Retail Press Releases

Marks Jewelers Features Verragio Trunk Show, April 10-12

Marks Jewelers' exquisite showrooms in Montgomeryville and Levittown, Pennsylvania, provide custom and semi-custom jewelry options for guests. Currently, Marks Jewelers is announcing their heavily anticipated Verragio Trunk Show from April 10 to 12, 2015, at the Montgomeryville, PA location.

Announcing the Detroit Reborn T-Shirt Campaign

Kellen never saw it coming. "After almost two years of this I realized that my goal to really help people wasn't being met the way I wanted, so I decided to make a change…fast forward to today and we have Detroit Reborn." Now Offering Retro Sweet Jars in the UK

"I am ready to die, if Heaven gives me chocolates regularly." Such is the craze of chocolates amid any age group. To take the chocolates of retro style to the people, UK based has now begun offering jars with retro sweets. The sweets retailer carries a range of chocolates, sweets, hard gums, sweet hampers and other confectioneries. They specialise in bouquets, tuck boxes and hampers perfect for special occasions.

Haendlerschutz AGB Service Fuer eBay and Cludes Announce Their Partnership 16:00 April 05, 2015

Still many online merchants are clueless regarding the way how legal texts and inventory control systems are combined with multi-channel solutions. In this connection, Händlerschutz and cludes want to help with their products "Schutzpaket unlimited" and "".

Parts Geek Expands Inventory of Spark Plug Wires to Feature over 50,000 Products

LogoFor many people who in a hurry, there is nothing more frustrating than a vehicle that misfires. When a vehicle hard starts or misfires, two of the causes could be worn out or damaged spark plugs or spark plug wires. Most spark plugs wires should be check and/or replaced every 30,000 miles, however many neglect to do so just to save some extra money. When a vehicle owner finds his or herself in need of replacement spark plug wires, one place that they can turn to is In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 50,000 spark plus wires.

Total Scaffolding Supplies Now Offers Scaffolding Tube at Competitive Prices

Maintaining their name as one of the prominent suppliers of scaffolding supplies in the UK, Total Scaffolding Supplies Hire & Sales is now offering its clients with scaffolding tube at competitive prices. Customers are provided with the best services, be it commercial project or small domestic project to suit their specific needs. The company stockpiles a wide array of scaffolding products that are of best quality and are as per the all the relevant British or European Standards. Customers are provided with extremely durable scaffold products that include scaffold tube, scaffolding ties, scaffolding tower hire, and much more.

TG Wastewater Achieves a Breakthrough in Innovative and Sustainable Septic Solutions with Latest UL Approved Hiblow HP 80 Septic Pump

After decades of R&D initiatives and the constant development of its small bio-filtration systems for the on-site wastewater treatment business, TG Wastewater, an e-commerce business declares today that it's accomplished a revolution and happily launches the recent UL APPROVED Hiblow HP 80 septic air pump.

Remy Capillus Announces Private Label Program Available This Winter

LogoSalons and large retail companies looking to sell the best hair extensions on the market can opt for the Private Label Hair Extensions Program available at Remy Capillus this winter. Remy Capillus manufactures real human hair extensions derived from an ethical source. The Private Label Program allows businesses in the hair industry to purchase Remy Capillus Indian Remy Virgin hair extensions and sell them under the name of their own label. Customers and clients will love the natural look and soft feel of the high-quality hair extensions manufactured by Remy Capillus.

Smart Sale - SmartSilk's New Spring Sale to Offer 30% off to Online Shoppers

LogoThe SmartSilk™ ( bedding collection is now being offered at 30% off as part of the company's spring sale. For a limited time, shoppers can enjoy getting the most premium quality asthma and allergy-free certified bedding, pillows and crib sets at a generously reduced price., a Prominent Online Curtains Superstore, Now Offers Sheer & Semi Sheer Curtains at Low Rates

LogoSwags Galore, America's prominent online curtains superstore, is now offering Sheer & Semi Sheer Curtains at low rates. People can now save 50-80% at Swags Galore. These curtains are an economical way of covering windows without spending a lot of money. The company offers an array of sheer curtains in different styles and colors including Elegance Sheer – Gold, Elegance Sheer – Chocolate, Elegance Sheer – Cranberry, Elegance Sheer – Rose (Dusty Rose) and many more.

Appliance Repair Pros Launches New Business to Help Fix Broken Appliances Quickly

Appliances are often forgotten about when they are working well, people assume they will simply continue working forever, so it comes as an unpleasant surprise when one breaks down. Whether it be a washing machine, refrigerator, dryer, stove or oven, a breakdown can cause major disruption in the normal routine, which itself can upset life and work in such a way that is unacceptable. Appliance Repair Pros of Manitoba Canada have founded a business to put this disruption to an end, with fast and effective appliance repair.

SWEAT IT OUT Announces Ultimate Body Armor Carrier Compression Shirt Available

LogoWhether it is the duty of law enforcement, military training, working out or going hunting, the body armour carrier compression shirt by SWEAT IT OUT® provides extra muscle strength. When it comes to strenuous activities such as exercising or carrying out a physical job, the muscles can become sore or injured. To prevent chronic conditions from occurring to the body, individuals can wear compression apparel, which provides extra support. SWEAT IT OUT® is pleased to announce that their ultimate body armor carrier compression shirt is now available to order. The company invites customers to shop their compression shirts, made of the finest materials.

The New and Trendy Focus of Design Furnitures for Kids

After the recent years of continuous growth of LISTA NASCITA inside the Italian market of "Design for Kids", the company has decided to focus on one of the most interesting developing trends: design beds for kids and design furnitures for kids. This means new trendy and design furnishing products regarding the children's bedroom now available on

Parts Geek Now Offering over 162,000 Pontiac Parts

LogoEven though the Pontiac brand was discontinued over 5 years ago, that does not mean that people do not drive around in one of their vehicles any longer. To help Pontiac owners keep their vehicle running for years to come, Parts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 162,000 Pontiac parts and accessories.

Allbuy Brings Xiaomi Xiaoyi Sports Camera Camcorder Online

Allbuy has introduced an exciting offer on Xiaomi Xiaoyi 1080P 16 MP CMOS Sports Camera Camcorder w / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.0, which they can now get at a reasonable rate.

Allbuy Brand Launches Jewelry Collection

Allbuy Brand has unveiled its jewelry collection that is not only affordable but brings top quality pieces at users' fingertips.

Allbuy Brand Offers Discount Deals on Sunglasses

Allbuy Brand has come up with a season sale on sunglasses, which will allow users to make their purchases for 10% less.

Hertz Car Sales Announces New Cars in East and West Coast Dealerships

Hertz Car Sales has a unique way of doing things. From their low-pressure lots that can be browsed at a whim, to their Hertz Certification, which ensures every car has proven operational quality and a one-year warranty. Because of this, they have become one of the most successful used-car dealerships in the country. They have just released new vehicles in three of their strategic dealerships, covering both east and west coasts.

Hertz Car Sales Brings Latest Hertz-Certified 2014 Cars to Sanford, Santa Clara and San Francisco

Hertz Car Sales isone of the most successful used-car dealers in the country, going coast to coast and even over the border into Canada. The company has been so successful because they offer cars of an approved standard, and used cars that are no more than a few years old. Indeed, some of their vehicles even come from just last year, making them a good-as-new alternative to a new car at a far better rate. New examples have now been released in Sanford, Florida and in two branches in California.

Five Dollar Dan Releases Huge Range of New Gift Items for Five Dollars or Less

Gifts seem to be becoming more and more ubiquitous in the modern era. Where before perhaps a birthday and Christmas present for close friends and family would suffice, now gifts are required for colleagues and co-workers, distant relatives, even acquaintances. What's more, they're required at Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween and more. With more people to buy for and more occasions to buy, people are looking for affordable gifts. Five Dollar Dan helps people get great gifts cheaply, and has just published a new suite of five dollar gifts.

Prima Fashion Launches New Section to Host the Very Latest Fashion Items Added to the Store

Poland has one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and is a major exporter to the big nations like the UK and Germany. While they have many great industrial products, their fashion is lagging sadly behind. Fortunately the UK is a world center for fashion, and Prima Fashion is helping Polish people source major British brands for less through their e-commerce store. To enable people to get the very latest and best deals available, they have created a new section of the website which is updated live, with the latest fashion items as they come in.

TidePromDresses Launches Its New Online Prom Dress Store

To offer high quality prom dresses which perfectly meet the global standards to the fashion-conscious girls worldwide, a new online store, TidePromDresses steps into the market with its latest e-store launch., a global online lifestyle retailer of affordable items, sells all kinds of fashion and lifestyle items. From home improvements to beauty supplies, from electronics to fashion, it caters to every need of today's global citizen who want the best buy in everything. Right now, they have launched the online store with the latest 2015 Spring collection as this is the time of the year for prom.

Keyes Lexus Is Named the Number One Hybrid Lexus Dealer in the Nation

Keyes Lexus announces they have been named the number one Lexus hybrid dealer in the nation. They earned this honor upon selling more than 1,400 Lexus hybrid cars in 2014. Individuals looking to purchase a vehicle in the Van Nuys, California area should be sure to check out the Keyes Lexus hybrid inventory.

Cashola Launches to Help Brazilians Get the Best Deals Possible by Discount Shopping Online

Cashola is a brand new service offering people a new and unique way to save money. They are an online shopping portal that stocks some of the biggest brands in Brasil, including Ali Express, Submarino, Marcado Livre and even Walmart and Groupon. The website aims to allow people to do all their shopping from one central hub, but with one big advantage. All the items searchable through the hub are discounted, on special offer, have active coupon codes, or even have a cashback opportunity when purchasing.

Hertz Car Sales Announces 2014 Stock Available Coast-to-Coast in California and New York

Hertz Car Sales is well known for having the very best quality used cars available for purchase. This is because they subject each vehicle to stringent examination before awarding the Hertz Certification which makes them available for purchase. This ensures the very best cars for every budget, and Hertz then sells the best rates with high-quality protection and finance packages. Their latest batch of vehicles has just been released throughout California and New York.

Hertz Car Sales Offers a Wide Array of 2014 Model Used Cars Available from California to Toronto

Hertz Car Sales has become one of the most popular used-car vendors in America, and they have recently expanded their operations throughout Canada in order to dominate the entire North American market. Their latest offers include used cars released just last year in California and Toronto, going coast-to-coast internationally, in an effort to provide the best possible service. These used cars are now available for purchase through a number of Hertz's unique dealerships.

Hertz Car Sales Brings Latest Certified 2014 Models to Pennsylvania, Arizona and Utah

Hertz Car Sales has developed a formula that is transforming the way business is negotiated by used-car dealers. While offering their cars in a low-pressure environment, they also go the extra mile to ensure that their cars are of the highest quality with the Hertz Certification. This certification has just been awarded to our newest additions in three separate states, which are now being offered for sale.