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Trios3 Brings a Wide Range of Stylish & Safe Protective Cases for iPhone and Samsung Devices

Today, people carry a variety of handheld devices that are expensive and are very useful for them at the same time. This is the reason why many people often remain concerned about the safety of their devices. Trios3 specializes in protective cases for handheld devices and they recently have introduced a new range of cases that are stylish and also offer the necessary protection to one's device. These protective cases are available in a variety of styles and one can purchase them online at cheap prices from this online store.

Straight Talking Promo Codes Releases 20 Brand New Promotional Offers on Phones and Services

Straight Talk pride themselves as the most affordable cell phone mobile and data provider in the US, and they offer this great value for money without sacrificing the quality of the signal coverage or the kind of phones users can enjoy. This makes them a favorite amongst bargain hunters, for whom there is even better news. Straight Talking Promo Codes has now released an amazing twenty new offers to help people looking for just about any major smartphone to receive the phone while saving money on a Straight Talk mobile and data package.

EnderMetrics, a New Learning Analytics Platform for Mobile Apps, Is Available Now

Kindergarten is the first phase of education of children and therefore, they are essentially at the crux of their development. It goes without saying that it is because of this simple fact that a lot of care and attention needs to be given to the educational development of any child beginning their education in kindergarten.

Acumen Innovations Launches Advanced Secure Messaging App Safekeep

Acumen Innovations, a leading mobile app development company, has just released Safekeep, an iOS app providing secure messaging and storage for its users. This application allows consumers and businesses to keep sensitive and confidential information secure through a multi-layered security approach.

RebrandOne Launches Its Whatsapp Clone Mobile Messaging App and Social Offers to Its Customers

RebrandOne, a leading global online internet business, today launched its recent Whatsapp mobile messaging app clone, which uses a cross platform instant-messaging subscription support. This Whatsapp clone is compatible for both Android and iOS smartphones & tablets.

Gamr2Gamr Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoGamr2Gamr is an app that allows gamers to communicate quickly and easily using the very best features of connection software designed with online gaming in mind.  Now, Gamr2Gamr has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to market this app to gamers across the world.

Greek Life Is a New Way to Reconnect with Old Friends

For those of you who are curious about – and would like to reconnect with – friends from the past, you now have a new option.

Learn English 6000 Words Vocabulary App Reached Five Million Users Worldwide

Learn English 6000 Words, an English language vocabulary app that has been proved effective as an m-learning tool, reached five million users worldwide. On behalf of Fun Easy Learn, the software development firm that has developed the e-learning app, a key representative claimed that this is the first language learning app of this type that has crossed five million users worldwide. He also added that the software application will be updated at regular intervals and new and existing users can expect a host of added features in the future versions of the mobile learning app.

Cruz Cases – Providing Protection for Users and Their Phone

Life without mobile phones is unimaginable but one should also consider the hazards of almost "living" with mobiles. With the advent of Smart Phones people today depend on their mobile to do a huge number of things. But the radio waves that are transmitted by smart phones are becoming a topic of great concern, year by year. Currently government agencies and other health organizations are issuing warnings and trying to educate people on the adverse health effects of mobile phone's powerful radio signals especially when held close to one's body and head. But since one can't do without a mobile the better alternative is to go for Cruz Cases.

Recent Survey: Good Responsive Website Design Key to SMEs Snapping Up Online Customers

Based on Green Circle Agency, U.S. mobile web usage has elevated by 73% within the last year. As this trend proceeds, it's obvious that the mobile internet has become a much more imperative way for marketers and entrepreneurs of all sorts.

Local Entrepreneur Using KickStarter to Launch Parking App in Chattanooga

LogoHaving trouble finding an open parking space downtown? One local UTC graduate has developed a solution with his new application. The ParkParrot app will show where parking lots are located as well as how many spaces are available in each lot all while being completely automated.

Launch of the World's First Real Time Meetup App for Nightclubs & Bars

LogoThe revolutionary real-time dating app Pulsate is now available on the Apple App Store and Android Market. It's not just the world's first real-time meetup app made exclusively for nightclubs and bars, Pulsate also matches users based on interests and personality, looks, and location. The perfect icebreaker, Pulsate provides the easiest way for new people to meet, learn about each other, and get together in a safe and fun environment.

Nerata Offers Quality and Affordable Phone Covers for Apple and Samsung

Smartphones are now easily accessible and most people can afford it. This is so because brands now offer varieties of smartphones at different price range. However, a new trend has caught the younger generation of phone users which is the use of unique and stylish phone covers. According to surveys, phone shells are becoming a rage because users want to give a personal touch to their phones depending on their taste. Nerata an online store recently announced that it has updated its stock with hundreds of trendy phone covers. Launches an Android and iOS App to Access Their Price Per Head Service on the Go, a leading provider of price per head software inclusive of multiple features, has recently announced that they have launched their Android and iOS app which can be now downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.

Care Monster Caregiving Communications App Developer to Pitch Nation's Top Pediatric Hospitals, Mark Cuban at SXSW Impact Pediatric Health Startup Pitch Competition

LogoDayton, Ohio-based startup company Care Monster will pitch its caregiving app to the nation's top four pediatric care institutions at the first-annual Impact Pediatric Health Startup Pitch Competition to be held at SXSW on March 16, 2015 in Austin, Texas. Care Monster is one of only 10 finalists in the event. The Impact Pediatric Health Competition, scheduled to take place at the Hilton Austin Downtown at 500 E 4th Street, is part of the official SXSW Interactive Schedule. Billionaire angel investor, Shark Tank member, and father of three Mark Cuban will emcee the event.

New Social Media App for Down Low Bisexual Black Men

The first gay chat/hookup app (On The Low) exclusively catered towards bisexual black men, down low black men, and gay black males is launching in March 2015 in the iOS App Store.

New Online and Mobile Gaming System Encourages Advertisers to Actually Pay Consumers to View and Interact with Their Materials in a Variety of Ways

LogoConcept & Innovation Group is currently developing an on line and mobile system of game play that converts advertisements into puzzle type games. ConsumerBreak, now featured on the crowd funding site Rocket Hub, induces consumers to study and interact with the advertisements during game play enticing advertisers to offer free rewards in cash, gift cards, coupons, or merchandise for doing so.

Tabernus Showcases Quick and Efficient Mobile Erasure Solution at Mobile World Congress 2015

Tabernus, an international Data Erasure software and hardware provider will present its secure data erasure practises at Mobile World Congress 2015, March 2-5 in Barcelona.

Happ Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Revolutionary Happiness App

Happ, a revolutionary mobile app that can help users stay focused on being happy, was launched today on an IndieGoGo. Based on an experiment first conducted on Facebook, the Happ app takes a simple approach to solving one of humanity's great questions: "What makes us happy?" Happ accomplishes this goal by asking the user to check in every day and describe what made them happy that day. Hoping to encourage a healthy recognition of a more positive state of mind, the Happ app also encourages gratitude. The app's designer says it's gratitude and the recognition of an already happy life that's key to ongoing happiness. And he should know, Peter Fischer is a social designer, coach and facilitator in hot pursuit of the same.

Nico Friedrich and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Calistix Fitness App

LogoLed by Nico Friedrich, team Calistix is engaged in creating a fitness app that promises to be the perfect one for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts. When completed, Calistix will be a comprehensive virtual personal trainer with a wide spectrum of sporting activities. Users will be able to take part in over one hundred indoor and outdoor exercises that can be performed with or without equipment.

CloudFIT Launches Social Network App Through Kickstarter Project

LogoCloudFIT has created a new social network app for fitness and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development.  Located at, this campaign will help developers raise the money needed to finalize work on the first release of this app and push it out to both Android and Apple platforms.

BUD Message Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds for Medical Marijuana Discount Service

LogoBUD Message has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at that will help authorized users find and utilize discounts on medical marijuana.  As the owners of a medical marijuana certification clinic for five years, BUD Message creators have seen the trend in which patients without insurance coverage find themselves in a position where they must make difficult financial decisions when they purchase their medication.  Now, BUD Message has created a service that will allow users to sign up with a database for free and receive instant updates on sales, discounts and other money-saving events through SMS message or email.

Ninja Trail - New Puzzle/Game App Released in 2015

HARLEY PIERRE, a 21 year old from Plymouth England came up with the vision of creating a game that fulfills the fun, addictive, strategic needs of gaming consumers after trying to find a game like this on the iTunes app store and not succeeding.

Protecting Online Reputation and Preventing Threatening Calls of Anonymous Callers with Accurate Information from Data Grid

LogoGiving much value with online reputation is increasing these days as this affects future employments and the impression of the society to a certain individual. That to build a person's reputation effectively, an individual has to hire people who will build up their reputation through web contents and social media accounts that will boost their morale. Yet, instances happen when certain individuals will try to threaten people for money by using dummy phone numbers in exchange for a 'clean' reputation. And if this is being tolerated, such crooks are expected to pressure more innocent individuals. But online reputation can now be taken care of and threatening calls can now be prevented with the reverse phone service of Data Grip. on Improving Customer Relations with Data-Driven Strategies from Translating Big Data

LogoBig data plays a vital role in delivering timely and personalized customer relations. In this generation where most consumers are 'connected', data gathering strategy that includes collecting, storing, organizing and analysis is in dire need to determine the flow of the market. And having the right technology, infrastructure, and analytics could help bring out the many possibilities of data, which when is translated, could be put to good use.