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Excitement Brews as the Wait for the Official Launch of Michelle's Book Comes to an End

Michelle Longega Wilson, an aspiring eight year old is very excited about the launch of her first mainstream book, “The Adventures of Giulia / Le avventure di Giulia” (a bilingual book in English and Italian). Since Michelle announced the launch of the book a couple of days back, the literary world has been bustling with excitement.

2Leaf Press Publishes Ezra E. Fitz's Debut Novel, "The Morning Side of the Hill"

2Leaf Press is pleased to announce the publication of THE MORNING SIDE OF THE HILL by novelist and literary translator Ezra E. Fitz. In THE MORNING SIDE OF THE HILL, Fitz asks readers: What if you anted up and kicked in everything you had on a belief, a hope, a dream, on faith, and you lost? This is one of the questions facing Willie and Mo, the two insecure, incomplete protagonists that was inspired by William Faulkner’s classic novel, THE WILD PALMS. THE MORNING SIDE OF THE HILL will release on October 1, 2014 and is available to pre-order on AMAZON.COM

Hell's Kitchen Winner Chef Christina Machamer and 15 Time Emmy Award Nominated Tammie Souza Are Special Guests on the Deanne DeMarco Show

LogoDeanne DeMarco’s special guests for her high-energy radio show are two of the most high-profile businesswomen in America. Chef Christina Machamer winner of FOX‘s popular TV show, “Hell’s Kitchen,” with Chef Gordon Ramsey and 15-time Emmy Award nominated meteorologist Tammie Souza, who is seen on FOX 32 News, Chicago.

Indie Alternative Rock Band Change for Dirty 20s Releases First Single

Indie alternative rock band Change for Dirty 20s announced the release of its first single. The song is titled: A Few Words (Undercover).

Author Launches Halloween Promotion for Werewolf Book Series

LogoThe Halloween season brings longer spooky nights and the desire to curl up with a good book. Tracy Falbe, an independent author of ten fantasy books, announced today that Werelord Thal: Werewolves in the Renaissance 1 will be a free ebook for the entire month of October.

Secrets of the Seven Stars: Fantasy & Mythology Collide, as Coauthors Pen Empowering 'Epic Tale' for Middle-Graders

While the world of literature claims to contain wondrous page-bound delights for all ages, seven to ten year-olds rarely have any fiction written for their unique transitionary age. Thankfully, authors Jan Spivey Gilchrist and Kelley Powell Barcellona are bucking the trend with gusto to provide children of this age group with not only an edge-of-the-seat story, but an opportunity to learn plenty about life along the way.

Italian Institutions and Enterprises Join Forces to Bring a Series of Prestigious Artistic Events to the Heart of Miami

LogoFor one week the longstanding friendship between Italy and Miami will be celebrated by a dynamic, rich, and multifaceted activation. A series of cultural and artistic events will bring new energy to the heart of Miami under the title of ITALY-MIAMI: A FRIENDSHIP IN ART.

Penultimate Top MMORPG 2014 List Identifies Most Popular Online Games

LogoTopfreemmorpg.net, one of today's most popular massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) websites, announces the publication of its updated and revised penultimate Top MMORPG 2014 List. The list showcases over 20 of the most popular MMO games of 2014.

Feature Film Revives the Spirit of James Dean Nearly 60 Years After His Death - Award-Winning Short Film Seeks Crowdfunding for Feature Film Friendly Ghosts

LogoSeptember 30 marks the 59th anniversary of James Dean’s death in a tragic car crash, and the feature film Friendly Ghosts seeks to revive the spirit of Dean by transporting him into the present age.

Called to Be a Solider: Retired Soldier's Powerful New Memoir Offers Rare Insight Into Life Before, During and After Combat

Major L. Wayne Smalls is one of thousands of people who have served combat tours in Afghanistan, but he is one of the few to have put the entire experience on paper. In ‘Called To Be A Solider’, his eye-opening new memoir, Smalls shares his inner-most thoughts from before, during and after his tour.

The Brio Stone: Volume One in Compelling "The Land of Fantala" Series Invites Readers to Join Quest to Save Fantastical Realm from Impending Doom

While the fantasy genre has seen an undeniable boom in recent years, both readers and critics are calling for wholly-unique new narratives that don’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same-old’ literary concepts. Thankfully, author D.J. Hollis has stormed the scene with gusto to release a powerful novel that is setting new trends of its own.

Gripping New Novel Examines "War" Between Patriots & Bureaucrats, as Billionaire Takes Revenge on Governmental Agencies That Killed Friend

While a myriad of Government agencies are put in place to protect the lives and freedoms of all Americans, millions are aware that most of these agencies at some point violate individuals’ rights. Indeed, documented cases even show that Government has paved early graves for many. It’s this concept that author Thomas Temple explores in his fast-paced and thought-provoking new novel.

When Pixies Come out to Play: Cherished Sandplay Therapist, Lois Carey, Releases New Book of Compelling 'Primer' Lectures on Sandplay & Art Therapy

Almost every Play Therapist in the world knows Lois Carey, an in-demand speaker, author and pioneer in Sandplay and art therapy. Seven books and thousands of clients have seen Carey travel the world to train fellow therapist and, for the first time in her career, a collection of these powerful lectures and texts have been combined into an insightful and inspirational new book.

Tax Relief and Resolution: Trend-Bucking Tax Lawyer Celebrates Launch of New Book; Offering *Free* Consultation to U.S. Readers Purchasing on Sept 30th

There’s no way to sugarcoat it; tax codes are always changing, individuals and businesses are expected to keep up with them and failing to do so could have dire consequences if the IRS comes knocking. Steven Melnik and his colleagues have helped thousands of individuals attain tax relief, tax resolution and sail through IRS audits – and have recently released a game-changing book to help anyone do the same from the comfort of home.

1-800-411-PAIN's Original Battle of the Bands, Presented by Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A.

Logo1-800-411-PAIN's Original Battle of the Bands, Presented By Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A. is taking place at the Mercer University stadium on Saturday, October 4th! The Morehouse marching band will be battling it out against the Savannah State marching band to see who comes out on top! This family friendly event invites all lovers of music and community building to get together and support their local marching bands all while raising funds that will go toward helping even more young band members display their talents.

Mighty Yeti Releases Its First Interactive Storybook App for Kids, "Mr. Cupcake Has the Sprinkles"

Indie animation studio Mighty Yeti has recently released its first interactive storybook app for children, “Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles,” for iPad, Android and Kindle Fire tablets. The interactive app created for kids age 2-8 is a unique and humorous tale of a walking, talking cupcake who is on his way to his friend Mr. Cookie’s birthday party when he is driven to distraction by an identified crunching noise coming from his surroundings. “Mr. Cupcake” will narrate to children in Read To Me mode in English and Spanish, and has over 70 interactive discovery touch points.

New Book Debunks Myth of Bitcoin

The international best-selling author of THE LAUNDRYMEN pulls back the curtain on the digital currency craze to prove, as he says, “When it comes to bitcoin, what you see is not necessarily what you get.”

Online Artists Preserves Dogs Memory with an Astonishing Photo-Realistic Portrait

Dog Artists, a small group of eight talented artists based in the United Kingdom, specialize in painting dog portraits based on the human characteristics dog lovers would love their dog to possess. This group of experienced artists will craft an incredible dog portrait based on their owners’ favorite dog photographs. Customers can now commission oil paintings of their dogs in period costume or uniform, for example, previous commissions include having dogs painted as Abraham Lincoln, The Count of Monte Cristo or Elizabeth I.

Sambo Animation Is the Ideal Resource for 2D and 3D Animation Videos

LogoSambo Animation is leading the way in off the shelf motion graphics for businesses. They create high quality motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation videos helping clients to market their business, products and services in an effortless and professional way.

Cosmopolitan Offers Exclusive and Exquisite Party Venue in Parramatta

LogoSelecting a venue with exceptional amenities and benefits is a must to enthral and entice every guest and friend present at the event. Exquisite venues create a deep impact on the minds of visitors and help them relish the precious moments without any discomfort. Discovering a high-quality venue offering exclusive party packages is a wise move to make any event successful.

Join Joyce Bender Tuesday 09.30.14 on VoiceAmerica.com to Discuss Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities and Bender's Virtual Career Fair, November 13, 2014

LogoJoyce welcomes Gayle Oliver-Plath, President /Founder of CareerEco, Timothy Luzader, Director Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities and Annie Koller, Recruiter Bender Consulting Services, Inc. to the show. Discussed on the show will be career opportunities for students with disabilities and Bender’s Virtual Career Fair on November 13, 2014.

New Music Video from LA Indie Artist Taiwo Heard Takes Viewers on a High-Speed Animated Adventure

LA-based indie rock artist Taiwo Heard has taken a stylish approach with his latest music video “Frontier to Eternity,” joining forces with talented Canadian animator Tzanko Tchangov (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). The result is a high-speed, animated musical adventure.

"Voices of Opera" Brings Unique Cultural Experience to Long Island

On Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 7:00pm, the Cedarmore Corporation will present “Voices of Opera: A Soulful Celebration,” an intimate listener experience with five world renown African-American Opera artists. This unique cultural experience will take place at Zion Cathedral, 312 Grand Avenue, Freeport, NY 11520. The event is designed to expose youth and their families to music that may be outside of their normal music genres while also allowing music enthusiasts to enjoy masterfully-executed performances in the heart of Long Island.

Asinine Game Inc Announces Launch of Highly Addictive New Game "Aerial Austen", a Fun, Quirky Mobile Game with Jane Austen Theme

LogoAsinine Game Inc is pleased to announce the launch of its highly anticipated new game “Aerial Austen” for game enthusiasts worldwide. Developed for iOS and Android mobile platforms, this new game is a parody of Swing Copters with Jane Austen as a lead character in the game. It challenges the players by testing their reflexes for accuracy and time, where they have to avoid the gossiping heads and keep on tapping in order to help Jane Austen rise above and gain more points.

New Publishing House Combines Best of Traditional and Self Publishing

LogoWhen it comes to publishing a book, authors these days have more options than ever in our history. Many choose to follow the traditional path, signing with a publisher who will turn their book into a commodity to be sold. Others will opt to retain control of their work, but risk fading into obscurity.

Mother and Daughter's Culinary Journey from Europe to Canada Results in Two Unique Recipe Books

Kapusta or Cabbage and its sequel MORE Kapusta or Cabbage have been receiving outstanding feedback from readers and reviewers.

London's Storm DJs Introduces Innovative Instant DJ Price Calculator to Bring Transparency to DJ Price Quotes

DJs are notorious for not being open and fair about their pricing. London-based Storm DJs, acclaimed for providing the London area with top DJs and sound systems, have set out to solve this problem, with the recent launch of their instant DJ price calculator. Now any client can know instantly what their DJ services would cost based on their needs and desires. The response to the new service has been outstandingly positive.