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STATUUS Introduces a Revolutionary Invention

Wireless charging is hardly a new concept. In fact, it is becoming more common-place in the ever evolving world of mobile technology. STATUUS, a FAAS (feedback-as-a-service) start-up, is taking this concept one step-further with their newest innovation ‘Hashtagger’. The company describes Hashtagger as “the world's smartest wireless phone charger”, and is introducing it to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which was launched on October 12, 2014. This campaign has a funding goal of $54,000.

Marrone Bio Innovations Inc (NASDAQ:MBII) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Deadline on November 4, 2014

A deadline is coming up on November 4, 2014 in the lawsuit filed for investors of Marrone Bio Innovations Inc (NASDAQ:MBII) over alleged securities laws violations.

Reverse Phone Lookup Site Receives Award from the Investigative Society of Private Investigators

PeopleLocatorHelp.Com announces it has been awarded the premier reverse phone lookup data services award by the investigative society of private investigators. This award is given each year to the website that provides the best overall customer experience related to investigational reverse phone lookup searches. This prestigious award is provided to the publishers of the website which offers its customers the best experience free of cost. And this year the award was given  PeopleLocatorHelp.Com to honor its attention to detail, quality customer feedback and reviews of the best reverse phone lookup services on the Internet.

HD Vision Foldaways as Seen on TV

LogoHaving the proper sunglasses is important during sunny weather to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. HD Vision Foldaways are a revolutionary pair of sunglasses that have been featured on infomercials across Canada and the United States and now available at As Seen on TV Canada. Similar to other HD Vision eye wear, the HD Vision Foldaways delivers the same clarity, high definition and contrast that makes everything crystal clear while providing 100% UV protection. These glasses are great for driving, jogging, boating, fishing, travel or just every day use.

Mitanette Cooper Reveals the Details of Methods That Helped Her Get Going

Mitanette Cooper, the Sole Proprietor of Mitanette Cooper Liquidation and a renowned name when it comes to people making a fortune in their lifetime, today announced the launch of a new site detailing out the methods that helped her get started. Speaking to the media, Mitanette said, “I am pleased to announce the launch of the website - and would be revealing the exact methods that helped me get started.”

C. R. Thompson Has Just Announced New Reasons to Consider Summer Roof Inspections

The summer of 2013 officially kicks off on June 21st. The later summer months, July and August, typically are accompanied by extreme heat. Violent thunderstorms are also frequent during the latter part of summer. Late spring and early summer can be an ideal time for property owners to conduct thorough inspections of a roof. The warm temperatures and relatively low amount of rainfall in the early summer provides an optimal environment for roof inspection.

The Logan Inn's Restaurant "Nikólas" Receives Official Sommelier Certification

The proprietor of the Logan Inn is proud to announce that owner Nick Gialias has just received the official sommelier certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Being awarded with this certification means the Logan Inn promotes a stupendous hotel and restaurant service for its guests with an outstanding knowledge in a variety of areas. Members of the Court of Master Sommeliers are comprised of various backgrounds that have proven their ability to provide a unique history with top qualifications. Nick Gialias is one of the few who is certified in the Bucks County region, and he is extremely proud of this accomplishment.

SNA Auto Rental Offers Free Pick Up and Drop off Services

When it comes to renting a vehicle at an affordable price, SNA Auto Rental is a well-known name. They are a popular Orange County car rental service. On June 6, 2013, they added new cars to their rental fleet. Amongst the new cars were eight passenger SUV’s and a Ford Mustang convertible.

DMC Property Maintenance Inc. Now Offers Grounds Keeping /Porter Services

DMC Property Maintenance Inc., a property maintenance company in Philadelphia, now offers Grounds keeping / Porter services. A company that has single or multiple locations throughout the Philadelphia area can rely on DMC Property Maintenance Inc. to maintain the exterior of their building. Grounds keeping / Porter maintenance includes making sure the sites are clean and presentable throughout the year. DMC Property Maintenance Inc. prides itself on taking their clients’ site attractions seriously.

Toyota Motors to Introduce Midsized Sedan of Vios in the Indian Market, Reports

Toyota Motors has unveiled its plans to introduce the all new midsized sedan of Toyota Vios in the fast growing Indian automobile industry in the third quarter of 2013.

123Inkjets Coupon Codes Gives Discount Coupons to Those Who Have a Tight Budget for Purchasing Printer Items

123Inkjets coupon code is giving discount coupons to those who have a tight budget but want to purchase printer items. The coupons codes offered by the company are designed to give individuals the chance to get the product or items that they want at a discounted price.

Prestige Wealth Management Group Announces New U.S. Employment Reports for the Month of May

In the new U.S. employment reports added to the Prestige Wealth Management Group website, the month of May saw 175,000 jobs added to the U.S. economy. Prestige Wealth Management Group is a leading wealth management firm that provides investment management in NJ. Along with being financial advisors, PWMG provides the latest financial reports, keeping clients informed on current events in the financial services industry. The Labor Department released recent reports stating that even though the U.S. economy gained 175,000 jobs, employment gains added in March and April were revised downwards. Even though the unemployment rate rose slightly, there is still very little progression.

TouchnPlay Corporation Launches "the Poster with Sound"

LogoTouchnplay Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of TouchmePlayme, The Poster with Sound , the world's first poster that comes alive and talks to you, provided you touch it in the right places.

Keller Williams Lane Home Search Is Now Accepting Listings for Real Estate Properties in Eugene, Springfield

Keller Williams Lane Home Search, a new and innovative online real estate brokerage, is now accepting advertisements and listings for real estate properties situated in Eugene, Springfield. This is definitely good news for real estate agents and home owners who are planning to sell their home Eugene, Springfield, as they can now easily advertise their property on the World Wide Web. Aside from Eugene, Springfield, this online brokerage also specializes in other nearby communities in Lane County, Oregon. For those who are interested in listing or advertising their property at this Eugene Oregon Real Estate brokerage, visit this website:

Harp Program Launches New Website

Refinancing means paying off an existing loan by taking a new loan of the same amount and using the same asset as collateral. Many people who are unable to pay the mortgage loan of their house look for a refinancing company that can offer them affordable rates. This way they can repay the amount easily. Visit

The Best Internet Speed Test Was Just Launched by OutBooster

Growing fast in popularity, the new OutBooster device, which is a Internet Speed Booster for slow Internet connections had now launched their own Internet speed test to help users all over the world determine the real speed of their Internet service. Because so many speed tests are flash based or provided by their Internet Service Provider, OutBooster wanted to create a speed test that will show the multiple factors that can affect a users speed.

PackH2O Honored at CELF Anniversary Dinner

Social Innovation Company PackH2O Recognized for its Humanitarian Commitment to The Global Water Crisis, Sustainability & Job Creation in Developing Nations. Offers Coupon Codes for Membership, a newly established website, is offering quality promo code, a known online dating site that have millions of members across the globe as it offers reliable services and is known for their effective online platform which deliver impressive results.

The Book Family Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets and Parents Is Now Available

The book entitled Family Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets and Parents is already available online. This is a new book that will make the entire family become more alert in times of disaster and unexpected occurrences around. The book is published for the safety and security of parents, children and even pets at home whenever there is a poor weather condition. Launches a Promotion of Evening Dresses

LogoThe trendy cheap evening dresses from are very popular in the market.

DeVre International Is Now Offering a More Convenient Way of Buying a Real Estate Property in Dana Point, CA

Good news for those who are interested in investing a property in Dana Point, CA, as you can now easily and conveniently find your dream home in just a few clicks with your computer’s mouse. With the advent of DeVre International’s website, you can now choose the home that you want in Dana Point, CA without having to leave home. Practically, all the latest and best properties for sale in Dana Point, CA are listed and posted in their website. If you want to get a preview of their homes for sale, visit this website:

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Services Now Offered at Medora Medical Centre in Singapore

LogoIf you are searching for a local and private medical institution in Singapore that concentrates in cosmetology, then Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery is what you are looking for. Under the direction of Dr Zubin Medora , the healthcare facility maintains its nobility in the field of cosmetology. Dr Zubin Medora is the Medical Director as well as the Primary Care Doctor of the aforementioned healthcare facility. He has achieved an undergraduate education in medicine and surgery with a specialization in cosmetology. Furthermore, he is truly one of the excellent medical practitioners in his field of expertise since he has already helped many patients in his long years in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Affirm Multiplex System: The Most Effective Anti Ageing Technology Now in Singapore

LogoIn today’s time, Affirm Multiplex (MPX) is the highly valuable and effective anti-aging treatment for age-related complications such as wrinkled and sagging skin. These signs of aging have been an enormous challenge for quite a long period of time in the field of medicine since normal clinical practices could not provide effective results.

Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs Now Offering Same Day Denture Repairs

LogoAs a dental laboratory in Philadelphia, the professionals at Cornerstone & Bio-Comp Dental Labs now how important it is that their clients get what they need on time, and that they are able to deliver everything as quickly as they can. Therefore, for those who need same day denture repairs, they are in luck as the company is now offering same day denture repairs for their clients who are in the Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia, PA, areas. Share Its New Designs of Cheap Cocktail Dresses with Ladies Worldwide

LogoDress First, a well-known wedding dress company, has recently experienced a fast growth in the past few months of 2013.

Affordable Photo Fix Announces Basic Photo Retouching Services for a Rock Bottom Price of Only 8.00

Affordable Photo Fix,, has just announced a spectacular deal on basic retouch services with a rock bottom price of just $8.00. In an ideal world, everyone would have perfect skin, teeth and hair. With a little photo retouching, even the most imperfect skin looks perfect. Another perk of using Affordable Photo Fix photo retouching service is that bulk orders result in discounts. The online service is fast and reliable, delivering perfection every time.

Premier Princess Parties: Experts for Arranging Princess Parties and Character Entertainment

For all those looking for the perfect party theme for their little princess, Premier Princess Parties is a one stop shop, providing princess parties and character entertainment throughout the Chicagoland area since 2008. At Premier Princess Parties, the team truly understands how having a Character Entertainment Party can be very magical for a child, and become a party the child will remember for years to come.