Retail Press Releases

Vestpakz Spends the Holidays at FAO Schwarz NYC After Exhibiting at the Smithsonian

Joining the likes of Ford, Caterpillar, Qualcomm and the USDA an inspiring product created by a 6th grader makes its way to the front of the line. Just back from exhibiting to over 35,000 guests at the first Smithsonian Innovation Festival Vestpakz now finds itself on some famous 150-year old retail shelves. The hybrid vest/backpack will grace the aisles of FAO Schwarz NYC for Christmas shoppers in search of a famous, healthy approach to a carryall.

Duette Introduces an Innovation in Electric Motorised Blinds: Breaking the Barriers in the Utilization of Window Blinds on Everyone's Home

Nothing beats an efficient window blinds when its full functionality can be wholly maximized with just one touch from a remote, as Duette showcases its electric motorised blinds to give ultimate comfort and control on every homes. Offering Huge Savings on Curtains and More

LogoCustomers can now receive up to 50-80% off on all curtains offered for sale by Maintaining their position as a leader in the online sale of window treatments since 1999, and often touted as one of the most reputed providers of a wide variety of curtains online, Swags Galore is now offering huge discounts on all of their range of curtains.

Newport Cigarettes Now Available in Custom Cartons at Affordable Prices

Newport regular cigarettes are a healthy alternative to commonly available tobacco based cigarettes. With a menthol based healthy blend of the tobacco content, Newport cigarettes offer a pleasant smoking experience, which is less harmful to the human health. People can now purchase these cigarettes from at affordable prices. The online store offers cigarettes in different carton packs to help meet the smoking requirements of the diverse group of customers. Brings Car Repair, Oil Change & Tire Change Coupons for Motorists to Enjoy Huge Cost Savings

Car owners can now enjoy a New Year bonanza with the new range of car service coupons brought by One can use these coupons for enjoying price discounts on a variety of car repair and maintenance services, changing oil and tire, and keep their cars in excellent conditions.

Best Stainless Steel Electric Skillet Reviews at

A lot of people these days can be seen to be searching for one of the best skillets they can use in the kitchen. With more and more variety to choose from, it is essential to do some research before investing in one. Electric skillets have become exceptionally popular recently and are available on sale in the market as well as at many online storefronts. is one of the most top notch sites. It serves as a brilliant guide for all those who are looking for the perfect stainless steel electric skillet. Not only does the site reveal a wide range of different reviews of new and old skillets that can be handy for many people these days but it also features a lot of ratings as well as customer reviews and testimonials for everyone's convenience.

Headed West, a Denver Smoke Shop, Now Offers Portable Vaporizer Kits at Discounted Prices

LogoThe Headed West, a Denver smoke shop, now offers closeouts on portable StayLit Cadillac vaporizers kits for just $49.95. The company has recently started a huge sale on various products for in-store purchases until the stock lasts. They are also offering 25% off on Noble glass water pipes which are priced at $75+. There is a 30% and 35% discount for wax pens which are of V2 MicroVaped model and Atmos Optimus E-pen respectively. Additionally, they are offering 20% off on all Tight Vac containers priced at $10. Customers can get the third Tight Vac container free when they buy two.

Just Published: "Vending in Argentina"

LogoVending sales continued to be insignificant in 2014, with a negligible share of value sales in non-store retailing. There are many reasons which explain the low development of vending in Argentina. According to trade sources the most important point is the strong development of kiosks, with more than 100,000 stores throughout the country which compete directly with vending. Other important factors are vandalism, which limits growth in public places, and street sales.

New Report Available: Leisure and Personal Goods Specialist Retailers in Finland

LogoLeisure and personal goods specialist retailers experienced another year of declining current value sales in 2014, with decline of almost 2%. The channel continues to struggle due to a poor economic performance and price-sensitive consumers, with many consumers remaining cautious in their spending. Growing competition from internet retailing and strong price competition between leisure and personal goods specialist retailers also impacted sales. Current value sales also declined during the review period as a whole. Leisure and personal goods specialist retailers is increasingly mature and competition is intense.

Recent Study: Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Peru

LogoChained parapharmacies/drugstores remain the most successful format in the health and beauty specialist retailers environment, accounting for 62% of overall value sales in the category in 2014. This scenario can be explained by several factors. Firstly, parapharmacies frequently invest in opening outlets within districts in Lima and cities in provinces where untapped demand exists. Secondly, tight competition among chained parapharmacies determines that leading players offer periodical discounts, promotions for specific groups such as elderly consumers, and free medical consultations on specific days. In addition, some consumers are increasingly opting to purchase personal care products through these outlets, as they usually carry lower unit prices than those offered within modern grocery retailers.

Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Venezuela - New Market Research Report

LogoImport restrictions and price controls caused high scarcity of several consumer health and personal care products sold at health and beauty specialist retailers in 2014. This situation was evident in OTC medicines such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen but also in deodorants, shampoos, razors, bar soap and others. Consumers frequently found that only one brand or even no brands were available at the store they visited. Such scarcity caused nervous purchases when the product was available and resulted in limited amount per person, as a way to guarantee enough supply to all households. Since prices are low because of the price control, most of the households consider that overstocking at home is a good decision. For instance, you can buy only two shampoo containers in every shopping.

Recent Study: Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in Argentina

LogoConsumers? loss of purchasing power negatively impacted apparel and footwear specialist retailers in 2014. To compensate for the poor sales performance in early 2014, the main chains, such Zara, decided to anticipate discounts and promotions which usually take place at the end of the season. Whilst the average price discount was around 20%, there were special promotions of 40% when paying with some credit cards, and even promotions such as buy-one-get-one-free, which is not common in Argentina.

Mixed Retailers in Peru - New Report Available

LogoIn 2014 mixed retailers increased by 7% in current value terms in Morocco, to reach Dh3.5 billion. Product diversification in department stores in Morocco contributed to boosting sales in 2014.

New Market Report: Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Finland

LogoHealth and beauty specialist retailers saw current value sales grow by 1% in 2014 over the previous year. The channel is fairly mature and competition is intense in many areas such as optical goods stores and chemists/pharmacies. In addition, poor economic development in Finland in 2013 and 2014 and growing competition from internet retailing further constrained growth at the end of the review period. Online chemists/pharmacies notably emerged due to legislation being liberalised in 2012.

New Market Study, "Vending in Chile", Has Been Published

LogoVending in Chile continued to comprise a very small proportion of overall retailing value sales at the end of the review period. In this sense, the expansion of vending is based mainly on the proliferation of vending machines in busy and potentially profitable locations. Impulse purchases through vending are often driven by the positioning of a vending machine in an attractive location, with the general rule being the higher the number of vending machines a company operates, the larger its potential profits will be. During 2013, the expansion in vending in Chile was facilitated by the establishment of more shopping centres in relatively small provincial cities in the country?s regions, many of which have experienced growth in suburbs in recent years. The rising levels of consumer foot traffic recorded in these shopping centres over the course of 2014 demonstrates that positioning vending machines in shopping centres as a potentially very lucrative type of business. In addition, shopping centres located in cities close to Santiago and also in the relatively large cities in northern and southern regions of Chilean remain very favourable locations for vending machines due to the high levels of consumer footfall they receive on a daily basis.

Report Published: "Vending in Venezuela"

LogoVending is one of the smallest channels in overall retailing with marginal value share in 2014. Most of the vending activity is concentrated in captive environments such as company offices. Value growth comes mostly from increased prices instead of expansion of vending networks. Will Be Attending the 2015 R+T Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany February 24-28, 2015 is a Florida-based online organization that retails, delivers and installs retractable awnings and retractable patio cover systems and other sun, wind, rain, bug and snow protection systems worldwide. From February 24th to the 28th, will be attending the Messe-Stuttgart "Key to Markets" Trade Fair.

Paula Roemer Inc Receives New Furniture Stock Including Design Bargains from All over the World

Great design takes inspiration from many places, and the current vogue inspired by globalization is to mix styles from around the world to create cohesive but distinctive interiors. Paula Roemer owns and operates a West Palm Beach consignment store which has been essential to local designers in finding exotic and bohemian furniture, ornaments and accessories for transforming modern homes with Asian flavors. The store has just received a new shipment of goods which can now be sent nationwide, allowing the store to further its reach in the design community.

Sacramento Furniture Store Offers Unbeatable Prices on Furniture Until End of January

Furniture is what makes a house a home, and luxurious furnishings can help transform a property, increasing the resale value of the home purely due to appearance, as well as offering families a great way to come together and spend time with one another. McCreery's Home Furniture Store of Sacramento has been furnishing local homes for over fifty years, with their collection always comprising items of outstanding quality and value. They have celebrated 2015 with a January Sale replete with bargains too good to miss.

Auto Parts Nutz Features Discount Auto Parts Online for the 2015 Winter Season

LogoAuto Parts Nutz is an online organization that provides discounted parts for a wide variety of automobiles. For the 2015 winter season, they are reminding both new and returning customers that they offer a huge selection of discount auto parts online for just about every make and model of car conceivable.

Successful GoPro Accessory the GOMA Solid Is Available on Again

LogoGoma Industries released their highly popular GoPro accessory the GOMA Solid on Amazon in November 2014. The turnaround in sales couldn't have been better. The GOMA Solid became one of the most successful GoPro accessories to sell on Amazon during the 2014 holiday season. The people at GOMA Industries did not expect this sharp increase in sales, so the GOMA Solid sold out by the beginning of 2015.

Adirondack Direct Announces Banquet Tables Available This Winter

LogoFolding tables that are designed to accommodate a quantity of people come in handy for a variety of industries. For instant set up and space-saving flexibility, folding tables make a great investment. The ability to function for various purposes saves time and money for schools, government facilities, businesses, and religious institutions. This winter, customers are invited to shop banquet folding tables at Adirondack Direct, which sells the furniture at wholesale prices. The company specializes in supplying administrative furniture to organizations all over the world.

Western Fireplace Supply Now Offers the Finest and Most Elegant Patio Furniture in Colorado Springs

LogoEnabling people to enjoy their own private outdoors, Western Fireplace Supply now offers the finest and most elegant patio furniture in Colorado Springs. The company provides a wide range of furniture items such as fire pits, barbeque grills, outdoor kitchens and much more. One can fully enjoy delightful summers in their backyard with this furniture. The company intends to provide only the best products to their customers. Western Fireplace Supply gets furniture from top-notch manufacturers from all over the world. Buyers can get patio furniture of various materials from this company such as aluminum, teak wood, wrought iron, sling and woven patio furniture.

Image Beauty Now Offering Fragrance Gift Sets for Valentine's Day

For the Valentine's Day holiday, many couples express their feelings for one another by buying each other the typical gifts of chocolate, jewelry or flowers. However, one item that also makes a great present is a favorite aroma. Perfume is considered a treasured item by many people who love to wear it, especially since it is created by top designers in the beauty industry. This Valentine's Day, Image Beauty is offering an array of fragrance gift sets from high-end brands. Customers are invited to shop the perfume gift sets, which are retailed at a discounted price.

Jeremy Argyle Is Offering Stylish, Comfortable Sweaters & More for the 2015 Winter Season

Jeremy Argyle is a New York, New York-based high-end clothing company regarded as one of the finest producers of shirts and ties throughout NYC. Jeremy Argyle shirts and ties can be found worn by some of New York's finest, including Lance Bass, former singer of N'Sync. For the 2015 winter season, they are offering some of their finest sweaters with a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics.

ATD-AMERICAN Now Offering Training Furniture This Winter

LogoErgonomics is a vital factor to consider when it comes to choosing quality furniture for an office or educational institution. Sitting in one spot for a long period of time can cause physical discomposure, which is why training room furniture should be comfortable and sturdy. This winter, quality computer furniture can be purchased from ATD-AMERICAN at an affordable rate. The international furniture supplier invites customers to shop their computer and training fixtures, which are designed with the latest innovative technology.

High End Look but Discount Priced Oak Conference Tables Available from Modern Office

When it comes to the important task of purchasing any type of office furniture, shoppers are wise to conduct a good amount of research beforehand. One example of an important piece of furniture is the conference room table. An oak conference table is where important meetings as well as other occasions take place. Finding a high quality one may take a little more time but it really is worth it in the long run.