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Actress Eva Longoria Attends the Premiere of 'Frontera' at Landmark Theater on August 21, 2014

Android TV was on the scene and spoke to Eva about politics and she said: “You don’t have to be in politics to be political” also Kelley Bruggare asked how Eva feels about the release of films via on demand before they hit theaters.

New German Company Launches Indiegogo to Make Dance Into Music

It is said the body has a rhythm all its own. A new German company has invented a way for dancing bodies to take that rhythm one step beyond and actually make music by dancing. Their technology Nagual Dance, using minimal equipment (just a Kinect and a computer) offers users a interactive musical experience nothing short of revolutionary that gives users the freedom to create music in real time using only their body and its movements.

Hello Darling Bulks Up with More Discount Theatre Tickets and Offers

Fans of theatre shows and attractions in London and the UK will be delighted to know that Hello Darling is now offering more discounts and special offers to some of the most popular performances in the West End. The website, which is dedicated to theatre performances in the West End, recently released discount tickets to some of the most popularshows in UK which includes “Billy Elliot” and “Wicked: London”. Aside from musicals, Hello Darling also offers discount tickets to plays, attractions and family shows. Indeed they recently released tickets for Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet at the Barbican in London’s West End, which sold out in record time to excited theatre fans.

Shawn Kringstad and Curtis Christiansen Seek Funding via Indiegogo for the Creation of Creative Art Exchange

LogoThe idea behind Creative Art Exchange is to create a centralized location (or community) for artists to place their work online, view other artist’s work, and to have the opportunity to talk to other artists about exchanging a work of art for another. This would give the artists the opportunity to exchange works of art of their chosen media with one that the artist wishes to receive if an exchange is agreed upon between artists. An artist would be able to post a number of original works, a series of original works, details about the artwork, photos or videos detailing the artwork, and other important information that would lead to a beginning database of provenance for each work of art that is traded.

Within Your Reach: Author's Life-Changing Journey Through Diabetes Empowers Those with No Hope to "Believe, Receive and Reciprocate"

Chris Lynch holds an unlikely yet strangely alluring accolade; one of the world’s highest recorded blood sugar levels, at a whopping 1,469 milligrams per deciliter. In 2008 Lynch was lying on a North Carolina hospital bed receiving this unplanned news, and the realization that he should have been dead spawned a dramatic transformation. Lynch threw his old way of life out of the window, embraced the word of God and now travels the country helping others who feel trapped and hopeless by their own adversity.

Canadian Actress's Emotive New Book Chronicles Story of Son's Near-Death Liver Disease, Her PTSD & Self-Created 'Program' for Recovery

When Louise Camilleri sat in hospital rocking her beautiful newborn baby son, she didn’t expect to be under the same roof just twelve weeks later donating him a portion of her liver. While this treatment was pioneering and life-saving, the stress of the situation spiraled Camilleri from a successful actress and new mom into a Post-Traumatic Stress-riddled shadow of her former self. As someone who always steals the show, Camilleri miraculously created a program of healing that would see her prosper once again. Her new book shares the entire story.

Chicago's Philosopha Releases Strong Single from Too Dope Album

LogoBack with the third single off his forthcoming Too Dope album, Chicago rapper Philosopha offers up another round of new-age hip hop in his latest track, "Strong". A laid back track in which Philosopha conveys his certainty of becoming the next biggest artist out of Chicago, "Strong" also hints at certain aspects of his lifestyle. The new single is now available at: Soundcloud.com/Philosopha/Strong

The Zombie Map Kickstarter Infection Is Spreading

LogoThe reports continue to come in of a spreading infection known as Zombie Map, which started in Tempe, Arizona and spread quickly across the country and now the world. The Zombie Map Kickstarter has uncovered something terrifying – zombies are more than a pop culture fad, they are a nested infestation in our culture that want to come out and play more than just around Halloween. Zombie Map gives them the opportunity to do that. This community is made up of filmmakers and misfits, goth kids and metal heads, parents and their children, cos-players and movie buffs. The list even includes movie stars.

Will D...A Life in Science - New Biography Documents Six-Decade Career of an Unsung Hero of Agricultural Science

Dr. Will D. Carpenter, along with his colleagues, have literally changed the world and the lives of millions. But, as with many of the greats in the world of science, their achievements have been glossed over by the tabloid media. Dr. Carpenter’s career spanned six decades that saw whirlwind change in the world of Agricultural Sciences, and a compelling new biography tells the entire story.

Death on Sun River: Influence of Evil Takes Center Stage in Compelling New Novel, Sharing Life Story of 'Misfit' Militarian

While the Vietnam War is a tumultuous chapter in the United States’ history books, the conflict did provide an opportunity for many of the nation’s unintentional ‘misfits’ to escape their lives and experience things that were a million miles from home. In his compelling new novel, author J.R. Olivares tells the story of one such young man’s career, and the evil he would uncover along the way.

A Different Kind of Epidemic: Dad's Upcoming Book & Blog to Start Urgent Conversation Between 'Forgotten Fathers' of Chronically-Ill Children

“I can’t even begin to describe how much life changes when you find out that your three year-old has cancer,” admits Illes. “You’re forced in an instant to live a life where hospitals become your second home, medical staff become your closest neighbors and every breath you take shudders at the thought of losing your child. That has been my reality for almost forty years but, being a man, society has wanted me to deal with it without crying, asking for help or even talking about it openly.”

Intentionally Subjective: Grant Penny Meets Nancy Joyce:13 Works by Two Western North Carolina Artists

LogoIntentionally Subjective is a collaborative show of original artworks by two celebrated and widely collected Western North Carolina artists: Grant Penny & Nancy Hilliard Joyce. The show will consist of 6 pairings of artworks of parellel subject matters: 6 original works by artist Grant Penny and 6 original works by Nancy Hilliard Joyce ; as well as 1 larger-scaled collaborative piece created by both artists on the same panel. The show’s subjects lean towards nostalgia, good humor and simple pleasures. From bicycles to paper airplanes, artists Penny & Joyce create a room full of intentionally subjective works of art that will give each viewer an interesting insight into how art/ideas/feelings can be interpreted in various ways.

Founder of Crosstitch Productions Austin Thompson Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for "The Holiday Bug" 2014 Puppet Show

LogoA group of artists at Crosstitch Productions have an idea. They want to create a family friendly puppet show.  A puppet show that children and adults will enjoy. Each of these artists has differing artistic skills and they have come together to create, “The Holiday Bug” puppet show.

Johnny B. Fast: Over 200,000 Young Readers Flock to 'Super Spy' Series with Wondrous Gadgets, Quirky Characters & Bold Societal Themes

While most new authors can only expect to pick up a few hundred new readers each year, Tom Doganoglu has amassed over 200,000 adoring fans since just 2011. It’s a testament to the true brevity and uniqueness of ‘Johnny B. Fast’; a five-book series where imaginations and horizons are stretched far beyond the pages of a book.

Don't Get Mad…: Insanity, Love & Laughter Fuse in Gripping New Novel, as Underpaid 'Good Guy' Tries to Get Even as an Entry-Level Assassin

They often say “Don’t get mad…get even”, an adage that only the brave, daring and often stupid decide to take to heart. In his compelling new novel, author J.M. Allen presents the true consequences of revenge while showcasing the abundant healing powers of love, laughter and friendship.

Socialcide: Searing New Book Exposes Nation's Rotting Social Fabric, Proving Americans Are Literally "Loving Themselves to Death"

There’s no way to sugar-coat the conclusions of Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Leo J. Battenhausen; Americans have become so obsessed with themselves that their country’s once-great bedrock of dignity and respect is crumbling from underneath them. Childhood social problems prevail at record levels, crime is becoming more heinous and the average American is now just a deranged sociopathic shadow of their former self.

The Science of Manhood: Transformative New Book Provides Strategic Solution to Saving Decaying Image of Nation's Young Men

While he is now a respected community leader and Baltimore City Firefighter, Derik Barnes was once a misguided youth whose broken home provided a rocky start to life. Barnes wasn’t alone. In fact, the nation’s escalating crime epidemic can be directly attributed to the lack of direction many young men are forced to grow up with.

Reel Montauk: The Definitive Documentary on Montauk, NY

LogoMontauk, New York has become even more famous thanks to a new inspirational and educational documentary entitled “Reel Montauk” that looks at what real year-round life is like in this popular Long Island tourist resort town. The documentary is currently in post production and was recently submitted to the International Hamptons Film Festival as well other major film festivals in the U.S.

MindStir Media Book Provides Rules for Growing Older from a Christian Perspective

MindStir Media, a top Christian self-publishing company, has released Ten Rules for Growing Older with Dignity by Dr. Richard H. Cox. The Christian book, a 168-page paperback (ISBN: 9780985839826), is a quick and powerful read, centering on aging. As a physician, psychologist, and ordained minister, Dr. Cox’s book should be required reading for those getting older.

GiGiMAG.TV's JonDavid and Staff Will Be on Location to Cover the Masters of the Mic Concert Featuring DMX, Naughty by Nature, Rakim, EPMD, Slick Rick and Black Sheep

GiGiMAG.TV’s JonDavid and staff will be on location to cover the Masters of the Mic concert featuring DMX, Naughty By Nature, Rakim, EPMD, Slick Rick and Black Sheep at DTE Energy Music Theatre (@dteenergymusic) on Sunday, August 31 at 7:30 p.m. Call (800)745-3000 for tickets or signup at GiGiMAG.TV to win tickets.

Cirkers Now Offers Unmatched and Reliable Services of Fine Art Storage

LogoServing customers since 1860, Cirkers offers unmatched and reliable services for fine art storage in New York. Being a renowned specialist of fine art and traditional storage, their storage services along with logistics, are used by museums, private art collectors, decorators and other institutions. The company aims to provide top-notch services and to keep their client’s valuable possessions secure. With this, they also offer private rooms possessing services to keep track of every facility.

Marcus Kareem Walker Announces Release of Compilation of Seven Health Books

Today author Marcus Kareem Walker announced the arrival of his new book, BEAUTY AND HEALTH / HEALTH AND BEAUTY on the Amazon marketplace. This book is actually a collection of seven other books by Walker that go through a number of ways to improve beauty by improving health, avoid disease, lose weight, and more. It is available in both a paperback and Kindle version so that everyone can enjoy it in their preferred format.

84444.ca Announces the Arrival of Bret Dunlap's New Mobile Marketing Book, "30 Days to Mobile Marketing Expertise"

Logo84444 is pleased to announce the arrival of Bret Dunlap’s new mobile marketing book, “30 Days To Mobile Marketing Expertise.” Bret Dunlap is the Co-Founder of Advanced Telecom Services, the parent company of 84444.

Author of How I Lowered My Cholesterol 58 Points in 45 Days Says Obesity Needs to Be Tackled

In America there is a serious problem with obesity, a problem that is costing people their lives and causing the healthcare system problems. With over 60 percent of adults in America being overweight and 27.7 percent being obese, it seems the problem is continuing to grow. Greg S.Wirth, the author of How I Lowered My Cholesterol 58 Points in 45 Days (http://www.cholesterol-coverup.com), believes more needs to be done to tackle the obesity problem in America and reduce the number of deaths that are caused through people being overweight.

Author of How I Lowered My Cholesterol 58 Points in 45 Days Reveals How Cholesterol Control Has Been Covered Up by the Medical Community for over 60 Years

Greg S.Wirth has bravely written a book on Cholesterol that the majority of the medical profession did not want to be written, telling the story of how Cholesterol control has been covered up by the medical community for over 60 years. The book has received rave reviews from alternative health professional that have welcomed the author blowing the lid and giving men and women the true story on Cholesterol. However, the medical profession is refusing to acknowledge the book exists.

Turnkey Websites for E-Book Authors

LogoDavid Meade, author of six acclaimed books, introduces a unique package for authors and writers of E-Books which produces the complete promotion of E-Books across the globe

Music Producer "The 1 True J Diggy" Announces Strategic Marketing Alliance

LogoMusic producer Jason “J Diggy” Anderson, in conjunction with business partner Charles “C Mack” Wilson, have formed a strategic marketing alliance for their company AW Entertainment (AWE). Emerging entertainment and marketing companies joining AWE in this business collaboration include: