Food And Beverage Press Releases

Mitzuyan Voted One of Top 5 Kosher Catering Companies in Toronto by BlogTO

Passover is coming, and many people will be looking to find caterers to provide delicious and appropriate meals for this celebration, taking the stress off themselves so they can focus on entertaining. Mitzuyan offers kosher catering in Toronto, and has been voted one of the city's top five kosher catering companies by BlogTO. To celebrate, Mitzuyan is redoubling their efforts in creating stunning menus for Passover, to be released at the end of February.

Rapidly Expanding Meal Prep Service Hits Chicago

Friend That Cooks Personal Chefs have expanded their Kansas City based weekly meal prep service into Chicago as of January 1, 2015.

Tree of Life Wholesale Distributors: Helping Canadians Improve Their Health

Dietitians and medical experts have stressed for years that a healthy diet should be comprised of at least 90 percent natural, unprocessed foods. Unfortunately studies show that most people are resisting these instructions and instead making processed foods the bulk of their diets. This has resulted in an increase in diabetes and other diseases all around the world. With this is mind, nationally known natural food distributor, The Tree Of Life, has initiated a coast to coast campaign to improve the quality of life for all Canadians by providing the opportunity for everyone to have access to natural, healthy and affordable foods from locally sourced companies. Their company spokesman states that they feel this goal is possible because of their long history of working together with a variety of Canadian suppliers and distributors with common goals.

Wayne's Spring Mill Bread Company Marks the Return of the Kerpius Family to Their Roots - One Part Bread - One Part Family - One Part Community

Logo"Someone once claimed that the true definition of success is living your life in your own way," said Lori Kerpius. "We, at Spring Mill Bread Company, couldn't agree more – in fact, to us the recipe for success is really one part bread, one part family, and one part community."

Now, Order Food for a Train Journey Online

LogoDominos on board. Consumers can log into the website of Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) at the time of the booking of the train tickets and pre-book their meal that will be delivered on these select trains. Also, the Railways plans to cover most stations to offer water vending machines for clean drinking water at low cost.

6 Reasons Why People Are Traveling Less by Train, Food Being One of Them Which Railtiffin Is Trying to Solve

LogoHowever, the railways have not been able to keep up with the growing population and demand of the country. And with the advent of low-cost airlines, the common man and woman is now opting to fly out to his destination rather than taking the scenic route on a train.

Joe's New York Pizza Was the Go-to Spot on National Pizza Day

LogoNational Pizza Day recently passed on February 9th, 2015. For many, this is an important day to celebrate America's favorite food – Pizza. Those who wanted to celebrate the delicious pie the right away went to Joe's New York Pizza in Las Vegas. Both locations, which are just off the strip, were packed with pizza lovers!

Recent Research: Chamomile Tea 'May Ease Diabetes'

Japanese and UK researchers sustained extract of chamomile to diabetic rats. The extract of chamomile is very useful to cut down the level of sugar in the blood and block all action of an enzyme that related to the development of diabetic problems. Researchers say, a regular cup of chamomile tea could help people to prevent the complication of type 2 diabetes.

Customers Can Now Get Dolce & Salato Products at Affordable Prices with the Best Italian Food Shop, Italian Food Fans

Retaining their position as one of the best Italian food shops, Italian Food Fans now present its customers with a wide range of Dolce & Salato products at cost effective rates. The number of products that they are offering involves Astuccio Cioccolato, Cioccolato Bianco Gluten Free, Cioccolato Fondente 72% Cacao Gluten Free, Cioccolato Latte 32% Cacao Gluten Free, Crema Di Rucola Selvatica Biologica and much more. All these products can easily be availed by the individuals directly through their online websites.

People Can't Help but Go Wild About Healthy Snack Ideas with Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts–which are more popularly known in exotic locales as chufa, yellow nut sedge, or earth almonds–are actually small vegetable tubers that grow below ground. No matter what they're called, health-conscious individuals just know that Tiger Nuts are part of many healthy snack ideas.

Pasadena Catering Company Lauded for Using All-Organic Ingredients

It has been said that Pasadena has witnessed a marked increase in the demand for private culinary services. This demand has seen an increase after the general economy of the country has experienced a much improvement over the past couple of years.

Premier Culinary and Management Competition to Kick off for Kansas High School Students

LogoThe Kansas ProStart Invitational, a restaurant management and culinary arts competition, will bring in more than 100 Kansas high school students to compete for scholarships and a spot at nationals. Sponsored by the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association Educational Foundation (KRHAEF), this year's event will be held Tuesday, March 3-4 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Wichita Airport.

New Tellspec Food Applications and Devices Are Giving Traditional Industry Giants Plenty to Chew On

Take Hampton Creek, a San Francisco food technology start-up which used a computer algorithm to analyze hundreds of thousands of plant species to find out what compounds can be genetically recombined to make a tasty source of protein.

Large Vitamin Retailer Again Selected Pcdata Pick-to-Light

LogoEurope's largest retailer of vitamins and herbal food supplements again chose Pcdata, to modernize and expand their pick-to-light order handling system at their main United Kingdom Burton on Trent distribution center. The same pick-to-light technology is being used by customers in North America via Pcdata USA. Pcdata was profiled in Material Handling & Logistics.

48 Million People Get Ill from Food Poisoning Says Chef Remi

Each year millions of Americans make their News Years resolution to lose weight. However, 92% of those men and women give up on their hope of becoming slimmer by the middle of February. Although only 8% stick to their new healthy living routine, cooking and eating healthy food, many of those men and women are not following the food healthy cooking and storing rules. Chef Remi, has put together 5 ways of how to be food safe in 2015 for people who want to become slim and for those who enjoy cooking.

Rooibos Tea Taking New York City by Storm

The essence of Valentine Day has been just next to the corner and with the appearance of this season of love the global retailer market of gifts also gets ready to hold significant opportunities for supplying amazing gift packages due to strong demand of gifting products. Throughout the month of Jan and Feb, people often visit gift shops and online stores to search a perfect gift for their spouse. The varieties may confuse people in order to buy a gift, they all have questions like "what could be a better gift that can show their love and care very nicely?"

Resent Research: Chamomile Tea Can Regulate Blood Sugar, Prevents and Manages Diabetes

The importance of controlling body sugar is obvious, because stabilizing blood sugar levels can avoid several health issues, one of which is diabetes that happens because of years of unstable blood sugar levels. Luckily, for many people it's inside their capacity to manage their blood sugar by staying active and eating a health and balanced diet. Still, most people don't know that blood sugar can also be stabilized by drinking chamomile tea.

Chamomile Vital Oil Can Kill out 93 Percent of Breast Cancer Cells

Chamomile tea has been consumed for centuries because of its amazing medicinal, health properties to help myriad of health problems. Chamomile has been recorded to help in soothing the digestive tract, muscular cramps, motion-sickness, treat skin problems, and a lot more!

Chili Beak Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Marketing Funds

LogoChili Beak is not a traditional chili oil, hot sauce or salsa.  Instead, it is made with high-quality sunflower oil, dried chile peppers, Real Salt, garlic and toasted sesame oil.  These ingredients are combined to create a condiment with a unique smoky roasted pepper flavor.  Now, the creators of Chili Beak have launched a Kickstarter campaign located at to raise funds to bring this condiment to a larger market.

Top Dog Dinners Releases List of Foods Harmful to Dogs

Many dog owners treat their dogs like people. And while the dogs may enjoy the special treatment, it can be dangerous to assume that what is healthy for humans will be fine for dogs. Even some foods that don't cause an immediate negative reaction can cause damage over the long term.

The Original Hurling Earl Novelty Drinking Pitcher Mug Launches Pre-Order Sales via Kickstarter

LogoNovelty Drinking Mug Producers launch pre-order availability for 32 ounce novelty drinking pitcher and mug via KickStarter.

Village Catering Announces Picnic Catering Services Available This Spring

LogoVillage Catering is pleased to announce that they are now available to cater picnics this spring. Interested parties will find that the company's picnic catering services are ideal for team building events, staff and customer appreciation days, fundraising events, reunions and much more. Village Catering also allows for their menus to be customized. So, whether the client needs hot entrees or desires a few sandwich trays, Village Catering has a multitude of menu options available.

Houston-Based Businessman Partners with Hip-Hop Artists

LogoAndre Bramwell might be considered a bit ingenious, but by today's standards, he's definitely unconventional. Usually when it comes to being a part of the Hip Hop industry, thoughts of rapping, producing, starting a record label or even a clothing line, are most likely the first choices when one thinks of capitalizing on a culture with immense buying power. But that wasn't the case for the Houston-based businessman who decided to be more creative and partner with Hip Hop artists such as Riff Raff and Krayzie Bone to launch custom-wrapped candy vending machines and ATMS.

TraceGains 2015 Customer Conference Next Week Attracts Major Food Supply Companies

LogoTraceGains, the leading automated supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution for the food supply chain, is hosting the second annual Customer Conference for customers of TraceGains. The conference is March 4-5 at Grand Hyatt - Downtown Denver. March 4th attendees will choose the best track that meets their needs. Business Process Track supports how to best use all of the basic and advanced features, dashboards, and aspects of TraceGains. The Technical Track assists how to configure business rules, user accounts, eNotifications, and other technical elements of TraceGains.

Chef Remi Explains 5 Easy Ways to Be Food Safe in 2015

At the start of every year, millions of people set their goals or resolutions focusing on losing weight. What they don't really think about is the safety of the food they are about to consume. A New On-Line Lunch Delivery Service in Russia

In the United States and Europe, there are hundreds of on-line lunch delivery services where customers can choose from a large range of food outlets.

TraceGains Conference Sponsor at Food Safety Summit Expo and Conference April 28

LogoTraceGains will be exhibiting at the Food Safety Summit from April 28-30 at the Baltimore Convention Center, MD. TraceGains, a Conference Sponsor, will be at Booth #715. The Food Safety Summit is a solutions-based conference and expo designed to meet the educational and information needs of the entire food industry.