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Key Ingredient in E-Cigs Found Safe to Inhale

Pure E Liquid, the premier British based e-juice distributor, has published lab reports on its website for consumer review. Research and development for the products has been underway since last year, and is now conclusive. Propylene Glycol, a main component of e-juice, has been deemed safe going forward in 2015.

Rebek Launches Loyalty Scheme with Free Signup Promotion of 300 Loyalty Points

E-cigarettes have boomed in the UK over the last five years. Originally devised as a means by which people could start to quit smoking, they have in fact ended up being a better alternative. Vaporizers enable a cleaner smoking experience that can even be used indoors. Rebek is a leading international e-cigarette brand and entered the UK market last year. After impressive returns, they have initiated a loyalty scheme devised to help people earn rewards by buying their products. The company is offering users 300 free loyalty points just for signing up.

Thoroughbred Analytics Now Enabling Their Customers with the Services of Horse Racing Software

Maintaining their prime position as one of the leading providers of horse handicapping services, Thoroughbred Analytics is now enabling their customers with the services of horse racing software. Through this software service, individuals will get assistance in creating all of the components of the handicapping model. Besides this, with this software, individuals can even generate customized reports for Premium Past Performances, Premium Analysis, Best Bets and Live Long Shots. Moreover, this software is perfectly designed to meet all the needs and demands of each of their customers. Not just this, this software is easy to save as well as reuse.

The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy Announces Registration Open for Sports and Summer Day Camps

LogoWhen school lets out, the summer fun begins. This summer, the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy of Cherry Hill, NJ, is offering a variety of sports and summer programs called the Super Star Summer Camp for children throughout the region. The company specializes in providing children with entertaining physical activities and teaches them new skills. Parents can register their children for the Super Star Summer Camp day camps over the phone, by mail, in person, or online via the company's website. The camps are for children ages 3 to 13 and focuses on providing a rewarding opportunity as well as helping build confidence.

Wave Electric Ebike Announces Introductory Price Drop

Wave Electic Bike (http://www.waveelectricbike.com) is announcing the launch of their new electric bicycle called the Wave eBike with an introductory sale beginning March 31, 2015. For a limited time, the first 200 lucky customers can purchase the Wave for just $499. Once th 200th bike has been sold, the pricing will go up to its standard retail price.

Deck of the Dead Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Deck of the Dead, a legendary zombie card game created by brothers Shane and Donivan Marshall, is set to release its Kickstarter campaign on March 31, 2015.

Everything but Bikes Now Offering Their New Series of Motorbike Helmets

Maintaining their position as one of the leading providers of on and off road motorbike accessories, Everything but Bikes has now come with their new series of motorbike helmets. The range of helmets that they are offering are perfectly designed and are from world recognised brand Roof. The wide range of helmets that they are offering includes Roof Cooper Backlight - Matt Black, Roof Roadster - Matt Black, Roof Desmo Flash - Black / Red, Roof Desmo Uni - Matt Black and much more. Individuals can get this new range of motorbike helmets at the discounted prices with the company.

Cannabis Lifestyle Launches Cannabislifestyle.guru

Cannabis Guru has launched http://cannabislifestyle.guru, a website devoted to medical marijuana and cannibals oil and its effects on Cancer among other diseases.  In addition, the website focuses on stories of real people who are facing the need for medical marijuana and how that need and use of the medical cannibals has affected the lives of them and their loved ones. The site launched on 3/25.2015.

Airwheel Unicycle Announces to Attend Hungary Motor Show in Budapest from 20th to 22nd March, 2015

With their wide range of intelligent unicycles, Airwheel will be available at the Hungary Motor Show, this month from 20th to 22nd March. The motor show in Budapest is going to witness a heavy footfall of car and motorbike enthusiasts and this could be a great opportunity for Airwheel to introduce their latest unicycle product before the Hungarian people. They will be showcasing a range ofthe latest electric unicycles at Pavilion A, Stand: B10 during this motor show.

Local Martial Arts Academy Puts the Power in Kids' Character

Aries Martial Arts Academy is proud to be launching the industry's leading character development program, Powerful Words Character Development! Now a Personal Development Center, Aries Martial Arts Academy is incorporating this comprehensive character development program with their fun and exciting Martial Arts curriculum for children ages 4-14. The program forms the backbone from which all of our students can study, grow, develop, learn and become an upstanding member of our community and a confident individual. "This full education process provides purpose to what we do as teachers—it gives our students something for which to strive, the strength to explore, and a foundation on which to succeed. We feel that by providing several facets to learning, both physical and mental, we can ultimately help our students to grow in a variety of positive ways," says Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman, creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System.

Wildtek Announces White Version of Their Iconic Waterproof Smartphone Case

Wildtek announces a white version of their Waterproof Cell Phone Case. The Wildtek Waterproof Case allows you to waterproof any smartphone so that you can take underwater photos and videos or simply protect your phone from the elements.

Co-Founders Nicolas Seynaeve and Francois Mermoud Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Start the Mass Production of BAM City

LogoNicolas Seynaeve and Francois Mermoud started BARAMIND as a student project way back in 2007. They crossed several hurdles before converting it into an industrial project, and their company Red-Motion was started in 2010. BARAMIND is a flexible handlebar technology that has been designed to minimize the impact of small shocks and vibrations while biking. In 2012, the duo released their first product named BAM XC, followed by the current version that has been used extensively for Marathon MTB races.

"Let's Be Clear Georgia" Campaign to Educate Georgians on Marijuana Issues

LogoThe perception of marijuana's harmfulness is falling among Georgia's young people and 18.2% of Georgia's high school seniors have smoked marijuana in the last 30 days. To reverse these trends a collaboration of over 150 private and public agencies, employers, and individuals engaging in best practices and policies to prevent marijuana abuse in our state have launched "Let's Be Clear Georgia" today in Atlanta. The goal of the program is to prevent and reduce marijuana use among Georgia's youth and young adults and in the workplace. Its central hub is http://www.clearga.org

Derek O'Sullivan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Create the World's First Correctly Insulated Tent

LogoDerek O'Sullivan considers himself lucky enough to be born in the southwest of Ireland, a perfect destination for camping. As wonderful as Ireland is in so many ways, Derek frequently found himself wishing he had a tent that was correctly insulated to prevent the tent from getting too hot, too cold, or too noisy. Thanks to Derek's desire to enjoy camping even more, campers across the pond, such as those who go camping in the northeastern region of the United States, can breathe a sigh of relief whether its 100 degrees during the dog days of summer or 20 degrees on a frigid fall night.

Phoebe Hunt Seeks Kickstarter Funding for One Village Music Project

LogoThe One Village Music Project is a program of the Amala Foundation, initiated by inspired volunteer and Austin artist Phoebe Hunt in an effort to bring the message of The Global Youth Peace Summit to life through music. This program's objective is to unite teen musicians from all over the world to inspire them to serve humanity as individuals and leaders. In the beginning, the ambition of this project was to bring these young musicians from all walks of life together to record one song. Since the inception of this project, three week-long programs have been hosted to create two full-length albums. The first of these albums, "Precious Human Life", made it into the esteemed hands of The Dalai Lama.

Deepstar Charters Provides All Year Round Fishing in Tauranga

Fishing trips are not seasonal when it comes to Deepstar Charters because they offer fishing charters in Tauranga and available all year round. Trips are done on fishing and diving charter boat and boarding points are in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. The boat used is the M.V. Deepstar, originally built in 1979 in Picton, and can hold 10 passengers for live on board parties or 20 passengers for day fishing trips. The boat is equipped with amenities like a shower and a toilet.

Kingston Park Raceway, Now Enabling Clients with the Facility of Xtreme Carting at an Affordable Price

In order to take adventure a notch higher, Kingston Park Raceway is now providing its clients with the facility to enjoy xtreme karting in competitive rates. Now fans of motor sport can have lots of fun in the Karting circuit of Brisbane based amusement venue. The company hosts a lot of kart racing competition that could fulfil the desire of an individual to rush! At Kingston Park Raceway clients are ensured one of its Karting experience where entertainment and thrill go hand in hand. The wide range of amusement sports available with the company, is suitable for everyone, from children to adults. Clients can have a great time with their friends and family and can also enjoy quality food at their famous Pit Stop Café.

Setting an Example for the Video Gaming Industry

LogoOften met with mixed reviews, the Illinois video gaming marketplace does have it's bright spots. Through strategic planning, hard work and dedication, CountR GmbH (CountR) and Triple 7 Illinois LLC (Triple 7) have found a way to work with gaming patrons around the State of Illinois to give back to various charity organizations.

Tarzan Spotted in St. Louis County's Creve Coeur Park

Go Ape, a highly interactive treetop adventure course, will be opening for its 3rd season on April 4 in Creve Coeur Park. Go Ape offers St. Louis area residents and visitors a unique outdoor experience that encourages them to let out their inner Tarzan and live life adventurously. Ranked the #1 attraction in Maryland Heights by Tripadvisor, the course boasts:

Fishing Conditions Rated Fair to Good on the Lake

Bass fishing at Clear Lake is appraised from fair to good. As per the report of most fishermen that they are catching 5 to 8 after a day's effort. A ton of small bass is now starting to show up. Near the spawning areas these 2-pounders are men staging. The bigger females ought to begin moving into the shoals by the weekend.

Cushy Clothing Can Let Women Hunters to Enjoy Hunting Comfortably

According to recent research, there has been a significant increase in the number of female hunters and anglers. During the entire hunting season of 2009-10, the request for hunting licenses was around 67,165, which got raised to 90,778 for the first half of the 2014-15 hunting season and is still increasing. Seeing the increasing craze of hunting and other outdoor activities among the women and girls, Safford Sporting Goods have introduced the new collection of hunting attire in their store that is the most ergonomic, effective, cushy and comfortable clothing yet.

Airwheel Self-Balancing Unicycle Heads to CONSTRUMA

Airwheel has become extremely popular all over the world for being one of the most innovative, eco-friendly and an extremely intelligent transport models. Airwheel currently offers three product lines such as the X Series, Q Series and the S Series. Each of these series is designed by incorporating cutting-edge technology with special emphasis on exterior design and passenger safety. The company has been making tremendous efforts to protect the environment and to support the present global trend which is Low Carbon. And as part of these efforts, Airwheel introduced the lithium battery core for the purpose of eradicating emission.

Airwheelelectric's S3 Made Headlines at the Highly Anticipated Expoactiva Nacional Exhibition in Uruguay

The Expoactiva Nacional exhibition which was held in Montevideo, Uruguay was the talk of the town featuring the most popular Airwheelelectric scooter 'S3'. The exhibition which brought to visitor's notice several of this year's innovations was most referred to for the splendid display of this self balancing scooter.

Airwheelelectric Scooters Make Their Star Appearance at the Budapest Motor Kiallitas Exhibition

The most awaited Budapest Motor Kiallitas exhibition which is going to last from 20th March to 22nd March features the Airwheelelectric scooters, which have gained widespread popularity as a unique invention in the personal motor transport category.

ECigaretteReviews.com Undertakes Huge Redesign to Repurpose Site for the Future of Vaping

Electronic cigarettes were a conversion of pre-existing vaporization technology that was previously unwieldy and table-bound. It was designed to be a means by which to help people stop smoking. However, it had several advantages, not least that it could circumvent the smoking ban and be used indoors and in public. Since then the product has diversified immensely, and is more of an alternative to smoking than a quitting aid. ECigaretteReviews.com has just updated its website to reflect this significant change in perceptions.