Sports Press Releases

Leif Tech, Taking Snowboarding to the Streets, Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Blasting down hills and pulling off huge slides are the moments that long boarders and snowboarders live for. It’s a rush and a feeling of freedom that you can’t experience any other way. But what if these experiences weren’t bound to a hill? A new concept board called the LEIF gives longboarders and snowboarders the freedom to carve and slide on flat city streets as if riding down a mountain. 

Atlanta's Next Topgolf Location Is Under Construction

Top Golf Midtown is one of Eberly & Associates most recent projects under construction in West Midtown. “Our team’s familiarity with this area and Beltline Overlay district requirements were assets during the site design of this urban, brownfield location,” states Brian Brumfield, Eberly & Associates’ Project Manager. “We were able to work closely with the City of Atlanta and the Top Golf design team to ensure the proper integration of their specialty systems into the City’s existing infrastructure. The team used 3D modeling software to ensure the Top Golf targets were coordinated with the underground utilities,” continues Brumfield. To minimize site development expense, the team analyzed and presented site options to address Tree Recompense requirements.

Announcing Cheap NFL Jerseys for Sale with FREE Shipping for Sports Lovers

Sports lovers from across the world can purchase a variety of cheap NFL jerseys as a souvenir of their favorite sports star. China Toppower Jerseys Company has now a variety of NFL jerseys at cheap prices and with free shipping. One can choose a jersey, available in various styles and color choices.

Kid Agains Now Offering Quarterback Touchdown Game This Winter

While there is not much that football fans can do to make their team better, there is plenty they can do to improve their tailgating experience. No longer do fans just sit in lawn chairs and socialize, many have taken their pre-game ritual to a new level, incorporating everything from RVs to extensive cooking stations. Bringing new life to the game-playing element of tailgating, Kid Agains is now offering their Quarterback Touchdown game this winter. Now fans can battle it out on the blacktop before their team goes to war on the gridiron.

"Soccer Important for All-Round Development of Children", Says recently published an article on the advantages of kids playing online soccer games and also reviewed some of the soccer games available today. The website explained that while soccer is a great physical activity for kids, certain scenarios such as bad weather can prevent them from playing. In such times, online soccer games can keep children entertained. According to, there are many online games available for children today. While most of them are free of charge, others with some premium benefits come at an extra charge.

When Technique Meets Technology - The Average Golfer Will Hit Their Drives Like a Pro

These are the two most important items in golf. Technique (how you swing) and Technology (what you swing), and they are both from the total opposite sides of the golfing spectrum. Until now! Thanks to Jack Hamm (The Hammer) golf's long drive legend.

Trendwoo Achieves True Global Brand Status with ANCC Membership

Trendwoo announce that they've become a member of the Article Numbering Center of China (ANCC), the Chinese branch of GS1, which is responsible for the attribution and control of bar codes and product numbers for technology articles.

Ottawa Martial Arts Patenaude Offers a Seven Day, Risk Free Trial of All Classes

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, one in three students reported being bullied in 2013. The National Crime Victimization Survey confirmed these results, stating 64.5 percent reported the bullying incidents happened once or twice during the school year, with 7.8 percent stating the bullying occurred on a daily basis. Parents and students concerned about bullying often turn to Ottawa martial arts instruction to prevent incidents of this type, while teaching the child how to cope with bullies.

Embroidery and Screen Printing Company All Star Sports Supports Prince William Courage Tournaments

LogoAll Star Sports, an embroidery and screen printing company selling personalized jerseys and other sporting merchandise, is a longtime supporter of teams and sporting events in Woodbridge and the surrounding area. The store itself contains many pieces of memorabilia and products promoting and displaying the owners' support for various leagues and clubs.

Ivy League Sport and Coaching Services Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Help Youth Excel in Their Favorite Sport

LogoSports and recreational programs play a stellar role in developing the youth. However, unfortunately, these facilities are not always available to the right person at the right time. London, Ontario based social enterprise Ivy League Sport and Coaching Services plans to bring an end to this scenario.

Leading Sportsbook Software Provider Offers 1 Week Free of Price Per Head

LogoPPH Sportsbook, a reputed Sportsbook software provider, has recently announced that they are currently offering a free 1 Week usage of their price per head software which can be availed by visiting the company's website

Proviz Sports Promotes Safety with High Visibility Sportswear This Christmas Season

LogoProviz Sports is encouraging people to stay safe during the twilight hours and nighttime this Christmas season with their high visibility cycling and sportswear. Proviz Sports offers an assortment of products for cycling, running, motor cycling, horse riding and outdoor activities. Their products make use of electroluminescent light, an optical and electrical phenomenon whereby a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or a strong electric field. The light produced is visible from a great distance making it an ideal addition to high visibility products. Proviz Sports' high visibility cycling products are also attractive and would makeexcellent Christmas presents.

Score at Hand Becomes One of the Biggest Selling Christmas Tennis Products

Score At Hand and Christine Watanabe, developer, are pleased to announce a clever product that helps keep track of the score while playing tennis. The Tennis score product has become a big hit with lovers of the game, and now it has become one of the biggest selling tennis products for Christmas. Anyone who wants to keep track of the score while playing on the courts should check out this handy little device. The scorekeeper attaches securely to the handle of any racket and tracks the game and set score as well as the score in a tiebreaker.

AWMA Announces New MMA Clearance Items Are Available on Their Website

LogoAs a leading distributor of marital arts supplies and products, AWMA®, is pleased to announce that they now have new MMA clearance items available on their website. At AWMA®, they take pride in offering mixed martial arts (MMA) products that are both high-quality and affordable for their customers. Therefore, those who are interested in getting their hands on MMA shin guards, mouthguards, or a punching bag set that is currently available and ready to ship immediately can visit AWMA®'s website today.

Sports for Sharing Brings Active Olympic Swimmer to DC Elementary School

Andrew Gemmell is a national champion swimmer who competes in long distance freestyle events. He was a member of the 2012 United States Olympic Team and competed in the 1500m Freestyle, in London. In 2014, he won the Men's Open Water Swim at the Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii. Gemmell is currently training for the 2016 Olympics, in Rio, where he is considered a favorite to medal in the 10k Open Water Swim.

SWEAT IT OUT Announces Compression Garments Available This Holiday Season

LogoWearing the right clothes while being active has a major effect on the body. Regular name brand cotton athletic apparel does not support the muscles or prevent injuries and can be retailed at an expensive cost. Customers who are in search of the perfect work out gift or want exercise apparel that improves the body are invited to shop SWEAT IT OUT® compression clothing this holiday season. The garment company merchandises top notch professional compression gear for men and women.

AWMA Expands Mixed Martial Arts Inventory to Feature New UFC Gear & Products

LogoAWMA® is a leading provider of all things that are martial arts related whether an individual is looking for a uniform, protective gear, training equipment or other supplies—AWMA® is the place to find it. On their website, users will find products such as weapons, uniforms, books, sparring equipment and more. Also, those looking for mixed marital arts equipment will find that they have many products available. In fact, AWMA® is pleased to announce that they have expanded their mixed martial arts inventory to feature new UFC gear and products.

Inventor Michael Story Looks to Complete the Development of Sea Wolf Mk5 Double Hose Diving Regulator with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoMichael Story is the designer of the Sea Wolf Mk5, a highly sophisticated 21st century double hose regulator. During his early days as a diver, Michael received training with the old double hose regulators. He strongly believes that there is a real romance as well as exceptional utility involved in diving with these early regulators. However, at the same time, most of these double hose regulators are not suitable for modern diving procedures without modification.

One of a Kind 'Sports Resort' Offers Martial Arts Training Amidst Nature's Delights

The concept of a sports resort is fast picking up steam and a resort actively involved in building this trend is Muay Thai Resort in Hua Hin. This Muay Thai resort is where guests can truly discover the benefits of martial arts training while indulging in the most luxurious retreat giving clients the amazing opportunity to experience the beauty of Thailand.

Basketball Player D.J. Newbill to Become a Top Lottery Pick in the 2015 NBA Draft

LogoIt is announced that D.J. Newbill is quickly becoming the top point guard in the NCAA and is poised to becoming a top lottery pick in the upcoming 2015 NBA Draft in June. He is currently averaging 28.5 points, 3.5 assists, 5.5 rebounds and 1.5 steals each game in leading Penn State University in recent wins against Akron and Bucknell. In the two wins this week, D.J. Newbill averaged a scorching hot 58.6 percent shooting from the field in addition to his 40 percent shooting from beyond the three point line.

Kennedy Online Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Sports Equipment

LogoJosephine Kennedy is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website features a wide range of sports equipment including equipment for golf, football, basketball, and baseball. The website also offers fan gear to make it easy for fans to support their favorite teams. Kennedy was inspired to start her website because she knew that sports were something that many of her friends and family were interested in. She wanted to provide products that customers could use to play sports, get better at playing sports, and support their sports teams.

PGA Golf Pro Develops New System for Golf Coaching: Mind Technique Synergy

Even Tiger Woods couldn't compete with this unique approach to playing golf. It's called Mind Technique Synergy (MTS) and it is a new development by PGA professional, Gary Occhino. MTS is an integrated strategy that combines traditional golf techniques with specialized, proprietary mind skills.

Kid Agains Announces Availability of Tailgate Game in Time for the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, many are struggling to find the perfect gift for the sports fanatic in the family. The innovators at Kid Agains have announced the availability of their tailgate game in time for the holidays. Their Quarterback Touchdown game is a great gift for football lovers of all ages. The game will let them drop back and show off their accuracy before kickoff.

Barecat Charters Provides Fun and Exciting Sailing Experiences on the British Virgin Islands

LogoThere are too many people who wish to maximize the kind of fun they have while sailing. Sailing is one such activity that seems to be loaded with too much fun. One has to ensure that they can find the right kind of boats which is packed with all the required facilities to ensure that one will be able to have the kind of fun they are looking for.

Ticket 4 Football Update: Rage Inside the Red Devils and Tensions Building Up as Rodgers Sees Ego Rising

LogoThe pressure is up and boiling recently, now that Gerrard has been named as the "most politically difficult concern" of Rodgers, as the Liverpool Captain's performance level plummets, leaving club in its crucial stake on the 2014-2015 seasons with many losses.

New Report Available: Sportswear in Hong Kong, China

LogoIn 2013, sportswear recorded current value growth of 14%, reaching sales of HK$10 billion. The slight improvement in sportswear?s growth when compared to the 11% rise in 2012 was due to stronger consumer confidence brought by better economic development as well as growing popularity of fitness activities amongst Hong Kong citizens.

Sports Wallet Maker Pro Style Sports Launches New Website

LogoPro Style Sports has launched a new website that makes it easy for users to find and purchase the perfect gift for the sports fan in their life or for the team that they coach or sponsor – high-quality wallets and ID holders made from genuine baseballs, footballs, and softballs.