Energy Press Releases

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Assists with Oil Spill Cleanup in Wildwood Park

MXI Maumee Express, Inc., one of the nation's leading environmental services companies, was able to effectively use absorbent control equipment and hazardous materials containment techniques to clean up debris that contaminated Paxton Creek in November. A tractor trailer was overturned on an off ramp off I-81 and began leaking diesel fuel, which migrated to the Paxton Creek and Wildwood Lake in Harrisburg, PA. About 10 to 15 gallons made its way from the site of the crash through the storm drain path that exited into Paxton Creek.

Aluminum "The Future of Tough" Says Ford Automotive. Cruise Car, Inc. One Step Ahead

Ford Motor Co. made a landmark decision to convert the primary material of their top selling vehicle, the F-150, from steel to aluminum on all their 2015 models. While everyone, including CEO Mark Fields, agrees that this move is a risk for the best-selling truck in the United States, aluminum is undoubtedly the smarter long-term choice. Companies like Audi and Cruise Car, Inc. have been utilizing the lighter and stronger aluminum material on their vehicles for years.

Green Auto Lube Soon to Offer Efficient Oil Change in Spokane, WA

Dedicated to providing bio-based lubricant in America, Green Auto Lube is soon to provide efficient oil change in Spokane, helping with optimum engine functioning. The oil that will be provided by the company is quite affordable and environmentally-friendly. Being a customer-oriented company, they will also be providing facilities for preventive maintenance that is dedicated to honest, immediate and dependable services. With the help of highly-trained and efficiently certified technicians, the dependency on foreign oil will be reduced. The discount oil change the company will provide will likely take place in the Spokane, helping to make Mother Nature proud.

Botswana Power Corporation - Power Plants and SWOT Analysis, 2014 Update - New Study Released

LogoThe report contains a detailed description of the power generation company's business operations, history, corporate strategy, and business structure. This report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on key employees (executives), and major products and services.

New Market Report: Directional Drilling Services Market - Global Trends and Forecasts to 2019

LogoDirectional Drilling Services Market by Application (Offshore & Onshore), Services (Rotary Steerable System, LWD, MWD & Survey, Motors, and Others) and Geography (Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America) - Global Trends and Forecasts to 2019.

Market Report, "Oil & Gas: Scandinavia Industry Guide", Published

LogoThe Scandinavian Oil and gas industry guide provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value and volume 2010-14, and forecast to 2019). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market.

Patented Water Saving Valves to Combat Increasing Water Bills

LogoAs one of the leading manufacturers and distributors, Flow Dynamics with their partner TeraValve have been able to build quite a reputation for their patented valves that are sold throughout the world to residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

New Report Available: Vietnam Power Report Q1 2015

LogoThere are significant opportunities for independent power producers (IPPs) turbine manufacturers and private investors in Vietnam's thermal power generation sector - particularly the coal segment. A flurry of private sector activity in the coal sector will be supported by rapid growth in electricity demand and market deregulation, as well as delays to nuclear expansion and insuf ficient domestic gas supplies.

South Korea Petrochemicals Report 2015 - New Market Study Published

LogoSouth Korea's drive to expand paraxylene (PX) will tap into China's massive deficit in the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chain. But BMI's latest South Korea Petrochemicals Report warns that as Chinese economic growth cools and its capacities develop, export-led growth will have to diversify.

Congo Brazzaville Oil & Gas Report Q1 2015 - New Market Research Report

LogoBMI has revised our oil production forecasts for the Congo Brazzaville heading into 2015, when we expect a near 30% uplift in crude production with the arrival of new offshore projects. In addition, news of a significant discovery by ENI near its Marine XII field in late 2014 provides additional possibility of a long - term swing to the upside for the country in the upstream sector. However, until the reserves are booked, our forecast still holds to a long - term production decline.

Venezuela Petrochemicals Report 2015 - New Market Research Report

LogoProgress on the expansion of the Venezuelan petrochemicals industry has been slow and undermined by the government's policy in upstream sectors that provide feedstock and its general indifference to improving the investment climate .

Just Published: "Egypt Power Report Q1 2015"

LogoEgypt is in desperate need of increased power capacity, as the country's energy infrastructure struggles to cope with the demand for power. However, with the political situation still in a state of flux and the economic outlook remaining poor, Egypt's ability to channel investment towards the sector is likely to remain limited in the medium term. With electricity remaining a hot political issue, the government is likely to concentrate its efforts on reforming its elaborate system of energy subsidies, which in addition to pushing up demand for energy has had a deleterious impact on government finances.

"Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board - Power Plants and SWOT Analysis, 2014 Update" Published

LogoThe report contains a detailed description of the power generation company's business operations, history, corporate strategy, and business structure. This report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on key employees (executives), and major products and services.

Nigeria Petrochemicals Report 2015 - New Market Research Report

LogoGrowth in gas production is set to spur downstream petrochemicals industries, particularly fertiliser and methanol, but BMI's latest Nigeria Petrochemicals report warns that the business environment remains uncertain and will no doubt be affected by the turbulence that comes with presidential elections, which are due in February 2015.

E Instruments Now Offering E5500 Portable Industrial Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzer

LogoNow that winter is in full swing and the temperature is struggling to make it above freezing, many commercial buildings' HVAC units are working overtime to keep up with heating demands. Providing technicians with powerful and portable equipment, E Instruments is now offering the E5500 Portable Industrial Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzer. With the ability to detect five different types of gasses, it will ensure every system meets the EPA compliance level for emissions.

E Instruments Now Offering Spanish Brochures for Their BTU 1500 Combustion Analyzer

LogoAs E Instruments continues to expand their reach, they have adapted to meet the needs of their clients and are now offering brochures in Spanish for their BTU 1500 Combustion Analyzer. With a detailed pamphlet that has been expertly translated, Spanish speaking operators will have no trouble learning about the unit's full capabilities. The all in one device is perfect for HVAC professionals who provide boiler and furnace maintenance.

Southern Ontario Home Builder Claims Minimum of 50% Energy Savings on New Custom Built Homes

LogoAs North American households face heating bills averaging at least 20% higher than last years; the connection between household energy use and energy prices is evident to everyone.

Market Report, "Empty Capsules Market - Global Forecast to 2019", Published

LogoEmpty Capsules Market by Product (Hard gelatin, Non-gelatin capsules), Raw Material (Pig meat, Bovine, HPMC), Therapeutic Application (Antibiotics, Vitamins) & by End User (Pharmaceutical, Health Supplements) - Global Forecast to 2019

Power Metrics International Patents the SP1000 Energy Management System

LogoPower metrics International (PMI) located in Staten Island, New York, has recently patented and owns the technology of SP1000 energy management system. SP1000 is an efficient and advanced energy management system, used worldwide by big industrial or commercial set up to reduce wastage and manage energy consumption. Terawatt Solutions Cloud based software allows the end users to control motors, lights, thermostats to reduce additional demand and kWh charges by up to an additional 10 to 15%. Terawatt's software provides measures and verifications using revenue grade monitoring equipment.

Chile Power Report Q1 2015 - New Market Research Report

LogoChile will remain one of the most attractive power markets in Latin America over the next 10 years, due to its strong electricity consumption figures, driven by the country's expanding consumer base and energy-intensive mining industry. Moreover, a solid business environment and liberalised electricity sector continue to contribute to our positive outlook for the country. While hydropower expansion will be reined in by regulatory and environmental hurdles, renewables and natural gas-fired power generation will experience considerable growth and create significant investment opportunities over our 10-year forecast period.

Market Report, "Magyar Villamos Muvek Zrt. - Power Plants and SWOT Analysis, 2014 Update", Published

LogoThe report contains a detailed description of the power generation company's business operations, history, corporate strategy, and business structure. This report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on key employees (executives), and major products and services.

Renewable Energy Market in MEA to Grow at a CAGR of 11.01 Percent Cites New Study

LogoRenewable energy is defined as a source of power generation, which comes from naturally replenished resources such as hydro, wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. Renewable energy is used as an alternative source of power generation, hot water or space heating, in motor fuels as solar cells and for off-grid power generation. Since renewable energy resources are free and abundantly available in nature, the cost of power generation is less. Moreover, renewable energy mitigates carbon emission, reduces dependency on traditional hydrocarbon oil sources, and increases energy security. The importance of renewable energy sources is growing because of increased environmental concerns and rising prices of fossil fuels.

Report Published: "Slovakia Power Report Q1 2015"

LogoOverall power generation is forecast to decline by 2.1% in 2015 to 25.0TWh due to a fall in the generation of electricity from coal and hydropower, and a slight dip in power produced from oil and natural gas. Over the next decade, however, generation will increase by nearly 30%, mainly as a result of an expansion of nuclear power. We forecast only a minimal rise in consumption in 2015 and 2016, but an acceleration in demand in the second half of the decade, driven by a steady expansion of the manufacturing sector. By 2017, Slovakia should become a net exporter of energy. However, risks remain, such as interference in pricing by the government and the rising costs of the project to build two new reactors at the Mochovce nuclear power plant. Several major investments planned for the years ahead may experience delays or fail to materialise altogether .

New Report Available: Singapore Petrochemicals Report 2015

LogoSingapore's petrochemicals industry continued to surge in 2014 as aromatics production capacity was boosted by projects on Jurong Island, securing the city state's position as a major supplier to the Chinese market, according to BMI's latest Singapore Petrochemicals r eport.

Oman Oil & Gas Report Q1 2015: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoUnless significant discoveries are made in the short term, 2015 will start the gradual but inexorable decline of Oman's oil reserves. The country's crude oil production levels will reach their peak in 2017, with total hydrocarbon production reaching their zenith in 2020. Incremental increases in Omani domestic consumption will be aggravated by the decreasing returns from the enhanced recovery efforts that Muscat has pursued in the last few years. BMI feels that Oman's oil industry will still provide new lucrative opportunities from the approval of additional upstream projects to new discoveries, with a specific focus on offshore being a unique area of opportunity. However, with significant decline in global oil prices that started in the latter half of 2014, smaller energy producers such as Oman will have more challenges attracting upstream investment.

American Energy Solutions Builds a Greener Tomorrow with SP1000 and Terawatt Cloud Based Software

LogoAmerican Energy Solutions is a leading distributor and provider of the SP1000 energy management system in New York and New Jersey. The SP1000 provides energy management solutions to reduce wastage of electricity and also reduces high maintenance costs that heavy power equipment brings. AES clients include office buildings, supermarkets, and manufacturing facilities.

Induction Lighting Proves It Has Its Place in the Energy Efficiency Market

LogoTera Induction Lighting is a provider of energy-efficient induction lighting in the USA and abroad. The Tera team has been in the forefront of the induction lighting technology, which has evolved globally over the last few years, offering induction lighting for shoebox lights, parking lots, parking garage, wallpacks, sports facilities, retro fits, high bay lights, flood lights, canopy lights, and gas station lights.