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CGK Business Sales Announces Another Major, Successful Austin Business Sale

CGK Business Sales, the leading business broker in Austin and central Texas, announced the company's successful conclusion of a major private business acquisition deal. Leveraging the many years of experience of the company's expert business brokers, CGK Business Sales specialists helped the owners of a local, family-owned company find an eager buyer, securing top dollar for a business that had been built up over generations. With a huge network of highly motivated buyers that includes high-net-worth individuals, corporations seeking to expand, private equity groups, and leading venture capitalists, CGK Business Sales has become the most successful and highly regarded business broker in Austin, San Antonio, and central Texas in general.

Environmental Health Trust Announces Winner and Honorable Mentions in Its Fifth Annual Practice Safe Tech Art Contest

The Environmental Health Trust has honored three local students who have been recognized as winners in this year's Practice Safe Tech Art Contest. The contest is held annually by Environmental Health Trust's Jackson Action team to encourage students to look more closely at the facts about wireless technology that is so prevalent in their daily lives and learn how to protect themselves from wireless exposure. The event took place Thursday, June 25th from 5 to 6 PM at the Teton County Library Auditorium.

Spark Formula Now Provides Online Dating Service at No Cost

LogoSpark Formula is a free online dating website San Diego residents can rely on to find their romantic interest. The site is focused directly on attraction rather than compatibility. A variety of information and tools are available to help people find this in their lives.

Salt Lake City Dentists at Platinum Dental Care

Salt Lake City teeth whitening at Platinum Dental Care is just one among the many varied dental procedures that the clinic offers. It boasts of a team of expert dentists who have great credentials and reliable experience when it comes to handling any dental problem.

Converting Tumblr to WordPress Automatedly: All the New Benefits from CMS2CMS

Web-based automated CMS and forum migration service, CMS2CMS, provides a revolutionary set of Tumblr to WordPress migration opportunities. Trying to make the switching to WordPress flawless and breeze, the team of developers has directed all the forces to make the migration absolutely free of codes and hassles.

Pest Management, Inc. Now Carries Mattress Encasements and More to Protect Against Bed Bugs

LogoPest Management, Inc., a Houston pest control company , has added a product line so customers can protect themselves against bed bugs. These include Protect-A-Bed mattress encasements and pillow encasements plus draw liners plus various travel accessories and bed bug monitoring and detection systems. All available products can be purchased via the company’s online shopping cart.

Mikrofax E-Procurement Software Is Now Customizable

LogoMikrofax, a software design company, has announced the ability to customize its e-Procurement software to meet the needs of any customer. The company can customize any part of the eBuyerAssist software according to user requirements. Fixed price quotes on the asset management system are available once the written specifications are submitted.

CertificationIn ACLS & BCLS Courses Now Available via Online Training

Going for an ACLS Certification course today has become quite easier. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is an important course compulsory for people involved in front line heath care. This course actually prepares individuals to deal with medical emergencies especially cardiac arrest, strokes, and other serious medical situations. ACLS course is an extension of BSL (Basic Life Support). This course is useful for health care professionals. It can be nurses who work in ICU, emergency room, operating room, etc. With the boom of Internet worldwide, one can easily opt for ACLS Certification Online.

Medicalansweringservice.Net Provide an Excellent Solution That Caters to All the Medical Phone Calls

Receiving lots of phone calls, 24 hours a day is quite tiring and exhausting isn’t it? This is what medical community professionals often experience in order to meet all the concerns of the patients. It is their job to entertain all the patients’ calls but doing this over and over again is really not that easy. Medical answering service is now being acquired by health organizations to meet the patients’ concerns and queries in a faster and reliable way. People always want solutions in a faster pace and that to at great result. Medical Answering can do that! They can guarantee the organizations to meet all the concerns and provide the best medical services for their patients.

Kim Kardashian Learns CPR on Her Hit Show with Fun CPR Training

So what do cardiopulmonary resuscitation and reality television have in common? In the case of Fun CPR Training based in Canoga Park, California, the unlikely link is Kim Kardashian.  In May of this year producers of the hit E! Network television show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” contacted Jason Jacobson, the company’s CEO with a fun request he was all too happy to oblige. The Fun CPR Training CEO said recently, “Having a CPR training location in Los Angeles, the request for Kim to come to our main office to tape her television show wasn’t that outlandish, having done classes for shows in the past, however, it was a pleasant surprise.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun. Kim and Scott were absolutely fantastic! They really got into the technique.  We do our best to make it a fun CPR class no matter who’s watching.” said Jacobson.

Modern Pixel Reveals Successful Pay It Forward Campaign

LogoModern Pixel has announced its Pay it Forward campaign was successful. The wedding photographers Calgary chose a couple who may not have been able to hire a photographer for the level of services the company provides. The company provided Calgary wedding photography at no fee.

Former Miss USA Julie Hayek to Appear at UCLA Homecoming

Former UCLA cheerleader and Miss USA 1983 will appear at UCLA's Homecoming Game against Colorado UCLA football’s most famous cheerleader, Former Miss USA and runner up to Miss Universe, Julie Hayek, will be appearing along with her former squad members at the Bruin’s homecoming game against the Colorado Buffaloes at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on Nov 2.

Time for a Change - 2014 Best Small Business to Start

Anyone looking to get started on the Internet with a 2014 best small business to start has a long road ahead of them, particularly if they have never done it before.  For them, there is Chris Farrell and his Create Your First Website by 3:45 this Afternoon site.

Simple Design Changes Turns Boring Dress Shirts to Functional and Stylish Wear

As far as men’s dress shirts are concerned not much has changed from back when they were invented for the horse riding men, even though it has a well-deserved standing of being the best men’s clothing breakthrough of the millennium, it is high time that the basic flaws of the garment were noticed and worked upon to make the modern dress shirt more functional. Function & Form LLC ( is all about designing and manufacturing functional wear for men. They’ve recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign that attempts to reinvent how men’s premium dress shirts are designed, made, and also worn. Their innovative outlook on functionalizing and modernizing the humble men’s dress shirt has allow them to come up with a few simple ideas that will set Function & Form dress shirt miles apart from all other dress shirts designs from both SPA and luxury brands in terms of both style and functionality.

John Keenan Reaches out to His Fans with His First Album DVD Release

LogoJohn Keenan, a self-composer and a music artist has finally brought his music to the growing fan base. From Kansas, this multi-faceted singer is more than a vocalist, he is a composer, a true artist whose songs represent a new twist on R&B and rap. John had released his first album back in 2012 with the title ‘Where I went Wrong’. This album is now all set for a DVD release with other special features including ‘making of the video’.

Great Business Ideas for 2014 - Being a Handyman

Those who are fortunate enough to have lived a long life, are still independent and enjoying their home built many decades ago may be having the occasional problem, and this is one of the great business ideas for 2014 . Now Features an Ice Machine Sizing Guide , an e-commerce dealer of refurbished ice machines , has announced the addition of an ice machine sizing guide to its website. This guide includes the ice usage for many types of establishments. It covers different capacities needed based on the application such as in food service, bars, restaurants, lodging, health care, supermarkets, offices and cafeterias.

Blog Shares Mr. Glen's Dog Training Tips and Effective Suggestions

Owning dogs and training to the best of knowledge is joy for many and need for some. Just like any other factor in life, the manners and etiquettes that a dog portrays in front of guests and strangers is a clear cut example of the time, patience and training invested in the dog. Many people who got really good in the processing of training lab puppies or other breeds, ended up starting breeding businesses as this itself is quite a lucrative business. Those who value excellent breeds prefer going back to well known breeders, and the pure breeds with good trainings get handsome pay checks for what’s given.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Comes out with New Additions - Buy Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins at

FIFA 14 introduces the deeper chemistry system. Your squad can be customized with any football fashion along with all new FUT Chemistry fashions. The chemistry style and devotion of FIFA Ultimate Team are to make each player and team distinctive. These are the aspects that replace the formation of player and confident in the mode. Just buy fifa 14 ultimate team coins from the reputed online currency sellers like There are the diverse FUT chemistry fashions for goalkeepers, midfielders, forwards and defenders. There is each Chemistry fashion that affects the diverse characters. These can introduce the play styles of the individuals that become prominent within the game. Procuring fut 14 coins online helps you make your dream team. Offers a New Collection of Cheap Wedding Guest Dresses

LogoIf you are going to attend a wedding a very soon, then you must be fretting by now as to what to wear. Nowadays as most of the weddings are theme based, so it will be best if you purchase your dress depending on the theme. If the wedding is by the beach, then you have to wear something that is fun and chic at the same time. Like that if the wedding that you are going to attend will be a vintage theme based, you have to dress accordingly.

Never Go Wrong by Opting for Cheap Sexy Cocktail Dresses

LogoAre you waiting to go to that most happening party in town? Then by now you must have decided what to wear for that special party. As we women want to look better than all the other women present there, it is not very simple to find the right designer cocktail dresses . The cocktail dresses have been in fashion for a long time, and they will be in vogue for many more years it seems. This year some of the cocktail dresses that have stolen the limelight are dresses with floral prints. These are elegant and charming, they have an appeal that makes you look more beautiful.

Finding a Modest Bridesmaid Dress Isn't That Easy Nor That Tough

LogoA would be bride has a lot of planning and thinking to make her look special during her wedding. Along with the bride, the bridesmaid should also look fabulous. You have to keep in the mind, the sizes of the bridesmaid dresses. They may range from 2 to 20 also. So, you have to look for a store that can provide you with gowns for different sizes. If you search on the internet you can come up with styles that will suit all the bridesmaids, whether they are thin or plus size.

Find Comfort and Security in a Home or Business Alarm System

There is little more frightening or unnerving than being robbed.  The thought of someone invading your personal space and area is enough to scare someone and leave them feeling vulnerable.  Fortunately, a professionally installed security system is often enough to deter even the most hardened of criminals.

Free Crowdfunding Project Promotion

Crowdfunding sites have provided people the opportunity to ask others for help to achieve dreams and goals that were not possible before due to the lack of funds, countless projects have been made possible through the collective funding efforts of people through the help of Crowdfunding websites. At present, there are many Crowdfunding websites that offer the opportunity to let people ask others to chip in to help a worthy cause, but marketing and effectively advertising a crowdfunding project could eventually make or break its success in gathering the required funds. Project owners should take the initiative to get their project notice rather than idly waiting for people to come looking for them. has long been the best resource for finding the most in depth and beneficial Crowdfunding website reviews, the site has reviewed more than 50 crowdfunding platforms and crowdfunding related service sites including the most popular Crowdfunding websites such as the Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundme and many more. Recently, has started to offer another amazing opportunity for people who are running a Crowdfunding campaign, now allows people to post FREE ads for crowdfunding projects that will appear on the site’s homepage. This is a great opportunity for people to market their crowdfunding campaigns to a larger number of audiences through advertising on because this site is one of the top visited crowdfunding resource sites online.

Communications Equipment and Services Provider Birns.Net Now on Google Plus

Leading supplier and integrator of communications equipment and services, Birns Telecommunications Inc. is pleased to announce its presence on Google Plus.

Prudential Beazley Real Estate Announces Advice for Sellers on Staging Homes to Sell

LogoPrudential Beazley Real Estate knows about the importance of staging homes and they pass on their intimate knowledge of the subject to their clients in their current blog. Small things can make a big difference when showing a home. Proper staging makes the house attractive and inviting.

Calico Jack's Cantina Announces Halloween Specials

In an effort to please their guests with a party atmosphere on Halloween, Calico Jack’s Cantina in New York City is announcing their crazy specials for a wild Halloween celebration. In a joint effort with McFadden’s, guests who purchase tickets to the October 26th event at Calico Jack’s Cantina will also receive access to the same specials at McFadden’s—also located on 42nd Street—with the same wristband.