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Attention Current Long-Term OTCMKTS:SABA Investors: Lawsuit Against Directors of Saba Software, Inc Filed

A lawsuit was filed by a current investor in shares of Saba Software, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SABA, formerly NASDAQ:SABA) against certain directors.

One Source Contracting, LLC Wins Best of Houzz 2015 Award for Outstanding Customer Service

When it comes to home remodeling, very few homeowners can tackle the process alone. Instead, many choose to trust in a contractor to work with them on a design that will reflect their tastes and sensibilities. Naturally, customer service is an essential component of the remodeling process, as the relationship between the contractor and client is everything. One Source Contracting, LLC makes this the core of their business, and have been rewarded for doing so by contractor network Houzz, which has awarded them the Best of Houzz 2015 award for Customer Service.

Finest Workers Announces 2014 Musical Festival

Finest Workers UK Ltd., has announced plans for a brand-new music festival set to descend on the UK in August 2014. The inaugural P Festival will be two-day event in the same vein as the popular V Festival, Glastonbury and RockNess events that happen every year.

Winter Is Coming!...Let's Help Knopa Survive the Cold

LogoHappy Paw Foundation cares of 535 dogs in 17 shelters in Kyiv and Kyiv region. But the shelters still have place for 38 new aviaries! There for old booths, made from the scratch, not habitable and with no protection against frost should be removed. By replacing them with new warm aviaries, you can save the lives of 100 dogs!

High Top Investment Explains the Importance of Online Asset Appreciation

Asset appreciation is always welcome by the investor. This will bring in immense financial gain as the amount would be over and above what the investor initially invested. For example if property is bought and the investor has invested a certain amount of money, they would receive an appreciated amount as time passes by. In fact property appreciation is one of the most profitable investments.

Escape to Lake Turkana This November and Witness a Rare Solar Eclipse

Luxury tour operator Carrier is offering a holiday to treasure forever providing guests with a unique opportunity to witness a rare astronomical eclipse of the sun from Lake Turkana, Kenya.

New Accounting Service for UK Contractors Aims to Be the Best Value-for-Money Full Bookkeeping and Accounting Solution in the UK

There are a great number of accounting packages aimed at helping the UK contractor market but few that offer a truly ‘hands-free’ service at a fair price that includes both bookkeeping and accounting. This can mean that after a hard day’s work many Ltd Company contractors can still find themselves toiling away as their own bookkeeper instead of rewarding themselves by enjoying their well-deserved free time.

Breaking Bad Season 5 DVD Box Set Offered by

Over the recent years, many have rather resorted to downloading movies and TV series from the wide medium of internet. However, that surely is going to change now because of the fact that cheap DVDs are being offered for the ultimate convenience of people. There are many online storefronts that are offering extremely reasonable prices for DVDs of all kinds, therefore, individuals are recommended to conduct a good amount of research before purchasing anything for good.

Excellent Catering Services Launched

Food is always an important element of any important event. Celebrations, meetings, bonding time and any form of gathering have always been culminated with good food. In fact, this topic brings in the issue on what is the best Catering Services that you can call on. You need not have to go far in your search since you can now avail of excellent services from Criterion. You can go online and your questions will be all be answered by the detailed presentation of their services on their website.

Dayita Rao Launches New Tamil Astrology Website

We would all like to have an insight into what the future holds for different areas of our lives. Those who are superstitious believe that the movement of celestial bodies and their interpretation through horoscopes, stars, signs, etc. can help. There are, of course, also plenty who don’t believe this is possible. People from different parts of the world and different religious beliefs have varying views about today’s horoscopes and predictions of the future. However, that doesn’t prevent us from being curious regarding the future and what is going to happen in times to come with our lives. The quest for personal fulfilment and a well matched partner continues no matter which community or sect one belongs to. Some people consider reading horoscopes about life predictions to be fun while there are others who are very serious about it. They often believe in it completely and use it to think about and plan their lives.

AdSpruce Unveils Industry-First Solution to Deliver VAST-Compatible Video Ads to Any Mobile Device

AdSpruce, the mobile video ad network, has announced an upgrade to their proprietary Native Ads Server that allows video advertisers to use VAST-compatible tracking on any internet-enabled mobile device.

Evaluation of Majority Voting Rights in a Public Limited Partnership - Limited-Partnership

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and London – conclude: The District Court (LG) of Freiburg ruled (File No. 12 O 133/12) that such a majority right of the general partner granted in the partnership agreement for a resolution to amend the partnership agreement is ineffective. In that case, the partnership agreement contained a clause whereby the general partner of a Public Limited Partnership was to have a majority voting right. The shareholders filed an action against this clause in the partnership agreement, and the court ruled in their favour.

Tetrabyte It Support Was Hailed as the Leading IT Support Company in London

IT problems can be very difficult to solve. Having to deal with repeated down time can be very frustrating. Repairs and servicing, all this can be very time consuming and costly. Tetrabyte offers fast and effective IT support with different effective solutions to any emerging problems.

Critical Illness Advice Releases a Comprehensive Guideline of What Patients Need to Know when Availing of Critical Illness Insurance

Good health is a blessing and ill health a great misfortune. Illness can rob an individual of vitality and the very desire to live; especially if it’s a critical illness. It not only affects a person emotionally and physically but it also drains an individual financially. The devil of illness can make life hell and damage can be irreparable.

Domain Express Pleased to Offer Unbelievably Cheap Domain Names; Get Domains from Just 50p

As the internet expands and more people start accessing the web from their smart phones, tablet pc’s, laptops, maybe even Google glasses, etc. it is becoming more and more important for businesses, even local businesses to have an online presence.

NoBs: The World's First Bitcoin Social Networking Site with Military Grade Encryption

With rising concerns about the privacy of social networking, many will be looking to invest some Bitcoin in Global Village; the world's first Bitcoin social networking site. Global Village is in the beta testing phase and the people at (no bullsh*t) say the site will boast military grade encryption for the security of their users' data. Anyone worldwide can already log on and create an account in seconds; using the encrypted Global Village to create groups, post status updates and send encrypted messages within the social network. Only Global Village members who have an encryption key will be able to read users' shared messages and the system will be built without a master key.

Supernatural Seasons 1-8 DVD Box Set -Amazing Offer by

The trend of buying DVD box sets is increasing through every passing day. It is because of the fact that people are completely attracted to both TV series and movies on a lsarge scale. However, downloading tends to take a long while and thus, the solution to the problem is now available at The online storefront has recently rose to fame and has ended up providing individuals with countless cheap DVD box sets of their favorite TV shows as well as their favorite movies.

Game of Thrones Season 3 DVD Box Set - Now Available

Television series are becoming all the more common these days since they are a great way to pass time. Many new series have been released over the recent years and many have ended up winning the hearts of millions of people worldwide. It sometimes get rather difficult to acquire theses series on the vast medium of internet since the links can be broken or even full of viruses, thus DVDs are much more better and preferred by many individuals these days.

NCIS Seasons 1-10 DVD Box Set - Now Available at

Over the recent years, television series have acquired a good amount of attention from countless people worldwide. Not only are they exceptionally entertaining but they also provide people with a great way to pass time adequately. There are many online storefronts which are known to offer exceptional DVD box sets for the ultimate convenience of all their customers, thus people must really indulge in some extensive research before buying anything over the internet. Providing Biggest Online Education Portal with Listing of All Colleges in India

We are happy to announce the release the beta version of; a one site stop for all academic aspirants looking for various courses and career opportunities.

Efreetwitterfollowers Offers Free Twitter Followers and Instant Upgrade

Twitter, one of the largest social media websites has in a short span of time gone from being just another site, to the most frequented. Many businesses have come to use this popularity to their advantage by using the short messenger service to gain customers in online markets. But, most businesses have to spend a considerable amount of resources to get to this stage. To help such businesses fast track their success and gain an edge on their competition, has come up with a unique offer to provide free twitter followers.

Online Fashion Jewellery Leader in Singapore Offers New Bracelets for Fall Season

LogoSingapore big sale season is coming. Many jewellery companies announced new jewellery promotion in this September 2013.

Painting from Offers Affordable Oil Painting on Canvass with Free Shipping

Painting From offers an ingenious way to give gifts, which is through oil paintings. While paintings are traditionally considered as expensive, this company aims to steer away from the cliché by making paintings from artists affordable.

Huge Tourist Rush for 2014 IIHF World Championship Expected

With the IIHF world championship set to be held in May next year, preparations are under full swing to take care of the visiting tourists. Experts are of the view that thousands of Ice Hockey fans would travel to Belarus for the tournament and hotels would run at full capacity.

IGE+XAO / Consolidated Turnover for 2012/2013 a Successful Year

Over the 4th quarter of 2012/2013, IGE+XAO’s turnover is a continuation of the preceding quarters with growth amounting to 5.2%, reaching 6,450,901 euros. As such, over the period, the Group had growth in its activities of 5.1% at 24,568,160 euros. In a difficult economic climate, this good change is the result of a successful launch of the new versions of its most widely distributed products - SEE Electrical and SEE Electrical Expert - combined with the good momentum of sales in the countries in Northern Europe and in Asia.

3D PageFlip Professional, Page Flip Software Updated to Latest Version - 1.7.4

Logo3D PageFlip has emerged as one of the most preferred companies when it comes to providing 3D eBook creation tools. Experts believe that continuous product updating and an innovative approach are the major reasons behind the same. Keeping on the track, the company today released the latest version of their program 3D PageFlip Professional - 1.7.4. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the company said, “We are glad to announce the new version of our flagship application. The previous version was a huge success that became an instant hit among the masses; however, with the addition of a few new features, it is better than ever before.” He further added, “We aim to offer the best applications and tools to the masses for creating a problem free 3D eBook.”

Hi Slider Is Introduced as the Best and Free jQuery Image Slidehshow Builder

LogoHi Slider is a new and free jquery image slideshow builder that enables users to create image sliders in HTML5 format. Templates, skins, and transitions are available to customize each slider and create a unique banner experience on a website. Users can publish as many images as they want, automatically fit them to the slider, and integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos.