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Rich DiTieri Joins BarUp as Company's First Advisor

We’d like to welcome Rich DiTieri to the BarUp team as as our first company advisor.

Widgets Town Releases Cool New Theme Preview App

Widgets Town is proud to announce the release of their first four Corona SDK based themes on a product line to include many more themes. These themes can be used as a starting point for showcasing your products in terms of what it can do with an easy to understand visual. One can also use bits of the code within the app, just like the drop-down, the image enlargement/preview and some other stuff inside it.Widgets Town plans to create more corona SDK widgets and themes in the near future.

Why Businesses Need to Manage Their Mobile Devices and How Linq Services Is Helping

LogoEvery modern business has to have a way of keeping in touch with its clients. Nowadays, that “way” is typically cell phones. The average business has several phone numbers and often uses phones not just for calls but for texting and posting to social media. That can all get pretty complicated when a business has multiple phone numbers, multiple mobile carriers, and multiple cell phone bills to pay.

Codeexceptional Ltd Announces Launch of Color Teaser

LogoCodeexceptional Ltd has announced the upcoming launch of a new brain teasing app, Colour Teaser. The new app challenges both sides of the brain by requiring players to react quickly to details. Colour Teaser will also help people develop memory and identification of colours that many people do not usually recognize.

Helect Technology Limited Retails and Wholesales iPhone Parts and Accessories

Smartphone is the late revolutionary innovation that has gained mass-acceptance. Apple is the pioneer of smartphones, and its iPhone is considered one of the best handsets. The smartphone-market is expanding arguably steadily. It has created scope for peripheral business such as customisation services and sales of accessories. Since the iPhone-sales are still on the rise, there has to be continuous supply of additional items needed for iPhone users. Helect Technology Limited is an online enterprise that deals in the same domain. It retails and wholesales colorful replacement parts for iPhone through its e-commerce portal named Toptech007.

Formitize's Carpenters App Can Improve Transparency and Efficiency for Businesses

Formitize is pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to its line of revolutionary paperless solutions in a bid to ease the management woes of carpenters and building contractors. Carpenters can now enjoy a more streamlined workflow with the help of Formitize’s Carpenters App. Formitize is the name behind many successful industry-specific apps used by small and big businesses around the world.

Auto Mobile Code Overview Examines the Authenticity of Ronnie M + Giovani Leoni's Mobile Marketing System

Auto Mobile Code by Giovani Leoni renders its users with all the applicable tools and information which is requisite to be acknowledged in the mobile marketing industry! This software is incredibly uncomplicated and effortless to go forth with people can certainly have their first mobile business running in just a couple of minutes.

Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deal for the Most Worthy Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 & Tab 3

According to, people are vying for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 & Tab 3 Cyber Monday & Black Friday deal 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a compact tablet, but it comes with all great technology; the operating system Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 8 GB internal memory, 7-inch multi touch screen, and lightweight body.

New Diet App Helps Blogger Shrink 5 Cm off Her Waist

#StellaShapeUp blogger Alice Dogruyol has undertaken the challenge to shed the excess weight while testing the new Watchfit app - an innovative solution, providing full diet and workout plans, created by experts.

Countries of Africa Trivia Released to Public

Africa is a large continent with many countries and cultures. There is a lot to learn about its vast array of diversity. “Countries of Africa Trivia” is a new app that was released on October 11. The app is available on Android for free, and allows users to discover African countries and enjoy quizzes. Users will be able to discover fascinating countries of Africa, play quiz games and learn interesting facts, all while tracking progress and earning trophies.

Auto Mobile Code by Ronnie M + Giovani Leoni - The New Era of Mobile Marketing Has Released

Auto Mobile Code by Giovani Leoni renders its users with all the applicable tools and information which is requisite to be acknowledged in the mobile marketing industry! This software is incredibly uncomplicated and effortless to go forth with people can certainly have their first mobile business running in just a couple of minutes.

New App 'Free Android Wallpaper' Allows Users to Download Android Wallpapers for Free

Each day a plethora of apps are released for the android market and they span from adventure games to keeping a count on calorie intake and the likes; however, very few apps target the simple pleasures of owning a smartphone and this is where Free Android Wallpaper comes into the picture.

iGeneration Mobile Phone Franchise Company Announces New Director of Business Development

LogoA Tampa FL mobile phone franchise company, iGeneration, has recently added several new members to their executive franchise team, with the latest being a gentlemen by the name of David White. Mr. White brings 20 years of franchise consulting experience to the team and is considered a "great asset" in regards to the company's future growth plans.

Learn French 6000 Words Smartphone App Has Now 500,000 Users Worldwide

Fun Easy Learn is a Moldova based web application development firm having its forte in developing language learning apps. Learn French 6000 Words, a French language learning app from the publisher, has recently hit 500,000 users worldwide. The app developers recently expressed their great joy and excitement during a press meet where they were questioned about the unique features of the app. Fun Easy Learn developers believe that this is just a beginning as they are now hoping to get 500,000 more downloads in the next couple of months. It has been confirmed by the developers that the app has already crossed the 500,000 user mark.

Pervidi Paperless Inspection Enhances Functionality with User-Specific Configurations

LogoTechs4Biz Corporation, a leading provider of software products for managing field activities, announces the release of Pervidi version 6.17 - including the ability to dynamically tailor functionality for each mobile user.

Leading Digital Marketing Agency,, Announces Development of Android App and Google Chrome Extension

LogoAs a leader in their industry, is transitioning into a company that covers all facets of the digital marketing industry. With their latest development, the company has created an Android application that is available for a free download on the Google Play Store. The app, called SEO News and Tips, features the latest video updates from company founder and President Lance Bachmann, as well as hundreds of client testimonials about the service they’ve received for their internet marketing campaigns.

iGeneration Franchise, a Florida Wireless Repair Franchise Company, Announces New Franchisee Marketing Platform

LogoThe ever growing landscape of cell phone repair has enticed potential iGeneration Franchise candidates from around the country to take a look at the company's franchise business model. The Tampa FL company has been working towards meeting the media demands that would be required to support these candidates by developing what the company calls an "in-house marketing machine" focused on generating leads from potential franchise buyers.

I-Enquire Seeks €150,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Change Mobile App Development Forever

LogoWorking with the European Space Agency, Barry O’Reilly and his team have developed technology for satellite communications and to date have successfully deployed these developments on the W2A system and the SeS Astra constellations in Europe.

Weight Loss Surgery Dubai - Now, an App to 'Like' or 'Unlike' Dubai Doctors

Residents and visitors in Dubai can now easily find a medical specialist or a facility near them by using an app, and also ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ them after using their service. The ‘Dubai Doctors’ app is one of the new smart healthcare initiatives of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which will be unveiled at Gitex Technology Week 2014.

Atlanta Industrial Design Team Seeks $40,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for WatchDock: Versatile Charging for the Upcoming Apple Watch

LogoApple Watch will be available in early 2015 and this dynamic design team created a charging solution that compliments this new advance in wearable technology perfectly as it provides flexibility in how this elegant new marvel in timekeeping is displayed. WatchDock can be placed on a desk, nightstand or any flat surface.

Container Exchanger Launches New App to Streamline Buying and Selling

Container Exchanger, a company that specializes in finding buyers and sellers of reusable industrial packaging, has just released an app for iOS and Android mobile device users that makes it even faster and easier to buy and sell their containers, pallets, and other used industrial goods. This will help streamline the process for its customers and simplify both ends of the transaction spectrum.

Formitize Launches Pest Management App for New Zealand's Pest Experts

The development team and staff behind the highly successful Formitize App is pleased to announce the release of Pest Management App, a mobile solution for pest management professionals. This powerful paperless solution is designed to help make the management of pest control business a whole lot easier and more streamlined.

Formitize Launches the Small Business App for Efficient Business Management

The originators of Formitize – an effective app that has enriched businesses worldwide – has launched The Small Business App. This Apps for Business provides a paperless solution that will address possible problems to keep small business operations running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This powerful app has integrated features built into mobile forms that users can dispatch as jobs to any mobile workforce wherever, whenever.

Formitize Launches Hotel and Catering App for Increased Business Output

The makers of Formitize – a powerful app that has revolutionized companies around the world – introduces Hotel and Catering App. This Catering App improves efficiency and productivity in hotel and catering companies using paperless technology and smart forms designed to promote enterprise mobility. Save time, money, and effort as the Catering App can simplify and improve organization processes and workflow.

Team .klatz Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Their New Smartwatch That Also Functions as a Smartphone Handset

LogoMany Smartphone users find it difficult handle their device because of its large size, particularly while answering calls. .klatz has been designed with the utmost precision to relieve all Smartphone users from this problem. This smart bracelet can double up as a Smartphone handset and users can comfortably answer their calls without having to take their phone out of the pocket or bag. There is a LED screen that displays the caller id and calls can be accepted just by taking .klatz off the wrist and flipping it open.