Press Releases From 04/13/2024 Until 05/25/2024

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What Homeowners Need to Know About Using 3x5 Rugs Within Their Décor Themes!

The home décor industry is constantly evolving, and 3x5 rugs are now a must-have for countless properties throughout the United States. Because this rug size is incredibly compact, they're often the most practical solution for small household spaces.

Eata Gift Newly Announces Its Hanfu Wedding Dress Collection

Eata Gift, a supplier of custom corporate gifts and promotional items based in the United States, is excited to announce the launch of their Hanfu wedding dress collection for brides and grooms who are looking for a splendid and impressive ceremony.

Amerigo Scientific's GC Capillary Columns Enable Exceptional Analytical Performance

Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of gas chromatography (GC) capillary columns. These columns offer unparalleled performance and reliability, making them an essential tool for laboratories looking to achieve precise and accurate analytical results.

Homeowners Urged to Keep Sewer Lines Maintained

With milder weather and increased rainfall coming with warmer months, Cornerstone Pros is encouraging homeowners to be mindful of common sewer line issues that can cause backflow into their homes.

Ace Infectious Announces Antimicrobial Peptide Development Services to Drive Forward Drug Development Against Superbugs

Ace Infectious, a one-stop shop for researchers devoted to making advancements in infectious diseases including superbugs and H. pylori, is thrilled to announce the launch of its antimicrobial peptide development services. This ground-breaking service will revolutionize drug development efforts against the growing threat of superbugs, providing innovative solutions to combat infectious diseases.

Banking on Success: How Leathwaite Leads the Way in Finance Executive Recruitment

LogoSecuring the right leadership is a fundamental necessity for business success. Leathwaite emerges as a paramount leader in finance executive recruitment, demonstrating a profound understanding of the sector's unique challenges and opportunities. This expertise is not just in identifying talent but in ensuring that the chosen leaders are perfectly aligned with their organisation's strategic goals and cultural ethos.

ECS Electrical Teams Up with Service Wire for the Return of Spark Joy

LogoAs a hockey team relies on each member's strengths to win during playoff season, complex electrical projects depend on quality and innovation. Service Wire stands out as an all-star teammate in the electrical industry, with unparalleled reliability and performance in any environment across Canada. For more, go to

How Leathwaite Uses Data to Redefine HR Leadership

LogoAccording to a survey conducted by Leathwaite, 37% of survey respondents are gearing up to introduce an HR Chief Data and Analytics Officer within the next 12 months. This strategic move underscores the increasing recognition of data and analytics as crucial for enhancing the value delivered by HR functions. As organisations strive to navigate complexities and gain a competitive edge, the role of data in shaping human resources strategies and operations cannot be overstated.

Leathwaite in Asset and Wealth Management

LogoThe challenges with leadership in asset and wealth management have been driven by innovation, globalisation, digitisation, and regulatory shifts. These obstacles are further amplified by the critical importance of advancing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda. At the forefront of navigating these murky waters, Leathwaite stands out as a great example, having established itself as a key player in placing senior leaders within the industry.

My Paleo Pet Shares 3 Ways Raw Pet Food Improves Holistic Wellness for Pets

LogoMy Paleo Pet is the premier supplier of healthy food for pets, including raw pet food options, in Palm Beach Shores, FL, Gulfstream, FL, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter Island, FL, Jupiter, FL, and throughout the nation with delivery services. While health is often observed from the outside in, pet wellness is a holistic concept embodying the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

My Paleo Pet Shares Pro Safety Tips for Handling Raw Meat for Dogs

LogoMy Paleo Pet is the number one supplier of raw meat for dogs in Gulfstream, FL, Jupiter Island, FL, Coral Springs, Palm Beach Shores, FL, Jupiter, FL, Fort Lauderdale, and anywhere in the nation with delivery services. While raw meat for dogs is the superior choice due to its increased health benefits, pet owners should still exercise caution when handling raw meat. To ensure optional safety when handling raw meats, My Paleo Pet has shared these pro tips for pet owners:

Par Golf Supply Shares What Clients Should Know Before Investing in Logo Golf Balls

LogoPar Golf Supply helps companies stand out with personalized, logo golf balls. Understanding that logo golf balls are more than just a promotional item, Par Golf Supply meticulously crafts each ball, ensuring that it not only showcases a company logo but also exudes quality and performance.

Par Golf Supply Answers FAQs About Personalized Golf Markers

LogoPar Golf Supply is recognized as the best choice for personalized golf markers nationwide. With the capacity to handle orders of any size, shape, customization, and quantity, they are positioned to provide unparalleled service and quality.

Custom Commercial Canopies from MASA Architectural Canopies

LogoBusiness is a constant challenge and staying in the minds of current customers, as well as trying to attract new customers, can be challenging. And while some options are easily understood, others, like that of custom commercial canopies, have just as much impact but aren't thought about much, at least right away. At MASA Architectural Canopies, they understand how many businesses just look at the canopy as a functional piece and not something that can make a visual and branding impact. A custom commercial canopy will be a visually impactful piece that sticks with people.

Positive Effects of Aluminum Awnings from MASA Architectural Canopies

LogoWhen it comes to options for shade for windows in a building, coverage over an entranceway, or even providing additional outdoor space shielded from the weather and sunlight, awnings have been a common answer to these issues. At MASA Architectural Canopies, they have chosen to work primarily with aluminum for awnings and other structures because of the high durability, low weight, and aesthetic appeal that the material provides. The use of aluminum provides a huge opportunity to create the awning that you really want, no matter the size, color, or shape.

Simple and Easy Online Ordering of Custom Printed Tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply

LogoOrdering from online packing tape companies can often be challenging, and this only gets more difficult when ordering any sort of custom printed tape options. But at Phoenix Tape & Supply they have streamlined the process from more than 30 years of experience to help make it easy to place a custom packing tape order through their website. They help break down the details of each kind of tape that clients can customize and provide them with all the information needed to decide on the right kind of custom printed tape. Contact them today with custom packing tape needs and see just how easy they make the ordering process.

The Power of Branded Tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply

LogoBusinesses are constantly looking for ways to get a competitive advantage over their competitors, no matter how small that might be. There are countless ways to help keep a brand in the minds of the clients, both present and future, and having branded tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply might just be the answer that they have been looking for. There are many different marketing activities that businesses engage in that go beyond what they do as a business, but using branded tape in place of the regular packing tape is a smart move since they need tape anyway. This means that they are getting a two-fer from their branded tape, making it a good financial option.

Landscaping Services from Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc. in Howard County, Olney, Fulton, Eldersburg, Glenwood, Woodbine, and the Surrounding Areas

LogoEveryone has a number of demands on their time and one of the last things that they want to do is deal with the outdoor tasks that are needed in Howard County, Olney, Fulton, Eldersburg, Glenwood, Woodbine, and the surrounding areas. It would be nice to have that time back from mowing, edging, watering, trimming, and more. At Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc., they offer a number of landscaping services for their clients because they want to recapture that time they would otherwise spend on property maintenance.

Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc. Is Your Trusted Local Custom Pool Builder in Clarksville, Fulton, Sykesville, Ellicott City, Glenelg, Howard County, and the Surr

LogoRound or rectangular, these seem to be the main options when it comes to standard pool shapes that we find around Clarksville, Fulton, Sykesville, Ellicott City, Glenelg, Howard County, and the surrounding areas. Homeowners don't have to settle for the usual when they work with Absolute Landscape & Turf Services, Inc. because they are a complete single-source custom pool builder. While some may want the more traditional look of the rectangular pool, how that gets pulled off with the various design elements that they choose to include can really make people say "wow". Nothing is off-limits when clients work with their team, so contact them today to find out what is really possible for any outdoor oasis.

CPT of South Florida Explains How VoIP Phone Services Can Help Growing Businesses Scale

LogoCPT of South Florida helps startups and growing businesses scale through innovative VoIP phone services in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the surrounding areas. With these innovate features offered by their VoIP phone services, businesses can expand and grow:

Car Service to Atlanta Airport, GA - Top 1 Preferred Airport Car Service

LogoAre you looking for a car service to the Atlanta Airport? You've come to the right place. This section will give you all the available car service options. EarthTran Global Limousine and Transportation service is a great choice, as they have a rating system and disclose all their rates when you make a reservation. This means there won't be any surprises when it comes time to pay. You can also trust that there won't be any additional charges for things like flight delays or extra stops along the way. We understand that travel can be stressful, so we want to make it easier for you by offering reliable and affordable transportation to and from the Atlanta airport.

AABA Family Medical Specializes in Stairlift Service in Deptford and Cherry Hill, New Jersey

LogoThose who have mobility issues can face trouble navigating stairs. Life becomes challenging for those with mobility difficulties. Having suitable mobility equipment in place removes the physical strain needed to move up and down stairs. This is where the stairlift comes into the scene.

AABA Family Medical Offers Quality Pride Power Wheelchair in Williamstown and Cape May, New Jersey

LogoPride power wheelchairs offer a variety of benefits to enhance one's independence and mobility. They come in various models to suit different needs, from user-friendly portable options like the Go Chair® to feature-rich chairs like the Jazzy® line. Many pride chairs boast maneuverability for tight spaces indoors, while some even offer superior outdoor performance with larger wheels and powerful motors. A Pride Power wheelchair can help one regain control over daily activities and keep one engaged in a social and active lifestyle.

Air Cleaning Technologies Specializes in Cooling Tower Maintenance in Columbia and Leesburg, Virginia

LogoNothing lasts forever. Even reinforced cement structures need regular maintenance to continue serving as strong foundations supporting assets. All the auxiliary components of a cooling tower are the same, except that the structure can support and regulate the cooling process liquids or house essential mechanical equipment.

Air Ref Specializes in Coil Cleaning in Manhattan and Newark

LogoKeeping coils clean is essential for maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC system. Dirty coils can restrict airflow and cause a heating system to work harder, leading to higher energy bills and potential breakdowns. Regular coil cleaning in Manhattan and Newark can help improve indoor air quality and extend the lifespan of the HVAC unit.