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A History in Perspective: Discosource Professional DJs Accounts the Metamorphosis of the Disc Jockey World

LogoIt all started with the invention of the phonoautograph in 1857 by Leon Scott. It was the world’s ever first device to record sound. Thomas Edison’s phonogaphi cylinder then followed. It was then capable of playing back recorded sounds. Interesting as it seems, the first ever disc jockey in the world was first heard in 1909. He is Ray Newby of California.

The 3on3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament Will Donate to Chordoma Foundation a Portion of the Proceeds

An upcoming local basketball tournament event will donate to charity a certain portion of the proceeds. This event is named 3on3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament and is expected to be one of the most important and memorable events to be held in Bay Area, CA.

Johnathon Banks, Signs with Tara Thomas Agency -- Scheduled to Fight Antonio Tarver

Johnathon Banks has signed with Tara Thomas Agency and we are excited about this new addition & relationship! He is scheduled to fight Antoino Tarver and this is sure to be a win for Johnathon.

Qetchup Card Game Wins the Toy Man Awards

LogoThe Toy Man Mom's Approved Award and the eco-Recognition seal for September 2014 goes to Qetchup card game. Qetchup was first released on Amazon earlier this year.

Discosource Professional DJs Cites How Important Music and Entertainment Are to Weddings

LogoIn reality, no matter how touching and sweet is the couple’s exchange of vows is, this only marks to a few guests most of which are the couple’s relatives. It’s the reception party that leaves a lasting impression. Also the reception party gives the couple time to unwind, no couple wants to have a boring party - the party should be the talk of the town the next day or perhaps the coming weeks.

Focus Boasts, Investing on Professional Wedding Photography Is Worth Every Penny Spent

LogoHowever, a lot of couples still prefer to go with their photographer friends to cover their momentous day. Some couples are holding back once they saw the photographers’ quote for the package, but Focus Production boasts – investing on professional wedding photography is worth every penny spent.

Leading Online Firearms Retailer Offers Premium Kimber Pistols

For people who are seeking premium firearms, finding handguns from Kimber can pose a challenge. Kimber pistols are an industry leader in accurate, reliable handguns. While they are highly sought after, they are also hard to find.

Focus Speaks Up About Modern Weddings, the Craze and Why Even Non-Celebs Are Crazy About Them

LogoThroughout the years, the wedding industry has become obsessed understanding every detail of a wedding. From unique wedding concepts exuding the couple’s personalities, to the wedding dress, the wedding ring, up to each and every pose in the engagement shoots. Despite some costs that modern weddings entail, most couples still cannot avoid the allure of fabulous wedding concepts and what-haves. Setting a benchmark for wedding services, Focus is one experienced company in the field of wedding photography who is in for the ride.

Focus Immortalizes Weddings with Their Wedding Photography Expertise

LogoReminiscing that great day when you got married to the one you love is an exciting phase in every couple’s lives. And while those memories live in the lives of those who got married (as well as in their guests), capturing the “exact moments” is still the best way to immortalize the great feeling one experienced that day. This is where the significance of a good wedding photography comes into picture.

AllChalets Releases Infographic Report on the Top Ski Chalet Resorts in Europe

As the winter skiing season fast approaches the team at All Chalets have produced a round-up of the most popular ski resorts for chalet bookings so far this year. It is no surprise that ski holidays in France, Switzerland and Austria are as popular as ever. The top resorts for ski chalet bookings this year are Chamonix, Meribel, Val d’Isere, Verbier, Zermatt and St Anton.

Online E-Cigarette Store Offers Worldwide Shipping of ISO:9001 Certified Products

Newly launched ecommerce concept website I Like E-cigarettes, now offers worldwide shipping and state of the art e-liquid materials for every product. The extract is made from good quality, real fruit and tobacco plants tested and produced under labs with ISO:9001 and SGS tests and approval. They also aim at offering affordable products with cheap prices.

SMOKEFREE Now Offers Electronic Cigarette in India at Cost Effective Prices

With an aim to make people free from the addiction of smoking, SMOKEFREE now brings electronic cigarette in India to help people quit harmful smoking and live a healthy life. Their electronic cigarette is revolutionizing the cigarette industry. This cigarette is free from any harmful substances, thus a smoker can smoke any number of cigarettes without exposing themselves to the dangerous threats of smoking.

Columbia Pinball League Season 3 to Begin

LogoColumbia arcade staple Gunther’s Games will be hosting the third season of the Columbia Pinball League. Launched last year, pinball players from around the state meet weekly at the downtown arcade, to prove they are the area’s best at Pinball. They’ll plunge, flip, and nudge the silver ball to get the highest score possible while playing against three other players at a time.

Vapor Group, Inc. Engages Franchise Attorney, Harold L. Kestenbaum, PC, and Embarks on Franchising of Its Brands

Vapor Group, Inc. (VPOR), (the "Company"), announced today that it has engaged Harold L. Kestenbaum, PC, East Meadows, New York, as its franchise attorney to represent the Company in the franchising of its brands. Mr. Kestenbaum has been engaged to prepare and/or review any and all required State of federal franchising agreements and disclosure documents in order for the Company to fulfill the regulatory requirements of the nationwide franchising of its brands.

Awesome Vapor Promises to Continue to Serve the Public in Face of FDA Threats

Awesome Vapor, a leading provider of high-quality e-cigarettes, their accessories, and e-liquids, has announced that it will continue to faithfully serve the public despite the ongoing calls by lawmakers and regulators for more bans and laws to be placed upon the sale, the owning, and the use of e-cigarettes in the U.S.

Vaporin, Inc. Announces 1:50 Reverse Stock Split

Vaporin, Inc. (OTCQB: VAPO), a distributor and marketer of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids products, today announced a 1:50 reverse stock split effective at the opening of trading on September 10, 2014. The strategic move by management makes Vaporin, Inc. more attractive to institutional investors as CEO Scott Frohman is preparing for a non-deal road show to present in front of numerous brokerage firms, hedge funds, and money managers. The Company is confident in the long-term benefits of the reverse split.

Kickstarter Campaign Has Been Launched for the Best Electric Skateboard in the World, the Talon Board

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to bring the world's most advanced electric skateboard, the Talon Board, to market. The people behind the Talon Board (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1911955304/talon-boards-affordable-lightweight-electric-skate) seek to raise $42,000. Backers who support the fundraising campaign could be one of the first people to own a Talon Board and save $200 from the retail price.

GunSafes.com Now Offers High-End Gun Safes for Sale at Discounted Prices

LogoReflecting their position as the most-renowned provider of gun safes and gun safe accessories, GunSafes.com now offers Gun safes for sale at discounted price. Their offer is a win-win situation for customers, where they can purchase superior-quality products at very low prices. The company announces discounts occasionally, further benefiting customers in buying branded gun safe products at the lowest possible prices. At GunSafes.com, customers get the finest-quality gun safes products at discounted prices such as biometric safes, modular safes, pistol safes, Fire Proof Gun Safe, Pistol and Handgun Safes, racks, vault doors, security boxes, and other similar products. This online store facilitates convenient and easy shopping. Clients can now get products belonging to top-notch brands from the convenience of their own home. All they have to do is place their order on the GunSafes.com website.

Vaporin to Present at the 2014 Aegis Capital Conference

Vaporin, Inc. a distributor and marketer of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids products, today announced that Chief Executive Officer, Scott Frohman, is scheduled to present at the Aegis Capital Conference on September 11, 2014 in Las Vegas.

Triple A Beats Rekindles the Culture and Language of Hip Hop Instrumental Beats

LogoIt is said that Hip Hop as a music genre begun in the ghettos, where young people with musical inclination create music from materials one would not expect to create a single harmony. It is a musical genre created by kids whose families could not afford the price of one musical instruments. Thus, hip hop was previously considered as an informal music genre. As time goes by, hip hop as a musical genre also evolved because of people who already put interest and effort in learning and developing the music.

Vapor Group Sees Growth as Impact of Vaporizer Trend Takes Hold

LogoThere have been some rumblings in the electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry with what appears to be a battle of the biggest market share. Since the announcement of Lorillard (NYSE:LO) and Reynolds American (NYSE:RAI) acquisition, it looks like the tides have changed in a drastic way and unfortunately, it's not to the benefit of this latest M&A in Big Tobacco. Analyst Bonnie Herzog is one who thinks that the first quarter of 2014 is where we start to really see the vapor trend take hold and drive the combustible cig decline rate at an accelerated pace,"Bottom line, retailers are starting to either discontinue or take shelf space away from disposable e-cigs to make room for personal vaporizers given their attractive growth & margins."

Trampolines Info Creates New Online Trampoline Resource Centre for Parents

Trampolines are a relatively simple device, taking a tensile material and stretching it using springs to create a resistant layer that absorbs and reflects energy, propelling objects and people in the opposite direction from whence they came. This simple principle can nevertheless generate thousands of hours of physical activity, fun and exploration, and even the beginnings of a passion for gymnastics, with every leap a chance to feel weightless and free. This is the opinion of Trampolines Info (http://www.trampolinesinfo.co.uk/), a new website designed to get children off the sofa and into the garden.

High Inflation and Overvalued Exchange Rates in Venezuela May Mean Bargains for Investors

LogoIn spite of Venezuela’s recent economic stagnation and poor reputation with regards to foreign business, there are still undervalued investment opportunities that won’t be overlooked for too much longer. Metrospaces Inc. (MSPC) recently announced another acquisition, this one in Coche Isalnd, making it their second project in 9 months in Venezuela alone. In the recent deal, Metrosoaces has acquired a 50% stake in this posh villa-style luxury hotel on Coche Island that may fetch as much as $300 a night for a room. Even in a country with a less-than-favorable business climate, there are still winners and losers as economic aggregates continue to mask the full story from investors.

Selling a Yacht Without a Broker Can Save a Great Deal of Money Says the Yacht Harbour

Selling a yacht through a broker can be expensive, resulting in thousands of dollars or pounds being wasted when the owner could sell it direct through an online Yacht marketplace. The Yacht Harbour.com (http://www.theyachtharbour.com) has become the best marketplace for boat owners wanting to find real buyers without paying for expensive marketing or broker fees.

AMS Financial Now Offers Different Programs for Swimming Pool Loan and Financing

Being the most trusted name for swimming pool loan and financing, AMS Financial now offers fast and hassle-free pool loan programs. Their inground pool loans and financing can be obtained for constructing a new inground pool which can consist of any material such as concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, gunite and shotcrete. Their flexible loan programs allow an individual to obtain pool loans both for custom-designed pools as well as for constructing pools from eminent pool builder companies like Blue Haven Pools, Anthony and Sylvan Pools, and all other national pool companies. AMS Financial provides good and bad credit concrete pool loans.