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Bluesphere Corp. Breaks Ground on Charlotte, NC Project

Bluesphere Corp.,(the "Company" or "Bluesphere"), a clean energy company that develops, manages and owns waste-to-energy projects, announced today that on Monday March 23, 2015, it broke ground on both its first waste-to-energy project and new US headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Investor Alert: Galectin Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:GALT) Under Investigation over Potential Violations of Federal Securities Laws

An investigation on behalf of investors of Galectin Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:GALT) shares over potential securities laws violations by Galectin Therapeutics Inc. and certain of its directors and officers in connection certain financial statements was announced.

Free Online Dating Sites - 100% Free Online Dating Sites Wrecked by

Considering the fact that it got public a short while back, FriendFin currently have transformed into certainly one of the free online dating sites over the web. People today from everywhere around the world are enrolling to uncover numerous buddies besides people to speak about opinions with. You probably may discover people within your area which are over the net along with wanting to hear from you.

Used Industrial Coffee Roasters Now Available at Wohl Associates Inc

Wohl Associates, a leader in the used processing and packaging equipment industries, has acquired several used industrial coffee roasters for their inventory including a B.F. Gump roaster.

Natural Supplement Master Prostate Formula, Now Available for Free One Month Trial

Master Prostate Formula, a purely natural supplement that promotes healthy prostate function*, supports healthy urinary function* and helps with a good night sleep*, is currently available for a free one month trial to all new customers. Men that are interested in purchasing Master Prostate can now try the health supplement risk free by simply entering their shipping details on the official website.

Consumer Reports Confirms Health Benefits of Miso in Galeos Salad Dressings

Newport Beach, California — Galeos salad dressings use miso as their primary ingredient. This substance, which is a fermented soybean paste added to rice, salt or other grains, has been linked by a recent Consumer Reports study to several health benefits.

Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center Announces the Addition of IV Nutritional Therapy

Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center has announced the addition of Intravenous or IV nutritional therapy to administer vitamins, minerals, and needed calories directly into the bloodstream. In patients suffering from absorption or digestive issues, this new service can deliver a higher concentration of nutrients to the tissues than oral supplements can provide. Patients seeking a benefit from a rapid intake of nutrients are encouraged to call Dr. Fields of Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center today.

Coached Fitness Now Offering Personal Trainer Services to Residents in Hollywood, Florida

LogoCoached Fitness, the one of a kind fitness center that is owned by JP Montanari, is now offering personal training services to residents who live in the Hollywood, Florida area.

Igor Purlantov Endeavors to Safeguard Endangered Species with His Animal Rights Initiatives

Soon animals will become objects to keep in museums and forests will be cleaned for the dwelling of the mankind. This is the viewpoint of most of the animal rights activists, including Igor Purlantov, fighting to safeguard the lives of the mute and innocent animals. Igor has always been vocal about animal rights and his efforts in safeguarding the endangered species has been well recognized by the global communities. He always devises new awareness campaigns, publishes his thought-provoking articles and raises his voice through his blog to reach the masses and inspire them to work for the animal rights.

Dog Expert Richard Polsky Advises on Dangerous Dog Hearings

LogoThe city and county of Los Angeles make provisions to deal with incidents of dog bites in California or other injuries caused by canines. In Los Angeles, a “dangerous dog hearing” may be called in the event of a dog attack in California. A California dog bite is treated very seriously since the state does not have a “one-bite” rule as some states do. Under a one-bite rule, the first time a dog bites it is not assumed that the owner knew the dog was dangerous. However, in California, any dog bite is considered the responsibility of the owner.

Dream Shuttles Employees Offer Premium Service

When searching for group transportation, many customers seek premium services provided in a safe, professional manner. At Dream Shuttles, a premiere rental service of party buses in Denver, the answer is yes, according to company executives.

NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. Now Holds a Wide Variety of Solvent Recycling Equipment from Different Models

NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. now holds a wide variety of solvent recycling equipment and systems from different models for different purposes. They now stock IST Models, DIGIT Models, ECOPLUS Models, Continuous Models, each of these having a unique specialty and unique purpose to solve. With a common goal to reduce waste and re-use expensive solvents while protecting the environment, using the latest in solvent recycling units, NexGen has now gained a respectable name in waste solvent handling solution. Introduces Online Marketing Services to Help Businesses Grow in a Sustainable Manner

For all businesses for attaining stability or sustainability, the internet marketing has emerged as a reliable option. Whether it’s a business startup or an existing business trying to expand their customer base, the digital marketing company, has the solution for everyone. The leading SEO firm devises invincible Online Marketing strategies to help businesses grow and keep receiving business leads in a sustainable manner. Through their well-planned strategies and painstaking efforts they make sure that their clients achieve a strong Internet presence and keep drawing the attention of their targeted customer base.

Messenger from God: Compelling New Novel Fuses Fact with Fiction - Examining Today's Society & Purpose Behind Life.

While many thought-provoking novels are written for a specific audience, a powerful new book by Anthony DiVerniero boasts as wide an appeal as any book can. Fusing fact and fiction to examine everything from dominant world events to the individuals bonds of romance; ‘Messenger From God’ provides more than just a gripping narrative.

Daddy Doesn't Want to Dance Anymore: Insightful Novel Exposes Hidden 'War' Within the African-American Community.

While the United States still faces complex issues when it comes to diversity and equality, millions are unaware of the silent yet potentially deadly ‘war’ that is currently playing out within the nation’s African-American community. Through a compelling narrative, author Christopher Bennett melds fiction with fact to expose these battles and kick-start the conversation they deserve.

Melondipity Enriches Its Collection by Bringing in Cute Baby Sun Hats

LogoIn its attempt to spread cuteness everywhere, Melondipity has made a beautiful addition to its collection through its cute baby sun hats. Every headgear is handpicked with the utmost care to ensure that little ones look even more adorable and feel comfortable as well. The entire assortment is available in a plethora of soothing color choices like white, purple, pink, etc. These sun hats for little wonders have darling flowers, butterflies and other designs. In addition to this, there are hat choices for both baby girls and baby boys.

The Rising: Former U.S. Army Special Agent Releases Hard-Hitting Supernatural/Action Novel.

While many authors take their cue from a creative mind, Ron Toppings’ new novel melds gripping fiction with his many real-life experiences as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent. Boasting a unique narrative that only Toppings could have created, readers are flocking in their droves to find out what ‘The Rising’ is all about.

Compelling New Memoir Inspires Biological Fathers to Step Up to the 'Urgency' of Fatherhood.

While there’s thousands of books on the market about parenting, none are as inspirational or heartfelt as the latest release by Ralph Harper. Unconventional yet truly empowering, the book’s unique narrative calls on all parents of ‘fatherless children’ to step up to the plate and undertake the responsibilities that can change their lives and those of their children for the better.

Death Card: Compelling Political Thriller, Written Two Years Ago, Becomes Frightening Reality as Many 'Fictional' Events Come True.

Two years ago, Nick Sacco started writing a book that was chock-full of far-fetched political disasters and a purely fictional account of the United States spiraling out of control. However, as if the news media read the book and reported its narrative to the world, many of the book’s ‘far-fetched’ disasters have since become a detrimental reality on President Obama’s watch.

Faith Rivera Offers Monthly Virtual Caregivers Concert on September 24th

LogoOn Tuesday, September 24th at 10 a.m (PST). Faith Rivera will continue her new monthly concert series on to provide inspiring music to help home-bound caregivers and anyone facing a challenging situation.  An ongoing monthly event, Rivera hopes to bring healing & inspiration to those who tune in.  “Faith has a desire to reach those who may be caring for a loved one at home or who may be facing something rather intense within themselves.  This music, during these ongoing concerts, will be from her heart to theirs.” said Nolan Hee, Owner of Lil’ Girl Creations (independent record label for Rivera’s music).

Bolt Buster at Sema 2013 in Las Vegas

LogoBolt Buster A division of LACE Technologies Inc. is proud to feature its new product BB2 and attend the this years 2013 SEMA Show which is set to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas from Tuesday, November 5 through Friday, November 8, 2013.

Hackney Mum Devises System for Ranking School Trips

Clapton, Hackney graphic designer and mother of three, Minna Harrison has recently completed a programme which allows local children to rate their favourite places in the area to take school trips to.

Popular Fashion Advice Blog Covers Kate Middleton's Tresses

LogoThe secret is out. Women of all ages have found the perfect blog that provides high fashion tips and advice, beauty secrets of the famous and more..all on a budget. The blog is for women who are trend setters and keep their pulse on what is hot at the moment. is a top quality blog that suggests products, fashion, stores, home remedies, etc. Hot off the presses are two current popular articles on the site, “How to get Kate Middleton Hair,” and “Re-create this look from for Less.”

Destruction of Once-Fired Brass May Drive Up Prices

A recent report issued by the Department of Defense seems to indicate that rather than offering once fired brass for sale, per the understanding of the New York legislature, Fort Drum is being ordered to crush and recycle its used brass. This report has raised concerns among those who purchase brass for reloading purposes about the practice not only being illegal, but also about the effect it will have on the price of used brass in the future. Bobcat Brass, a company that offers Lake City brass, 5.56 brass , Trijicon scopes and 223 brass for sale, often purchases used military brass for resale to those who want to use it for reloading purposes.

Bolt Buster Heat Induction Tool at Asrw 2013 in Las Vegas

LogoBolt Buster™ A division of LACE Technologies Inc. is proud to feature its new product BB2 and attend the this years 2013 NACE ASRW Show which is set to take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from Thursday, October 17th – Friday October 18th, 2013.

EMME Recording Artist TrOyMaN Tells Hip Hop to CHiLL^X! with the Release of His Latest Mix CD CHILL^X!

LogoAtlanta, Georgia – Hip Hop artist TrOyMaN is pleased to announce the arrival of his latest mix CD, CHILL^X. - Food & Hospitality Professional Network

LogoThe founders had a restaurant for 3 years, and based on their experience of trying to find an experienced partner, a good chef or last minute staff, the idea to create a platform for the Food & Hospitality Industry began to pop up.