Education Press Releases

Scholarship Award Launched to Help Iowa High School Seniors Become Doctors, Dentists and Nurses

Endeavoring to inspire Iowan youth to pursue a career in the medical field, Mason City’s North Iowa Oral Surgery Associates, PC (NIOSA) launches a Scholarship Award Program. The Iowa student scholarship program will benefit two high school seniors who have set their sites on medicine, dentistry or nursing. Given in the amount of $1000 the scholarship for tuition, books or housing is renewable yearly upon re-application.

Private Makeup Classes Opens Their Doors in New York City to Teach Hair and Makeup on July 29, 2014

For makeup and hairstyling professionals and people who want to become a professional in this rewarding industry, Nina Mua one of New York’s leading makeup and hairstyling companies, are opening their doors to train people in the art of hairstyling and makeup.

MVJCE Organized First Year B.E. Inaugural Function for Academic Year 2014-15

LogoInaugural function welcoming the first year students, around 850 in number who have joined MVJCE for the academic year 2014-15 was held on 20th August 2014. Shri N. Rangachary, Retired Chairman, Central Board of Direct taxes and Insurance Regulatory Authority of India was the chief guest and delivered the inaugural address. Dr. R. Ramaprabhu Professor of Eminence and Adviser MVJCE presided over the function.

Mobile Minds Tutoring Aims to Decrease Achievement Gap and Partners with Marathon Scholars for SAT Prep

LogoMobile Minds Tutoring, dedicated to teaching students how to be lifelong learners, partners with Marathon Scholars to offer free SAT prep in Portland, Oregon.

Ed4Online to Offer Continuing Education Courses to Garrett College Students

LogoEd4Online will now offer online continuing education and workforce development courses to students at Garrett College in McHenry, Maryland.

Jinghua Education Offers Tutoring Services for Academic Courses

In the recent times, students are more than aware of the fierce competition they will face in whatever field of study or profession they choose. Consequently, to make their chances brighter in getting admission to prestigious institutions they try to stay ahead in whichever way possible. One of these is affording the best possible tutors to sharpen their knowledge and learning skills. Jinghua Education is a coaching institute involved in providing tutor service in Port Coquitlam on a variety of subjects. Their study course covers subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Science and others. The tutoring centre provides special courses on TOEFL exam preparation, SAT and GRE preparation, IELTS and computer skill training, etc. People looking for tutors Port Coquitlam may contact the study centre for more information on specific courses. The study programs of the coaching institute are designed to facilitate every kind of student, from meritorious to average.

Assistance League and Fallas Bring Operation School Bell to Kissimmee, Florida Providing Free School Uniforms to 900 Osceola School District Students

LogoAs part of Assistance League’s National Conference in Orlando, on Wednesday morning, September 3, Assistance League, in partnership with National Stores, Inc., will be providing 900 Osceola School District students with free school uniforms at the Fallas store in Kissimmee, FL. Identified students at Highlands Elementary, Central Avenue Elementary, and Kissimmee Elementary will be receiving two uniforms, a pair of shoes, socks, and a pack of underwear. Warns Parents About Dangers of Back to School Bug Infestations

Bed bugs created an epidemic in recent years when they infested large sections of the east coast. Ever since, people have had to remain vigilant to prevent such infestations returning, as the bed bugs are a common irritant that is difficult to fully eradicate. As the summer holidays draw to a close and children are sent back to school, there is a real risk of bed bugs hopping over from other children and being carried home, to infest others’ homes warns a new editorial by They have created a new guide as to how parents can prevent this nightmare scenario from happening.

New Method for Teaching Math to Visual Learners Now Available

The creators of Visual65 recognized that a significant number of students struggled with Pre-algebra operations with Positive and Negative Integers and One and Two Step Algebraic equations because they were not able to visualize the concepts, and the new website is their response to that discovery.

The Rankings Institute Reopens - Best Review and Bonus

The Rankings Institute is a 8 week coaching program which is opening up to a restricted number of new students only for 10 days starting from September 9th to September 19th 2014. Now Offering Spanish and English Automated Translation Service

Spanish is the second most common language after Chinese and the most globally dispersed, being spoken on almost every continent. English however has commonly been associated as the language of money, thanks to its ubiquity in financial circles and its use as the international business language. As a result, there is often great need Spanish to English, or English to Spanish translation. The website has provided this service to users for some time, but can now auto-detect the language of origin to make conversion as simple as one click, and has even added a huge array of new languages to its library.

Tidy Books Launches Personalised Children's Bookcases in Bid to Get Kids Reading

Award winning company, Tidy Books, famous for its innovative children’s bookcases which encourage kids to read, launches its new, personalised bookcase and bunk bed shelf this month to offer customers a brand new service.

Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund Distributes More Than $825,000 in Student and Teacher Reward Cards

LogoThe Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund announced today that it has begun distributing more than 6,000 Reward Cards totaling approximately $825,000 in benefits to students and teachers in the Sumner County and Mulvane school districts.

Ducerus Offers Back-to-School Tips for College Students

Ducerus is a company that specializes in helping students and their families cope with the stressful process of applying to college, gaining acceptance and funding college attendance. Now, Ducerus offers several tips for first-time and returning college students to make the transition to higher education easier.

Inspire Education Calls for More Donations

LogoIn every part of the world, education enables people to address various issues such as poverty and health. It breaks the vicious cycle of deprivation to transform a community back to its healthy state. Every organisation has an ultimate goal and Inspire Education aims to provide the proper curriculum for children in dire need of education. Whether it’s informal or formal, each curriculum includes primary and secondary levels. These levels contain the basic information that young people need to have that push towards holistic community development. Inspire Education also wants to spearhead social change, skills training, disease prevention, and health education. The organisation believes that with these educational projects, the entire community will be benefited more.

Miami Nonprofit Raising Funds to Build Technical School in Haiti

Rev. Fr. Lucien Eugene Pierre of Miami, Fla., firmly believes that education is the most effective way to end poverty. So he is working hard to raise money for a technical school in Haiti.

National Student Loan Data System Sets New Enrollment Reporting Requirements

LogoThe 150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limit will now require schools to report enrollment at the program-level no later than October 1, 2014, as opposed to reporting solely at the school-level.

World Landforms Unfolding the Details About Strato or Composite Volcanoes

In its bid to educate and inform people about the all the major landform on the earth’s surface, World Landforms, an educational online portal, unfolds details about Strato, or Composite Volcanoes, giving a thorough account of different facts related to them. These volcanoes have a layered structure formed by the gradual deposition of eruptive material like Andesite magma, volcanic ash, rock fragments and cinders, hence the name, Strato volcanoes. Known for their violent explosions, Composite Volcanoes are found in chains around the Pacific Rim in varied shapes like convex- concave, helmet-shaped, pyramidal, composite volcanoes with multiple summits, and other forms.

Village People to Headline at Museum Center's 2014 Annual Gala

LogoThe Museum Center at 5ive Points’ Annual Gala will be held on Friday, September 19, at 6:30 p.m. This year’s black-tie event, “Friday Night Fever” salutes the era of polyester and disco as the seventies come to life at the Museum Center. Proceeds benefit the museum’s slate of dynamic exhibits and educational programs for our community. Tickets include an evening with cocktails, dinner, live and silent auctions, and a live concert event with the “Kings of Disco” – the Village People. Black tie or period attire is requested. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 423-339-5745.

Calgary Driving School Discusses What Is Defensive Driving?

LogoThe benefits of taking a defensive driving class vary with each state, but often include a reduction of points on their driver’s license following a ticket and the assurance that insurance rates will not increase. In some states, taking a defensive driving course can mean a reduction of up to 10% in their insurance rates for a period of three to five years.

The Doodle Institute Opens with a World's First: Online Course Aids Preschoolers to Professionals in Developing Visual Vocabulary (Doodling!) Skills

Doodling away on paper during a meeting may first appear to be an abstract time-killer, but the messages contained within the scribbles can literally hold the key to that next big idea, life change or emotional epiphany. Diane Durand has spent years both studying and teaching ‘effective doodling’ and, with demand for her services going global, is now launching a most unique online course., Center for Latin Learning and Culture, Provides Online Course on Latin Language, an online center for Latin learning and culture, has recently announced that they have launched their comprehensive distant learning course on the Latin language. The course that has been specifically made affordable to create further awareness of the Latin language and to keep alive its intrinsic value is suitable for anyone interested in learning the ancient language in the comfort of their home.

London English Tutor Offers Proofreading and Copy Writing Services

Kunaal Tailor, Director of Private English Tutor is one of London’s leading super tutors. Mr Tailor travels to client’s homes in the wealthy suburbs of London and charges £500 to £1500 per hour to visit clients at their homes around the world.

Leawo Kicks off Its 2014 Back-to-School Promotion, and Gives Away Powerful Blu-Ray Player

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd., a professional solution provider that focuses on multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices, recently kicked off its 2014 Back-to-School Promotion. In this promotion, Leawo Blu-ray Player is given away to all people, and several other best-selling products are on sale with big discounts.

The Indigo Report Is a Revolutionary Career Assessment Tool

Here’s the problem: A great majority of high school and college students don’t really know what they want to do, and wind up in a career path for which they are unsuited.

Julia Liebisch Peschl and Associates Launch Indiegogo Campaign to Build 'The Sun's Harvest'

LogoThis project is about building an institute called The Sun's Harvest in the South of Ghana, near the coast. The Sun's Harvest is based on permaculture principles, offering accommodations, programs and workshops for the local community and international guests.

Loud Rumor Holds Another Successful Training Course

LogoLoud Rumor is all about education, both for themselves, their clients, and local businesses in general. While books, podcasts, and webinars are all great sources of information, there’s nothing quite as nice as learning directly from an industry expert….just ask the dozens of small business leaders who took Loud Rumor’s Google Adwords training in Phoenix earlier this month, taught by Loud Rumor’s very own Mike Arce and Daniel Henderson!