Retail Press Releases

Country Gardens Blair Florist Partners with BizIQ

Country Gardens Blair Florist, a full service florist serving Washington County, NE and the surrounding area cities and towns, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in local web search optimization and search engine exposure.

King Athletic Donates $1 to Prostate and Breast Cancer Research for Each Amazon Purchase of Its Jump Ropes

King Athletic, designer of the best-selling Leather Jump Rope announced today that the company donates $1 to prostate and breast cancer Research for each purchase of its jump ropes fulfilled through The jump rope designer is hopeful that King Athletic will raise a significant amount of money for Prostate and Breast Cancer Research and help conduct studies for cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

"Slovenia Retail Report Q4 2014" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoWe anticipate that Slovenia's retail market will post weak economic growth over the next few years due to its economic and political instability, low consumer confidence, soaring public debt and aging population. Total household spending is forecasted to dip slightly from D 28bn in 2014 to D 27bn in 2015 and 2016 but return to D 28bn towards the end of BMI's forecast period to 2018.

Turmeric Studies Continue to Yield New Discoveries Worldwide

Plants have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. Turmeric is one of a number of botanicals that have undergone extensive testing utilizing the most stringent scientific methods and come through with flying colors. It’s been proven to be as effective as many commonly prescribed medications for conditions ranging from chronic pain to depression.

Smarty Pants Supplies Releases New Zester with Free Bonus E-Book Full of Great Recipes

The kitchen is a wonderful creative space where people can express their love and nurturing instincts for family and friends, and their options are limited only by their ingredients, their equipment and their imagination. Smarty Pants Supplies has now created a new premium chef grade quality zester which offers amazing labor saving qualities. Smarty Pants Supplies has celebrated its release by accompanying every purchase with a free bonus E-Book containing recipes so that buyers need only put together the ingredients to unleash a whole new range of flavors on their loved ones.

Newest Fall Wedding Dresses to Show Its Appreciation to Customers Offered by

LogoRecently,, a popular supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion gowns for women,has unveiled its new assortment of 2015 fall wedding dresses.All the worldwide customers can get a discount price by these days.

Bestdehumidifierchoice Creates Energy Saving Air Humidifier for Any Kind of Homes and Offices Use

Bestdehumidifierchoice recently launched an improved system of dehumidifier for homes. They are best suited for residential homes that have lots of rooms in basements that are not aired very now and then. No one wants to stay one minute in a room that is humid and smells of mold and mildews. These particles are the main cause of allergens and respiratory problem for most people which is the main reason dehumidifiers are required in every homes and offices today.

Buy Facebook Likes Cheap Delineates the Benefits of Buying Facebook Likes as a Successful Marketing Tool: Creating Traffic and Sales in a Snap

LogoFacebook had been known as the number one social networking sit since its launch in 2004 and it is here to stay. It had been the platform of personal, social and psychological expressions and had been considered as the melting pot of the digital world. It does not only cater for the communication of people all across the globe, but also a venue for self and business promotion through Facebook pages.

Tribulus Terrestris May Slow Down Effects of Aging According to Experts

LogoTribulus Terrestris is currently one of the most in-demand natural supplements today as it has been reported that it could boost the level of testosterone in the body which usually lowers down as aging occurs. Signs of low testosterone levels include low sex drive, depression, fatigue, obesity, low sperm count and decreased muscle growth. Health experts worldwide are recommending various methods in order to avoid low testosterone levels since this could lead to further health problems.

Best of the Kitchen Releases New Reviews of Colanders and Meat Cleavers

Best of the Kitchen today announced its review site focusing on Kitchen Gadgets and tools. What makes this site different is that it doesn't focus on flashy tools that are made mostly to look cool, but instead, zooms in on the types of equipment everyone actually uses. For example, it has an extensive section dedicated to colanders and another aimed at meat cleavers. This makes the reviews actually useful, rather than simply serving as eye candy.

Parts Geek Announces Extended Inventory of Alternators

LogoOperating as an important component to the electrical system of a vehicle, an alternator will recharge the battery and allow the car to start. When the voltage in the alternator becomes low and the dashboard of the car illuminates the battery light, Parts Geek will have the alternator needed to get the vehicle up and running again. In fact, Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they have expanded their inventory of alternators to now include over 30,950 products from a variety of brands.

FurMaster Deshedder Brush Emerges as a Top Rated Dog or Cat Grooming Tool in

LogoFurMaster® deshedding tool for dogs and cats is now one of the most popular pet care products available in Amazon. Within a relatively brief tenure in the world’s largest online marketplace, FurMaster® has received excellent response from its rapidly expanding customer base in Backed by useful features and affordable pricing, FurMaster® is certainly a must have product for pet owners that want their pets to always look smart.

Quality Plus Size Prom Dresses from Reliable Online Supplier EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, a well-known wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has unveiled its new range of plus size prom dresses. These new outfits are specially made to expand the company's market share; they are all made with comfortable material. What's more, they are all available at deeply discounted prices, up to 75% off.

New Options of Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dresses Added to EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, a renowned wedding dress manufacturer and supplier, has released its new options of mermaid wedding dresses. In addition, the company has launched a promotion of these graceful outfits. Now, all of them are offered at discounted prices, up to 75% off.

Beautiful Vintage Wedding Dresses Online at EhomeDress

LogoEhomeDress is an international manufacturer and supplier of wedding dresses and women's special occasion dresses. Recently, the company has updated its online category with a new range of beautiful vintage wedding dresses. In addition, the company has stated that all these brand new gowns are available at discounted prices, up to 75% off.

2014 Homecoming Dresses with Graceful Looks Released by EhomeDress

LogoLately, EhomeDress, a distinguished wedding dress manufacturer, has its new website with a new selection of 2014 homecoming dresses. At the moment, these beautiful dresses are offered at discounted prices, up to 75% off. EhomeDress is a reliable online store of wedding gowns and women's special occasion outfits. Its famous items include wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom outfits, evening dresses and so on.

New and Affordable Simple Wedding Dresses Announced by EhomeDress

LogoWedding dresses and women's special occasion outfits have taken over the market; that is mainly because a nice gown can perfectly show a woman's taste and beauty. Recently, EhomeDress, a distinguished online shop of high quality wedding dresses and special occasion gowns for women, has announced its new simple wedding dresses. Aside from that, the company has launched a site-wide promotion of these trendy outfits.

Johnson Fitness Offers High Quality Home Exercise Equipment at Affordable Prices

LogoBased in Taiwan, Johnson Fitness is the industry’s fastest-growing fitness equipment manufacturers and the world’s third largest equipment manufacturer. They carry a full range of new and high quality treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and strength training equipment. All the equipment is designed to deliver the comfort, control and convenience one needs to achieve the fitness goals.

The Whiteboard Store Becomes the Consumers Choice for Whiteboards and Noticeboards

A leading online whiteboard retailer has become the consumer’s choice for high-quality whiteboards and noticeboards at low prices. With their low prices and free delivery, they have seen their customer base grow on a daily basis, making them one of the biggest online companies for whiteboard and noticeboard products.

Auto Parts Nutz Now Offering Discount Auto Parts for Fall

LogoAuto Parts Nutz is now offering discount auto parts for fall 2014. The company offers the cheapest auto parts online for all major car makes and models. Whether buying parts for Nissan, BMW, Ford, or Honda cars, customers can be sure they will pay the advertised price. Auto Parts Nutz cares about customers and never hits them with surprise hidden fees at checkout. Get quality parts from superior brands including Airtex, Anco, Bosch, Dorman, Goodyear, and Catco, and still have money left over to put gas in the car.

Logolenses Announces New Rasta Collection for Online Catalog

LogoThe Rastafari movement is a very serious philosophy that takes much of its direction from the Bible. It is a spirituality movement that arose in the 1930s in the Americas and became particularly popular in Jamaica. It is sometimes described as a religion but is considered by many who practice it to be a way of life. Members of the Rastafari way of life are known as Rasta’s or the Rastafari.

Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight Provides the Perfect Tan

With reports that sunbeds can be bad for a person’s health, men and women are looking for the perfect solution to achieve that stunning tan. Thanks to SUN LABORATORIES Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight, adults can now achieve the perfect tan without putting their health at risk.

Sun Self Tanning Lotion Ultra Dark Instant Tint - Dark Now Available

For people who want to look good all year round with the perfect tan without spending a great deal of time in the sun or visiting a tanning studio, can now use the Sun Self Tanning Lotion Ultra Dark Instant Tint which is currently available on Amazon with a 50 percent discount.

Sun Self Tanning Lotion Ultra Dark Instant Tint - Dark Becomes the Consumers Choice

Sun Self-Tanning Lotion Ultra Dark Instant Tint priced at $19.99 provides a deep, natural-looking tan for the face and body while avoiding the harmful rays of the sun. The sun-tanning product is high in moisturizing formula and covers the skin in an instant. Unlike a number of other sun tanning lotions, it does of cause streaking or patchiness and provides an even coloring.

BMI India Retail Report Q4 2014 - New Report Available

LogoAn emerging middle class and a highly urbanised youth population which aspires to new products and brands should result in a strong rise in household spending across all retail subsectors over the next few years. We are particularly positive about the future growth prospects for communications, clothing & footwear and furnishing & home, with personal care & insurance spending also set to grow strongly. However, we expect food & and drink expenditure to remain the highest throughout our forecast period.

Vancouver Company Launches Indiegogo for Time Change

For all our modern love affair with electronic devices, the wristwatch still maintains prestige as a necessary fashion accessory. Now a designer fashion watch line is launching an Indiegogo campaign to get the word out about the designer C+C Lifestyles By Design watch brand, offering classically elegant and beautifully made wrist watches.

Feld Fire Announces Free Shipping on Most Fire Pumps

All modern fire suppression systems rely on quality fire pumps to provide the highly pressurized water necessary to extinguish flames, protecting people from injury and property from damage, and Feld Fire announced there is free shipping on most fire pumps in stock. These include gas, electric, diesel fire, transfer water and portable pumps at a full range of sizes, capabilities and water capacities. With a great variety of inventory, there are applicable fire pumps for either home, business or emergency firefighting needs. For more information visit: