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ARM 9009 Standard Surpasses ISO 9001 for Firearms and Armoring Quality Certification

( Several years ago, the American Board of Accredited Certifications assembled an independent committee to the address the quality and safety issues of firearms and armoring systems for military personnel, criminal justice agencies, U.S. embassies, and consumers. The committee learned there was a critical need for an improved quality management program among manufacturers of firearms and armoring systems which failed to be met by the quality management standard ISO 9001. As a result, ARM 9009 was released in 2013 as an industry specific standard offering major advantages over the 'one size fits all' ISO 9001.

Disruptive Analysis Forecasts 2 Billion WebRTC Users by 2019

Industry analyst and consulting firm Disruptive Analysis has published the 2nd Edition of its WebRTC Market Status & Forecasts report. WebRTC is a fast-emerging standard which allows voice and video communications to be added to websites and mobile apps, without a standalone phone or videoconferencing service. The study predicts that by 2019, there will be 2-2.5 billion active users of “embedded” communications worldwide, spanning consumer, enterprise and even “Internet of Things” applications.

Brenner Dental Group Now Offering Dental Implants to Improve Oral Health and Smiles Instantly

LogoDr. Jeffrey Brenner is proud to now be offering dental implants to his patients in the Bucks County area, and for those looking to improve their dental health and have a beautiful smile instantly. He believes that everyone deserves a healthy smile and for those who have gaping teeth or are just not confident, they should invest in dental implants from Brenner Dental Group this summer. Some people get the wrong idea about dental implants as if they are only for older people, however that is not the case.

E Instruments Recently Displayed Booth at the OESP Show in Hershey, PA

LogoE Instruments International recently took part in the 60th annual convention and trade show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They are proud to be welcomed by the National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals to be a part of the event. Being one of the most popular venues, E Instruments was able to add to the Triple Crown themed, educational, and fun trade show. They displayed numerous products such as their combustion analyzers, portable emission analyzers, and much more.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services Is Now Offering Money off Residential House Cleaning in Bucks County, PA

LogoLooking for a new house cleaning company in Bucks County, PA? Look no further than Minch Professional Cleaning Service, LLC, as they are now offering $50.00 off any first time initial deep cleaning. This coupon is valid for new customers only and is available until next December. So, for homeowners who are busy with summer plans, vacationing, or simply traveling the area, they will be able to take advantage of this opportunity for the remainder of the year.

DriveOne Autosales Announces Successful Spring Season for Bad Credit Auto Loans

LogoTearing down the belief that having bad credit means people cannot obtain an auto loan; DriveOne Autosales announces the success of its spring season for bad credit auto loans. Many people in need of Buy here pay here services in Trenton NJ or PA have turned to DriveOne Autosales for a loan this spring, getting back on their feet and on their way out of financial trouble. Due to the increase of the approval ratings over the past several months, people will now be approved more quickly than ever.

Organic Robes by Green Robes LLC Now Offering Authentic Turkish Bathrobes for Fathers' Day

This Fathers’ Day, don’t end up buying the same lame power tools for dad. Instead, pick him up something that he can wear on a daily basis. Organic Robes by Green Robes LLC is now offering authentic Turkish bathrobes on sale for Fathers’ Day. Fathers will enjoy coming out of the shower, pool, or hot tub, reach for their bathrobe, and relax on a sunny afternoon. Organic Robes by Green Robes LLC offers a wide variety of bathrobes that every father can enjoy this summer. Every father that will open up their present and find an organic Turkish bathrobe will be excited that their child bought them this environmentally friendly product. Now Offers 24 Hour Emergency Passports for Children in Philadelphia

LogoMinors in need of a same-day passport can turn to for a 24 hour emergency passport in Philadelphia. Even though minors are subject to the same passport guidelines and rules as adults, they must go through a few extra requirements to obtain an emergency passport. This is because minors, under the age of 18 are not legally able to sign a document without the permission of a parent or guardian. Children living in Philadelphia in need of an emergency passport can rely on to handle the case with urgency.

Skin Care Scientist Introduces Argan-Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion

Vargas Cosmetic Inc., makers of the best facial skin care products, announces the new high-performance Argan-Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion. The new gentle-yet-effective cleanser refreshes the skin, while removing dirt, oil and makeup, leaving skin look flawless. A great addition to any skin-care routine, the Argan-Tangerine Deep Cleansing Lotion is infused with a scent of tangerine blossom. Whether people use it at morning or night, they will fall in love with this new cream-based cleanser.

Custom Wooden Cards Launches Tree Planting Initiative Promotion to Aid Forest Growth Efforts Globally

LogoWith the help of Plant A Billion Trees, a project sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, Custom Wooden Cards has announced a new initiative to aid in reforestation efforts. Custom Wooden Cards has promised that it will plant three or more new trees per order placed on their website or over the phone.

Seo4anyone Now Offering White Label SEO Reseller Solutions

seo4anyone, a Miami based SEO company, is now offering white label SEO services that allow traditional marketing agencies and other internet service companies to offer online marketing services to their new and existing clients without having to hire and train new employees.

123 Mold Testing Company Combating the Dangers of Molds in New York Homes

In a move to combat the increasing number of New York homes infested by molds, the 123 Mold Testing Company has launched the best game plan to make mold testing very simple. A special targeted research initiated by the company has revealed that most New Yorkers avoid hiring professional mold testers because the procedures are complicated and time consuming. This company offers to do an intensive mold testing around the home in half the time normally taken thereby ensuring that even people working under tight schedules can live in a healthy environment.

The 123 Mold Testing Company on a Grant Mission to Make LA Homes Mold Free!

Over the years Los Angeles has been one of the leading cities where an increasing number of homes shell out thousands of dollars to keep their homes clean. Interestingly enough, this city does not top the list of clean home environments. A multiple number of tests done by the 123 Mold Testing Company to unearth the reason behind this has revealed that it is because most of these LA homes were infested by molds.

Mold Testing Companies Reveal Major Cause Behind Extensive Mold Growth in Chicago Homes

Research reveals that mold growth has been a major health threat to most Chicago homes for many years now. The cold and long winters with high level of snowfall, humidity and cloudiness almost all year long makes it the perfect place for molds to grow and flourish in abundance. Mold is a form of bacteria already present in air and settles down on any wet surface.

IAC2 Licensed Inspectors Combating the Growth of Molds in Houston Homes

Houston contains one of the highest numbers of mold testing companies in the state of Texas. While Houston homes are never short on mold testing services, latest find shows that not all of these so-called companies should be trusted. An inspection team dispatched by the Houston health department unveiled an astounding number of Mold testing Houston companies functioning without a license.

123 Mold Testing Company Identifies the Most Common Molds Found in Phoenix Homes

Proper hygiene recommends that Phoenix homes must be tested for molds at least once a year. Over the years, home remedies to remove molds have proven ineffective. It is therefore a must that a certified Mold testing Phoenix Company should be hired to test the home for any signs of mold development. It should be noted that not all molds are dangerous. The cause for concern is generally the black mold that is toxic for the human body.

123 Mold Testing Introducing Mega Spring Discount for Mold Cleanup in Philadelphia Homes

One of the most reputed Mold testing Philadelphia companies is introducing Philadelphia homes to a cheaper yet professional mold cleanup. The recent data showing most Philadelphian children suffering from immunity diseases due to extended exposure to molds has triggered this philanthropic move. Neglecting to cleanup molds has led to extensive property damage to many homeowners.

123 Mold Testing Company on the Rescue to Save Plummeting Homes Due to Excessive Mold Growth

The year 2012 has seen a good number of San Antonio homes plummet because of excessive mold growth. Over the years, homeowners have refused to acknowledge the extent of damage that molds can cause to both property as well as the inmates. The few that were aware of its dangers decided to use home remedies to remove the molds. The reason cited was that most professional Mold testing San Antonio companies are expensive. While it is all right to clean harmless molds with home remedies, toxic molds can pose a bigger danger of cleaned without professional aid. Showcases High-Performing Local SEO Services on Low-Priced Packages

When it comes to finding online service providers serving their local community, almost 70% of all potential customers prefer to search online on a monthly basis for information about local businesses. With the right Internet marketing techniques in place, local businesses can enhance online presence, and increase website traffics and leads.

Millionaire Travel Secrets Revealed to the Public

LogoNew resource and publication Millionaire Travel Secrets is blowing the lid off the travel industry and changing how average consumers travel. Considering what most people spend on an average two week vacation, the author Terrance Day claims that someone could literally vacation in luxury for 5 to 6 weeks on the same budget.

eFlip Standard Now Lets Users Share Flipbook Online with Others

With eFlip Standard, customers can certainly convert PDF to flipbook, and share all of them with anybody using various tools and shops on the web.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Bounty Released: First to Deliver the Solution Gets 2500 and Future Donations

Apple TV 3 currently sells for $99 in the Apple official store. It works with a core A5 chip, the very same iPhone 5 and the latest iPad have too. And it’s also the very same that has been giving iOS jailbreakers headaches over the past few months. In combination with iOS 6, the A5 chip has limited security exploits, but those who know where to look, found not one but several of these vulnerabilities.

TinySuperheroes: "Empowering Extraordinary Kids...One Cape at a Time" on Indiegogo

LogoTinySuperheroes, a small organization led by Robyn Rosenberger, seeks to empower children with special needs. “We donate capes to Extraordinary TinySuperheroes who exemplify strength and determination as they overcome great adversity,” Robyn says. Emerges as the Favorite Online Fashion Retail Store, a leading online fashion retail store, has emerged as the most favorite online fashion retail store. Customers prefers this store for all their fashion needs as the store provides with the latest design from fashion world and also provides a good after sale support to the customers.

TopStockTips.Com Stock Alerts for 05/30/2013 (OTCMKTS:VIZS ) (NASDAQ:CLSN) (OTCMKTS:MINE) (OTCBB:TCPS)

LogoTopStockTips.Com Wall Street's #1 Stock Newsletter Announces It's Stock Alerts for 05/30/2013 OTCMKTS:VIZS, NASDAQ:CLSN, OTCMKTS:MINE, OTCMKTS:TCPS

Dr. Fred Peck Invited to Be Contributing Author

LogoDr. Peck is actively involved in the communities of Cincinnati, Montgomery, Mason along with Blue Ash, Ohio regions.

Wohl Associates Inc. Now Offering Used Tablet Packaging Equipment

Wohl Associates, a trusted leader in the used processing and packaging machinery industry, is now selling tablet packaging equipment that can be used by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Equipment brands that can be found in Wohl’s inventory include Accelacota, Dionsa, Burkhard, Stokes, Vector, and Tait. Wohl Associates currently has one 24” stainless steel coating pan that was manufactured by Stokes (model 900-1-4). This coating pan is currently mounted on a stationary stand. The machine is powered by a variable speed Penta drive and the motor is designed to be explosion proof. There is also a Stokes stainless steel coating pan at Wohl Associates that has a 48” diameter instead of the 24” diameter. This machine also has a variable speed control and was last used in a vitamin manufacturing operation.