Retail Press Releases

Barcelona Based Design Firm Greydot Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce Tubix Modular Pill Holder

At present, there is no alternative in the market to store medicines with style in a metal designer container. Most of the available containers are made of plastic. Barcelona based design firm Greydot wants to change things around with their new, modular medicine holder named Tubix.

Style by Lindsay Creek Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Featuring Home and Garden Decorations

Mike and Teresa Lindsay are proud to announce the creation and launch of their new website venture, The website offers a wide selection of home and garden decorations that are for many different styles of homes and include products like kitchen decorations, rustic wall art, decorative clocks, and much more. The Lindsays were inspired to start their business by their own love for decorating their home and their past retail experience. They wanted to create a website where they could offer great home and garden decorating items to customers who needed them.

Instyle Seating Now Offers Fresh Collection of Café Tables and Chairs at the Most Attractive Prices

Instyle Seating is now offering a fresh collection of café tables and chairs at the most attractive prices. The company houses some of the finest quality chairs and tables that are procured from the most genuine sources.

JMH Furniture Solutions Now Offers Commercial Indoor Stools at Cost Effective Prices

JMH Furniture Solutions is now offering commercial indoor stools at cost effective prices. The company houses the finest quality indoor stools that liven up any given space. Their indoor stools not only provide comfortable sitting, they also have the charm to add extra glamour to your home or business. Their indoor stools are widely used in cafés, restaurants and other similar commercial places. These stools provide comfortable sitting coupled with an elegant look. The company believes in outsourcing their products from the most trusted entities and to do so they travel in length and breadth across the globe. They carefully select their indoor stools to ensure that their end customers get the very best product. Announces Christmas Promotions, Delivery Deadlines , a leading online fashion accessory retailer, is very excited to announce numerous promotions and sales events for the Christmas season, as well as new services to streamline the holiday shopping experience. AreaTrend plans to run four unique sales events each week throughout the Holiday shopping  season, each highlighting either a specific brand, style, or attribute. These sales events will encompass discounted watches, designer sunglasses, handbags, and even combinations of each.

A Moment for Me Publishes Self-Care Calendar for Busy Parents

Daily Activities Help Parents Focus on Themselves While Caring for Everyone Else

T.C. Electronics – The One Stop Shop for All Marine Products

Marine ships and boats are highly sensitive equipment which need strong parts and components to go with them so that they can perform to their utmost capacity and deliver to the best of their abilities. However, if they are paired up with the wrong kinds of components and parts, there is a big chance that they may malfunction while at sea and this can result in drastic consequences for the passengers and the crew. Therefore, T.C. Electronics has made it their aim to provide the best GLM Marne Inc. parts to marine shipments and also for other customers as well.

Marks Jewelers Announces Special Men's Wish-List Night on December 18th

Marks Jewelers is a jewelry showroom located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. They are also a trusted source in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for brand name and customizable jewelry. Black Friday came and went, but don't worry if you missed the deals… there's still time to grab anything that's featured in the catalog. December's next event is Men's Wishlist Night. Their Men's Night is December 18th. This will be a perfect time for individuals to scope out engagement rings for that special someone in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery County, PA.

DIY Surveillance Pro Now Offering Sale Pricing on Home CCTV Camera Kits This Winter

LogoAs the holidays approach, many become cautious about the safety of their house as it fills with valuable gifts. There are few accessories that offer the sense of security that surveillance cameras provide. Protecting homes this winter, DIY Surveillance Pro is now offering sale pricing on home CCTV camera kits this winter. With the packages, a homeowner can sleep with peace of mind knowing their possessions are under the watchful eye of a camera.

Mark's Mattress Direct Adds New Serta iComfort and iSeries Mattresses to Inventory

LogoIt's the shopping season, and Mark's Mattress Direct is announcing they have added new Serta iComfort® and iSeries mattresses to their inventory. The iComfort® and iSeries sleep sets feature an innovative design made to provide a rejuvenating sleep experience utilizing a mixture of MicroSupport and MicroCool+ gels. These mattresses offer comfort where each individual needs it most. In addition, the gel beads that are infused in the memory foam are designed to pull heat away from your body, giving you a cooler and more comfortable night's sleep than traditional memory foam.

OOSILK Offers the Finest Quality Silk Bed Line and Silk Duvets

OOSILK is a online silk retailer from Suzhou, China, which provides 100% Grade A mulberry silk bed line and silk duvets. The products are certified to OEKO-Tex standard 100, and designed in timeless styles especially for Americans and Europeans.

Parts Geek Adds to Their Inventory of Catalytic Converters

LogoAuto manufacturers have implemented newer components to help limit the damage to the air and environment. Most new vehicles come equipped with an innovatively designed exhaust converter, the catalytic converter. When the part is malfunctioning, they begin to smell and cause the vehicle to stall, resulting in a dangerous driving experience. If replacement parts are needed, Parts Geek has announced that they have added a healthy number of catalytic converters to their extensive inventory. When looking to receive quality parts at discount prices, customers can find almost 20,000 converters from top brands.

AnnCoupons Became a Hugely Successful Discount Website in 2014

While there might be quite a few discount and coupon websites around at the moment, none is proving as popular as Ann Coupons. Since their launch date, they have experienced phenomenally high levels of traffic from all over the world. That is because the deals listed on their site are second to none. If you want to save money on just about anything, this is the place to look before making your purchase. On average, people using the site could reduce their spending by up to and including 50% over the course of a year. For that reason, we think you need to bookmark their page and take some time to have a look round. - The new site discounts and offers should not be overlooked by anyone.

Lemon Pie Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Interactive Kids Furniture

LogoChildren spend hours building their own fort from the remains of their home's living room furniture after tearing them apart. With endless time in hand, they can certainly afford to build and rebuild their structures time and again. Lemon Pie Designs was inspired by these childhood adventures and decided to create interactive kids furniture.

Fashion Industry Experts from Switzerland Have Just Released a New Project Called Recognizing a Gentleman's Claim - A True Quality Leather Belt

Fashion industry experts, Erik Typky and Jan Bachmann from Switzerland have just released a new project called "Recognizing a gentleman`s claim- a true quality leather belt" The project is now up on Kickstarter for everyone to see and be a part of. This campaign is showcasing the project in a unique way. The backers are able to get an inside look at how this idea came to realization and become part of the conversation on its future. Anyone who has an eye for fashion will be interested to see how this new belt concept works.

The Lots O'Toys Website Makes Christmas Shopping for Toys More Affordable

Lots O'Toys is pleased to announce that its comprehensive toy and game website offers thousands of different products from around the web in a single location. The toys offered on the website feature the best prices and widest selection from the site. Anyone looking for a suitable gift for a child of any age can use the one-stop shopping site to save time and money.

La-Z-Boy Spas and Hot Tubs Launch 3 Distinct Designs to Suit Every Taste and Mood

Whether used for therapeutic purpose or for enjoying a calm and serene evening with a soul mate, hot tubs are a perfect backyard placement for spending a soothing and relaxing time in the privacy of home. These portable accessories are available in several designs, shapes and styles and are composed of attractive attributes like bubble jets, customized massaging controls, comfortable seating space, recliners, luminous lighting, safety features and a robust filtration system.

Septic Tank Covers: Useful for Proper Functioning of Septic Tanks

Septic tanks need some maintenance. All one need to do is leave the septic tank bacteria to do their work. Obviously, it is necessary for one to guarantee that the tank bacteria are active and well to keep away from any kind of backup in the septic system although, then the system is unusually self-sufficient.

Hiblow Hp 80: Necessary for Proper Maintenance of a Septic Tank

Currently a septic tank is a need of each and every house. People should take care of the disposal of their home waste. It is essential if one wants to live a life free of diseases. Not only that however regular proper maintenance is also much important to treat the waste under it.

Dream Wall Décor Announces New Free Shipping Promotion on Wall Décor

Decorating the home and putting a personal touch on it requires a lot of ideas, and a lot of materials to make those ideas a reality. While many people have a vision, that vision is almost always more expensive than people realize. As a result, many people are looking to save money on wallpaper and room accessories, and Dream Wall Décor allows them to do just that. The website is renowned for providing high quality, affordable products, and is now offering free shipping on all US orders made over seventy five dollars for a limited time.

Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag Sets Crowdfunding Record at $350K as the "Most Successful Bag on Kickstarter"

LogoInspired by the classic barrel duffels of the 20th Century, The Bomber Barrel design team set out to create a timeless and stylish everyday bag suitable for carrying anything. The Bomber Barrel redefines style by presenting itself in a modern and simple barrel structure: purely austere and clean. Response has been overwhelming exceeding all expectations held by Lead Designer, Vincent Pilot Ng and his design team.

Hiblow HP 80 Septic Air Pump: Need of a Modern Septic Tank System

Waste disposal and sewage has been a big challenge especially for local governments in several areas of the world. Generally hiblow hp 80 septic air pump is considered as a best unit to be used in septic tank systems. It results due to difficulties that are encountered when the main sewage system is linked with every citizen. It is very easy to get a septic tank system that acts as a small scale way of disposing garbage.

Hostgator Coupons: Makes Cheap Web Hosting Possible

Websites are essential for businesses. In fact, businesses can't stay active without a site in today's net-savvy world. Many people make site for their own use. Whatever be the reason, whenever one builds a website, it is best to choose a professional web hosting service but sometimes a business do not have much budget to hire a service.

Lativian Team Launches Indiegogo to Bring Back Paper Dolls

The backstory for this campaign begins in 1992. A young Latvian girl named Claudia had a grandmother who worked at Riga Fashion House. Claudia's grandmother was involved in the process of creating fashionable clothing sold throughout the Soviet Union. And when she wasn't at the fashion house, her hobby was drawing paper dolls to give to her daughter. At this time in Latvia, beautiful dolls could be seen only on TV. Even Barbie was special and not available to everyone.

ARTeFAC Now Offers Classy and Elegant Dining Room Chairs for Sale

LogoBeing a global supplier of kitchen and bar furniture, ARTeFAC now offers dining room chairs for sale for both commercial and residential customers. Dining chairs contribute to the décor of anyone's home to a large extent. They add beauty and can also create an impressive impact on guests. While choosing chairs, it is important to consider certain things such as the material, durability, maintenance and most importantly, comfort. For a small gathering with friends and family, leather dining chairs are the best choice. One can choose from a wide range of chairs available online.

The Solid Wood Cabinet Company Announces Granite Countertops Available for the New Year

Homeowners who are arranging to remodel their kitchen or bathroom with granite countertops in the New Year can find the materials at a discounted price by visiting The Solid Wood Cabinet Company. The business sets itself apart from other Pennsylvania and New Jersey cabinet companies by offering granite countertops with special financing at the lowest price. In all, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company offers quality granite countertops to compliment any interior design.

Best Gift Idea for Him and Her This Christmas (2014) and Beyond

Once again, Christmas is around the corner, but the usual gifts of toys, clothing and make-up might not be the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones, if a recent blog post on is to be believed.