Sports Press Releases

Primal Gym Announces Combatives Training in Johnston, Rhode Island This February

In collaboration with Force Necessary, Primal Gym is announcing their Combatives Training seminar on self-defense. The gyms owner and innovative combatives instructor, Jim McCann, has teamed up with Hock Hochheim to deliver this training class on February 7th and 8th in Johnston, Rhode Island. Follow this link to preregister and save $51 when signing up by February 1st. Individuals can pay $250 at the door or $150 for any one day.

Champion Racing Oil to Be Featured at Day Motor Sports in Tyler, Texas

"It is extremely important for Champion Oil to identify partners that share the same goals and have the ability to provide retailers, dealers, and installers with first class service, support and distribution," said Karl Dedolph, Director of the Racing and Performance Division for Champion. "Day Motor Sports clearly fits the stringent criteria we have identified to disseminate our motor oil, chemical, additive and lubricant line in key demographics, applications, and strategic markets."

Champion Racing Oil to Sponsor 2015 Central PA Sprint Car Series

LogoThe Speedway Motors/Champion Racing Oil Central PA Sprint Car Series will pay out over $20,000 to the top 10 racers at the end of the season. The 2015 season will kicks off at Lincoln Speedway at 2pm on Saturday February 21st. The associate sponsors for the 2015 season will be Butler-Built Seats, Conroy "Pneu" Control, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Maxim Chassis, RAACE, Schnee Chassis and Winters Performance Products.

DIESEL Motorsports and Champion Blue Flame Diesel Motor Oil Announce 2015 National Drag and Pull Racing Schedule

LogoDIESEL Motorsports, formerly known as the National Association of Diesel Motorsports, was established in 2007 and is the only sanctioning body for diesels that promotes all diesel motorsports associations, clubs and events. DIESEL Motorsports holds a number of diesel events around the country while also building a membership that offers benefits for business members as well as fans with diesel drag racing, sled pulling, and Dyno competitions. DIESEL Motorsports events are all about diesels including a large Vendor Alley at each event with many National manufacturers represented.

Who Will Win the Coveted Cup in the ICC World Cup 2015?

There may not be a better tournament than the cricket world cup where there can be turn of events that can be miraculous. No one can forget the matches like the one in which UAE shocked India and the other matches in which Ireland upset England and Pakistan. These things can happen only in the Cricket World Cup tournament. Who knows which country will write a fairy tale in the ICC World Cup 2015 that is drawing closer.

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks: Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Date, Kickoff Time, TV Schedule & Live Stream Info

LogoThe New England Patriots will play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX. Looking for the date, the kickoff time, the TV Schedule and the live stream information for Super Bowl 49 below.

Westchester Martial Arts Academy Launches Martial Arts Classes for Kids announced that martial art classes are now available for the convenience of parents who wish to provide their kids with martial arts education. The website provides all the necessary information about the Westchester Martial Arts Academy at WFC which specializes in teaching martial arts classes for children. According to Michael Chirico, owner of the academy, the classes are specially designed to build confidence, courage, discipline, commitment, self-esteem and strength in children by empowering them with important life skills. The classes are designed to develop both the body and the mind.

Prouksoccer Comes Up with Its New Designs of Soccer Shoes

There are huge amount of soccer fans around the world and they show their love for football in different ways. Some like to wear the shirts of their favourite football clubs while some wear the shoes and accessories worn by their favourite stars. Today people not only wear the shoes for casual purposes but there are many people who like to buy them while playing for their clubs. One of the online stores selling various branded soccer shoes is the Prouksoccer.

Kid Agains Announces New Tailgating Game Available This Spring

One of the best aspects of a tailgate is the opportunity to play games with friends. However, after a while the tailgate can use some variety. Fortunately, the innovative minds behind the Amazon Best Selling "Quarterback Touchdown," Kid Agains, have announced a new game coming this spring. The new product is set to be a hit thanks to their original item's immense following and success.

Primal Gym Announces Thrive in Chaos Seminar This February

LogoTo enhance combative skills and receive additional training, Primal Gym is announcing their Thrive in Chaos Seminar set to take place this February. For $50, participants will receive a hands-on approach to find out which techniques work and which ones do not in various scenarios. There will be training in all kinds of fighting, and competitors will have their skills tested throughout the extent of the session. The seminar will last from 10 am until 3 pm as those who attend will learn the aspects of combat when faced with worst case scenarios, multiple opponents, or trouble-shooting.

Women Buying Shooting and Hunting Gear, More Than Ever in Past Decade

Maybe people have noticed or maybe they haven't, but the report showed that more and more women are getting into owning guns, hunting and shooting activities than at any time in this countryside's history. According to the recent statistics published by the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) disclosed that more than half the women who joined in the study said they expect to buy at least one shotgun and hunting gear in the next twelve months.

Woodbridge Virginia Embroidery and Screen Printing Company All Star Sports to Attend Virginia Youth Soccer Association Convention January 30-31

LogoOn January 30-31, the Virginia Youth Soccer Association will hold its annual convention in Crystal City, Virginia. The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) has over 144,000 registered players and is made up of several groups of teams throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The VYSA promotes both recreational teams and travel teams. All VYSA players must be under 19.

Outdoor Prerequisites, Hunting Gear and Much More at Safford Sporting Goods

Frequently, it has been seen that some people living in this world are lazy as well as active, but both of the categories like to live an easy and happy life. What makes the life easy, is actually a bit complex to answer, but the answer is not at all impossible to find. Our tautness has been reduced a lot by the outlets, where we can find multiple goods we seek all at a single place. Some of the rigidness or friction in our daily life is caused by the tasks that we have to perform daily and the most hectic task is shopping. Thanks a bushel to Safford sporting goods, which delivers some of the mind-blowing and sporadic products like- Lacrosse boots and woodwick candles, which is really neat and if found also, there is a guarantee that it will be original.

Global Syn-Turf Expands Their National Reach Kicking 2015 off with the Softest Artificial Grass on the Market

LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, Inc., has expanded its line of artificial grass products to include a new sensation: Cashmere, a silky soft synthetic grass constructed with the softest fibers and materials and made to bring pleasure to the touch of whomsoever it caresses. The product, named after cashmere wool for its incredibly soft texture, brings a first-of-its-kind approach to artificial grass design, combining its Diamond Blade technology with double thatching and a seasonable color combination.

Hunting Is an Intimate Part of Human Beings and Sporting Goods Helps to Stay Alive

There has been an increased smoothness in the field of buying goods that is really essential for hunting, fishing and similar kinds of activities. Some of the needful stuffs are categorized here like Mathews Archery, Drake clothing and the most popular of all Georgia boots. The best thing about this kind of shop is that we can easily find the products that are really a pain in the head to buy.

GustoCycling Announce the Tuscany Vintage Italian Cycling Event L'eroica 2015

GustoCycling is pleased to announce the upcoming three-day cycling event in Tuscany called L'eroica. This traditional event occurs only one time annually and is limited to one thousand non-Italian cyclists. The event attracts thousands of cyclists who enjoy the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Top Level Martial Arts Extends Special Opportunity to Students of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Starting immediately, residents of the Akron area can enjoy instruction from a certified Gracie jiu-jitsu black belt, Top Level Martial Arts owner and head instructor Bill Jones. Jones has studied martial arts for thirty years and is the only certified Gracie black belt instructor in the region. Providing instruction to everyone from children to senior citizens, Top Level Martial Arts emphasizes the positive, life-enhancing potential of martial arts, seeking to endow students with everything from greater self-esteem and improved fitness to highly effective self-defense skills. Top Level Martial Arts' safe, innovative, confidence-boosting children's programs are detailed at and the school's offerings for adult students are described at

NFL Fans Start Petition to Ban Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick from the NFL

The England Patriots, no stranger to cheating scandals are in deep water again, and this time it's from NFL fans. An post on ESPN reported NFL fans have started a petition to ban Patriots head coach Bill Belichick at Whether or not the petition will force the NFL brass to act is still unknown, but it definetely shows football fans outside of New England have had enough of a team with nicknames like Spygate, Belicheat Bunch, Tuck Rule Gang, Cheatriots, and now the latest nicknames 'Deflate-Gate," and 'Delfatriots.'

Proviz Sports Launches Interactive Video Featuring High Visibility Cycling Jacket

LogoThe video entitled "Out of the Dark: An Interactive Ride Through London" was recently launched by the sports brand, Proviz Sports. The interactive video features a man named Thomas, wearing a regular dark colored jacket, cycling home from work during the night. A few seconds into the video the user is prompted to click and hold a button which transforms the cyclist's regular jacket into one of Proviz' popular high visibility cycling jackets; the REFLECT360 jacket. The video is highlighting the importance of wearing the proper high visibility clothing, especially when riding at night, by contrasting the effects of wearing a high visibility jacket with the effects of not. High visibility garments can be the only thing between the cyclist and a possible road accident.

Strength Training Books for Footballers and Goalkeepers Now Published

Book Publisher Bennion Kearny is pleasedto announce the publication oftwo new books aimed atfootballers and soccer goalkeepers: Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Footballers and Paul Webb Academy: Strength Training for Goalkeepers. Each title takes more than 20 years of expertise by leading strength conditioning coach Paul Webb, and distils his knowledge into user-friendly and easy-to-follow guides devoted to effective strength and conditioning training. Offers Variety of Soccer Sportswear

Soccer is the most followed sport throughout the world. The fans and followers are known to worship their soccer heroes. They cheer for their favourite teams in the stadium and near their television sets during matches. Many people also wear the jerseys and uniform of their favourite club team or national team. These soccer jerseys are sported by people of various age groups. specializes in offering a wide range of soccer wears like uniforms, shoes, kits, pants, club jerseys, team jerseys, etc. Established in the year 2010, it manufactures and exports soccer products in the national and international market.

American Dance Training Camp Creates Video to Announce Summer Dance Camp 2015

For those who love to dance, there often isn't enough time in the day to indulge in their favorite form of expression, especially for those in their early years. School allots very little time for dance and demands more and more of children's time in exams and homework, meaning those who want to get better at dance often have to wait until Summer. American Dance Training Camp offers young girls the ability to maximize their summer break training with experienced coaches while having a great time. The dance training camp has just launched a video introduction to their 2015 summer camp.

Raj Jackson of Las Vegas Earns the Advanced Player Development Certification from the PGA of America in 2015

LogoPGA Professional Raj Jackson from Las Vegas has completed the requirements and became certified in Player Development in the PGA's Certified Professional Program (CPP). Raj has become the 48th PGA Professional in history to earn this professional certification in Player Development. He is among the top 1% of PGA Professionals who have this certification since the program's inception in 2004.

Northampton Valley Country Club Announces Services to Schedule Spring 2015 Golf Outings

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club located in Bucks County, PA is home to one of Pennsylvania's most immaculate and beautiful golf courses. This January, businesses or other organizations that are interested in planning a spring 2015 golf outing can now call Northampton Valley Country Club. Whether the golf outing is being planned as a fundraiser or a team-building event, Northampton offers the same level of services and amenities for golf outings of any kind.

William Wright Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Create Phoenix Golf Club for the Disabled

LogoAs per the 2010 Census data, there are 70 million disabled people in America. Out of this population, it is estimated that at least 1% have disabilities that limit their upper body movement and prevent them from playing golf. William Wright is working to develop a specially designed golf club that will allow those with disabilities to play golf on a normal golf course with their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

Christmas Comes Early for Hunting Gear Retailers

Thanks to the Hunting season, it looks like Christmas came early for many megastores that focus on outdoor fanatics. Several online retailers are trying their level best to attract customers who travel several kilometers to gear up and buy accessories for hunting season as well as search in-store for the latest arrival of sporting goods.

Better Ways to Shop Amazing Products Only at Safford Sporting Goods

Give some respect to those who are the pioneers of the shopping malls and multi-variant outlets. It's those people only, from which we have learned that yes, shopping is not only a head-ache; it can be real fun too. In the USA, there are lots of multi-product outlets, which are privately as well as Government owned. Much of the revenue is generated by these shops only.