Entertainment Press Releases

Diversion Books Energizes American Classics with Series Commemorating 150th Anniversary of the Civil War's End

Diversion Books today announced the release of its twenty-volume Civil War Classics series, the publisher's high-value, low-cost eBook line commemorating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.

Samuel Soria Is Appearing in Concert with Special Guests Suzanne Waters, Soprano, and Paul Baker, Harp

On Sunday, May 3rd at 4:00 pm, award-winning Cathedral organist, Samuel Soria will be performing the music of Louis Vierne, Leo Sowerby, Eric De Lamarter, and will feature Louie White's rarely performed cantata, "This Son So Young" with Suzanne Waters, soprano and Paul Baker, harp - guaranteed to inspire listeners and highlight the brilliant sound of the 105-stop Dobson Organ (Opus 75).

Authorpreneur Marica Love Releasing Her Much Anticipated Book: Married to the War

Journals of Love, Life and Sweet Liqueurs, Australian born author Marica Love is more than thrilled to be releasing the first book in her Married To The War series of autobiographical novels. In the book, Marica Love paints a rich, vivid and compelling tapestry of love and loss as she writes about her personal battle that she fought during the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995.

Peter Dodd's Next Animated Feature Goes Into Production

LogoGlobal Genesis Group and Bug Blue Films is proud to announce that they have signed a worldwide distribution agreement at miptv to bring the Peter Dodd and Kristian Kamp big budget animated feature Troll, the Tale of a Tail to the big screen.

Made Presents Lil Wayne and Future to Perform Vegas Fight Weekend

Mayweather Fight Weekend w/ Lil Wayne to perform Fight Weekend Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Foxtail SLS Vegas, 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 - 10:00 PM.

Adam Nutter Starts Kickstarter Campaign for the Making of His Upcoming Short Horror Film 'Reverend.'

LogoReverend is a short horror film from small time filmmaker, director, actor, and comedian Adam Nutter. The funding requirement for the completion of this film is $1,500.

Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us Welcomes Energy Healer Scott Smith of Shaktify

LogoI, Gilles Asselin, have been working with Scott since July of 2014 and I call him my "energy coach." He seems to be able to direct energy whenever I need it, and that means far beyond the boundaries of my narrow physical body, into those areas of my psyche that need the most care or attention. I am rarely conscious of what goes on in a clearing session but, down the road, spiritual folks tell me that my chakras feel clear and that I radiate a new sense of vitality. I know where this beautiful energy is coming from.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, Bestselling Author & Renowned Speaker / Leader in the Art and Science of Medicine Joins Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoWe've been taught to think of doctors as gods. They know our bodies better than we do. If we want to get better, we have to listen to their advice. They know the truth. We have learned to deny our own wisdom and to put ourselves solely in their hands. Sometimes this is the right choice. Often it is not. We must change this pattern of ignoring what we know about our own body. We must take charge of our own health and stop denying that nagging feeling that something is wrong. Getting more than one opinion from medical doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and trusted healers and determining which course of action is best for you now is essential. Especially in this age of litigation, doctors depend more and more on tests that are often inaccurate and/or only tell part of the story. They often miss cancer until it is terminal. They choose to listen to the test rather than to the patient. Join us Thursday when world-renowned expert, Dr. Bernie Siegel, tells us to be our own advocate.

Local Independent Record Label Makes Headlines with Controversial EP Tittle

Miracle Man - the new EP by hip hop artist Sean Pierre with independent record label THA KEMP ENT has been making headlines due to its controversial EP tittle and cover, the EP is available for pre-ordering and is expected to release on May 18th 2015. The record label believes that Sean Pierre's style is unique and fresh which will suit the tastes of Hip Hop music lover who appreciate good quality music.

Scott Tucker Hosts "Weather Science Day" for Families

The website for everyday family entertainment, Our Family Fun Night, will cover Scott Tucker's "Weather Science Day" activities. The summer event, scheduled for late July, will be an outdoor event in Cory Park. Adults can accompany small children under the age of 11 to the event which will feature water park style educational shows and interactive activities.

Movie Favorites to Sponsor Film Club with Scott Tucker

Movie Favorites, a website focused on all aspects of film appreciation, announced they will feature Scott Tucker's "Documentary Film Club" on their site. The community of documentary film enthusiasts will meet to discuss modern and classic documentary films once a month.

"How to Write Book (HTWAB.com)" Relaunches and Goes #1 in Under 24 Hours on Amazon

HTWAB.com relaunches it's latest book by authors and successful entrepreneurs Dr. George Smilonski and Jason P. Jordan. "How to Write A Book: Overcome Writer's Block, Beat Procrastination, and Write Your Book Now" made it to #1 on Amazon.com in under 24 Hours.

Chandini La Ray, Manager and Associate of the Late Dr. Masaru Emoto, Is to Appear on the MDM Show

A special Euro Edition Of The MDM Show, Sunday, April 26th at 2.30pm EDT/11.30am PDT, will feature special guest Chandini La Ray, who was the Manager and Associate of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Pioneer Dad Publishes Guide to Help People Start Vegetables Gardens at Home

Home gardening has, for the last few generations, been almost exclusively about the cultivation of beauty. Keen gardeners have looked toward manicuring their lawns, eliminating weeds and cultivating beautiful flowers. But this fails to utilize the awesome potential of the garden as a place to grow delicious fruits and vegetables that can supply a family with all-natural goodness. Pioneer Dad, a website dedicated to providing useful tips and information for sustainable urban living, has just published a new editorial explaining how people can create a flourishing vegetable garden in their yard.

Jason P. Jordan Appears on Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane

Greatnessquest.com is hosted by Trevor Crane who interviews extraordinary business leaders and entrepreneurs, extracting their success secrets to success so you can unleash them in your business and in your life. You want more and you deserve to have more. There's always an opportunity to be more, to give more, to experience more… but in order to have more, you must become more.

Make Love and War in 3rd Century China: 'Seven Sages of the Bamboo Groves'

Imagine two men… freedom fighters belonging to a group of rebel warriors who are scholars, musicians and poets.  Join them as they battle evil by day and make love and music together by moonlight. 

The Best Friend for All Creative Writers

Great news for authors and writers of all types including script writers! The 'Deal a Story' card game can be the best friend of all these writers because this can inspire them to beat the writer's block and come out with creative ideas.

Scott Tucker Announces Graphic Design Workshop with Never Be Bored

Scott Tucker announced he will be teaching a graphic design workshop this spring in San Jose, CA. The designer is taking a break from working on his latest project to teach the workshop to local graphic designers in his community. Never Be Bored will publish an article detailing what skills and concepts the workshop will be teaching.

Scott Tucker to Provide Ice Sculptures for Gala Dinner

The site that keeps the world entertained, Everything Entertaining has announced their upcoming article featuring ice sculptor Scott Tucker. Tucker will be in charge of all decor as well as performing live sculpting during the event.

Scott Tucker Goat Cheese Book Available Soon

Farmer and cheese maker Scott Tucker from Scottsdale, AZ will publish a book he has written about his cheese making and farming practices. After sixteen years of goat herding and cheese making, Tucker will self-publishing a goat cheese making manual entitled "Got Goat Cheese".

Scott Tucker Releases Lecture Series on Audiobook

Professor of Anthropology Scott Tucker's lecture series, 'Ground Up' will be available in audiobook form later this year. In a recent article Never Be Bored introduces the lecture series. Once available, exclusive audio clips and discounted downloads will be offered on the site.

FishFlix.Com, a Christian Movie Supplier, Offering 'Privileged Species' DVD at Lowest Prices

Establishing their name among the top online portals offering Christian DVD's, FishFlix.com has evolved as one of the trustworthy online Christian movies stores that is offering the "Privileged Species DVD" at a heavy discount of 33%. Being a prominent DVD supplier, the range of DVD's that they offer to their customers continues to grow every year. Recently, they have released the DVD "Privileged Species" at a discount of 33% on their website. The DVD, usually priced at $14.99, is now available at FishFlix.com for $9.99 which will save customers $5.00 on their purchase. With stunning cinematography designed to display of God's creation, this movie can be enjoyed by family and shared with friends. The "Privileged Species" is a great film revealing the story behind the designing of the cosmos for human life.

Extract of Andy Shaw's "Golden Book" Revealed

Andy Shaw, best seller author of "Creating A Bug Free Mind," just recently shared some advice with fans, which he claims can help for making the change of the mind over to structured thinking in a lot easier way. He also said: "To be sincere I should've spoken about this earlier, as it is among the easiest and most effective tips I share day-to-day with every student I have that's learning the Bug Free Mind Process."

Piano Shop Singapore Announces Launch of the Company's Digital Piano Website

Steven Nelson, online marketing executive for Piano Shop Singapore, announced the launch of the firm's new website for its digital piano shop. The new online site is located at PianoShopSingapore.com , providing shoppers with information, guides and promotions that enable them to make informed decisions about purchasing a digital piano.

APA Comes Up with Unique Set of Gaming Machines

Video Gaming machines have come a long way in the past decade and there is huge demand for innovative gaming machines. APA Game has brought many gaming machines where children can play many amusing and thrilling games for fun and enjoyment. These gaming machines are easy to operate and company mainly supplies these machines to gaming parlours and amusement parks all over the world. Users need to insert coin before playing any game. These machines feature variety of attractive games which test the level of intelligence, awareness and alertness of the players. Such games can be played in groups or individually. The agency has brought out various types of cheap kids redemption game equipments for children. Here users need to insert a coin to play any game for scoring points. Necessary playing instructions are clearly provided in these gaming devices.

William Young Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete Vamos Mi Equidad, the First Ever Documentary Series About a Professional Soccer Team

LogoWilliam Young recently traveled to Bogota for a film documentary program that will follow a professional soccer club in Colombia. His experiences took him far beyond the world of this popular professional sport and inspired William to explore the beautiful country of Colombia and its culture.

Searing New Book Urges Readers to Avoid Losing Their Souls to the Devil; as Evil Engulfs 'Modern Eden'

A recent survey from Barna Group reported that 60% of Americans don't believe in Satan. Through his passionate research and ministry, Tom Graneau knows the truth – that Satan, who is also referred to as the Devil, is actively working to prevent everyone from entering heaven through evil that has come to light in every corner of humanity.