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PDP Solutions President Louise Dickmeyer Presents Next Week at Manufacturing Executive Conference

PDP Solutions' President Louise Dickmeyer presents next week at the NWPCA's (National Wooden Pallet & Container Association) Annual Leadership Conference, March 13. Dickmeyer will discuss how company leaders can address multi-generational issues and effective employee retention strategies. NWPCA members with significant HR background will provide insights and lead discussion on how to improve these critical elements of effective pallet industry communication management. Panel members will include Howe Wallace from PalletOne, and Kathleen Dietrich from Commercial Lumber & Pallet.

Demilec USA Appoints Brian Metrocavage as the First Ever Director of Building Science

When it comes to building and industrial products, the innovation never stops. Science continues to advance and push the boundaries of what is possible, seeing traditional materials eschewed for more modern approaches. Demilec Spray Foam, one of North America's largest manufacturers of spray foam insulation and polyurea products has created a new directorship designed to help them take their success to the next level. The Director of Building Science was a position that needed to be filled with unparalleled expertise, and the company has scored a coup in the appointment of Brian Metrocavage.

Safian & Rudolph Now Offering Jewelry by Designer Artcarved

LogoSafian & Rudolph Jewelers are pleased to announce that they are now offering jewelry by the designer Artcarved. Artcarved offers a beautiful line of jewelry for all occasions including high school class rings, officially licensed rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and family birthstone jewelry.

SEO Marketing for Pain Management Doctors Now Comes with a Money Back Guarantee

SEO 1 Medical announces a marketing plan for pain management doctors with a money back guarantee. A first of its kind in the SEO landscape, SEO 1 Medical’s new offer simplifies pain management doctor’s marketing initiatives by removing the guess work from the selection process.

Yad-Tech Announces Release of PROGESTIA: The New Prenatal Supplement

LogoStaying at the cutting edge of fertility health, Yad-Tech is pleased to introduce its new product PROGESTIA—a prenatal supplement for women formulated to meet the needs of pregnancy. Staying consistent with Yad-Tech’s trend of providing all-natural supplements, Progestia should prove to be another bright step in Yad-Tech’s campaign for all-natural and available reproductive enhancement.

The Somers Team Now Offering a Listing of Newly Constructed Homes in Philadelphia, PA on Their Website

For people who are interested in seeing and hearing more about all of the new construction houses in Philadelphia, PA, The Somers Team is now offering a listing of the newly constructed homes in Philadelphia that is available on their website. As Philadelphia realtors, The Somers Team will be ready to assist any person from showing to closing a home in the local Philadelphia area. With years of experience and one of the best teams of realtors in the Philadelphia area, The Somers Team will be able to find the home or apartment a client is looking for, fast and efficiently. By taking the time to understand what a client needs, they will be able to offer those who are looking for a newly constructed home in Philadelphia, exactly what they are looking for at a price range to fit their budget and their needs.

ROI Internet Offers SEO Marketing Service in Knoxville at Reasonable Prices

ROI Internet is offering SEO marketing service in Knoxville at comparatively reasonable prices. The other services that it offers under its internet marketing include search engine optimization, paid search, and e-mail marketing, etc. amongst others.

LA Home Remodeling Expertise Drives Business

AJE Building & Remodeling, LLC is claimed to be Shreveport and Bossier City’s number one for custom homes, additions and remodels. True to its claim the company has a growing list of customers who vouch for the commitment and professional attitude the remodeling team at the company project.

The Marshals: Gripping New Novel Thrusts Readers Into 1875 Colorado Territory.

Some of the world’s most compelling authors draw inspiration from a myriad of weird and wonderful sources. In the case of Utah’s B. Matthew Aitken, the idea for his latest novel was first spawned while serving in Germany as a Medic during Desert Storm. Having sat in a box under his bed for the last two decades, Aitken has finally dusted off his masterpiece and released it to the world.

The Growing Passion for Top Notch ICEs Propelling Car Audio Centers

Dedicated centers for installation of top notch car audio systems in cars have seen a tremendous increase in business and total strength, as people are increasingly opting for custom ICE systems

Organize the Product Line and Items with Label City's Reliable Devices

There are many ways on how to maximize labelling with thousands of inventory items and not to mention those that needs to be shipped somewhere else. At this rate, convenience is king if one device can print label tags and also print out shipping addresses with zip codes. This is something that will prove useful for companies working with thousands of inventory and needs to organize them in a way with accurate tagging.

Wondershare Releases Dr.Fone Application Tool to Retrieve SMS from Samsung Galaxy

The recovery tool scans and finds messages stored in Samsung Galaxy phone as well as messages which were deleted accidentally.

Budget Hosting Reviews Only Webhosting Billboard

There are so many hosting sites that claim they have the best hosting services out there, but is this true? Finding this out is easy at Webhosting Billboard, where the top rated hosting sites are reviewed in an accurate and honest way by professionals and people can simply read them for free. Here are a bit of snippets.

Web Hosting Billboard Evaluates Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting Billboard compares and evaluates a range of web hosting companies for the benefit of private firms as well as individuals wanting to create their own websites.

Reliable Web Hosting Sites Reviewed at Webhosting Billboard

What does a person needs when he is going to start up a website? For one thing, depending on the purpose of the person, there are many options to choose from. Blogging is the top thing that a lot of people are getting into and most of them simply acquire the free services available but for those serious about their blogging and actually earn while doing so should take the services of hosting sites as it can provide a more professional approach to their site.

Free Online Reputation Management Consultation Announced

Across the world people surf the web world everyday and the information they will come across will influence their opinion about a person or business. In the online age, reputations can be ruined in an instant with erroneous online information or reviews. A reputation is the perception that people use to have about a business or a person. Unfortunately, people’s perceptions aren’t always determined by the facts, but their opinions can be altered and influenced by the lies as well. Important web properties such as websites, social media profiles, review website listings and online directory listings are essential to online reputation management. At Reputation Blogger you will find many online reputation management blog posts and articles on how to boost the rankings of these web properties.

Maloumian Oriental Rugs Reveals Design Trends in Their Recent Newsletter

LogoIn the world of fashion, trends come and go as the years pass by, and the same rules apply when decorating the home, however, they may not fluctuate as much. When it comes to redecorating, some of the simplest ways to change a room is by swapping out the rug; and in Maloumian Oriental Rugs new newsletter, they reveal the new design trends for the year 2013 with a few color palettes. Home and business owners will see that it is one of the most affordable ways to update a room without going through a renovation.

All Penny News: Advaxis Aims for Orphan Drug Status in Cervical and Head and Neck Cancers Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled “Advaxis Aims for Orphan Drug Status in Cervical and Head and Neck Cancers.”

Orange County Kitchen Remodeling Specialist Ortam Construction Offers Free Estimate

Ortam Construction, a company comprised of professional personnel who have over 35 years of experience in remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and entire homes, is now providing a free estimate on any home improvement project. The free estimate can be availed by either filling up a simple online form or by calling the company. Ortam Construction offers its services in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, and other areas of Southern California. The company is known for making the ideas of its clients become a reality.

Build Websites Only from the Best Reviewed Found at Best Web Hosting Ratings

Today, there are millions to billions of websites created and more people are taking advantage of how easy it could be to create a website. The best way to create one is look around for various web hosting sites that can provide a plan that would suit one’s needs.

Top Dollar Affiliate - A Helping Hand for Small Business Owners

LogoFinancial institutions usually decline the applications of loans from small business owners. Top Dollar Affiliate is a non-lending affiliate system related to finance which connects lenders with small business owners. The website of Top Dollar Affiliate provides detailed information regarding the availing of loans from different lenders. The potential business owners can get loan amounts up to $250,000 by filling the credit application available in the site.

Retail Consultant RPE Receives JDA Alliance Partner Leadership Award for Third Straight Year

RPE, a leading retail management consulting firm, was recently honored during the JDA Alliance Partner 2013 Leadership Awards Ceremony at JDA FOCUS 2013 in Orlando. Executive Vice President of sales and marketing of JDA Software Group Inc., Tom Dziersk presented the award to RPE for the Retail Top Specialty Consultant category. JDA Software Group, Inc., offers the broadest portfolio of supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel commerce solutions worldwide.

The Law Offices of Sidkoff, Pincus and Green, P.C. Now Offering Employment Law Services This June

A qualified employment attorney in Philadelphia will know how to handle employment law matters and frequently represent employees and/or employers in the local courts. Sidkoff, Pincus and Green, P.C. (“SPG”) has been handling employment cases since 1958 and its attorneys frequently appear in federal and state court, as well as before governmental agencies, to represent employees and employers.

Web Hosting Jam Provide Reviews for the Top Web Hosting Companies

There are many websites out there offering their services to provide web hosting. Most of them have almost the same services in web hosting plans but what really sets them apart? Here, at Web Hosting Jam, they give the latest and most in depth review of the top rated web hosting sites available today.

Learn Lessons Quicly by Using Skype in the Classroom

The powerful usage of voice over IP protocol programme has been realized by various schools all over the world. Previously Skype was only used as a communicating platform with the support of internet. Utilizing Skype for educational purposes has proved a genius move. It is now commonly used by schools to communicate with other schools from geographically far off locations. This new approach helps students in completing lessons faster and with wider perspectives.

ZAT Emerges as Leading Supplier of Hotel Furniture in Dubai

ZAT, a renowned hotel supplies company, has emerged as the leading supplier of hotel furniture in Dubai. The company is a favorite choice of leading hotels in the city and is the most preferred hotel supply company.

Professional Transactions Are What Customers Should Expect from Labelcity

With a Philosophy based on customer service, Labelcity continues to be a specialist supplier of Dymo, CoStar and Seiko Labeling products. With two warehouses in the USA (East Coast and West Coast), this enables Labelcity to ship to most locations within 2 days via days via UPS and FedEx Ground. With 18 long years of experience, customers are assured that transactions are professionally done.