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The Honeymoon Isn't Over: Ariel & Shya Kane Celebrate Their 30th Wedding Anniversary

Ariel & Shya Kane, award-winning authors, seminar leaders, relationship experts and radio show hosts of Being Here, celebrate their 30th Anniversary on September 16th 2014. In celebration, the Kanes will explore how to have healthy, vibrant and loving relationships during the following events:

NY Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy Provided Tested and Proven Cures on How to Get Rid of a Painful Back Without Having a Need for a Surgery

As we age, our body especially our bones also age. Physical work and stress also add up to the reasons why our body sometimes ache and deteriorate. As we age, we tend to feel uncomfortable pain on our spine and the lower back. This pain may also be caused by injuries and other numerous factors. Our spinal cord which is located at the back of our torso is protected by 33 vertebrae which are made of bones. Between each vertebra are soft discs with a ligamentous outer layer. These ligaments serve as a protection of the vertebra and the spinal column. We experience back pain because of the wear and tear which causes the weakening of the disc, thus aging. Another reason is what is scientifically termed as herniation or the swelling of the disc which causes pain or numbness.

Instant 20 20 Adjustable Glasses as Seen on TV Canada

LogoInstant 20 20 Glasses are the first pair of adaptive eye wear that have been widely shown on infomercials across the US and Canada. These adjustable glasses can aid both nearsightedness or farsightedness by simply adjusting the dial. Find out why Instant 20 20 has become a popular product at As Seen on TV Canada.

Los Angeles Relationship Coach Lisa Shield Is a Certified Life Coach

Los Angeles Relationship Coach Lisa Shield is a Certified Life Coach and has successfully helped many single people learn the techniques of dating and finding their soul mates.

Small Scale Business Ideas, New Insights from Sandy McQueen This 2013

Renowned for providing excellent business tips for her readers, Sandy McQueen’s articles give her readers the edge they need when starting their own home business.

DUI Classes Are Now Offered Conveniently Online at New Website Go to DUI School

Go To DUI School, a provider of premium rehabilitation classes, has just launched its new and user-friendly website. The new site features online DUI classes for court ordered offenders, schools, employers and teens.

Hundreds of Properties in Gilbert Safeguarded with the Help of Mold Testing Company

For many years people were not aware about the damages that molds could do to human beings. But now with various researches, scientists have proved that molds are not safe for humans. What are molds? Why are molds unsafe for humans? Molds are small fungal growths that are usually found at moist regions. Molds are not safe for humans because exposure to molds can cause serious diseases. If one reads this article, one will get various details about mold testing Gilbert.

Residents in Garland Finally Acknowledge Mold Testing Companies to Safeguard Their Homes from Mold Damage

Residents of Garland who have suspicions that there are growths of molds in their homes should make an appointment with a mold inspector without wasting any time. A good mold inspector will clear doubts of home owners by performing mold testing Garland. Mold inspectors have all the knowledge of mold testing. Mold inspectors are trained to do thorough mold tests.

Exclusive Mold Testing Services Now Available to Rochester Homes

One of the most common organisms found in almost all the places is mold. Even people do a lot of things to keep their property and surroundings clean; mold can still find a place and start to breed. Any area where it is dark, cold and damp is a favorite place for mold. Or if any leakage or flooding occurred recently, there is high chance for mold to come and settle down. In the beginning, there is little risk but if exposed for a length of time, health problems may slowly start to appear.

Over All Air Quality in Akron Considerably Improved with Professional Mold Testing

If any resident in Akron OH has overlooked the danger posed by severe mold accumulation, it is not too late to act. Mold can cause numerous problems if not removed fast. It is a risk for people, pets and property. A mold inspector can do a quick research and provide fast results. If mold is discovered and it is of the dangerous kind, a thorough removal procedure has to be followed. But first of all, one should find out if the house or surrounding has mold accumulation or not.

Parts Geek Now Offering Up to 80% off Retail Prices

LogoGiving customers a reason to buy with confidence since 2002, Parts Geek is now offering up to 80% off retail prices. Scouring the web, Parts Geek makes sure that their company is offering the lowest prices in the auto part industry. Since new parts are coming into their office every day, they make sure to keep customers up to date, by constantly updating their online catalogue database. By browsing through the online catalogue, customers will find unbeatable prices on domestic and import auto parts.

Gather Free Microsoft Points at US-rewards.Com

The site, offers free Microsoft points. These Microsoft points can be availed from the website without the use of credit cards. Clients just need to use the gift cards offered by the site to help them compensate for the codes. The site would benefit those who are looking for more than gift cards as well. The site offers other rewards too in the form of points and free Microsoft points codes.

North Royalton Massage Professional Launches New Technique

If you've been suffering from back pain or a stiff neck then the best way to get relief is getting a good stress relieving massage. There are a number of therapies one can indulge in and get instant relief. Some of the common massages include deep tissue massages, sports massages, reflexology and many more. These massages are handled by professionals in North Royalton massage and therapy

Hyundai Plans to Launch the Much Awaited Tucson in India, Reports

Other than the much hyped Sante Fe, Hyundai Motors India Limited has also unveiled the plans of introducing the all new face-lifted version of Hyundai Tucson or as much famed, the ix35.

123 Mold Testing Company Helps Homeowners to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Mold Remediation

Many people in the world may think that it is not necessary to do mold testing. But people should keep in mind that mold testing is very important. Without mold testing one will never find out whether there are molds in his home or not. All the homes in Minneapolis should have their homes tested for molds. This article will tell you the benefits of mold testing Minneapolis.

Experts Reveal How to Write the Perfect Press Release

LogoThe most successful press releases not only contain timely, newsworthy, and relevant information, but they also excite readers to share the news with others, helping to generate viral social media buzz. To help non-marketers and non-writers master the art of writing a press release for distribution , Brian Scott, a seasoned freelance writer, has compiled the "best of the best" free eBooks on PR writing for both print and digital media.

Free Samples for Everybody Because of the Continuous Effort by

Any new product under the sun can be offered for free by companies due to the aim to make those products known and loved by the public. This is where comes into picture because it can gather all of the details about available freebies to make customers quickly find those and to process one’s order. There’s a remark where it goes like ‘nothing is free in this world’ but continues to challenge it. Releases New Wedding Dress Collection has launched its 2013 wedding dress collection for women that includes wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the wedding dresses, wedding accessories, and intimate lingerie up to 68% off.

Cheap Prom Dresses Available Online at is a popular online store, featuring a wide range of prom dresses, a total of 500 items. Today, the company announces big discounts on all its prom dresses.

Shopofgirls Introduces Their New Cocktail Dresses

LogoShopofgirls is a leading company of women's dresses. Today, the company introduces the new cocktail dresses that shine recently; these dresses come with great discounts, up to 75% off.

Car Accident Lawyers - An Excellent Profession to Mint Money from Innocent Clients

When a person purchases an automobile, he /she is responsible for it and the way they handle it. When a vehicle is involved in an accident, it is solely because of negligence. Carelessness occurs on both sides, thus giving rise to an accident. When an individual purchases a vehicle, driving it safely is their sole responsibility and going against it, in any way, should be their fault as well. A car accident lawyer cannot put the blame on just one party.

Hawaii Ford Dealer Creates Lasting Customer Relationships in Hawaii Auto Sales Industry

As technology evolves and grows, so does the hawaii auto industry. The team at Honolulu Ford are going the extra mile to provide support to their customers far beyond the point of sale.

Royal Kona Publishes Article on Enjoying Your Hawaii Family Vacation

Royal Kona Resort in Hawaii would like its visitors to get the most out of their time in paradise, which is why it's publishing a series on how to prepare for and enjoy a Hawaii Big Island family vacation. The latest article talks about the diversity of activities that are available to you once you arrive.

Attorney Specializes in US Immigration Waivers

LogoThose who are trying legally to enter the U.S. often run into issues with immigration and visas.  When this does happen, a southern California area attorney stands ready to assist.

More Than 80k People Were Spying Their Partner's Mobile Phone by Spy Your Love App

Spy your love is mobile application implementing unordinary “trust system” giving to your partner simple offer: “You will see 50 characters of my every SMS, all my call history and overview of my Facebook communication, under condition that I will see same history/records of yours”. Fairly exchange is basic and only one limitation, motto of app is declaring “Mutual spying or nothing”.

Matcha Green Tea Powder by 'Tealux' for Enhanced Health, Beauty and Natural Life

Matcha tea which is a fine ground, powdered form of the much popular Green tea is now the most trending tea product being sold and exported to various parts of the world by one of the top tea supplies company - 'Tealux'.

Host Cabbie Announces a New 30% off Arvixe Promo Code

LogoA new 30% off Arvixe promo code is being offered for Arvixe web hosting company services. Founded in 2003 in San Luis Obispo, California, Arvixe has moved and expanded their services. Now located in Dallas and Houston, Texas, Arvixe now serves thousands of customers with multiple domain programs.