable to do massive damage. Xpert Flood Control and Seepage Inc. has been offering the best flood control systems in Chicago. Residents can now take a look at various services offered by this flood expert company to help them prevent and get rid of flood.

Dreams Animation Launches Next Generation Business & Branding Services

Starting with the idea of helping smaller, new companies fill certain niches on the Internet with their business, Dreams Animation™ had a very simple goal: to provide customers with the best quality marketing and website design in New York at a price that was affordable.