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Conflict Minerals 2014 Year-End Reporting Service Now Available

Green Status Pro, the leader in Conflict Minerals Reporting Automation, is now offering a 2014 Year-End Conflict Minerals RCOI Reporting Service. Only Green Status Pro’s service automates the processing of all the CFSI Versions 2.0 through 3.02 utilizing the latest Standard Smelter List, published November 7, 2014. The CFSI recommends that companies use this Smelter List for 2014 due diligence reference checks. Incorporating this reference list into an automated validation and reporting system allows the estimated 20,000 manufacturers who must report their source and custody of conflict minerals to generate the 100% accurate RCOI reports required by the SEC for achieving compliance with Dodd-Frank Section 1502. Announces a New Facebook Contest Running in the Month of December

Huuman proudly announces the launch of a new Facebook Giveaway Contest. During this contest, participants vie for the opportunity to win a maxx external battery charger, with the contest running from November 14, 2014 to November 30, 2014. Individuals wishing to participate must be a resident of the United States and must follow all rules and guidelines.

IWB Launches Organic Metric - A Free SEO Tool

Integrated Web Businesses (IWB) is pleased to announce the launch of Organic Metric, a Free SEO Tool. It is not just a tool but an exceptional SEO Platform that offers all the tools that deliver guaranteed top class results. Strategic and Organic SEO always leads to top rankings in the major search engines and earning high quality traffic but only if the websites have a proper SEO tool in place. Organic Metric is the right kind of tool that is packed with features such as:

SarkariNaukriSms: Best Way to Get a Government Job

It is a common fact that many people do not join any private job and try for years to get a best government job. Currently with the advancement in the internet technology people have online means to get the notification of the job like SarkariNaukriSms. People generally use internet for basically everything comprising shopping, finding directions and socializing. So it is supposed to be a best platform where the job seekers and employers are also going online to find each other.

Tronix Unleashed the "Powers" of the Power Bank: What Sets It Apart and Why It Has Gotten Its Title as the Tool of the 21st Century

LogoA portable charger which comes in the form of a power bank is the next big thing when it comes to “mobile power problems”. This add-on tool is definitely “life saving”. Not really exaggerating the benefits of a power bank, but anyone who is in the middle of an important business call would certainly thank the inventor of the power bank when after experiencing running out of battery, he has on his side a power bank to his rescue.

Spectacular HD Aerial Captures Seem Convenient in Sydney with Hoverscape

LogoFor those in need of quality Aerial Filming sydney need not search further- Top aerial imagery company Hoverscape has assured spectacular HD captures from air at convenient rates.

Grand Opening of Natures Spa Treatments

Founder of BigC666 Enterprises LLC, Willis Findley, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website venture,, the website features a broad assortment of spa and water purification treatments..

Survival Frog Launches, Offering Top-Quality Survival Supplies at Unbeatable Prices

The founders of Survival Frog, a new online supplier of survival gear, accessories, and consumables, announced that the site has launched and is now open to visitors and customers. Survival Frog's selection of high-quality, rigorously vetted survival equipment is among the Internet's widest, and every item the company carries is backed by a low-price guarantee and an especially generous, six-month, any-condition return policy. Created to serve the increasingly discerning and knowledgeable survivalist of today, Survival Frog expects to quickly become one of the Internet's most highly regarded suppliers of its kind.

Website Design - Online Face of One's Company

Creating websites has become a significant service within the fast paced realm of online business. The amount of websites found on the internet has grown and so the significance of website design in mobile al to business has rapidly increased. All the entrepreneurs wanted to operate an effective website and really wants to enhance the prospects of the business online. This is the reason why website creating has turned into a thriving business by itself. Now Offers Garage Storage Cabinets at Cost Effective Prices is now offering garage storage cabinets at cost-effective prices. The company creates and houses some of the finest quality garage cabinets that are used for various purposes. With these garage cabinets, homeowners will create a beautiful and organized garage. The cabinets are made by keeping in mind the modern home and ultimately create more space for the homeowner.

ClickBank University Unveils New Tools

ClickBank University announced its new set of affiliate tools and resources that people can make the most out of and gain financial freedom.

T4 Social Media, a Trusted Social Media Consulting in Minneapolis MN, Provides Effective Services to Clients

T4 Social Media, a trusted social media consulting in Minneapolis MN, is providing effective services to their clients. Through social media management, the company helps their clients stay connected with past, present and future customers. Today, with the growing popularity of social media sites, developing one’s business through the popular sites such as Twitter, Linked, Google+, and Facebook is highly recommended. Through these channels, businesses can get valuable information about customers which can be useful for one’s business such as what they are seeking, customer age group, and target market. This way, the company helps connect people doing business with their client.

Best Wooden Advent Calendars for Christmas 2014 Are Featured at

Wooden advent calendars have become increasingly popular in recent years, and so to help people find a suitable one to buy this year, a new article has recently been published at that features some of the best wooden advent calendars for Christmas 2014. Launched for ED Medication Price Comparisons

People looking to buy the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis at the best price can now find everything they need to know at The website has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the most experienced comparison sites for Cialis and other erectile dysfunction meds. Using this comparison drug site has allowed many people to take advantage of low prices. Promises to Help Dieters Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals

Weight Destroyer, a weight loss and health improvement method developed by fitness expert Michael Wren that has already helped tens of thousands of people finally lose stubborn weight and reverse health conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and accelerated aging has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

6 Minutes to Skinny Overview Released

6 Minutes to Skinny focuses on pushing the body’s buttons and kicking its metabolism into high gear with only a few minutes each day rather than prescribing unpleasant, sweeping changes to one’s diet or lifestyle. This has caught the attention of Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review. “Our 6 Minutes to Skinny review shows that Craig Ballantyne, the program’s creator, has taken the time to understand exactly how your body responds to food and exercise. Rather than having to wade through a bunch of information you don’t care about, you can also jump right in and get started on your favorite topic,” reports Stevenson. “Split into a series of short, informative videos, each contains a condensed presentation on a specific topic, so that you can pick and choose what to watch and when.”

Diabetes Protocol Overview - Is This the Most-Awaited Cure for Diabetes Disease

Diabetes Protocol is released to teach diabetes patients worldwide how they can reverse the side effects of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes just using natural means. In turn, the metabolism will speed up and they will finally be able to shed those unwanted pounds. Even better, Diabetes Protocol will help them to improve theirs overall health and wellness. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called Diabetes Protocol are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. Diabetes Protocol Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews. Today, Daily Gossip Magazine presents to its readers an alternative treatment for diabetes: Click Here To Download The Diabetes Protocol eBook by Dr. Kenneth Pullman

Easy Clear Vision Overview Exposes the Latest Natural Cure for Eye Problems

Developed by Dr. Benjamin Miller, Easy Clear Vision, the miraculous method has helped almost 15,000 people in getting better eye sight in less than three weeks. Since both short sightedness and long sightedness are caused by the same reasons, the method is effective for remedying both the conditions. The best thing about this method is that it frees the effected individual from relying on glasses or lenses. Medical researchers have conducted year’s long researches to uncover the reasons behind eye diseases and to find out why people fall a prey to dull eye sight. Dr. Bates was amongst the pioneers in terms of conducting early researches in neurology and eye care. However, the findings of Dr. Bates are no longer considered valid and are often deemed as dangerous. They were highly esteemed in the past times when there were fewer alternatives available for eye care. Dr. Miller says the word of the present and negates effectiveness of those older cure methods.

Beta Switch Program Overview - What Are the Real Results

The Beta Switch 12 week nutrition and lifestyle system switches on the fat-burning beta receptors and target the trouble spots to eliminate fats accumulated at the belly, thigh and under the arms to boost a fit body line.

New Science of Forex Trading by Toshko Raychev - Trading Secrets Revealed

The New Science Of Forex Trading - a newly launched Forex trading training program and software package has just been released to the public generating a frenzied buzz of excitement throughout the Forex trading community. The excitement surrounding the system's launch has caught the attention of's Tiffany Hendrick's prompting an investigative review.

Language of Desire Overview - Best Relationship Guide for Women

Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire has become the most wanted product by women. What DIRTY SECRETS does this guide reveal? Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire is ideally suitable for those women who are shy but deep down want to learn how to improve the sexual intimacy with the man of their dreams! Here women will enquire into how desire and sex work with their primitive brain, learn the dominance of sexual singularity and how to use the exceedingly effective cuddle hormone technique.

Diabetes Destroyed - Examining Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden's Diabetes Treatment Breakthrough Launches

Diabetes is a terrible and limiting disease. It is really hard to enjoy life when one has to keep his blood sugars in check. One has to follow strict diet and later on even use insulin shots, which are especially terrible for people who are afraid of needles. There are hundreds of diabetes treatments everywhere, but they do not exactly work. Yes, they can keep the diabetes in check, but they are just a temporary solution, because they are unable to completely relieve diabetes. Slowly but surely, ones bodies will become immune to these treatments and the condition will get worse. Plus, these traditional forms of medication have dozens of dangerous side effects.

Custom Rx East Wichita Location Earns Elite PCAB Re-Accredidation

LogoCustom Rx Pharmacy and Wellness Concepts has earned re-accreditation with the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB®) for their East Wichita location, once again proving their commitment to quality compounding and patient care. Their east side facility is located at 2350 N Greenwich Rd, Ste. 1000.

911Tracker Announces T3 Holiday Specials for Vehicle Recovery Systems

LogoThe holiday season is fast approaching, which means we need to get on the ball with purchasing all those gifts. At 911Tracker we want to get into the gift giving spirit by offering you a chance to win a T3 Recovery Device for yourself or someone you love.

Focus Production Depicts the Future of Photo Booths and How It Will Continue to Evolve with the Help of Technology

LogoWeddings are deeply influenced with modern technology as well. The birth of the modern photo booth justifies this claim.

Focus Production Rekindles the History of Photo Booth: The Dramatic Comeback of the Lost Figment of American Culture

LogoPhoto booth is the world’s ever first DIY art-making device. The modern photo booth that we have now is a product of centuries of evolution proving how rich our world is when it comes to inventions and creations. Announced on Demand Drag and Drop Customization Feature

LogoSearch Engine Optimization is such an important area to focus on for newly established and growing businesses as well. Because of the success of the Internet in virtual and real-time communication, it is also imperative to match each business’ advertising strategy to the growing online clientele worldwide. Most businessesfocus on advertising to ensure that all its target market knows the brand and the message the products and services wants to convey. However, these days, most businesses focus on video content being posted on video posting sites such as YouTube because there are millions of prospective clients online which will lead to better search engine optimization.