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BYStudio Shares Important Small Business Branding Tips with Project Echo Entreprenuers

Barbara Yeh, brand strategist at BYStudio branding agency in Los Angeles, recently participated as a judge at Project Echo's 11th annual business plan competition where she offered small business branding tips to participating entrepreneurs. Project ECHO is a unique competition where judges evaluate the entrepreneur's business plans and the persuasiveness of each pitch presentation.

New Book Takes Stress, Guess Work out of Searching for a Job

Marketing executive and job-search blogger Kurt Kirton has written a new book that may forever change the way everyone—from new graduates to transitioning workers—conducts a job search.

Experienced Ohio Cosmetic Surgeon Helps Women Improve Confidence for Swimsuit Season with Breast Augmentation Procedures

LogoAs swimsuit season nears, many women are anxiously preparing to look their best in bathing suits as they beat the heat. But unfortunately for many women who work hard with diet and exercise to keep their appearance at its best, they are still left feeling self-conscious about their body. Dr. William Rigano is one of Ohio's foremost cosmetic surgeons who specializes in breast augmentation procedures and is helping Centerville, OH patients look their best in preparation for the summer.

Scott Tucker Goat Cheese Book Available Soon

Farmer and cheese maker Scott Tucker from Scottsdale, AZ will publish a book he has written about his cheese making and farming practices. After sixteen years of goat herding and cheese making, Tucker will self-publishing a goat cheese making manual entitled "Got Goat Cheese".

Extract of Andy Shaw's "Golden Book" Revealed

Andy Shaw, best seller author of "Creating A Bug Free Mind," just recently shared some advice with fans, which he claims can help for making the change of the mind over to structured thinking in a lot easier way. He also said: "To be sincere I should've spoken about this earlier, as it is among the easiest and most effective tips I share day-to-day with every student I have that's learning the Bug Free Mind Process."

Office Habits Revealed: Bevlan Comment

A campaign launched by the British Heart Foundation into office working habits has produced some surprising results, just recently released. This includes that in a survey of 2,000 workers, 37% of men and 45% of women spend less than 30 minutes a day on their feet at work. This means, in turn, that much of the time is spent sitting down, in a sedentary position – as is typical when using computers and technology.

When in Need Foundation Donates to Orphanages and Expands Global Footprint by Supporting Children in Need

LogoOn May 16, the When in Need Foundation will be hosting their "Soles for Education" Inaugural Fundraiser and Luncheon in New York City at 6pm. The event aims to provide new shoes for students at the Samuel Njemaze Primary School in Owerri, Nigeria as a sequel to renovating two new buildings for the school. Guests are asked to RSVP by May 15 and tickets can be purchased at Sponsorship packages are available and donations large and small are welcome. The benefit takes place at 25 Columbus Circle in New York City.

The Day We Rode the Rainbow: Multi-Sensory Book Series, Hailed "What Fun for a Child!" by Critics, Prepares Kids to Thrive in 21st Century

There is no way of sugarcoating the facts: technology's boom threatens to raise generations of children who lack the 21st century and social skills they need to succeed. No thinking person can blame kids for their fascination with gizmos and gadgets – but one California author is on a mission to help children everywhere get their daily dose of empowerment through a "traditional" book that nonetheless offers more than your typical children's read.

Industrial Compressor Leadership Profiled in Quality Digest About Encouraging Women in Manufacturing

Kara Demirjian Huss, Vice President and Global Marketing Director for T/CCI Manufacturing, was featured in Quality Digest in the first of a series of articles highlighting women leaders in manufacturing. Industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, authored the article titled, "Room at the Top," which examined women in manufacturing leadership roles.

New Book Just Released - A Wounded World

Mention wounds and most people think of the physical. But in Crit Kincaid's A Wounded World, the wounds are the emotional scars of death. Meet Norman Albert Steves. He lost his parents and twin sister when he was nine. His only relative is his granny, who's stricken with ALS. He lives with her at a hospice for the terminally ill. He lives in a wounded world.

Jumpster Launched to Provide UK Parents with Useful Guide to Safe Trampolines for Kids

Spring has sprung and it's given many people a little extra spring in their step. Children in particular want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, and what better way to enjoy active time than by bouncing on a trampoline. Some parents are understandably cautious of the dangers of trampolining, as poor quality frames can leave gaps to fall into or pitch children off onto the hard ground beneath. Jumpster has just been launched to help people find high quality, safe and enjoyable trampolines, through a new resource centre publishing regular consumer reviews.

Herpes Dating Site Comes Up with a Common Platform for People in Various Walks of Life

Herpes is known to be an invisible virus and it is wide spread in both men as well as women. People must continue with their normal course of life and should never compromise on any activity even if they have herpes. Sometimes people with herpes feel de-motivated and stop their normal course of life. But they should keep making friends and continue enjoying every bit of their life. Herpes dating site is one such platform that aims to keep people with herpes motivated and meet new people every day.

NYC Teen Sportsmanship Essay Contest Renews Call for Entries with One Week Remaining

LogoThursday, April 30th is the deadline to enter to win up to $500 in New York Sports Connection's first annual teen essay contest, announced the contest sponsor. Aaron Finkel, its founder, noted, "We've received entries from many parts of the City, but we would love to have participation from all five boroughs. Our goal with the contest is to promote sportsmanship in youth sports, so naturally we want to take that message into every neighborhood."

UK's Favourite Retro Sweetshop Helps Marrying Couples Get Up Close and Personal on Their Big Day

It's those little finishing touches that often make the difference between a really memorable wedding day and one that doesn't quite have the X Factor. One of the worst culprits for this is frequently the wedding favours that the couple choose. Too often they are the same old favours that everyone uses… and that's just boring. But not anymore.

UK's Favourite Retro Sweetshop Helps Marrying Couples Get Up Close and Personal on Their Big Day

It's those little finishing touches that often make the difference between a really memorable wedding day and one that doesn't quite have the X Factor. One of the worst culprits for this is frequently the wedding favours that the couple choose. Too often they are the same old favours that everyone uses… and that's just boring. But not anymore.

The 17th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival Bringing Films from All over the Globe to the Community

LogoThe Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit will reel in a year of planning and showcase 30 selected films at the 17th annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival May 10-21, 2015. The Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival offers a diverse cinema experience in its annual festival and throughout the year. It also provides a forum for discussion about films from around the world that illuminate Jewish issues and principles. Our goal is to enhance a sense of community and inclusion for a broad range of audience members.

Zeal Master: Way of the Warrior: Compelling Fantasy Novel Thrusts Readers Into Vivid Mystical Land, as Outcast Attempts to Rid Humanity of Discord

While nobody will deny the fantasy genre's recent surge in popularity, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same-old' concepts. Thankfully, New York's Rahmel Garner is stepping up to the plate with gusto, throwing readers into the middle of an epic war as one man tries to stop it.

Published Author's New Book Helps Young Men Navigate Through Life with Clear-Cut Goals, Integrity & Good Character

In 2003, when David Dixon and his then wife made the difficult decision to divorce, he forged a commitment to remain active in his children's lives. While Dixon carved out a successful career of his own, he admits that not having a consistent father figure around, forced him to become a man the hard way.

"It's Just a Story, but the Skill Is Real": Martial Arts Instructor's Compelling Novel Urges Readers to Master Their Passions & Change Their World for the Better

When Ed Cruz decided to dedicate his life to mastering Wing Chun Gung Fu, he came to the stark realization that the world around him began to change for the better. Embracing this phenomenon, Cruz is now a respected martial arts mogul.

After Finding Novel in Dusty Box, Family of Renowned Columnist, Bob August, Posthumously Publish Artful Exploration of Pre WWII America

Millions of people knew and cherished Bob August for a six-decade writing career spanning The Cleveland Press, The News-Herald, and his nationally syndicated column 'The Wiser Side of Sixty'. Bob August was a master of language in column form, a writer's writer. August, sadly passed away in 2011, but left one final surprise for his family.

Meet Jimmy Thomas – The Romance Novel World's "Model to Mogul", Heart-Pumping Secret Celebrity

Walk into any book store around the world and pick up a romantic novel; chances are, Jimmy Thomas is on the front cover. In fact, Thomas can be found on over 7000 covers, each a unique work of immersive art in its own right. Thomas has an amazing story to tell, shifting from a simple cover model to literally dominating the romance novel industry.

Mad Music Presents First Ever Thoroughbred Music Festival

Eleven bands from the southeastern United States will come together on June 27th and 28th at the Stable View equestrian center to perform for charity in a music show that producers hope will become an annual event. Local music producers and syndicated radio show programmers at Mad Music Productions are working with regional charities to increase awareness and raise money for the areas disadvantaged, as well as, animal rescue and rehabilitation programs in the region. Proceeds for this event will benefit: Star Riding, a therapeutic and recreational riding program in Aiken, PAWS, a local animal welfare organization and ACTS of Aiken, a local multi-denominational mission serving those people who may be going through a tough time in the greater Aiken area.

Review Site Launch for Career Certifications (TBC) reviews and ranks career certification service companies by using weighted criteria. The new career certification service review section will be available starting May 1st and will be complete with company reviews as well as the latest news in the blog section. on Why Online Dating Is Beneficial in Finding That 'One True Love' on Free Dating Sites

LogoJoining an online dating site is easy as one, two, three… as this only requires interested individuals to sign up using their personal emails and have it verified. And after a few tweaks on the "about me" page of the account and uploading a number of photos to let people know who's behind the quirky yet humorous and more sensical account profile; it's time to meet new people, new friends or even new love of the life.

Book Teaches Children About the Lives of Pioneer Girls

Many children are fascinated by life in pioneer times. They may find themselves captivated by the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder, whose stories of life in that age inspired the popular TV series "Little House on the Prairie". Thanks to a book by Washington-based author Amber Richards, children who wonder what everyday life was like for Pioneer girls can discover the answers to many of their questions and even try out a couple of baking projects to get a taste of authentic pioneer cooking.

Retiring Couple to Give Away Their Real Estate for Two Hundred Dollars and a Winning Essay

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a beautiful, lovingly-restored antique building through a simple essay contest has arisen at a time when owning a home in current economic conditions seems impossible for most people in the US. A retiring couple, baby-boomers in their sixties, has decided to give away their 135-year-old, lovingly restored six-family investment property, named Laurelton Place, as a prize to the person who writes a winning essay.

Natural Breast Enhancement Methods from the Website

There is a large number of women who are unhappy with their bust size, but for various reasons are not interested in expensive medical methods of breast enhancement like surgery or injections. For many that option is a last resort because there have been some reported side effects reported along with stories from women who have been quite unhappy with the outcome of their medical procedures.