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The Pantry Inc (NASDAQ:PTRY) Investor Alert: Acquisition Faces Investigation

An investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of The Pantry Inc (NASDAQ:PTRY), was announced concerning whether the takeover of The Pantry Inc by Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc for a value at $36.75 per share is unfair to NASDAQ:PTRY stockholders.

Award-Winning Family Photographer Gen Levy Launches a New Year's Revolution in LA

With an out-of-the-box approach to capturing a child's charm, a unique photo experience is set to launch in LA. Gen Levy, a kids photographer with an editorial and commercial style, will launch Gen Levy Photography on January 1st. Designed to take family photography to the next level, the kids photographer turns edgy child portraits into a must-have trend. Known for her published work in outlets like Huffington Post, Curve Magazine and The Advocate, Gen Levy asks Los Angeles parents to "Join the Photo Revolution". With such a call to action, she hopes to turn copycat photography into a thing of the past.

Scottsdale Attorney Recognized as a 2013 Rising Star by Super Lawyers

Jennifer Peddy Berg of Scottsdale, AZ has been selected as a Super Lawyers' Southwest Rising Star for 2013 by the Super Lawyers rating service. Jennifer Peddy Berg is a Scottsdale business attorney, and the owner of The Peddy Berg Law Firm ( She assists her clients in the areas of business law, litigation, real estate, and construction related issues; with a background in complex commercial litigation, and professional malpractice.

Integrity Supply Announces Availability of Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths at Its Online Store

LogoIntegrity Supply, Inc. announced the availability of micro fiber cleaning cloths at its online store. These micro fiber cleaning cloths are manufactured by Norton and are available at great prices at this online store. This Norton’s microfiber mop is considered to be the best and most cost-effective way to get rid of grease, oil and dirt from a wooden floor.

Integrity Supply, Inc. Offers Polyethylene Tarpaulins from Chicago Dropcloth at Great Prices

LogoIntegrity Supply, Inc. is offering polyethylene tarpaulins from Chicago Dropcloth at a great price. The types of tarps customers can get at this online store include canvas tarps, mesh tarps, truck tarps, vinyl tarps, lumber tarps, boat tarps, hay tarps, and many other types of tarp covers. Gives Attractive Offers of Poker Chips for Customers

Poker chips are counters that are used widely by videogamers in games to represent money. The craze for poker chips and its collection is rising each day and there are different types of Poker chips in use. Zpchips is a website which allows customers to grab the maximum poker chips need at affordable prices. The website offers Zynga or Facebook poker chips at cheap and best prices.

Advanced MamaBear App Tools Monitor Teen Driving Speed and Location

LogoThe MamaBear family locator app for Android and iOS powered phones offers families advanced tools to monitor teen driving speed and location. MamaBear taps into the advanced GPS systems found in later model iPhones like the 4, 4S and 5, as well as the GPS features in a range of Android phones that run Android 2.2 and better. By using these advanced GPS features, MamaBear can issue alerts to parents in near real time when teen drivers exceed an approved speed limit. When combined with the location based alerts and map based GPS tracking capabilities of the MamaBear app, parents are given a wide range of options to monitor teen driving. MamaBear is available on the Google Play Store for Android based phones and the Apple App Store for iOS powered phones. This enhanced child monitoring allows parents to facilitate a conversation with teenagers about driving privileges and responsibilities on a whole new level.

Zimmerman's Prentice Capital Announces New Stake in PacSun

LogoMichael Zimmerman and Prentice Capital Management LP have disclosed taking a position of 5,173,656 shares or 7.61% ownership of Pacific Sunwear of California Inc (PSUN).

Apocalypse Not: Gripping Novel Wreaks Havoc Across the Globe, Proving That Love & Happiness Prevail

While war can a tear a nation apart in days, natural disasters have the ability to affect the entire planet. In his compelling new novel, Justin Tilley follows a group of survivors as they attempt to rebuild their lives in a world that’s been wrecked by a series of fierce natural disasters.

Till I Grow: Compelling Memoir Depicts Mother's Tenacious Grip on Life Blighted by Breast Cancer

Just like millions of women in America, Rayshawn McAuley was single-handedly raising three children. However, when life’s direction took a sudden turn with the diagnosis of breast cancer, McAuley quickly realized that uncertainly and immense struggle lay ahead. Having developed a unique set of coping mechanisms that beat the disease and afforded a new lease of life, McAuley is now out on mission to share her story with the world.

All City Plumbing Heating & Air Now Offering $150 off Air Conditioning Upgrades

Spring is finally here and summer is right around the corner. According to calendars, the summer of 2013 doesn’t officially start until June 21st. However, most people celebrate the beginning of the summer season on Memorial Day, almost a month earlier. Most people correlate summer with hot temperatures and if that’s the case it often seems like May brings on the heat. Spring is a great time to evaluate the condition and reliability of current air conditioning units. Identifying potential problems with an air conditioner prior to the sweltering temperatures of the summer is always preferable to waiting until that first heat wave. Now, All City Plumbing Heating & Air is offering customers the chance to save $150.00 on air conditioning upgrades.

Wohl Associates Inc.'s Stainless Steel Tank Inventory Reaches 100 Tanks

Wohl Associates has acquired an inventory of more than 100 used stainless steel tanks that are now for sale. Many of these tanks have come from production operations that have either gone out of business or made the decision to upgrade to higher capacity tanks.

New Threat Detection Technology Could Prevent Next Boston Bombing

LogoThe RRA Center has announced the release of a revolutionary new video-analysis technology which is capable of remotely and automatically identifying individuals who pose potential security threats, in real-time, using standard video-imaging systems. The technology, known as the Remote Credibility Assessment System (RCAS), is based upon the scientific principle that involuntary physiological micro-movements of humans are linked to the vestibular system. By capturing and analyzing these naturally occurring phenomena with commercially available video systems, the collected data can be processed to determine various human psycho-physiological states.

Statement Against Terrorist Activity and in Support of Pastor Terry Jones - by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters

LogoThe Universal Life Church World Headquarters took a firm stand against terrorist activities by individuals affiliated with the Muslim Faith and Religion of Islam. Brother Michael the President of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters in doing so referenced Pastor Terry Jones, of Dove World Outreach Center and founder of Stand Up America Now.

Floor Gurus Now Offers Free Quotes for Tile, Laminate, Carpet and Hardwood Flooring in Greenville SC

Floor Gurus, a company that has over 20 years of experience in fulfilling various flooring needs, is now offering free quotes for any of their service requirements. The company is based out of Greenville, SC and offers it’s flooring services throughout the city and surrounding areas. Floor Gurus in its 2 decades of operation has serviced many clients, designers, builders and homeowners, most of them being repeat customers due to company’s impressive successful projects.

Need Birthday Party Ideas or Moon Bounce Rental in Baltimore MD? - Call Kidflatables

KIDflatables LLC is offering affordable inflatable slide and moon bounce rentals to those who want to their children to have a fun filled birthday celebration. The company has some of the best selections of inflatable slides and moon bounces in Baltimore, Maryland. These include customized moon bounces that have monster trucks, pirates, and dinosaurs as well as large inflatable dry and water slides.

Cash Continues to Be Used Less Often for Purchasing; Advanced Merchant Group Now Offering Multiple Payment Processing Options

According to a number of market research firms, the number of cash purchases has been decreasing at a rapid pace and will continue to do so. In fact, by 2020, point-of-sale purchases made with cash are expected to be well below 25%. The fact of the matter is that cash is becoming an increasingly obsolete form of currency. Not only has cash become a slower and less efficient means of purchasing, but more people have access to other purchasing mediums. It is now estimated that over 60% of all point-of-sale purchases are made with a card. The rapid growth of gift cards, debit cards, and credit cards have left cash in the rearview mirror. With no sign of a cash comeback, Advanced Merchant Group is now offering a number of payment processing options.

Enjoy Devon's Finest Cottages with Pets

Many people prefer to enjoy their holiday breaks in the country or by the sea along with their pets too. A cottage that permits pets to stay along is ideal and one of the pleasant kinds of accommodation for a vacation. Seaside locales where dogs are permitted are much in demand for this kind of vacation. West Country Lets introduces you to some of the finest pet friendly cottages in Devon. They have a large selection of houses available to rent, where dogs are welcome.

Brenner-Rochvarg Cosmetic and General Dentistry Now Available for Preventative Dentistry Techniques

Taking care of one’s oral health is just as important as one’s overall well being, which is why Brenner-Rochvarg Cosmetic and General Dentistry are excited to now provide preventative dentistry techniques to their patients. This allows for one’s oral health and overall well being to be achieved when properly taken care of. Many people don’t realize they could very well be brushing and flossing incorrectly. This makes it vital that dentists ensure their patients that they are using the proper techniques to promote optimal oral health.

Charles Block, Attorney at Law Now Assists Buyers on What to Expect from Short Sales

When it comes to purchasing a new home it can be an exciting, yet stressful experience. With help from Charles Block, he is able to let buyers be aware of what to expect from a short sale. As the weather becomes warmer, more homes come on the market being that the green grass, beautiful curb appeal, and flowerbeds are in full bloom making the homes more welcoming. What many virgin buyers don’t know is that there is a process that comes along with short sales, and this is why Charles Block has made himself now available to aid these buyers through the process.

Discovery Tours by Gate 1 Travel Announces Cuba as New Featured Destination

Travelers looking for a personal, educational tour to Cuba now have their chance. Discovery Tours by Gate 1 Travel announces Cuba as its new featured destination to kick off spring. Travelers who sign up for an adventure travel group will experience 8 nights in accommodations that evoke the local character in Cuba. Small groups of 10-18 people will enjoy comprehensive, guided activities and cultural exchanges, as they get a first-hand experience of the Cuban culture. Discovery Tours by Gate 1 has been granted a license (license # CT-2012-293418-1) by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury to provide people-to-people programs in Cuba. To book a people-to-people package to Cuba, please call 877-900-9777.

Dr. Shantzer Now Offers FastBraces at His Dental Office in Richboro, PA

Dr. Shantzer, a cosmetic dentist in Richboro, now offers FastBraces Technology at his dental office and is one of the only offices in the area to provide this service. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, The FastBraces Technology has the safety of patients in mind. This technology, designed to straighten teeth more efficiently, allows for a safe, fast and affordable solution. There are no more risks associated with FastBraces Technology, than there are with traditional metal braces. Because patients wear the braces for less time than regular braces, there is less chance of tooth decay. Patients looking for a comfortable solution can turn to Dr. Shantzer for the new FastBraces Technology service in Richboro.

E Instruments Now Offering Hand Held Emissions Analyzers

LogoWhen it comes to maintaining and tuning during the combustion process having a portable emissions analyzer is ideal, which is why E Instruments is now offering these hand held devices that can be used for burners, diesel engines, furnaces, boilers, heaters, incinerators and more. E Instruments has a few emissions analyzers to choose from such as one that is equipped with a chiller or the hand held devices. Their portable emissions analyzers come equipped with a variety of features that are available in the selection guide.

Heinkel USA Has Recently Developed a Pharmaceutical Design Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge

In recent news, Heinkel USA has developed a Pharmaceutical designed Horizontal Peeler centrifuge equipment that has been created in order to meet the increasing demands and requirements of pharmaceutical centrifugation production. These centrifuges are specifically designed to meet the pharmaceutical standards in the industry for manufacturers worldwide. They are designed to produce minimal product loss and are extremely easy to maintain.

With Warmer Weather Finally Here, J & L Paving Is Now Urging Customers to Consider Seal Coating

LogoThere are some misconceptions about when and why property owners should sealcoat their driveway. Most people understand the importance of protecting their driveway and paved surfaces. Sealcoating prior to the harsh winter months is crucial to ensure a longer life for driveways and paved surfaces. Although sealcoating needs to be completed before the winter strikes, action needs to be taken long before the temperatures drop. Now that the warmer weather is approaching, J & L Paving is now urging potential customers to consider sealcoating.

Kingdom Services Inc. Announces Spring Clean Up with Aeration Services

With spring on the horizon, and warm lawn care weather approaching quickly, Kingdom Services Inc. announces new specials on aeration services. Lawns in Calgary take a lot of abuse over the winter season, due to cold weather and damage left by snow, sleet and rain. Lawns in Calgary need aeration services provided at least once a year, due to the high ration of clay in the soil. Kingdom Services Inc. will provide regular aeration services so lawns are able to thrive in the ever-changing climate.

Startup Retailer of Premium Skin Care Products Launches Its Online Store, a New Jersey based e-commerce company launched its online store this week with the first set of products from the Australian biotechnology skin care manufacturer, Carlmark International. At, American consumers can now browse and purchase anti-aging serums that are popular in Europe, Asia and Australia.