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ROY IP Legal Consultant Limited Brings New Strategy & Action Plan for Brand & IP Protection of Its Client Organizations

Today, most businesses focus on innovation to gain a competitive edge in their specific industry niche. However, in order to protect the innovation from infringement by others, one needs to have the patent registration to secure the intellectual property or IP. ROY IP Legal Consultant is committed to protect the IP of its clients and is now offering an improved action plan to address IP infringement related issues. The objective of the consultants is to adopt a strategy that can promote innovation and creativity and a business can start a commercial-scale production after securing its intellectual property rights.

The South African Image Company Now Enables Their Clients with Corporate Image Consulting Services

The South African Image Company now presents its clients with corporate image consulting services. Well recognized as one of the prominent image consultant companies, The South African Image Company is now enabling their clients with corporate image consulting services. Through this approach, the company aims at assisting individuals with the looks that will reflect a confident employee within them. Besides this, their expertise lies in understanding the global business environment that assists their corporate clients in maintaining their personal presentation. No matter what sort of services a client is looking for, with them one can easily get the most professional and stylish looks with ease.

Small Businesses and Nonprofits Can Now Bundle Their Content Marketing Needs with ChrissyBiz Solutions

LogoThe usefulness of content marketing has been researched and proven. However, the average small business owner or local nonprofit simply does not have the time to manage these tasks. Besides the commitment of time, being able to hire an in-house employee to keep the company blog updated and syndicated across their social media accounts can be too costly.

Former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to Join Irwin Katsof on Hong Kong Trade Mission January 21-22, 2015

Irwin Katsof, President of Katsof Consulting announced today that former Florida Secretary of State and Florida Congresswoman Katherine Harris will be joining Katsof on the U.S. Commerce Department Certified Trade Mission to Hong Kong on January 21-22, 2015.

Experience a Unique Lifestyle at Bernal Height Homes with Jeff Salgado's Consulting

LogoJeff Salgado and his team of real estate agents specializing in listing and selling real estate in San Francisco, at McGuire Real Estate, are currently providing local real estate expertise for the sale of Bernal Height Homes in San Francisco. McGuire has been providing access to classic Victorian, contemporary, or mid-century homes since 1919.

Corey Consulting Hires New Sales Management - Jason Sparks

LogoCorey Consulting is excited and proud to announce that Jason Sparks, a 14-year veteran of Sales Management, will be joining the Corey Consulting family beginning in February. Jason specializes in creating sales teams for rapid growth models.

MOBE Internet Marketing Training Professionals Unveil Inner Circle Membership Tier

LogoMy Online Business Empire's online marketing and home business training methods have developed into a juggernaut of empowerment for entrepreneurs everywhere looking to build a business from the ground up through rigorous training, dedication and education. Many entry-level marketers who've started on the My Online Business Empire (MOBE) path to success have grown their businesses into empires using the tools, tricks and fundamentals provided by MOBE kits and lessons. The highest earners in the MOBE system are able to further separate themselves from the herd by entering into the Inner Circle training area, a level reserved for top earners and ambitious professionals looking to achieve the utmost in entrepreneurial excellence.

Legacy Business Leaders Is Now Providing Project Manager Training for Construction Companies

LogoLegacy Business Leaders is now providing project manager training for businesses that want to improve how they handle projects of all sizes. The way that a business handles projects can ultimately determine how well they do in the long term, which is why it is important for certain ones to seek out help from a professional. Whether it is site managers, building contractors, or production managers, these skills are crucial and the professionals at Legacy Business Leaders are here to help.

Traffic Basks in Unique Reputation Among Marketing Consulting Firms

Every company says they are the best. Well, that is marketing. There is no harm in it per se as long as a service can deliver accordingly. Otherwise, if your brand is not up to your image, it tends to falter. It may get a first push from an excellent campaign, but then the momentum slows down when the service is incompatible.

DecisionWise Engagement Survey Research Finds That Employees May Not Have the Information They Need to Succeed

LogoManagement consulting firm DecisionWise released its latest research today regarding factors impacting levels of employee engagement. A key finding shows a clear gap between information available to company leadership, versus that available to line-level employees.

Brian Corey and Christopher Corey, Founders of Corey Consulting, Announce Publication of E-Dapt

LogoEntrepreneurs Brian Corey and Christopher Corey, co-founders of Corey Consulting, recently announced the publication of their first book, e-Dapt, a Digital Marketing guide for today's businesses. The book is currently available on Amazon, Kindle and at

Emirabiz Helps Entrepreneurs to Set Up New Businesses in Creative City Fujairah

LogoEmirabiz is now providing consultancy service for its clients in the Creative City situated in the Emirate of Fujairah. It is one of the progressive and advanced Free Zones for professionals. The Free Zone is providing a wide range of business solutions such as information technology, education, import-export (IT related), event management, consultancy, music and entertainment, media and marketing and even more. What is the most important point is that in order to set up a new business the entrepreneur does not need to be physically present in Dubai which is itself a great advantage no doubt. Having the entry stamp in the passport is sufficient for the purpose. Moreover, it takes just one to three days for the registration process to be completed as assured by the company.

YBD Launches Service to Help Companies Increase Brand Awareness Online

Your Business Digital, a Melbourne based SEO and online consultancy firm, just launched a new website that aims to help companies make full use of SEO and online marketing to promote their brand, services and products.

Irwin Katsof Leads Successful U.S. Commerce Department Certified Trade Mission to Toronto, Canada

The U.S. Commerce Department Certified Trade Mission program brought thirteen preeminent U.S. Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate Private Equity Fund managers to Toronto, Canada to meet with the leading Canadian Institutional Investors. The Trade Mission was held on December 3-4 2014. . The Fund managers represented a group of the nations leading Fund managers, a variety of investment strategies as well as a geographic diversity.

Patient Experience Specialist CRT Releases Dual-Purpose Feedback Touchscreen to Health Professionals

Research expert CRT has launched a two-in-one patient survey device, enabling the NHS to engage with patients in both static and mobile settings. The Coventry based insight specialist has partnered with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions to offer the hybrid solution. Not only is the model new to the NHS, the health service represents a new market – via CRT - for Toshiba, whose customer base is primarily in retail.

Into All Marketing Solutions, a Social Media Consulting Company, Provides Social Media Management Service in Dubai

With the growing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc., social media marketing has become very important. These sites have become important platforms for gathering attention and sustaining clients both old and new. Hence, to help business enterprises enjoy these benefits, Into All Marketing Solutions, a social media consulting company, provides Social Media Management Service in Dubai.

The Training Store Introduces the FISH! Philosophy to Improve Workplaces

LogoMost workplaces involve doing the same activity day in and day out. This daily repetition can get boring and can turn work into something that people despise and dread. The Training Store believes that the FISH! Philosophy is the answer.

Thornton Roof Leak Detection Effectively Locates and Analyses Leaks in Buildings

LogoIn its 3rd decade as leading commercial leak detectors, the company has come to be known as one of the pioneering services in the UK. As the first leak detection and consulting firm to employ electronic tests on flat roof coverings, and the pioneers of quality testing of newly installed waterproofing systems, Thornton Roof Leak Detection has built a large and loyal commercial customer base for themselves.

OnTarget Partners Is Tapped to Help Improve Unified Power's Brand Messaging and Reach

OnTarget Partners and Unified Power have embarked upon a new partnership aimed at realizing aggressive growth and securing improved brand awareness for Unified Power. After Unified Power's board of directors laid down this new set of objectives, the company's leaders conducted an exhaustive search for the partner that would be best positioned to support them in the effort. Unified Power decision-makers identified OnTarget Partners as the most capable source of the B2B Market Research, marketing, and other services they will need as they strive intently to meet their new goals.

Money Laundering Regulator to Release Policy Positions

Outlier Solutions Inc., a premier Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) consulting firm recently made a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FIA) with the Financial Transactions Reports and Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) for the agency's policy positions from 2008 to the present. Outlier's Founder, Amber D. Scott states "we were very open with FINTRAC about our intention to publish this content free on our site." adding "We believe that information should be free."

CJA and JVC Members to Benefit from Commitment Free on Demand AML and CTF Content

Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter TerroristFinancing (CTF) compliance is considered imperative for reporting entities in Canada, including Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones (DPMSs). Compliance requirements are the same across the board, whether you are business is a small entity to large company. For smaller firms, the cost of compliance can astronomical, especially for businesses just beginning to carve their niche.

Announcing "The Ultimate Guide to Consulting in the Networked Age" by John Watson

John Watson, financial market and investment management professional; and founder of Margate Financial Research Solutions, has just released his new book The Ultimate Guide to Consulting in the Networked Age.

Niteo Partners Consulting's in Depths Research Helps Thousands of Start-Up Companies Find Success

According to a study in 2014 by, 25% of start-up companies fail after 1 year, 36% fail after 2 years and 44% fail after 3 years and the numbers just go up from there. Companies that specialize in the information or transportation, communication and utility fields have the highest rate of failure with 63% and 55% of the businesses failing. However, Niteo Partners Consulting is seeking to help start-up companies beat those odds by giving providing customized market information to help them become successful.

Brisbane Based Consultancy, Beret Business Consulting, Provides Tendering and Fee Proposal Services

Beret Director, Malcolm Tuttle, today explained that a lot of what Beret does is very simply about making life easier for their clients.

MindStream Analytics Announces Planning XStream, a Turnkey Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Solution

LogoMindStream Analytics, a leading consulting firm focused on helping clients improve business understanding and decision making, today announced the availability of Planning XStream – a turnkey Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Solution.