Telecommunications Press Releases

Profit Advisory Group Publishes a Guide to Reducing Telecom Expenditures

Profit Advisory Group, a telecommunications consulting firm, publishes a guide to reducing telecom expenses, as understanding one's bill remains the first step to lowering telecom costs. The guide explains steps needed to lower this bill along with techniques to gain leverage on one's telecom carrier, among other things. Every business needs to request this guide to lower IT and telecom costs.

RCA Gives Top 5 Reasons for Getting an Antenna for the Household

Television antennas had been widely used all over the world to get TV signal and receptions at home. It is specifically designed to receive over the air broadcast television signals, which are transmitted between 41 to 250 MHz in the VHF band. These are commonly placed on rooftops to get better signal.

ACN Inc., the World’s Largest Direct Selling Telecom Seeks New Independent Business Owners

ACN, Inc., the world’s largest direct selling telecommunications company is currently seeking new independent business owners to take advantage of the global company’s expansion. The company continues to see rapid growth in both customers and independent business ownership.

Now Save 85% on Calls With Global Roaming Sim Cards from

Rebelfone has announced that its customers can now save up to 85% on international roaming charges by using global roaming SIM cards. These cards can be used with an unlocked internationally compatible GSM handset. Users can enjoy the benefits of using these SIM cards by accessing inexpensive local call rates in particular countries and unlimited free incoming calls in most of the countries.

Get Free Incoming Calls With Clay Telecom's Germany SIM Card

One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its Germany SIM Cards allow the users to access free incoming calls while roaming in Germany. The country specific SIM cards offered by the company allow all those travelling to Germany to access seamless connectivity throughout the German cities and towns. Besides offering free incoming calls, the Germany SIM Card allows the users to save 80% of money spent on hefty international roaming charges.

Now Get an International SIM Cards from and Save Up to 85% on Calls

Rebelfone has announced that it provides international SIM cards for global travelers. These country specific SIM cards that come with international roaming allow the users to save 85% on calls using their own cell phones. The users can receive free incoming calls in most of the countries and also utilize inexpensive local call rates.

Website Offers Reviews of Robocall Providers and Extensive Information on Laws Pertaining to Practice

At one time or another, most people have received a robocall—an automated voice message that is sent to a select list of phone numbers.

Voxel's Enterprise Private Cloud Partnership

Leading cloud and hybrid hosting provider, Voxel, today announced a partnership with IPNetZone Communications Inc. to provide MPLS Exchange Platform (MEP) customers access to Voxel’s flexible, scalable Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC). From within their private cloud network, tens of thousand of business customers will have layer2/3 connectivity to dedicated VoxSERVERS and virtual VoxCLOUD servers over their existing IPNetZone based access connections.

Studying Abroad Now a Little Cheaper - Global SIM Cards by Clay Telecom in Association With Cathay Pacific

One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that Cathay Pacific travelers can now save more with Clay’s Global SIM cards. Cathay Pacific had introduced StudenCX – Student Special offer for the students traveling to USA, Australia and New Zealand. Those booking one-way air tickets to these destinations on between 21 June and 15 September 2011 can benefit from these exclusive offers and discounts from Clay Telecom, which includes a Global SIM card with 50 minutes free talk time.

Now Get World Phone Rental Services from for at Just $2 Per Day

Rebelfone has announced that it provides world phone rental services for international travelers at just $2 per day. The international phone rental parcel comes with one SIM card for 200+ countries around the world. It is a no-contract SIM that can be simply returned to the company after the trip.

Acclaim Telecom Services Announces the Addition of a New Cloud Computing Facility

Acclaim Telecom Services proudly announces the addition of a new cloud computing facility that will double their existing footprint. Inks Deal with

QuamTel, Inc. (OTCBB:QUMI) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, a feature rich worldwide Toll-Free service provider available in 195 countries

Smart Fix, the Las Vegas Smartphone and iPhone Repair Shop Launches New Website

Smart Fix, the premier Las Vegas Smartphone and computer repair shop is pleased to announce the launch of their new Smartphone repair Website for users in Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County Nevada. The Website focuses on the shop’s repair of iPhones, and Smartphones from Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and Motorola. World Enterprise Telephony Platform and Endpoint Markets

The World enterprise telephony platform and endpoint market study provides an in-depth analysis for the enterprise telephony market, which includes traditional telephony (TDM) and IP enterprise telephony (including the IP PBX market, IP desktop phone market and IP desktop communication clients) This study provides global market share by line shipments and revenues, IP desktop phone market share by units and revenues and IP desktop communication clients by units and revenue. Also global forecasts for shipments and revenues are provided. The study includes NA, EMEA, CALA, APAC.

Clay Telecom’s Western European SIM Card Plan Now Covers Switzerland

One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its Western European SIM card now covers Switzerland along with 32 other countries across Western Europe. The Europe SIM card helps all those traveling across Europe to save 80% on international roaming charges throughout the duration of their trip. Besides enjoying an array of services, the Europe SIM card users can receive free incoming calls and text messages in the continent.

Rebelfone.Com Now Offers Local Postpaid Germany Sim Card on E-Plus Network

Rebelfone has announced that it offers local postpaid Germany SIM card on E - Plus Network. It comes with FREE roaming that allows the users to receive unlimited FREE incoming calls and text messages. It is available under No Contract, and it can be simply returned to the company after the trip.

ATCOM Business Technology Solutions Installs VoIP System for Latino Community Credit Union

David Finch, president and CEO of ATCOM Business Technology Solutions, has announced that the communications solutions provider installed a new Mitel 3300 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications system for Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) (, headquartered in Durham, connecting LCCU to nine other branch locations across North Carolina. The VoIP platform features a fully synchronized, centralized Unified Messaging voicemail system, providing LCCU with simple access to email and voicemail from the desktop, as well as text to speech capability, allowing for emails and voicemails to be checked remotely from any type of telephone. Additional features include call handling from the desktop; integration with Outlook; and a robust Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) reporting package, which provides detailed reporting options, historic reports, and real time monitoring of ACD agents. A twinning feature allowing for multiple telephones to ring at the same time on incoming calls is also included in the package.

Now Get an Italy Cell Phone Rental from at $2 Per Day

Rebelfone has announced that its customers can now get Italy cell phone rental at a price of $2 per day. It is good for those travelling to Italy as they can now utilize the services of the company at such low costs. It is a no contract phone that can be returned to the company after use.

Now Get Satellite Phone Rental Subscription at Just $15 from

Rebelfone has announced that it provides international satellite phone rental services for a subscription fee of $15 only. This service is useful for those travelling to remote areas. Besides the one time subscription charges, the users need to pay $5 per day towards the rental charges.

Specialty Answering Service a Big Hit on Twitter

Since 2004, Specialty Answering Service has prided itself on giving its many clients the best customer service through the highest quality phone answering options and plans, all for extremely reasonable prices.

Teleworking With Cloud Virtual Offices: Money Saving Trends Free Report

Teleworking is the new future in job flexibility. Working outside a non-traditional work environment is allowing many companies to continue to offer services and personnel with expertise while cutting bottom line overhead. Cloud Virtual Offices is a company well positioned to help small businesses and start-ups with overhead costs and higher degree of professionalism while contributing to a more distributed workforce, increased flexibility, outsourcing of non-core activities, telecommuting, and ‘green’ awareness.

Now Save up to 40% With Rebelfone’s Europe SIM card

Rebelfone has announced that it is offering guaranteed best prices over its Europe SIM cards. The call rates are 40% less than their nearest competitors. Users can receive free incoming calls within the UK, receive calls within the rest of Europe for $0.40, and receive free text messages.

Rebelfone Now Offers Local Postpaid UK SIM Card on T-Mobile Network

Rebelfone has announced that it provides local postpaid UK SIM card on T-Mobile Network. It comes with free international roaming enabling the users to receive unlimited free calls and text messages in the UK. Customers can simply return the SIM to the company after their trip.

Now Get Global Mail Service from Clay Telecom at Rs 3500/month

One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its customers can now get Global Mail Service at just Rs 3500 per month. Global Mail Service allows unlimited Internet browsing even while travelling abroad. This global service works around in 130 different countries of the world including the most visited countries like U.K, USA, Germany, and Australia.

Enjoy International Roaming Mobile Telephony With Clay Telecom’s World SIM Card

One of the major players of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its customers can now enjoy International Roaming Mobile telephony with its World SIM Card. Mobile Commerce 360

Mobile commerce is exploding with applications and services driven by emerging technologies, use cases, and business models. M-commerce is quite different from traditional e-commerce as the ecosystem and value chain are more dynamic and are evolving in a different manner than e-commerce as a whole.

ReportsnReports Add Global Reconfigurable Optical Add-drop Multiplexer Market 2010-2014

TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global Reconfigurable Optical Add-drop Multiplexer (ROADM) market to grow at a CAGR of 35 percent over the period of 2010–2014. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the demand for increased bandwidth. The Global ROADM market has also been witnessing increasing adoption of flexible ROADMs. However, the difficulty faced by vendors in balancing cost and quality could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.