Technology Press Releases

ESI Rental Boilers Launches Brand-New, Streamlined, Highly Informative Website

ESI Rental Boilers announced the launch and availability of the company's brand-new website. The new site offers improved navigation and a more modern and attractive look than the previous one, and also incorporates responsive Web design techniques that make it perform smoothly on mobile devices. Updated contact and ordering systems also make it even easier for customers to arrange for the rental of high-quality, reliable fire-tube or water-tube boilers.

3esi Honored in Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500

This past week Deloitte announced the winners of its prestigious Technology Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ awards, given to some of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada and North America respectively.

ANC Home Products Announces the Launch of Their New Website and Gives an Impressive Invitation to New Distributors

ANC Home Products announces the launch of their new website and with it offers distributors an Exclusive Dealer Package. Already supporting contractors in the Midwest with exceptional products to pass along to homeowners, ANC has upped the ante with their newest item, the Elegant Walk-In Tub. Now seeking exclusive dealers in metropolitan areas as well as smaller communities for the walk-in tubs, ANC offers their Exclusive Dealer Package complete with a 2.5 minute mini-infomercial, four 30 second television commercials customized with the contractor’s name and contact information, print ready literature, and an iPad or laptop presentation all combined with exceptional marketing support.

Powered by Icicle and Kosher Check Blends Traditional Kosher and Science-Based Food Safety as Reported in

Fast, insights for innovative restaurants, reported that apart from their appeal to Jewish consumers, Kosher foods are embraced by a diverse community world-wide. Studies have shown part of that broad appeal is due to the fact that a large segment of Jewish and non-Jewish consumers alike, buy Kosher certified foods based on their belief that they are manufactured to superior standards of food-safety. Today Kosher certified products are one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry, with annual sales exceeding $200 billion in North America. This hard-won public confidence has inspired a prominent Rabbi in Vancouver, Canada, to launch an innovative Kosher food certification program named 'Kosher Check.' This new Kosher standard will incorporate, for the first time in history, enhanced food-safety protocol as a principal requirement. According to Rabbi Avraham Feigelstock, Kosher Check has been designed specifically to inform consumers that the products it certifies not only meet strict Kosher standards, but also, that the manufacturers of such foods have warranted that their operational activities conform to enhanced food-safety protocols. The Rabbi said the existing Kosher certification program, BC Kosher, has been using client contracts for many years that require commitments by Kosher certified manufacturers that they comply with all applicable government food-safety regulations. "Under Kosher Check," he said, "Approval will be predicated on food manufacturers giving clear assurances they are operating to additional, elevated standards for food-safety - over and above those food regulations mandated by government authorities." Among the food-safety programs considered benchmarks for Kosher Check are those regarded 'best-practice' by quality assurance authorities and food professionals, world-wide. They include the HACCP program (Hazard Awareness Critical Control Points) as well as GFSI (Global Food Standard Initiative), FSSC 22000 (Foundation for Food Safety Certification) and BRC (British Retail Council), among others. "Certainly, Kosher Check is intended to be value-added for consumers," said Rabbi Feigelstock, "Since it will provide them extra assurance concerning food-safety," He said benefits will accrue to others, "Like product brand owners and grocery retailers, since both can expect to profit from incremental sales as Kosher Check achieves greater awareness among consumers." Kosher Check is powered by Icicle to manage all their Kosher products, ingredients, and processes. Using the same interfaces, they can opt-in to manage their HACCP-compliant food safety programs as well, saving time and effort when managing both types of certification. According to Steve Burton, developer of Icicle, “It is with great pleasure that Burton Software, makers of Icicle, entered into a strategic partnership which unites Icicle's technology with Kosher food safety under a single umbrella that's easy to manage. Similar strategic partnerships with Halal, gluten-free, and allergen-free, food manufacturers will be announced shortly.” ( About Burton Software and Cloud-based Icicle HACCP Solution: Steven Burton is the founder of Burton Software Inc., ( which offers the first affordable cloud-based solution to improve the safety of the world's food supply. Icicle, the flagship technology enables companies involved in the production, processing, and distribution of food products to develop and verify food safety plans. Icicle is the HACCP solution that improves the quality and safety of products by developing tools that manage food safety plans, document procedures, and carry out inspections. Icicle provides the technology necessary to collect the required data and then automatically generates food safety plans. Changes to individual ingredients, materials, processes or packaging are automatically propagated throughout the system, insuring that plans are kept current across product lines and plants. Follow Burton Software on Twitter@icicleBsafe.

Magline Innovation 2014 Addresses Time Stops in Retail Route Delivery

LogoRecently, Karl Jensen, National Sales Manager for Magline, discussed how the company is addressing the challenges of customer delivery time requirements, as part of the Innovation 2014 initiative. According to Jensen, “Time Stops, the ability to meet customer time requirements for delivery, is critical. The ability for CooLift to bring product into a retail location and the ease of check in allows for quicker drops. The retailers are appreciative and some have stated they will give preference to CooLift deliveries vs. hand truck deliveries. Another benefit is in high risk areas where theft during the delivery process occurs. With the CooLift deliveries – more product is taken into the retailer per trip and the ability to eliminate staged product for multiple rolls into the retailer is reduced or eliminated. The driver is able to secure the trailer and the product from theft – a big benefit to both retailer and vendor.”

HVAC Manufacturers Expand with Ultriva's End to End Pull

LogoUltriva is continuing expansion with a global provider of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The $61 billion Heating and Air Conditioning industry is heavily influenced by activity in the construction market, with the majority of industry income generated from HVAC installations in new residential and nonresidential structures. The recovery and revival of the housing market have put the economic recession in the rearview mirror caused new construction activity to increase dramatically. These factors increase demand for HVAC installations across all construction markets and portends great growth for Ultriva.

Best Name Badges Offers the Best Deals on Promotional Pin Buttons of the Highest Quality

The material used in the promotion of a particular brand, business, service or product indicates how much the company cares for its marketing. It creates a strong first impression on potential and prospective customers about the credentials of the said company. Promotional pin buttons and badges are some of the oft used items that help in such promotion and the best deals on them are offered by premium badge making company, Best Name Badges.

InventHelp Community Service - Employees Donate to Salvation Army Food Drive

With the holidays right around the corner, InventHelp®, a leading inventor service company, once again took part in the Salvation Army’s annual food drive last month. InventHelp’s headquarters have been located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh for 30 years. For that reason, the employees of InventHelp make it their mission to help those less fortunate in the Pittsburgh region.

TraceGains Shares Audit Experience from Food Safety Inspector

LogoTraceGains is inviting food manufacturers and processors to share their food audit stories. Food audits are serious business, but they are not without their mishaps.

NEW ONLINE CAR SALES PLATFORM KSA AUTO TRADER LAUNCHES Free Online Classifieds for People Wanting to Sell a Car

A new free online classifieds platform, KSAAUTOTRADER.COM, has launched been launched in Saudi Arabia as a service for individuals wanting to sell or buy a car online.

Download YouTube Videos Conveniently with Free YouTube Downloader

LogoMedia Freeware is specialized in offering a wide range of advanced and innovative software tools and techniques. This service provider has now introduced a Free YouTube Downloader which downloads a number of YouTube videos easily at a fast rate to the user’s computer. The application is available for download from the website free of cost.

Find the Free Cost of Living Calculator at

LogoPeople moving from one city to another usually need to find out the possible increase in cost of living at the new place. Media Freeware has now come up with a new desktop application named Free Cost of Living Calculator, which is guaranteed to give some essential information on costs in different cities in the United States.

Google Sniper 2.0 Review - Deliver a Six Figure Income

Many people can promote extraordinary products, but if the website is unable to captivate the audience, then it is the marketing, and not the product that is the problem. reports that Google Sniper 2.0 is the most effective and intuitive training program that addresses all webmasters marketing concerns. Marketing and more can be learned from Google sniper, an intelligent and user friendly training program.

The G CAN Crowdfunding Project Launched

LogoWith a crowdfunding goal of $100,000 Fuel Transfer Technologies Inc. has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo in support of their revolutionary G CAN® product. Of particular interest to anyone who has ever filled a lawn mower, snow blower, boat or ATV with fuel the product is an exceptional answer to the problems associated with using traditional gas cans. Normally the process is messy, difficult and frustrating however that need no longer be the case with the company’s innovative product engineered to prevent spills and overfills while reducing dangerous gas emissions. Simply stated, the G CAN® is a convenient, clean and safer solution for all portable refueling needs.

CRMnext, #1 Commutable Cloud CRM Software Releases Advanced Guided Selling Functionality to Reduce Customer Churn and Boost Sales

CRMnext, commutable cloud CRM software, introduces advanced guided selling functionality to reduce customer churn and boost sales by enabling front-end sales teams with access to step-by-step information on product sales based on the customer queries and profile. CRMnext will also display key information related to customers on a real-time basis, thereby empowering agents to make informed decisions and optimize rapport building, while executing a sales call script. The new guided selling functionality will enable sales representatives to offer the best products to customers, reduce cycle time, increase close rates and increase profit through effective cross-sell and upsell.

Colocation Services Provider, Birns.Net Announces Blog Post on Hyperscale Servers

Birns Telecommunications, a top New York Colocation services provider, is proud to announce that the company has published a new blog post on its official website: Birns.Net. The new blog post is entitled, "Colocation Data Center: Are Hyperscale Systems the Future?" and was published on December 9, 2013.

Horizon Display Launches Black Diamond Kiosk Engaging Audiences Through the Power of Touch

The history of communication of the human species has progressed from stone tablets through pen and paper to the printing press and then the keyboard, culminating in the touch screen, which has not only changed how we communicate but how we interact. Horizon Display create interactive multi touch kiosks which offer the same functionality as an iPhone or iPad but with customized software and supersized displays ideal for corporate and consumer environments. They have just released their latest creation, the Black Diamond kiosk.

Automated Allintitle Search and Pagerank Released

iLovePage1 is an SEO and Internet startup based in Luxembourg. Its main research program is focused on software that can help marketers rank on the first pages of search engines. iLovePage1 has launched in November 2013 its first software for automating Allintitle and Pagerank research and Softpedia has already rated it with 4.5 stars out 5.

Mario Brown Launches FB Masterclass: The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Program

LogoMario Brown, the popular and successful Internet marketing expert, shows how it's done with 'FB Masterclass' on December 5, 2013.

70% off Walmart Coupons for Christmas December 2013

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, with over 11,000 locations. It’s no wonder Walmart coupons are in high demand. These coupon codes offer up to 70% off on the top brands from Walmart. From great deals on laptops and TV’s to purses and even groceries these Walmart coupon codes have it all.

Free MP4 to MP3 Converter Is Now Available at

LogoMusic enthusiasts and lovers are usually in search of a good application that converts MP4 to MP3 in an easy manner. The Free MP4 to MP3 Converter from Convert Audio Free converts all MP4 videos to the audio file format of MP3. This application can be easily used for YouTube videos. Almost all high definition video files present in YouTube are said to have extensions of MP4.

Editing PDF Documents in Mac Operating Becomes Easy with iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac

Even though Mac operating systems have built-in tools which allows the users to highlight specific sentences in different colours, editing PDF documents is not at all easy. The Foxit reader Mac known as iSkysoft PDF Editor is considered to be a perfect tool for users who wish to make changes to images, graphics, texts, etc to their PDF documents. Similar to the Foxit Reader available for Windows users, the iSkysoft PDF Editor is available with numerous editing tools which make PDF document editing fun and easy. The PDF pages can be controlled by inserting, moving, deleting, cropping, extracting and rotating. On top of that, users are also allowed to fill out and create PDF forms as well as annotate and markup PDF documents.

Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter Is Now Available at

LogoMedia Freeware offers a new tool named YouTube to Mp3 Converter, which converts all YouTube videos of the user’s choice to Mp3 file format. YouTube is a social media platform for uploading videos. If someone wants to upload a music file, then he/she should convert it first to a video file. With the help of Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter, people can conveniently and very easily convert their own videos or other YouTube videos to the format of Mp3.

Panda Security Coupon Codes Released for Online Businesses

Panda Security SL, which used to be Panda Software before, is a computer security company that is quite famous both locally and internationally due to the excellent services it has to offer. Founded in 1990 by Mikel Urizarbarrena, the wide list of services the company offers includes the provision of firewall applications, spam and spyware detection apps, cybercrime prevention solutions, antivirus software and many more. Panda Security has revealed many innovative concepts over the years that are inclusive of SaaS and staying the protection of computer systems from cloud computing, which is becoming quite common. ‘Collective Intelligence’ was created back in 2007 by Panda and it offered individuals the chance to acquire Panda Gold Protection, Panda Global Protection, Panda Internet Security and Panda Anti-virus Pro. All of these software and services are unique in their own way and tend to allow individuals to get rid of their security based issues over on the PC and the internet.

Free Picture Solutions Offers Free GIF to JPG Converter

LogoJPG is a common file format developed for digital graphics as well as digital photos. A new application, Free GIF to JPG Converter, has been introduced by the well-known software solution provider Free Picture Solutions. This desktop application has been created for converting images in GIF to the JPG file format. Images or pictures in the GIF file format are animated and carry a series of stills in one file. It is actually considered an animation piece.

Free Image Editor Is Now Available for Download from

LogoFree Image Editor is a small and CPU-friendly yet powerful desktop application that edits digital photos input by the user. Free Picture Solutions has developed this software application, and it is made available through the website When compared to other image editors, Free Image Editor is said to utilize only 70 MB of RAM.

eUKhost Announced as Best Affordable Web Hosting Provider by HostReview

eUKhost Ltd., a leading web hosting provider in the UK, has been named by HostReview as the Best Affordable Web Hosting provider for December 2013. The award is given by the HostReview award panel that is identified as offering the best overall value, based on various factors like product prices and features, effectiveness of technical expertise and support offered.