Technology Press Releases

Detroit Company Launches Indiegogo for Those Who Go Big

It takes a certain kind of person to jump out of a helicopter onto a mountain top of pristine untouched snow, with skis already in place for a landing that leads them down the mountain while blazing their own snow trail. That's what extreme sports athletes call guts and for those who take such risks it’s a matter of 'go big or don't go'. It is for those people that a trio of friends from Michigan have come together and created the HERO brand of clothing with the mission that if one 'goes big, their clothes should, too'.

Inc. Magazine Selects Shoptech Software for Eighth Consecutive Year as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.A

Inc. today selected Shoptech Software as one of the fastest growing 5,000 companies in the United States. This is the eighth consecutive year that Shoptech has won the prestigious Inc 5000 award.

Picking Perfection News Magazine Explores E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

LogoIn the current issue of Picking Perfection, a weekly e-news publication by Pcdata USA, e-commerce order fulfillment was discussed. The best way of handling e-commerce order fulfillment is to have specific processes designed solely for the purpose of handling individual items across hundreds of different clients; each one wants their own method of packing, printing different dispatch notes, and integrating directly with different shipping companies.

Introducing QRC Technologies WBT Application Package

This powerful API and WBT® framework allows software developers and signal processing algorithm creator’s full access to create useful applications (called WBT Apps) and easily deploy them to the field.

Social Media Consultant Releases 8 Ways to Get More Social Shares

LogoAnyone who engages on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms wants to get more readers. From individuals, to travel bloggers, to businesses of any size. Mandy McEwen, President and Founder of Mod Girl Marketing, reveals eight ways to convert readers to content-sharing fans.

Five Blocks, Inc. Ranks in the Top 60% on the 2014 Inc. 500:5000 List of America's Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies

Five Blocks, Inc., a technology and digital consulting company focused on Digital Reputation Management and Brand Management, today announced it has been ranked in the top 60th percentile in the 33rd annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies.

"Best Name Badges" Economizes Badges by Introducing Their New Range of Reusable Name Tags

Coveted for their high quality name badges, this franchise has introduced reusable name badges that are designed to be simple yet, professional. The winning feature of these badges, as the name suggests, is their reusability which indisputably saves money and resources. Their design is intended to suit those who are economically and environmentally conscious as the lenscover and backing plate can be used several times with differently customized labels. These badges come with several other benefits that customers can utilize while always maintaining a low financial investment.

Demand Driven Ultriva Triples New Office Work Space to Meet Growth Requirements

LogoUltriva, Inc., provider of cloud-based supply chain execution software, recently moved to a new location due to continued growth. The new offices tripled square footage to provide increased space required for the expanding sales and engineering departments.

Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC Now Featuring Kent Hydraulic Breakers on Website

Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC is pleased to announce they are currently featuring Kent hydraulic breakers on their website. All parts of the Kent certified rebuilt hydraulic breakers are completely rebuilt from the ground up. From the upper and lower bushings to the piston, all parts are rebuilt to meet industry-wide standards. All certified rebuilt breakers offered by Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC are backed by a six-month warranty. Customers also receive exceptional customer service from breaker specialists who can offer support on every breaker sold at their shop. For available pricing on Kent hydraulic breakers, please visit the website or call 1-866-427-1007.

New Set of Inspirational Quotes on Pictures Brings Engagement and Interaction to Facebook Pages

Facebook serves as a link to connect with others by engaging and interacting both for one's personal page as well as as a business. One of the most effective ways to reach and inspire others is through the use of inspirational quotes on images. They increase one's motivation and encouragement to overcome difficult situations in life. Many times they can even go viral and lead to comments, likes and shares in social media. However, many people do not have the time to search for meaningful quotes and find inspiring images that they can match together. At five pictures are given out free for people to use and share on their sites, social media pages or blog posts.

Texas All Cash Home Buyers Launches Website to Make It Easier for Homeowners to Sell Their Homes Fast

Texas All Cash Home Buyers, a leading residential real estate redevelopment firm in San Antonio Texas, recently launched a new website to bring their business to a wider audience and make it even easier to sell a home fast for cash in San Antonio.

Laguna Furnishings Sells Leather Furniture in Thousand Oaks

Laguna Furnishings, an interior design showroom, has a passion for selling the best leather furniture for their client's homes in Thousand Oaks. They offer a wide variety of high quality sofas in Thousand Oaks in contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles at low prices. Leather furniture is a craftsman’s handiwork that can provide classic style to any décor with its unique design created by the natural marks and blemishes that show how the animal lived. Announces Addition of Member-Driven Data Update Feature, a leading online resource for those seeking information about physician-only bank loans, announced the addition to the service of a new feature. By making use of a simple form, registered members will be able to add to and help update the site's database of banks and doctor loan offerings, ensuring that the collection of information will remain as extensive and up-to-date as possible. was created in order to give visitors a centralized place to research these attractive, but often somewhat obscure, loan options. Creates Comprehensive Database

Logo"Following the introduction of the more rigorous GED (General Education Development) examination, good preparation for the four tests of the now computer-based is more needed than ever before," according to Alice McAlly, CEO of, a portal where information on GED prep classes and learning methods is shared.

Savvy Manufacturers Use

Image Fillers Inc. officially launches its new comprehensive website for manufacturers of powders, creams, granules, liquids, and pastes to transition the product into the packaging with auger fillers. The site redesign debuts new features that permit manufacturers to find the augers they need to boost productivity in their businesses. Enlightens Readers on How to Find Drain Cleaning Professionals

Selecting the right plumbing professional for a drain cleaning job has an important effect on the outcome because a knowledgeable and skilled professional will be able to diagnose the drainage issue, advise correct solution and possibly save money. has issued advice for people who are searching for a drain cleaning professional in their area, they suggest: Offers New Tips for Text Message Marketing Campaigns is pleased to provide new tips for making text message marketing campaigns more effective. is a text message marketing company that specializes in sending text messages in order to help businesses promote their company with sweepstakes, coupons, specials, deals via text. They’ve provided some tips for businesses to take into account for when it comes to text message marketing.

Gramozo Creates New Viral Video to Describe Unique Approach to Instagram Marketing

Instagram has taken off as a picture sharing social network that allows users to photoblog their existence, telling their stories through imagery. Telling stories through imagery has been crucial to advertising since advertising began, and Instagram allows businesses to connect with users on their level, and when used correctly, can be a powerful marketing tool. Gramozo is an online digital marketing business that specializes in Instagram, and the company has produced a short two minute video outlining their unique mission statement.

Increasing Versatility with the WBT Application Development Kit

The versatility of the WBT is elevated by its Application Development Kit. Any software developer well versed in C++ can create first class signal analysis applications for the WBT with ease. The WBT App Development Kit uses a virtual machine based environment, so there is no need to prepare a new development computer and install a suite of tools to start new work.

Step by Step Guide to Using Tax Refund Calculator

For those looking for easy to follow instructions on how to obtain and use a free tax refund calculator for the 2014, 2015 tax season, this article provides tips for American taxpayers.

Calligvault Launches New Program to Automatically Block Unwanted Calls

Recent reports say that people do not want to change their phone numbers. Changing the number is too much of a fuss because then the individual has to inform all the people about his or her number. Privacy has become a huge cause of concern among individuals, especially those who have businesses and companies.

An Interactive Map with Enhanced Visual Features as a Response to the High Demands of the Industry

The new product that Fla-shop has just released is the new enhanced Zoomable Interactive World Map for WordPress. This plugin can be easily installed into WordPress sites and no programming skills are required to do it. The customization is also very easy with the visual view off the settings that are being adjusted. The Interactive Map plugin has many personalization features: like changing the colors of the countries, adding pinpoint markers of different types and colors, popups with details about each location, linking a location to a specific landing page, adding a sidebar with the necessary details, adding generated geo coordinates and other great and useful customization options too.

New Mommy Blog Website Offers Ad Space

LogoMommy blogs are the newest craze! Are you interested in advertising on an up and coming mommy blog? Good news then, there is a new mommy blog website on the market! New mommy Elicia is the mom of 2 under 2, a toddler and a baby. The website is offering free ad space for 90 days for 2 lucky businesses!

Website Tutorials Help Financially Challenged Businesses to Create Their Own Website

According to current trends, it has become near impossible to run a successful business without a web site. The 20th century is a digital era and everything starting from businesses to individual social life has gone digital. Modern day individuals find it better to text, email or chat on the internet.

Where to Find the Best Used Car Dealer in Van Nuys

Owning a vehicle today is no longer a luxury but an actual necessity for many people. It depends on what a particular individual is looking for. Owning a car however is not always a walk in the park, so to speak. The prices for brand new vehicles can lead people to opt for a pre- owned vehicle. When people are shopping for a vehicle in Van Nuys, they will realize that there are so many dealers offering a solution to their needs. The only problem is not all those who claim to offer the best actually have the best. But buying that dream car does not have to be as difficult as it sounds; especially if one decides to purchase that vehicle from LA Auto Connection. Vehicles vary in prices, sizes, purpose and models and LA Auto Connection has it all in high quality. So if looking to buy a used car dealer Van Nuys, then this is the dealer to use. LA Auto Connection is a reputable dealer in Van Nuys, providing professional and most satisfactory services. The company boasts of quality cars and has since become known as the best used car dealer Van Nuys.

DreamHost Web Hosting Company Offers Award-Winning Custom-Built Hosting Panel

For the modern day business, having a web site has become an important element. It is no longer enough that a business owns a shop or an office where customers and clients can meet them. People simply need to have a good website. A website needs the aid of a good web host that will ensure that their web site is visible to the world.

Karitex Is the Leading Provider of Shea Butter and Other Shea Butter Products, Which Are All Made from Natural and 100% Organic Ingredients, to Further Provide Convenience

Karitex is the leading provider of shea butter and other shea butter products, which are all made from natural and 100% organic ingredients. To further provide convenience to its customers, the company is now launching its online storefront where they can easily purchase products while learning more about shea butter and its benefits.