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Rolling Art Advisors Gears Up for Launch with Collectible Sports Car Fund

Rolling Art Fund 1 is designed to provide accredited investors access to an emerging asset class that is non-correlated to equity markets. “The current data suggests that the collectible car market moves in negative or near negative correlation to equity markets. With most if not all world equity markets at or near all time highs and long term bonds effectively at zero, an allocation to this space just makes sense", according to Fund Manager Joshua Wekstein.

Vietnam Visa Approval to Reach Within 2 Days

No more waiting at the long Embassy queues, no more time waste for Vietnam visa approval, leading Vietnam visa firm has promised to deliver visa approval at applicant's home within 2 days of application.

EU/UK vs. US Karaoke Sync Licensing

The 2nd Annual Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit will take place at the Downtown Hilton in Nashville, Tennessee June 20.

eFlip Standard Now Allow Users to Make SEO Friendly PDF to Flipbook

LogoThe most popular flipbook conversion software on, eFlip Standard now lets users create SEO-friendly flipping e-books, magazines, and brochures. Documents in PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice formats can be easily converted in minutes to page-flipping e-books and output in Flash, HTML, .zip, or .app formats. The program makes it simple to share creations on a website, social media, email, or on CD-ROM.

Leawo Gives Away CNET-Debuted Album Cover Finder to Help Global Music Fans to Get Back Missing Album Artwork

LogoLeawo Album Cover Finder just made its global lunch on tech-savvy media CNET receiving 3.5 stars award from CNET editors. This flagship is now gifted for totally free to help iTunes users to get missing album cover back.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner Win and Mac Giveaway Gets Underway to Free Remove Duplicates in iTunes

LogoAnyone now eager for removing duplicates in iTunes, could take part in Leawo's iTunes Cleaner giveaway event to get an iTunes Cleaner or iTunes Cleaner for Mac to clean up iTunes with lots of song duplicates automatically.

Buy Polocrosse Equipment Online from KALM Saddlery

KALM Saddlery, based in Australia, offers ‘Super Cool Saddle Cloth’ and ‘Sims Bell Boots’ for online purchase. Customers can select from different types of products available at this online store. Product specification and price are clearly stated on the website kalmsaddlery.

Penny Stocks on the Move : (OTCQB : XUII), (OTCQB : NHUR)

Xumaii (OTCQB: XUII) stock recorded its market capitalization as $63.14 million and opened the session at $0.20. The current trading price of the stock is $0.19, down 9.31 percent from its previous close of $0.20 respectively. The stock’s trading volume stands at 2.431 million shares, significantly lower than the average trading volume of 11.025 million shares.

Penny Stocks Sparking Investors Interest : (NASDAQ : NWSAV), (NASDAQ : SIRI)

News Corp/New (NASDAQ: NWSAV) stock is currently trading at $15.88, up 3.92 percent from its previous close of $15.28. The stock opened the session at $15.27 and traded in the range of $15.20 and $16.08 during its last trading session. The upward movement of the stock recorded its trading volume as 20.411 million shares respectively. The 52 week high of the stock stands at $16.08 with its 52 week low as $15.20.

Trend Analysis Reports Traders and Investors Are Looking for : (NASDAQ : NVDA), (NASDAQ : FB)

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) stock recorded its 52 week trading as $11.15 to $15.48 respectively. It has a high trading volume of 15.207 million shares, in contrast to the average trading volume of 9.406 million shares. The stock is currently trading at $15.13, up 5.07 percent from its previous close of $14.40. It opened the session at $14.50 and traded in the range of $14.48 and $15.48 during its last trading session.

Why Investors Are Looking Into : (NASDAQ : ADBE), (NASDAQ : CSCO)

Adobe Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: ADBE) stock traded in the range of $45.36 and $46.44 during its last trading session and opened the session at $46.40 respectively. It is currently trading at $46.20, up 6.55 percent from its previous close of $43.36. The trading volume of the stock stands at 7.952 million shares, marginally higher than the average trading volume of 3.624 million shares.

NASDAQ Stocks on the Move : (NASDAQ : MSFT), (NASDAQ : EBAY)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock has a high beta of 1.1, implying its high volatility. The stock’s trading price stands at $34.99, up 0.03 percent from its previous close of $34.98. It opened the session at $34.98 and had recorded a trading volume of 10.080 million shares. However the average trading volume stands at 52.851 million shares.

Tropical Polynesian Productions Announces New Fitness Program to Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese.

Raleigh Child Care Center to Close Falls of Neuse Location

LogoAfter 5 years, Primary Beginnings Child Care Centers are closing their Falls of Neuse location.

All Penny News: Soupman Looking for Additional Expansion Through Food Truck Franchises Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled “Soupman Looking for Additional Expansion through Food Truck Franchises.”

Blu-Ray and Book Release of VISIBLE SCARS

LogoEcho Bridge Entertainment has acquired the rights to “Visible Scars,” a creepy psychological thriller starring Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down), Jillian Murray (Never Back Down 2, Wild Things: Foursome) and Hannah Hall (Forest Gump, Halloween). The Blu-ray comes out July 9th. Keith publishing is handing the book version. Renowned novelist Stephanie Campbell and Richard Turke translate the award winning film into book form. The e-book comes out in July in paperback. (Barns and noble, Kmart, Hastings, etc). A book sequel in in the works.

Toyota Fortuner Facelift Gets a New Heart, Reports

Toyota Fortuner is considered to be one of the bestselling vehicles of the company and the latest edition will be powered by a 2.5L D-4D engine.

Fittagious, LLC Emerges as Leading Health Boosters Supplement Provider

LogoFittagious, the renowned nutrients and online sports supplement supplier, has emerged as leading health boosters supplement provider. The company has a large series of health boosters from various manufacturers under one roof and also offers whopping discounts on almost every item it lists for selling. With comprehensive range of products available online, customers will definitely benefit a lot.

Leawo Gifted Free iTunes Cleaner (Win+Mac) to Clean Up iTunes Library Precisely

LogoGood things always come in pairs. On confirming its preeminent flagship Leawo Tunes Cleaner received 3.5 stars award from CNET editors, Leawo Software, the prestigious enterprise dedicated in providing worldwide users the first-rate multimedia software and services, throws out the grandest iTunes cleaner giveaway party ever to celebrate the supreme praise from CNET. Not merely the Win iTunes cleaner but also the bestseller in Leawo's history – Leawo Tunes Cleaner for Mac are gifted for totally free to help iTunes users clean up iTunes library effectively.

Richard Simmons Project H.O.P.E as Seen on TV

LogoMillions of Americans struggle with their weight and many of whom try different weight loss programs and diets that never seem to work. The Richard Simmons Project H.O.P.E 90 Day workout program is the latest weight-loss program put together by the famous celebrity trainer who has helped America lose millions of pounds with his motivating and fun workout programs along with a sensible eating program. This weight loss program is perfect for people of all shapes and sizes whether you're a long term fan or newcomer.

Integrity Supply Inc. Announces Availability of Norton Sharpening Stones

LogoIntegrity Supply Inc. has announced the availability of sharpening stones in its stock. These Norton sharpening stones may be purchased online at the best prices possible.

Game Repair Inc. Now Offering the Super Retro Trio Game Console

LogoIn addition to offering a large variety of used video games in Las Vegas, Game Repair Inc. is now offering the new Super Retro Trio game console. With the new three-in-one video game console, gamers of years’ past can now introduce their children to classic video games from NES, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis. For a mere $69.99, gamers will be able to enjoy the most popular video games from earlier decades without having to switch from system to system.

Parts Geek Coupon Code Marketing Integrated Into Twitter

LogoIn an effort to boost sales and gain an online presence through the use of social media, Parts Geek is now integrating coupon code marketing into Twitter. With the new marketing campaign, new followers of Parts Geek on Twitter will receive exclusive coupons for products available on the website. Currently on the company’s Twitter profile, Parts Geek is offering a $15.00 coupon code on all orders over $300. The new online catalogue has been updated with thousands of more new replacement and performance auto parts. The company has also added free shipping on thousands of products available on the new catalogue. Those interested in receiving exclusive online coupon codes can follow Parts Geek at

Auto Parts Retailer Parts Geek Adds Product Reviews to Website

LogoWhen it comes to searching for products online, many consumers will read reviews prior to making their purchase. Whether it is a small or large purchase, looking at what people have written about the product may sway a buyer’s decision, which is why Parts Geek now has products reviews on their website. Automobile owners tend to value what other buyers have said about the product they are looking to buy. Since they are usually unbiased and have no company affiliation, it also helps them to make a decision.

AAA Distributors Inc. Announces Special Sale on Commercial Hand Dryers

AAA Distributors Inc., a leading provider of commercial and residential kitchen and bathroom supplies, announces a special online sale on commercial hand dryers. The Kitchen Cabinet Company will be offering a full line of electric high-speed hand dryers at a discount price of $349.00. This discounted item is a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen area, not just for commercial properties, but residential homes as well. The model is available in white and silver. On the company website, customers can find special deals on all Kitchen, Bathroom and Flooring products on a daily basis.

Deborah Finn's Rittenhouse Jewelers Now Offering Customized Wedding Bands

LogoToday’s couples looking for unique wedding bands need to look no further then Deborah Finn’s Rittenhouse Jewelers. Deborah Finn is the jeweler in Philadelphia that can create custom wedding bands. Whether they choose a more traditional, modern or old world ring, Deborah Finn will create a wedding band to match a couple’s taste and engagement ring. Each ring is designed with special attention to detail ensuring a gorgeous outcome.

Reverse Phone Lookup Site Receives Award from the Investigative Society of Private Investigators

PeopleLocatorHelp.Com announces it has been awarded the premier reverse phone lookup data services award by the investigative society of private investigators. This award is given each year to the website that provides the best overall customer experience related to investigational reverse phone lookup searches. This prestigious award is provided to the publishers of the website which offers its customers the best experience free of cost. And this year the award was given  PeopleLocatorHelp.Com to honor its attention to detail, quality customer feedback and reviews of the best reverse phone lookup services on the Internet.