Energy Press Releases

OriginOil's Latest Tech Results Could Suggest Big Growth for 2014-2015

Recently OriginOil (OTCQB:OOIL) announced that the company's GEN 2 Clean frac system landed in LA. After realizing major success from its smaller GEN 1 system, OOIL has stepped the game up in a BIG way! This new system can process more than 10,000 barrels of oil- and chemical-laden frack water each day showing that OriginOil's CLEAN FRAC system is not only scalable but still small enough in comparison to other frac treatment systems to actually fit into a 40ft container according to the company.

Buildings Magazine Selects Point Six Wireless WiFi CO2 Sensor Technology as a Money Saving Product Winner

Point Six Wireless™ is pleased to announce that BUILDINGS Magazine has selected the battery powered WiFi CO2 and temperature transmitter, distributed by AirTest, as a 2014 Money-Saving Product winner. The TR9299-WiFi joins an elite group of 97 products showcased on the magazine’s June 2014 issue.

Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Now Offering 10% off Bathroom Upgrades

LogoGuaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc., one of the leading services for emergency plumbing in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a coupon that is good for 10% off all bathroom upgrades. This coupon expires 12/2013 and is good for residential cash deals only.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Now Offering 3 Special Saving Opportunities

LogoHalloween is right around the corner and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA is offering their customers some scary low prices on select items. Any property owner, commercial or residential, looking for a plumbing service in Plymouth Meeting needs to check out Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA. Since 1984, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has been offering customers the highest quality and service. In fact, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing was ranked amongst the top organizations on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list. Offering unbeatable warranties and guarantees, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing takes pride in helping their customers. Now, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA is offering 3 great specials to help customers save some money.

Save Up to 80% of Energy Using Specialized MHT Lighting

New York based MHT Lighting now offers to save the hundreds of dollars spent on energy bills through a specialized lighting system. The SP1000 series manufactured by them makes use of a sophisticated hybrid energy and correction system to increase efficiency and correct system imbalance.

Barth Plumbing Heating Cooling Now Offering Home Humidifiers to Improve Indoor Air Quality

As the summer heat turns to a cool autumn, many homes will need to upgrade or repair their heaters to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. A leading heating and cooling company in Ocean City, Barth Plumbing Heating humidifiers will increase the humidity and lead to a healthier winter for the family.

The Daily Green Publishes Insightful Article on 5 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Elkhart, IN -, a website dedicated in offering tips and techniques on how to save energy and stay ‘green’, has recently published an article which outlines 5 major ways of saving money on air conditioning.

Livingreen to Participate in the Los Angeles Green Festival - October 19 - 20, 2013

LogoLivingreen, a premier Eco-Friendly lifestyle retailer -, will be exhibiting at the Los Angeles Green Festival – the nation’s largest green marketplace. This year’s Los Angeles Green Festival will showcase Eco-friendly products and services, local, national, social and environmental leaders, music, arts and lifestyle activities at LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles, October 19 & 20, 2013. The forum will host over 22,000 attendees with over 300 participating businesses and organizations.

New Zealand Oil & Gas Market 2013 Analysis and 2020 Forecasts

LogoThis profile is the essential source for top-level energy industry data and information. The report provides an overview of each of the key sub-segments of the energy industry in New Zealand. It details the market structure, regulatory environment, infrastructure and provides historical and forecasted statistics relating to the supply/demand balance for each of the key sub-segments. It also provides information relating to the crude oil & gas assets (oil & gas fields, refineries, pipelines and storage terminals) in New Zealand. The report compares the investment environment in New Zealand with other countries in the region. The profiles of the major companies operating in the crude oil & gas sector in New Zealand together with the latest news and deals are also included in the report.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and GasTec Is a Proud Sponsor

It is hard to believe that October is already here. Summer came and went in a flash. The pools have been closed and children are fully immersed in the class room. Fall is a wonderful time of year and October has become a month of particular beauty. October is beautiful for several reasons. Not only because of the vibrant colored trees or festive decorations, but people have come together to support a greater cause in the month of October. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is one of the largest culminations of charities and partnerships. GasTec is proud to be a yearlong partner in the battle against breast cancer.

Sundance Solar Offer Unbeatable Solar Solutions with More Application Than IKEA

Solar Panels for homes are now to be sold in Swedish household wares chain IKEA, according to recent headlines. This may mark a major shift in popular culture’s acceptance of solar energy, but it is far from a revolution for customers, who have ready access to solar panels for every eventuality thanks to an American innovator who have been shipping worldwide for years. Sundance Solar offer everything from flexible roll out panels to roof panels to panels for mobile battery charging to solar power tents, which generate electricity using their surfaces while ever they are erect.

Crystal Lite Solar Now Offering Free Estimates and ROI Analysis for Solar Power Installations in New Jersey

LogoConverting to solar energy will help save money and energy by utilizing the power of the sun. For those interested in switching to solar energy for their home or place of business, Crystal Lite Solar is pleased to announce they are now offering their services to provide free estimates, including ROI analysis, for solar power installations in New Jersey. The price of residential or commercial solar power systems in NJ will vary depending on the energy savings goal, the size of the roof and how the roof is positioned to the sun. The better the roof is positioned, the fewer number of panels will be necessary to accomplish the energy savings goal.

CAPS Australia Launches Solutions to Combat Increased Industrial Energy Consumption

Numerous industries have come to rely on both fixed and portable air compressors for generating power to operate tools, machinery and other equipment. The Ingersoll Rand name has become synonymous with compressors, their parts and the various tools used in conjunction with them due to the durability and functionality of the brand. Regardless of the manufacturer or efficiency of such equipment, research reveals compressors are the primary source of energy consumption for companies utilizing them. In order to help businesses reduce their energy consumption, CAPS Australia has launched increased efforts to provide compressed air and power generation solutions.

24-7 Renewable Energy Project Seeks Crowd Funding Investors for No-Wind Windmill

LogoCreator Joseph Chiang is seeking investment on Indiegogo for his No-wind Windmill, an alternative solution for energy production that supplies reliable power from wind and/or methane. Chiang believes his windmill is the answer to the world’s ongoing necessity for energy, while it will also eradicate the need for nonrenewable energy sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power. The campaign aspires to raise $300,000 by November 24, 2013 at 11:59pm PT for the development and necessary modifications of the windmill prototype.

New, Not for Profit Price Comparison Website Enables Rural Dwellers to Compare Oil and Gas Suppliers

Approximately four million, 15% of UK households are not on the mains gas grid. These off-grid households have to rely on a range of other fuels such as oil, LPG, coal, etc. to keep warm. The average cost of heating a typical three bedroom off-grid house is estimated to be between 50% and 100% higher than if it were connected to the mains gas supply.

Australian Crushing & Mining Supplies Brings Quality Crushing & Mining Supplies

With a huge inventory, they can easily cater a vast array of parts and equipment needed by the Mining, Quarrying, Recycling, Demolition & Earthmoving industries nationwide. They can easily provide an extensive range of mining equipment spare parts; from minor parts such as an electrical fuse right through to the major components.

Patented and Multi-Level Tracking Power Converters from Phase Change Converters

Large and small businesses require uninterruptable power supply in order to maintain the performance of machinery and for achieving business goals. Residential and commercial sectors can select 3 Phase Back up Power because only it can meet users’ expectations and needs. Phase Change Converters is committed to the manufacture and distribution of reliable single as well as 3 phase power converters to customers. All the products offered by Phase Change Converters are said to be formally tested to meet the strict EMC and safety standards set by European CE and C-Tick. Therefore customers from all fields can rely on the phase converters provided by this registered manufacturer.

Carbon Cycle Crush Now Brings Expeller-Pressed Canola Meal to the Market

In its bid to help local ranchers and farmers, Carbon Cycle Crush is offering Expeller-pressed Canola meal. Using a highly advanced crushing facility, the company churns Canola meal, which is rich in Omega -3 and has a considerably high level of fat content. In addition to this, the pressed Canola meal is absolutely natural as Hexane is not used in the extraction procedure. With a high nutrient content and residual value, the product is friendly to livestock, the environment and the rancher's pocket.

Viper Network Systems Releasing PacketViper v2.0 Geo IP Network Filter

LogoFrank Trama Frank Trama, (Read His Blog) President & Co-founder said “ Our development team, and beta volunteers have worked very long, and hard hours while showing incredible patience shaking out bugs. We could not have done it without them. Working closely together we not only produced a rock solid upgrade but discovered new additional methods to improve upon PacketViper’s Geo IP filtering capabilities.”

Verdek Strives to Make Sustainable Transportation Available to Everyone

According to the Electric Drive Transportation Industry, Americans send $1 billion dollars overseas each day for oil with 70 percent of this oil being used for transportation. Switching to electric vehicles and those making use of compressed natural gas could reduce the demand for oil while protecting the environment. "Consumers concerned about making this choice due to a lack of CNG refilling stations and EV solutions need to see what Verdek is doing to correct these issues," Guy Mannino, media spokesperson for Verdek, declares.

ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating Now Offering Emergency Furnace Repair This Fall 2013

It seems like only yesterday when ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating was informing customers to check their AC units in preparation for summer. Now, it’s October and property owners are finally able to catch a well deserved break on their monthly energy bill. Fall is a great time of year to turn off the thermostat and let nature take over. However, winter will be here soon and nobody wants to get caught with insufficient heating on a freezing cold day. This winter, home and business owners never have to worry about getting caught without heat, because ACTION Air Conditioning & Heating is now offering emergency furnace repair this fall 2013.

Student Entrepreneur Reinvents Shovel, Adding Ergonomic Handle to Help Reduce Workplace Injuries and OSHA Fines

LogoAfter wielding a shovel doing odd jobs for his parents a few summers ago, Loyola Marymount University student Stephen Walden, then 22, thought to himself, “it shouldn’t be normal to wake up sore every day after using this tool. Why not come up with a way to make shovels easier to use?” Walden’s efforts to create a more ergonomic garden and construction tool may ultimately help reduce workplace injuries and help American businesses comply with federal and state ergonomic regulations.

Weidner Energy Savers Announces New Fall Specials on Gas and Oil Heat

It seemed like only yesterday, families and friends began making their weekend trips to the shore. In order to prepare for the long hot summer, Weidner Energy Savers began servicing many customers’ air conditioners around the greater Philadelphia area. Over the past 80 years, Weidner Energy Savers have built a reputation for providing some of the most reliable and affordable heating service in King of Prussia. Serving both residential and commercial customers, Weidner Energy Savers takes pride in staying true to their name. Helping customers save money, while providing industry leading heating and air conditioning service, is what drives Weidner Energy Savers. Now, Weidner Energy Savers is offering new fall specials on gas and oil heat.

Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) Ltd Is Celebrating Five Years Trading and Has Launched Their New Website

Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEA) Ltd launched their new website, packed with useful information for Client’s and landlords requiring a commercial energy performance certificates (EPC), display energy certificates, air conditioning inspections, commercial green deal assessment and quantity surveying services.

GolderWatch Offers Effective Environmental Equipment Monitoring Solutions

LogoConstruction sites and industrial plants require reliable stormwater management systems in order to be notified of any water flow that may affect their functionality.

FMA Summits to Host Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit #18 December 2nd-4th in San Antonio, Texas.

FMA Summits ( is hosting their Progressive Energy, Environment & Sustainability Summit #18 December 2nd-4th in San Antonio, Texas.

Carbon Cycle Crush Offers the Highest-Quality Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil with Superior Lubricant and Bio-Diesel Capabilities

Carbon Cycle Crush offers the highest-quality expeller-pressed Canola oil with superior bio-based lubricant and bio-diesel capabilities. They exert an eco-friendly and natural, expeller pressed process to extract oil from canola seeds without using excessive heating or chemicals. They make sure that the canola oil retains its natural properties and serves the purpose it has been purchased for in the best possible way.