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Jim Peterson Joins Great Plains Industries as National Account Manager

Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) is pleased to announce that Jim Peterson has joined the company as National Accounts Manager - Meter Division. He will report to Kevin Symens, GPI’s North America Sales Manager for the Meter Division.

Start-Stop Introduces New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Webinars Each Month

Start-Stop brings the learning and education needed to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 right to their consumers. Each month, the team is releasing educational webinars that highlight the capabilities of the software and hardware.

Profollica Reviews: How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair with Profollica

LogoProfollica serves as the best solution for men’s hair regrowth. It is the answers to individuals who want to know how to stop hair loss without worrying about its adverse effect. Profollica Hair Regrowth System for Men has been designed for those who have been trying prescription medication approaches but still failed to achieve positive results. It is also the hair regrowth system that can provide numerous benefits to its users. This hair regrowth solution contains active ingredients that guarantee effective results. Click here to visit Profollica official site.

Tips to Pull off the Ultimate Oral Presentation

LogoPresentations are something many of us are familiar with as we were required to give them in grade school and college. While we may have thought they'd end there, that's clearly not the case. Today, many businesses and organizations use presentations, whether for staff members or clients, as a business communication medium. But, in order to give a clear and concise presentation, you need to be prepared. Below are tips to help you get the most out of your presentation. Rolls out Discount Deals as the Best Gift for the Mom Who Smokes

LogoMany moms out there are trying to kick the nasty cigarette smoking habit and have found a great alternative in electronic cigarettes. Considered much safer than traditional tobacco, e-cigarettes work with a censor, a microchip and a heating element to fulfill nicotine cravings without the dangers usually associated with cigar smoking.

OldLifeMagazine.Com Offers Historical Magazine for History Enthusiasts

OldLifeMagazine.Com, one of the well-known online historic magazines store, is offering the readers a chance to know the historical events in the US that took place ages ago through their special coverage on Life Magazine which has the record of all the pieces of information about the memorable events that took place in America.

Baba Ramdev Gets His Own TV Channel

LogoYamgo TV recently launched a new TV channel for the spiritual leader, Baba Ramdev. The new TV channel focuses on the exercise, relaxation and spiritual techniques taught by Baba Ramdev in a bid to encourage viewers to watch and repeat exercises at home.

"BioHarmonizing" Becomes a Spiritual Best-Selling Book - with Conclusion by Eckhart Tolle

Happiness, spirituality, personal development, and longevity in the 21st Century. "BioHarmonizing" shows how to live joyfully, at one's full-potential. It brings the wisdom of Neale Donald Walsch, in the Foreword, and the presence of Eckhart Tolle, in the Conclusion. In between, Frank Ra tells how to live beyond narratives.

New Disk Jockey Company Rising in Popularity

Austin DJ, a new Disk Jockey company located in Austin, Texas is growing leaps and bounds in terms and popularity and the same can be seen by the rising number of shows and events the company is a part of every passing week. The company is offering their services for a number of different events including weddings, parties, corporate events, picnics and social events to name a few.

Houston, Texas Web Company Offers Websites and SEO Tailored for Small Service Companies

The owner of Discount Houston Websites, Steve Debardelaben, lets you know right up front and on his website, that his websites are not for every small business. Introduces Their Portable Recording Studio, SnapRecorder to the Media introduced their Portable Recording Studio, SnapRecorder to the media. The product makes recording easy and affordable and its portable design allows artists to record while they are on the move. According to the early testers, SnapRecorder is able to match studio recording in terms of quality, while being easy on the wallet. The patent of the product is still pending.

Total Training Orange County Launches Fitness Boot Camp

The one month long bootcamp at Total Fitness gives its participants a thorough boost of energy and helps them get in shape and adopt a healthy attitude towards life. A healthy mind in a healthy body; this is a very old saying and to say the least, is very true. To have a healthy mind it is absolutely essential to have a healthy body and that is what the bootcamp is all about. The trainers at this bootcamp ensure that the training bears results that will be visible. The main focus at this bootcamp is to lose all the unhealthy fat and gain a lean and toned body the healthy way.

Erased: Sunrise Reputation Management Marks Huge Milestone, Offers "May Madness" Discounts

LogoSunrise Reputation, a California-based reputation management company that helps individuals and businesses manage information that is unflattering, untrue or taboo, today celebrates an important sales milestone—a 250-percent increase in sales from May of 2012. Now, consumers with problematic reputations have the opportunity to virtually wipe their reputation slates clean…and save. Mention “May Madness” and receive a 25-percent discount on all Sunrise Reputation management services.

HIV Cured in Ukraine Three Month Results Indicate Promise with Addition of Enercel

The aim of the study was to evaluate Enercel®’s efficacy treating patients with co-infections of tuberculosis and HIV at Regional Antituberculosis Hospital in Chernigov, Ukraine. Specifically, to evaluate improved immune system function (by measuring T-helper or CD4 cells); lessen or eliminate the amount of HIV virus in the bloodstream (HIV viral load); and to verify the elimination of tuberculosis in the lungs (sputum AFB smears and cultures).

BONOMOTION Launches New Promotional Video

LogoVideo production company BONOMOTION has launched a new promotional video on the homepage of its official website, Hosted by company head of production Bernard Bonomo, the video is intended to engage directly with clients interested in video production services.

Prototype Casting Provides Cost Effective Rapid Investment Casting

LogoPrototype Casting provides cost-effective Rapid Investment Casting which is an alternative to all expensive parts. The company has the capability of producing prototype castings within weeks and with perfection, and are known for perfection and renowned for designing any part without the expense of hard tooling. They use 3D scanner, 3D Printer and CAD software for casting process.

Joe Player Successfully Shows His Balls to Richard Branson and Receives an Endorsement

Joe Player, a serial and successful entrepreneur, has just received a celebrity endorsement from Richard Branson, the founder and chairman of Virgin Group, for his Light for Cause initiative. The endorsement comes on the heels of Joe’s recent success on the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform, where he raised $40,145 in order to help finance his trip to Branson’s Necker Island.

Unlockroom to Provide Unlocking Service for iPhones

Unlockroom is a company that is offering unlocking services for all models of iPhones. With the use of the IMEI code the company can already work on unlocking its client’s iPhone.

60% off Silicone Ice Pop Offers on - V-Pop Silicone Ice Pop Molds

V-pop, a leading company that selling V-pop Silicone Ice Pop Molds, recently announced that it will offer the said product with a 60% discount when purchase it from The mission of the said company is to provide high quality ice pop molds for an affordable cost.

Leading Miami Beach Realtor Providing Consultation on Palau Sunset Harbour Living

LogoRealtor John Sandberg has launched a new section on his website,, which provides extensive consultation on Palau Sunset Harbour, a highly-anticipated preconstruction condo.

Get Fast Cash Today on Bad Credit Student Loans Guaranteed Approval

The cost of going through college life is pretty high today with the high tuition fees coupled with the ever rising cost of living. As a way of providing quick financial solutions to students, has introduced bad credit student loans guaranteed approval that will see them get cash within a very short period of application. A student can choose to apply for any other amount so long as this is not more than $5,000.

A Spring Branch Texas Dentist - Jairo Chavez Is Giving His Patients a Head Start in Life

A lack of self-confidence due to an unattractive or crooked smile can torpedo a job candidate’s chance of landing a job, or even block a meeting with someone important to an individual like getting that first date, or being introduced to an influential contact. A bright, confident smile can open doors and hearts. “Like it or not, society tends to judge a book by its cover, said cosmetic dentist, Jairo Chavez. “A smile says a lot about a person’s health, how well they take care of themselves and even affects how old a person looks. Crooked, stained teeth can wreck an individual’s self-confidence. A beautiful, healthy smile is a universal language that says ‘I’m confident’, ‘I’m happy to meet you’, ‘it’s great to see you’ or ‘I’m pleased to be here’ to the person on the receiving end of that smile.”

Tim Allen Launches

LogoTim Allen, a South Florida real estate broker, has launched a website at specifically designed for those interested in the Murano at Portofino. The professionally-designed website is intended to appeal to the reportedly growing number of homebuyers interested in the reputable condominium.

EarthWell Announces Release of Fat Burner Green Coffee Bean Extract Dietary Supplement

LogoThere is a lot of buzz about green coffee and its ability to burn fat quickly. This new product and the properties of the antioxidants it contains have taken the nutrition profession by surprise. Not just the professionals but the people who tried green coffee supplements were surprised too to shed extra pounds without changing their diet or exercising more.

Original Shelters Is the One Stop Solution for Portable Shelters

Original Shelters is a one stop solution for storage sheds and shelters in every possible size, for all kinds of weather and conveniently offered in a variety of trendy yet useful designs. The website boasts of a range of multi-purpose metal sheds, vinyl sheds, party tents, camping tents and instant shelters made of the highest quality materials. A few of the outstanding products from the variety of Original Shelters are portable garages, wedding tents, portable sheds, beach tents, and livestock shelters, among a dozen other high quality shed kits., an All Inclusive Website Marketplace, Helps SMB Owners Get Online

The development of a website may well be one of the basic yet most crucial steps to reaching the online market and succeeding as a business or organization. Easy and simple as it may sound, website creation entails more than just registering an interesting name but being able to market it to potential visitors, translating into traffic and revenue. Understanding the need to bridge affordable solutions for today's small and mid-sized business owners is Virtual Domain Names, a provider for a wide range of web solutions.

Sbshopflash.Com Announces the First Weekly Sb (Small Business) 'Shop Flash' Event May 11, 2013

What is a ‘shop flash’ you ask? A simple twist on the popular ‘flash mob’ concept, but instead of going to physical locations to surprise onlookers, supporters of small business America will converge at each Saturday between the hours of 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The Small business to be ‘shop flashed’ will be on the front page of the site, along with their logo and mission statement. All supporters are asked to tweet and recommend a business they would love to see ‘shop flashed’ and each Saturday a lucky business will appear! All supporting ‘shop flashers’ are asked to spend at least $10 or purchase a gift certificate (using for the participating business.