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Tweeds Moose Is Loose Fest Now in 15th Year in Woodland Park, Colorado

The dates have been announced for the 15th annual Moose Is Loose campaign – February 7-22, 2015 in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Duette Introduces an Innovation in Electric Motorised Blinds: Breaking the Barriers in the Utilization of Window Blinds on Everyone's Home

Nothing beats an efficient window blinds when its full functionality can be wholly maximized with just one touch from a remote, as Duette showcases its electric motorised blinds to give ultimate comfort and control on every homes. Offers Top Quality Office Furniture and Accessories at Best Possible Prices is a leader in modern office furniture that is an unmatched alternative to the superstores. The company spreads their services in all 48 states of the country and offers 24/7 online support. Their 38 storehouses located nationwide contain more than 100,000 items that are shipped either the same day of the next day after the order is placed.

TeKay Designs to Showcase Their Spring 2015 Couture Collections at Houston Fashion Week

International fashion brand - TeKay Designs - will present their couture Spring 2015 “The Crown Collection” at the Couture Fashion show on October 9, 2014 in Houston and their signature Queen Of The Brides collection at the Haute Couture Fashion Show in the Woodlands Texas on October 11, 2014. Both events, the Couture Fashion Show and the Haute Couture Fashion Show are produced by Houston Fashion Week®.

Ron McAvene Seeks $35,000 via Kickstarter for Hatpegz: The Cool Way to Hang Hats

LogoRon McAvene was struck by inspiration as every entrepreneur is; to take the common hat peg and turn it into something special every hat collector would want to own. Starting out with a comparatively limited product line, eventually he hopes to be able to offer HatPegz with all the major pro sports team logos on them.

Troy Massey & Brian Francois Seek $800,000 via Crowdfunding for the Skintex MRIII Cover

LogoIf a pollster were to a hundred people which creature is the deadliest in the world, the poll data would show a plethora of predictable responses; sharks, snakes, bears and so on. More than likely there would be virtually no data showing the truth; The most deadly species in the world is the mosquito! As quiet and little as it is, it’s not just annoying but deadly. Mosquitoes are responsible for over 1 million deaths per year with over 600,000 from malaria alone. Most of us have heard of Malaria while very understand that Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

Burke Decor Is Now Carrying Barclay Butera Lifestyle Rugs

Burke Décor is excited to be carrying the new Barclay Butera Lifestyle rug collection by Nourison. Customers interested in the rug collection can shop the collection on Burke Décor’s online boutique. Has Unveiled Its New Collection of Elegant Graduation Dresses

LogoRecently,, one reliable dress suppliers online, has unveiled its new collection of elegant graduation dresses. All these new items are clearly categorized for clients’ convenient. Moreover, the dresses own good quality despite the cheap price. Has Pronounced Its New Designs of Cocktail Dresses

LogoAs a reliable dress manufacturer and retailer, has proudly pronounced its new designs of cocktail dresses. In addition, the company offers the highest quality cocktail dresses at attractive prices. Customers can find a variety of items at up to 75% discount price.

Thriving Men's Fashion E-Commerce Site Has a New Look

UR Unique, LLC launched their newly redesigned website called First established in 2012, the men's fashion e-commerce site reemerged on the scene with elegant new branding and a redesigned logo that is the culmination of one hundred designers facing off in an online design competition. The intuitive new website now carries five of the world’s finest brands of men’s button-down shirts that include Au Noir, Frank Michel, Maceoo, Jared Lang, and Via Uomo. Most fashion conscious men will be given a chance to have easy access to the finest and premium designs of high quality shirts.

Hello Hair Styling Launches Publishing Reviews on Beard Trimmers and Hair Clippers

Hair is something that almost everyone on the planet has, and yet for a long time the commercialization of hair was fixated largely on the female. However, as beards are making a strong 21st century comeback, and the barber shop is enjoying a renaissance, men are getting more into grooming than ever before. To cut hair requires the right accessories however, whether cutting other people’s hair or seeking to do it for oneself at home. Hello Hair Styling helps both these groups find the best products available, and has recently published new reviews on the best beard trimmers and hair clippers of 2014.

A New Collection of Plus Size Wedding Dresses Are Available at, the reliable wedding dress online shop, has recently announced a new collection of plus size wedding dresses. In addition, the company has also launched a special offer for these fashionable plus size outfits. Each item in the new range is now provided with a deeply discounted price.

Koozie Orders Now $5 off at Kooziesonline.Com

LogoWith all the work and stress that goes into planning a wedding, it’s always nice when there’s one thing that’s easy. makes it easy to create visually stunning, high quality wedding koozies at an affordable price that all guests will enjoy. Need drink holders? Need gift basket items? Need mementos of the event? Get this – a koozie is all three. Hold your applause. works to make it as easy as possible to order large numbers of koozies that will give events style and personality. Visit today to save $5 off all koozie orders.

Shira Esthetics Announces Addition of Omega-3 Products to Inventory

LogoSpecializing in all natural skin care products that are rich with organic ingredients, Shira Esthetics is announcing they have added additional Omega-3 products to their inventory. The collection includes anti-inflammatory properties to help moisturize the skin, and acts as a treatment to various skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Huge Sales Offered on Fashion Items of the Online Store Dressve

LogoOnline stores now have made the life easier for the customers, as they can buy anything according to their choice and budget from the sales websites, while sitting back in the comfort of their homes. is one of such websites which has got the stock of several fashion items that are used mainly by the modern ladies.

OKG Jewelry Unveils Their Latest Collection of Custom Design Jewelry in Little Neck, New York

OKG Jewelry, a family owned jeweler, specializing in unique designed jewelry, recently unveiled their latest collection of sparkling custom design jeweler in their showroom in Little Neck, New York. These collections are exclusive and handcrafted with care, using the best rated quality diamonds sourced responsibly and the best gemstones. Offers a Collection of Chic Cocktail Outfits

LogoAlthough there are plenty of evening cocktail dresses are available in the market, not every party attires suits the body of a woman. In fact, the style of the cocktail party outfit lies in the way that it wears and if a particular style not suits the body of a woman, it will not make attraction. So, it is important for every woman who loves to choose party should select and wear the cocktail dresses that suits her body type. offers a collection of flattering cocktail outfits at affordable rates.

Graceful Evening Dresses Are Available at

LogoEvening dresses are available in different colors, styles and patterns and choose the best one based on the body type of the woman. is a favorite spot of many women when it comes to choose elegant and graceful evening dresses.

Dresses for Various Occasions Are Available at has become a popular choice for customers whether they’re looking for cocktail dresses or bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses or wedding dresses. The company’s website brimming with a selection of perfectly designed dresses at affordable prices.

ProvizSports Is Now Available Through Klarna for Scandinavian and German Customers

LogoProviz Sports had recently announced that they are now using the Klarna payment system for their clients in Scandinavia and Germany. Klarna is a popular Swedish-based e-commerce company that provides payment services for online retailers. Through Klarna, clients need only to enter their email address and postal code in order to make a purchase. Their bill will then be sent directly to them by mail. The payment system works byKlarnaassuming theretailer’s claims for payments and then handling customer payments, thus eliminating the risk for both seller and buyer. This is great news as theKlarna system provides security to both the buyer and the seller and as such it is becoming an increasingly popular e-commerce option in many European countries.

Best Halloween Costumes Ever Preps for October Celebrations with Costume Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Best Halloween Costumes Ever preps up for the upcoming Halloween celebrations all over America by intensifying their costume ideas page from new articles to video tips and new items all available via Amazon. Their adult Halloween costumes teem from couples to sexy, funny, and last-minute options.

Fibica Bridges the Gap Between Rockshox Reba and Other High End Bike Parts and Biking Enthusiasts

LogoRockshox is one of the companies to who pioneered in the production of bicycle suspension forks. Today, Rockshox is the top competitor in the industry producing nothing but high performing suspension products that comes in unmatched and trendy designs.

Battery Buying Comes Up with Its Range of Batteries for Various Electronic Products

Most of the technical devices today require specific kinds of batteries to run smoothly. One can say that batteries tend to be the lifeline of various electronic products. It is important to buy quality batteries for various electronic items so that they last long and there is no interruption in the work. The batteries in most of the products can be recharged and this proves to be useful for people who are always on the go. Battery Buying is one such company that provides durable batteries for various products to clients in different parts of the world.

Send Gifts to Manila with

LogoManila has always been thought to be the center of the Philippines. This is because it is the place where all commercial and industrial activities in the country take place. But even if this is the case, it is still quite hard to reach Manila for people who are living in other countries. In fact, they may have to look for somebody who will take a trip back to the Philippines if they ever wanted to send a gift to their loved ones.

Crowdfunding Is Sought for the Urban Tweeters; Elegant Birds in the Form of Drinking Vessels Designed to Enhance Every Dining Experience

LogoCreated using ceramic and wood, glassware evolves into drinkware with this set that captures the ethereal beauty of the bird it was inspired from; the Indian Robin.

Online Gift Shops: The Answer to All Online Gift Delivery Needs

LogoThe presence of the Internet proves that boundaries are nothing but imaginary. For one, anyone can now communicate no matter where they are in the world. Aside from communication, people can also share their experiences via photos and videos on Facebook and other social networking websites. But then, it is still missing one factor: physical contact.

Send Gifts to Philippines This Christmas with Regalo Manila

LogoNow that the calendar has hit a “ber” month, more and more Filipinos are becoming excited for the coming of Christmas. After all, Christmas is an occasion that is well celebrated in the country. Not only does it mean that tables will be filled with food, it is also a time when people receive lots of gifts from their friends and relatives.