Environment Press Releases

Southwest Hazard Control Contributes to Navajo Nation of Albuquerque, NM

In July, Southwest Hazard Control continued its charitable efforts by making a donation to the Navajo Nation of Albuquerque, NM. Specifically, Southwest Hazard Control provided environmental remediation services completely at cost to the Navajo Nation.

Inventor of AIR HYDRO Andrew Kazantsev Starts Indiegogo Campaign for 'Cloud Power,' the Invention to Save the Planet

The entire mankind is now facing a number of fundamentally important and global challenges such as lack of energy, lack of fresh water, environmental degradation, climate change, etc. The existing technology is not sufficient enough to avoid the potential disasters within the years 2050-2100.

Environet Offers Complete and Safe Japanese Knotweed Solutions

With an aim to eradicate Japanese Knotweed from properties, Environet is now offering complete and safe Japanese knotweed solutions in commercial as well as residential properties. Japanese knotweed or Fallopia japonica is an invasive plant that grows up to 10 cm long and it is found during spring season. This aggressive plant causes immense damage to the buildings and properties. They make the structures crack or cause severe other damages. It is a serious problem which is faced by professional developers, contractors and even home owners and landlords.

Earth News Channel Launched to Inspire Awareness, Intention and Renewed Hope for the Planet

LogoWith an innovative approach to taking matters into one’s own hands a new social media syndicated newscast is set for a September launch. In the fall, the Earth News Channel will hit mobile and desktop devices to bring strategic awareness to global events. Unlike mainstream news sources the Earth News Channel will incite viewer action. Measures for sustainability projects, remedies for worldwide poverty, and justice for those commonly unheard will be addressed.

Dynamic Recycling Breaks Ground on New Facility in Bristol Tennessee

LogoDynamic Recycling LLC is excited to announce they have broken ground on their new Distilled Spirits Plant in Bristol, Tennessee. With the new plant will give the company added capacity for their environmentally friendly, economical, and safe destruction and recycling services for the beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The new facility is on track to be operable in early 2015, and will create 30 jobs in Bristol.

Greenhill Fencing Inc. Is Now Offering the Best Aluminum Fences This August

LogoGreenhill Fencing Inc. is now offering excellent aluminum fences this August. For those with small children, an aluminum fence will provide safety and security around an in-ground pool. Best known for saving lives, aluminum fences add a barrier so pets and children won’t leave the yard.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Now Collecting Drum Waste for Disposal This Fall

LogoMany businesses rid themselves of unusable liquids and solids through the use of waste drums. Operating as a full-service management and environmental consulting firm, MXI Maumee Express, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now collecting and completely disposing of drum waste this fall 2014 season. With their extensive transportation fleet, the company can dispose of bulk liquids and solids to keep the business adhering to standards.

Venturi Scrubbers from AirPol, Inc. Effectively Cleaning Waste Generated by Gasification

With a view to support their goal of ensuring cleaner air and a healthier carbon cycle, AirPol Inc. provides Venturi scrubbers that are valued for effectively cleaning the waste generated by the gasification process in different industries. Their absorbers and scrubbers help reduce tar, particulates, and sulfur compounds, thus paving the way to generate more clean-burning and optimized gas. The Venturi Scrubbers by AirPol, Inc. help in cleaning by facilitating particulate removal, heavy-metal removal, mercury removal, heat recovery and HCl removal (hydrogen chloride).

Nautical Ventures Group Purchases Adjacent Property to Expand Their Retail Organization

As part of their on-going strategy for growth in the South Florida recreational marine market, Nautical Ventures Group has purchased two land parcels adjacent to its Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore (NVMS) location. The two parcels, known as 70 / 90 South Bryan Road respectively, comprise 1.6 acres of waterfront property and carried a sales price of $1,325,000.

Energizer Resources Receives Buy Recommendations from Investment Institutions

LogoEnergizer Resources, Inc. (OTCQX: ENZR, TSX: EGZ), has received a "BUY" recommendation from two prominent Canadian investment institutions. The first was on June 9, 2014 from investment bank, GMP Securities L.P. The second "BUY" recommendation was issued on August 25, 2014 by Stormcrow Capital Ltd. Both reports can be accessed here: Stormcrow Capital, GMP Securities

Three Paddlers to Standup Paddle Lake Titicaca

LogoIn November 2014, three athletes will paddle 90 miles at an altitude of over 12500ft across the length of Lake Titicaca from Puno, Peru to Ancoamaya, Bolivia to raise funds for two standup paddle (SUP) schools in Peru. This epic, 4-day paddle will test the athletes' physical and mental endurance as well as their ability to face the challenges of extreme heat, cold, wind, exposure, and high-altitude.

Garrido Fences Now Offering Deer Fencing for Fall 2014

LogoFall is on the way and soon the deer will be out in full force. Garrido Fences offers deer fencing services in Montgomery County so homeowners can protect their lawns and gardens from marauding groups of deer hell bent on consuming everything in sight. People love living in the suburbs among nature, but animals don’t always make the best neighbors. Save on deer fences with Garrido Fences this fall and protect valuable landscaping against deer meddling.

Virginia Bed Bug Heat Treatment Company Environmental Heat Solutions Reports Movie Theater Ignores Bed Bug Infestation

LogoRecently, according to WFSB.com, a father in Virginia took his daughters to their local theater. Upon leaving the theater, the man and his daughters discovered bite marks on their arms and legs. The upset father, concerned about transporting bugs home, addressed the situation to the theater manager who arranged for the family to travel to Wal-Mart in a taxi for new clothes.

Will Travers OBE (Wildlife Expert & Co-Founder of the Born Free Foundation), Speaks with Chris Cooper About 'Born Free: Lessons from a Life of Charity & Conservation'

LogoWill Travers OBE (Wildlife Expert & Co-Founder of The Born Free Foundation), will join Chris Cooper on a continuing series, “Be More.Achieve More. - Inspiration for the Entrepreneurial Mind”, streamed on 22nd August, 2014, from 8am(PST)/pm 11pm (EST) on VoiceAmerica’s Business Channel (http://www.voiceamericabusiness.com/ ).

Hydroblasting Automation, Vacuum Trucks, Hydro-Excavation a Focus of WJTA-IMCA Expo

LogoHigh pressure waterjet and hydroblasting technology has become an established part of cleaning and maintenance across all industries. These technologies are evolving rapidly as traditional manual techniques are supplemented or replaced by semi-automated and automated equipment that distances the operator from potentially hazardous high pressure water streams. Contractors, suppliers and end users will have the chance to get educated and experience a wide variety of equipment and techniques—from fully mechanized systems to new manual waterblast tools—at the WJTA-IMCA Expo, Oct. 14-15, 2014, in New Orleans.

Professional Tank & Environmental Announce Services for Installing Above Ground Oil Tanks

LogoWhen homeowners are utilizing oil tanks to provide heat and hot water to the home, there comes a point where the tank is not operating efficiently, especially in older homes. If possessing an above ground oil tank, Professional Tank & Environmental is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for installing new oil tanks in Montgomery County homes. Above ground tanks are usually placed in the basement of the home, or the garage. Being placed above ground and indoors will greatly extend the life of the tank.

Quality Janitorial Services Reminds Business Owners to Keep a Clean Office

LogoQuality Janitorial Services wants to remind business owners about the importance of first impressions, especially when it comes to the cleanliness of office buildings.

Bonsai Trees Are Reaching the West

Nursery Tree Wholesalers, referred to as America’s Largest Bonsai Nursery are promoting the art of growing and maintaining a bonsai tree in America. Bonsai trees are attributed to countries like China and Japan where the art was originally discovered and mastered but for the past few decades there has been growing curiosity about Bonsai trees in western countries like USA. Nursery Tree Wholesalers educated readers about the Bonsai tree:

Dumpster Rental Solutions Now Offering Summer Special Savings

LogoThose looking for waste service in Atlanta still have a few weeks to take advantage of Summer Special Savings at Dumpster Rental Solutions. This includes the Weekend Warrior Special, offering 5 day rentals of 30 yard boxes for just $320. The 30 yard boxes hold up to 4 tons and can be delivered on any day Monday through Friday. On the 5th day, Dumpster Rental Solutions will pick up and haul away the dumpster for the customer.

Brecon Cleanroom Systems Specializes in Designing and Realizing Low-Dust and Sterile Cleanrooms

Everyone knows how important the environment is when it comes to the production of high-tech goods. The room in which they are designed and are put together must be completely sterile and clean and free of all dust particles and the like. If any such thing enters the appliance or equipment or any gadget while it is being constructed or assembled, the warranty and longevity of the good will not be up to the mark and the manufacturing firms will suffer losses.

Energizer Resources Well-Positioned to Be Major Supplier of a Critical Material in Short Supply

LogoUPTICK Newswire discovers a world-class graphite project in Energizer Resources, Inc. (OTCQX:ENZR, TSX:EGZ), a mine development and mineral exploration company based in Toronto, Canada, that is rapidly developing its flagship Molo Flake Graphite Project in southern Madagascar to mine production.

Commercial Office Cleaning Service of Southern New Jersey Encourages Businesses to Have Sanitary Office

A commercial cleaning service of Southern New Jersey is encouraging business to have a sanitary office for employees. Mac’s Janitorial Services, a company that offers office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window washing, power washing and commercial floor cleaning in Burlington, NJ and surrounding areas of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, claims that operating in an unhealthy work environment can lead to negative effects as sick employees and loss of profit. The company is advising all businesses to be proactive in keeping their offices clean by hiring Mac’s Janitorial Services for professional cleaning services.

Managing Director for Summertown Interiors Talks About the Current State of Green Building

Managing Director of Summertown Interiors, Marcos Bish, provides insight into the industry.

Making Trash a Designer Piece as Well as a Functional Piece

It's a necessary intrusion on modern life – the trash can. No matter how it's worked into a room, there's just no hiding it and they never blend with the furniture or décor. The Swing Bin will change all of that as it takes the trash can to a new level, blending it into the décor, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money toward that end.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Announces One Year Promotion for New Customers

As a reliable and efficient snow removal service, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering a one-year promotion for new customers. When contacting the company by October of 2014, clients will receive 10 percent off the entire fleet of services for an entire year. With the constant snowfall of last winter, preparation for the upcoming winter will result in instant savings when hiring the professionals.

Germany's Rhon Bisophere Reserve Named World's Ninth International Dark Sky Reserve

LogoFar from major cities, the truly dark skies of Germany’s Rhön Biosphere Reserve offers visitors a respite from the frenzied rhythms of 21st century urban life. In today designating the Biosphere Reserve an International Dark Sky Reserve, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) recognizes the efforts of municipal governments, regional authorities and dedicated local activists to protect the dark Rhön nights. The new Dark Sky Reserve, the world’s ninth, received Silver-tier status from IDA. In Germany, it will be known as “Sternenpark Rhön.”

Nature Valley and National Geographic Visitor Center Open New Arizona National Scenic Trail Exhibit, Support Education & Trail Awareness

LogoThe Arizona National Scenic Trail will now be celebrated worldwide. The 800-mile-long Arizona Trail is showcased in a large-scale, brand new exhibit here at this popular Grand Canyon-area visitor center at the entrance to the Canyon’s South Rim. The exhibit, sponsored by Nature Valley, will be unveiled to the public during a grand opening ceremony on the afternoon of August 14.