Technology Press Releases

Akili Software Launches Savii Care Home Care Management Platform

Today, Akili Software, Inc. Announces the launch of a new technology called Savii Care. The first of its kind, Savii Care is a 100% web-based platform that simplifies the work of caregivers, supervisors, and managers with end-to-end care management.

U-Way Launches Series of Apple MFi-Approved Qi Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6

U-Way has introduced newest iPhone 6 case - Qi Wireless Charging ANTI-IMPACT SHIELD for iPhone 6 (Model No.: IP6-00203), which fully certified by Apple MFi & WPC Qi. The case is fully compatible with all Qi wireless chargers, it can be simply put on the Qi wireless charger to charge up, cord free!

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc., Announces Formation of Bulova Technologies Health Care Products LLC

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: BTGI)(the "Company") today announced the formation of Bulova Technologies Health Care Products LLC. Bulova Technologies Health Care Products will operate under the newly-created subsidiary, Bulova Technologies Advanced Products LLC, the incubator of new high-tech products intended to be developed and marketed by the Company.

Bing Digital Becomes UK Market Leader in Magento Open Source E-Commerce Development

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that currently serves as the foundation for over 150,000 of the web's biggest online stores. The only downside to Magento is that it takes years to master, and many businesses do not have the time to invest considerable resources into their IT department to make the investment worthwhile. Fortunately there is a new market leader in Magento e-commerce development. Bing Digital combines their exhaustive creative experience in web design with an intimate knowledge of Magento to create the ultimate e-commerce stores.

MamaBear Lists Their Five Most Popular Resources of 2014

LogoWith a rapidly evolving online world, it's important for parents to stay up-to-date on internet and social media trends that could affect their children's safety. But it's not always easy for parents to keep up with new social media platforms, apps, and news.

Derby's Short Term Leasing Explains Leasing Differences

As more and more individuals and start-up companies turn to car leasing as a preferential method of motoring, Derby's Short Term Leasing Director, Rhys Adams, explains the benefits of short term leasing and the key differences between long term leasing and short term leasing.

Business Ideas UK Publishes Introductory Video from Founder Joel Bissitt

Many people dream of owning their own business, but when starting out on this journey they intend to start from scratch, and quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work it takes to establish a brand, develop a customer base, create a reliable infrastructure and make a profit. This is why many people are looking to buy businesses rather than start them, and Business Ideas UK is a site that specializes in helping people find the right business for their needs and circumstances. The site has just published new video introduction from its founder, Joel Bissitt.

UK Franchises for Sale Launches to Provide Resource Centre on Franchises for Sale Throughout the UK

A franchise is a perfect way for ambitious individuals looking to own their own business to benefit from a proven business system while at the same time receiving support from an established infrastructure with proven marketing and sales techniques. Many people looking to start their own business are overwhelmed by the energy and sleepless nights required to build something from the ground up, where franchises give them a proven clear path to follow. UK Franchises for Sale is a new online resource centre, created by a franchise expert, specialising in helping people find information on available franchises as well as useful guidance for first time franchisees.

"The Gold Authority" Website Reveals the Truth Behind Gold or Silver Investment Through Its Latest Review

In today's era of financial uncertainty, paper currency is losing its charm in the eyes of investors, especially when compared with precious metals. Besides this, negligent government policies and soaring inflation have led to a growing number of investors rely more on gold & silver IRA in order to secure their future with a peace of mind. In a latest review "Gold / Silver IRA and 401K Transfers and Rollovers - The TRUTH Behind Investing In Gold Or Silver" by "The Gold Authority" website, it has revealed the facts and crucial information about Gold/Silver IRA investment along with the option of transfer or rollover part of current IRA or 401K into inflation proof Gold or other precious metals.

UK Franchise Opportunities Launches to Help Entrepreneurs Get Multinational Brand Backing

A franchise is a licensed outlet of an established brand that can be run independently by its franchisee while having the support, product development and infrastructure of a much larger brand. Franchises provide potential business owners a much needed level of support while still allowing them to own their own business while reducing the risks associated with a new business. UK Franchise Opportunities is a new website created by entrepreneur Joel Bissitt, in order to help budding entrepreneurs find franchise opportunities that will allow them to participate in a global brand and get invaluable business experiences running a franchise outlet.

Sascha Geyer Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Support Kent a US Soldier Who Is in Serious Trouble

This is the story of a US soldier who is in serious trouble, trapped in Nigeria after a miscommunication and several serious health problems left him hospitalized and near death.

Instagram Likes Are a Crucial Ingredient in the Recipe of Brand Promotion

Brand advertising, whether practiced by companies or people, is truly a big and challenging business. Among the fastest ways to produce interest about a brand-name is through SMM (Social Media Marketing). Twitter, Facebook, Instagram along with other social networking websites possess a Global reach by having an immediate response-time.

Digiarty Refines Free Music Streaming App to Support iPhone 6 (Plus)

LogoDigiarty Software (, a leader in the multimedia software industry, closely follows the unveiling of iPhone 6 (Plus) and improves its popular free music streaming software immediately to support the new iPhone. Moreover, Digiarty also lists best three free music streaming apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, including Air Playit, Tonido and OPlayer. Using Air Playit, people can stream music to iPhone 6/Plus in three simple steps. – Develops Advanced Mobile App Framework for Any Website has developed an advanced Mobile Framework, Mobile App for any Website - , which will substantially reduce the new app development cost and time.It has over 50 mobile friendly features that will convert a website into an advanced iOS and Android Mobile App.

Last-Minute Super Saturday Shoppers Outpacing Chaotic Black Friday Shopping

Asda is one of the leading supermarkets of preference if people are shopping for their weekly or monthly grocery supplies along with other household goods or party items. For 2015, the Asda Direct discount code will help people to buy more products in less amount of cash.

Online Shopping Has Become a Multibillion-Dollar Revenue Stream

In this week which witnessed massive pre-Christmas sales on the high-street, progressively more retailers are being turned into offering online discount voucher codes to woo circumspect shoppers.

Coupon Websites Make Merry as Deal-Hunting Shoppers Go Online

Most parents fear summer time vacations. This isn't just about concerns regarding child-care, but also the price of going back to school could make a significant reduction in funds. In only fourteen days the children will probably go back to schools, which indicates new uniforms, Rucksacks, school shoes, calculators, pen cases, pencils, even iPads in certain circumstances. With £190 being the 'average' price of returning to school, DealsAlert is concerned about how parents intend to pay this additional cost. Based on a recent research from MAS (Money Advice Support), 20% of parents uses savings, however 16% may turn to some credit card, while 8% on overdraft, and 2% on financing.

Tinout Technology Announces Availability of Compatible, Reliable & Scalable Optical Ethernet Components & Transceivers for Telecom Operators

Tinout Technology Limited, the specialist supplier of fiber network components, announced that they have a ready stock of highly scalable and reliable Optical Ethernet components and transceivers for the worldwide delivery. According to the spokesperson, the products are in a high demand among the telecom operators from all across the world, and now they can procure the fiber optics network content in the desired quantity and with custom specifications. With an improved production capacity and a team of capable engineers, the company endeavors to meet the demands of the global telecom operators of the modern times.

12 Volt Technology Now Offers WAECO CFX with Free Cooler, Seat Cooler, BBQ Set & Fridge Stand

LogoDuring Summer get a free cooler, seat cooler, BBQ set, Fridge Stand on buying any WAECO CFX with 12 Volt Technology. Recognized in Australia as one of the prominent providers of 12 Volt products, 12 Volt Technology now presents its customers with exciting offer, that enables them with a free cooler, seat cooler, BBQ set & Fridge stand on buying any of their WAECO CFX products.

Will Black Friday Be Replaced by Super Saturday This Year?

Black Friday might be over, but still there are glimmers of expectations among desperate bargain-hunters looking for cheap electronic gadgets and products online. Welcome to the Black Saturday.

New Website Scanner Is Helping to Keep Businesses Safe from Hackers Says Keep Protect

Websites and web applications are exposed to online threats on an ongoing basis. These threats have increased in recent years. With such threats, the owners of the websites and applications are therefore vulnerable to an array of negative consequences.

Consumer Convenience Demands Increases Niche Online Shopping

LogoPicking Perfection newsletter reported with online shopping becoming so prevalent customers can easily find the retailers who are the best in their niche, can make purchases with a few clicks, and have the items delivered to their door. Shoppers still value convenience but now have other ways to find it: all the social networking sites, deal sites, and other tools on the web. Shoppers can shop for products easily online and also discover niche retailers for all the things they want, even the things they did not know they wanted. Sites like Pinterest and various shopping social networks are making it easier for customers around the world to discover these niche retailers.

Tax Specialist Unveils EIC Filing Tips for 2015

Tax specialist and contributor Frank Ellis has published an informative article on how taxpayers can claim the earned income credit this year. People with a small or modest income can qualify. Now Offering Free Clipart Special invites consumers to take advantage of their current drinkware personalization special, which features all clipart available at no cost. The promotional product supplier specializes in various beverage items sold in bulk that can be customized, such as koozies, water bottles, mugs, and more. Customers can quench their thirst with quality beverage containers that make a statement, promote, or celebrate an occasion. Announces Discount on Their Traditional Hex Pencils

LogoConsumers looking to stock up on their writing utensils for The New Year can take advantage of's hexagonal pencils, which are currently on sale for a discounted price. Buyers of all trades can order the traditional personalized pencils for promotional use and to stock their offices. The online company sells a variety of writing tools with different features and designs in bulk.

CEO, Adam Paul Green, of G3 Development "Social Media" Online Network Congratulates Local Team for Being Voted Most Effective Keyword Identification in November 2014

LogoWhen people needed or wanted something in the old days, they'd look up information in the yellow pages.  Today, people turn to search engines to find what they want or need.

Glucosamine Supplements Can Be a Vital Addition for Vaccinated Dogs

Dogs and humans synthesize glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to create and maintain cartilage, a soft tissue essential for joint health. Like their human companions, canines produce less of all three bio-chemicals as they age. To combat their pet's achy joints, dog owners are utilizing glucosamine supplements to help their furry family members remain active, vital and pain free.