Transportation and Logistics Press Releases

Craters & Freighters Phoenix Crates and Ships John Campbell Greenway Bronze to His Final Resting Place

Craters & Freighters Phoenix was selected to complete the final leg of a two-year project of replacing the bronze sculpture of John Campbell Greenway with that of the late Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater at Statuary Hall in Washington, DC.

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine Partners with Collegiate Marketing Group for Free Transportation Service During Spring Break

Sunshine Shuttle & Limousine of Santa Rosa Beach, FL, has been selected as the exclusive Panama City Beach partner for Collegiate Marketing Group's free transportation program during 2015's Spring Break. CMG, based in the U.S. and Canada, is respected throughout the industry for delivering high quality entertainment aimed at the college aged demographic. Their ability to touch a specific, desirable market makes them a highly sought after agency for Fortune 500 and smaller companies.

Cirkers, a Well-Known Art Handler in NYC, Now Offers Professional Storage Facility Services

LogoWith 50 years of successfully handling fine arts, Cirkers, a well-known art handler in NYC, now offers professional storage facility services. The company offers fine art storage with a state-of-the-art facility which is apt for the storage of fine art items and various other collections. They offer their storage services with professional handling. Their properties are featured with fire detection technology, modern climate control, museum-quality storage solutions and security.

Amware Fulfillment, LLC a Third Party Logistics Company, Now Offers Multi Channel Logistics Services

LogoProving themselves to be one of the best names in the industry, Amware Fulfillment, LLC, a third party logistics company, now offers multi-channel logistics services. With the advent of online sales and an increase in direct selling, the requirements of logistics and warehousing have changed dramatically. Companies have gradually noticed that the traditional storage facility and handling of infrastructure is not sufficient to meet the current requirements of multi-channel distribution. Thus, the company has been providing storage solutions which further help clients simplify their product distribution.

RW Holdart, Provider of Storage Solutions, Now Offers Fine Art Storage in Los Angeles

LogoMaintaining their position as one of the top most names in the industry, RW Holdart, a Cirkers Company, now offers the facility of fine art storage in Los Angeles. This is a leading international company that provides storage solutions for art items from museums, collectors and antique handlers. They offer antique storage solutions including shipping and handling of institutional quality. Every item is handled with utter care and responsibility without causing any kind of damage. The company has 50 years of experience handling valuable art pieces on a professional level.

AAA Storage Launches Extended Storage Solutions in Light of Local Population Surge

Recent census bureau statistics indicate numerous areas in Texas are among the fastest growing in the nation with a populace surge of more than 21,000 per year in Austin alone. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. In an effort to help accommodate the spacial needs of the growing population, Dal Anderson of AAA Storage has launched the company's newly extended line of storage solutions.

MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach, Inc. Recommends Hiring a Limo for a Product Launch

Companies looking to launch a new product need to ensure they project the right image when doing so. With the help of MTC Limousine, accomplishing this has never been easier. The company provides limousine service in New York and provides a wide range of vehicles to meet the needs of company employees involved in this launch. Individuals find they aren't limited to limousines as the company fleet includes sedans and SUVs, vans and mini-coaches and luxury motor-coaches.

AAA Storage Publishes Comprehensive Relocation Guide for People About to Move

AAA Storage, one of the country's leading storage unit providers, recently announced the publication of an all encompassing Moving Guide for singles, couples and families preparing for the arduous task of moving. With storage facilities in five states, AAA Storage ( is no stranger to people on the move, or to job of providing a safe haven for the short or long term storage of their valuables. The AAA Storage Moving Guide provides comprehensive recommendations beginning as early as two months before the day of a move that will ensure an efficient, well-organized moving experience for all involved.

Get Stress Free Relocation with Six Brothers Removalists

LogoThe removalist industry in Australia is gradually growing and is showing signs of significant growth in the coming years. The industry generates an annual revenue of $2 billion and the growth figures registered in the period between 2009-2014 was 1.2 per cent. It has created employment for 19,650 persons and is supporting 8,351 businesses in Australia. These huge figures are because of the dependence of individuals, groups, businesses for relocation purposes. Hiring a removalist has a number of advantages.

Kaza Fire Reports Success and Popularity of Exhibit at Recent Pittsburgh Fire Expo

Kaza Fire Equipment Co., one of the country's leading sources for fire and rescue equipment and service, reports that the company's exhibit at the recent Pittsburgh Fire, Rescue, and EMS Expo was a great success. Kaza Fire representatives set up and staffed a booth at the Monroeville Convention Center from Feburary 28 through March 1, offering Expo attendees access to some of the company's most popular boots, helmets, Flash Lights, and other gear.

VMoving Provides Packing and Moving Services in Florida

LogoMoving from one place is no doubt a tough and time consuming job. Sometimes it can even turn out to be a disaster if one is moving from one place to another for the first time. This is the reason why people need a reliable packing and moving company to take care and assist them on each step. VMovers Florida is such a name for the people staying in Florida. They are a moving company who has an experienced and strong team of packers and movers. There team of movers is doing the same job for years and known all the minute nuances of it. They all are quick workers and experienced in their respective fields. Loading and unloading stuffs in the truck is indeed the most crucial part of the entire moving and relocating game.

'Moving Company A' Offers Complete Relocation Solutions in New Jersey

Logo'Moving Company A' is readily providing moving and shifting related services to all its potential clients on at a competitive price. The company has years of experience of delivering innovative packing solution services to businesses as well as households.

Trade Show Specialist TWI Group's Canadian Division Becomes Licensed Customs Broker

TWI Group, Inc., a top trade show shipping and logistics company, announced that its Toronto-based TWI Canada division has become licensed as a Canada Customs Broker. An important milestone in TWI Canada's 27-year history, the new status will allow the TWI Group to provide even faster and more efficient service to clients exhibiting at or making arrangements for trade shows in Canada. Since 1972, the TWI Group has provided highly reliable, affordable, and flexible trade show shipping and logistics services, and today stands as the world's leading company of its kind.

40% Female Staff and a Female Founder – Antaeus' Journey of Inclusiveness

According to the Worldbank, the latest estimate of women to men in the workforce was estimated at 34% for 2013 in India (as compared to 91% in Iceland and 20% in Afghanistan, with the rest of the world falling between these two extremes). Within this number, certain industries lend themselves to a more equitable gender distribution (nursing, teaching etc) rather than others (military, construction etc). The chauffeur-driven car rental industry is relatively new and unstructured in India and is a male-dominated industry due to the preponderance of male chauffeurs and the people who deal with them.

'Top Moving Company 4 U' Specializes in the Provision of Real Time Moving Leads

LogoMoving is a complicated business and it has to be done with through professionalism and accuracy to avoid losses. Top Moving Company 4 U is the ideal provider of moving solutions for Moving Companies & Movers as well as standalone clients. This company offers real time moving leads and helps moving companies and consumers avoid wasting their time and money over unqualified or non-targeted moving leads.

'Local Movers Massachusetts' Offers Complete Relocation Solutions in Massachusetts

LogoMoving from one place to another, be it the relocation of home or office, is quite a tedious, expensive and time consuming task, or so is the general perception among the masses.This misconception is widespread as most moving companies charge a bomb for their services which are not even on time or efficient enough. Local Movers Massachusetts is a newly launched company that hopes to eliminate this wrong perception related to the whole moving process by connecting people with the most qualified and professional moving companies in their respective areas.

A Queen Limousine Announces Availability for Bachelorette Parties

LogoEvery woman has that friend who has been around for years, cheering her through the best of times, comforting her through the worst and laughing with her in between. Whether they met in the cradle, as teens or as college freshmen, they can't imagine their lives without the other. Nor should they, their best memories usually coincide and the chances of that changing are slim. So when it comes time for one of them to cast off the single status and get married, that tradition must continue. Their final hoorah as a bachelorette should form memories that last a lifetime, with stories that will provide side-splitting laughter and hushed whispers around children. Here to help bring that scenario to life, A Queen Limousine announces their availability for bachelorette parties, just in time for the spring wedding season.

Roman World Wide Transportation Presents the Opportunity to Start a Quote Online

Roman World Wide Transportation, a limo service orange county, now offers the opportunity for clients to start a quote online. Using this feature, clients find they are able to obtain a free quote in a matter of minutes as representatives remain available around the clock to assist customers. Individuals in need of a limo rental orange county should take advantage of this feature to simplify the rental process, whether one needs personal or business transportation.

The Perfect Limousine Launches in Orange County and Temecula

LogoThe Perfect Limousine & Sedan expands into Temecula and Orange County.

AAA Storage Publishes New, Free 2015 Self Storage Consumer's Guide

AAA Storage, a leading self-storage company with locations in six states, announced the publication of the 2015 Self Storage Consumer's Guide. The new digital guide, available for free to visitors to the company's website, contains a wealth of tips and information that will help readers make better, more informed self-storage decisions. Building on the success and wide popularity of the 2014 edition of the company's Self Storage Consumer's Guide, AAA Storage representatives took note of reader feedback and the most recent developments in the industry to ensure that the 2015 release would be even more useful.

WE R Movers Offers Reliable Relocation Solutions in California

LogoCalifornia is a large city and there are a number of people in the city who need relocation solutions in order to ensure a smooth move. There are a number of local movers California has to offer, however it's essential for one to find a reliable moving company that ensures they provide clients with some of the most effective relocation solutions that enable them to experience a smooth relocation process. 'We R Movers' are one of the most trusted movers California has to offer. This company ensures they provide end to end solutions for all relocation needs and thus enables clients to relocate without much hassle.

Local Movers - Successfully Connecting Movers Through a Wide Selection of Moving Services for Any Situation

LogoRelocating one's home or office to a new place can be quite a burdensome and difficult task as there are a number of factors that have to be considered and taken care of. Most mover and packer companies tend to charge big bucks for providing services that are rarely on time and are most often, done haphazardly. Local Moving Company Maryland prides itself on bridging the gap between clients and the best relocation services in their specific area, district or region.

Tip Sheet: Non-CDL Buses Are Saving Organizations Money

As businesses and non-profit organizations continue to work with tight budgets, many are using non-CDL buses and vans to transport people while saving money. When compared to larger buses that require a CDL to operate, non-CDL buses and vans are much less expensive. Here is how organizations are saving money with these vehicles.

The Moving Man Emerges as the #1 Choice for Moving in San Antonio

LogoThe Moving Man has reportedly emerged as the numero uno choice for packing and moving in San Antonio. The award-winning company was granted Angie's List's Super Service Award in both 2012 and 2013.

Great Movers US Is Now Offering Free Moving Quotes

LogoMoving can be a hassle, especially if a move is going to be long distance. When seeking a mover online, the leading company for moving help, tips and more is Great Movers US New York.

Amware Logistics, a Third Party Logistics Company Now Offers Public Warehousing

LogoAmare Logistics is a third party Logistics Company that now offers public warehousing. It is a place where all work is carried out efficiently without error. This company allows the business person to concentrate on their business, without having to deal with customer complaints related to warehousing. The company helps by putting inventories closer to customers by using the network nationwide warehouse. The company's active management program provides continuous improvement to the warehouse operation.

Cirkers, a Recognized Art Handler in NYC Now Offers Professional Storage Facility Services

LogoWith 50 years of experience in handling collective art, Cirkers, a recognized art handler in NYC, now offers state-of-the-art storage facility services. The company is known for their exceptional customer service, highly-skilled and trained staff and comprehensive professional services. They have handled fine art pieces of all sizes. They have also provided storage facilities for valuable possessions and antiques. They are trustworthy enough to handle any kinds of art pieces as all items are treated with great caution and care.