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Turkish Indoor Lacrosse National Team Seeks Funding via Funds4Sport to Participate in 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships

The Turkey Lacrosse Association (TLA) has been actively involved in promoting lacrosse as a game in the Republic of Turkey. They are to be appreciated for whatever development this sport has experienced in Turkey. TLA is responsible for managing all the teams and leagues that play lacrosse in this country. Now, the Turkey Lacrosse Association is seeking funds to assist young Turkish male athletes participate in the lacrosse world indoor championships.

Great Plains Industries Keeps Kicking Up Dirt in the Motocross World

Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) is excited to announce that Colt Nichols, and Kyle Peters, riders for the racing team, are showing great success in the 250SX East Region.

Sports Memorabilia Auctioneer Pristine Auction Launches Exciting New One-Day Format

Pristine Auction, one of the world's leading Sports Memorabilia Auction houses, launched a unique new Daily Auction program. With no reserve and $1 starting bids on most items, the new one-day auction option complements the company's highly popular standard auctions, giving customers a faster, even more exciting way to buy or sell authentic sports memorabilia and more. Items and lots listed under the new daily auction system are now live for bidders to inspect and bid on at the Pristine Auction website.

Dr. Ara: How to Deal with Jet Lag on Golf Channel's Morning Drive

LogoGolf Channel Morning Drive co-host Cara Robinson gets tips and techniques from Dr Ara on How to Deal with Jet Lag. Golfers who are on the PGA Tour deal with a number of intangibles on a daily basis and while flying. They are continually traveling, changing time zones, facing delays, and suffering from jet lag. And there is the 6p finish and 5a starts. Such quick turnarounds take a toll on their bodies and recovery time. Nevermind the additional emotional and mental fatigue of both winning and losing. Dr Ara talks about how jet lag has a huge impact on the body. Jet lag has been described as physical and mental tiredness from sleep disturbances felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones. This causes a significant drop in performance. Jet lag happens to Golfers whenever they fly.

Griffin and Highbury Announces Sponsorship of Corey Jones Racing

LogoThe idea that diamonds and gemstones were as removed from the world of auto racing as possible, needs to be re-examined.

FootGolf Course Opens at Cameron Hills Golf Links

LogoCameron Hills Golf Links now has an exclusive new offering. In addition to their rolling 18-hole championship golf course, Cameron Hills now offers a Certified AFGL FootGolf course.

Quarterback Touchdown from Kid Agains Is Bestseller

After a bitter winter, spring is almost here, and with it come predictions of beautiful weather for the entire season. Families can finally break out of their cabin fever and look forward to camping, going to the beach and spending time together in the backyard. Those looking for the best family outdoor games to play during these outings might be overwhelmed by the number of products available. To make the choice easier, Kid Agains has announced that Quarterback Touchdown is a certified bestseller on, making it one of the most popular outdoor family games.

17 Year Old Football Player Makes History

LogoYuri Ruh dos Santos, an extremely talented left winger from Marbella FC, also known as "Magic Feet", is the first young player under 18 from Marbella, Spain, to make an international transfer after having been offered a professional football contract by a UEFA and FIFA, European first division club, AS Trencín, an affiliate club of Ajax, Netherlands. The international transfer takes place at the end of May and Yuri plays his first international match with them in Amsterdam at the Copa de Amsterdam, on the weekend of the 23-25 May, 2015. Scales New Heights

Users now have the option of knowing more about Blake Griffin Top Dunks, which are considered a thing of beauty, at

Capital Square Realty Advisors Acquires 37,500-Square-Foot 24 Hour Fitness Building Near Los Angeles

LogoCapital Square Realty Advisors, LLC announced today it has acquired a 37,500-square-foot retail building 100 percent leased to 24 Hour Fitness USA Inc., in the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina, Calif.

South Sea Designs Announces Recent Launch of Football Website

A fervent football fan named Ritendra Prasad recently came up with an idea of launching a new website in context of the football game wherein he is ardent enough to publish articles. The website called Football source aims to produce captivating articles which would be in the 'Top 10 Format' based on certain stats, facts, performance and the personal opinions of the writers.

Robert Livingston Starts Indiegogo Campaign for the Market Launch of Racquet Power Weights

LogoIt is every tennis player's desire to serve a tennis ball in such a way that makes it shoot across the court with the speed and power of a missile. The velocity and power of such a powerful tennis serve are two extremely important factors to ensure that they are not returned properly. It generally takes hours of practice to develop the confidence, control and coordination in hitting a tennis ball perfectly. Racquet Power Weights® is an advanced training aid that can help any tennis player achieve this goal with a powerful tennis serve that most tennis players only dream of.

Northampton Valley Country Club Announcing Registration for Junior Golf Camp This Summer

LogoAs students are counting down the days until summer vacation, parents are searching for a variety of activities to keep their children occupied while out of school. To introduce kids to the sport of golf, Northampton Valley Country Club is announcing registration availabilities for their junior golf camp this summer season. The 14th annual junior camp at one of the renowned Philadelphia public golf courses is an opportunity for every child to participate and learn the fundamentals that will take their golf game to the next level.

New Flex Tennis League Format Introduced by Etenns League

We all know what flexible tennis league is. It has been introduced more than 20 years ago to USA tennis public, and since then it has been the best way to bring tennis to the life of amateur tennis players with busy schedule. Even amateur players can feel the adrenaline like pros that are competing at professional, high budget tournament.

J.R. Mats' Tuff-Shot Trainer Uneven-Lie Practice Aid Featured Twice on Golf Channel

J.R. Mats Inc. announced that the company's revolutionary new Tuff-Shot Trainer™ uneven lie practice station was featured on two popular Golf Channel programs recently. In an appearance on the Golf Channel's Morning Drive program, professional golfer and former Ryder Cup team member John Cook used the Tuff-Shot Trainer to show viewers how to attack the uneven lies typical of Augusta National's 13th and other holes.

J.R. Mats Products Earn New Praise from Top Golf Teachers Mike Bender, Steve Dresser

J.R. Mats Inc. announced that the company's industry-leading products recently received highly favorable, in-depth reviews from two of golf's top teaching professionals. In a new video feature hosted in the Golf Mat Reviews section at , renowned teacher Mike Bender delves into the many advantages of the company's natural-feeling Country Club Elite® Golf Mats, a product introduced in 2005 that has gone on to transform the industry. In another new review there, Steve Dresser, a teaching professional counted by Gold Magazine among the top 25 in the country, has further praise for J.R. Mats' products, noting that they see intensive, daily use at his world-famous golf academy.

Football Source off to Flying Start

A fervent football fan named, Ritendra Prasad recently came up with an idea of launching a new website in context of the football game wherein, he is ardent enough to publish articles. The website called, Football source aims to produce captivating articles which would be in the 'Top 10 Format' based on certain stats, facts, performance and the personal opinions of the writers.

Find Live Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Results at is excited to once again be bringing the best in live fight coverage to boxing fans across the world, with their presentation of live Mayweather vs. Pacquiao round by round results on May 2, 2015, the night of the biggest boxing event of the generation.

Web Entrepreneurs Launch, a Website Selling Quality Sports Equipment

LogoJoe and Helen Losonsky are proud to announce the creation and launch of their new website venture, The website offers all kinds of equipment and apparel for baseball, golf, soccer, softball, hockey, football, and basketball. Joe Losonsky was inspired to start the website since he has always loved sports and has been playing sports since he was a kid. He wanted to build a site that would give customers a place to find all of the gear that they needed to get started on playing any sport that they were interested in.

Get New Jerseys Sells Sports Jerseys, Accessories and Equipments

There a great fan following of sports like football and basketball. Fans cheer for their favourite team and players by sporting jerseys of same colour and appearance. They wear it while watching matches at TV or stadium itself. Get New Jerseys offers NFL, MLB and NBA jerseys across genders and age groups. These trendy new Jerseys have the name of players and relevant number printed. It caters to the need of wholesalers, shopkeepers and individual buyers.

Thoroughbred Analytics, Provider of Horse Racing Statistics, Now Offers Horse Racing Premium Reports to Racing Professionals

Proving themselves to be a leading provider of horse racing statistics in the industry, Thoroughbred Analytics now offers horse racing premium reports to racing professionals and enthusiasts. These statistics are helpful for beginners as well as for those who are more advanced. The reports are produced individually for each and every race and for all thoroughbred tracks in North America. With their published data, every racer's chance of winning increases. The reports that they create are concise, clear and can be easily read and understood.

Spring Turkey Hunting Season Can Be More Relished in 2015

The spectacle and sound of a turkey's mating display are sufficient to speed up the pulse of even the most expert hunters, and makes calling in a spring tom as stirring as shouting in a bull elk. Oregon biologists predict that this mild winter weather and a low snowpack will perk up hunting for the year 2015 spring turkey season. So, it would be truly a bad idea to miss 2015's spring turkey hunting season. Oregon's eager turkey hunters are prepared to enjoy their most awaited spring season with lots of birds on the field and in their perches this year, and it's all because of the very effective nesting success throughout the past 2 very dry springs. The hunting season opened last Wednesday, April 15, and will run through May 31.

Good News! Now Kids Too Can Enjoy Hunting at the Special Day of Youth Turkey Weekend

The tenth annual state youth turkey hunt fair is going to be held on this April 25 and 26. All the hunting and shooting fans waited for this fair throughout the year and practice a lot through the year. But to become a real turkey hunter every individual need to cover the basics of turkey calling and turkey hunting safety. A famous Fish and Game wildlife biologist well-known as Andrew Timmins said "if a person wants to become a real turkey hunter, they need to know the natural behavior and history of wild turkeys. This will help them to analyze and make a perfect shoot that can hit the bull's eye.

Recent Hunting and Shooting Incidents Sparkle New Ethics Campaign

Anglers, Hunters and other outdoor adventurers activities are invited to join by the Division of Game and Fish in this summer holiday season in Mexico. Where real hunting and shooting enthusiasm will find all information about upcoming fishing, hunting, and trapping chances, all-terrain riding, the most recent gear and many more.

Georgia Boots Are Now Available in All-Season Oxford and Hiker Styles

Georgia boots made with advanced technology are exceptionally lightweight and hunt-ready. This boot has become a favorite big game hunting boots without sacrificing stability or support. Avid hunters are in the field well beyond hunting season. There are trail cams to check, hooting lanes to clear, dogs to train, scouting to be done and, more than a few errands to run. Hunting a lifestyle, Safford Sporting Goods, a leading sporting goods store in Alabama, offers a line of footwear for year-round wear, because the hunt season never ends.

Trophy Hunting Is Recklessly/Relentlessly Doing Enduring Efforts to Save S. African Wildlife

One of the controversial blood sport which consider as a big game is dubbed as trophy hunting. Parts of animals such as the horns, skin or head-are kept as a winning trophy, with the corpse often used for food. In some of the area of African countries, it is a permissible and lucrative business. A 10 to 12 day "elephant hunting package" could cost $36,000 and hunting a rhino could cost a hefty $100,000. South Africa's wildlife and luxury tourism industry allow the hunter to do the hunting of rhino, elephants and other wildlife for hunter's enjoyment and experience.

Global Sporting Goods Market to 2019 - Top 10 Countries, Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts

This industry report provides the many updated market data about the real market trends, situation, and future perspective for sporting goods in the world as well as in the top 10 effective global nations. Along with an international sporting goods market report contains country reports from the following nations: Canada, Australia, France, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, South Korea, United States, United Kingdom.