Agriculture Press Releases

Greenwood Nursery Announces Their Annual Book Your Lavender Plants Spring Shipping Sale

Greenwood Nursery kicks off their annual lavender plants event for customers to book their lavender garden plants for spring shipping and save.

New Report Available: Canned/Preserved Food in Peru

LogoPeru is the country with the lowest per capita consumption of canned/preserved food in Latin America. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, Peruvian consumers typically opt for fresh food over canned/preserved food, as the former is perceived to be more nutritious, is believed to have a better flavour and is widely available through other grocery retailers. Secondly, canned/preserved food carries significantly higher unit prices than fresh food; therefore, the former product remains...

Now Available: Tourism Flows Outbound in Switzerland

LogoSwitzerland is a country which is well-known around the world for its high quality of living and its high average income levels, even by European standards. In addition, the rising exchange value of the Swiss franc against the euro towards the end of the review period played a much more affordable for Swiss citizens to travel abroad as they now get much more for their money when spending their Swiss francs in other European countries. Consequently, the number of outbound departures in Switzerland increased by 6% in 2013, a rate of growth which represents an acceleration from the 3% CAGR registered in outbound departures over the entire review period. Finally, Swiss people are generally well-known for their enthusiasm for travelling to other countries for leisure holidays, to explore new cultures and to visit historic places.

Carbon Cycle Crush Provides Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil in Spokane, Washington

Carbon Cycle Crush, a trusted supplier of Canola oil, provides expeller-pressed Canola Oil in Spokane, Washington and around the world. The company helps ranchers and local farmers create socially, environmentally and economically sustainable businesses by consistently driving the demand for crops, creating jobs for locals, providing educational support and selling good quality Canola oil and pressed Canola meal. The oil supplied is environmentally-friendly and can be used as an alternative to petroleum. Because of its high-quality and lubricating properties, many industries are now opting for the virgin Canola oil. The company's natural oil can also be used for creating green plastics. It is used as an agent for concrete release and for lubricating industrial equipment. Being the producer and distributor of the oil, they supply the lubricant to customers at a competitive price.

Rainwater Tanks to Help Farmers in Wake of Unpredictable Climate Change

As researchers claim climate change will bring soil and disease challenges, along with unpredictable rainfall patterns, Peterborough-based Enduramaxx champions the need to adopt dedicated rainwater tanks, enabling farmers to gain more control over their water supplies.

Mark Cook Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a New Book on Raising Livestock

LogoAs an admirer of nature and a long-time advocate of intelligent environmentalism, Mark has cultivated a broad base of knowledge that has led him to develop a training manual on how to use livestock to improve and rebuild the environment.

Horizontal and Vertical Storage Tanks as Nitrates Directive Plan Comes Into Play

As UK farming awaits the introduction of the new Nitrates Directive Plan 2015-2018, farmers will be examining ways of improving water quality and agricultural nutrient management.

International Home Finance & Development, LLC (IHFD) Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Peace Through Sustainable Economic Development

LogoPutting aside the dreary daily news of violence and political turmoil in Afghanistan, there are good things happening there every day. Afghan farmers grow grapes, apples, apricots, mulberries, figs and other fruits and vegetables to feed themselves, their families and their communities.

Jeremy Mann Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete "The 'Ponics Project"

LogoJeremy Mann had the pleasure of growing up on a small farm located towards the southern side of the south of Springfield. He has recently started combining his experience as a landscape designer with that of farming. Jeremy's upcoming venture "The 'Ponics Project" is essentially an aquaponics project through which he plans to partner with schools, businesses, and other foundations in the Greater Springfield Area. Some of the most important objectives for Jeremy are to teach the children, training the disabled, and volunteering throughout the community.

Farmers Asked to Help Keep Fertilizer out of Terrorist Hands

A known component of home-made bombs and explosives, fertiliser is stored in bulk by farmers throughout the country. As Home Secretary, Theresa May, speaks at the counter-terrorism awareness week conference at the Royal United Services Institute in Westminster, farmers are being asked to be vigilant and ensure fertiliser is stored securely. Plastic water tank specialist, Enduramaxx, offers a number of solutions to enable farmers to store fertiliser, along with all other liquids safely and securely.

Rainwater Tanks - Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Tackles Flooding

As Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Michelle O’Neill visits those affected by overnight flooding in Newry, Peterborough based plastic water tank specialist, Enduramaxx, urges farmers and those working in agriculture to exploit the free resource of surplus rain, despite other problems it might be causing.

Carbon Cycle Crush Provides an Opportunity to Buy Expeller-Pressed Canola Meal at Affordable Price

Carbon Cycle Crush provides an opportunity to buy expeller-pressed Canola meal at a very affordable price. They produce Canola meal which is used as an alternative for soy meal. For its production, the company’s crush facility crushes it mechanically which is hexane free, enriched with omega-3 and has a high fat content. It can also be called expeller-pressed or virgin canola meal. Due to the fact that hexane is not used in the process of extraction, it means that no cold-pressing or heat is used. Skipping this process during the extraction makes the meal high in nutrients, and retains its residual and natural values. The final result of the whole process is good for livestock ranchers, for the environment and also for the buyer’s pocket.

Matt Hamel AG Products, Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Matt Hamel AG Products, Inc., an agricultural products supplier operating in Southland, TX, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in local web search optimization and search engine exposure.

Carbon Cycle Crush Produces Eco-Friendly and High-Quality Expeller-Pressed Canola Meal

Keeping a healthy livestock for breeders and ranch keepers, Carbon Cycle Crush produces eco-friendly and high-quality expeller-pressed Canola meal. It helps ranchers, animal breeders and local farmers maintain a well-nourished and healthy line of cattle. The oil and meal is wired out at the company’s crush facilities. The extraction is done without any added steps or chemical extraction processes such as the usage of hexane. To keep the natural benefits of the oil intact, and to maintain the long-chain polymer of the oil, excessive heat is not used in the process of extraction. The end-product is of high-quality and has increased lubricity for the expeller-pressed Canola oil and meal.

IT in the Agricultural Value Chain Is Released by Maria Johnsen

IT in The Agricultural Value Chain has been released by Maria Johnsen the author of multilingual digital marketing. She has written twelve fiction and nonfiction books.

Maria Johnsen Released Her New Book Called IT in the Agricultural Value Chain

IT in The Agricultural Value Chain has been released nationally by Maria Johnsen. She has written twelve fiction and nonfiction books.

Peru Agribusiness Report Q4 2014 - New Report Available

LogoOur outlook for Peru's agricultural sector remains positive. The livestock sector is very dynamic, and investment into the country's ethanol sector is boosting sugar production. Export crops such as coffee and cocoa are hampered by a lack of infrastructure and investment, but there is scope for strong growth in both, particularly as Peru is becoming increasingly recognised for organic and speciality crops. We caution that a lack of profitability threatens to weaken the dairy sector; this could be further exacerbated by the entry into force of the free trade agreement with the EU. The country is set to ben efit from cheaper food imports owing to the lower price of grains as well as the weakness in the Argentine peso, from where it imports a great deal of its grain.

Donna Buechler Seeks $44,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Save Her Family Farm

LogoIt all started in 1945 when Donna Buechler’s dad started cutting wild trees to sell as Christmas trees. About that same time he purchased the first piece of property of what would become the farm Donna grew up on eventually starting her own family on that same farm.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Now Running a Fall Special on Mulch

LogoRecycled Rubber Products, LLC is pleased to announce that they’re now running a fall special on mulch. Until the end of October, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC’s mulch will be as low as $250.00 per ton. So, save extra dough on mulch today by heading over and picking up some mulch from this great company.

Southern Irrigation Announces Winterization Appointment Availabilities for Residential Lawns This Fall 2014

LogoThe summer is coming to a close, and the irrigation system for any residential property is ready to be shut down. The recommended time to have a sprinkler system winterized is the middle to end of October, and Southern Irrigation is announcing they are taking appointments for their clients in the greater Nashville, TN area to prepare for the winter season. Appointments can be made today, but the company will start winterizing systems beginning the week of October 21.

Carbon Cycle Crush Offers Finest Range of High Fat Content Bulk Canola Meal

Carbon Cycle Crush offers the finest range of high fat content bulk canola meal at the most competitive prices. The company works with a dedicated team of professionals and their crush facilities can create a mechanically crushed, omega-3 enriched, hexane-free, and high-fat content canola meal also known as expeller-pressed or Virgin Canola meal. Hexane is never used during the oil-extraction process, which means that no heat or cold-pressing is required to eradicate the hexane.

Threatened with Foreclosure, Gaia Gardens Creates the Mil Abrazos Community Land Trust and Launches Campaign to Purchase the Property in Order to Preserve Urban Farmland

Gaia Gardens, a nonprofit certified organic farm, has been operating on a leased parcel of land in Santa Fe since 2012. With the support of a large group of friends and neighbors, they have turned a parched and neglected landscape into a colorful urban oasis, cultivating a large parcel of land in the middle of town and galvanizing a powerful community around it.

Enduramaxx Aims to Provide More Water Tank Solutions as Water Continues to Be a Hot Topic in Farming

Water and its supply has been intensely reported on and debated in recent months. This year saw the largest consultation on water in farming for 50 years from Defra and the Environment Agency, and this week, Defra is seeking input from the country’s water extractors to understand their demands and understanding of the relationship between extraction and other catchment issues.

Bird Repellent Tape Keeps Nuisance Animals Away from Gardens and Property

LogoKeeping birds and daytime predators away from crops is a constant battle, especially for farmers and gardeners trying to avoid crop damage and pollution. Predator Guard Scare Tape is a safe, non-toxic bird repellent that does no harm to animals, acting effectively as a visual deterrent.

New Italian Company Launches Indiegogo to Pick More Olives

Olives. A wonderful fruit and often comparable to grapes and wine when it comes to vintage and making oil. Harvesting olives is all about timing. Pick them when they are too green and unripe and they are full of Chlorophyll and can make oil taste bitter. Pick them when they are too black and beginning to fall off the tree after the Chlorophyll has left the fruit and it may be too late. Picking can be tedious as traditional methods include combing the ripe fruit from trees into nets, or even hand picking the fruit into baskets tied around the waist. Ladders are often used to climb higher into the trees to reach fruit not easy to comb. An Italian company hopes to change tradition and make it easier to harvest olives by launching an Indiegogo campaign to help them produce and manufacture Project Alpha, what they deem is a better way to harvest olives.

Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. Offers Constant Filling Fluid Couplings

Industries and manufacturing units operate with the help of machines which are advanced and minimize the efforts as well as time. One product which forms an essential part of many different machines is the fluid couplings. These devices act as overheating protection device which ensures that machines work seamlessly. These also ensure that machines are used for longer duration and their life gets extended for years. However, while purchasing these fluid coupling, constant filling fluid coupling, speed couplings, variable speed devices, and torque convertors it is important to purchase from reliable manufacturers. One manufacturer which has years of experience and is involved in development, production and sales of the products mentioned above is Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd.