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Launching SG50 Web App to Usher in the Historic Milestone of Singapore's 50th Birthday Celebrations

OMEGA Apps, an application development company in Singapore is soon going to launch a web portal to get people indulged in the glory of the country's very important day. As the country is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2015, the web app would enable people to usher in this historic milestone. With its interactive and attractive upcoming web portal, the people who love this country will be able to cherish the memorable moments of Singapore.

Online Boutique Offers Low-Priced Cell Phone and Tablet Accessories

Five Percent Boutique offers a wide variety of reasonably priced cell phone and tablet accessories. Providing premium quality, the boutique carefully works with manufacturers and authorized distribution centers to ensure that customers receive high quality in addition to low prices.

iPhone 6 Plus Available at Wholesale Prices to Help Fuel Growth of Worldwide Retail Business

Apple fans can now grab the latest iPhone 6 Plus devices at wholesale prices on The China based Apple online store announces iPhone 6 plus for sale for worldwide customers to grab the device at unbelievable prices.

Jaasta Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Breakthrough E Ink Keyboard and Zero Sound Mouse to Market

The idea of a dynamic E Ink Keyboard is one that moves a great many people to the edge of their seat with excitement. The ability to change keys based on the software being used, clearly breaks through a wall set by conventional keyboards, and could speed up both productivity and learning speed to levels not previously approachable, in the opinion of many experts. Forward thinking company Jaasta, in recent exciting news, announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to bring their own Jaasta Wireless E Ink Keyboard along with the world's first Wireless Zero Sound Mouse to market. The anticipation surrounding the new project is incredibly high.

DUI Dodger Locates DUI Checkpoints Nationwide This Holiday Season - Don't Start 2015 Behind Bars

A smartphone app that enables users knows in advance if there is a DUI checkpoint in their area. With this information, the users will less likely to drink and drive to avoid possible traffic charges.The ultimate aim of the app is to help curb the dangers of drunk driving and sensitize the public, the importance of being sane when driving and the offense associated with unrestricted driving.

AunTec Is Providing Big Christmas Discount for Users to Recover Lost iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Data

LogoAunTec just announced the big Christmas discount for its iOS data recovery software, iFonebox this week. iPhone and other iOS device users will be able to recover deleted Contacts, Notes, Call history, Calendar, Messages, Photos, and more with a much lower price to save $20 USD.

iVue Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for Tago: The Smartest Item Tracker & Finder Ever

LogoWe all know that sense of panic when we realize that our wallet, purse, keys or phone is missing. The initial panic is mild – did I leave it on the kitchen table? Did it fall between the seats of my car? After a thorough search of one's home and car without success, a deeper sense of worry kicks in; what if my wallet is gone forever? What if a stranger found my smart phone on the train? The mind runs wild with all of the horrible things that can happen next.

Inner Gravity UK Ltd. Launches a Brand New iPhone and iPad Car Charger

Inner Gravity UK Ltd., in partnership with PrecisionMobility, announces the launch of Recharga, a dual port iPhone and iPad car charger. Rated at 3.1 amps, the charger simultaneously charges both the tablet and the smart phone. Available exclusively through, the charger features a distinctive and innovative gold and black design consumers are sure to love.

New Smartphone App Helps Autistic Individuals Communicate

Claudio Maggio, a 26-year-old Italian programmer, is developing a smartphone app for people with autism and other disabilities.

iStand 6: A Rechargeable iPhone 6 Battery Case with Built-in Stand and SIM Card Box

The immensely popular iPhone 6, with its 4.7-inch screen, has one serious flaw: low battery life. In addition, many users have reported that it is also easily damaged.

New Photo Editor App Launched in Apple Store Takes Romance Center Stage

LogoA new app makes its way to the Apple App Store just in time for Christmas to give lovers a fun way to ramp up their romantic moments. Bringing a new approach to timeless photos, the iOS Lucky in Love Photo Editor App is launched to send out a loving call to action. Catering to a new romance filled with the excitement of dating or a long-enjoyed relationship's joys, the app happily spreads the love. One quick snapshot at a time, it shares romance easily and takes the limits off of imagination.

Innovative Storyboarder App Ideal for Novices and Experts Alike

Noted online developer Lisa Kristinardottir is pleased to announce her latest app, the LK StoryBoarder. This innovative filmmaking storyboarder system includes a full filmmaking course, allowing individuals to plan and create beautiful film storyboards in one place.

AIO Toolbox Inc Launched Unbelievable Time-Limited Christmas Sales for Its Android Apps to All Users

LogoAIO Toolbox Inc, one of the best android developer, has launched its Christmas sales from Dec 23rd 2014, to Dec 29th, 2014.

MamaBear Offers Safety Tips for Parents Giving Smartphones as Holiday Gifts

LogoSmartphones are popular gifts during the holiday season. But for as many kids hoping to find a new phone under the Christmas tree, there are just as many parents unsure about giving their children a gift that comes with so much responsibility.

Embrace Unbelievable Christmas Sales from Well Known Android Developer AIO Toolbox Inc

During this Christmas sale, apps (All-In-One Toolbox and Memory Booster) from this developer would be reduced by 40% from its not so high price. Which makes the apps a must buy out of thousands of other apps.

IVIEW Defines What a 'Best Buy' Tablet Should Be: Crossing the Boundaries in Search of a High-Efficient Tablets in an Affordable Price

LogoThe fast paced innovation on various tablet computers nowadays will surely make people get confused and frustrated in choosing the right gizmo that will complement their needs and budget without compromising the quality and durability. With numerous brands of tablets to choose from, one may be left dumbfounded with the latest features, applications and softwares that these products offer.

Mike File Launches Kickstarter Project to Fund a New Technology Incubator

LogoAs a retired special education high school teacher and current mobile application and website developer, Mike File identified a unique opportunity to connect adults with disabilities to a life-changing opportunity by which they can achieve higher goals and succeed in life.

Patrick Mulrooney Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for the Work Safe App

LogoWe have all heard and read stories on the news about tragedies involving workers being injured or worse while working alone. The work safe app is intended to prevent workplace injuries as well as be there to bring help to anyone alone who needs it when any emergency strikes from nowhere.

iPhone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus on Sale: Discount iPhone 6 Coming for Christmas Shoppers

Christmas is a season associated with special gifts and there are huge amount of people gifting each other different things. People who love gadgets would love to have an iPhone or and iMac. During this season there are huge numbers of sales and discounts doing the rounds. One of the discounts that would make every gadget user happy is the iPhone 6 sale provided by Whole-sale-iPhone6.

China Online Apple Store Announces Cheap Priced Unlocked iPhone 6 for Sale

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the two signature Apple devices that are recognized for their futuristic features. The devices created a lot of ripples among the modern populations after their release in September 2014. However, the premium pricing of the devices deterred many from grabbing them and adding new excitement and fun to their lives. Now, China based announces their iPhone 6 for sale for worldwide customers to get this adorable Apple device at an affordable cost.

Safety App Mayday Alerts Released to Public

LogoWhenever a person leaves their home, there is always a risk of danger from external threats. While most people carry a phone with them, calling the police takes time and a person does not always have enough time to dial and explain what is happening. Additionally, when an individual is in danger, they usually do not have time to notify their friends and family.

HG Strickland Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Support the Marketing of Conx2share APP

Your smartphone now has the potential of becoming even smarter, thanks to Conx2share, a Toronto based company with an international team of innovators and developers.

Compare the Box Reports on UK Sharp Increase in Smart Phone App Based Insurance Policies

In the 21st century, data is everything. Data is changing the way we analyze risk and reward, how we derive insights about our behaviours, and increasingly how we drive and subsequently insurance policy rates. Telematics, or 'black box' insurance collects data about the driver as they are driving so that individuals can receive a personalized insurance rate based on their own driver behaviour. Compare The Box enables people to compare providers of telematics insurance, and has recently published a new editorial about how the use of smart phone apps to collect driving data can help young and new drivers lower their premiums rapidly.

Regalo Manila Now Mobile-Friendly

LogoMobile friendliness has been an essential trait for websites. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that a lot of people are now surfing the net through their gadgets. In fact, 50% of online users usually access the net through their mobile phone or tablet. If a business is not able to capture this huge market, then it is clearly missing out.

AppsStore, a Mobile Phone Apps Developer Company Now Offers Android, iPhone and iPad Apps at the Best Market Price

LogoAppsStore, a well-known mobile phone and iPad apps developer company now offers android, iPhone and iPad apps at the best market prices. The model for iPhone and mobile development application is simple. The apps developed are simple and designed in a way to enhance the experience of an individual user. Initially they communicate with their customers and build up the mobile brand from the scratch itself. AppsStore is considered to be a leader in application development for Android, iPhone, and iPads. Their team of app developers is highly dedicated, skilful, and credential. The company intends to take the apps to market and promotes it with the help of the best app reviewers and social networking channels.