Technology Press Releases

Magline Self Stabilizing Truck Receives High Ratings by Humantech Ergonomics

Michael Hoonhorst, Senior Consultant and Ergonomics Engineer for Humantech Ergonomics, explained the 4 star rating and the categories used in reviewing the Magliner Self-Stabilizing Truck. Magline, Inc., the innovative lightweight route distribution company, and Rotacaster, maker of the first multi-directional industrial wheel, developed the Self-Stabilizing truck. The Humantech Ergonomics video can be viewed at:

Sentient Science Begins Distribution of DigitalClone Live 2.0 to Predict and Extend the Life of Mechanical Systems

Sentient Science announced today the release of DigitalClone Live 2.0. The software is a computational tool and condition-based monitoring service that helps companies predict and extend the life and performance of critical components in design, testing, procurements and service.

Magline Team Executive Karl Jensen Brings CoolLift to PACK EXPO in Two Weeks

LogoKarl Jensen is the National Sales Executive for Magliner CooLift Delivery Systems. Jensen, a high-achieving sales professional with a strong track record in customer service and retention, is responsible for expanding the sales of the CooLift Delivery System and related services in North America. Magline has taken a leadership role in route distribution which directly impacts those industries involved with packing and packaging. Because of this important industry leadership role, Magline, Inc. will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 23-25, 2013 located at booth #7457.

TraceGains Assists Food Manufacturers with FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Rule

LogoMargaret A. Hamburg, M.D., Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration highlights why it is important that Americans do everything they can to help ensure that foods exported to the United States are safe for American families. TraceGains assists food and beverage manufacturers that imported raw ingredients they use are compliant with their specifications and with supporting documentation for the ingredients. TraceGains is prepared to assist food manufacturers to meet compliance with regulations administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Foreign Supplier Verification rule.

Business Mobile Help from FITB Academy

The FITBAcademy offers “Fill in the Blanks” for using mobile devices, smart phones and other latest gadgets for business purposes. The entire business can be operated via these gadgets and it is crucial to know how exactly these devices can be put to use in order to get the maximum output. FITB Academy offers Mobile Business Help for all those entrepreneurs who have recently purchases tablets, smartphones, iphones, etc or for those entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge on operating their devices.

Modern Customised Label Printers Offer the Latest in the Field of Easy and Quick Label Making

Finding a suitable label maker for a product is most essential to promote a brand in the extremely competitive markets of today. It is essential to find a label printer that is compatible with all versions of windows like Vista, XP and Windows 7 & 8. A good printer avoids the hassles of sheet-labels and work without an expensive ink and toner must be chosen. Some good company’s offers have included software that allows the printing of labels directly from text in popular software programs and many other features.

Millions of Websites Hosting Platforms Have Mushroomed in Recent Years and Ipage Stands out in the Crowd

A web hosting platform is needed by those who want to set up a quality and affordable website for either personal interest or a business.

Convert Audio Free Launch FLV to AVI Converter to Make Online Videos Playable Offline

The online revolution has made media available to the world in previously unprecedented ways. The advent of new technologies means that there are more content creators in visual media than ever before, and many of these are finding their first exposure in online video using sites like YouTube and Vimeo. These sites use Flash to power their video delivery systems, which require videos to be in FLV format. Though in many cases videos can be downloaded easily from these sites, FLV files still can’t be played on most devices without installing additional software. Convert Audio Free has created an FLV to AVI converter that solves this problem.

SF Multimedia Producer Makes Top 40 Single in the Millennial Generation Way

If you were part of the dance-club scene in the mid-90s, then you’ll likely remember the Top 40 single “Do You Miss Me?” performed by Jocelyn Enriquez and written by Glenn Gutierrez. The single peaked on several Billboard charts, including the coveted Top 40. The song was both a domestic and international hit.

Can I Ask a Question?- Facebook Community for All the Curious Minds out There

LogoCan I ask a question? is an exceptionally fast growing Facebook community/page that started off just three days back and already has twenty three thousand seven hundred and thirty seven likes on the page. Can I ask a question? is gathering attention from all over the world and is an exciting space to gain knowledge about the indiscriminate things you can ever imagine. They have serious topics such as ‘Is twitter being sold’ as well as random topics such as ‘Do animals greet each other’.

5 Years in the Making: Indie Game Digs for Completion Funds on Kickstarter

With aesthetics that blur the line between He-Man Masters of the Universe and a late 80's arcade machine, Dungeons the Eye of Draconus has started to emerged from the single-bedroom apartment that birthed it. Forged by a three-person team, this arcade style 3-player brawler is finally on the verge of completion. After losing their lead sprite artist in 2011, team SuckerFree Games has endured a series of disasters including their apartment flooding with sewage and job loss. They survived a car wreck, multiple deaths in the family, and a stroke. But they did not quit. Rather, the team has regrouped, vetted a new artist and is on the march to Kickstarter glory. Their intent? To secure completion funds, potentially qualify for OUYA's #FreetheGames fund and be released in time for PAX Prime 2014.

A Complete Guide to Choose an Authentic Web Hosting Service Provider

One of the most important decisions while creating a website is to choose a reliable and efficient web hosting service provider. An ideal web hosting service provider provides ample amount for storage space to save the web files required to publish a website over the internet. Apart from storage space, server performance, real uptime, freebies, price, some ecommerce features, email account features, blogging tools, and many more are also important features ought to be considered while buying a web hosting plan.

Review Top Web Hosts to Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan Deal

In recent times, internet has made an irreplaceable place in people’s life. Prior to investing in any product or service, the consume base tends to take help of internet in order to check the reviews and rating or company reputation. Hence, it becomes imperative for businesses to create a strong online presence by building a smooth, clean, and interactive website. To create a robust website, it is highly important to leverage services of an efficient web hosting service provider. A web hosting company offers storage space to the website owner to store his web files required to publish the website over the internet.

Katy Perry Races to the No.1 Spot Again with "Roar" on Latest iTunes Music Charts

LogoApple has updated its latest iTunes Music Charts (ending Sept. 2, 2013). Just as expected, Katy Perry once again reached the No.1 spot with her lead single "Roar" from her upcoming album "Prism". "Roar" is widely claimed to be the biggest digital song debut of 2013, even surpassing One Direction's "Best Song Ever."

EZ-Xpo Announces the World's 1st Personalized Virtual Event Engine for Better Trade Show and Conference ROI

LogoeZ-Xpo, the global leader in All-in-1 Virtual Trade Shows and Private Business Networking solutions, announced its newest addition to its products and services with the eZ-Xpo Personalization Engine to enhance the virtual trade show experience for every attendee and exhibitor. With eZ-Xpo Personalization, attendees no longer have to waste time searching for virtual booth of their preferred exhibitors.

Corna Shop Laptops - Quality Reviews on Laptops Under 500

LogoIt has never been disputed over whether computers have assisted in producing efficiency. Although the invention of the laptop has made human living busier and seemingly complicated it has in fact offered flexibility and the option to accomplish more with minimal investment. Work that used to require actual presence can now be done virtually. The steady progress in technology has shaped the laptop into a product that is indispensible to the businessman, student, and essentially anyone who has much to accomplish within constraints of time and effort. Corna Shop Laptops is a newly launched website that is geared towards providing service seekers with the necessary information required to select the best laptop in the market according to one’s personal needs.

Technology Website Softwarelint Launches Its Own App on Google Play Store

Softwarelint, created in November 2011, now generates millions of impressions both on apps and app stores every month, and is optimised to give advertisers the maximum quality with affordable prices. This excellent targeting system means that both customers and advertisers get the maximum from each impression.

I-Lite Revitalise Their Online Presence with New Website Design

Lighting is an essential part of any space, whether a home or a business, and good lighting can make a space feel inviting, exciting and compelling where poor lighting can be demotivating and uncomfortable. i-Lite are lighting specialists who run a comprehensive online store designed to provide high end designer lighting at discount prices, opening up a new world to their customers in which spaces can be transformed without expensive remodelling.

Name Prospects and Track Leads on Your Website with B2B Lead Generation Platform WOW Analytics

LogoUnlike Google Analytics, the web marketing tool shows the name of the company together with a range of other information that equips the Sales Team to make informed choices about a prospect. Leads are scored by importance and the lead generation software shows prospects activity in real time on the company’s website.

Hi Slider Introduces Five Step Tutorial to Embed Created Jquery Slider Into Website

LogoHiSlider, WYSIWYG and a Customized APP for developers, today introduced a five steps tutorial explaining the details related to embedding a created Jquery slider in a website. HiSlider has emerged as a huge hit among developers across the world in its short span of existence and if experts are to be believed, the new tutorial is likely to attract more eyeballs. The tutorial is likely to help even the amateurs of the field to add a slider of images to website made by them.

Paddle Teaming Up with Leawo Launched 48-Hour Limited Video Converter Pro for Mac/Win Freebie

LogoPaddle, an excellent platform that provides wonderful tools with ultra-low deals, today officially announced the cooperation with Leawo Software, a leading multimedia solution provider that specializes in providing useful multimedia software programs for Mac and Win users, to launch a 48-hour-limited Video Converter Pro for Mac/PC Freebie activity. Paddle and Leawo unitedly promised that in the coming 2 days, any person who registers for the Video Converter Pro Mac/Win could get a license keycode of Video Converter Pro for Mac/PC for totally free.

48-Hour Limited Leawo Blu-Ray Player Giveaway Is Now Live on Paddle

LogoPaddle, an excellent platform dedicated to providing the most awesome deals, now has an exclusive giveaway for readers. Paddle is giving away unlimited license keys of Leawo Blu-ray player on its homepage. The best-reviewed Blu-ray player software is normally priced at $59.95. But thanks to the cooperation between Paddle and Leawo Software, all readers could get Leawo Blu-ray player for totally free in a limited time. The Blu-ray media player giveaway is now in full swing and lasts for 48 hours only.

Flip PDF Is Released to Create Professional Quality Flipping eBooks in Easy Steps

LogoFlipping eBooks are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and organizations due to the variety of purposes businesses and organizations can use eBooks. Now, Hong Kong software company, Flip Builder, has released Flip PDF, an easy to use and quick way for any computer user to create stunning eBooks.

Boost You Business to the Next Level of Success: Hire SEO Experts Today

Digital promotion is surely one of the most recommended activities to be implemented into business processes. It in turn put a spot light on the business and fetches global recognition to the organization. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is primary as well as vital process which plays binding role in digital marketing or Internet Promotion. It is one of the most demanded tactics in present scenario as it keeps the website of a business on top.

Aunsoft Kicks off Giveaway and Tivo/MKV DTS/TOD/FLV Converter with $9.9

Video to Audio Converter for Free! Aunsoft Tivo Converter, Aunsoft MKV Converter, FLV Converter, DTS to AC3 Converter, TOD Converter, or MOD Converter, normally $29.00, is now $9.9.

IDX Broker Continues to Make Feature Updates and Enhancements on Their New Platinum Platform

Since the release of IDX Broker’s Platinum product this past June, they have continued to make enhancements to their front-end features and to the back-end Middleware. Over the past two weeks, there have been three significant updates worth mentioning.

System Insights Vimana Captures Media Attention Increasing Machine Tool Productivity

Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler recently contributed a feature article titled, “Improving Equipment Utilization with vimana,” published in Cutler reported, “System Insights’ vimana integrates with a wide range of modern and legacy factory equipment using the MTConnect open standard for machine tool data interoperability.”