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Brian Corey and Christopher Corey, Founders of Corey Consulting, Announce Publication of E-Dapt

Entrepreneurs Brian Corey and Christopher Corey, co-founders of Corey Consulting, recently announced the publication of their first book, e-Dapt, a Digital Marketing guide for today's businesses. The book is currently available on Amazon, Kindle and at ConsultCorey.com.

The 3rd Annual Gift of Exoneration Series with Francie Koehler on PI's Declassified

Voice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced a series featuring five wrongfully convicted individuals are joining Francie Koehler, host of PI's Declassified! radio program on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel (http://www.voiceamericavariety.com) December 4 through January 15, 2015, every Thursday, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.

Discosource Professional DJs on Having DJs Do the Tunes as the Party Grooves: Perks of Being in-Charge of the Playlist While Enjoying the Big Day

LogoWeddings don't have to be a disaster when it comes to the choice of music to be played just to keep the party grooving, as the wedding DJ Gold coast steps in to give hints on how wedding couples could have the celebration of a lifetime keep on going without any hassle while the DJs do the tunes.

Making Every Penny Spent Worth It: Scrutinizing Wedding DJs for Essential Events

LogoHiring DJs to drop the beats for an important occasion may not be as easy as one, two, three…especially when certain things should straighten out first before signing a service contract that would mean a lot to make a simple wedding day be extra special. But making an important event an extra special doesn't have to become an affair full of epic fails: when for instance the DJ had slid a Star Trek Theme instead of a solemn music to commemorate the moment of exchanging vows.

"CoWork" - A New Reality Show That's Anything but 'Business as Usual'

With the US economy still recovering from the recession, there are more freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses than ever before. One of the ways these non-traditional workers have managed to survive is through coworking.

Tim Lantz Seeks Crowdfunding to Help Him Return to His Roots in California

LogoTim Lantz is an actor and screenwriter that's been working hard for fifteen years to realize his passion. A visit to his IMDB page (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4718013/) makes it clear that his acting roles in the films Love Stalker, The Year after Infection, and Fatal Call helped him reach a new level in personal and professional achievement.

Cirkers, an Art and Furniture Storage Provider, Now Offers Fine Art Storage in New York

LogoKnown for its state-of-the-art storage facility, Cirkers, an art and furniture storage provider, now offers fine art storage in New York. They have the best storage solutions that are highly secure and ideal for storing all kinds of art pieces. Irrespective of how old the fine arts might be, one can store them in this storage facility and not worry about them. Every piece of art is handled with utter care and thoughtfulness. If required, specialized and professional levels of services are provided for some art collections. Their property is featured with various technologies such as climate controller, fire detectors, cameras and security, etc.

New Christmas Book for Boys Available on Amazon; Three Rotten Boys Scheme to Capture Santa and Seize All His Gifts

The Santa Claus Down! book by author C.J. Walworth, is an action adventure misadventure Christmastime book about three boys who conspire to capture Santa Claus and grab all the toys and gifts. The book, which is available in Print and for E-readers is available Amazon and at fine book retailers nationwide, is appropriately sub-titled How three rotten boys captured Santa Claus and almost ruined Christmas. The ISBN is 1503293262.

TunesKit Introduces Easy Solution to Enjoy iTunes Christmas Movies on Any Media Playing Devices

LogoAs Christmas is pending near, many people might have already started the preparation for their family parties by collecting Christmas-themed movies to get into the spirit of the holy day. To celebrate the biggest day of the year as well as embrace the upcoming New Year, TunesKit, an innovative multimedia software provider, would like to share Christmas joys together with customers worldwide by introducing an all-in-one solution to help movie fans convert any Christmas movies purchased from iTunes Store to all kinds of popular mobile devices for playback.

RainFalls So Your Light Can Shine: Powerful Collection of Uplifting Fiction Urges Readers to Love, Forgive & Triumph Through Their Pain

While billions claim to love, most people succumb to the toxic epidemic of bitterness towards themselves and others. While it may first appear to be counter-intuitive, author Kay Nicole Varner calls on everyone to let go, forgive and move forward.

Word to the Wise: Albino Author's New Book Exposes "Power of Perception"; Empowering Readers from All Walks of Life to Rise Above Negativity

Chris Jones spent his early years like many visually impaired people do – trying to find a way to either hide or supress their disability's symptoms so they can compete with their able-bodies peers. However, Jones quickly learned that his afflictions were a gift and, after embracing who he was as a person, excelled through education to invent a cutting-edge energy storage and harvesting device.

The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy on VoiceAmerica.com Will Feature the Most Famous Living Economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell December 19, 2014

LogoBusiness in the Knowledge Economy (TSOE) will feature Dr. Thomas Sowell, world renowned economist, social theorist, political philosopher, and author. His appearance on TSOE coincides with the release of a new edition of his international best seller on economics, Basic Economics – 5th Edition (Basic Books, December 2014).

The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy on VoiceAmerica.com Will Feature the Most Famous Living Economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell December 19, 2014

LogoBusiness in the Knowledge Economy (TSOE) will feature Dr. Thomas Sowell, world renowned economist, social theorist, political philosopher, and author. His appearance on TSOE coincides with the release of a new edition of his international best seller on economics, Basic Economics – 5th Edition (Basic Books, December 2014).

E Instruments Now Offering the 2014 AQ Comfort Monitor

LogoWith the great threat that poor air quality poses to a person's well-being, early detection of a harmful toxin is key to avoiding serious illness. Often, by the time a resident notices their house is infested with mold, they have been breathing in the pollutants for an extended time. Providing peace of mind in an easy to use device, E Instruments is now offering the 2014 AQ Comfort monitor. Inspectors using the device will receive instant, highly accurate indoor air quality statistics, allowing them to alert the homeowner of any immediate dangers.

RW Holdart, a Leading Provider of Art and Antique Storage, Now Offers Fine Art Storage in Los Angeles

LogoRW Holdart, a leading provider of art and antique storage, now offers fine art storage in Los Angeles. The company provides superior storage facilities for various kinds of art pieces, decorative items, antiques, paintings and other priceless items. The company's storage solutions are on a professional level. The storage is featured with services for climate control, fire detection and various other facilities. Be it a single item or a whole collection, the company can provide space for all kinds of items. Along with this, the security standards provided by the company are excellent. All of the items are stored securely in private rooms. Because of high ceilings, items of any size can be stored here.

Hidden Bible Dates Revealed: Doctor's Ground-Breaking Book Exposes Jesus' Actual Birthday, Plus 400+ Proven Dates from Biblical Events

The Bible contains hundreds of tentative pivotal dates - from Adam being formed from the ground through to true game-changers such as the birth of Jesus Himself. Few have the linguistic ability to dive into dozens of books written in a myriad of languages to build a definitive chronology – except Dr. William Smith, whose critically-acclaimed book takes over four hundred vital events and puts them on the modern-day Julian calendar.

A Book That Says Adults Must Emulate Kids and Play Their Part to Combat Global Warming

The90dayauthorkids.com says they have come out with a comic book. The book in digital format is available on Amazon. The book is available in print format on Magcloud.

Trick Daddy, the Black Mob Group and Rakontur Team Up with ESPN for 30 for 30 the U Part 2 Theme Song, "U Already Know"

Throughout the 1980s, Miami, Fla., was at the center of a racial and cultural shift taking place throughout the country. Overwhelmed by riots and tensions, Miami was a city influx, and the University of Miami football team served as a microcosm for this evolution. The image of the predominantly white university was forever changed when Coach Howard Schnellenberger scoured some of the toughest ghettos in Florida to recruit mostly black players for his team. With a newly branded swagger, inspired and fueled by the quickly growing local Miami hip-hop culture, these Hurricanes took on larger-than-life personalities and won four national titles between 1983 and 1991. Filmmaker Billy Corben,( Cocaine Cowboys, The Tanning of America) a Miami native and University of Miami alum, will tell the story of how these "Bad Boys" of football changed the attitude of the game they played, and how this serene campus was transformed into "The U."

The Memoir Midwife: Comic-Turned-Writer Urges Fellow Authors to 1…2…3…PUSH; in 9-Step Guide to Giving Birth to Their Debut Book

If there is anyone who can liken self-publishing to giving birth, its stand-up comic Stacy Dymalski. While her 'Confessions of a Band Geek Mom' shot to critical acclaim, Dymalski found herself sweating away in literature's proverbial delivery room wondering how on earth she got pregnant with a book in the first place, how she would squeeze it out into the world, and how she would to nurture it into a best-seller.

Barry Ratcliffe Is Detective Looney in "Redrum" TV Series

LogoIn the docudrama crime series "Redrum", detectives piece together the story by moving backwards in time from the scene of a murder until the truth emerges and unveils the complete context, story, and guilty parties. Filmed in and around the New York area, it is a gritty crime show based on real cases.

One of a Kind Entertainment Launches Music and Professional Staffs for Live Events

Memorable wedding receptions depend on enjoyable music and a well-organized event staff. In her article "75 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique", Columnist Hilary Quinn advises readers of "Brides.com" to seek out professional services when planning a wedding or engagement party. Hilary Quinn writes, "There are a myriad of ideas out there that can make your celebration a special one. To make it easier on the future bride, groom and their families, it is always recommended that you look into hiring a company that can provide an assortment of party services for you."

Las Vegas Team Launches Kickstarter to Bring Broadway West

Over the last 7 years with students moving to professional careers in Film, Stage, and Company work. Originating in Pittsburgh, PA in 1988, Broadway West Studio has now been a Dance and Performing Arts Center in Las Vegas since 2007, teaching out of the Club Sport Green Valley facility in Henderson, Nevada. Broadway West believes now the time is right for them to obtain a space of their own to create a place for rehearsals and children's musical theatre and they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to make that happen.

Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears: Uplifting Fantasy-Folklore Series Invites Children on Healing Journey Down "River of Dreams"

There's no way to sugarcoat it; the narrative of modern life forces millions of children to see shame in their trauma, suffer in silence and ultimately deny themselves the healing they deserve. But one Californian writer is out on a mission to re-write society's rulebook, with a powerful new children's series that deals with full humanity and empowers youngsters to reach out for support and embrace healing.

Charlie Zeros Last-Ditch Attempt the Food for Thought Book for All

With the arrival of Charlie Zero's Last-Ditch Attempt, it is time to get rid of the hard-core task of looking for the most popular and the best books this year. This book is simply great for leisure-time reading enthusiasts. It is one of the most favorite picks of most editors among the Books of the Year in nonfiction, children's books, mysteries and fiction. The book has been written by Harvey Havel, an author who makes his readers see things from his point of view.

10 Revolutionary Ways to Exceed Expectations as a Leader in Today's Changing Business Climate

In this new bestseller, 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership: 10 Ways to Exceed Your Expectations as a Leader author, Raymond Perras has developed a unique and groundbreaking effort to bring forward issues that often do not get dealt with in leadership discussions.

Award-Winning Author, M.R. Mathias Releases: Blood and Royalty (Dragoneer Saga - Book Six)

LogoThe wait is over! Blood and Royalty the conclusion of the Locus Poll nominated, number one bestselling, dragon-rider fantasy series, The Dragoneer Saga, releases worldwide Dec. 21st, and is currently available for pre-order.

Tents & Events Now Offering Quotes for Tent Rentals This Winter

LogoThe cold weather can cause a halt in the timeline of an event planning process – but not when it comes to the service of Tents & Events. This winter, clients who want to schedule an outdoor heated event can request a quote from Tents & Events to rent party necessities. The company is a tent rental service that caters to the Montgomery County area, including Southampton and Warrington. Event planners can opt to rent items for their occasion, such as table linens, chairs, cooking equipment, and flooring.