Technology Press Releases

Introducing Nightmares Haunted House: Chicago's Latest Haunted Attraction Is Perfect for Hosting an Event Outing for Groups

Nightmares Haunted House, Chicago’s latest and hottest destination is pleased to announce that it is offering a limited time period opportunity for the residents of Chicago to come and enjoy the best haunted house experience in the area for a highly discounted ticket price of $10 (general admission) and $9 (each for a group of 3 individuals) throughout the month of October.

Leading Digital Marketing Agency,, Announces Development of Android App and Google Chrome Extension

As a leader in their industry, is transitioning into a company that covers all facets of the digital marketing industry. With their latest development, the company has created an Android application that is available for a free download on the Google Play Store. The app, called SEO News and Tips, features the latest video updates from company founder and President Lance Bachmann, as well as hundreds of client testimonials about the service they’ve received for their internet marketing campaigns.

60 Second Panic Solution - A Natural Cure for Panic Attacks or Just a Scam

The new program was designed to focus on the cause of panic attacks, to help patients overcome them. Daily Gossip reveals in its review that this is a 3 step solution to treat anxiety and eliminate panic attacks.

Easy Telephone Number Lookup Offers 3 Contact Number for Customers to Contact Its Customer Service Department, Quickly and Seamlessly is an independent directory service that provides access to the customer service departments of different companies to get the solution to their problems and answers to their queries, quickly and reliably. Connecting to the customer service department of the company allows the customers to quickly resolve the issue they are facing with the services of the company and also helps the companies to know more about the latest deals and offers launched by the company. The company provides 3 Contact Number, so that the 3’s customer base of over 23.5 million worldwide can enjoy seamless network and internet services provided by the company. Announces Their Website Launch is a website that offers its readers many ways to make extra money online from home. The website is targeted to people such as stay at home working moms, beginners to working online, internet marketers, and so much more. More and more people are looking to learn how to make money through blogging, and making extra money on the side online. The website offers new and unique ways to work from home.

Flip Tri-Fold by Flipbuilder Enables Users to Create Stunning Digital 3D Brochures, Flyers & More

LogoFlipBuilder, a premier flip book software company is pleased to announce the release of its newest product, Flip Tri-Fold, a digital publishing tool for the creation of a simulated printed tri-fold, also known as a Z-fold brochure featuring 3D realistic animation that provides users with an interactive viewing experience.

Shirasmane Software Solutions Offers Website Design Services to Real Estate Sector

LogoShirasmane Software Solutions is now available to offer their expertise in web design and web development to all real estate sector companies. Besides web creation, this real estate website designer also offers other supporting products including search engine optimization, social media marketing, email service, web hosting and others.

FlipHTML5 Showcases Four Major Applications of Its Digital Publishing Platform

LogoFlipHTML5 publishing platform has been a preferred choice of digital publishers for buyers. The application developers conducted deep research on the digital publishing needs and technological support that publishers usually need. After years of research based on usage data, reviews of different software applications and worldwide digital publication statistics, the digital publishing platform developers recently decided to empower a wider section of digital publishers with advanced tools and technologies. As a part of this ongoing effort, recently introduced four mainstream applications of HTML5 online digital publishing software. The owners believe that their existing and prospective customers would be more interesting in giving life to their digital publishing ideas if they are provided with the right set of tools and technologies. Offers Charms and Charms Bracelets from China

Many times ornaments and jewelry are worn to beautify an individual and to make them appear more appealing to others than they were before. Thus, they often have no more individual or personal value to an individual than their shoe might have or than a particular shade of lipstick might have. However, a few times, some pieces of jewelry can be made special by what they represent and what they mean to a person. This could be in the form of a locket that someone’s grandmother left for them or in the form of a bracelet that represents their entire life for them.

Top Rangefinders Provides Honest Reviews About Contemporary Rangefinders in the Global Market

For those who are looking for guidance and equipment that can help them find the best rangefinder available in the market, Top Rangefinder now bring the latest and most updated reviews about the best rangefinders available and also allows people to compare prices spot on as well.

Formitize Unveils New Master Builders App

Formitize announces the launch of Master Builders App – designed to improve productivity for master builders around the world. This powerful paperless solution eliminates the use of cumbersome paperwork, which can significantly lighten the load of master builders businesses.

Fisil LLC Adds Voice Features to Linux Lync Software Client for Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, SUSE and Debian

Fisil LLC, a software development company, added various voice features to its Lync Linux software clients for Microsoft Lync. The clients are available for download at

Pervidi Paperless Inspection Enhances Functionality with User-Specific Configurations

LogoTechs4Biz Corporation, a leading provider of software products for managing field activities, announces the release of Pervidi version 6.17 - including the ability to dynamically tailor functionality for each mobile user.

Germany's Preeminent Technical University Chooses ownCloud for Secure File Sync and Share for Researchers, Students and Administrators

Students, researchers, teachers and administrators at the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin), Germany’s preeminent technical university, depend on the secure exchange of files. Now, with the help of ownCloud, Inc., the company behind the world's most popular open source file sync and share software, they can retain full control over their own data, in accordance with Germany’s strict data protection regulations.

Los Angeles Filmmakers Launch Indiegogo to Make Zombie Thriller

What if the only one who knew there was a zombie apocalypse was the first person ever attacked by a zombie? That's the premise for a new film, Nathaniel Screaming, celebrating the zombie thriller genre by a team of Los Angeles filmmakers for which they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a December shoot. This is a story about before the Zombie apocalypse. About IF there even will be an apocalypse. About paranoia. The faith and trust we have in our loved ones. And the fear many people have that the world as we know it, could change for the worse in the blink of an eye Members Flood Site with Testimonials After Success in the Executive Job Market

Job opportunities can be hard to come by in a slow economy, but as individuals near the summit of the power pyramid in a company, the opportunities become fewer and farther between. This can be a real problem for ambitious executives looking to step up, who are traditionally underserved by jobs websites that focus on entry-level and mid-level positions. is a job search website that focuses explicitly on executive-level positions, and has been overwhelmed with testimonials from CEO’s, VPs and Executive Recruiters themselves after a recent update to the site was published.

Ultriva and Machine Inc Partnership Reduces Inventory and Logistics Costs

LogoMachine Inc. has partnered with Ultriva, Inc., provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, to offer manufacturers the latest technology in on-time delivery of products. For over 10 years, Ultriva has led the way in delivering solutions for manufacturers to establish more efficient supply chains with a practical, automated approach.

In Appreciation of Creating Business Partnerships, Transparent Merchant Services Announces the Official Launch of the Transparent Affiliate Program

LogoTransparent Merchant Services ( is proud to announce the launch of a new affiliate marketing program. Much like Transparent’s contract-free merchant accounts, The Transparent Affiliate Program is simplified and ideal for building profitable business connections. This program offers the highest payouts for acquisitions with the least amount of effort required.

Introducing Monogenius: A Highly Innovative Online Shoe Website with Unique Concept That Allows Customers to Customize Their Own Shoe Designs

Monogenius, a brand new online shoe portal is pleased to announce that customers can now create their own custom canvas shoes at highly reasonable rates including free worldwide shipping. It is a brand new concept which will allow shoe enthusiasts to customize their own canvas shoe design that has a personal touch, and best reflects their attitude and style.

'Thrift Haven' Launches Their Website

Sunday witnessed the launch of a new website – The website is basically an online store carrying a wide variety of product categories for customers across the globe. With the same, customers can now purchase a range of product on the company website at affordable prices.

ProCom Providing High Speed Internet to West Virginia Businesses This Fall 2014

LogoAs business goes digital, more and more work is being done online than ever before. From emailing to sharing files in the cloud, to skype meetings with employees who are halfway across the world, businesses aim to be connected to the internet at all hours of the day. To help their clients keep business running through the long and grueling work weeks, ProCom is pleased to announce they are now providing high-speed internet to West Virginia companies and corporations this fall 2014.

Indiana Team Launches Indiegogo to Improve Organic Food

Organic food sales have grown nearly 10.2% in the last year making the total organic food revenue of the US a whopping $31.3 million dollars. Yet consumers who would prefer to buy organic often are forced into choices based on dollar bottom lines and budgets due to the higher costs of foods produced and grown organically. One Indiana team of college students from Purdue University, Red Giant Union, is hoping to change that for the better by investing in developing one or more efficient, low cost, aeroponic and hydroponic greenhouses for sustainable production of 100% organic food at cheaper prices in West Lafayette, IN to serve the Purdue University community.

Casino Insider with 36 Year Experience Offers Helpful Advice

Mark Pilarski, a renowned name in the casino industry who has spent over 36 years in the business, has offered invaluable insight for the benefit of players.

New Ebay Coupon Codes and Deals in October 2014

Finding new ebay discounts and other deal related savings from this auction website can be very beneficial because of the 150 million active sellers ebay has at all times.

Australian Couple Making a Fortune Selling on Amazon

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), is pleased to announce the company’s first case study video of Australian students Julie Mills and Julian Thorton, a couple of whom turned $0 in revenues to a $280.000/month business in under 18 months.

Weight Destroyer Overview - The Best Guide for Maintaining a Perfect Figure and Boosting Metabolism

Weight Destroyer, a weight loss and health improvement method developed by fitness expert Michael Wren that has already helped tens of thousands of people finally lose stubborn weight and reverse health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and accelerated aging has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

Language of Desire Overview Released to Reveal How to Get the Man

Language Of Desire claims to help women get the exciting and satisfying relationship that they have always wanted by becoming active in how their relationship turns out. This has caught the attention of’s Sue Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.