Education Press Releases

Atlanta Music Education, LLC Celebrates New Studio Space at the Kingfisher Academy

Atlanta Music Education, LLC is pleased to announce their new studio space in downtown Tucker, Georgia at The Kingfisher Academy, in addition to their continuing of in home music lessons. The music studio is a modern take on music lessons, providing private lessons, music camps, recitals, musical outings and open mic nights, all designed to inspire young people to make music. The innovative music school moved into their new home after four years of teaching music lessons in students' homes and other Atlanta studios.

Teaching Kids the Value of Limiting Screen Time and Maximizing Life Beyond Technology

The glowing screen of the latest connected technological gadget can mesmerize us all, but most especially young children. No public space is immune; whether at a restaurant, a park, the beach, the pool, or a play date, you'll see them entranced by their electronic wonder -- and oblivious to the natural wonders and actual human beings all around them!

Local 3D Printer Partners with University Students to Make Projects Come to Life

Hian Technologies has just helped their first of what will be many students create a 3D printed project. The recent pairing with a London South Bank University student to produce an ergonomically designed kitchen knife is the next step in community innovation. The project was showcased at the SHAPE show alongside 40 other final projects.

Packetviper Partnership with Riverview School District for Cyberpatriot Competition

LogoFrom JP Morgan, to Home Depot and Target, to the US Navy, to the average citizen, no entity is too big or too small to be immune from global hackers. At the same time, most reports indicate that not enough young people are entering programming and IT to fill new openings, let alone replace a wave of expected future retirements in the coming years. That is why PacketViper CEO Frank Trama believes it is so important to get more kids involved in the emerging cyber-security field, and why he has sought out local schools and teachers to start learning about this challenging field through competitions and games. Shares Valuable Information on Higher Education of Mathematics and Latin Language, a website that initially started as a provider of news and happenings of the Spanish Federation of Teachers in Mathematics (FESPM), has now further broadened its focus area by sharing comprehensive valuable information on higher education of Mathematics and Latin language.

Al-Naseer University, Yemen Offers Cutting Edge Course for Domestic and International Students

Al-Naseer University, Yemen has been the favored place for both domestic and international students who are looking for focused and hands on bachelor’s degree programs and undergraduate degree programs. The university has introduced many tailor made courses across different disciplines in order to develop critical skill sets amongst the students.

MVJCE Organized Guest Lecture on Cell Tower Radiation and Its Impact on Human Beings and Environment

LogoIndia has experienced a phenomenal growth in the number of mobile phone users. The increased use of mobile phones in India has raised public interest in possible health issues associated with exposure to electromagnetic energy. People are concerned about exposure from mobile handsets & base stations.

Natural Healing College Announced Year End 2014 Holistic Discount Package for New Holistic Students

LogoNatural Healing College, an established leader in Holistic Health Job Training Education, pleasantly announced that Natural Healing College have successfully Launch of Year End 2014 Holistic Discount Package for New Holistic Health Students. Shares Complete Valuable Info for Students Interested in Studying in Texas, a higher education information portal which provides comprehensive details on numerous institutions and colleges in Texas, has recently published insightful articles which discuss how international students can apply and avail financial support for studying in the various popular institutions in Texas.

Zoni Launches the University of Cambridge ESOL Exams in Its New York Center

Zoni, a pioneer English language school is one of the few Cambridge Examination Centers in the United States offering preparation courses and administering test. It is prestigious to note that training and testing centers are located in Miami Beach and Manhattan. Announces Registered Trademark Sale®, a highly-prized U.S. Registered trademark and versatile brand name, is now available to prospective buyers interested in marketing a variety of digital educational services, trademark owner Sherman Updegraff announced today.

Simplilearn America Announces Time-Limited Sale on Professional Education Workshops

Simplilearn America, LLC., announced a new special offer good on the company's workshop training products through November 27. Customers who use a code found on the Simplilearn website will receive 27% off their qualifying orders, one of the largest discounts ever to be made available for Simplilearn's industry-leading educational workshops. Simplilearn provides a wide range of highly effective training products, from those focusing on instilling project management and sales skills to others centering on information technology subjects. Launches Free Referencing and More on All Academic Writing Services

Academic writing requires a very particular set of skills that may well be of limited use to students once they are out in the wider world applying their knowledge. Reporting knowledge in this way can be difficult, and failing to do so in the best way can have adverse affects on grades. That’s why an increasing number of students are outsourcing the writing to professionals. Order-Papers offers one of the most affordable and best quality original writing services out there, and have now included free referencing for all papers. Launches New Traffic School Coupon Code

Traffic school is an essential part of getting a drivers license, and often taking them at the local DMV can be inconvenient and expensive, especially if applicants are unsuccessful the first time around. Online traffic schools provide a more convenient and far cheaper alternative, allowing individuals to train for and even take their traffic school tests online and qualify from the convenience of their own home. helps people get even better deals on these services, and has just published an exclusive code for 10% off on all course purchased through Traffic 101 in November.

DimensionU Games Access for Hawaii Public Schools in Nanakuli-Waianae

LogoAward-winning, educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc., announced today that all public schools in the Nanakuli-Waianae Complex Area now have access to DimensionU Educational Games. The Complex Area recently funded access to DimensionU Games for all students and educators in grades 3 through 10 as a supplemental digital learning resource to support and augment math and ELA instruction in the classroom. DimensionU can also be accessed by students during after school hours and at home.

New Tutoring Company Smashes the Competition's Prices

TheTutorMarketplace (203) 981-5691 is a new business offering tutoring services to all grade levels. TheTutorMarketplace always tutors one-on-one and in person. They charge only $20.00 to $40.00 per hour, which is negotiable and approximately one third to half of what the industry currently charges. They also offer free assessments and free career goal planning.

MyEssayWritersOnline Presents Various Types of Essays

A lot of different topics can be researched while writing an essay. Sometimes a student gets a chance to pick a topic he enjoys and will not have troubles dealing with. However, more often than not professors tend to select certain topics that may create some difficulties even for the most gifted students. Moreover, each topic needs a different approach and requires specified type of essay. Student also needs to define things like purpose, concept and structure of the given assignment. Covering all these demands is a tough call and not everyone knows how to do it right. That is why a lot of students apply to essay writers online for the professional assistance and flawless result.

Teach Anger Management Now - The Ultimate Teachers Tool

LogoJoseph Hayes has released yet another program- Teach Anger Management Now. Hayes is more commonly referred to as Counsel Joe. He has to his credit many successful published books and DVDs that deal with the mental aspect of an individual.

Gift a Rally Driving Experience This Christmas Only at Forster Racing

Watching the rallies in itself is pure adrenaline rush and just imagine if one could have a real rally driving experience. Forster Racing School offers the ultimate and fastest rally driving experience. Becoming a rally driver is now just a click away. This school is run by Leo Forster, a British Motorsport Rallycross Champion with over 10 years of experience in the industry as a driver and an instructor. Leo and his team of instructors offer the most extreme rally driving experiences for a variety of occasions from birthday parties to stag groups and corporate events to hobbyists.

Magical Methods Announces Vedic Maths DVD Stock Clearance Sale

Magical Methods Training Pvt. Ltd, a pioneer in Vedic Maths instruction, announced today that it is offering a special, limited time stock clearance sale of its respected “Learn to Teach Vedic Maths” DVD course. The sale, which makes the DVD available for $100, a 33% discount from list price, is the best value the company has ever offered its customers.

Palmer Trinity School Inducts 26 New Members Into Tri-M Music Honor Society

LogoPalmer Trinity School inducted 26 new members into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. In addition, 22 continuing members were also recognized. These music students were carefully selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service and will work toward promoting music at school and within the community.

Primal Gym Now Scheduling 2015 Martial Arts Seminars

LogoWith the many aspects of martial arts, experts come a dime a dozen. Jim McCann, a highly regarded instructor on mixed martial arts in the Princeton area, travels the world to teach seminars and conduct training sessions with a variety of individuals who are eager to reach their fitness goals. After unforgettable experiences teaching throughout 2014, McCann, owner and head coach at Primal Gym, is announcing that the company is beginning to schedule their martial arts seminars for 2015.

Association Montessori International Accredited School Open in Pleasanton

LogoThe Montessori School of Fremont is excited to announce their beautiful new facility: Montessori School of Pleasanton. Located at 3410 Cornerstone Court in Pleasanton, California, the school offers state-of-the-art-classrooms with a park-like atmosphere. The secure and serene campus provides the perfect learning environment for the highly regarded Montessori philosophy.

iMotions and the University of Nebraska at Omaha Announces a State of the Art Neuromarketing Research Mega Lab

iMotions and The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) announces the brand new official home of the Jack & Stephanie Koraleski Commerce and Applied Behavioral Laboratory (CAB Lab) — a state of the art mega research facility that places the UNO College of Business Administration on the forefront of neuromarketing research.

Natural Healing College Celebrate the Successful Launch of 4 New Online Holistic Health Certificate Programs

LogoNatural Healing College, an established leader in Holistic Health Job Training Education, pleasantly announced that Natural Healing College have successfully launched four new holistic and nutritional health certificate programs.

ETC Has Released a Promotional Video on YouTube

LogoETC International College is proud to announce the release of their promotional video on YouTube. The video provides students interested in attending the courses of the language school with all the information they need about the premises, facilities, accommodation options and the variety of courses offered by ETC.

Countries of Africa Trivia Released to Public

Africa is a large continent with many countries and cultures. There is a lot to learn about its vast array of diversity. “Countries of Africa Trivia” is a new app that was released on October 11. The app is available on Android for free, and allows users to discover African countries and enjoy quizzes. Users will be able to discover fascinating countries of Africa, play quiz games and learn interesting facts, all while tracking progress and earning trophies.