Entertainment Press Releases

14 Year-Old Kid Chef Eliana Wins Second Taste Award

New Orleans-based 14-year-old Kid Chef Eliana (Eliana de Las Casas), award-winning chef, cookbook author, and radio show host, is a Taste Award winner in the Best Kids Program category for her role as host of "Cool Kids Cook," her weekly web radio show on the VoiceAmerica Kids network. The TASTE AWARDS are the highest awards for the Lifestyle Entertainment Industry. They are the premier broadcast awards show celebrating the year's best achievements in Food, Fashion, Home, and Lifestyle programs on Television, in Film, Online, and on Radio. Her award was given at a red carpet event at Grauman's Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California on January 15, 2014. Although Kid Chef Eliana could not attend the awards ceremony, a representative accepted the award on her behalf.

Carolina Dancesport Announces Students Competing in National Shag Dance Championships

Carolina Dancesport announces The Old Spanish Galleon is the site for this year's National Shag Dance Championships where two students of Carolina Dancesport will be making a run for gold. The event is scheduled for January 30-31, 2015. Jaime Emerine has danced the shag for only two months. However, he is partnering with a seasoned expert, Pam Jones, to add to the unparalleled success record for students of Carolina Dancesport.

AnalogMix Launches Its Hardcore Online Mixing Studio for Music Freaks

AnalogMix, a leading music production studio, is now offering the services of advanced online mixing and mastering for music, songs, films as well as short documentaries. The firm uses the finest hi-tech software and hardware conjugated with modern studio technologies to mix and master the audio files. The studio has an expert team of mixing and online mastering engineers which has reliably produced the best and finest quality music.

Funding Project for Actor High School in Malaysia About to Make Dreams Come True

An actor high school in Malaysia is on a unique journey of making the dreams of hundreds of students come true. This actor high school is unlike any regular school as it helps open doors to avail exciting opportunities for students aspiring to be an actor in addition to imparting education.

A Burn to the Core: Mystery, Passion, Anger & Loss Collide in Compelling New Novel That Speaks Directly to Abused Society

While most authors use their first novel to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, L. Jane Huff is rapidly proving that a debut release is also an opportunity to rival a genre's bestsellers.

Random Shootings: Gripping & Thought-Provoking New Novel Captures Brutal Reality of America's Gun Epidemic

If 2015 is anything like its predecessor, almost nine thousand Americans will fall victim to gun-related homicides before the end of the year, compared to just two hundred in neighboring Canada. Millions of Americans agree that something needs to be done to tighten gun control and educate the public, while just as many on the other side of the trigger spit venom at any attempt to quash their Second Amendment rights.

Katya of Damaszkuszi: True Love, Inequality of Women & an Oppressive European Monarchy Collide in Bold New Historical Novel

While she can now sit at her writing desk and create powerful fiction that the world wakes up to, Rachel Strong's European ancestors make her story of success somewhat unlikely. The world has come a long way in one hundred and fifty years, since Strong's family in Europe were forced to endure soul-destroying oppression and women existed with no role but to serve their husbands.

Those Crazy Camera Guys: Navy Vet's Cinematic New Book Depicts Human Side of War; Through Lenses of Combat Camera Team Sent to Document Vietnam

While the Vietnam War negatively changed the lives of tens of thousands of Americans that served through it, the media seemingly forgot to report the acts of sheer humanity and kindness troops extended to the people whose lives they had upturned. Many of these incidents were captured by Combat Camera teams; servicemen with the bold task of documenting the work of Navy, Marine and SEAL personnel.

Scott Tucker Opens New Indoor Children's Playground

The site keeping families together through play, Our Family Fun Night, is starting a new article series entitled, 'The Kids Reel.' The first piece of the series will focus on Scott Tucker's new indoor playground called 'Kidz Place.'

G & D Events Announces New Staff to Lead Events Expansion Through 2015

Events coordination is now an industry in and of itself, as individuals and businesses turn to dedicated professionals to create unforgettable evenings, managing budgets and organization to ensure the right atmosphere is created for the occasion. G & D Events has already worked on behalf of major brands like L'Oreal and Ogilvy, and provides entertainment, venues, party planning, catering and more for everything from weddings and Christmas parties to major corporate events. G & D Events has appointed two new managers to their team to help them make the strongest possible start to the New Year.

Upcoming Children's Album by Scott Tucker Features Songs by Kids for Kids

Music Lovers Blog, a music website with a focus on new releases, will feature Scott Tucker's latest album, "Kids Squared." Tucker will speak to the eMagazine about how the project came to be, his inspiration, and will share some selected tracks.

Scott Tucker Supports Paxton Charity Auction

The Paxton Charity Group will be hosting its third annual dinner this year. Never Be Bored will host registration and exclusive information about the event. Entertainment by local artists will include dance performances and live comedy.

Berkeley-Born Playwright, Actress Returns to Berkeley to Perform Autobiographical Play

First-time playwright Neecole Cockerham tells a coming of age story filled with the truths about living life based on the hand you're dealt. The show is character driven, modeled after the people that brought Cockerham'sown lessons to life. She opens a Pandora's Boxas she tells a revealing account of her success while appearing in more than 100 national commercials and exposes what lies beneath the surface of personal failures and the opulent Hollywood lifestyle. The show, penned over a span of 8 years, recounts her journey to embrace life and find inner peace and bridges to a family tragedy striking her greatest fears. The show weaves effortlessly in and out of life's sometimes comical, sometimes taxing situations and the obligatory consequences that follow.

Pastor Keion Henderson of the Lighthouse Church Releasing His Very First Single Feb 8th

Pastor Keion Henderson is proud to announce its release of "We are The Lighthouse "(The Welcome Song). The single will be available immediately after worship service on Sunday February 8th in the church's bookstore and soon on iTunes to reach a more viral market.

New Book "ADRIAN and SUPER-A" Allows Autistic Children Get Dressed with a Superhero

"Adrian and Super-A Get Dressed and Say No Way" is the second book out from Be My Rails Publishing in a series of books and workbooks for children with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Many children with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and ADHD have sensory issues, and getting dressed can prove to be a daily challenge both for them and their parents. In Adrian children with sensory issues will find a book character they can identify with.

Greg Turner Launches a Kickstarter Project Seeking Crowdfunding for the Thrill of It

LogoWith power, brains, and 6-inch heels, revenge never looked so sexy as main character CeCe Harrison begins her journey for vengeance against the Governor using his son as her tool.

MMOify Publishes Best MMORPG Games 2015 List

LogoMMOify.com today announced the launch of the Best MMORPG 2015 list that identifies the most popular massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs) of the year 2015. This new website feature showcases the top free to play and pay to play (membership) games that have the most fun gameplay.

Mr. Ben Agency Offers a Wide Range of DJ Services Including Party Planning and Management

LogoFrom managing a corporate launch to planning a wedding or throwing a party, The Mr. Ben Agency wears many hats. They don't just provide DJing services, but run an entire show. Some of their past clients include Puma, BBC, Facebook, MTV, and Warner Brothers.

DenGodeKur Launches New 5:2 Diet E-Book to Help People Stay Healthy While Losing Weight

Dieting has been around for decades now as a solution for people who feel they are overweight or somehow unhealthy. It is easy to get this way in the current food climate, with so much rich, fatty and processed food immediately available. Dieting however has traditionally required constant vigilance, rigorous discipline and no small amount of research and creativity to avoid falling into old habits. DenGodeKur offers Danish people easier solutions, with a range of e-books that can transform lifestyles with limited effort.

Author of Your Vote Matters Says Where Did 20 Percent of the Voters Go During the Mid-Term Elections in 2010 and 2014

Voices Impacting America and JW Cherry III are pleased to announce the re-launch of his book titled "Your Vote Matters". The release is timed to coordinate with the movie "Selma" currently playing in theaters. JW Cherry III is a noted author and speaker dedicated to offering political education that provides true change.

Could Official Disclosure of an Extraterrestrial Presence Be Imminent? Lobbyist Stephen Bassett Says It Is

LogoGiven that the Vatican, NASA, and the Library of Congress have hosted conferences to prepare scientists for the discovery of life beyond the Earth, the UN is considering drafting protocols for contact with ETs, and more than 20 countries have initiated either full or partial disclosure of their UFO files, maybe Stephen Basset is correct that the time for full official disclosure of contact with intelligent extraterrestrial beings is close at hand. Indeed, how could we reasonably continue to assume we are the only intelligent life present in a galaxy with more than 100 million habitable planets as estimated by data received from the Kepler space observatory?

Dark Comedy Satire "Madoff's Inferno" Stars Barry Ratciffe

LogoWriter director Tomas Puig puts a flavorful, funny, and twisted spin on Dante as we follow Bernie Madoff on his descent into hell, led by Virgil, played by veteran actor and writer Bob Saenz, his college buddy, conman, and tour guide. On his journey to demise or redemption, they spend time with his best friend Ted.

After Losing a Daughter Yet Finding Peace, Actress' New Book Exposes Nine Steps for Getting "Back to Happy"

Twenty-three years ago, Connie T. Bowman faced every parent's worst nightmare – the loss of a young child. But what started as an overwhelming cloud of anger and despair eventually transposed itself into a new, although admittedly very different, life where joy and peace could be found.

Scott Tucker Offers Orienteering Course

Our Family Fun Night, the online leader in family entertainment, will be the first outlet to cover Scott Tucker's new orienteering course. The blog will have exclusive photos and interviews, as well as details on class registration. The course will begin in June.

Cinematographer Roberto Lanza Lobo Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Completion of His Upcoming Book "Venus as Men"

LogoRoberto Lanza has acquired his cinematography degree from the international film and TV School of Cuba EICTV. He also has a rich academic background in still photography and audio visual studies in the areas of production, script, music, editing and directing. Roberto is particularly interested in photographing men because of his admiration for the human shape.

Scott Tucker Opens New Music Space for DJs

Music Lovers Blog, a web portal for music enthusiasts and industry insiders, will feature DJ Scott Tucker and his new space 'EDM Inc.' The location, once completed in June, will feature over 5000 square feet of listening booths, turntables, and performance space.

A 26 Year-Old Son Tells His Mother's Story of Cancer and Raises Thousands for Breast Cancer Research

Michael Leddin is no ordinary 26 year old. First time author, bachelor degree in business from RMIT and San Diego State University. A public speaker, entrepreneur and founder of a Melbourne based men's clothing label. Raised thousands of dollars for breast cancer research through support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Now intends to take that one step further with his latest book.