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Simple Test at Birth Could Identify Newborns at Risk of Eczema

A simple experiment calculating water evaporation rate from the skin of infants could help analyze those risks of developing atopic eczema, based on a research.

Knee Pain Treatment with No Surgery Thanks to Regenerative Medicine

LogoPatients suffering from knee pain have a new treatment option, and it doesn't involve steroids, surgery, hyaluronic acid, or addictive painkillers. The new way is called regenerative medicine, and the doctors at Regenerative Medicine Specialists in Camarillo are making both the stem cell and PRP types of treatment available to patients in the area. Enlightens Readers on the Best Tinnitus Treatment Options

Tinnitus is one of the most annoying and limiting health conditions. Due to a constant ringing, we can't focus on simple day to day task and we feel like our head will burst or that we will get mad. Yes, there are dozens of tinnitus treatments out there, which are not exactly treatments, but only temporary fixes. Yes, these medications and supplements can temporarily stop the tinnitus from developing even further, but they will eventually stop working and our tinnitus will get worse. Not to mention, that these treatments are full of side effects, which can complicate our lives even further. So it seems like we don't have many choices here, but that is not true!

Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists Announces Enrollment for a 3 IVF Clinical Trial Is Ending Soon

LogoEveryone deserves the opportunity to have a child. Unfortunately, around 15% of couples face an uphill battle and have difficulty conceiving. Helping further in vitro fertilization research, Pennsylvania Reproductive Specialists has announced that enrollment for their 3 IVF clinical trial coming to an end. The study is being conducted to test a new follicle stimulating hormone treatment in order to compare it to a similar treatment that has been approved in America called Gonal-f.

Advice on Lice, Inc. Now Offers Effective Head Lice Removal Service via Trained and Certified Professionals

Advice on Lice, Inc. is now offering effective Head Lice Removal Service via trained professionals. They offer comprehensive lice removal services in their office and also at the client's residence. Clients need to make a prior appointment to schedule their sittings. They have a highly-trained lice lady who provides end-to-end solutions for removing lice and nits from the infested person's head. Their head lady lice treatment in Washington process begins with the application of either lice killing shampoo or the use of some non-pesticide lice removing solutions, followed by a complete rinse out and thoroughly combing the hair to ensure complete lice and nit removal.

Den Gode Kur Release New Guide on Identifying and Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects an estimated 9–23% of people across the world, and is estimated to cost the economy more than $21 billion a year in work absenteeism in alone, much less doctor's visits and medical bills. As such, there is a great need for a better way to identify and manage IBS, to improve sufferers' quality of life. Den Gode Kur is a site dedicated to helping people achieve a healthy life through diet and without enforcing drastic lifestyle changes. The site has now published a new editorial on how to manage IBS.

How to Get Rid of Plantar Warts Fast - Simple Secret Revealed

March 27th 2015 marks the second anniversary of 'How to get rid of plantar warts' with Wartrol free bottle offer. Based on user feedback, this simple alternative works incredibly fast, so fast that it can actually remove warts in a matter of hours instead of the usual long days. How to get rid of plantar warts with Wartol is a natural plantar wart treatment protocol dedicated to helping sufferers get rid of plantar warts quickly and permanently. Also, this protocol is clinically proven to remove warts caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), uses FDA approved ingredients and is available without a prescription. Thanks to all these features it has been largely published in the media simply because the formula works fast, is painless to apply and effectively remove warts completely and safely while you stay at home.

Personalized Electrolysis Hair Removal Offers Best Results

Every year a lot of money is spent on hair removal treatments all over the world. From waxing, to threading to epilators and so on, women go through a great deal of pain and discomfort in the pursuit to be hair free only to undergo all these treatments again in a couple of weeks.

I SkinFab Brings Beauty and Skin Care Tips for Glowing and Flawless Skin is a website that specializes in skin care tips and unlike most other skin care websites, this one does not sell off products rather it gives certain tips and suggestions for making the skin look younger than its actual age and in enhancing the fairness. The website is directed to target women who would like to achieve a younger look through the help of anti aging skin care treatments, antioxidant food and efficient skin care ingredients. The actual age cannot be stopped however what can be diminished is the look of it on a woman's face, as claimed by the iSkinFab.

MD Skin, the Leading Skin Care Specialists, Announce Effective Medical Grade Skincare Treatments for Their New Jersey Patients

MD Skin, New Jersey's premier skin care center, established by Delma Rothman, cares for dozens of skin conditions in their medically-influenced spa environment, providing effective skin care, with the expertise of a medical facility and the personal attention and comfort of a spa.

Braverman Eye Center Now Offering Advanced Surgery of LASIK in Palm Beach

LogoMaintaining their position since 1973 as one of the Premier LASIK specialists in South Florida, Braverman Eye Center is now offering advanced surgery with LASIK in Palm Beach. The eye center is known for providing advanced LASIK surgery services that assist patients in getting back their normal eyesight with no need for glasses. With their team of skilled doctors, the clinic conducts the entire surgery in a humidity controlled room that helps to give a quicker recovery.

MD Skin Announces the VI Peel as Their Featured Skincare Treatment for 2015

MD Skin, New Jersey's leading skin care center, announces their featured skincare treatment for 2015: The VI PeelTM. The VI Peel is an exclusive pairing of high quality and proven ingredients that provides profound results and improvements, with very few treatments and no long-term side effects.

Braverman Eye Center Now Offering in Miami Lasik Treatment with the Latest Technology

LogoEyes are one of the most important organs in a human body and it is essential to take care of them for better vision. The Braverman Eye Center is now offering a Miami LASIK treatment with the help of the latest technology. Over the years, they have built their reputation on the basis of high standards of care and integrity. They have been providing high quality eye treatments throughout South Florida.

Reverse My Tinnitus Overview Reveals How to Gain Tinnitus Relief in Just 7 Days

Reverse My Tinnitus demonstrates all its readers a number of ways to obviate and cure their tinnitus naturally in just a couple of weeks! Reverse My Tinnitus also accosts the root cause of this condition and renders thorough relief for the rest of a person's life. The procedures mentioned inside this guide are pure and cause no after effects unlike those who bring out themselves to by the use of pills and supplements.

Sovereign Strengthens Leadership with New Directors

LogoFollowing a year of unprecedented growth and expansion, Sovereign Health is pleased to announce the addition of three new executives to its Orange County headquarters. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program, the new positions include a Group Medical Director, Director of Clinical Excellence and Associate Director of Clinical Compliance, helping to guide development and maintain Sovereign's commitment to excellence.

Addiction Pro C.E. Event Features Sovereign's Medical Director

LogoAddiction Professional Academy, Addiction Professional's provider of C.E. events, will be hosting networking and educational opportunities from February 2nd through the 4th in Garden Grove, Calif. On the third of the month, Dr. Snyder, Medical Director of Sovereign Health, family medicine practitioner and addiction specialist, will be participating in an evening panel discussion on the current state of opioid treatment. Titled "What is Working in Treating Opioid-Dependent Patients," the panel will also include doctors David Smith, founder of the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, David Skonezny, Chief Operations Officer of Simple Recovery treatment center and Pete Nielsen, Deputy Director of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals.

"How to Get Rid of Cellulite" Measures out as the Best Get Rid of Cellulite Product

Beneficial Health is a popular web based site that encourages the readers with a line of interesting health and figure correction articles. The deliberations of this website are coming up with proper guidance and if you are willing to know how to get rid of cellulite, then this web based discussion can assist you. "How to get rid of cellulite" is a wonderful product and is loved by so many happy users.

New and Best Treatments for Eczema Are on the Horizon

A vivid recent advancement in treating eczema has been just discovered by the researchers conducting Phase-I and Phase-II clinical tests of new prescription drugs which targets eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis (or AD), an intricate inflammatory skin infection.

Hypothyroidism Revolution - The Best Natural Treatment and Diet for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism Revolution is a system created by Tom Brimeyer as a system that treats Underactive Thyroid and Hashimoto through safe and natural remedies and nutrition. The function of the thyroid gland is usually undermined in the body's health and wellbeing; thyroid glands are responsible for the development of essential hormones that are required by the body to be healthy.

Soba Recovery Center Studies the New Theory Reveals 'Real' Reason for Heroin Abuse

Logo"We used to take pills, but now we inject heroin". Addiction to heroin has been one of the many battles that authorities must conquer as the number of people getting addicted and die from prescription drugs overdose increase each year. And understanding the grounds why people get addicted to it is yet to change as a new theory that aims to restate the cause of the cravings is set to give meaning.

Vasectomy Reversal USA Offers Patients an Alternative to in-Vitro Fertilization for 2015

LogoVasectomy Reversal USA is a part of the nationally-respected fertility clinic, Orange County Urology Associates Inc. Both practices are led by Dr. Aaron Spitz, a leading fertility physician with expertise in microsurgical procedures, fertility treatments and vasectomy reversals. For 2015, Vasectomy Reversal USA is providing a practical alternative to In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) by offering effective and minimally-invasive vasectomy reversals.

Dr. Aaron Spitz's Vasectomy Reversal USA Is Offering Complimentary Consultations for Vasectomy Reversals for 2015

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz is a nationally-recognized fertility physician and the lead practitioner for Vasectomy Reversal USA, a department of Dr. Spitz's practice—Orange County Urology Associates Inc. in Orange County, California. For 2015, Dr. Spitz is providing both new and returning clientele with complimentary consultations on their vasectomy reversals in and around San Diego.

The Truth of Addiction Program Makes Addiction Management Available at Home

LogoThe Truth Of Addiction Program announces its success in helping people with addiction to manage their cravings or urges at home without expensive or luxurious facilities.

Holistic Billing Services Helps Acupuncture Businesses

LogoToo many people find it hard to keep track of all the different details regarding the insurance claims, hassles and even the verification process and more. The insurance billing policies tend to keep on changing time to time and this is why one has to earnestly keep an eye on the different details to ensure that the changes do not end up impacting the smooth flow of business in the long run.

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. James R. Shire, Launches Brand New Website for Facial Plastic Surgery Practice in Chattanooga, TN

James R. Shire, MD., FACS, board certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of Shire Facial Plastic Surgery in Chattanooga, TN is proud to announce the launch of his new website for his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Shire enlisted ABM, a medical website design firm, to create a website that provided his patients educational resources, procedural resources as well as information on the practice, their events and specials. By creating a website that is built in the most advanced code, Dr. Shire is able to serve his patients better with educational information, create an improved doctor-patient relationship as well as provide his patients with an easy to access website on the go.