Retail Press Releases

Los Angeles Based Furniture Manufacturer Welcomes New VP of Manufacturing

Los Angeles based welcomes Richard Sanett aboard as Vice President of Manufacturing. Sanett brings with him a great mix of manufacturing experience; including 11 years at Tesla USA and 10 years in solar technology companies. His valuable experience and forward thinking will benefit us on improving quality and on time deliveries.

MIX Concrete Studio Sponsors Bradley Fair Autumn and Art Festival

MIX Concrete Studio will be a sponsor for this year’s Autumn & Art at Bradley Fair, taking place lakeside on Bradley Fair Parkway September 12–14. Throughout the festival visitors can watch as MIX hosts live demonstrations to bring original concrete pieces to life, from start to finish. Scheduled demo times will be announced in mid-August.

Because the Little Ones Deserve Great Bedding: A Guide in Choosing Baby's Bedding

LogoBabies are more innocent than what people usually thought about them. Many parents usually make a nursery for them, considering the best bedding, specifically.

Colorado Case and Cabinet Announces New Products

Renowned wooden furnishing creators Colorado Case and Cabinet are happy to announce the launch of a new line of bread boards and cutting boards to their online catalogue. The site features high-res galleries of their handcrafted furnishings and gifts for the home. A full lineup of bread boards and cutting boards will be joining their selection of beautifully handcrafted wooden book stands, blanket cradles, music stands and lap desks. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted by business owner and master craftsman Red to reflect the legacy of woodworking skill he’s learned and taught throughout the Southwest and Mexico over the decades and to display the natural beauty of the handpicked woods he uses for each piece.

Kickstarter Campaign Launches Customizable 'Fitness Couture' Clothing Line

LogoA new Kickstarter campaign is introducing ak-tiv couture: the first customizable fitness clothing line dedicated to bringing functional, high quality styles that inspire fashion forward ‘workout couture’. Do not be intimidated by the concept- ak-tiv couture is fit for men and women of all body types and all fitness levels. With Over 50 fabrics to choose from, the uniquely vibrant and practical designs are perfect for running, yoga, cycling...or any aktivlifestyle. Customers can choose fabrics to match their favorite pair of shoes or simply fit their body size and activity. Unlike many of their competitors, ak-tiv couture is not mass produced; each piece is handcrafted in the USA.

New Market Study Published: Retail in Saudi Arabia: Industrial Report

LogoWith double digit annual growth rates over 2007-2012, retail is one of the key industries in Saudi Arabia. Industry employs 4% of Saudi Arabian labour force. World-known brands are preferred to private label. Shopping increasingly becomes a form of leisure. Industry fragmented, being dominated by micro, small and medium sized firms. In 2012 almost 554,600 companies provided retail services in Saudi Arabia. Retail industry turnover expected to grow by 7% CAGR over forecast period.

Recently Released Market Study: Hungary Retail Report Q2 2014

LogoWe believe that the key drivers of growth in the Hungarian retail market over the next few years will be increased economic prosperity despite the financial downturn, easier access to credit and demand for premium products. Such trends will offset the negative impact of demographic factors such as an ageing and shrinking population, so the industry continues to offer substantial opportunities for foreign and domestic retailers.

Market Report, "Slovenia Retail Report Q3 2014", Published

LogoSlovenia's retail sector is set to post minimal growth over BMI's forecast period to 2018. Household spending is forecast to rise by 1.5% per annum, aided by falling unemployment and more households entering the middle-income wage bracket of USD10,000-plus, which will enhance spending power. However, economic instability still plagues the country, with real GDP growth set to expand by only 0.5% in 2014. Despite increased purchasing power, consumer confidence remains low, with premium brands and non-essential items such as clothing and household appliances suffering, allowing discount retailers such as Aldi and Lidl to increase their market share.

Just Released: "Electronics and Appliance Specialist Retailers in Colombia"

LogoElectronics and appliances specialist retailers is experiencing increasing competition from channels, such as hypermarkets, department stores and even stationers. These channels offer a variety of products both in store and online and have been very active in promotional activity. They have developed exclusive promotions for online sales and special prices for purchases in stores if customers pay with store credit cards. The increasing offer of electronics and appliances also responds to the higher profit margins that these products have compared to other products offered.

Getpersonalizedpencils.Com Now Offering Rubberized Sunglasses is now offering Rubberized Sunglasses for all occasions. These customizable novelty items are perfect to give out at weddings, birthdays, and corporate parties. Party organizers can give each guest a pair of sunglasses with their own name on it, or an imprint of the name and date of the event. With 6 new colors and a low minimum of 75 units, now is the time to get in on this product. Get free setup and proof and pay as little as $0.78 per pair. Customers can use the website’s free clipart gallery or upload their own artwork.

New Online Portal Launched for Selling Used Non-Fiction Books, CDs, DVDs and VHS Tapes is a website which offers a great opportunity for people who ask the question ”where do I sell my books, CDs, DVDs and VHS Tapes and get the best possible price for their items?” The website offers more than just computer generated and algorithm calculated prices for the item people submit to the website for selling. is made up of a team of real people who evaluate the value of each item submitted. This novel approach to buying used stuff online adopted by ensures that the website considers all Used Non-Fiction Books, CDs, DVDs and VHS Tapes offered to be sold to them including items which other websites refuse to take.

Lushes Curtains Blog Advises Customers on How to 'Be a 2012 Trendsetter'

Lushes Curtains LLC, Los Angeles preferred premium velvet curtains and backdrops supplier, are launching an Interior Design blog where homeowners can find out the latest trends in curtains, news, tips and recommendations to make their home look stunning. All products are available from the Lushes Curtains LLC website.

Trieck Announces the Launch of Their Official Website

Trieck, a Florida, USA based company today announced the launch of their official website - for customers across the globe. The site is a platform that allows the users to view, compare and purchase electronic products at most cost effective prices. Consumers can find wide variety of products including kitchen appliances, computers, mobile phones, laptops, televisions, cameras and LED’s among others from the platform. The company is also offering a 30 days money back guarantee to the customers.

Kooziesonline.Com Now Offering Bottle Koozies for Summer 2014 is now offering a wide selection of bottle koozies for all summer events. Fathers’ Day Koozies? Weddings, Reunions Koozies? Wedding koozies. Keep drinks cold and hands dry and warm, and look good doing it. Having some friends over to watch the game? Blow their minds with Longneck Bottle Jersey Koozies. It’s a fun jersey for drinks complete with sleeves and customizable team names. At just $0.94 per unit, these koozies are perfect for local teams and businesses who want to promote their brand name.

D. Robbins & Co. Now Offering New Wholesale Items for Summer 2014

LogoD. Robbins & Co. has several wholesale magic products available for their clients this summer.

The Steve Harvey Show Introduces Innovative Fashion Pepper Spray Bracelet

Remember the bulky, awkward pepper spray that your mother carried in her purse with her to the grocery store? Forget all about that. When popular talk show host, Steve Harvey, put out the word that he wanted to feature some innovative moms and their inventions, he did not expect to find the Little Viper. Created by Caroline Olah, the Little Viper is a cute bracelet with a powerful punch. Olah appeared on the Steve Harvey Show in April 2014, along with two other “mompreneurs,” and explained how the attractive, practical pepper spray bracelet was born—so to speak.

Kleidmo's New Fashion Sleeveless Wedding Dresses Announced Recently

LogoAs a popular and reputational wedding gowns supplier, Kleidmo has unveiled recently its newest designs of fashion sleeveless wedding gowns. These wedding dresses are in various kinds of colors and styles, said the manager of research and development department of the company.

Popular Sexy Prom Dresses Available at

LogoWith the development of internet, more and more people are shopping online instead of going out. And more and more businessmen start doing e-commerce. As a professional wedding dresses seller, the company produces various kinds of dresses for different occasions. And recently, the company gives a big discount to its sexy prom dresses with high quality.

Now Available: AEON Group in Retailing (World)

LogoThe second largest retailer in Japan and Asia Pacific, AEON has made gains in emerging markets. After entering Indonesia and Vietnam through convenience stores it plans to develop a multi-channel presence in both markets by opening large store formats. Its bold decision in 2013 to take control of the struggling mass merchandiser and supermarket chain Daiei in Japan, while conferring it larger scale of operations, will also make the group more dependent on the saturated mass merchandiser format.

"Grocery Retailers in Bosnia-Herzegovina" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoGrocery retailers in Bosnia-Herzegovina returned to growth in terms of selling space and retail sales during 2013. As weak as the economy was in 2012, it was not the main reason for the decline of grocery retailers. A couple of large retailers underwent a comprehensive restructuring of their businesses in light of industry consolidation processes and new strategic directions: Delhaize closed four hypermarkets and two discounter outlets, Drvopromet was taken over by Mercator BH, Amko Komerc and Skafa took over most of the outlets previously operated by Merkur BH, while NIS Petrol took over forecourt retailer outlets from OMV BH. All these processes and the weak economy resulted in the decline of grocery retailing in 2012. During 2013, there were no major shifts in retailers' activities due to business consolidation and other strategic activities.

Now Available: Homeshopping in Denmark

LogoIt is pure inertia which is keeping homeshopping alive. A limited number of companies, which have been on the homeshopping market since long before the average Dane heard about the internet, carry on their established businesses. This is possible because these companies built up their consumer base long ago and although this consumer base is obviously shrinking, it has not yet completely disappeared. But that new major entries should happen in homeshopping, reviving the category and expanding the consumer base, is hardly imaginable. The only future direction for homeshopping is down, and it is just a question of time before the market size becomes negligible.

Just Released: "Electronics and Appliance Specialist Retailers in Denmark"

LogoDespite the economic downturn and intense price competition between market players, electronics and appliance specialist retailer sales increased by 3% in value terms in 2013. The high pace of product innovation and technological advancement in electronics drove growth as the technologically-savvy Danes give high priority to remain in the forefront with the latest technology. It was particularly the smartphone and tablet trend which continued to underpin value sales growth in 2013. Interest-free consumer purchase loans offered by leading players were also a key growth driver.

Huge Price Cuts Are Offered Now on Graduation Dresses at Tonarmoire

LogoRecently, Tonarmoire, a famous retailer in wedding dresses and special occasion dresses for women has launched a discount offer for graduation dresses. Discounts of up to 60% off are being given to customers. In addition to this, the website has also been updated to include a new series of beach wedding dresses and ball gowns.

Mineral Makeup: Is It Hot? Or Is It Not?

Logo"I love it," Kerry Herta says. Herta is a 2011 Emmy Awards nominee for her work on the daytime soap All My Children. "I use a mineral foundation myself. It’s so natural looking, it’s like a second skin. And on hot humid summer days, it wears better than traditional liquid makeup."

Exclusive Browning Collection in Baby Clothes at Back40trading

Kids usually grow faster than the elders. It is in fact considered to be difficult to buy clothes that can be used longer. Parents usually are expected to purchase clothes that best suit and fit their children. It is difficult to get out of the house every month or every 3 months to buy a new set of clothes that would fit them. If one is on a look out for clothes of a particular brand and quality, it is even more difficult to find such clothes within a single store. This would take the entire day as one goes around searching for the best possible clothing for his or her growing angel.

New eBay Redemption Codes for June 2014 Released by now provides new updates to its database of eBay coupons ( as it now features many new discounted deals for June 2014.

Boro Blinds Provide Privacy and Shade with Style

There are many big and small things that when put in right place in a proper manner make a house or an office complete. The architecture and interior design of a home, an office, a shop, an educational institute, a medical centre and other buildings differ significantly. However, a few things remain common to most types of buildings and blinds are one of them. Boro Blinds creates and sells window blinds that are equally relevant and important for offices, homes and educational or medical institutes. However, they are often neglected in case of home renovation, interior decoration and other home upgrade processes.