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Waste Management Company EnviroSolutions, Inc. on Being a LEED-Er: How LEED Certification Helps Your Business

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is awarded by the US Green Building Council. LEED is the USGBC's ranking system for the construction and design of high-performing, energy-efficient buildings. The system provides building owners and operators with a standard for developing and executing green building design, construction, operations and maintenance.

Atlanta Injury Attorney David Van Sant Named 2015 Georgia Super Lawyer

Alpharetta personal injury attorney David Van Sant, founder of Van Sant Law, LLC, has been listed as a Super Lawyer by the nationally-recognized attorney rating service Super Lawyers. In the past, Van Sant was listed as a 2014 Georgia Super Lawyer in addition to being named a Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Seegrid Announced Report Revealing Hot Trends in Distribution Centers for 2014

LogoRecently Seegrid made available the new whitepaper entitled, “Automated Guided Vehicles: the New Hot Trend in Distribution Centers.” The paper described how flexible AGVs (automated guided vehicles) increase efficiency and reduce costs by helping automate a warehouse as well as a production line. Automation is often referenced only on the manufacturing plant floor. Increasingly, automation occupies large 200,000+ square foot distribution centers throughout North America and Europe. The challenges for these large, often three-shift, high volume, rapid-turnaround operations are developing an effective turnkey solution with superior design, increased production, and reduced costs.

SinglePoint, Inc. Partners with iATS Payments

LogoSinglePoint Inc. (USOTC: SING) has launched its new software integration with iATS Payments. With this integration iATS is able to easily on-board clients with mobile transactions using SinglePoint’s mobile payment technology. SinglePoint is now listed as an iATS text solutions partner at “We are expecting to see many new clients through the iATS vertical because of the ease of use. It is simply an option they can call in and set up,” stated Greg Lambrecht, CEO of SinglePoint Inc.

Susan Gale Awarded Second-Quarter Top Producer from Majestic Properties

LogoSusan Gale, a South Florida Realtor specializing in Miami Beach Real Estate, has been recognized by Majestic Properties as one of the top real estate producers for the second quarter of 2013.

Florida SMEs Assured of Best Quality Web Hosting from Gossimer - Affordable Rates Promised

Florida SMEs in need of credible & cost-effective web hosting seem to have a reliable aide - Gossimer, the leading web hosting company has announced to extend best web hosting service at budget-friendly rates. The company holds a special focus on small & medium scale businesses online.

Alternative Energy Is the Answer to Huge Electricity Bills

The huge recurring cost in production of electrical energy and the irreversible damage it causes to the environment have forced man to look around for other sources of energy that are not only e-friendly but also affordable. The definitive solution seems to point towards solar energy. The web site gives various options for energy saving and cost control in the energy sector.

Children's Promise Centers Offering Preschool for 3-4 Year Olds

Children’s Promise Centers (CPC), a non-denominational Christian-centered daycare in Albuquerque, is offering a highly rated preschool program for 3- and 4-year olds. The structured preschool day includes academics such as reading, science, and math activities, as well as free play and learning center times. Activities throughout the day vary between child-directed and teacher directed. CPC’s preschool classes are led by trained preschool teachers who are educated in early-learning development and nurturing the whole child.

Now Available Penny Stock Trading Newsletter Specialized in High-Quality Shares Under $5

His current penny stock trading newsletter specializes in high quality shares under $5. These stocks are all among the top penny stocks available in the market. Traders can expect a huge profit from these undiscovered companies. These low-priced shares are trading for $5 or less, some as little as a few pennies. Each of the penny stock trading picks has passed Leeds Analysis and is much more likely to multiply in value in the short term.

Airsoft Atlanta Provides Consumers with Same Day Deliver Service

A one stop shop for Military and Airsoft gears are now offered online. Proper and quality equipment is what this company offers to its customers. These stocks are ready to be shipped for those who orders within the same day. Magput PTS gears and accessories, Condor Tactical Gear, Airsoft Grenades, and Multicam Tactical Gear and Clothing are just few of what Airsoft Atlanta offers.

Payroll Accounting Software: EzPaycheck Updated with Many New Features for Small Business

LogoEzPaycheck payroll software from can calculate federal, state and local payroll taxes automatically according to customers’ setup. Several new features have been added to 2013 version payroll software and make it even easier for small businesses to print paychecks in house. These features include: stub only printing, blank stock paycheck printing and masking social security numbers on checks.

Derma Date Provides Unbiased Dating Services for All

Often people with skin diseases get into depression due to their fear of being rejected by the society or not finding that special someone. Such fear discourages them to go outside and meet new people, undermining their self confidence. In recent times, different websites have made their place in the market that offer dating services for people facing skin challenges.

Label City Helps Consumers Maximize Productivity in the Office

In a workplace, organizing and sorting of all the documents and files are just too hard especially when all the files are being kept for a long time. Sometimes, if not organized properly, it would just cause chaos within the workplace. A good way to get this job done is labeling the files. If the files are labeled accordingly, it is easier to identify and sort them all up so a workplace should have a great label printer that would help them do the job. Acquiring a new and latest label printer is much reliable than using the old ones. Aside from the fact that the company will save money, the jobs are much efficient and easier.

A Good Label Does the Trick; to Gather Consumers to Buy the Product

People usually go with what they see on the outside. If they find it interesting and worth taking a closer look, they will so labeling is found as a great trick to attract people according to the article “The History of Labelling.” The article also says that labeling was once used by a gum to stick the labels in the early days. The first label was manufactured way back in 1930’s made out of blank paper with coat of adhesive. As the days go by, labeling became more modern and high-tech. Label printers are now being used to do the labeling faster and easier.

A Hassle Free Business with a Comprehensive IT Operation

Computers have become the backbone of every business. They have helped in communication augmentation and building an expansive network which has resulted in proliferation of businesses. Uninterrupted communication is the key to maintaining the smooth running of a business. Business setups can suffer losses with dysfunctional computers and poorly coordinated networks.

Morocco Film Production Launches Sister Company in Dubai

After experiencing success with their initial company, the makers behind Morocco Film Production have decided to expand upon their business by launching Dubai Film Production.

The Philly Loft Co. Is Now Offering Affordable Apartments on Market Street

LogoPhilly Loft Co. has quickly gained a reputation for providing some of the most desirable loft apartments in Philadelphia. The Philly Loft Co. currently offers apartments in nine different locations. Every location offered by Philly Loft Co. is in one of the most desired areas of the city. Some of the neighborhoods in which Philly Loft Co. offer apartments include: Rittenhouse Square, Old City, Midtown, Manayunk, and more. Furthermore, every apartment rented through the Philly Loft Co. is completely updated with hardwoods and modern appliances. Now, those seeking a loft apartment in Philadelphia can check out the new affordable Market Street location.

The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash Now Representing Personal Injury Claims

LogoThe Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash are now representing clients who have fallen victim to a wide array of personal injuries. Finding the right lawyer can be a stressful process, but when it comes to injuries suffered at the hands of others, The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash will stick by their clients’ side and strive for the results they are entitled to.

Stanley Paving Now Offering Municipal Paving Services

LogoStanley Paving, one of the leading paving companies in Camden County, NJ, is pleased to announce that they are now offering services to all municipal locations. These locations include schools, parks, police stations, post offices, fire stations, and many more municipal locations.

Tilghman Builders, Inc. Now Using Three Step Design and Building Approach

LogoTilghman Builders, Inc. have been designing, building, and upgrading homes for over three decades. In that time, the professionals at Tilghman Builders have learned a lot about keeping their customers happy from the start of a project through the finish. New homes, additions, and upgrades represent both an exciting and stressful time for homeowners. Thankfully, Tilghman Builders are able to keep their customers calm throughout the construction process. Unexpected events are bound to occur during a construction project. However, Tilghman Builders have now developed a unique three step approach to help ensure a seamless project.

WJA Landscaping Now Gearing Up for the Fall with Fire Pits and Fireplaces

LogoAugust is here and the summer of 2013 is quickly coming to an end. Once Labor Day has passed, most Americans begin preparing for the start of school, fall, and the various holidays. Although the summer season typically gets people to go outdoors and enjoy time with one another, most of the time Americans are on the run. The fall represents a calmer time where family and friends can get together to enjoy each other’s company. There is nothing quite as cozy as sitting around a fire and telling stories. Fall is the perfect time of year to have people over and enjoy an outdoor space. The cool temperatures are perfect for hanging around a fire. Now, WJA Landscaping is helping homeowners make the most of fall with fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

Watching Iron Man Movie for Free Is Possible with Epic Movies Online

Movies that are mostly talked about and have been gaining positive reviews by movie goers and film critiques can now be easily accessed online. This downloading option is given to every movie enthusiasts by Epic Movies Online site for free. Accessing this site is made simple to sign up for one to get the unparalleled movie experience at the viewer’s most convenient time. One can watch Iron Man 3 online with less hassle. Marvel Comics’ superhero “Iron Man 3” depicts a story of hero in the name of Tony Stark and his battle against his enemy with no bounds called Mandarin. Iron man was faced in challenge of his own anxiety and how he fought against it, how he saves the President of the United States and how majestic the suits he madewere during his battle. This movie is starring Robert Downey who plays the role as Tony Sparks/Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow as Iron Man’s lover Virginia “Pepper” Potts. Epic Movie 2013 is also a must see movie in this website. It is easy to watch Epic Movie online free with just one click. This is a movie directed by Chris Wedge. It is a story of a teenager who got transported in a deep forest wherein deep forces of evil takes place. In this movie Ronin is dubbed by Colin Farrell, Beyoncé Knowles as Queen Tara, Anthony Lumia as young Fruit Fly and Todd Cummings as old Fruit Fly. Watch Ted online free also in this site. This is a story of Ted; a teddy bear of John Bennett’s who has came to life due to his wish when John is still a child. This film is directed by Seth MacFarlance and starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth MacFarlance. This is a movie where one can get lots of real life learning. One of the famous movies this year can also be downloaded. Watch Man of Steel online for free. This is a movie starring Henry Caville, Amy Adams, and Michael Shannon and directed by Zack Snyder. This is a story of an American Superhero who was once a young travelling worker who discovered his real identity when the Earth was invaded by his same race. About Epic Movies Online The company wants everyone to watch movie that has been making blast in the film industry today. This is made free for everyone gets the chance to watch these movies. Movie experience would truly be memorable with Epic Movies Online. Contact Information:- City: Atlanta State: CA Country: US Contact Name: David Shakman Contact Email: Complete Address: Broad House, Catalina Street, Los Angeles Zip Code: 90005 Contact Phone: +1-522-85955852 Website:

Infidelity Recovery Institute Offers Comprehensive Relationship Therapy and Coaching Training

Infidelity Recovery Institute is offering specialized and comprehensive training courses for individuals who wish to help people and couples by becoming relationship therapist or coaches. They have programs designed for professionals who are already working in the industry and those who are just starting to answer the call.

Organic Robes by Green Robes LLC Now Offering Organic Turkish Hooded Bathrobe

Organic Robes by Green Robes LLC is pleased to announce they are now offering an extensive organic Turkish hooded bathrobe collection. The 24 oz. cotton hooded bathrobe is on sale for the low price of $149.00. This is an ideal gift for people who enjoy throwing on a warm, comfortable bathrobe after getting out of the shower. The hooded bathrobe can be worn any time of day, even if people are planning to lounge around the house during the daytime. Questions regarding the organic hooded bathrobe can be answered by emailing or by calling 610-428-5520.

Orthogen, LLC Announces New Research on Efficiency of NanoGen Product in Sinus Augmentation Cases

LogoOrthogen, LLC is pleased to announce new research on the efficiency of the NanoGen product. The new case study, “Effect of Nanocrystalline Calcium Sulfate Bone Graft Material in Bilateral Sinus Augmentation Procedure,” was conducted by Ziv Mazor DDS, a world-renowned periodontist. The case study was published in the Clinical Advances in Periodontics, the official publication of American Academy of Periodontics. The NanoGen bone graft product was used to perform bilateral sinus augmentation procedures. NanoGen is already highly recommended by dentists around the world, for the treatment of extraction sockets. The case provides information on the use of NanoGen in sinus augmentation cases and the concluding findings.


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News Buzz - GREAT AMER FOOD NEW (OTCMKTS:GAMN), Latteno Food Corp (OTCMKTS:LATF), Lenovo Group Limited (ADR) (OTCMKTS:LNVGY), Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp (OTCBB:NVIV)

LeadingStockAlerts is a financial marketing firm that specializes in assisting the underserved small cap and micro-cap stock community. Out Today’s Focus is on: GREAT AMER FOOD NEW (OTCMKTS:GAMN), Latteno Food Corp (OTCMKTS:LATF), Lenovo Group Limited (ADR) (OTCMKTS:LNVGY), Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp (OTCBB:NVIV)