Energy Press Releases

OriginOil's Latest Tech Results Could Suggest Big Growth for 2014-2015

Recently OriginOil (OTCQB:OOIL) announced that the company's GEN 2 Clean frac system landed in LA. After realizing major success from its smaller GEN 1 system, OOIL has stepped the game up in a BIG way! This new system can process more than 10,000 barrels of oil- and chemical-laden frack water each day showing that OriginOil's CLEAN FRAC system is not only scalable but still small enough in comparison to other frac treatment systems to actually fit into a 40ft container according to the company.

3esi Opens Seventh Global Office in Dubai

3esi ( provides world leading integrated planning solutions for upstream oil and gas companies around the world. As they continue to expand their global presence, 3esi has announced the opening of their seventh corporate office.

ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating Now Offering Energy Efficient Solutions

Nobody enjoys opening up their energy bills during the winter months. As the temperatures drop, it becomes more and more expensive to heat a property. On average in the United States, a homeowner spends about $1000 to heat and cool their home each year. Thankfully, ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating can help homeowners and business owners reduce their annual energy bills. Updated heating and cooling systems have proven to reduce energy bills by upwards of 30%. ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating is now installing and servicing Energy Star HVAC systems.

Position of Solar Panels Dramatically Impacts Electricity Generated

LogoSolar panels reduce utility costs and protect the environment for future generations. The positioning of these fixtures has a direct impact on the amount of energy produced making it important to install panels correctly.

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies Now Offers All Crushing Equipment in Australia

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies now offers all crushing equipment in Australia. This Australian owned company, specialising in parts and equipment supplies them both domestically and overseas. With an unbeatable inventory, all major brand spare parts for the crushing and mining industry are available.

Pump Mechanical Seals and Tech Equipment Offered on Extensive Range at West Coast Industrial Supplies

Huge industrial sectors in Australia require no less than top-grade, top quality machineries, equipment and supplies for efficient day-to-day operations. For one, many businesses within the mining, oil and gas industries are required to utilize high quality equipment, or otherwise risk struggling to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

EnviroVent Offers EnergiSava 380 to Maintain Stable Humidity Levels and Mould-Free Living Environment

LogoThe company has newly introduced EnergiSava 380, heat recovery systems; that continuously removes stale, moist air from bathroom, kitchen, WC and replaces it with clean, fresh, tempered air through circular valves mounted in the ceiling.

EnviroVent Offers a Wide and Varied Range of Eco-Friendly and Innovative Ventilation Systems

LogoOne of the representatives at EnviroVent, stated, “For over twenty five years, EnviroVent has been in the industry with their expertise products which help its users to give solutions to ‘how to solve their condensation problems’ - .Our energy-efficient condensation control units reduce humidity and stop condensation on windows to provide healthy and fresh indoor environments.”

Save Mother Nature - Join Hands with Carbon Cycle Crush, a Renowned Canola Oil Producer

Be close to nature - join hands with Carbon Cycle Crush, a renowned Canola oil producer. With its latest suite of technology, this company is all set to curb the unnecessary load on mother nature by offering numerous environmentally-friendly expeller-pressed Canola oil.

Solar Light Company Now Offering Single Input Radiometer, the PMA2200, to Their Customers

As a company that excels at accurate ultraviolet radiation testing and providing their clientele with the most technologically advanced equipment, Solar Light Company has a number of data loggers, light meters, and safety radiometers available for their clients. Radiometers reliably measure ultraviolet, visible and infrared levels of the electromagnetic spectrum. Users can measure up to a 2800 nanometer wavelength for accurate testing results. Solar Light Company is pleased to announce the PMA2200 single input radiometer for their clients.

Milholland Electric Celebrates 25th Year in Business

In 2014, Milholland Electric, located on the web at , will have been installing solar power in San Diego homes and businesses for 25 years. To celebrate this decade-and-a-half milestone, the company is taking a look back at the development of solar energy and the advances in electrical technology over that time period.

Crystal Light Solar Announces Continuation of Third Quarter 2013 Solar Special Offer

LogoDue to the success of the 3rd quarter special promotion, Crystal Lite Solar is pleased to announce they are continuing with their offer of a 50% off installation discount, with the purchase of 20 panels or more throughout the 4th quarter. The extended offer also includes a 5-year annual maintenance plan, complements of Crystal Light Solar. The installation discount is extended until December 31, 2013. For more information on how customers can save money by having the company install a new solar savings system on their home, Crystal Light Solar representatives can be reached by calling 1-800-716-6674.

Milholland Electric Has Installed More Than 1 Billion Watts of Solar Production

Milholland Electric, located on the web at , has been providing the means for homeowners to use solar power in San Diego for many years. As a premiere solar company in San Diego, Milholland Electric has been responsible for more home and business solar panel installations than many San Diego solar power companies.

Bucks County Heating & Air Now Offering Westinghouse Products This November

Bucks County Heating & Air is pleased to announce they are now offering Westinghouse products this November. Westinghouse offers one of the very best warranties in the industry. In fact, they offer a 10-year warranty on both parts and replacement—guaranteed.

Get Most Reasonable Yet High-on-Performance Canola Based Biodiesel and Lubricant Only at Carbon Cycle Crush

Get a reasonable, yet high-on-performance Canola based biodiesel and lubricant, at Carbon Cycle Crush. They offer expeller-pressed Canola for the use of earth friendly Canola oil biodiesel and bio-based lubricants. They do not use any chemicals or excessive heat to extract Canola oil from the Canola seeds, which they buy directly from farmers. Their crushing facility is open for all to buy fresh non-food grade expeller-pressed Canola oil.

EPL BAS Named Best Supporting Role at AGROW Awards

LogoEPL Bio Analytical Services (EPL BAS), Harristown, IL, is named Best Supporting Role at the 2013 AGROW Awards. The Best Supporting Role award recognizes the company that has contributed most to the global crop protection industry through the provision of support services. Judges look for a company that offers outstanding client support, excellence in service provision and a willingness to go the extra mile for its customers.

Coastal Technical Sales, Inc. Announces Polythylene Tank Installation Services This December

LogoCoastal Technical Sales, Inc., a certified PA tank installation company, is pleased to announce they are now offering Polythylene tank installation services this December. The company is available to install storage tanks throughout the east coast, serving areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, DC, and Maryland. Within its first 38 years of existence, the company has distributed high-quality tanks and related products to chemical, power, pharmaceutical and municipal industries. The company has found success due to the long-lasting partnerships they build with their customers.

GasTec Is Now Offering Residential and Commercial Referral Programs

LogoAt GasTec, there is an overriding theme of customer service. The professionals at GasTec understand the importance of a good relationship between vendors and customers. In fact, GasTec has made many strides to become active in the community and to offer some of the best propane prices in the greater Philadelphia area. Partnering with the American Breast Cancer Foundation is just one example of how GasTec strives to help their customers and the community. Now, with referral programs, GasTec is taking steps to make better business relationships with residential and commercial customers.

San Diego Solar Contractor Milholland Electric Discusses AB 327

California's General Assembly recently passed AB 327, and solar and electric contractors across the state are anticipating the impact of the new legislation. Many companies that install solar for homes in San Diego are concerned that the bill's provisions will seriously harm the economic competitiveness of solar energy installation. As a leading San Diego solar contractor, Milholland Electric is also concerned about the passage of AB 327 and how it might affect those who are considering San Diego solar for home or business use. More information is available about Milholland Electric at

Milholland Electric Includes in-House Expert Solar and Electrical Contracting Services

Milholland Electric has been the top company providing solar power in San Diego for many years. Now, the company that gained its reputation as the premiere solar company in San Diego offers both solar and electrical contracting services for new construction, remodeling and existing wiring and repairs with its own team of roofing and contracting experts.

NHUR (Northumberland Resources, Inc) - Ready to Rebound with Oil Prices

LogoXtremepicks is closely watching NHUR recent trading activity which has suggested a road to recovery is in the cards now.

NHUR (Northumberland Resources, Inc) - Ready to Rebound with Oil Prices

LogoXtremepicks is closely watching NHUR recent trading activity which has suggested a road to recovery is in the cards now.

UK Installation Stats Show Upturn for Solar PV

Feed in Tariff data for the 3rd quarter of 2013 is showing a welcome upturn in UK renewable energy installations and particularly for Solar PV. Q3 2013 saw 25,959 renewable energy installations confirmed through the Feed in Tariff scheme, adding some 171.16 MW of capacity. As usual, solar PV accounted for the vast bulk of these numbers with 25,775 new installations and 139.89 MW of capacity.

ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating Now Installing Energy Efficient Heaters by Westinghouse This Fall 2013

It is hard to believe that Americans are already making plans for Thanksgiving. The summer came and went in a flash. Now, the fall is already halfway over and the winter wonderland will soon be here. Everyone who pays their energy bill appreciates the much deserved financial break that accompanies mild autumn temperatures. However, that break is very short lived and the dreaded cost of heating one’s home will be here soon enough. Investing in a new energy efficient heater from Westinghouse through ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating may help to counteract the costly energy bills for years to come.

Magline Expands Market Into Renewable Energy Industry

LogoMagline has taken a leadership role in route distribution which directly impacts those industries involved with packing and packaging. Magline best known for beverage route delivery systems has expanded into the renewable energy industry.

Carbon Cycle Crush May Make Your Sedan Greener with Canola Oil Bio Diesel and Lubricant

Make your sedan greener with Canola oil bio diesel and lubricant for the engine from Carbon Cycle Crush. They are a leading Canola oil producer, offering fresh, expeller-pressed canola oil with all the natural characteristics of efficient bio-diesel and lubricant. This bio-diesel variant may put less wear on the engine than traditional fuel while providing an improved lubricity. It's a high performing alternative for conventional diesels and is effective in extending engine life due to it superior lubricating properties.

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies, Caters to a Vast Array of Parts and Equipment

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies, the leader in Crushing & Mining Suppliers in Australia, is an Australian owned company that supplies equipment and spare parts to the crushing and mining industry. The Company now covers most major brands and caters to a vast array of parts and equipment.