Telecommunications Press Releases

Radiant Communications Corporation Announces Solution for Local Insertion in RFOG, FTTP and PON Networks

Radiant Communications Corporation continuously researches and develops new telecommunications solutions for its clients. Most recently, their efforts have resulted in a much-anticipated development. Radiant Communications Corporation iss proud to introduce the Radiant QRF5000MFX Series, the first technology on the market that makes local insertion over all Fiber Optic networks possible. Radiant Communications Corporation is a leading provider of telecommunications technology and equipment. In keeping with their history of innovation, they are the first company to implement technology for local insertion on an RFOG or PON networks.

TelcoDepot Launches New Learning Center for Small Business Owners

Leading business phone system provider takes great pride in announcing the launch of a new learning center, a comprehensive resource for small business owners. This learning center includes in-depth articles, hands-on tutorials, and case examples on popular business phone systems. The goal of such a learning center is to educate customers about the industry's best-selling phone systems. World Enterprise Telephony Platform and Endpoint Markets

The World enterprise telephony platform and endpoint market study provides an in-depth analysis for the enterprise telephony market, which includes traditional telephony (TDM) and IP enterprise telephony (including the IP PBX market, IP desktop phone market and IP desktop communication clients) This study provides global market share by line shipments and revenues, IP desktop phone market share by units and revenues and IP desktop communication clients by units and revenue. Also global forecasts for shipments and revenues are provided. The study includes NA, EMEA, CALA, APAC.

Clay Telecom’s Western European SIM Card Plan Now Covers Switzerland

One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its Western European SIM card now covers Switzerland along with 32 other countries across Western Europe. The Europe SIM card helps all those traveling across Europe to save 80% on international roaming charges throughout the duration of their trip. Besides enjoying an array of services, the Europe SIM card users can receive free incoming calls and text messages in the continent.

Rebelfone.Com Now Offers Local Postpaid Germany Sim Card on E-Plus Network

Rebelfone has announced that it offers local postpaid Germany SIM card on E - Plus Network. It comes with FREE roaming that allows the users to receive unlimited FREE incoming calls and text messages. It is available under No Contract, and it can be simply returned to the company after the trip.

ATCOM Business Technology Solutions Installs VoIP System for Latino Community Credit Union

David Finch, president and CEO of ATCOM Business Technology Solutions, has announced that the communications solutions provider installed a new Mitel 3300 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications system for Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) (, headquartered in Durham, connecting LCCU to nine other branch locations across North Carolina. The VoIP platform features a fully synchronized, centralized Unified Messaging voicemail system, providing LCCU with simple access to email and voicemail from the desktop, as well as text to speech capability, allowing for emails and voicemails to be checked remotely from any type of telephone. Additional features include call handling from the desktop; integration with Outlook; and a robust Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) reporting package, which provides detailed reporting options, historic reports, and real time monitoring of ACD agents. A twinning feature allowing for multiple telephones to ring at the same time on incoming calls is also included in the package.

Now Get an Italy Cell Phone Rental from at $2 Per Day

Rebelfone has announced that its customers can now get Italy cell phone rental at a price of $2 per day. It is good for those travelling to Italy as they can now utilize the services of the company at such low costs. It is a no contract phone that can be returned to the company after use.

Now Get Satellite Phone Rental Subscription at Just $15 from

Rebelfone has announced that it provides international satellite phone rental services for a subscription fee of $15 only. This service is useful for those travelling to remote areas. Besides the one time subscription charges, the users need to pay $5 per day towards the rental charges.

Specialty Answering Service a Big Hit on Twitter

Since 2004, Specialty Answering Service has prided itself on giving its many clients the best customer service through the highest quality phone answering options and plans, all for extremely reasonable prices.

Teleworking With Cloud Virtual Offices: Money Saving Trends Free Report

Teleworking is the new future in job flexibility. Working outside a non-traditional work environment is allowing many companies to continue to offer services and personnel with expertise while cutting bottom line overhead. Cloud Virtual Offices is a company well positioned to help small businesses and start-ups with overhead costs and higher degree of professionalism while contributing to a more distributed workforce, increased flexibility, outsourcing of non-core activities, telecommuting, and ‘green’ awareness.

Now Save up to 40% With Rebelfone’s Europe SIM card

Rebelfone has announced that it is offering guaranteed best prices over its Europe SIM cards. The call rates are 40% less than their nearest competitors. Users can receive free incoming calls within the UK, receive calls within the rest of Europe for $0.40, and receive free text messages.

Rebelfone Now Offers Local Postpaid UK SIM Card on T-Mobile Network

Rebelfone has announced that it provides local postpaid UK SIM card on T-Mobile Network. It comes with free international roaming enabling the users to receive unlimited free calls and text messages in the UK. Customers can simply return the SIM to the company after their trip.

Now Get Global Mail Service from Clay Telecom at Rs 3500/month

One of the leading names of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its customers can now get Global Mail Service at just Rs 3500 per month. Global Mail Service allows unlimited Internet browsing even while travelling abroad. This global service works around in 130 different countries of the world including the most visited countries like U.K, USA, Germany, and Australia.

Enjoy International Roaming Mobile Telephony With Clay Telecom’s World SIM Card

One of the major players of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that its customers can now enjoy International Roaming Mobile telephony with its World SIM Card. Mobile Commerce 360

Mobile commerce is exploding with applications and services driven by emerging technologies, use cases, and business models. M-commerce is quite different from traditional e-commerce as the ecosystem and value chain are more dynamic and are evolving in a different manner than e-commerce as a whole.

ReportsnReports Add Global Reconfigurable Optical Add-drop Multiplexer Market 2010-2014

TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global Reconfigurable Optical Add-drop Multiplexer (ROADM) market to grow at a CAGR of 35 percent over the period of 2010–2014. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the demand for increased bandwidth. The Global ROADM market has also been witnessing increasing adoption of flexible ROADMs. However, the difficulty faced by vendors in balancing cost and quality could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

ReportsnReports Adds Global M2M Wireless Network Services Market 2010-2014

TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global M2M Wireless Network Services market to grow at a CAGR of 27.2 percent over the period of 2010–2014. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the proliferation of government regulations and standards. The Global M2M Wireless Network Services market has also been witnessing an increasing number of value-added services. However, the lack of communication infrastructure could hinder the growth of this market.

New Summer Contest for Popfax Customers, the leading internet fax service provider, announces the beginning of a summer contest for its customers. The winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab device and a Popfax mug. Mobile Marketplace - a Free Location - Based App Makes Buying and Selling Fast and Easy is a location-based app that connects buyers and sellers all speedy - like via your mobile device. Mobile Marketplace is offering a rich mobile app that combines a few of the key ingredients in foursquare, Instagram, eBay, and Craigslist.

Is 3g War About to Break-out in Phuket, Thailand

LogoThai telecoms company AIS has announced it will begin rolling out its new 3G wireless network by the end of July. But negotiations could breakdown as TOT may sign a 3G roaming agreement with Thai telecom's operator, CAT Telecom.

ATCOM Business Technology Solutions Sponsors 23rd Annual Great Gatsby Gala

Communications Solutions Provider Supports National Multiple Sclerosis Society Mid-Atlantic Chapter For More Than 16 Years

V3D Acquires Sibyltel Technology and Launches EQual ONE Software Suite for Telcos

Acquiring Sibytel technology, V3D (Vision 360 Degrés) goes one step beyond on last mile mobile Quality Testing and Monitoring by upgrading its complete and most advanced software suite for Telcos: EQual ONE Wireless Emergency Services Research Package

On June 12, 1996, the FCC essentially launched E9-1-1 with the adoption of an initial Report and Order and a Further Notice of Propose Rulemaking in this docket, establishing rules requiring wireless carriers to implement 9-1-1 and Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) services. The FCC Order ultimately rolled out in phases that would cause wireless carriers in the United States to implement automatic location determination with certain accuracy requirements.

Itellas Communications Becomes First Caller ID Spoofing Company Named in News International Phone Hacking Scandal

Itellas Communications,, has been named as one of the companies used in the News of the World hacking scandal. Itellas Communications has denied that any person could use their Caller ID spoofing service to hack a voicemail box but sources out of the UK aren't so sure.

ReportsnReports - United Kingdom: A2P SMS Market Analysis and Forecast 2010 to 2016

Mobile network operators are focusing on Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS to increase their average revenue per user/subscriber (ARPU). Application-to-person (A2P) SMS is a part of mobile value added services (VAS). It enhances the average revenue per user by providing mobile content to subscribers that generates stimulation and acts as a gateway to reach mobile subscribers in minimum time. This report analyzes the market for Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS in United Kingdom.

Caller Id Spoofing More Accessible With Spooftel Calling Card

The company that first made caller ID spoofing technology available to the public, SpoofTel, has introduced its new calling card.

Elitecore Adopts an Integrated Platform for Subscriber Management, Policy Control and Charging for Network Monetization – Infonetics Research

Elitecore Technologies, the leading provider of telecom software (OSS / BSS) solutions, today announced that a latest White Paper from Infonetics Research focusing on the ‘Changing Role of Policy Management’ has identified its platform approach to Policy Management as of strategic interest to today’s network operators. The White Paper throws light on how Policy Management has moved beyond its traditional confinement of being a tool for bandwidth control / management to emerge a more tactical part in IT & network operations facing real-time subscribers’ activity and agile marketing activities that drive service differentiation and innovative offerings in the era of smart devices.