Transportation and Logistics Press Releases

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Las Vegas Adds Luxurious Rolls Royce Wraith to Collection

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Las Vegas, a top provider of luxury and exotic car rentals, announced the addition of a number of new high-end cars to the company's rental inventory. One of the most impressive of these is a newly arrived Rolls Royce Wraith, widely considered one of the most luxurious and prestigious cars in automotive history. The newly acquired Rolls Royce Wraith features a sprawling V-12 engine under the hood that produces more than 600 horsepower, and the car is appointed inside with all of the exclusive, top-quality materials and attention to detail that have made the name "Rolls Royce" synonymous with luxury the world over.

Northwest Area Chamber of Commerce Honors Tom Britton Austin Movers Area Manager of 3 Men Movers

The Northwest Area Chamber of Commerce on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary recently honored Tom Britton, Austin Movers Area Manager of 3 Men Movers.

Civil Logistics Appoints New Operations Manager

Civil Logistics ( announced today that Mike Wallace has joined the firm to further develop and manage the company’s insurance claims segment. Mike Wallace comes with a wealth of experience within the Industry, having spent the last nine years managing field files and contractors during large scale catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Sandy along the upper East coast.

Picking Perfection News Magazine Examined Pickcart Effectiveness During Picking Process

LogoThe current issue of Picking Perfection, suggested that maximizing efficiency during the picking process, multi-order pickcarts should be equipped with route optimization software. This software ensures that operators travel the shortest distance possible when filling orders and reduces order pick time in high stock keeping unit (SKU) count. These pickcarts are flexible and can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or combined with other picking technologies. Pickcarts support batch picks of multiple orders simultaneously and can demonstrate an increase picking speed upwards of 300% over other picking methods. These data also support that mobile picking carts simultaneously improve worker ergonomics via reduction in trips through the warehouse.

We R Movers Expands Service Area to Include Moves to and from Illinois and Texas

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, and when moving out of state, that stress is redoubled, as a lifetime of memories, valuables and practical items are boxed up and left entrusted within a single vehicle which must endure the rigors of the road, the weather and more. We R Movers understands this stress and so go the extra mile to make people feel at ease, and has just expanded their service area to include Illinois and Texas, enabling even more customers to take advantage of their superior services and make moving feel easy and almost stress free.

New Market Study, "Egypt Autos Report Q4 2014", Has Been Published

LogoFor H114, the passenger car market was up 30.0% year-on-year (y-o-y) and we are maintaining our forecast for 25.0% growth in car sales over the full year. There is potential for similarly high growth in Q3. This period in 2013 saw high political tensions, and the temporary closure of some production plants, which restricted supplies. The latter months of the year saw the market stabilise and this will reduce the stark base effects.

Recent Study: Poland Autos Report Q4 2014

LogoIn 2014, BMI forecasts total vehicle sales in Poland to increase 13.1%, to some 399,466 units. This comes on the back of a forecasted 16% increase in passenger car sales and 0.2% decrease in the commercial vehicle (CV) segment.

Get Access to a Comprehensive List of the Most Efficient and Hassle Free Local Moving Services with Local Movers Florida

LogoThe day and age today is very different from what it used to be even a decade ago. Constant changes in the stock market, alterations in the market, an unstable economy, various environmental changes at the work place and other related factors have, to an extent, ensured that staying in one place throughout your lives is next to impossible. The new trend in the market indicates that the average American shifts home at least ten times in his lifetime, which increases the demand for packers and movers significantly.

Greece Autos Report Q4 2014 - New Report Available

LogoIn 2014, BMI forecasts an 8.7% increase in vehicle sales on the back of an expected 15% uptick in the passenger car segment and 19.9% jump in commercial vehicle (CV) sales.

"Transportation in Germany" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoTransportation in Germany in 2013 was able to further benefit from growing domestic, inbound and outbound tourism as, apart from trips in the car, these journeys had to be taken by one or another means of transportation. Consequently, all the different modes of transportation, ie air, bus/coach, cruise, ferry and rail, posted positive current value growth in 2013. The strongest growth was achieved by cruises, which continued to be a very attractive type of holiday for many Germans, followed by rail, bus/coach, air and ferry, which profited from the availability of new flight routes and large bridges and tunnels.

"India Shipping Report Q4 2014" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe primary issue in Indian shipping continues to be the state of the nation's ports. Investment in the 12 major state-run facilities has not kept up with the demand engendered by rapid economic growth experienced in India over the past decade. This is leading to repeated issues of congestion in the ports, but investment is now starting to be made. However, this may be a case of too little, too late. Further, Indian ports' troubles have been compounded by a fall in demand in the eurozone, which has contributed to a fall in container throughput at many facilities in recent years . It is hoped that the projected return to growth in the currency bloc in 2014 will result in throughput growth returning to the major Indian ports.

Moving Company A California Offers Top-Tier Services Locally and Nationwide

LogoMoving Company A offers the skills and experience to get every part of a local or long distance move done with the least possible disruption to living. The moving company California professionals have the highest level of training to move items safely and carefully from one location to another. Every part of the move can be handled with the practices that have been proven to result in the highest customer satisfaction.

"Bulgaria Autos Report Q4 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoIn H114 Bulgarian passenger car sales rose 15.2% y-o-y, following a 5.6% y-o-y increase in June. While this is positive news for the sector, it does represent a slowdown from the 25% growth recorded for 4M14. This is in line with our view that growth would temper as the year goes on and lesser base effects come into play. We are maintaining our forecast for growth of 10% in passenger car sales in 2014, as we expect a further deceleration in the rate of growth in the latter part of the year. We expect this cooling period for vehicle sales to carry over into 2015 with projected growth of just 3.8%.

Hungary Autos Report Q4 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoHungarian passenger car sales in June 2014 increased 25% (y-o-y) to 6,243 units. H114 sales figures came in at 32,992 units, a 21.4% y-o-y increase on H113. Consumers in Hungary are benefiting from real wages rising, lowering of interest rates and a decline in unemployment which has led to an increase in passenger car sales. This could prove short-term however, due to Hungary's relative economic instability even after recovery. The government has embarked on an expansionary fiscal policy in spite of the risks this poses to long-term stability, which may have a detrimental impact on sales figures in 2015 ( see ' Government Spending Unable To Prevent Slowdown' Aug ust 20).

A Queen Limousine Now Offers Service to All Philadelphia Eagles Home Games This Fall

LogoAnyone who has been to a professional sports event knows that it is a nightmare trying to leave the parking lot after the game. With Lincoln Financial Field holding over sixty-eight thousand people, assuming every car brought four people that still leaves over seventeen thousand cars trying to leave at the same time. The wait to leave can last well over an hour and once out of the parking lot, there is sure to be a wait getting onto Broad Street and Route 95. To make going to a game more enjoyable, A Queen Limousine now offers service to all Philadelphia Eagles home games this fall.

Transport Manager App Revolutionizes Information Processes and Workflows

Formitize introduces Transport Manager App – a new software designed to improve business workflows across transport companies. By making paperwork paperless, this powerful app eliminates all the unnecessary tasks and bottlenecks that are usually associated with old business processes. Technology offers opportunities to simplify existing systems to ensure efficiency and increase productivity in all areas.

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco Announces Spectacular New Additions to Flee

Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco, one of the country's top sources for prestigious, luxurious automobile rentals, announced the addition of a pair of new cars to the company's rental fleet. A newly acquired 2014 Bentley Flying Spur will add further flair of a British sort to the company's stable, as the world-class car ensconces drivers and passengers in an ultra-luxurious cabin decked out with premium leather, spectacular hardwoods, and soothing brushed metal. The open cockpit of the company's newly acquired Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, on the other hand, will help customers enjoy the cool air of Northern California while the inimitable rumble of the car's 562 horsepower engine rings out into the beautiful surroundings.

Celebrating 15 Years of the Trucker Series of Trailer Access

LogoInnovative Access Solutions, LLC (IAS®) is an industry leader with proven expertise developing safety access equipment across industries. Our products are safe, versatile and durable to help businesses meet safety goals and OSHA access requirements while keeping workers injury-free and efficient.

Limo King Announces Affordable Corporate Limousine Services

Limo King, a premier limousine service in Toronto, is pleased to announce the availability of new affordable and luxurious corporate limousine rentals.

Prestige Limousine Service Unveils New Mobile-Friendly Website

Prestige Limousine Service, a premium private car service, has unveiled a redesigned website as part of a broader effort to revamp and modernize its image. The new site, at, has added mobile capabilities and is easier to use than the original version. It also focuses more on the brand image and is intended to improve the company's lead generation capabilities.

Issue 11 of Picking Perfection Newsletter Will Address Pick Cart Effectiveness

LogoThe eleventh issue of “Picking Perfection” (a weekly e-newsletter) to be released October 20, 2014 will report that in order to maximize efficiency during the picking process, multi-order pickcarts should be equipped with route optimization software. This software ensures that operators travel the shortest distance possible when filling orders and reduces order pick time in high stock keeping unit (SKU) count. These pickcarts are flexible and can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or combined with other picking technologies. Launches Hotline for Free Competitive Quotations to Stranded Drivers

Listings websites are hugely useful for finding local businesses, and provide an invaluable first step in comparing prices to get the best deal. However, with local businesses rushing to list themselves on websites specializing in their niche, filtering through them all to identify the best deal can take an age. When consumers have a car stranded in the road and need a towing company, time is a luxury they don’t have, and getting ripped off can be an unfortunate consequence of rushing to get help from the first name on the list.

New Market Study, "Chile Freight Transport Report Q4 2014", Has Been Published

LogoWe retain our cautious outlook on Chile's freight transport sector and the economy as a whole, largely on the back of the slowdown in Chinese growth and its demand for copper. We believe that weaker fixed investment in Chile amid mounting external headwinds such as cooli ng external demand for copper will affect real GDP growth in Chile in 2014. In addition, de teriorating investor sentiment and an ongoing slowdown in private consumption will drive growth even lower in Chile in 2014. Economic growth will accelerate moderately in 2015 on the back of stronger government consumption, an improved net exports position and a slight rebound in fixed investment. Now Offers Specialist Luxury Car Towing Service

No matter the car, it is possible that it will break down. While this is an irksome reality for those who have invested in their dream supercar, it is nonetheless the reality. The problem for those with a supercar is the humiliation of being stranded on the roadside beside a machine that should be the paragon of motoring excellence. In these situations it is more important than ever to have a rapid response from a tow truck, but it is equally essential that the company know how to handle a luxurious vehicle. now ticks all these boxes, as their famed service has had a luxury upgrade thanks to new tech and training.

New Market Study, "Singapore Freight Transport Report Q4 2014", Has Been Published

LogoSingapore's role as a global transhipment hub is both a blessing and a curse. In times such as these, when key markets in Europe and the US are either recessionary or growing sluggishly, it can be hit by depleted freight volumes. In 2014, we forecast growth in both port and airport total tonnage volumes, though it will be sluggish. Both facilities are investing considerably, and we are confident of growth over the medium and long term.

New Market Report: Canada Autos Report Q4 2014

LogoLooking to 2015 and beyond, we maintain our view that the market will slow from its current pace, but positive growth, can be sustained over our forecast period to 2018, particularly if a soft landing for the housing market - a key indicator of light truck demand - can be successfully engineered. Our expectation for no rate hikes until the end of 2015 at the earliest also bodes well for vehicle sales, as auto loans have been driving growth in recent years thanks to low rates and longer terms.

Report Published: "Italy Autos Report Q4 2014"

LogoVehicle sales in Italy declined 7.6% in 2013 to 1.4mn units on the back of a weak macro environment. This came from a 7.0% drop in passenger car sales and 13.3% fall in the commercial vehicle (CV) segment. In 2014, we expect to see a resurgence across the market due to low base effects and pent-up demand and accordingly forecast 3.3% growth in vehicle sales over the year.