Energy Press Releases Introduce Energy Saving LED Lights to Cut Energy Bills

With high-energy bills and the cost of living increasing with wages not matching, it is important that consumers purchase products that can help reduce their annual bills., a popular online retailer is helping people to reduce their energy bills with their high quality LED lighting.

Sentient Science Adds Wind Energy and Energy Finance Expert Joshua Kunkel

Sentient Science announced today that Joshua Kunkel has joined the company as Director of Energy Services. Mr. Kunkel brings 10 years of energy and energy finance experience to Sentient Science, most recently with AWS Truepower, a global leader in wind and solar engineering and consulting. At AWS Truepower, Mr. Kunkel led the global Due Diligence Services team, his team assisted investors and lenders assessing the technical suitability and risk of renewable energy projects. His team assisted on transactions ranging from $50M single asset loans to $1B+ portfolio acquisitions.

New Market Report: Global Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Market 2014-2018

LogoA heat recovery steam generator is a system used to extract useful heat from the exhaust of combustion turbines or hot gas streams. It has advantages over normal boilers in terms of resource efficiency and environmental friendliness. The steam extracted may be used by steam turbines to produce electricity. It can also be used for other factory processes such as heating and desalination.

Superior Tank & Energy Announces 2014 Pricing Model for Underground Tank Removals

LogoThrough the operation of well-trained and knowledgeable technicians, Superior Tank & Energy is announcing their continued 2014 pricing models for underground tank removals throughout the greater Philadelphia area. When tanks begin to age and they are left in place too long, the property could become contaminated, resulting in steep cleanup charges. With just a couple months left in the year, property owners in need of a 275-gallon underground tank removal can take advantage of their special for the low price of $799.

IRS Refrigeration Extends Services to Customers Located Anywhere in Western Australia

IRS Refrigeration, a leading Perth-area industrial and commercial refrigeration specialist, announced that the company has expanded its regular service area to cover all of Western Australia. The move will bring IRS Refrigeration's best-in-class services to clients located throughout Australia's largest state, including everything from routine repairs to the design, procurement, and installation of entirely new refrigeration systems. IRS Refrigeration is fully accredited by the Australian Refrigeration Council and is capable of providing emergency service throughout the company's newly expanded service area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

OriginOil & China's Trillion Dollar Water Cleanup Program

LogoSince 2012 the number of contaminated drinking water emergencies stemming from polluted source water in China has skyrocketed, while the residents of China’s biggest cities are losing confidence in the safety of their drinking water. In fact, in the first quarter of 2013, nearly 8,000 pig carcasses were found discarded in the Haungpu River. Concern over the potential health risks involving contaminated source water has prompted the China’s leaders to move forward on a 5-year, Trillion dollar (that’s right, trillion with a “t”) initiative aimed at cleaning up the water.

New Market Research Report: Argentina Power Report Q4 2014

LogoArgentina's power sector continues to struggle, with power generation increasing by just 1.6% in 2013, below consumption growth, and occasional blackouts highlighting the clear need for increased generating capacity.Although the government has taken some significant stepstoaddress the issues affecting the sector, including proposals to reform the energy subsidy regime and a recently announced nuclear deal with Russia, the industry has a long way to go in terms of catching up to some of its Latin American peers. Protectionist policies have long defined the market, and as a consequence local and international companies have been reluctant to invest in the country, resulting in underinvestment and a chronic lack of capacity. While recent moves suggest the government is finally becoming serious about reform, with elections duein 2015, the outlook for the sector remains as uncertain as ever.

Taiwan Oil & Gas Report Q4 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoTaiwan is almost entirely dependent on imports to meet energy demand and is likely to stay in this state for the foreseeable future. A growing appetite for imported gas has created a need for fresh liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies. This creates opportunities for potential LNG sellers, though US supplies are likely to be favoured for their lower prices.

New Market Report: Singapore Oil & Gas Report Q4 2014

LogoSingapore will remain a key oil hub and will likely emerge as the region's gas trade hub over our ten-year forecast period. LNG will also overtake pipeline gas imports from Indonesia and Malaysia as Singapore's dominant source of gas. While it will remain a significant refining country, it faces growing competition from emerging markets for the regional oil products market.

Terawatt Solutions Assures Savings on Electricity with Advanced Energy Management

LogoThose looking for powerful building management solutions need not search further; TeraWatt Solutions has assured up to 15 percent savings on electricity bills with edgy energy management software.

Mister Service Explains Difference Between Residential and Commercial Air Conditioner Repair to Philadelphia Customers

Part of the exceptional customer service provided by Mister Service is their ability to effectively communicate and teach customers about the HVAC industry. The company takes time to answer questions asked by phone or email. One of the main questions company representatives are asked concerns the differences between residential and commercial air conditioner repair.

Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for LNG Terminals in Europe - Russia to Drive the Development of LNG Export Infrastructure

LogoCapacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for LNG Terminals in Europe - Russia to Drive the Development of LNG Export Infrastructure

SOCO International Plc, Company Intelligence Report - New Market Report

LogoSOCO International plc, Company Intelligence Report

Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for LNG Terminals in the Middle East and Africa - New Exporters and Importers to Drive LNG Capacities in the Region - New Market

LogoCapacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for LNG Terminals in the Middle East and Africa - New Exporters and Importers to Drive LNG Capacities in the Region

High Impact Exteriors Launches Discount That Will Make a Big Difference This Winter

Energy efficiency has become a new buzzword throughout the whole realm of technological innovation, and rightly so. Efficiency means getting the best results with the least waste, which helps preserve resources that are becoming scarcer, but it also helps those who invest in projects save money long term. High Impact Exteriors specializes in energy efficient Calgary windows and doors - even sun-rooms - and is offering 5% off their industry leading prices to make them more appealing than ever.

BioSolar Could Be a GameChanger for the Solar Industry

LogoThursday morning the company officially announced it's gamechanging news to the public after being fairly quiet over the last few months. BioSolar (BSRC) is a producer of innovative bio-based solar energy products and is currently developing a breakthrough supercapacitor technology for reducing the cost of storing the energy of the sun. Investor News Source has been involved with companies within the solar industry for over 4 years now and this is the first time we've really seen any kind of technology like this planned to hit the market:

Solar Comfort Heater Goes Nationwide

Solar Comfort Heater goes nationwide! The Solar Comfort Heater brand was purchased mid 2013 with hopes of eventually taking the product nationwide. “We always believed the local product had much more to offer outside of Kansas City.” John Zupon, Solar Comfort Heater manager. The company believes so much in the product that just a year later they are doing just that…taking it nationwide. The company will boast its patented heat exchange unit, even heat distribution, and consumer to business service approach. While there may be other so-called space heaters on the market, Solar Comfort Heater is literally time-tested and consumer-approved. “Solar Comfort has been in Kansas City for over 40 years. In that time period, we have had over 75% of our customer base came back for a second unit” says Zupon. With the current customer base consistently sending the company praises regarding the space heater unit, Solar Comfort felt that now is a good time to go big and heat the nation. With the recent “cold weather” reports from national news personalities, Solar Comfort Heater has decided to launch it’s a giveaway. Anyone that purchases a Solar Comfort Heater before October 1st 2014 is entered into a drawing to win another heater for free. Solar Comfort Heaters may be purchased here.

Origin Oil Announces Partnership for Algae Division & Diversifies Revenue Model

LogoInvestor News Source releases opinion report on OriginOil, Inc.

Market Report, "Azerbaijan Oil & Gas Report Q4 2014", Published

LogoThe outlook for Azerbaijan's upstream s ector is broadly bullish , with a substantial increase in the country's natural gas production offsetting a longer-term decline in oil output. We are more bearish on the downstream, and do not believe tha t forecast global refined fuels demand-supply dynamics will support the country's planned refinery upgrade and expansion projects.

Carbon Cycle Crush Offering Clients the Best Range of Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil

Ensuring quality at each step, Carbon Cycle Crush offers clients the best range of expeller-pressed Canola oil. While being a trusted name in the industry, they produce a non-food grade Canola oil available from the crush facility in Oroville, Wash. The Canola Oil is manufactured from pressed Canola seed which is a natural way to crush it.

Green Auto Lube to Provide Ancillary Services Counting Installation for Fleets of Vehicles

Equipped with advanced and automated facilities, Green Auto Lube will soon be making its mark in the realm of green oil change and preventative maintenance solutions, and as part of this endeavor, the company will also be providing Ancillary Services counting Installation for Fleets of Vehicles. Through these services, worn-out vehicle components will be serviced or replaced to ensure that the engine runs smoothly and has a longer life.

AirPol, Inc Designs Venturi Scrubbers Using High Energy Impaction of Liquid Droplets

Determined to fulfill its customers’ requirements, AirPol, Inc. designs venturi scrubbers that use high energy impaction of liquid droplets. With this, it also eradicates the particulate from contaminated air streams and helps control air pollution. Further, the water or other liquids move toward a restriction or throat, where one can see that the atomized liquid scrubs the particulate from the air and sends it to the scrubber liquid droplets. This is the same technology as a wet scrubber, which is part of the general air pollution control design.

Solar Light Company Now Featuring PMA 2100 on Website

Solar Light Company, a company, dedicated to utilizing technological advances, is pleased to announce it is now featuring the PMA 2100 radiometer on its website. Customers, who visit the website to find the latest UV meter or pyranometer, will be pleased to find more information about the PMA 2100.

UK Home Owners Access Cheap Electricity Tariffs on Rate Comparison Site

Homeowners in the UK can find cheap electricity tariffs by using the energy price comparison service, The website lets users search and compare energy rates for their household energy, and save on utility bills by switching to cheaper supplier.

Solar E Notes Mounting Surge in Commercial Solar Power Installations and Interest

Solar E, a leading Perth-area provider of solar power and water heating equipment, reported a major jump in commercial solar installations over the course of the last year. Up until this point, residential solar installs have dominated the Australian market, typically accounting for 90% or more of all such activity. More recently, however, commercial projects targeting businesses have become much more common in the industry, with nearly 20% of all installations in July having been of this sort.

Blue Gas Marine Makes Natural Gas Boating a Reality

LogoBlue Gas Marine, Inc. is making natural gas boating a reality in the marine industry by introducing technology to allow boats to run on clean, natural gas. Blue Gas Marine, Inc., incorporated in 2012, is the emerging green-energy corporation dedicated to make natural gas available for boats, as a clean and affordable fuel. The company, headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, makes natural gas hybrid fuel-systems for existing Gasoline and Diesel engines and also makes the fuel available where boaters need it. This system is designed to be installed on existing outboard, inboard and generator engines and uses natural gas in the compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) forms. The company markets its hybrid fuel-systems and natural gas fuel to frequent boat operators such as commercial fishermen, charter boats, ferries, tugs, large ships, the military and recreational users. As the first company of its kind to enter the market in the United States, Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is uniquely positioned to lead the market.

Cadmap Group Opens Underground Utility Surveying Company for Tracing Underground Cables

Many do not understand the importance of an underground utility surveying company. Before any form of excavation work starts, it is important that the position of the pipes and underground services are located. A disaster could take place if the work is started before the underground utilities are located. This job shouldn’t be done by the average individual or company – it should be done by a legit company, such as Cadmap Underground Utility Surveyors Ltd.