Environment Press Releases

Francois Gagnon from Town of Franklin to Go for Water Tasting Contest

“Best Quebec Water 2014” is the first drinking water contest being held in Quebec to declare the province’s best municipal water for the year 2014. The panel of judges will rate the drinking water based on taste, odor and clarity. Participants of the water workshops held in conjunction with the contest can also vote for their favorite drinking water in the “Public Choice” Category.

Francois Gagnon from Town of Franklin to Go for Water Tasting Contest

“Best Quebec Water 2014” is the first drinking water contest being held in Quebec to declare the province’s best municipal water for the year 2014. The panel of judges will rate the drinking water based on taste, odor and clarity. Participants of the water workshops held in conjunction with the contest can also vote for their favorite drinking water in the “Public Choice” Category.

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Announces Its System Has Been Proven a Key in the Control of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus

LogoSilver Bullet, an award-winning, cutting-edge water treatment company, announces that its technology has been proven by third party researchers in lab and field trials as a powerful solution in the reduction and control of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a bacteria which has been devastating the shrimp aquaculture industry.

World Landforms Uncovers Details and Facts About All the Major Landforms of the Earth

World Landforms, a knowledge-base online portal, enriches readers about planet earth and uncovers the details and facts about all the major landforms on earth. It is an educative portal that provides authentic and important information about the various landforms that are present such as Basins, Cliffs, Bays, Canyons, Continents, Coasts, Archipelagos, Forests, Gulfs, Islands and many more. The portal also talks about different ways in which the landforms were created, their features, their location and various other interesting facts. This website is very informative and people who are inclined toward environmental studies or have an interest can get lots of information from the portal.

Teravalve Introduces Water Conservation Valve That Can Save Water Bill by 10% to 30%

LogoTeraValve has developed a patented water savings valve that can save thousands of dollars in water and sewage bills for commercial water users. The company also offers a performance guarantee after conducting a comprehensive audit by their water conservation specialists. Besides installing the system, TeraValve also offers to monitor, control and report progress 24x7.

With the Average Car Wash Wasting 100 Gallons of Water, Kozak Dry Wash Launches Nationwide 'Beat the Drought' Campaign

There’s no way to sugarcoat it; the footprint of drought-stricken areas has grown exponentially in the past five-years. People are rapidly using water in ways they don’t realize and, with the nation’s love of cars, keeping them shiny is one of the biggest culprits. The statistics speak for themselves, with the average hand-wash using over one-hundred gallons of water and so-called “environmentally-friendly” commercial washes using twenty-three gallons. However, Kozak, an 88-year old manufacturer of waterless car wash products is now helping the nation fight back.

Regreen Springfield and Cathedral High to Remove Invasive Vegetation at Quarry Pond

LogoOn Tuesday, January 25th, students from Cathedral High School will join Regreen Springfield and the City of Springfield Parks Department in restoring native vegetation to the woodlands around Quarry Pond in Sixteen Acres, which was heavily impacted by the June 2011 tornado. New trees were planted by community volunteers, and the City, following the storm event, but undesirable vegetation now threatens to overtake the new trees and shrubs that were planted.

AirPol, Inc. Offers Exceptional Air Pollution Control Services to International Clients

When it comes to being responsible stewards for the environment, AirPol, Inc. takes its role very seriously. For the past 45 years, they have been helping global companies meet air pollution control standards with their systems which include the Venturi scrubber and wet scrubber, more specifically, the acid gas absorber. The advantages of using the AirPol Packed Tower systems include high removal efficiency so as to meet stringent emission requirements, lower pressure drops for economical energy use, maintenance and trouble-free operations with no moving parts or high velocity areas, and a wide selection of packing materials to meet specific requirements.

Dynamic Recycling LLC Now Safely Recycling Cosmetics This Holiday Season

LogoAs the holiday seasons approaches, many companies in the health and beauty industry are seeing their fragrances flying off the shelves. It is important to ensure customers are purchasing and using materials that are safe. When warehouses are full of expired, unsafe, and unsellable fragrances this holiday season, Dynamic Recycling LLC is pleased to announce they are utilizing their green recycling process to dispose of cosmetics in an environmentally friendly manner. When businesses choose to take advantage of their high level of service, they will save money while creating renewable energy.

Elite Bird Control Now Offers Effective Service for Bird Control in Melbourne

Elite Bird Control is now offering strategic and highly effective service of bird control in Melbourne. The company has thirteen years of intensive experience in the bird controlling services. With their highly experienced technicians, they offer excellent bird control services that help clients to save a lot of cost which they end up in spending for nest cleaning services. They install top-notch quality anti-bird netting and fixings solutions to satisfy customer expectations.

Conflict Minerals 2014 Year-End Reporting Service Now Available

LogoGreen Status Pro, the leader in Conflict Minerals Reporting Automation, is now offering a 2014 Year-End Conflict Minerals RCOI Reporting Service. Only Green Status Pro’s service automates the processing of all the CFSI Versions 2.0 through 3.02 utilizing the latest Standard Smelter List, published November 7, 2014. The CFSI recommends that companies use this Smelter List for 2014 due diligence reference checks. Incorporating this reference list into an automated validation and reporting system allows the estimated 20,000 manufacturers who must report their source and custody of conflict minerals to generate the 100% accurate RCOI reports required by the SEC for achieving compliance with Dodd-Frank Section 1502.

CMS Gives Long-Awaited Protected Status to Six Shark Species

Sunday, November 9, 2014 saw the awarding of protection to a handful of shark species according to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Although the CMS treaty has been in existence since 1979 and provides protection for sharks, whales, rays and other migratory marine species, the new measures certainly signal a significant turning point for these animals. The species which are now protected include three threshers (genus alopias), the silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis), and both the great (Sphyrna mokarran) and scalloped (Sphyrna lewini) hammerhead sharks. It was during the eleventh Conference of the Parties to the CMS treaty (CoP11), which met in Quito, Ecuador with the purpose of discussing worldwide measures to bolster the conservation status of migratory animals, that the decision to protect these shark species was finally made.

Microalgae Promises to Be the Key to a Brighter and Healthier Future

LogoPalru, a German company focused on life-changing innovations, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to raise funds for their newest creation. This campaign has a funding goal of $100,000, which needs to be raised by December 26th in order to make the Palru Microalgae Reactor a reality. The brilliant minds behind this project state: “We all live together; we have only one earth. But although our planet is unique, we treat it like something we can buy at any shop. We are destroying our forests, overfishing our oceans, polluting our air, and exploiting our natural resources.” Palru wants to conquer many of these problems. Their Microalgae concept has far reaching ecological potential, and the benefits to humanity are boundless.

Leading Sydney Skip Bin Supplier Announces Handy Discounts

LogoLeading Sydney skip bin supplier A-Line Movers has reportedly announced handy discount on its bin rentals of late. The rebate offer is meant for the loyal customers.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Hosting Hazardous Waste Collections at Schools This Fall Season

LogoWhen holding collection events to benefit the environment, it is important to entrust a company that is cost-effective and employed with licensed and trained professionals. This fall, as collections are set up to safely dispose of household hazardous waste, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. will play host to the collection at schools throughout the United States. Whether elementary school or university, educational institutions are promoting a “green” environment, and the professionals from MXI create a positive experience to make each hosted event a success.

Rubbish Removal Offers Cheapest and Fastest Rubbish Removal Services in Woolwich

LogoAn attractive and hygienic environment is favoured by everyone. A best way to accomplish this is by removing the pile of junks regularly. It not only helps keeping the environment clean but also ensures safe and disease-free living. Hire a professional rubbish removal service today and achieve a rubbish-free life.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Now Offering Free Quotes for Their Snow Removal Services This Winter

The temperature has already dropped significantly from October, and forecasters are anticipating a long, wet winter. Businesses and commercial buildings in the greater Philadelphia are going to need to maintain a safe and secure property, getting the snow and ice cleared away from parking lots and walkways in a timely fashion. When inquiring about quick and proficient snow removal services in the greater Philadelphia area, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering free quotes for their potential clients this winter.

World Landforms, a Well-Known Information Portal, Now Enables Readers to Learn About Landforms Around the World

World landforms, a well-known information portal, now enables readers to learn about landforms around the world. There are lots of landforms that can be seen on a daily basis while going to work, riding a bus, or even watching T.V. The different types of landforms one can easily come across are lakes, mountains, oceans, plains, prairies, rivers, reefs, valleys, swamps, volcanoes, and waterfalls. All of these are created one way or another. Some of them are very common. The more common landforms were created because of wind, erosion of the earth’s surface, and deposition of soil and land.

AirPol Offers Air Pollution Control Technology Advantage in Pulp and Paper Industry

Forty-five years and the installation of over 1,400 air pollution control systems has given AirPol a distinct technology advantage over the competition for building and modifying air pollution control systems in the pulp and paper industry. Industries, in which a water treatment infrastructure is pre-existing, like in the pulp and paper industry, can benefit from using AirPol’s wet pollution control systems which include the Venturi scrubber, cyclonic scrubbers, and the wet scrubber.

The Reality Behind Storm Chasing

Canadian storm chasers providing a unique and realistic view of storm chasing in the Plains, focusing on the humanitarian aspects of chasing and the Canadian's perspective on severe weather events that unfold during spring and summer. Accomplishing this requires several mounted cameras at all times in and on the chase vehicle. This allows the capture of not only severe weather events, but also the human perspective and reaction of such events.

Detroit, No Money, No Water, No Problem

Something weird is going on just across the Canada/US border, within sight of Windsor. Water valves in poor Detroit neighbourhoods are being shut off, leaving and thousands of people wthout tap water.

Waste Management Solutions EnviroSolutions, Inc. Celebrates 3 Years with an A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

LogoThe Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit aimed at increasing marketplace trust and holding businesses accountable for their actions. Companies that wish to be recognized as trustworthy and respectable strive to be certified by the BBB and receive high ratings. Last month, on October 13th, waste management solutions company EnviroSolutions, Inc. celebrated its third year of an A+ ranking from the BBB. EnviroSolutions, Inc. has been serving the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. areas since 2003, and specializes in managing and disposing of waste in Maryland landfills. Their third year of A+ ranking is impressive, not only because an A+ rating is the highest the BBB gives, but because it is difficult to achieve.

Waste Management Solutions Company EnviroSolutions, Inc. Supports Salisbury University's Recycling Leadership

LogoSalisbury University in Maryland takes recycling seriously. Recycling efforts on college campuses are not a new phenomenon, but Salisbury has become a leader in food waste recycling among all universities in Maryland. EnviroSolutions, Inc., a waste management leader throughout the Atlantic coastal region, has expressed its congratulations to Salisbury. “We are proud to work in a state whose school’s care so deeply about the environment. The work the students at Salisbury University are accomplishing is of great benefit to the environmental efforts of the state as a whole,” says a representative of EnviroSolutions, Inc.

Aquavus: A Revolutionary System for Purifying Seawater and Unsafe Water

It’s no secret that a shortage of clean drinking water is a major issue all over the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe drinking water was responsible for nearly a half million deaths in India in 2010. The Blue Planet Network, a worldwide organization focused on safe water supplies, reports that unsafe water kills 200 children every hour, filling half of the world’s hospital beds.

Document Shredding Directory Launch New Environmental Paper Recycling Calculator That Helps Discover How Many Trees Can Be Saved

The Paper Recycling Calculator has been developed by Document Shredding Directory to provide paper life cycle assessment and analysis. This newly found online application helps customers to calculate how much water, landfill space, electricity, oil and trees they can save with secure recycling services thus taking part in the global ecology project to save the environment.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Announces Availability for Holiday Deep Cleans

LogoAs the holiday season approaches, homeowners are going to be busy preparing the family feast and shopping for gifts. With all of the added responsibilities that come with the holidays, many will find they do not have time to give their house the cleaning it needs. For those who cannot find enough time in the day, Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC announces they have availabilities for holiday deep cleans. Their expert cleaners will get the house ready for Thanksgiving dinner while the customer is out searching for perfect turkey.

EcoWater Systems Calgary to Donate Part Proceeds of November Sales to Calgary Children's Foundation

Improving water systems in Calgary homes and businesses is the primary mission of Ecowater Systems Calgary. However, throughout the month of November, the company is on a mission to help improve the lives of children within the community, through their sponsorship of QR77 radio station's fundraiser for Calgary Children's Foundation -donating $5,000.