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Dee, an Advanced Wearable Technology Product for Dogs, Is Now Available for Pre-Order in Kickstarter

Senorld claims that Dee is the most sophisticated dog wearable product ever that will connect the dog lovers and their favorite pets to a dedicated cloud platform. The overall funding requirement for this project is $30,000.

Direct Legal, Lawsuit Loans Company, Announces $317 Million Dollars in Funding for Medical Malpractice Victims Until November 2015

A Darby man who endured a stroke in 2010 in the wake of leaving his doctor's office with a pulse of 200/80 was recompensed harms of $7.4 million after a jury trial this prior week Judge Angelos Spiros.

Books, Authors, and Artists Announces New Collaboration with Virtual Book Tour Cafe

Books, Authors, and Artists has chosen Virtual Book Tour Café, on a trial basis, to help them organize their upcoming book tours.

Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorney at Law - Announces Criminal Law Assistance in Philadelphia This October

LogoIndividuals searching for a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia will need someone who will represent them and have a strong and aggressive approach while handling the case. Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law, is pleased to announce criminal law assistance in Philadelphia this October. Being charged with a crime can have longstanding negative effects that can change an individual’s future in an instance. By choosing Erik B. Jensen, P.C. - Attorneys at Law for criminal law assistance, individuals will ensure themselves that their rights will be fully protected. The law firm has represented individuals involved in criminal cases such as assault crimes, drug crimes, juvenile crimes and many others.

Wireless Health Market Poised 59.7 Billion by 2018

LogoThe "Wireless Health Market (WLAN, WMAN, WPAN, Sensors, Smartphone’s, Tablet PC, Mobile APPS) – Global Trends, Opportunities, Competitive Landscape & Forecasts (2013 – 2018) " analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities globally.

Tents & Events Now Offering Table Linens for Rent

LogoTents & Events, one of the leading companies for a tent rental in Southampton, PA, are pleased to announce they are now offering table linens for rent for all events from weddings to birthdays. They have a large selection of colors, sizes, styles, and overlays.

My Biological Age Has Reversed by Approx 2 Years with the Use of TA-65 States Dr. Dave

LogoDr. Dave Woynarowski, world renowned anti-ageing and life extension specialist, recently published an article on his personal blog which updates his health progress after consistently consuming the TA-65 since 2009. In this article Dr. Dave has stated that after his complete health checkup he has seen a significant improvement in his overall functioning and his biological age has ‘reversed’ to approximately 2 years.

Mac's Janitorial Services Announces Office Cleaning Services for Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia This October

LogoMac’s Janitorial Services, a provider of janitorial services to Burlington, NJ and surrounding areas of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, is pleased to announce office cleaning services for businesses operating out of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. By using the company’s commercial office cleaning services, businesses can ensure that their work environment is kept clean, tidy and germ-free. The company brings professionalism and experience to each job site, serving Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas for over 45 years.

Cloud PACS Help Physicians Meet the EHR / EMR Deadline

LogoThe U.S. government has mandated that all health care providers and facilities must switch to electronic medical records (EMR)instead of paper by January 1, 2014. Fortunately, technology services in the cloud for EHR / EMR are becoming more readily available for physicians and hospitals across the country and is helping to make the transition easier to manage.

Loans for People with Bad Credit- Unsecured Offers Now Carrying Up to 10,000

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant rise in the cost of living and this is now straining the little amounts that people are used to get through credit financing. carried out a market research to come up with the best way of assisting consumers to cope with these tough times and it has now announced this offer that will be helping them to get more.

Refreshing and Healthy Tea for Every Morning with Teasyteas

Tea holds the “Health Card” says most of people. Is that really true? Yes, this statement is true with Teas have a very beautiful history, over 5,00 years ago there was divine framer named as Emperor Sheng Nong, who discovered the green tea benefits not only this but also he wrote the book “The Herbal Canon of Sheng Nong”, in which he declared that tea as an antidote which kills around 72 kinds of poisonous.

Web Hosting Plan Deals Displays Different Web Hosting Sites Together with Their Respective Descriptions

Still having doubts about the hosting site? Review sites provide updated information about the different features and packages web hosting companies are offering.

JJ Dental - the Best Place to Treat Dental Problems

JJ Dental is a dedicated dental clinic started by the two most talented and experienced dentists in Fort Lauderdale. You can get yourself treated and get rid of all your dental problems with the finest and most advanced technology available in the dental care arena today. The dentist ft Lauderdale treats every patient uniquely and that is the main reason you can rely on them completely. Every aspect of your mouth that includes teeth and gums play a vital role in your overall health, and the cosmetic dentist ft Lauderdale are well aware of the influence it has on how you perceive yourself. That drives the dentists to accomplish their commitment towards their patient and their dental practice as a whole.

Buy or Sell Iraqi Dinar with Tampa Dinar

People usually look out for good investment plans to generate more wealth for the purpose of securing their future and retirement life. A majority of the investors rely on freely traded stocks of the New York Stock Exchange, but forget to consider the fact that only the right kind of investment can provide the desired results. Investing in Iraqi Dinar appears to be a good opportunity to create a large amount of wealth as this gives consistent returns every year without any hassle. Those who are interested in this investment plan can consider the services of Tampa Dinar. This brand has been upgraded and has become one of the world’s fully audited and most BSA, MSB, OFAC and AML complaint companies in the markets of Iraqi Dinar.

Everlast Construction Provides Quality Home Remodeling Services

Everlast Construction is a general contractor company located in Lafayette, CA. They offer complete remodeling services that meet the hardware design needs of their clients. The services they offer range from system architecture, design, development to testing and sustaining.

Buying Cheap Prescription Glasses Online Is No More a Hassle with the New & Improved Website of Ido Glasses

LogoA good pair of prescription glasses can play a very important role in enhancing the overall personality of a wearer, besides bringing the real benefits of vision correction. Cheap prescription glasses are today in great demand and a large number of buyers love to shop online for a funky and more stylish prescription glasses. For all fashion freaks, willing to buy the most suitable pairs of prescription glasses, the web store of Ido Glasses offers a wide collection of prescription glasses with an enhanced search feature that can quickly help a person to identify the stuff of his or her choice.

ClickerExpo Is Coming to Europe

LogoConsidered the World’s most innovative training conference, ClickerExpo comes to Europe for the first time ever on 17th-19th October 2014. Positive Animal Solutions will be hosting the European event in partnership with Karen Pryor Clicker Training.

Spending a Maui Honeymoon at Royal Lahaina Resort

LogoRoyal Lahaina Resort on Maui is committed to serving many kinds of visitors - families, single travelers and couples. Our resort is particularly popular with loving couples who either want to tie the knot on Hawaii, or looks to spend their honeymoon delighting in the beauty of Hawaii.

King of Carts Is Now a Distributor for Silver Wolf 4WD Golf Cart Motors

Don't be left behind on the trail and give your golf cart the extra boost it needs with the SilverWolf front wheel drive electric motors. The motor kits bolt on to the front suspension of the Club Car Precedent and Club Car DS golf cart (as well as others) and acts as a front independent drive system for your vehicle.

Circus Social - Marketers and Brands Can Now Build Facebook Apps in 5 Minutes

Circus Social, a Singapore based Ogilvy Partner Company that develops social software has launched its Plug and Play Facebook apps offering today, nicknamed Strawhouse. The pay-per-app service allows marketers to create Facebook applications through an easy to use graphical interface for as low as $10/month.

Join and Enhance Your Life

People who are searching for their Native American family roots can now join not only to discover their connections but also to learn about the way of life of true Native Americans. Government records and documents reveal that there are more than 500 ‘Federally Recognized American Indian Tribes’, and a minority of the members receive some benefits as well. The website was created by the Lucky Media Group for the purpose of educating people with proven techniques to discover their real family roots connected to Native American tribes. With the help of a few simple steps, one can get started easily with the process of identifying links from the past. The website offers a Native American Connect Formula for $20 which includes details of federal and state registered American Indian Tribes.

Moderate Walking Said to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

A recent study done by the American Cancer Society found that those who walked at least 7 hours per week experienced a 14% drop in their risk of developing breast cancer after menopause. Consistent with other studies that show how exercise can lower cancer risk, the new information found that exercise helped women whether or not they were overweight, and helped them even if they gained weight during the study.

Stars Support the Love Can Initiative

LogoHollywood stars join the Love Can Initiative to support their mission to provide the basic necessities of life for low-income families and their children.

Service Is Pleased to Announce Its Recent Hire of John Cole as Director of Mobile Solutions Department

Service, a trusted software provider for over 20 years, is pleased to announce its recent hire of John Cole, who will join the Service team as Director of Mobile Solutions. Within this role, John will lead the company’s newly developed Mobile Solutions Department and focus on new mobile products, marketing, and building the current mobile business. John’s role in this initiative will assist in meeting the needs of a growing customer base and target markets to improve their operational efficiencies.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tile Is the Latest in Fashion Buzz Remarks Champion Tile & Marble

Our environment is vitally important to us, now and for the future. Eco-friendly kitchen tiling is a good choice to go easy on the environment.'s Director of Reviews and ID Theft Expert, Robert Siciliano, Writes Articles for High-Profile Sources’s (BIDTC) identity theft expert Robert Siciliano has attracted a vast audience with his intriguing and valuable expertise and advice on identity theft. Consumers can find Siciliano’s contributions to major news outlets as often as once a week.

Bellisima Brings Fashionableness to Greater Heights; Offers Style and Functionality to Modern Moms and Dads

Who says that a diaper bag need not be fashionable? Surely not Bellisima. This chic and trendy baby boutique provides its customers with designer diaper bag and baby bag that suit the lifestyle of modern parents. Established in 2011 by Sabrina Priest, is an online designer diaper bag shop catering to parents who want to mix “fashionality” and functionality. Priest defines “fashionality” as an expression of an individual’s personality through fashion. True to its slogan “their stuff, your style,” Bellisima offers a wide array of designer diaper bags – a total of sixteen designers to choose from, all of which offer durable, functional, and trendy products.