Agriculture Press Releases

Hyspeco Wins "Best in Business" Award

Hyspeco Inc., a full line Fluid Power Distributor of motion and control components, has been recognized by the Wichita Business Journal as “Best in Business” due to their highly effective business practices and core values which make those practices possible.

Enduramaxx Aims to Provide More Water Tank Solutions as Water Continues to Be a Hot Topic in Farming

Water and its supply has been intensely reported on and debated in recent months. This year saw the largest consultation on water in farming for 50 years from Defra and the Environment Agency, and this week, Defra is seeking input from the country’s water extractors to understand their demands and understanding of the relationship between extraction and other catchment issues.

Bird Repellent Tape Keeps Nuisance Animals Away from Gardens and Property

LogoKeeping birds and daytime predators away from crops is a constant battle, especially for farmers and gardeners trying to avoid crop damage and pollution. Predator Guard Scare Tape is a safe, non-toxic bird repellent that does no harm to animals, acting effectively as a visual deterrent.

New Italian Company Launches Indiegogo to Pick More Olives

Olives. A wonderful fruit and often comparable to grapes and wine when it comes to vintage and making oil. Harvesting olives is all about timing. Pick them when they are too green and unripe and they are full of Chlorophyll and can make oil taste bitter. Pick them when they are too black and beginning to fall off the tree after the Chlorophyll has left the fruit and it may be too late. Picking can be tedious as traditional methods include combing the ripe fruit from trees into nets, or even hand picking the fruit into baskets tied around the waist. Ladders are often used to climb higher into the trees to reach fruit not easy to comb. An Italian company hopes to change tradition and make it easier to harvest olives by launching an Indiegogo campaign to help them produce and manufacture Project Alpha, what they deem is a better way to harvest olives.

Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. Offers Constant Filling Fluid Couplings

Industries and manufacturing units operate with the help of machines which are advanced and minimize the efforts as well as time. One product which forms an essential part of many different machines is the fluid couplings. These devices act as overheating protection device which ensures that machines work seamlessly. These also ensure that machines are used for longer duration and their life gets extended for years. However, while purchasing these fluid coupling, constant filling fluid coupling, speed couplings, variable speed devices, and torque convertors it is important to purchase from reliable manufacturers. One manufacturer which has years of experience and is involved in development, production and sales of the products mentioned above is Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd.

Kiss Monitoring Has Offered Soil Moisture Device to Help Maximize Crop Yield

LogoThe change in the environment and the climate around the world has brought about a larger change in the way people are adapting to it and various other factors that depend mainly on the environment. The most important thing that the environment is known to affect is the growth of plants and crops that yield food. But, while one thinks of taking care of these crops and plants, it is also important to make sure that there is less consumption of water. This gave rise to the water irrigation system that helped in monitoring the supply of water for the plants.

Leo Tek Announces A3 Vertical Growth System

Leo Tek is proud to announce the A3 Vertical Growth System, a new agricultural technology aimed at dramatically increasing production, reducing costs, and removing regional climatic restrictions on growing seasons.

High Manufacturing Labor Expenses Drives Solution Answered by Seegrid AGV Automation

LogoResearch shows labor accounts for 65% of the operating costs in the warehouse. Twenty percent of warehouse workers describe themselves as “disengaged” from a process that depends on their skilled labor to store, stock, ship, and receive inventory to/from customers.

Carbon Cycle Crush Offers Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil That Retains Natural Lubricating Characteristics

Striving for every customer’s contentment, Carbon Cycle Crush offers expeller-pressed Canola oil that retains natural lubricating characteristics. The trusted bulk Canola oil distributor, with headquarters in Spokane, Washington, is renowned for being one of the top Canola oil producers. In addition to this, they produce non-food grade Canola oil from their crush facility in Oroville, Washington.

Rhino GPD-40 Gas-Powered Post Driver Becomes a Valuable Asset in the Power Equipment Warehouse Lineup

LogoOne need only watch the internet videos to understand how the Rhino® GPD-40™ sells itself. The simple, compact tool designed to drive stakes and fence posts up to 2 ½” has proven a versatile cost-saver to professional installers who require a tool both powerful and portable.

Fracking Potential Risk to Farming Water - Rainwater Tank a Solution

Water companies across the country have issued warnings over the government’s plans to allow shale gas exploration across half of the UK’s mainland, much is which is valuable farmland.

BIG Safety Offering a Wide Range of High Quality Full Face Respirators at Genuine Prices

Providing life saving solutions to people working under conditions vulnerable to life threatening hazards is the specialty of BIG Safety. Engaged in offering superior yet cost effective personal protective and safety equipment since the year 2001, it has a pioneering presence in the field. It is going from strength to strength and redefining success all the way. It possesses an impressive inventory of high quality safety equipment including full face respirators. The equipment incorporates virtues like performance, durability and flexibility.

Carbon Cycle Crush Offers Small and Bulk Quantities of Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil for Conversion to Bio Diesel

Switching over to cleaner alternative fuel is the need of the hour and Carbon Cycle Crush enables people to do so by offering small and bulk quantities of Canola oil for conversion to bio diesel and bio lubricants. They allow the direct purchase of raw oil from any of their crush facilities and maintain a reasonable pricing policy, too. Aside from this, Carbon Cycle Crush even works with companies to provide the oil to local farmers and other companies of need. Interested buyers can contact their Oroville facility at 509-476-3667 to get details about the places and times for the purchase of expeller-pressed Canola oil.

Spray Foam Solutions Kansas Providing Farmers with Waterproofing Spray Foam

LogoIt is extremely important for farmers to protect their bins and silos so they can prevent water infiltration and a significant buildup of moisture. Bins and silos that are exposed to too much water over time eventually rust and as a result they develop structural problems which can be costly to repair or even replace. Those who want to protect the goods they are storing will definitely need the kind of effective waterproofing solution that will ultimately save them money over time.

Global Agricultural Films Market

LogoAgriculture films are also known as plasticulture, which refers to the use of plastic materials in various agricultural applications. The goal of this report is to analyze the current and expected trends of the agricultural films market, as it is anticipated that farmer around the world would demand these materials. The study covers an in-depth analysis of the market potential of the various types and applications of the agricultural films market. The report analyzes opportunities in the developed and emerging economies so that companies can make strategies as per their targeted regions. The key driver for market growth is increased emphasis on global agricultural output due to the rising food demand of the ever increasing population. Additionally, agricultural films facilitate the increase in the area of controlled agriculture by providing materials that propel farming.

Safety Still Imperative when Mowing the Lawn at Home

LogoDo-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse

New Soil Moisture Sensor Tracks Changing Weather, Moisture and pH Level

LogoA slight change in weather brings about change in the way one eats, the clothes that one wears. This is done mainly to adapt to the climate and thus stay healthy. Similarly, the change in weather affects the soil and also the nutrients it may have. Change in soil, in return affects the growth of plants that are being grown there. Thus, it is important to maintain the quality of soil and its nutrient contents so that it can supply adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the plant to grow.

Soil Moisture Monitoring Is Now Inexpensive, Reliable and Easy to Use

LogoDryland cropping involves consideration of a number of factors like what would be the right time to plant the seeds and when to apply fertilizers. It is important to figure out the right time for taking these actions as it influences the total farm income as well as the crop yield to a great extent. While it is quite difficult to find the accurate time, one can get an idea by measuring the moisture level of the soil. And when it comes to buying a soil moisture sensor, Hornet is the best device to use. Using the Hornet continuous management, one can understand whether it is the right time to plant a crop or not.

Cattle Feed Market (With Overview on Ruminant Feed) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018

LogoThe cattle feed market is increasing due to the industrialization of dairy and meat. The leading companies in the cattle feed market are continuously adopting new technologies for its manufacturing. The leading manufacturers of cattle meat are increasingly using cattle feed for supplementing the diet of cattle. The market for the dairy segment was the largest in 2013, and is projected to grow with the increasing demand for milk and dairy products in the industry. The demand for cattle feed is increasing due to its associated benefits such as improved health, increased milk yield, and enhanced quality of meat The calf feed market is comparatively smaller than feed market, and is projected to grow at the CAGR of 3.4% from 2013 to 2018.

Water Tank Specialist Welcomes New Defra Secretary

Norfolk MP Liz Truss replaces Owen Paterson as Defra secretary, a move that could bring water more to the forefront of farming. The move comes as part of David Cameron’s major cabinet reshuffle. With an interest in food and farming issues in her constituency, particularly surrounding food and water security, after the last drought, Truss arranged for farmers to meet ministers to discuss concerns about water supplies for irrigated crops in Norfolk and Suffolk. She has also called for greater protection for farmland from flooding.

Additional FFIS Grants for Rainwater Tanks

Peterborough-based plastic water tank specialist, Enduramaxx, is helping farmers to utilise a new wave of Farming and Improvement Scheme (FFIS) funding which could help them to buy rainwater tanks, amongst other vital farming items. Announces the Launch of the World's First Online Marketplace for Buying and Selling In-Ground and Out-Ground Plants today announced the launch of their online marketplace for buying and selling in-ground and out-of-ground landscape trees and shrubs. The service will initially focus on New England and then expand nationally.

Hornet Now Installed at Randwick Racecourse NSW

LogoThe Royal Randwick Racecourse located in Australia is known for the world class 6 level grand stands. It was recently renovated and now has an increased capacity at the venue. It is spread across 200 acres of land and has about 15 indoor and outdoor spaces where one can organize exhibitions, races, trade shows, dinners, corporate days and more. This huge place with a good management team needs to look the best all the time. Since, there is no specific time when a space in within the racecourse will be leased it needs to look at its best throughout the year.

Love Your Garden and Conserve Water with Hornet Device

LogoThe change in climatic conditions in today’s world has been raising an alarm for each one to contribute and save the environment. This means reducing the amount of pollution, planting more trees and making it a better place to live in. In recent times, it is observed that Australia is becoming hotter and drier. This has also given rise to water problems in the country. Now the question is about how would one manage to plant trees and also conserve water at the same time.

Rainwater Tanks Could Counter Water Abstraction Limits

With water featuring highly on the agenda at this year’s Cereal Event, the issue of potential water extraction limits suggested by Defra to bring the UK in-line with the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive are of concern to many in farming.

Electronic Predator Deterrent Devices Are Saving Snow Leopards

LogoOnly 4,500-7,500 snow leopards remain in the wild of central Asia. Living in the rugged, forbidding mountains, these endangered, elusive cats continue to be threatened by the humans sharing their land. Conflicts with traditional livestock herders have escalated sharply in recent years, resulting in retaliatory killing of snow leopards. From the Himalayas north to Siberia, herders are especially angered by surplus killing that occurs when a snow leopard enters a corral and kills up to 50 or more of the confined sheep and goats. In a very real sense, such livestock represent each family’s primary “bank account.”