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Babycase on Kickstarter: The First and Only Non-Toxic, Media Device Case That Makes a Smart Phone or Tablet Baby Proof and Baby Safe

LogoFew people, if any, can get through the day without having their smartphone or tablet close at hand. Close at hand for us means close at hand for a baby who will use just about anything they can get their little hands on for teething purposes. If risk of damage to the device or exposing baby to bacteria weren't bad enough, there are much bigger problems to face. That's because smartphone and tablet cases are made from toxic plastics and designed with paints or coatings that are linked to cancer, neurological and behavior disorders, obesity and worse. Every baby teething on a high tech gadget is exposed to all of these heath risks.

Aid to Your Housework Now Easy with Get Maid

Ever since the success of Uber, on demand services have caught the attention of almost all users and with the facility to get any service at their very own doorstep any time, the need for mobile applications for every business is still on the rise. With their ease of use and success, Uber like applications do solve the purpose and there are several apps for on demand services like laundry, beauty service, food and wine delivery etc. online already.

Car Phone Holder Compatible with All Smartphones Becomes a Big Seller on Amazon

Mobile phones have become a growing problem for the emergency services. With more people owning a cell phone and being tempted to use it while driving, the emergency services are finding themselves attending more road traffic accidents. One company who has found a solution to reducing road traffic accident is enviCAR

DimensionU Launches Innovative New Teachers App

LogoDimensionU, Inc. announced today the release of an innovative new app for educators called "Teachers by DimensionU." The application is now available for free on the web or iOS (iPhone & iPad), for any educator who uses DimensionU in the classroom. The application will also be available on Android devices soon.

Finally a Free Dating App That Makes Complete Swinger Sense

Swinger couples often find themselves confused as to how to approach couples as well as singles who would like to explore similar interests. Also, there is no real way to build communication that can result in meaningful experiences.

All Points Chemdry Carpet Cleaning Launches New Mobile Friendly Website to Avert Mobilegeddon

Homes are difficult to keep clean at the best of times, and carpets in particular. Carpets provide a comforting surface for floors, but their soft fibers also harbor dust and dirt and other particulars, which land there by force of gravity before being engrained by regular footfalls. As such, it takes a specialist to do thorough carper cleaning, and All Points Chemdry is that specialist. They have just created a new, mobile-friendly website to avoid Google's Mobilegeddon and ensure the citizens of Orange County can find the best carpet cleaning services more easily than ever. Launches Worldwide Mobile Recharge with Bitcoin, Utility Bills Payments with Cryptocurrency, and More

Hong-Kong based company Sam Sien Trading Ltd recently launched startup This global online recharge service allows users from 110+ countries to top up their mobile phones or buy airtime from over 450 providers and to pay utility bills, loans, TV, internet and other services in some of these countries with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and other payment methods. Besides topping up cell phones and paying for utility bills, 12charge allows to recharge a variety of global services like IP telephony (VoIP) including Skype, travel sim cards top up, as well as to purchase game currency in a number of online games, fund social networks accounts and more.

Sentinel-Tech Announces the Launch of Its New Universal Phone/GPS Holder on Amazon.Com

LogoA US based company named Sentinel-Tech, announced the launch of its new product on The product is a universal phone/ GPS holder that can easily be mounted in any vehicle. The company has launched this product on so that people can buy it online from coast-to-coast. The cost of this phone/ GPS holder is $19.99 but the company is offering this product at a 50 percent discount for a limited time. This phone/ GPS holder is designed to hold all universal phones and GPS devices regardless of their shape and design. According to the experts, this phone/ GPS holder will help people to talk on their phone or use GPS devices while driving without losing sight of the path they are on.

Kijini App Uses the Voice to Support Health

Today, KIJINI, INC. announced its Indiegogo campaign to finalize the development of its eponymous KIJINI, an iOS and Android program with a set of apps capable of deciphering the user's voice to provide highly accurate information about critical aspects of his/her health, wellness, and vitality, from nutrition to muscles to diet to personality and more.

Testore Offers Popular Apps and Games for iPhone and iPad

LogoFor the convenience of users, all games and applications are subdivided into a number of categories. Thus, Testore clients may choose between different game genres, including action, adventure, arcade, casino, card, dice and board games as well as simulators, strategies, educational, role playing, trivia, puzzle, racing, sports and family games. Among the most popular categories of applications, users may choose educational, business, entertaining, reading, cooking, medical, photo and video, sports, travel, social networking, weather, utility, reference and other informative and useful applications. "For those users who would like to learn more about different games and applications we offer, Testore is ready to provide informative reviews. This will help everyone choose the most impressive and needed apps or games", - this is what managers of the project say.

Crowdfunding Camping Soon to Be Launched for Worlds First and Only Sustainable Screen Protector

Sustainability is beneficial for the present and future of the world and all its inhabitants. Innovative solutions are paving way to ingenious products that make use of resources that have been discarded. Z screen protector is one such product that uses recycled glass to become the world's first and only sustainable screen protector. The developers of the Z screen protector believe that Z is a strong resilient, capable and comfortable. Z LLC will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which is due to launch on 5/18/2015 with a funding goal of $5000 USD.

LectureMonkey Announces the World's First Self Service Lecture Capture Solution for Students

LogoLectureCapture is a fast growing market, and it has shown to be beneficial both the students and faculty. Studies have shown that students see great value in being able to access lecture recordings in order to make up missed classes and review material prior to exams. Many universities are adopting some form of lecture capture, even though it is a hassle for the faculty and expensive for the university. Even secondary and primary schools are starting to experiment with the technology.

Brainberry Global Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Introduce Minute of Life, an Augmented Reality Video Messaging Service

LogoBrainberry Global firmly believes that time is the most valuable possession for every person in this world. This is the reason they created Minute of Life by taking a minute, and placing a message within that minute. With its minute gifts and messages, Minute of Life can work wonders for people that want to share their life and love with the ones they care about.

Simon Vicari Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of NEXTtoME

LogoThe NEXTtoME team firmly believes that health, personal safety, and air quality are three key elements towards building a sustainable world. This is why they wanted to create a device that is capable of monitoring the most important environmental factors through its combination of ten sensor systems. Not stopping there, they envisioned a device can really be used by anyone, anywhere with very minimal interaction with the device as the gadget adapts to the user's behavior, not the user adapting to the device make the most unobtrusive wearable tech. Their efforts have led to the creation of NEXTtoME, the most advanced technological wearable on the market.

The 2-20 Family of Companies Launches Company-Wide Mobile-Friendly Websites

The 2-20 Family of Companies, with information management companies throughout the United States, is proud to announce the launch of its Mobile Sites. Their family of companies is known for document storage solutions in New York City and other cities nationwide. Each of the 2-20 Family of Companies has simultaneously launched a mobile site to provide the best end user experience available for fluid content delivered on smartphones and tablets.

Swift Programming Announces the Release of How to Make Apple Watch Course

LogoThe team at has been working day and night making sure that they have the best compilation of Apple watch Programming videos to give people searching on how to make apple watch apps.

The World Just Got Smaller - Social Language Chat App 'Hello Pal' Launched

Hello Pal International Inc. ("HPI"), an international company specializing in education and language learning, recently launched its first Android app, Hello Pal.

Randy Robert Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Start the Production of Garage Beacon 2.0

LogoThe Garage Beacon team took inspiration from the continuous pain faced by their neighbors with their Garage Door Remotes. It has been observed that people often lose or break their remotes. Also, in order to provide garage access to friends and family members, duplication of the Garage Door Remotes becomes a necessity. The team led by co-founder Randy Robert has come up with an easy solution to open the garage with something people always have with them, their smartphone. Offers Bulk SMS Services in Bangladesh

In the world of today, the thing seen every day by every single person of this world would be mobile phones. Mobile phones are the most popular technological advancements in recent times. Nothing has spread across the world faster than mobile phones and for people using them, no technology is more important. Mobiles are now even found in the pockets of beggars, though they try to keep as discrete about it as they can because what beggar would want others to know that he or she has a mobile phone in their pocket. Mobiles are one of the best ways to stay in contact with a person's friends, family, workplace, co workers etc. Mobiles are now an integral part of our system and are a must buy. But, what is it about the mobiles that make the communication so easy?

Improving TV Program and Movie Viewing Experience with Apps and Software Available for Windows Tablet

LogoFlexible features of the windows tablet are one of the characteristics that most consumers are looking for on every slate they come across in the market. For some time, people have become more demanding on the features that electronic devices can offer. And since windows tablet has become a staple gadget in every household, it cannot be denied that for once, people have wondered for the great possibility of bringing their viewing experience from TV to these slates.

Legithacks4u Introduces Face Time for Android

The team at has recently introduced face time for android. This program makes it possible for android users to facetime with their buddies even without using any of the apple devices. This comes as good news for android users as it works on all android devices. This special app created by the team of experts at is easy to use.

The Next Big Players in Mobile Health: Apple Watch and Dario

The market for mobile health monitoring and diagnostics is projected to reach $8 billion by 2019. Two key players in this market are Apple with its Apple Watch and LabStyle Innovations, maker of the Dario Diabetes Management System. This emerging market for small, sleek and often wearable devices that function as mobile healthcare diagnostic devices was estimated at a mere $650 million in 2012. It has been dominated by cardiac monitors that work in conjunction with smart phones. According to Transparency Market Research, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43%, led by growth in the mobile glucose monitoring segment. This is where LabStyle comes in with the Dario.

Mobilemlo App Finds Great Success

MobileMLO app is a game changing piece of software that makes the mortgage process transparent for the benefit of home buyers.

Lettuce Love Cafe Fosters Growing Vegan Movement with Launch of New Mobile App

Recent reports indicate Ontario's vegan population has currently reached an estimated 4 percent with the number of converts expected to increase exponentially over the next decade. Despite this rapidly growing movement, those searching for dining options in this genre find themselves with few alternatives. In answer to this gap in supply and demand, Lettuce Love Cafe opened its doors in 2010.

Iphonedoktermaastricht Announces the Launch a Brand New Service for Iphone Owners

iphonedoktermaastricht has announced that there is a new service provided by them for any kind of iphone repair. They are all set to provide a professional service which is aimed to give full customer satisfaction. Skilled professional technicians and friendly operators will assist the customer in getting their iphone repaired in just a matter of few days. They offer expert help in repairing seamless glass, water damaged iphone, and all kinds of computers and tablets too. Most of all they provide dedicated iphone support to all the iphone owners that comes to them for repair.