Technology Press Releases

GeneratorSmart Introduces Their Highly Innovative GenSmart

Jorge Miranda, the co-founder of GeneratorSmart, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in order to introduce "GenSmart" to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $50,000, which needs to be raised by June 19th in order to bring this generator to market. Anyone who has ever lived through a hurricane, major storm or other form of disaster knows how critical a generator can be. However, most portable generators on the market today are actually cumbersome, heavy and outdated. Miranda states, "If you currently have a generator, you know that a 1500 watt model weighs about 50 lbs. or more. If there existed a unit that only weighed 12lbs and still provided the same power then the added portability would make it more useful to more people and in more situations." With this idea in mind, Miranda and his co-founder Joaquin de Soto assembled their team of electrical engineers to create a practical generator for the modern era.

Epiphan Announces Sponsorship of Infocomm15 in Orlando, Florida on June 13-19, 2015

Epiphan is delighted to announce that it has secured a sponsorship opportunity with InfoComm which will provide a significant presence for Epiphan at the InfoComm15 trade show in Orlando, Florida on June 13-19, 2015.

Gramblast Launches Easy to Use Instant Instagram Followers for Social Media Networking Popularity

Gramblast has launched a new site in which there are lots of potential for instagram users to move ahead in the social circle. The vital features that can be derived from gramblast are to gain instagram followers, and instagram likes. They provide cost effective Instant Instagram followers and are easily accessible by anyone who wants to make purchase from them. They help the instagram users to get expertise package from the store. Right now, Gramblast Instant Instagram followers have over 10000 followers and the numbers are increasing day by day.

Janis Gibbons Shares Blogs Related to Senior Citizens on SilverCitizenServices.Com

LogoJanis Gibbons, a senior blogger announced to share blogs on the website SilverCitizenServices.Com in a small press meet here today. The blogs cover various issues related to senior citizens including health, employment, technology and retirement among others.

Darcy SEO Checker - Different Spin on Technical SEO

Craiova - The web expansion has created new expectations from Search Engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo) to be implemented in websites. Site owners must rely on a secure, error free, fast online proprieties so they can focus on their core business. To meet such challenges, Darcy SEO Checker launched today an automated SEO Checker as a solution for small and medium enterprises (SMBs).

FaceBeast Offers an Opportunity to Make Money by Surfing Facebook

LDB Services wishes to inform people about the various ways they can make money doing what they love to do: surfing facebook. It's possible to make money online using a Facebook account.

Leading Web Design Companies Offer Solutions for Sure Success

In the present business scenario, majority of the business problems are cracked with IT solution. It did not come as a big surprise when it was reported many years back that one of the leading services in demand has become the internet marketing industry and web design. These industries have shown a striking boom in commerce in the past few years. Helping People Creating Intro Videos is helping people by providing logo intro video making services.  The website provides a wide range of intro video templates. With the help of the template a user can create a video by himself.

Digiarty Combines Video Compression Software with a 4K UHD Video Converter

LogoDigiarty Software, a famed multimedia software provider, integrates efficient video compressor into its well-received HD video converter, aimed at delivering an easy way to compress videos including 4K ultra HD videos or M2TS, AVCHD, MOD, MKV and other HD videos on PC and Mac. Digiarty explains that compressing videos is awfully helpful when it comes to upload videos online (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), send to friends over internet, play back on mobiles with limited storage capacity, save space of storage device, etc.

Digital Marketing Company Bringing Revolution

These days Marketing is best defined by the word digital spread and reach. Content has been a driving force towards growth of any digital spread. We have seen great results achieved in search engines by the use of quality and targeted content. In the coming day's as well content will rule the world and help in digital growth. As web is growing with more and more page's it is becoming more and more difficult for digital marketer to manage with the originality of the content. With around 70 trillion pages on the web Google has entered a new era where they now need technology to store that much data on web. They also need to find a way which will help them find result in this increasing number of pages.

Rilove Smart Ring Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoThe Rilove Smart Ring is a gesture-controlled, wearable ring that allows the user to manage a number of tasks with a flick of the finger.  Created by Minds Wear, a group of students who specialize in using their talents to create innovative products, the Rilove Smart Ring is poised to change the way that people use personal tracking software and devices.  The ring focuses on the needs of a younger generation.  Rather than tracking heart rate or sleep patterns, the Rilove Smart Ring allows users to engage in activities such as answering incoming calls, operating a smart phone camera and even skipping songs on an MP3 player.

Exclusive Launch of Online Shopping Portal for Kurtis:

Being a key player in ethnic wear for women, Aaneri is an established brand for Cotton Block Print Kurtis. Since the decade, Aaneri Kurtis have been available on India's major online shopping portals SnapDeal, Flipkart, Amazon and all the leading portals. Now moving ahead, the brand owners decided to launch their own online shopping portal, and now is live to shop cotton Kurtis online. Focuses on the Controversies of Revolutionizing the Medical Industry with the Use of 3D Body Parts Printing

LogoWith time and the emergence of various diseases and disorders that have caused the escalating number of deaths all over the world, health industry is continuously searching for ways to find the most effective cures and treatments for diseases.

Marketing Results Adds Photography and Copywriting Services to Cover All Aspects of Marketing

A picture, it is said, can tell a thousand words. It is no surprise then that image and video are becoming some of the most popular ways to market in the online arena, offering a more stimulating experience than writing itself. Equally, written content must now work harder than ever to compete with images to ensure the message is conveyed accurately and with real branding. That's why Marketing Results of Auckland New Zealand has expanded their range of online marketing services to include Photography and Copywriting, to help businesses optimize the return on investment of their marketing services.

A Professional Company That Offers Relevant Services for Improving the Online Presence of Clients

Businesses that find it challenging to develop their online presence may feel happy with this news. SME Design says they possess specialized competence in this field and they offer all the relevant services. Therefore, small and medium enterprises as well as sports and community groups can seek their help for website designing, social media marketing, website security, content writing services, graphic design services and SEO services. The company says that they will work closely with their clients for knowing their requirements so they can offer the right type of services that suit them.

Bill Greenberg National Computer Expert Re-Defines the Computer Technician

Answering questions for a small group of reporters, Bill Greenberg shared informationhe delivered at National Convention in Los Angeles earlier this year. Bill who is often quoted in magazines, web articles and professional technical periodicals is a National Computer Technology Expert. At this press conference Bill shared important information about the changes in today's technology requirements and he highlighted a question he was asked by hundreds of convention attendees during the course of the convention weekend. It was a very simple and straight to the point question, "What do you look for in a good computer technician and what skills should they possess?".

Delivering Excellence Discusses Ergonomic Positioning and Self-Stabilizing Hand Truck

LogoDelivering Excellence, sponsored by Magline, recently profiled how a manual palletizer enables ergonomic positioning. Modern Machine Shop, the source of the report, discussed how a level loader is economical and ergonomic. Although it requires no electrical power and little maintenance, it virtually eliminates productivity-robbing and injury-producing bending, lifting, reaching, and stretching common to pallet-loading applications. The loader features a stable base that is said to be smaller than other designs, enabling the user to step close to the unit's platform. Fork-lift pockets at the base enable easy unit relocation. Other ergonomic tools are part of the equation.

FireTracks to Start Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign

LogoFireTracks will launch its crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo today. The goal of the campaign is to garner support from visitors all over the world and raise $150,000.  The collected funds will be used to manufacture three complete Fire Fighter Tracking Systems and get these life saving devices into the hands of our first responders.

Divine Bounty Offers Free Shipping on Multiple Bottles of Turmeric Supplement

Mary Underwood, spokesperson for Divine Bounty, announced that the firm is offering consumers free shipping when they order multiple bottles of the company's new curcumin supplement. Available exclusively on, the formula is one of the strongest available to aid in joint health and pain management.

The Arthritis Foundation Has Provided Some Pertinent Information About How Fat Affects Arthritis

Engaging in exercise programs and having healthy food choices are among the most popular techniques to lose weight. Fat has always been considered to be a culprit in reducing the quality of life and health of many people. There is another disadvantage about fat discovered by researchers.

Studies Revealed That Olive Oil Could Potentially Reduce Inflammation

There are many food items that are believed to be very helpful to individuals who are suffering from certain conditions such as arthritis. Some cooking ingredients are believed to also be helpful to patients.

Studies Show That Fish Oil Supplements Are a Great Acne Remedy

Acne is one of the things that many people suffer from. There are several reasons why acne develops, and people often resort to various remedies just to get rid of it. The good news is that there seems to be a great solution for individuals who want to have flawless and healthy skin.

Subjective Creator Leslie Rojas Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoLeslie Rojas, creator of the unique film Subjective , has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this movie.  Subjective is the first horror film to be recorded in 360 degrees in a single sequence using first-person point of view.  This immersive first-person experience is designed to allow the user to become the protagonist of the story.

Celire Offers Online Choice in Household Items Without High Prices

Digital shopping has taken over and the world will never look the same way again. Almost two-thirds of all Americans do their shopping online today and those numbers are growing. Convenience is certainly one reason for this trend, but also the fact that online retailers do not have to load the cost of a brick and mortar storefront on consumers and can pass along cheaper prices to their customers. This is exactly the business model that Celire is banking on. A quick perusal of the website will show prices on brand new items reduced by 10% generally from those prices found on Internet giant, Amazon.

Airwheel Technology Launches the Self Balancing Electric Scooter

The Company introduces their latest scooter which is convenient, eco-friendly and can be stored easily. This product which on a battery is apt for people who wish to reduce the increasing pollution levels. Since it is manufactured using a lithium-based battery, it is said to be no emission during the drive. It is compact and can be even carried on buses and metros without any hassles.

Airwheel Electric Unicycle Made a Star Entry in the Highly Successful Car-Free Morning Event

In this day and age when the world is embracing the fast paced lifestyle, every commuter's friend, the Airwheel Electric self-balancing scooter gave guests of the Car-Free morning event organized by Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) a reason to step back and enjoy the ride.

Essay-on-Time Launches a Blog – Effective Tips and Guides for Students at One Place recently unveiled a blog section at its website, which increases the overall appeal of the service. The broad niche of education encompasses posts that help students write better content, face and surpass different obstacles throughout their education, choose the right college and apply for scholarships, and more tips aimed at solving practical issues. The blog also features posts focused on modern teaching methods, organizing field trips, using educational technology in the classroom, and other guidelines for teachers. The simplistic design enables the users to navigate through the blog successfully and find the information they need. The posts are detailed, but very comprehensive and implementable into practice.