Retail Press Releases

Boatworld Celebrates 45th Anniversary This Year

Leading UK watersports supplies company Boatworld is reportedly celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2014. The firm is recognised as the best online resource for watersports aides in the UK.

Sick Kicks Publishes New Videos with Installation Instruction of Nike Super Elite Bot

A bot is a program that has been designed to help save money on the limited edition shoes from the famous and popular brands. Sick Kicks brings personally developed bots for consumers who don't want to miss any latest release by Nike and other popular shoe brands. The web store offers a Nike Bot that can ensure the best performance and one can receive the free updates from time to time. This could be a great opportunity for anyone to grab a limited edition shoes at retail prices. They have uploaded a video with complete installation instructions for the benefit of the bot purchasers.

Simply Lids Inc. to Present the 2015 Simply Lid During the New Year

LogoSimply Lid Inc. has announced the 2015 Simply Lid. The recyclable, disposable lid gives consumers of hot and cold beverages a new drinking experience through its unique, innovative design. The 2015 Simply Lid is a product of Simply Lids Inc. President John Newman’s desire to create a disposable lid that gave the same experience as drinking from a reusable commuter mug. The design process began in the 1980’s when an everyday hot beverage lid was a flat disk, whose sole purpose was to seal a cup. To drink the beverage consumers had two choices: remove the lid completely or tear a pie-shaped opening in the lid and drink it from there.

Balance Bikes for Toddlers Website Publishes Top Eight List of Best Balance Bike Reviews

Shim Sham Life, a site dedicated to product reviews and news of all things home related, is proud to publish its list of best balance bikes for kids at large online retailers and your neighborhood home store.

The Best Wine Fridge Website Publishes Top Eight List of Best Wine Refrigerators

Shim Sham Life, a site dedicated to product reviews and news of all things home related, is proud to publish its list of best wine fridges for your kitchen or wine cellar.

Barcelona Designs Outlines the Ergonomics of Seating and How Eames Lounge Chairs and Ottoman Keep Up with the Standards

LogoErgonomics as defined by Webster Dictionary is “the science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely. Numerous articles had been written on how sitting all day makes for a bad posture and how a sedentary way of life can harm an individual in more ways than one. In most technology advanced countries, work are often done while sitting. Thus, it is important to choose an ergonomically designed tool for sitting.

Leading Online Firearms Retailer Offers Premium Kimber Pistols

For people who are seeking premium firearms, finding handguns from Kimber can pose a challenge. Kimber pistols are an industry leader in accurate, reliable handguns. While they are highly sought after, they are also hard to find.

Shim Sham Life Announces Launch of "Best Bass Earbuds" Website

Yakka, Inc is proud to announce the launch of its new website: Best Bass Earbuds. The mission of this site is to provide a one stop website offering product information, consumer reports and opinions of the best bass earbuds on the market.

Pop Vinyl Releases Information on Funko's the Hobbit & Guardians of the Galaxy Figures

For fans, there is no better way to express fandom than merchandise. Merchandise allows people to get a piece of the action, remember fondly their favorite franchises and identify themselves by their passions. Funko are passionate about great merchandise, and this informs their great design, making them one of the most popular kinds of merchandise around. is a site that has been getting a lot of attention lately and is dedicated to providing news on Funko figures and other products. It has recently released new editorials on the company’s latest collections: The Hobbit and Guardians of The Galaxy.

Glamorous and Elegant Evening Dresses at

LogoIt is true that every woman loves to appear in the most elegant way when they attend evening parties. A woman can look glamorous and graceful if she chooses a stylish and fashionable evening dress. Since evening dresses are available in different styles and designs, it is difficult to choose the best one. A growing number of women select to surf the internet to look for their dream dresses. is an online store with rich experience and can provide a wide range of evening dresses for the clients. It is right to pay a visit to to get a glamorous and elegant evening dress.

iDream Shop Offers Its Exclusive Collection of Wedding Bands and Rings

Irrespective of the place one belongs to, jewelry has always been a popular accessory across the planet. Their shapes and forms change but the demand for such products have always been growing. Tungsten is one of the recent additions to the metals in which these jewelries have been offered at. There are many companies which offer tungsten jewelry in various shapes and sizes. One company which has come up with its own manufacturing and marketing of Tungsten based jewelry is iDream Jewelry Company Inc. The company offers a wide range couple rings, couple bracelets, heart rings, necklaces, accessories, etc. Their products can be ordered online through their shop at Expands Selection of Fossil Watches, a prominent online fashion access retailer, proudly announces the expansion of their Fossil watches storefront to include a multitude of brand-new styles, designs, and collections. Fossil regularly ranks among the most popular timepiece brands and their products are world-renowned for their classic yet modern designs and functionality.

New Collection of Maternity Wedding Dresses Launched at the Ehomedress

LogoEhomeDress launched its new and exciting maternity wedding gown collection from British designer. This collection focused on enhancing the curves of the pregnant bride, with beautiful silhouettes that accentuate and flatter pregnant curves, using satin, lace, embroidered tulle and exquisite beading detail. The maternity wedding dresses in the new collection challenge traditional concepts regarding the style of gowns available to pregnant women, offering more stylish gowns for them. They can have a wide range of selections and it is not necessary to worry that they can’t find a suitable dress.

A Special Offer on Long Prom Dresses at

LogoLong prom dresses are essential to plenty of formal and semi-formal occasions. Long Prom Dresses Right from Floor-long prom dress with pleated halter, strapless beading long prom dress to one-shoulder evening dress, everything is available at

Attractive Strapless Wedding Dresses Unveiled at

LogoWith the strapless wedding dresses fashion trend being hot at the moment, many brides-to-be may select this kind to wear on her big day. In order to meet a majority of consumers’ needs, has launched a new collection of attractive strapless wedding dresses for this fall/winter.

SIXLESS: Women's Jewelry at $6 or Less

Jewelry tends to be an expensive item to purchase. Women want to wear attractive jewelry to spice up their outfits and keep up with the trends, but finding high quality, attractive jewelry at low price can seem almost impossible. Sixless is proud to announce the launch of our website that will offer jewelry for $6 or less. provides shoppers with fashionable trinkets that can fit anyone’s budget, whether if it’s a gift or for personal collection. There’s something for every gal.

DressThat 2015 New Style of Winter Weddig Dresses at Greatly Discounted Rates, one of the most famous dresses manufacturer and retailer in the world, offered a new assortment of wedding dresses and launch a big sale for these ravishing items.The top dress specialists of company make a marketing research before the coming winter, it has proudly updated its outfits line by adding over 200 new designs at online shop.

Shim Sham Life Launches "Toaster Ovens Ratings" New Website

Abbie Cheung is pleased to announce the launch of her new website: Toaster Ovens Ratings. Every month thousands of people are scouring the internet to shop for toaster ovens among other kitchen appliances. The launch of the Toaster Ovens Ratings website is to help consolidate consumer and shopper information all into one location to make it easy for people to research which toaster oven to buy.

Shim Sham Life Launches "Electric Bikes Reviews" Website

Electric Bikes Reviews is proud to announce the launch of its new website: Electric Bikes Reviews. The mission of this site is to provide a one stop website providing in depth reviews and consumer reviews of the top models of electric bikes.

Online Gift Idea Specialist Adds Innovative Comparison Tool of Same Day Gift Retailers Across Britain

Best Gift Ideas UK launches new online comparison tool of same day gift retailers across UK. This tool comes in handy for people who do last minute shopping or are always pressed for the shortest time to find a gift for their loved ones. Since commencing services last 2013, the online portal has grown to become the go-to site for online shoppers who want to be readily informed of shops with same day delivery services, exotic gift ideas, and an instant gift idea generator for all occasions, genders and preferences.

CDKPay Launches New Reseller Program

LogoThe rise of e-Commerce brought in welcoming trend and a fresh wave of compelling new technology that help drastically in reaching out to large target audiences. More businesses than ever are ready to sell their products and services using this new medium. Sells Modern and Classical Furniture Items

Furniture items are used in all kinds of establishments throughout the world. They are found in private offices, houses, government offices, restaurants, bars, theatre stages, schools, colleges and in many more venues. With new designs, structures and colours, the furniture items have grown in demand over the years. is an online seller of exquisite collection of high quality furniture items. It caters to the need of buyers from different backgrounds. Its clientele includes architects, designing professionals, private buyers, contractors and many more.

Parts Geek Announces Additional Window Motors Added to Their Inventory

LogoAs the summer turns to autumn, many drivers will opt to roll down the windows for fresh air over their vehicle’s air conditioning. When automatic windows are malfunctioning and failing to operate, the problem can lie in the motor. As a leading online auto parts retailer, Parts Geek boasts one of the largest inventories of window motors. In fact, Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they have extended their inventory to now feature over 11,400 window motors. Now Offers Seller Consultations & Website Selling Services

According to RJMetrics, there are around 110,000 ecommerce websites that generate meaningful revenue on the internet. is an online business broker that helps client sell their online websites. They are an ecommerce broker with experience operating, buying and selling eCommerce websites, Amazon businesses, software companies, eBay businesses, and they are also brokers for business that operate within the Internet space, but are not traditional eCommerce sites, like flash sales and daily deals sites, digital marketing firms, service businesses and app developers.

Hamra Jewelers Shares Their Tips for Picking out the Perfect Engagement Ring

LogoHamra Jewelers, a jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ, is offering up their expert tips on how to pick out the perfect engagement ring.

Alegantpremiums Announces a Wedding Gift Theme Online Store in Singapore

Alegantpremiums has recently launched a store in town where they provide gifts especially for weddings. They take special offers that are meant for weddings and presentation. All the items that are found in the store have a significant wedding theme and have a touch of wedding in it. By logging in the store they can always get inspiration for wedding gift ideas.

Revolutionary Beer and Beverage Holding Glove Goes on Sale

LogoThe TailGator™ glove is designed to change the way users have fun at outdoor events while enjoying beverages. The TailGator™ Beverage Glove features a patent-protected stow-away “Coosie” that can hold cans, cups, and bottles while out in the cold weather. This fully functioning pair of gloves keeps your drink cold while your hands stay warm.