Retail Press Releases

Introducing Under the Sun Wood Sunglasses, NZ's Independent Eyewear Company

Setting out early last year with just one frame and the motivation to succeed, NZ’s own eyewear company Under the Sun has been quietly growing in momentum, creating new wood sunglasses and slowly gaining confidence from within & without. ‘Under the Sun’ are finally ready to present their first fully realised wooden sunglasses collection.

Prince of Royal Family Appointed as a New Board Member of KLARIF, Inc.

KLARIF, a premium next generation skincare brand of KLARIF, Inc., announced as of September 20, 2014, its newly appointed advisory board member, Yi Seok, a prince of the Korean royal family. Prince Yi, a son of Prince Yi Kang, the fifth son of Emperor Gojong of Korea, is also a professor of history at Jeonju University. He was described as the "last pretender" to the Korean throne by The New York Times.

Remwuxi Provides Various Magnets for Different Manufacturing Sectors

Magnets are used in various industries for preparation of different products. It is very difficult for a layman to understand the type and quality of magnet that will be useful for a specific industry. One should consult a professional company before they decide on buying a magnet. There are various magnets available in the market, that include ferrite magnets to rare earth magnets. One of the companies supplying different kinds of magnets for a long time now is remwuxi. Their online store supplies different categories of magnets at cost affordable rates. Sells Branded Clothes at Wholesale Prices Online

Clothes are known to reflect the taste and class of a person. It speaks a lot about their lifestyles and economic status. However, it is not that they have to spend a lot of money to maintain this every time. Branded and high quality clothes are not always expensive. This is particularly true with The online professional clothes seller offers a broad collection of dresses for both men and women. All of these are value for money that come at wholesale prices and are easy on the wallet.

China Company Introduces Socket, Plug & Switch Technology Solutions for Modern Populations

The modern lifestyle is supported by a variety of electrical and electronic gadgets. All these gadgets run on electricity and they need to be connected with the source of power through plugs and sockets. Keeping the needs of the modern generation in concern, China based ShenZhen POWELL Technology has developed a wide variety of socket, plug and switch technology products that can prove very useful for the modern population. People can use these products for various purposes and can find the products perfect to suit their busy lifestyle. These new technology solutions are simple to use and offer convenience to the end users.

iDream Sells a Huge Variety of Couples Jewellery

Jewellery is said to be the best gift for any woman, and has been related to the fairer sex for ages. However, as the time changed, the notions have not remained exactly the same either as they used to be once. Today, jewellery is as much an appropriate gift for men as it used to be only for women centuries ago. In order to celebrate this change, iDream facilitates the exchange of jewellery as gifts between couples, relatives and friends. It sells impressive ranges of jewellery online. The jewellery ecommerce enterprise is specialist of matching couples promise rings and other types of couples’ jewellery. Offers Charms and Charms Bracelets from China

Many times ornaments and jewelry are worn to beautify an individual and to make them appear more appealing to others than they were before. Thus, they often have no more individual or personal value to an individual than their shoe might have or than a particular shade of lipstick might have. However, a few times, some pieces of jewelry can be made special by what they represent and what they mean to a person. This could be in the form of a locket that someone’s grandmother left for them or in the form of a bracelet that represents their entire life for them.

LitCoat Announces Availability of Three New Electroluminescent Paint Packages

LitCoat announced the availability of several new packages aimed at teaching buyers how to formulate and apply the electroluminescent paint developed by the company. The first of the packages, available online for $196, describes how to obtain and mix the necessary pigments and carriers, while the second, priced at $296, goes in-depth into the many applications for the paint and techniques for working with it. A package including pre-mixed samples of the company's Electroluminescent paint for research and development purposes is also available for $392 at the litcoat website.

Introducing Monogenius: A Highly Innovative Online Shoe Website with Unique Concept That Allows Customers to Customize Their Own Shoe Designs

Monogenius, a brand new online shoe portal is pleased to announce that customers can now create their own custom canvas shoes at highly reasonable rates including free worldwide shipping. It is a brand new concept which will allow shoe enthusiasts to customize their own canvas shoe design that has a personal touch, and best reflects their attitude and style.

'Thrift Haven' Launches Their Website

Sunday witnessed the launch of a new website – The website is basically an online store carrying a wide variety of product categories for customers across the globe. With the same, customers can now purchase a range of product on the company website at affordable prices.

The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal on Masterbuilt Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer Cookers

The Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt is a crowd favorite people used to cook turkeys as large as 14 to 20 pounds safely and efficiently, without the threat of oil boiling over the sides. The Butterball features a one-of-a-kind design that is engineered to keep you safe. Not only does the stainless-steel fryer and porcelain-coated inner pot keep oil safely contained, but it also uses 33 percent less oil than conventional fryers. There’s a drain valve and the internal pot just lifts out. Venting of steam is at the back – buyers should wipe it clean after each use or greasy deposits build up.

Doctor Aromas Launches Two New Fragrances, Slash Prices 50%

Doctor Aromas has launched two new fragrances, Tango and Lemongrass, to join its already successfully popular line of proprietary fragrances. To celebrate the release of this pair of scents, the Florida-based provider of one of the leading aromatherapy delivery systems in the industry is offering spray bottles of the two fragrances at 50 percent off their normal retail price to customers buying at least one fragrance canister which disperse fragrances through HVAC systems.

Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deal for the Retro Chic Camera - Nikon Df DSLR proudly recommends our potential customers the best Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2014 deal for Nikon Df DSLR, the best full-frame camera from Nikon. If the budget is the problem, Dealsdip offers the special price for this camera...surely affordable.

Charming Short Prom Dresses Has Updated from Abitidesposa

LogoIn the recent, Abitidesposa, a distinguished special occasion gown supplier, has updated its product line with a new collection of charming short prom dresses. In addition, the company has launched a promotion for these charming dresses. At present, they are all provided at discounted prices, up to 75% off.

Charming Plus Size Wedding Dresses Introduced by

LogoIn the recent,, has updated a new collection of plus sized wedding dresses. Recently, the company in order to enlarge global market and expand worldwide business, decided to benefit all new and old customers by offering big discount on the these plus size wedding dresses. Since the plus size wedding dresses are sold well and greatly appreciated by chic women from all over the world.

Charming Bridesmaid Dresses Provided by Renowned as one of the most renowned suppliers of wedding dresses and women’s special occasion outfits, has updated its online product line by adding new collections of charming bridesmaid dresses. What’s more, increasing returned customer praised for the high quality at lower price. Thus, the company decided to offer a big discount on these best seller bridesmaid dresses so as to benefit all new and old customers. Worldwide clients can save large budgets by enjoying this special offer.

Colored Wedding Dress Introduced by, as a renowned manufacturer and retailer in the women dress industry, has updated its online product line by adding charming colored wedding dresses.

Discounted Plus Size Wedding Dresses at is a trendsetter when it comes to plus size wedding dresses. It’s gorgeous and high quality plus size wedding dresses are sold in many countries and well praised by chic woman. As a famous manufacturer and retailer, the company has won thousands of positive reviews from the returned customers. Thus, the company is striving to benefit new and old customers by offering big discount on these new items, up to 70% off.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2014 and the Lowest Price for Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal on Google Nexus 7 Tablet from Dealsdip is the best offer ever. With all great specs, the Google Nexus 7 is considered to be the most value small-sized tablet on the market and comes with a reasonable price.

Vivexin Review - How to Effectively Reduce the Appearance of Signs of Aging, Try Use Vivexin

Eye puffiness is one of the visible signs of aging and other factors of skin problems such as food intakes, smoking, diseases and constant exposure to sunlight. “As this becomes inevitable, people who are affected look for remedies through supplements, if not through the synthetic medicines available in the market,” says Adelina G., Company Spokesperson, in one of her internet-posted Vivexin review. “The good news now is that our product, the Vivexin, works for this eye puffiness problem,” she added in that review.

RCA Antenna Explains the Importance of Using HD Antenna

LogoTV antennas are artifacts of the past centuries. But no matter how relic they may seem, a lot of people are still opting to use them for cost reduction purposes. It is imperative to know the different types of TV antennas and which ones perform best in certain types of reception conditions.

All in the Present Improves Website to Deliver Rich User Experience

Renowned corporate gifts company, All In The Present, has generated lots of attention recently by launching a newly-enhanced website. The website has been revamped completely to provide clients and prospects a simplified way to browse through the extensive selection of custom gift designs and promotional products.

Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2014 - Worthy Deals on Haier Refrigerator and Wine Cellar

It’s now the perfect time for such a super big discount! Dealsdip proudly offers the best & the biggest Cyber Monday & Black Friday deals on essential products for every household. Dealsdip recommend all shoppers the cool products from Haier like Haier HNSE04BB, Haier HCR17W, and Haier HVTM08ABS.

Taking Luxury Polo Apparel Into the Future for Men Women and Children by Billionaires Row Collective

On many levels Billionaires Row has become a global luxury brand over night. Its founder positioned the company next to the strongest luxury brands within several verticals. Its launch party for its Champagne was at LIV Night Club in the FountaineBlu Hotel in South Beach (a Billionaires Row). Run by Dave Grutman its one of the most exclusive night clubs in the world. Two years ago Billionaires Row held a charity event at Ferrari in Long Island with Courtney Semel daughter of formed CEO of Yahoo and Ralph Lauren Charities. Last week is sponsored the Champagne for the Icon Award which was given to Robert DeNiro and Billionaire Carlos Slim. "One thousand million is one billion to put it in perspective. Billionaires Row is a unique place and William Benson's brand Billionaires Row is defining it," says Maureen Murphy, Sr. Journalist at Most Powerful List.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014 Deals on the Snow Blowers from Many Leading Brands

Since the season of snow is around the corner, a snow blower should probably now at the top of people’s wish list. Dealsdip offers all shoppers the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on popular snow blowers from various leading brands such as GreenWorks, Power Smart, Snow Joe, Toro, Ariens and many more. Dealsdip provides item details to help consumers purchase the right snow blower for their needs.

Romantic Bridesmaid Dresses Online at

LogoRecently,, a welcomed online store of wedding dresses and women’s special occasion gowns, has updated its new collection of romantic bridesmaid dresses. Besides, the company made a decision on launching a promotion to attach more customers. in order to attract worldwide chic customers who place an order for elegant bridesmaid dresses puts forward a discounted price, up to 70% off. And the new items have won thousands of positive reviews for its high quality and lower price.

Neat & Tidy Offers Vacuum Storage Bags at Great Prices and Free Delivery

LogoNeat & Tidy is established to offer top quality items selected from the best brands on the market. The company delivers ordered storage solutions by courier quickly and safe. It also provides people with the chance to get free products every month, believing in their best quality.