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Second Werewolves in the Renaissance Book Available for Preorder

Taking the form of a classic hero’s journey, the tenth novel by Tracy Falbe Journey of the Hunted: Werewolves in the Renaissance 2 pits a group of loyal friends against various monsters as they cross the Holy Roman Empire in 1561. Along the way help comes from unexpected benefactors as the hero Thal Lesky eludes bounty hunters, another werewolf, and a fext assassin that cannot be killed.

Harlem Fine Arts Show Features Artist, Ted T. Ellis in Chicago, IL

Contemporary artist, Ted T. Ellis along with several other famous African-American Artists will be exhibiting and selling their art at the Harlem Fine Arts Show. T. Ellis will be a leading panelist; along with other artists will be participating in a discussion about the ''State of Contemporary African-American Artists Today". The discussion will focus and cover the challenges, and accomplishments that African-American artists have been involved in for the last forty years. The Harlem Fine Arts Show is providing a viable platform where artists can be heard and seen. It is also fitting that the Harlem Fine Arts Show is paying tribute to "The Chicago Black Renaissance', that began in the 1930's and continues today.

Learn How to Lose Weight Quickly with Garcinia Cambogia Select

Garcinia Cambogia has long been used throughout India and Asia as a native fruit and spice.  While this pumpkin like fruit is flavorful and has an enticing aroma, it has been found to have positive health benefits, particularly appetite suppression and boosting your metabolism properties.

The Bull Rider's Haven Located at Minnesota

If you are a bull rider, then you would probably be familiar with the Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Division annual event. If so, then you would most likely know what’s special about the Thief River Falls.

Now Get Up to 35,000 from Online Loan Companies Network has now increased the maximum amount that people can get when applying for online loans and it is now possible to apply even for $35,000. Through this move, the company will now reach a huge number of applicants where one can now go for any amount that matches the financial situation to be sorted out. The requirements on these online loans will be based on the applied amount.

Hypothyroidism Solutions - the Three Step Wonder Treatment for Hypothyroidism

This press release from Hypothyroidism Solutions is a revelation for those suffering from Hypothyroidism and wanting to take back their lives by stopping it at the source. Many people show interest in knowing, "what are the causes of Hypothyroidism?” Their efforts in identifying the root causes of Hypothyroidism and other hormonal imbalances have opened the eyes of the world at large to the diverse diseases like heart disease, anxiety, depression, cancer, chronic fatigue, food allergies, digestive issues, fertility issues, autoimmune, adrenal fatigue, osteoporosis, and even obesity.

Wine World Accessories Is Offering 10% off on All Products

Wine World Accessories is offering 10% off on all its products on the website. To get this discount all one needs to do is like their Facebook page. Once the page is liked a promo code is revealed. Then simply apply the coupon code in the shopping cart while placing the order. Wine World Accessories is led by a team of wine enthusiasts who understand the joy of drinking wine and this drives them to come up with ideas that other online wine accessory stores cannot.

Skin Care Specialist Found a Natural Eczema Treatment to Permanently Eliminate Eczema".

After suffering with Eczema for most of her life and having all kind of skin problems. She finds that her son now has Eczema and could not stand to see him suffering not just because he was itchy, irritable and suffering, but because what would inevitably happen later in his life - just like it did when it happened to her.

Lose Weight Quickly & Safely with a New Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Vitaforce Labs are excited to announce the availability of a new Garcinia cambogia extract that can deliver exceptional results for anyone wanting to lose weight. Known as Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, this product is specifically formulated to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and decrease calorie intake. It’s safe, affordable and vegan-friendly. Manufactured in U.S.A. using all natural ingredients, this supplement can provide lasting weight loss and enhanced well-being.

Revisiting the Fort That History Built

If you are a 80’s kid, you probably would have heard about, or seen, the movies Just Cause and Day of the Dead. Although those two films have garnered popularity, not many viewers are aware of the fact that some of the scenes there were shot in Fort Myers.

CustomizedFatLoss: A Unique Fat Loss Program Reach Your Exact Fat Loss Targets with Customized Fat Loss Program

Most people dream to possess a slim figure, flat belly and toned taut muscles but this does not always happen for all. No matter how zealously a person follows the workout plan at the gym and never remains absent from the gym sessions, the flab invariably creeps back and pumps one up back to one’s original state.

Trend Analysis Report on Active Penny Stocks: (Pink:FITXD), (OTC:TEGY)

Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. (Pink:FITXD) is trading in the range of $0.0073 and $0.0099 in its current trading session. The stock recorded the volume of 48.65 million shares so far in this session. The stock opened at $0.01 and is currently at $0.008, up 9.59 percent from its previous close of $0.01. Funds $950,000 Commercial Mortgage Loan Located in Illinois announced on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013, that it originated a $950,000 loan for the refinance of an office building located in Illinois.

Follow-Up Commentary On: (OTC:FMCC), (NYSE:MS)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (OTC:FMCC) released its U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook for April showing that despite the ongoing housing recovery and gains on the construction jobs front, large economic headwinds persist.

Integrity Supply, Inc. Announces the Availability of Purdy Roller Covers at Great Prices

LogoIntegrity Supply, Inc. announced the availability of Purdy roller covers at its online store. This online store offers its entire stock paint rollers at great prices. These paint roller covers are manufactured by leading brands like Wooster, Purdy and Corona.

Orange Crush Runs Fast and Furious with Champion Blue Flame® Performance Diesel Motor Oil

Logo"Lubrication technology has come a long way," stated car chief and driver Chris Calkins. "Our sponsor has advanced chemical performance products for the engine, rear-end and transmission which will allow us to hit the track with respectable numbers". He continued, “Our truck was the first to put the Duramax in the 9's. We are looking for some very good runs this year with Champion. Who knows what new times we may get this year.”

OutToday Seattle Plumbers Perform Preventive Check to Uncover and Quickly Resolve Water System Issues

LogoKeeping utilities and things in the home or office in tip-top shape requires a constant, in-depth assessment of their present condition. On a periodic basis throughout the year, it is highly suggested for homeowners in Seattle to check their plumbing systems for leaks and other issues. Before such plumbing problems burst into something that requires days of fixing - and therefore lack of reasonable water supply - it always pays to have professionals check the status of their plumbing setup.

Louisville Personal Injury Attorney Focuses on New Search Engine Optimization Services to Reach All Personal Injury Victims in the City

The leading Louisville personal injury attorney has now announced to align SEO initiatives to help reach all those who need the legal assistance in their personal injury related cases. The attorney wants to dominate the search engine rankings and wants to extend reliable services to the people who search for a personal injury attorney on the web. The attorney believes that there are numerous passive searchers who need a legal assistance but do not precede further to hire a lawyer. Now, the Search Engine Optimization initiatives that the attorney is relying upon will reveal the details of these passive searchers and will help to reach them to encourage them to exercise their legal rights.

Chirch Global Manufacturing Network Supports USA Domestic Sourcing

We’ve all read stories about how reshoring with manufacturing is getting increasingly popular, but will the hype fade just as quickly? Opportunity costs will always shift and drive manufacturing to new regions, but keeping things simple may be the key to sustainable domestic sourcing.

Summit Pointe Conference and Event Center

There are many popular wedding venues in South Carolina. Summit Pointe Conference and Event Center is noteworthy because of its convenient location, a flexible event space of over 19,000 square feet and warm hospitality and customer service. These factors make Summit Pointe a great venue for not just weddings but also conferences, ballroom parties and meetings.

Metro Traffic School Offers Permit Practice Test in Florida

Metro Traffic School offers permit practice test in Florida to be prepare before the actual Permit Exam. They structure their training programs and courses to provide excellence in driver safety education. Their relentless pursuit to deliver the highest degree of information for optimum driver safety is what they continuously strive for. Trainers make sure that all federal, state and local standards for highway traffic safety should be introduced for learners. Offers Jianini 2013 Collection, the online fashion megastore, now offers Jianini 2013 Dress collection to its customers. Jianini dresses are known for their style and glamour, and also for their timeless designs which are inspired from Hollywood both new and old that makes them an easy choice for women of all ages and backgrounds. Sherri Hill prom dresses are especially popular amongst the girls going for their prom. Offers Explainer Videos for Increasing Website Traffic

A good website attracts more visitors and it is the homepage that makes the first impression. Only a good website design fascinates visitors enough to keep looking for answers therein without bouncing off. A better traffic rate and a lower bounce rate are the characteristics of a good website. Websites when designed tactically would cause visitors to browse through the various links of the website and thus stay there for a longer period of time.

Kris Radish Announces 'A Grand Day to Get Lost'

Popular novelist Kris Radish transports her legion of readers to the lush, sometimes dangerous, and always captivating scrub country of Central Florida with the same emotional depth, sense of humor, and lust for life that has helped her carve out her own genre, "Broads Who Have Been There." Her ninth novel, A Grand Day to Get Lost, explores new emotional and physical territory as Radish resurrects a literary icon, uncovers a secret world of writers, pours a few glasses of whiskey and introduces a group of characters you will not soon forget. A wrong turn down a remote Florida backwoods highway turns into the ride of a lifetime for Emily Weaver, a university librarian, when she mysteriously discovers a manuscript written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, dated years after the beloved author's death. Emily unwittingly begins a treasure hunt in a world that is as beautiful as it is dangerous, and it is a hunt that could not only change her life, but the landscape of the entire literary world. Is it really possible that the renowned author of The Yearling faked her own death in 1953?

Bull Horn Media Group Announces New SEO Packages

LogoBull Horn Media Group is a startup located in Seattle, Wa, Orange County, Ca, and Los Angeles, Ca. Their motto is “Take the Web by the Horns,” and that’s exactly what they do for their clients. They are announcing the introduction of new packages designed to get clients the best ROI possible for their advertising.

Cardinal Self Storage Announces Great Deals for Residents of North Carolina

LogoCardinal Self Storage Raleigh has announced it is now offering great deals to residents of Raleigh, NC for its personal and business storage services. This storage company has many locations throughout North Carolina including ones in Durham, Graham, Raleigh, and Burlington.

Clear Lake Chiropractic Is Helping More Patients Find Relief Than Ever Before

LogoDr. Michael T. Martin uses his chiropractic training to bring top quality care to residents of the Greater Houston area with Clear Lake Chiropractic. He brings his knowledge, skills, and expertise learned at Texas Chiropractic College and Life University in Marietta, Georgia to help patients with various problems. Work in Georgia and the San Antonio area preceded a move to Clear Lake where Dr. Martin now practices.