Retail Press Releases

Masala Baby Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Masala Organic Activewear for Kids

Inspired by her son Elan’s never ending sense of adventure and love of sport, Masala Baby’s CEO, Dipali, wanted to create a line of spirited, bright, more evolved active wear that would inspire kids to get healthy, stay active, and appreciate the uniqueness of every individual. In developing the collection Dipali began to notice there was a glaring absence of good quality, sustainable active wear for children on the market.

Beech Tree Woodworks Receive 5 Star Houzz Rating for Outstanding & Ethical Custom Furniture

Getting high quality furnishings in the home is actually more difficult than ever thanks to the proliferation of MDF flat pack alternatives from places like IKEA. For those who want real furniture made from real quality materials however, they must go in search of Artisans, which more often than not leads them to Houzz. Beech Tree Woodworks, which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable use of wood, is a collection of artisans specializing in creating custom cabinetry and furnishings for the home. Their modern cabinets are so well regarded that they have been featured on the Houzz best of 2014 list.

Deiss Introduces Their Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler & Slicer Made of High Quality Stainless Steel

Deiss has just introduced their latest product on Amazon. The product is a stainless steel ultra sharp julienne peeler & slicer that lets user make restaurant-style dishes in the privacy of their own kitchens. A Deiss representative announced the new device and said, “This peeler & slicer is a tool we are very proud to introduce. Users will not only be able to make dishes that look and taste like they came from the best chefs but they will be able to make these dishes quickly and easily. Our peeler & slicer takes the work out of cutting food and let’s cooks have fun.”

Verano Releases Hot New BBQ Grill Mat on Amazon

Created to solve the problem of food getting stuck to the grill’s mat or tray, wasting pieces of food, and making it difficult to clean, this top-rated 100% non-stick grill mat has become the must have item of the summer. The BBQ Grill Mat can be used on the BBQ or in a kitchen oven, allowing people to grill ribs, bacon, chicken, steak, sausages, burger patties, fish, eggs, vegetables, seafood, pancakes, pizza, and much more, leaving behind savoury grill marks.

Ultimate Guide to Getting the Most Comfortable Mattress Released by BedEd

LogoWhen shopping for a new mattress, the factor shoppers are often most concerned with is comfort. After all, it doesn’t matter how durable or fancy a mattress is if it is not comfortable to sleep on.

Baby Equipment & Co-Sleeping Cot Hire Now Available at Reasonable Prices Throughout the UK

Parents who care for their children often have to purchase a wide variety of baby equipments, sleeping cots, buggy chairs, folding beds and other products that are essential for the safety and comfort of the little ones. But now, Little Ones Equipment Hire in the UK announces their baby equipment hire services, providing a host of baby equipment items at reasonable prices throughout the UK. Parents can hire a wide range of equipments, sleeping cots, buggies etc from them and can save a significant amount of money.

Make Me Something Special Reveals New Gifts Designed for Fifth Wedding Anniversaries

According to the Office for National Statistics, 33 percent of marriages end in divorce before the fifteenth wedding anniversary. Many fail to recognize the opposite of this statistic. If 33 percent fail, 67 percent succeed, which means people will need to have access to 5th wedding anniversary gifts as well as 15th wedding anniversary gifts. Make Me Something Special offers anniversary gifts for the newly married couple and the couple together for 20 years or more.

MallTop1 Now Offers Sensual and Wholesale Lingerie in Attractive Designs

MallTop1 has made a place for itself in the league of the topmost international manufacturers and marketers of sexy costumes and underclothes and they are now offering an updated collection of sensual and wholesale lingerie in many alluring designs and patterns. These garments are meticulously developed in state-of-the-art fabrication unit by employing advanced sewing facilities to get impeccable finishing.

Offering Clients a Token of Appreciation Helps Build Business Relationships

Corporate gift-giving is somewhat an iffy subject with certain businesses. Many are not comfortable with just doling out things, to avoid looking like they are buying the loyalty of their stockholders. The truth is, this couldn't be farther from the real deal. When done tastefully, corporate gifts can be a great way to reinforce your trust with business partners, as a token of appreciation to show them that you are grateful for their hand in your business' success over time.

Pet Care Guru Gerrard Larriett Announces Strategic Partnership with

LogoEntrepreneur and pet product specialist Gerrard Larriett just announced a strategic partnership with, an innovative new website that helps individuals start and manage their pet sitting business. The partnership will allow pet sitters who are affiliated with PetSittingology to become a Gerrard Larriett independent sales rep. According to Joshua Cary, founder of, “Becoming a Gerrard Larriett independent sales rep is a great way for pet sitters, dog walkers and anyone who knows a pet owner to supplement their income using their existing network."

OrangeShine Offers Two New Promotions for Women's Wholesale Clothing

LogoOrangeShine is a world leading women's wholesale clothing marketplace that distributes the latest and the most modern shoes, clothing, handbags, plus size, and accessories. The company currently offers two promotions for the clients: cashback and free shipping.

Harzin Jewelers Now Offering Bridal Jewelry for Summer 2014

LogoHarzin Jewelers has an exceptional selection of bridal jewelry for summer 2014. Summer engagements and weddings are always popular and Harzin is excited to open its doors to those who have made the commitment to come in and find the perfect bridal jewelry. Since every relationship is unique, the staff at Harzin takes time with each customer to select the bridal jewelry that symbolizes their special experience.

Kleidmo Announces Its New Range of Beautiful Sleeveless Wedding Dresses for Women

LogoKleidmo, a distinguished wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has announced its new range of beautiful sleeveless wedding dresses. Additionally, the company’s sales manager has announced that all these new items are provided at hugely discounted rates, up to 40 percent off.

Haip International Introduces the First in World - The Bluetooth Sports Headband

Maintaining a great deal of specialization in technology wearable products, Haip International now introduces their bluetooth headband, which is assumed to be the first in the world hairband for the sports lovers to enjoy music. A sportsman, jogger or anyone else can wear the bluetooth headband to enjoy seamless music. This hi-fi stereo bluetooth sports headband allows enjoying music wirelessly. One needs not to hold the headphone and can listen to the favorite music in an uninterrupted manner.

Wholesale Clothing Marketplace OrangeShine Introduces CashBack Reward Promotion for Big Buyers

OrangeShine, an online marketplace for wholesale clothing and accessories for women also offers an extensive range of Wholesale plus Size clothing has recently announced a CashBack reward initiative as an incentive for buyers who spend over $ 5000 or more each month on purchases from OrangeShine.

Tonarmoire Unveils New Wedding Party Dresses and Offers Dress Tips

LogoTonarmoire, a famous online supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion gowns in the current market, has announced its new assortment of wedding party dresses. All these outfits now come with big discounts (up to 40% off) and free shipping fees.

Popular Maternity Dresses for Summer Weddings Supplied by

LogoRecently,, an outstanding company in the dress industry, has unveiled its new selection of maternity wedding dresses. Moreover, the CEO of the company has announced great discounts on these beautiful gowns. All of them come with huge discounts at the moment, up to 40% off.

Peru Retail Report Q3 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoPeru's retail market is experiencing rapid growth, which is attracting a plethora of international retailers. An expanding middle class, easier access to credit, smaller households and increasing urbanisation are driving this trend.

Market Report, "Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in Hong Kong, China", Published

LogoThe influx of Mainland Chinese tourists into Hong Kong continued to drive excitement among apparel specialist retailers to expand their presence. This was especially underpinned by the high purchasing power of Mainland Chinese tourists, which saw them willing to shop in Hong Kong while being able to save on the high import taxes due in Mainland China. This in turn created a good opportunity for apparel specialist retailers, with players excited to enter the environment besides strengthening...

The US Business Agency Welcomes Kojima Electronics's Pilot Store in USA

LogoThe US business agency has recently shared its view about the pilot store launched by Japan’s one of the largest store, Kojima Electronics in USA. The venture- has received positive response from the business agency and Unites States consumers as it offers brand new electronic items at great discounts and promotional prices.

New 21st Birthday Designs from Logolenses

LogoTurning 21 is a rite of passage for many of America’s youth and Logolenses is proud to announce new Over 21 designs for the Life Events catalog. Because 21 is the federal age one must be in order to purchase or drink alcohol, many young people like to celebrate the event with big parties, going out to clubs or bars or just spending time with friends. A great way to commemorate that milestone is with a pair of custom sunglasses from Logolenses.

Teelaunch Propels Quick Delivery Time and Lowest Pricing Into the Printed T-Shirt Fulfillment Industry

LogoAnswering the campaign manager’s question, “So what are we gonna use for crowdfunding rewards?” teelaunch just made branding easier. The company offers flat rate pricing, expedited delivery and a guarantee on digitally printed products. Products ranging from t-shirts to mugs, totes to USB drives, and hoodies. By using digital technology teelaunch is the crowdfunding campaigner’s dream as they offer the best prices in the marketplace for minimal and large orders.

Kleidmo Unveils a New Design of Ball Gown Wedding Dresses for Worldwide Women

LogoKleidmo, a well-known wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has unveiled its new designs of graceful ball gown wedding dresses recently. In addition, it has launched a big sale for these new elegant wedding gowns. Clients from all over the world can enjoy a deeply discounted rate now, up to 40% off.

Area Rugs Store in Vancouver Canada, Absolutely Rugs, Announces Launch of Website

Absolutely Rugs, one of the leading stores of area rugs in Vancouver, Canada, has just launched their online store. With this, they will be able to reach a wider range of visitors across Canada and the USA. To help them announce the launch they are offering customers who visit the site a special discount on its entire collection of elegant classic and modern pieces. Using the coupon code 'Summer', customers will receive seven percent off their order.

Can This Toothbrush Holder Help Prevent the Flu in Schools?

Due to the fact that there are typically a large number of germs present on bathroom sinks (germs that can cause colds and the flu to spread in schools and other public areas), a toothbrush holder is a must have in every home, especially homes with small children. It’s a known fact – when one properly stores their toothbrush, it will help prevent illnesses such as colds and the flu. However, many consumers purchase electric and battery powered toothbrushes only to discover that ordinary toothbrush holders are too small and hard to clean therefore they need to find an alternative method to storing it.

A-Line Wedding Dresses in Affordable Prices Come from, a renowned wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, is now offering many kinds of elegant products for the wedding day. The company recently unveiled its new collection of A-line wedding dresses on its online shop. Offers a New Range of Petite Wedding Dresses in Its Online Store

LogoRecently,, an outstanding online company that offers various kinds of wedding dresses and women special occasion dresses, has released its new range of petite wedding dresses. In addition, the company’s chief executive officer says that all these flattering outfits are sold at hugely discounted prices, up to 40% off.