Retail Press Releases

Beech Tree Woodworks Receive 5 Star Houzz Rating for Outstanding & Ethical Custom Furniture

Getting high quality furnishings in the home is actually more difficult than ever thanks to the proliferation of MDF flat pack alternatives from places like IKEA. For those who want real furniture made from real quality materials however, they must go in search of Artisans, which more often than not leads them to Houzz. Beech Tree Woodworks, which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable use of wood, is a collection of artisans specializing in creating custom cabinetry and furnishings for the home. Their modern cabinets are so well regarded that they have been featured on the Houzz best of 2014 list.

Zeigler Auto Group Purchases Rosen Nissan in Gurnee

Zeigler Auto Group, one of the largest auto groups in the nation has officially purchased Rosen Nissan in Gurnee, Illinois.

24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads Announce Crowdfunding Campaign to Allow People to Keep Walking with Confidence

An important presentation. A job interview. A date out on the town. Just three situations where sweaty armpits can be an absolute deal breaker, and where conventional deodorants may not get the job done. Stepping up to solve this age old problem is the startup 24SEVEN who have recently launched a Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund their 24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads product. These armpit pads could change the way people think about deodorant once and for all.

Dress Supplier Tonarmoire Is Now Offering New Wedding Party Dresses on Its Website

LogoTonarmoire, an outstanding wedding dresses and special occasion dresses manufacturer and retailer, is now providing a huge 40% discount on its fashionable 2014 wedding party dresses. At the moment, all the company’s entirely new outfits are available at extremely affordable prices.

A-Line Designs Showcases Top Picks for Rooms and Furnishings in Oklahoma City

LogoA-Line Designs has a full collection of top picks for rooms and furnishings available on, consisting of a variety of styles and designs. This company is a premier interior design firm in Oklahoma City, having provided countless individuals with their services. With everything from home furnishings to wall décor, A-Line Designs offers a creative and unique approach to interior design for those who are looking for a way to transform the interior of their home to make it more stylish and enhance its overall aesthetics.

Wig My Way Sells Various Range of Wigs Online

Hair is one of those features that allow men and women to be stylish in their own terms. However, natural hair may not be suitable for different styles. Besides, hair has become one of the concerns of people on the modern age too. Hair loss and damage are common issues today. Wig My Way provides an easy and effective solution to overcome limitations of bad hair. It is an online platform for retail and wholesale of wigs for men and women. It has wigs of various lengths, colour and style. They also vary in terms of material of which they are made.

Fabulous A-Line Wedding Dresses for 2014 from

LogoRecently,, an outstanding online supplier of wedding dresses and women’s special occasion dresses, has unveiled its new range of A-line wedding dresses. In addition, these brand new outfits are offered at discounted prices at the moment, up to 40 percent off. The special offer will be valid until the middle of this month.

Jewelry in Hobe Sound Is Priced to Sell During the Christmas in July Sale at Joseph's Jewelry

Now is the time to buy Jewelry in the Hobe Sound, FL area, because Joseph’s Jewelry is having their annual Christmas in July sale. During this promotion all jewelry in the store will be up to 50% off already fair prices. This sale begins July 1st and and ends July 31st. No coupons may be used on jewelry purchased during this sale. Customers can call 772-214-1995 or visit for more information.

Daisy Nails Salon Announces Limited Time Offer on Eyelash Extensions

Daisy Nails Salon is well known for its premiere  nail designs  and for a limited time only, the boutique is offering up to 50 percent off eyelash extensions. The unique new method provides clients with luxurious lashes instantly that last an average of 6 to 8 weeks before they need to be reapplied.

Health Experts Recommend the Verano Vegetable Spiral Slicer for Healthy Cooking

Each day in the news there are reports about the growing obesity problem in America. It no longer just affects adults, it is now affecting children as well. According to official reports, over 60 percent of the adult population are overweight, and 27 percent of them are obese. According to medical experts, with child obesity on the increase and children turning into adults, adult obesity will increase to more than 30 percent within five years. That is why some health experts are recommending adults use the Verano Vegetable Spiral Slicer to produce healthy meals to help adults and children to lose weight and become healthier.

New Market Study Published: Grocery Retailers in Italy

LogoIn 2013, the Italian grocery category continued to witness a relatively poor performance in value sales, with Italian consumers increasingly moving away from expensive discretionary spending, rationalising their food and non-food shopping, and looking for value-for-money and discounted prices.

New Market Research Report: Leisure and Personal Goods Specialist Retailers in Greece

LogoThe near collapse of the Greek economy and the on-going austerity programme kept consumer spending power and confidence low for another year. Incomes continued to shrink while unemployment and insecurity rose, leaving little room for indulgence and personal "luxuries". Internet retailing placed additional pressure on the channel, with Greek consumers being more confident than ever in making purchases and comparing prices online. On top of this, informal retailing and open market street vendors competing with store-based jewellery and watch specialist retailers and/or other leisure and personal goods specialists such as media products retailers were also on the rise as a consequence of the recession.

Now Available: Mexico Retail Report Q3 2014

LogoMexico's retail sector represents a dynamic and growing market full of opportunities for investment. BMI forecasts that the overall economy will expand significantly over the forecast period with GDP increasing by 45% from US D 1 , 408bn in 2014 to US D 2 , 050 bn in 2018. This growth will drive retail growth with total household spending in retail forecast to increase 42.3% from US D 299bn in 2014 to US D 426bn in 2018. Unemploymen t is forecast to remain below 4.2% throughout the five year projection period, and the strong labo u r market means net household income will increase from US D 20,059 in 2014 to US D 27, 890 in 2018. In addition, the total percentage of households earning US D 10,000+ is forecast to i ncrease from 66.4% in 2014 to 79 .0% in 2018 , increasing population for consumers in this key income bracket and expanding the middle-class market. Together these forces create an average growth rate of 9.23% in the retail sector throughout the projection perio d and create a strong investment market.

Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in Italy - New Report Available

LogoDomestic demand for apparel remains weak and is decreasing. The negative trend was driven by reduced household purchasing power leading to lowered Italian household consumption. The unemployment rate increased to 12% in general and 35% among young people in 2013, which demonstrates the difficulties faced by the Italian economy. This is due to a lower confidence index, higher tax level (officially up to 46.5%), a VAT increase from 20% to 22% and lower bank credit level.

Just Released: "Internet Retailing in Greece"

LogoThe economic slowdown in Greece is having an effect on retailing sales as consumers reduce spending, yet this is offset by more shoppers using the Internet to find products at lower prices. Rising broadband penetration and a further reduction in Internet access billing continued to drive the positive demand of Internet retailing towards the end of the review period, despite the considerable drop of overall consumer consumption and confidence. Growth was sustained, however, as consumers came to the channel in order to enjoy the larger selection of products on offer, as well as greater discounts and promotions. As the popularity of this channel has increased, competition has intensified, with new retailers moving into the space and established ones coming to offer a wider range of products than is possible in bricks and mortar outlets.

The Future of Retailing in Spain to 2018 - New Report Available

Logo"The Future of Retailing in Spain to 2018"published by Conlumino, provides a detailed analysis of both the historic and forecast market data of retail sales of different product segments across key channels in Spain. In addition, it provides an overview of changing consumer and retail trends, the influence of various economic variables on the retail industry, innovations in retail, and an analysis of vital developments in major retail channels.

New Market Report: Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Greece

LogoThe recession has had a clear impact on the performance of health and beauty retailers in Greece. Consumers were forced to make cutbacks in most areas. Many consumers turned to cheaper health and beauty products and private label offerings where possible, with consumer trends shifting towards a value-for-money attitude.

Denver Recreational Marine Expands Stock for the 2014 Summer Season

Denver Recreational Marine has been in business since 1986, and has long been known for carrying quality used and new boats, but owner Danny McCall says their line-up of new craft is the best it has ever been. “We’ve been a Ranger dealer since 1998, but the addition of Sea Ark, Grumman and Cypress Cay Pontoon boats has allowed us to offer a greater choice to people who want to spend more time on the water.”

Human Hair Extension Frenzy - Online Shop Keeps the Stylish Woman in Touch with the Latest Trends

Some of the most famous models and pin-ups in the world use hair extensions to make themselves look even more glamorous than they already do. So, it’s a good job the United Kingdom has one of the leading providers of this product on the entire planet. The Afuro Hair Extension frenzy has only just begun, but already this company has satisfied thousands of eager customers, all wishing to improve the appearance of their hair and stun their friends and associates. All the products available from this company are competitive, but at the end of the day, one can’t put a price on looking beautiful? Updates Its Online Shop with New Colorful Trumpet Wedding Dresses

LogoRecently,, a distinguished online wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has announced its latest assortment of colorful trumpet wedding dresses for customers from every part of the world. Moreover, these new items are available at promotional prices, up to 40% off. Announces Its Wedding Dresses in Color for Worldwide Customers

LogoThe distinguished online wedding dress supplier,, has recently announced its new collection of wedding dresses in color for worldwide customers. To show appreciation to all its old and new clients, the firm is now providing big discounts for all these high quality outfits, up to 40 percent off.

Trendy and Affordable Celebrity Wedding Dresses Now Available at Kleidmo

LogoRecently, Kleidmo, a popular online supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion outfits for women, has unveiled its new collection of celebrity wedding dresses. In addition, the supplier has launched a promotion for these beautiful new items. They are now available at discounted prices, up to 40 percent off. According to the chief executive officer of the company, the special offer will come to an end on July 15, 2014.

Decorate Dream Home with Elegant Contemporary Furniture

LogoThere are many reasons to count upon as to why you should choose such modern day contemporary furniture for your home. They are stylish enough to fit in the trendy look, and vibrant and at the same time the little complicated design features connect you to the past, thus adding a sense of traditional old days. At Anima Domus you will find wide range of contemporary Italian design furniture in Aventura. Anima Domus offers most exotic variety of home furniture’s with diverse Italian designs and vibrant colors. Moreover we also present finest quality of high end outdoor furniture. For more details log on to:

Verano Spiral Slicer Has Become One of the Biggest Selling Kitchen Products on Amazon for June

Verano the name you can trust for top quality kitchen products are celebrating after their Verano Spiral Slicer became a huge seller on Amazon for June. That is not the only good news they are celebrating, thanks to all the positive reviews the product has received; it has become one of the most talked about kitchen tools on the Internet.

New Ebay Redemption Codes in July 2014 Launched on with a New Website Design provides resources for saving online and at local stores, discounts are displayed by a few options to help visitors to find the best coupons available such as new ebay coupon codes and other popular savings.

Eliminate All Skin Problems Caused by Aging Easily with Alleure Anti Aging Cream

Aging is ineluctable and everyone has to face it sooner or later. The first signs of aging come along as fine lines on the face. Here is a program called “Alleure Anti Aging Cream” which is developed for all skin types to bump off the signs of aging like laugh wrinkles, fine lines on forehead and cheeks. Alleure Anti Aging Cream does double duty. The serum perforates people’s skin delivering wrinkle-reducing retinol, while the moisturizer agitates skin within seconds. The cream soaks into people’s skin promptly and it was shown to bring down fine lines and wrinkles within just three weeks.

4th of July Sales on Memory Foam Compared by Memory Foam Mattress Guide

LogoJuly 4th sales are right around the corner, and for those seeking a new bed this summer, there are many deals and offers to choose from. To make shopping a little easier, blog Memory Foam Mattress Guide just released their guide to this year’s deals on memory foam beds.