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Journalist and bloggers, Login or Register to customize this page Unveils How Staffing Service Industry Has Become a Concurrent Economic Needle and a Leading Employment Gauge in Today's Economy

Over the years, Canada was able to breed more “contract” or “non-standard” jobs as compared to the standard types of job. In the US, the same trend is being observed. Flexibility. This is the root cause of the ever-increasing demand for these contract jobs. The growing number of people who desire to work for contract jobs is brought about by the convenience that flexibility brings to those who need to balance their family responsibilities with their work, to those who need to pursue their studies, and even to those who are on their way to retirement.

Bridal Tribe Wedding Magazine Hits New York's Newsstands

Fresh from the success of placement in Soul Train Music Awards celebrity swag bags Bridal Tribe magazine hits New York City newsstands. Gaining new ground in print the wedding magazine for black brides brings love, fashion and fun to bridal beauty. Expanding to new venues, the magazine is now in production on a second issue slated for Winter release. Introduces a New Item in Its Wedding Ring Sets Gallery, a renowned manufacturer of high quality wedding bands, recently introduced a very beautiful and masterfully designed 14K White Gold Diamond Wedding Rings set in its wedding ring sets gallery. The store also priced this gleaming diamond ring set much lower than its original retail price, ensuring quality with affordability.

Mail Service Promoting a Paperless Environment Looks for 1000 Beta Testers

Mailboxio announces its search for 1000 beta testers to make its dream of a paperless life come true. At one time or another everyone has wished that it could be possible to merge regular mail and the Internet into one seamless mail service, making regular mail similar to email. Now Mailboxio offers to make the merging of regular mail and the Internet a reality. The Mailboxio mail service will take regular paper mail and turn it into a graphic image, so all correspondence of every kind goes right to the Internet into the users Mailboxio account.

Natural Relief from Chronic Pain Conditions Discovered by Toronto Chiropractor

Headaches and neck pain are some of the common problems that people suffer nowadays. Many of these pains can be relieved with proper Chiropractic care. The Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Kris Dorken has come up with a wellness program, which ensures to provide better health for people through natural methods. This wellness program includes Nutritional Counselling, Registered Massage and Chiropractic Care. The main purpose of this program is to maintain a consistent lifestyle, improve posture and wellness with chiropractic treatment.

American Made Movie Post Screening Panel Includes Seegrid CEO Horbal

LogoSeegrid’s CEO, Anthony Horbal, will be a featured panelist at the American Made movie screening in Pittsburgh on July 23rd. American Made is a documentary film examining the factors contributing to the decline of the American manufacturing workforce and the integral role consumerism may play in getting the economy back on track. The documentary looks back on the glory days of U.S. manufacturing and also illustrates how technology and globalization have transformed the competitive landscape for companies doing business in America, as well as overseas. By revealing the successes of companies that have prospered, American Made shows the positive impact manufacturing jobs have on national and local economies.

Vimana Software by System Insights Reduces Manufacturing Backlog for Task Force Tips

System Insights (SI) and Task Force Tips (TFT) recently announced the results of a vimana case study where the companies collaborated on a project to improve production efficiency at the manufacturer. TFT is a worldwide manufacturing leader in providing first responders with high quality, innovative agent delivery solutions. The company has specialized in providing firefighters with nozzles that constantly adjust to the varying pressures of the water hose line. Products are used in life and death situations, so reliability is of utmost importance in allowing firefighters to do their jobs and return home safely.

Regal Beloit Expands Use of Ultriva's Supply Chain Cloud Solutions

LogoUltriva, the leader in supply chain cloud solutions, announced that Regal Beloit Corporation (“Regal”) expanded use of Ultriva’s Collaborative Supply Portal. Regal is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, mechanical and electrical motion controls and power generation products serving markets throughout the world. Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, the firm has manufacturing, sales, and service facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

ConnectBooks Drawing for Samsung Tablet at Sage Summit July 23 to 25

LogoConnectBooks for Sage 50-Canadian Edition (formerly Simply Accounting) and Sage 50-US Edition (formerly Peachtree) will be hosting a drawing for a new Samsung Tablet™ at Booth 190 at the Sage Summit. Be sure to bring your business cards and drop one in our Drawing Container Tuesday through Thursday (July 23-25) and see if you are the winner when the drawing concludes on Thursday. The winner will be notified by email and will shortly receive their brand new tablet. The winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablets 2 7” WiFi 16GB, Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

Licensed Psychologist Offers Therapy for Individuals, Couples, Children & More

Licensed psychologist Dr. Bob Connolly is offering specialized and personalized therapy and assessment for individuals, children, groups, and children who are dealing with different life issues and troubles. He is committed to creating a safe environment for his clients to be able to express themselves better, helping them regain hope in their life.

Lifetime Warranty and Affordable Service Packages on in-Ground Swimming Pools at Ted Pools

Now get lifetime warranty and affordable service packages on all in-ground swimming pools at Ted Pools. The company also boasts of using quality accessories and equipment while constructing in ground swimming pool at Buckingham and in other places. The accessories and equipment used by the company are all genuine and reliable that they have no hesitation of giving 1-3 years of guarantee on them.

360 Design & SEO Offers SEO Services in Texas at Reasonable Prices

Logo360 Design & SEO, a renowned company known for offering the best SEO services in Texas, offers exceptional SEO services at the most affordable prices. The 360 Design & SEO team uses the most effective tools for improving page rankings for its customer’s websites.

Custom-Made and Handcrafted Cosplay Costumes Online

Costume Play or Cosplay in short has become very popular over the past whereby the participants in this play wear the costumes and accessories of a famous character from a famous work of fiction or an animated series or a cartoon. The basic sources of cosplay costumes come from comic books, films, manga, video games, animations, etc. For all those who are searching for the perfect cosplay costumes for their cosplay activities, then is the right place to get custom made cosplay costumes, wigs and accessories.

Video Genesis Bonus by IMSoup Released for Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins New Video Genesis Product

After three weeks of anticipation, Video Genesis has finally been released. During the pre-launch period of Video Genesis, there was already quite a stir. has been following the update of Video Genesis even during the pre-launch period. Their Video Genesis Review is so refined and detailed, it answers everything there is to know about the product and why it worth investing in.

Buy Car Online: The Biggest Junction of Used and Junk Cars Is Just a Click Away

For anyone looking to buy car online; is offering a plethora of amazing deals. This is surely the most renowned online junction for the car owners as well as car buyers. Here the customer can find the best used cars at an unbelievable price.

Integrity Supply Inc. Offers Tarpaulins for Sale

LogoIntegrity Supply Inc. is offering tarpaulins for sale. Customers can save a lot of money by buying a polyethylene tarpaulin online from this store. The wide range of polyethylene tarpaulins include Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tarpaulin, Light duty Polyethylene Tarpaulin, Multicolor Vinyl Mesh Tarpaulin, Utility Vinyl Tarpaulin and many more.

Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Now Offering 10% off Bathroom Upgrades

LogoGuaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc., a plumber in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce they are now offering a special coupon of 10% off all bathroom upgrades. This coupon must be used for residential cash deals only and expires on 12/2013.

Aqarynet Brings Latest Property News for Customers

One of the leading real estate search engine in Saudi Arabia, Aqarynet brings latest property news for customers. They can get all the necessary information about apartments for sale in Riyadh with the help of this search engine. It provides complete details including the information about the type of property and its price. 

Video Genesis Bonus by Mark Olson from IMSoup Helps Marketers and Small Business Owners

Like any other web marketers during a launch of a new product, Mark Olson launched a bonus package called Video Genesis bonus to work with Video Genesis. The bonus package launched together with the launch of Video Genesis by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. is breaking new ground in the high quality and massive value bonus bundle being provided with Video Genesis.

Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC Now Offering Certified Rebuilt Breakers This August

Hydraulic Breakers Services LLC is pleased to announce they are now offering certified rebuilt breakers this August. Rebuilt breakers cost a fraction of a brand new hydraulic breaker, and they have been completely inspected and rebuilt to the standards of Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC.

Combined, Video Genesis and IMSoup Video Genesis Bonus Make a Knockout

Video Genesis is the latest work from marketing legends Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. Hands down, it is the best video marketing training course. However, Mark Olson, the best-selling author of TubeTracker and publisher of has identified one vital component missing from Video Genesis.

Kaleidoscope Solutions Now Offering Assistance with Fundraising Initiatives

LogoKaleidoscope Solutions, an event planner in NJ, is pleased to announce that they are now offering services for fundraising initiatives. Planning a fundraising event can be very stressful and time-consuming.

Insightful Guidance for Maximizing the Trade Prospects and Making Lucrative Profits

Traders are fraught with nervousness as they are never sure about the results. Trades which they may have considered as winners may fall flat and those which they may have underestimated may deliver profound results. A simple and futuristic software program has been introduced to provide traders with exceptional trading tools and latest market news for healthier outcomes.

Parts Geek Reaches Milestone as the Leading Auto Parts Retailer Surpasses 20,000 Product Reviews in 3 Months

LogoIt is pretty clear that customers love Parts Geek. The leading auto parts retailer is pleased to announce that they have surpassed 20,000 product reviews in 3 months. Customers from all over the nation are leaving more reviews than ever, and sharing stories of how happy they were to purchase products from Parts Geek’s website. Some of the best customer reviews can be found on their website by visiting From reading the reviews, potential customers will know exactly who to turn to for premium auto parts and accessories.

Virtual Book Tour Announced for Environmental Science-Fiction Novel

Books, Authors, and Artists has announced that author Carolyn Holland will go on a virtual book tour to promote Seeds of Transition, starting Monday, 22 July 2013.

Keyes Lexus Reveals Simple Ways to Get a New or Used Lexus

Keyes Lexus is one of the original Lexus dealerships since 1989, providing the drivers of Van Nuys, CA with prestigious, luxury vehicles. From unparalleled customer service to world class quality, they implement high standards to meet higher expectations of customers by selling the finest new and used Lexus cars ever built. They have been the "Elite of Lexus" award winner of Lexus dealership for a trusted 12 years and offer a full selection of service areas including:

Parts Geek Announces the Expansion of Its Extensive Line of Parts with the Addition of Bilstein Shocks

LogoParts Geek is proud to announce the expansion of their extensive line of parts with the addition of Bilstein Shocks. In addition, they also now feature over 2,800 Bilstein suspension products on their user-friendly website that can be found at This aggressive online expansion will allow the professionals from Parts Geek to target and service customers who are specifically looking for Bilstein shocks.