Technology Press Releases

North Carolina Team Launches Indiegogo to Help Diners

When eating out, there are so many choices now. There are ways to look up restaurants for recommendations, but most of these rely solely on the 5-star rating system, which doesn't always display an accurate picture of a true dining experience. A North Carolina based programming team has developed a new app IntelyDine, that would change how people look up restaurant ratings and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the capital required to finish the balance 15% of coding the application and testing.

Foodtweeks Adds Donations to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina on Behalf of Users

Foodtweeks™ announced that the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina in Winston-Salem, NC has joined the ranks of foodtweeks™-affiliated food banks. The free mobile app combines weight management with feeding the hungry in an effort to fill the gap for many Americans facing hunger on a daily basis.

Old School New Body Is an Ideal Anti-Aging & Weight Loss Solution One Can Trust

The Old School New Body is a phenomenal book written by Steve and Becky Holman that focuses on physical training as the most effective way to get the body quickly into desired shape and simultaneously, retain the youthful fitness for people of different ages. This book is based on an old fashioned but more efficient training methodology founded on the principles of hard work for lesser hours. The focus 4 exercise protocol (F4X) is inbuilt in this training methodology to produce quick and visible outcomes. There are three different phases describes in Old School New Body that can relate to people of different ages, body shapes, and fitness level. Based on that, a person can chose the appropriate phase and continue his or her workout to produce the preferred results.

Netherlands Startup Groceaider Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Purchase Nissan E-NV200 Electric Van with a View to Make Zero Emission Deliveries of Organic Groceries

Groceaider, a Netherlands-based startup, has launched a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise capital for purchasing the eco-friendly electric van by Nissan. The campaign is driven by Groceaider's vow of providing door-to-door deliveries of organic food and groceries to homes and businesses without using vehicles that emit carbon dioxide and pollute the environment.

California Company Launches Indiegogo for Privacy Protection

Everyone these days has heard or seen the ALS Ice bucket challenge. The best bucket challenge actually occurred in 1755 when Benjamin Franklin electrified a metal pail and lowered a cork ball inside. Famous for his observations, Franklin was able to observe that the cork ball was NOT electrified or in any way touched by the electrical current which remained observable outside the pail. Nearly 90 years later, in 1843, electrochemist Michael Faraday used a pewter ice bucket to confirm Franklin's theory and essentially created what is now known as the hollow conductor or a Faraday cage. Using the principles of the Faraday cage, an American company, POD (Privacy on Demand) has created what amounts to a Faraday cage for one's cell phone and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring about awareness of the product as they bring it to market.

New Report Available: Fingerprint Sensors Market - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2014 - 2020

LogoFingerprint Sensors Market by Type (Swipe And Area), Material (Optical Prism, Pizeoelectric, Capacitive,and Adhesives), Application (Mobile Devices, Government, Defense, Healthcare, Commercial Security and Banking & Finance), and Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2014 - 2020

Market Report, "Global Pico Projectors Market 2014-2018", Published

LogoProjectors are devices used to project images on any given surface or screen, usually on a projection screen. Traditional projectors are bulky and heavy devices. Though projectors were meant to be portable devices, users find it difficult to carry them around. Pico projectors, on the other hand, are tiny, lightweight next-generation devices that provide users with easy portability compared to traditional projectors. There are two types of pico projectors: standalone and embedded.

Global Smart Glass Market 2014-2018 - New Market Research Report

LogoA smart glass or switchable glass is a unique type of glass, and it can change its light transmission properties. Based on the types of external stimuli needed for a change, smart glass can be bifurcated into two types: active and passive. In the case of passive glass, heat and ultraviolet light sources are used to initiate the change, whereas electrical current acts as the stimulus in active smart glass. Smart glass finds its use in various industries, including Transportation, Aviation, and Architecture.

Just Published: "Global Smart Grid Cyber Security Market 2014-2018"

LogoSmart grid cyber security involves the protection of smart grid technology from various cyber threats. The security of the smart grid network is a major issue faced by power utilities because there is a frequent exchange of sensitive information via communication networks such as the internet, intranets, corporate networks, and extranets. Power utilities need various controlling techniques to moderate the adverse effects of unauthorized access of smart grid data. Hackers, for instance, can take control of smart grid applications and servers and access confidential information. Therefore, the smart grid requires security measures not only to handle systems and equipment but also to secure the exchange of information between systems.

HYPEZ Demystified the Fallacies About the Use of Instagram as a Tool in Boosting a Brand's Reach

LogoInstagram, being a rising star in the field of social media, has progenized its popularity in a span of two years. Visual marketing, one of the trends in marketing today, has catapulted with the help of Instagram. Brands drifting away from the conventional ways of marketing and advertising have shifted to boosting their online presence in building greater reach for their online presence.

Pettigrew & Associates Hires Two New Employees

Debra Hicks, PE/LSI, Chief Executive Officer of Pettigrew & Associates, P.A., recently announced the addition of two employees - Misganaw Wole, GIS Technician; and Sakaria Hashi, Engineering Technician II.

PowerUpHosting Announces Affordable WordPress Hosting

PowerUpHosting, a Los Angeles based company that offers cheap web hosting, is pleased to announce that they now offer high performance SSD WordPress hosting for the unbelievable rate of only $9.95 per month. “We are very excited to offer the most reliable WordPress hosting available, using the latest hardware and software, while offering the best prices and customer support. We have expert WordPress technicians available to assist our customers 24/7 with any questions or troubleshooting help that they require,” stated PowerUpHosting’s Udit Goenka.

PowerUpHosting Announces Affordable WordPress Hosting

PowerUpHosting, a Los Angeles based company that offers cheap web hosting, is pleased to announce that they now offer high performance SSD WordPress hosting for the unbelievable rate of only $9.95 per month. “We are very excited to offer the most reliable WordPress hosting available, using the latest hardware and software, while offering the best prices and customer support. We have expert WordPress technicians available to assist our customers 24/7 with any questions or troubleshooting help that they require,” stated PowerUpHosting’s Udit Goenka.

Wells Tobias Recruitment Launch Their New Responsive Website

Wells Tobias, one of the leading recruitment firms in the UK with headquarters in London and branches around the country, has launched a responsive website so that its information and services are available across today’s range of devices. Announces Caller-Only Special Sale on Allworx IP Phone Systems

LogoLeading phone system provider is announcing a special discount on all Allworx IP Phone Systems for any size businesses.

Seed to Sell, Total Vertical Integration of American Green

LogoAmerican Green, Inc. (OTC: ERBB), headquartered in Tempe, Arizona is a technology based company that operates in the medical marijuana space. ERBB is dedicated to the renewal of the American economy by developing and growing vertical retail supply chain technologies, systems, and investments. The Company, formerly known as Tranzbyte Corporation; employs an integrated model of “Seed to Sell”. In an exclusive sit-down interview with Stephen Shearin the company’s President and COO, UPTICK Newswire has gained an extensive understanding of American Green’s model of “vertical integration”.

NEW ONE CARD Micro Charger Nearly Doubles the Battery Life of iPhone 6 Plus, Smartphones and Tablets

Smart Qi Power, an innovator of wireless chargers for Apple and Samsung phones, is introducing the ONE CARD Micro Charger-the smallest and most powerful in its class ONE CARD Micro Charger, with its creditcard shape, delivers 2,200 mAh battery power via a built-in charging cable and can power iPhones, smartphones, and even tablets; and yet is thin and light enough to hold onto the back of the phone so you can talk while charging.

Europa Newswire Makes UN Editorial Images Available for Any Person Around the Globe

LogoEuropaNewswire is the place where people will be able to see UN editorial images that include important events and meetings. Whether people are searching for the faces of goodwill ambassadors, high-ranked officers or images from different security meetings and debates, organized at the highest possible level, they will be able to find them at

For a Better Understanding in Payment Processing, Transparent Merchant Services Launches Online Resource Center: "Ask the Experts"

LogoTo give small businesses a better understanding of merchant accounts, Transparent Merchant Services ( is proud to announce the launch of a new online resource center: “Ask the Experts.” More than an FAQ, these articles will be geared toward addressing the most-common causes of confusion businesses have with merchant services in an easy-to-read format that is in-depth and informative.

Zoupons the Free Shopping App Transforms the Way Californians Use Coupons, Gift Cards, Deal Cards

Americans save billions of dollars each year thanks to coupons - and nearly 50 million people in the United States use online coupons. Those numbers are sure to rise, thanks to the newest innovation to the world of mobile deals: Zoupons. Announce the Launch of the Site's Carry-on Luggage Reviews Section, to Help Shoppers Find That Perfect Piece of Luggage

The site, at, now includes luggage reviews, along with product picks and handy packing tips – making it a one-stop-shop before any vacation or trip!

City Businesses Expected to Flock to New York City's Free Business Expo

The .NYC domain extension is expected to be the highlight of this week’s Business Expo in New York City held by the Greater NYC Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber expects thousands of attendees to find new business contacts and mingle with .NYC Registrar, Attendance to the show is free.

LadiesLending Launches an INDIEGOGO Campaign for MicroFemture

MicroFemture is an interesting new launch at Indiegogo. It is not just a fundraising campaign. It is a Social Responsible Non-Profit Lending Fund for Female Microbusinesses. They help women worldwide who like to start their own small business, and need funding between 500 and 5,000€.

Crew Gift House Offers Unique and High-Quality Gifts

LogoA best way to impress the loved ones is presenting them with fantastic gifts. There are a wide range of gifts available today and picking the fitting one purely depends on the buyer’s requirements. Glassware is widely preferred by many as they add more value as well as impresses everyone. The uniqueness and fantastic finish will be compelling and it will create a huge impact on everyone’s mind.

German Website Launches Itself, Will Provide Tips on Foot Care and Treating Nail Fungus, a German website dedicated in sharing tips on foot care and nail fungus, has recently launched itself and has already shared interesting advice on how to prevent athlete’s foot, remove calluses and maintain the overall health of one’s feet.

Digital Annual Report Maker Is Available for Business Users to Create Interesting Reports

LogoThe conventional method of engaging readers with static PDF reports is fast turning obsolete and corporate organizations are now seeking new and more intriguing ways to create annual reports. The digital annual report maker by allows business owners to embed multimedia files within the reports. The company claims that it will help businesses add value to the original reports and promise an engaging reading experience for clients. As a signature move, has added a page turning effect to the reports.

Leawo Blu-Ray Creator Adds Support to Burn iPhone 6 Recorded Videos to Blu-ray/DVD Movies

LogoApple just officially released the next generation of iPhones: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Leawo Software, an online multimedia software solution developer and provider, announced its support of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the product – Leawo Blu-ray Creator. The Blu-ray Creator software adds support of burning iPhone 6 recorded videos to Blu-ray/DVD movies on PC quickly after the new iPhones were rolled out.