Retail Press Releases

Carlos Lopez and Jason Reilley Unveil Brand New Crowdfunding Platform ToyBacker

Things are getting serious in the toy business. When raising funds for new toy designs or toy-related ideas, potential crowdfunders had their choice between Kickstarter and Indiegogo – until now. Startup ToyBacker is focused on the toy industry to give toy designers, inventors and creators a crowdfunding platform to call their own. "I see this as a masterstroke in the evolution of the crowdfunding world," according to Howard Sherman, considered one of the foremost experts on the crowdfunding industry. "What Carlos and Jason have created here is the ultimate toy store," he added.

Jacob Venture Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Official Release of Roundabout iOS

Roundabout promises to be the future of buying or selling our cars. Instead of spending hours searching, Roundabout users will be able to Broadcast the cars of their choice and let the seller contact them. All their personal information remains private until they respond to the seller.

Tea Length Bridal Dresses Comes Up with Its Designer Collection of Wedding Dresses

Marriage is an important social event and to make this event memorable women are always in search of trendy wedding dresses. They prefer those wedding dresses which have attractive designs besides having well knit thread works to protect such clothes from developing tear. Tea length bridal dresses have many rich collections of fashionable dresses for women which can be used in social events such as marriage, prom night and many more. These clothes are made up of good quality of fibre and have a very well knit thread work.

VB Dresses Features Variety of Trends and Designs in Ladies Dresses

Dresses for women are meant to be unique and special depending upon occasion. They love sporting different styles and trends with their dresses. VB Dresses is an online store offering a large collection of dresses for party, special occasion, formal occasion, prom, wedding, anniversary etc. The stylish dresses are available in different sizes and colours. Among the designer category, Night Moves dresses have variety in short, knee length and floor length. There are one shouldered chiffon ruched beaded, mermaid beaded, fall beaded, strapless beaded, ball gowns and other styles to choose from.

Yellow Dresses 2015, Designer Evening Dresses 2015 & Lots More Available at Discount Prices Only at

With a new collection of beautiful dresses, aims at creating a new fashion for the worldwide women in the year 2015. The new collection features their signature Yellow Dresses that have been spectacularly designed to enhance the dressing sense of the modern women. Besides, they have fashionable evening dresses, moonlight dresses and other dresses, available at discount prices of up to 60%.

Eco-Friendly Dry Wipe Launched on Amazon Curtails Chemicals on Faces, Bottoms and Hands

Innovation begins and ends in the most practical of places. Such was the case for Your Health Your Hands co-founders Natalie Erickson and Diana Jorgensen. They saw a need for something as simple as a better 'baby wipe'. No stranger to solution-soaked wipes doused with flowery smells hiding harsh chemicals, they knew there had to be another way. So they created a dry baby wipe made of some of the toughest stuff on earth, bamboo. Proving that a baby wipe can be a work wipe, a face wipe, and a travel wipe, tough enough to be tear-resistant and soft all at the same time.

Best Selling Poolside Basketball Hoops at Recreation and Sports Store Online

The best selling poolside basketball hoops for this summer have been announced by Recreation and Sports Store Online. Available on the online retailer's website, these high-quality products feature a portable and adjustable design, ideal for any outdoor residential pool in the summer. Best sellers include the Lifetime 1301 Pool Side Basketball System with Backboard, complete with a 44 inch backboard, a nylon net, and rust-resistant materials.

616 MG Launches New Site to Offer Consumers Target Prepaid REDcards Online

A Target Prepaid REDcard is a great way to save 5% on all target purchases. Though provided by American Express, the REDcard is not a credit card, and instead allows people to use a pre-pay system to load the card balance, meaning no monthly fees. Typically users will need to go into their local Target store to purchase and activate a Target Prepaid REDcard. 616 MG is a new site that offers the opportunity to purchase either a physical shipped card or digital card (automatically sent after purchase via e-mail), both of which are pre-activated and loaded with $1.00.

Ernst Licht Keeps Updating Its Collections with Latest German Lederhosen

The tight fitting traditional short leather pants from Bavaria are probably among the coolest heritage garments. Each year in Oktoberfest, millions of men and women sport their German lederhosen styles in full fervor. This merry festival in Munich is actually the biggest carnival of the world, held for straight sixteen days in winter. If you are planning to schedule a visit this year, get your lederhosen packing in the suitcase surely. Slashes Price of Doppler Diagnostic System EDAN U50 is a well-known online supplier for new and used medical equipment. They are now offering Doppler Diagnostic System EDAN U50 just for $13,999. They also deal in orthopedic systems such as surgical sutures, anesthesia machines and patient monitors.

As E-Commerce Matures, Discounts Give Way to Coupon Codes

Coupons are truly a great way for shoppers to bag some wonderful offers whether shopping online or offline. Lots of people in the United States have created a hobby out of this process by collecting these convenient money-saver discount codes and using them while shopping to get the best deals. The limits that some consumers go to in order to peel-away the dollars from their shopping expenses is remarkable and anybody can take advantage of these coupon codes by taking the next suggestions on board. Based on a recent study from Digital advertising agency, US people have used on average 16 discount coupons or deals (both online and offline) in the past 12 months. Updated with More Information About Shale Oil, a website dedicated to ecology and environmental issues, has been updated with latest information about shale oil. The website contains comprehensive details about this newest source of energy which many has deemed as the ideal alternative for conventional crude oil. The website further goes on to say that the US is home to the most concentrated and largest shale oil deposits in the world. According to, small areas in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming contains the richest shale oil deposits in the world.

Parts Geek Expands Cadillac Escalade Inventory to Feature over 6,600 Products

LogoAs one of the biggest SUVs on the road, Cadillac's Escalade model is also one of the most luxurious. What's more, the Escalade is one of the more expensive SUVs currently available. Therefore, if parts need to be replaced, it can turn into a costly endeavor for the driver. As a leading online parts retailer, Parts Geek makes it their top priority to offer their clients the most affordable replacement auto parts and accessories. In fact, they are pleased to announce that they have just expanded their Cadillac Escalade inventory to feature over 6,600 affordable products.

AWMA Announces New MMA Clearance Items Available This February

LogoAWMA®, a leading provider of marital arts equipment, apparel and more, is pleased to announce their new MMA clearance items available this February. On their website, AWMA® is offering MMA clearance items from the ProForce® and Tapout brands that includes but is not limited to gloves, shin guards and mouthguards, as well as punching bag set from Everlast®. Now Announces the Availability of Biometric Gun Safes from Eminent Manufacturer is now announcing the availability of a wide range of biometric gun safes from big brands. The company stocks best-in-class functionality biometric gun safes. These gun safes belong to top-notch manufacturers such as Browning, Liberty Gun, Fortress and many more. Their Browning M40F Gun Safe Medallion Series: 22-43 is very attractive and comes with optional accessories such as drawer, barrel rack, pistol rack, jewelry box and so on. This biometric gun safe by Browning is made with solid steel and has a highly attractive enamel gloss finish.

Nerata Offers Quality and Affordable Phone Covers for Apple and Samsung

Smartphones are now easily accessible and most people can afford it. This is so because brands now offer varieties of smartphones at different price range. However, a new trend has caught the younger generation of phone users which is the use of unique and stylish phone covers. According to surveys, phone shells are becoming a rage because users want to give a personal touch to their phones depending on their taste. Nerata an online store recently announced that it has updated its stock with hundreds of trendy phone covers.

Online Dollar Store Dollar Fanatic Pushes Forward Featuring 25 Different $1 Deals at a Time

Dollar Fanatic LLC., an Indianapolis, IN based Company that is an exclusively online retailer that sells everything for only $1 each on their website at At this time they're considered the only Online Dollar Store that allows a customer to pick and choose products all priced for only $1 each without a requirement of purchasing by the case or in large quantities. The website has some interesting characteristics like: featuring 25 different dollar deals at a time, Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more, and a Fanatic Rewards Club program that rewards customers for purchasing and/or referring friends.

Purium Health Products Launching the Million Mom Movement

The Million Mom Movement is a new initiative that is sweeping across America. The goal is simple, to have 1,000 women, in 100 communities who want to help 10 families each eat cleaner and greener. That is the simple goal of the Million Mom Movement.

Softnia Introduces Seat Cushion Designed to Provide Back Support and Comfortable Sitting

Softnia introduced their new orthopedic cushion produced with 100% premium quality materials including high density memory foam that provides unmatched support and comfort for the back and tail bone while sitting. Designed to be versatile makes it suitable for chairs and seats in cars, planes, buses, office and even wheelchairs.

Crosstown Plumbing Announces Sales on Boilers

LogoGreat news for NJ residents planning new boilers this month, Crosstown Plumbing has recently announced sales on high quality boilers and replacement parts.

Miss Marlin Custom Store Launches Kickstarter Fundraiser to Open Pinterest-Based Store

LogoShannon Horovsky has always wanted to open her own store based on her crafts and creations, but once Pinterest became popular, she finally saw a way that it could be done.  She and her team can create all types of DIY or craft items, post them online and offer them in an offline store as well.  Now, Shannon and her team have launched a Kickstarter event to raise funds for opening their online and offline store which is known as "Miss Marlin Custom Store."  The campaign is located at

Got Text Neck? Posture Pump Is Here to Help

There's been an uptick in patients complaining about upper back and neck pain – and doctors have finally put a name to the phenomenon. "Text neck" is the phrase used to describe the health condition where the neck is jutted forward – usually when texting on a smartphone or looking at a computer screen.

The Dyson Vacuum Website Offers Genuine Vacuum Reviews

LogoWhen it comes to buying a new product, every customer wants to make sure that they are making an informed buying decision, and that they are not simply wasting money on something that they know nothing about. This is especially the case with vacuum cleaners and when a brand has several different functioning vacuum cleaners listed.

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company Extends Presidents' Day Event

Due to the snow storms and extreme cold temperatures that have affected much of the Tri-state area this February, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company is pleased to announce that they have extended their President's Day Event. Their President's Day Event will go until Tuesday February 24th, 2015, and customers will thus have the chance to purchase their factory direct cabinets for up to 50%. Last but not least, the company is also offering a 0% APR and $0 down special for 36 months.

AWMA Announces Their Facebook "Fan of the Week" Contest

LogoAWMA®, a leading supplier of karate belts, MMA gear as well as countless other things martial arts related, is pleased to announce their Facebook "Fan Of The Week Contest." AWMA® Facebook fans will now have a chance to become their fan of the week by commenting on a post the company puts on their Facebook each Wednesday. One random fan will be chosen as the winner, and AWMA®'s social media team will post a picture of the individual to their Timeline. Last but not least, the winner will also hold the title for one week until the new winner is chosen.

New Schoolwear Shop Brings School Uniform Choice and Quality to Tamworth

Having established itself as the regional one-stop-shop for all things schoolwear from its Burton upon Trent Headquarters, Clothing4 Schools launches its Tamworth schoolwear store providing school uniforms for most local schools and academies.

Rags Totland Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Alva-Norge Scarves

LogoAlva-Norge is a scarf label that has sprung from a passion for design and fashion. I wanted a canvas from my art work and that is how the scarves were created. So far the label has been really well received and it has been endorsed by celebrities such as Deborah Meaden. As the label is growing and becoming more established I realise that I need better exposure and profiling. In order for me to push the business to the next level I need to reach a wider audience of buyers.