Sports Press Releases

Popular Santa Monica Bike Retailer Partners with Film Veteran Albert Cho to Usher in the Electric Bike Attack

Bike Attack Santa Monica, a popular bike retailer in Santa Monica, opens a new Electric Bike Shop on historic Main Street on Saturday February 21st, close to it's original location.

Definitely Not a Day to Celebrate: Arsenals Welcomes the Year in 2-0 Lost with Southampton Reinforced Campaign to Top-Four Spot

It's definitely not a happy New Year for many die-hard Arsenals in St. Mary's Stadium when it welcomes the year with 2-0 losses in favor of Southampton in reinforcing its campaign to top-four ambition in this season's Premier League. Hurt and frustrated, Arsenal fans vented their angst on Twitter after the team lost in a defensive feeble fashion which for many football fans, is becoming unusually disturbing.

Primal Gym Offering Free Trial Lessons for Their Boxing Classes

LogoWhen looking to get in shape or become the next champion in a particular weight class, Primal Gym is proud to announce they are offering free trial lessons for their boxing classes. The gym offers dedicated trainers to help individuals of all ages get the most of their trial lesson, providing tips and techniques to take their performance to the next level. Fighters who want to improve their skillset will see a variety of equipment at their Hamilton, NJ boxing gym.

Online Sports Store Launches Custom College Football Jerseys

The Recreation and Sports Store Online has announced the launch of a line of personalized college football jerseys. Each representing a different college team, the jerseys can be customized with a person's name and the number they would like to have on it. Items are then shipped directly to the customer.

AWMA Announces New MMA Clearance Items Available This February

LogoAWMA®, a leading provider of marital arts equipment, apparel and more, is pleased to announce their new MMA clearance items available this February. On their website, AWMA® is offering MMA clearance items from the ProForce® and Tapout brands that includes but is not limited to gloves, shin guards and mouthguards, as well as punching bag set from Everlast®.

Melbourne Sportspeople Can Benefit from Breakthrough AMIT Method

LogoThe breakthrough Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) used to treat joint and soft tissue injuries is now available in Australia for the first time! The AMIT technique offers patients the amazing possibility of being free of the pain of an ankle sprain or similar injury in a few hours rather than a few weeks.

Primal Gym Announces Combatives Training Program at Hamilton Gym This March

LogoTo enhance combative skills and rise to the challenge, Primal Gym is announcing their unarmed combatives training at their gym in Hamilton, NJ this March. Teaming up with Hock Hochheim, Jim McCann of Primal Gym is holding the training on March 7 and March 8 for all people interested. Whether inexperienced in combat, seeking rank in martial arts training, or seeking a black belt, all those participating in the program will benefit from the extensive training.

The US Football Academy Launches New Weekend Football Camps for Aspiring Players

Football is America's most popular national sport, and millions of children around the country aspire to one day become football players. To do so however they must rise to the top of this highly competitive field. To achieve this they need to develop skills that outshine their peers. The U.S. Football Academy, a provider of Group, Team and 1 on 1 training in Arizona, and a provider of Seattle, Las Vegas and Arizona Football Camps in summer, is now offering Year round weekend Football Camps to polish those skills so that young players can develop at a rapid pace.

AWMA Announces Their Facebook "Fan of the Week" Contest

LogoAWMA®, a leading supplier of karate belts, MMA gear as well as countless other things martial arts related, is pleased to announce their Facebook "Fan Of The Week Contest." AWMA® Facebook fans will now have a chance to become their fan of the week by commenting on a post the company puts on their Facebook each Wednesday. One random fan will be chosen as the winner, and AWMA®'s social media team will post a picture of the individual to their Timeline. Last but not least, the winner will also hold the title for one week until the new winner is chosen.

Champion Racing Oil Dominates with Brett Hearn Win at Volusia

LogoHearn swept into the lead late in the 30-lap feature then charged to victory for the 861st time overall in his storied career. Hearn dedicated the victory and the Gator trophy to fellow racer Brian Stevens, who lost his battle with cancer earlier in the day. Follow Brett on-line at

Global Syn-Turf Celebrates American Spirit with New Patriot Artificial Grass Series

LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, Inc., the leading artificial grass manufacturer, celebrates the American spirit with the inauguration of their Patriot Series of synthetic grasses. The series – which includes products for application all across the spectrum of American life, ranging from pet grasses to putting greens – symbolizes the diversity of this great country, and is comprised of some of the company's best-selling synthetic turf surfaces.

Liverpool FC on the Qualification for the Champions League: The First and Foremost Priority After Five Years of No Participation

LogoWith the Champions League Cup slowly approaching, the race for the finals which will be held at Berlin's Olympiastadion on Saturday, 6th of June 2015 is on the rise. That sentiments for Steven Gerrard upon his announcement of leaving his boyhood club in January and walking away with the trophy at the end of FA cup season has yet to be set aside as Liverpool FC aims to achieve qualification for the next season of the Champions League while the FA Cup is Liverpool's least priority.

New Site Launched for Whole Lot of Motorcycle Action Coverage

Motorcycle and Motorcycle racing as a passion for most people requires complete coverage of all the biker events happening across the globe and brought all in one place on one site. keeps motor Motorcycle fans updated will all what is going on around in the world of sports Motorcycle whether it is MotoGP or any other sports Motorcycle competition.

Prepping Up for the Champions League: Watch Favourite League Matches with Ticket 4 Football Ticket Exchange

LogoWith such hype on the incoming Champions League battle, determining which of the elite football clubs will win the race for the Barclays Premier League title is another crucial event for many football fans. The tension is building up and can be felt all over the stadium as Southampton, Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool football clubs continuously competes for the remaining two spots that will lead their way to the Champions League qualifying round.

AGF Announces Qualifier Schedule for 2015 Blue and Purple Belt BJJ Invitational

The American Grappling Federation, a leading organizer of submission grappling arts competitions, announced a schedule of five qualifiers for the group's 2015 Blue and Purple Belt Brazilian jiu jitsu invitational tournament. Taking place in Little Rock, Ark.; Lafayette, La.; Tulsa, Okla.; and Dallas and Houston, Texas, during March and April, the five individual BJJ tournaments will allow division winners and runners-up to compete for $8,000 in prizes to be awarded at the Blue and Purple Belt Invitational tournament to be held May 16 of this year in Dallas. The American Grappling Federation is one of the country's fastest-growing and most respected organizers of tournaments for the grappling arts, having received a number of awards and distinctions for its work.

SWEAT IT OUT Announces Back Support Shorts Available This Winter

LogoDealing with an injury such as muscle damage can be a large setback for those who are always active. With the right workout apparel, the wound can heal on the road to recovery while maintaining an active lifestyle. The company that sells compression clothing SWEAT IT OUT®, is now offering their Performance Compression Back Support Shorts this winter. Those who are experiencing a back injury or lower back pain can find relief by wearing the back support compression shorts.

Proviz REFLECT360 Reviewed as Top 10 Best Cycling Jacket in UK

LogoAfter the recent release of its interactive video, Out of the Dark, Proviz is creating more noise in the high visibility clothing industry due to the media reviews it is receiving. Its most popular product is the REFLECT360 cycling jacket, the very jacket used in the video, was also included in a recent vote by the Telegraph UK. According to the article, the REFLECT360 is one of the top 10 best cycling jackets around and it was tagged as a commuter's dream. The Telegraph says, "Its 100% reflective outer-shell bounces car headlamps back to their driver, giving them that crucial bit of added time to react to the situation and drive accordingly. We're not talking about the normal, yellow, high-vis cloth here; Proviz's specially designed material acts like a shiny silver disco ball when you're on the road."

Champion Racing Oil to Sponsor the 2015 Great Race

LogoThe Great Race, presented by Hemmings Motor News and Coker Tire, is an automotive competition based on precision driving and navigational skills in classic, antique and vintage automobiles. The competition, which was founded in 1983, contains numerous timed endurance rally stages. Vehicle entries must have been manufactured in 1969 or earlier with a competition crew of a driver and a navigator in each competing vehicle.

Cobra Products Introduces FLEXROUTE Universal Cable Guide to Bicycling Industry

LogoCobra Products Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Cobra® Low Profile Ties, in partnership with Hawken Components, designer of the FLEXROUTE® universal cable guide, creates a complete cable fastening system for use in the bicycling industry. Improper housing of both brake and derailleur cables leads to sluggish shifting, chafing of crossed cables around the bicycle, and potential wear and tear of the bicycle components over the long haul. The FLEXROUTE® cable guide and Cobra® Low Profile Tie combination adds value by not only fastening the bicycle cables to the frame, but also by flexing and forming to each frame, providing uniform traction, which prevents any slippages and scratches to the frame. Cobra Products exclusively distributes the FLEXROUTE® in a bundled package with Cobra® Low Profile Ties—the lowest profile cable tie on the market—along with the tools for installation and removal (which cuts off excess strap without leaving a sharp protrusion that can cause snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, frames, and users) to bicycle manufacturers, distributors, and retailers and service shops.

Safford Announces the Latest Gears for Hunting Season

The sporting goods industry produces approximately $40 billion USD in annual revenue and covers a wide collection of activities from individual to sports team and from archery supplies and Meopta to drake clothing and Georgia boots. In 2015,Sporting goods retailers have started to see a revive in customer's buying habits as more people of every age are becoming seriously active for their health and fitness benefits, while enduring to support local entertaining sports.

Safford Sporting Goods Launches Its Latest Assortment of Hunting and Sporting Goods

In today's era, the overall sporting goods market is considered as a multi-billion dollar industry, as they have turned into a highly trending business all over the world. Retail sales at sporting goods stores are incredibly perceptive to the strength of the economy, as most of the sports are a leisure activity.

What's Hot in Sporting Goods for This Summer 2015

Summer is just round the corner and with the arrival of this season the global retail market of sporting goods also gets ready to hold substantial opportunities for supplying a huge number of sporting goods due to strong demand of sporting products. Very soon summer activities will be front-and-center in many consumer's regular outdoor activities. Outdoor summer activities like long boarding and salt water fishing can be the biggest opportunities for sellers. With this in mind, retailer predicting that there will be a huge seller in sporting products in summer 2015.

New Report Looks Into US Outdoor Sporting Goods Market Trends & Opportunities to 2019

The report entitled "The US Outdoor Sporting-Goods Market: Prospects and Trends (2014-2019)" gives a perception in the United States sporting goods business. The report analyzes the market growth and sizing of the U.S. sporting-goods business, the development of numerous sections, segmentation on numerous distribution and parameter channels.

Sporting Goods Can Make One's Outdoor Endeavor More Exciting

Over the past 5 years, the sportive goods stores industry has progressed very well because of the strong demand for sporting goods for more health- aware individuals. With the sports involvement rate predicted to rise in the next 5 years, thus more people have demanded for athletic apparel such as camouflage pants, Carhartt jackets, drake clothing, footwear like lacrosse & georgia boots and several other athletics goods for their fitness practices. At the end of the 2019, industry revenue of sport goods is predicted to grow vastly, as there is great growth in sports participation which propels the demand for sporting stuffs.

Safford Sporting Goods Store Serving as a One-Stop Shop for Sports Goods

The interest of people in sports has been progressively growing in the recent years, because of the greater media coverage of sporting events, making sports popular among a number of people. In a recent report by Global Industry Analysts, it is predicted that the worldwide sporting goods industry will reach $303 billion USD by the end of 2015. The sports goods store is efficient enough to fulfill every single need of a sporting enthusiast for the outdoor recreations.

Winter Playoff Season Has Arrived Bringing New Hunting and Sporting Goods

The winter season is a season of Hunting and many winter sports activities, which is coming to an end and if the current amount of snow has got down, there's some uplifting news, as it is apparent that the up and coming post season will be more unpredictable than ever. The girls' and boys' hockey and football regular season has come to an end and the winter playoffs are set to begin with new sporting trends. This is the perfect time to enjoy the summer holiday with all outdoor track such as swimming, hunting, archery and skiing.

Buying and Selling of Premier League Tickets Made Easy with Ticket 4 Football

LogoFootball fans have always something to look forward to at this years' Premier League. Millions of fans from different parts of the world march their way to the nearest ticketing office to buy Premier League tickets to show their love and support to the biggest club they are rooting for and witness the live action in the home stadiums. And despite the chilly season that embraces February, football lovers will keep cheering on their clubs up to the finals.