Retail Press Releases

Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs Introduces New Product for Smart, Connected Home Technology

SKE Labs today announced the launch of its major funding campaign for the first ever smart container, the NeoTM Smart Jar. Using Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors, NeoTM tracks the weight and nutritional content of what it contains, allowing for historical and real-time tracking of key dietary components, including calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein. The accompanying mobile app can suggest recipes based on existing ingredients, inform when quantities are low, and track "best before" dates.

Hydroponics Supplier Mass Hydro Reopens Under New Ownership

Mass Hydro, one of New England's top sources for hydroponic gardening supplies, has reopened under new ownership. With the handover having been completed, Mass Hydro stands readier than ever to help hydroponic enthusiasts and other gardeners acquire the containers, growing media, bulbs, hoods, ballasts, and other supplies and equipment they need to make their gardens grow. The new owners of Mass Hydro are committed to evolving the already highly regarded hydroponics store into an even more vital and valuable resource for those interested in hydroponic gardening.

Parts Geek Announces Extended Inventory of Headlight Dimmer Switches

LogoParts Geek is pleased to announce that they have recently expanded their inventory of headlight dimmer switches to feature over 4,000 products. With dark roads and poor weather conditions hitting many parts of the country this winter, visibility while driving is essential for safety. A headlight dimmer switch is relied on to operate the brightness of various lights inside the vehicle, from the dashboard to the headlights. Has Made Buying and Selling Antiques as Easy as ABC

LogoLooking for one stop shop dependable antique furniture supplier? For consumers who wanted to buy top quality antique but having a hard time looking for one, then there's this one shop that features vast variety of antique that any type of people are looking for – Decorative Collective.

Finline Doors Launches New 2015 Range of State of the Art Glass Doors, one of the UK's primary glass door suppliers has just announced their new range of modern, ultra slim doors. Available in many such as bifold, sliding and frameless, the glass doors now come with increased glass coverage and the slimmest frames yet. Available with grade A glazing for effective energy efficiency they also have a high tech weather proof system to withstand any extreme weather conditions and continue the high performance with a long service lifetime. Finline Doors design and custom build the doors with any specifications chosen, and within just a few weeks the doors can be installed by their expert technicians.

Stockroom Is a Leading Seller of Furniture and Sofa Sets

There are various online stores selling modern artistic designs of furniture for a well planned house. People with a taste of these artistic designs prefer stylish sofa sets that help in designing their house beautifully. Stockroom is an online retail site which offers exclusive collection of decorative furniture sets and sofa sets. The site helps the consumers to purchase the products of their choice. The furniture accessories mainly consist of wooden chair, writing table, sideboard, bed frame and many more. All these wooden accessories are available in traditional and modern designs. Declared Astronomical Discounts on Day Dresses for Upcoming March Sales, a highly regarded online store which is known for selling quality women's fashion products, is going to offer 80% discount on selected items from 23rd till 26th March 2015. At, one can find different types of women fashion dresses and other accessories. Their customer centric approach and superior quality has made them one of the leading online fashion stores form women. Recently the owners hinted that they will offer even bigger discounts on selected day dresses in March.

Annee Matthew Launches New Website to Reflect Expanded Range of Products

Maternity wear is all too often a practical necessity, instead of a fashionable addition to the wardrobe. As such, pregnant women often find themselves feeling frumpy in clothes that either don't fit well, or look dowdy. Fashionable maternity wear has been difficult to come by, but Annee Matthew came along to solve this problem permanently. After years of successfully offering maternity clothes in Singapore, Annee Matthew broadened their horizons to include general women's wear, and have redesigned their website to reflect their new range.

Hose Suppliers Australia Now Presenting Their Customers with Advanced Services of Air Hose Fittings at Reduced Prices

Maintaining their position as one of the prominent suppliers of hose products since 1980, Hose Suppliers Australia is now presenting their customers with the advanced services of air hose fittings at reduced prices. The air hose fitting services that the company is well-recognized for are of top-notch quality and meant to meet the needs and demands of each of their clients. These products are mostly utilized for industrial, engineering, and marine applications. Not just this, all the products that the company provides are robust, durable, flexible, handy, and defiant.

Same Day Delivery Trend Continues in Hanging Garments Market

LogoUK logistics and road freight specialists have entered the hanging garment market after completing its first job in just a matter of hours. As reported in the Delivering Excellence newsletter, AYS Logistics has successfully transported 70 different clothing ranges, picking them up from an export carrier and delivering them to London Mayfair in time for the grand opening of a new, high profile boutique fashion store. Making the job even more impressive is the fact that the entire operation was planned in just a matter of hours. The company received the initial inquiry for the job outside of normal working hours during the night and had to load vehicles at 6am the next morning, for delivery direct to store in Mayfair at 9am. It was very last minute but managed to fulfil the early next day delivery requirement successfully.

Online Sports Store Launches Custom College Football Jerseys

The Recreation and Sports Store Online has announced the launch of a line of personalized college football jerseys. Each representing a different college team, the jerseys can be customized with a person's name and the number they would like to have on it. Items are then shipped directly to the customer.

Hertz Car Sales Receives Influx of New Inventory in San Diego, Seattle and Portland

New cars may feel like an enticing proposition, but they are actually one of the worst investments a person can make. New cars lose a third of their value the moment they are simply driven off the lot, and depreciate so rapidly that individuals will never match their use to the value. That's why more and more people are looking to buy used, or pre-owned, cars. The problem has traditionally been that cars have an unknown history and could break down at any moment, costing more than their worth to repair. Hertz Car Sales, however, offers only the best used cars, with an extensive authentication and certification process. Their branches in San Diego, Seattle and Portland have also seen an influx of recent, newer models.

Hertz Car Sales Illinois Receives New Inventory at All Three of Their State-Wide Branches

Buying a used car can be a stressful experience, and much of that stress is due to uncertainty. Many used cars may not have a full owner history and may even be stolen, while the mechanics of the car may be a mile away from irreparable failure, which can cost more than the car to repair. As such, those interested in buying used cars want to buy once and buy right, which is why more people than ever are trusting Hertz Car Sales. Hertz Car Sales Illinois has an extensive inventory which has just received a host of new pre-owned cars, less than a year old.

Cruz Cases – Providing Protection for Users and Their Phone

Life without mobile phones is unimaginable but one should also consider the hazards of almost "living" with mobiles. With the advent of Smart Phones people today depend on their mobile to do a huge number of things. But the radio waves that are transmitted by smart phones are becoming a topic of great concern, year by year. Currently government agencies and other health organizations are issuing warnings and trying to educate people on the adverse health effects of mobile phone's powerful radio signals especially when held close to one's body and head. But since one can't do without a mobile the better alternative is to go for Cruz Cases.

2014summerdress Comes Up with Updated Designs of Beautiful Garments

Women prefer to wear fashionable dresses for various social events like marriage, anniversary, office party, get together and many more. They prefer those dresses which not only have stylish appearance but also have good tailoring work.

Raleigh Web Design Agency Launches New Website for Virginia New & Used Trailer Company

LogoRaleigh web design and internet marketing agency, TheeDesign Studio, is excited to announce the launch of their latest website for Virginia trailer company, Pro-Line Trailers.

From Smartphones to Smart Bedding: SmartSilk Revolutionizing the Way We Sleep

LogoSmartSilk™ ( is revolutionizing the way we sleep with their unique and futuristic bedding. Certified as allergy and asthma friendly, those who have suffered countless sleepless nights and groggy, stuffed-up mornings are sharing their success stories, ditching meds for beds that don't contribute further to their ailments. Now Offers Attractively Designed Promotional Pens for Effective Promotion

Promotion is very important for any business to expand. Thus, it requires the proper tools so the maximum audience can be reached. now offers promotional pens that are attractively designed for effective promotion. The company stocks items that can be used as a promotional item in various events and gatherings. With the exposure of the name brand over and over again, the name of the institution or company is registered effectively in the user's mind. Products like pens and other promotional stationary items that are used on a regular basis have the ability to create a significant impact.

Badass Helmet Store Launched in Answer to Sorely Limited Selection of Biker Gear

A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety administration reveals helmets increase the likelihood of surviving a motorcycle crash by an average of 41 percent. Because of this statistic, an estimated 63 percent of bikers choose to wear helmets even in states where doing so is not required by law. The problem lies not in increasing awareness of the importance of donning a helmet, but in providing bikers and their passengers a selection of affordable helmets offering comfort and style while also adhering to safety guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation.

New "Active Lash" Sweat Proof Eyelash Extensions Offered by GBY Beauty

GBY Beauty, premiere eyelash extension and beauty service company, now exclusively offers Active Lash, a new treatment with sweatproof patented adhesive specifically made for a client with an active lifestyle. This service is available at both pop-up locations inside WAX Salon in Silverlake and Santa Monica, and also as a mobile on-call service. GBY Beauty has acquired international clientele, from Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Wonderful Oktoberfest Costume Collection from Ernst Licht

Pennsylvania based online Oktoberfest costume supplier Ernst Licht has a fantastic inventory of traditional Bavarian garments. The heritage German manufacturer creates fashionable costumes in all categories. You can find the quintessential lederhosen and dirndls in virtually endless varieties. Other costumes such as the aprons, short blouses, jackets, bundhosens, and aprons are present in different sections. Users can conveniently browse the well-kept website to take their picks.

Swags Galore Now Offering Lace Curtains at Discounted Prices

LogoMaintaining their prominent position since 1999 as one of the superior providers of curtains online, Swags Galore is now offering a wide range of lace curtains at the most discounted prices. Lace curtains are timeless curtains that are utilized to enhance all sorts of home decorations. The wide range of curtains that the company is offering include Priscilla Layered Ruffled Panel, Hopewell Lace, Valerie Curtain, Windsor Lace Curtains, Anna Lace Curtains, Butterfly Lace Fan Swag, Windsor Lace Swagger and much more. Besides this, individuals can also get these lace curtains in a variety of colors and patterns with Swags Galore.

Coupon Codes IO Publishes New Verizon FIOS Promotion Code as Best Deal Yet for Triple Play

Technological services are becoming more advanced all the time. This often means that the premium for these services keeps going up. Yet, life changes at such a rapid pace that these premiums soon become an essential. As such, more people than ever are looking for ways to save money on the latest technological home innovations. Verizon FIOS is a fibre optic service that offers superfast broadband, TV and phone services all in one. Coupon Codes IO is offering people an unbeatable new deal on the service, published on their website.

Great Area Rugs Launched Their New Website

LogoArea rugs are the best option to give that special look and feel to a room. Great Area Rugs is such a reliable name in the online market to sell area rugs. The main reason for their popularity is that they offer all sizes of area rugs and for any room. They provide all rugs whether for your living area or for your child's room! Their handmade oriental and braided rugs are two of there clients favorite. They also sell contemporary area rugs which come in a wide range of designs and colors. Covering the floors with contemporary area rugs is the best option to add sophistication to any room. Moreover, they also protect the existing flooring of the room. The prices of these contemporary rugs start at only 80 dollars and go up from there depending on their designs and material used.

The Original Hurling Earl Novelty Drinking Pitcher Mug Launches Pre-Order Sales via Kickstarter

LogoNovelty Drinking Mug Producers launch pre-order availability for 32 ounce novelty drinking pitcher and mug via KickStarter.

Parts Geeks Now Offering over 21,000 Radiators on Their User-Friendly Website

LogoWhen a vehicle's engine is running, there is a lot of heat that is produced besides that of which you feel coming from the vents. However, if there is too much heat, it can mean that the vehicle may have something wrong with its cooling system. One particular auto part that may be malfunctioning and causing the engine to overheat is the radiator—the part that regulates the cooling fluid (such as antifreeze) and pumps in throughout the engine. Therefore, when looking for an affordable replacement radiator, vehicle owners can turn to Parts Geek. In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is pleased to announce that they have updated their inventory to feature over 21,000 radiators.

Shira Esthetics Announces Additions to Its Shir-Organic Anti-Aging Line

LogoA new year means another birthday will be coming up and that women everywhere will be adjusting their ages ever upward, or at least coming up with new ways to pretend they don't have to. But with all of the anti-aging options available, age really is becoming just a number and people everywhere are looking younger and younger. There should be no reason that women can't be proud of that previously dreaded number and flaunt their years of experience and maturity. Helping to push this trend forward, Shira Esthetics announces additions to its Shir-Organic anti-aging line of products.