Social and Consumer Press Releases

SCALP Aesthetics Releases Scalp Micropigmention Service - The Latest Trend for Effective Treatment for Hair Loss

Scalp Micropigmentation is the latest and probably the most effective non-invasive treatment for hair loss problems especially for balding men. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 95% of balding in men is because of Androgenetic Alopecia or common Male Pattern Baldness (MBP).

Sunset Walk-in Healthcare Annouces New General Practice Department

John Foster, MD, owner of Sunset Walk-In Healthcare and Occupational Medicine Clinic announced today that he is now accepting new patients through his recently opened General Practice department.

Foundation for a Well-Ordered You: In a World Where Few Take the Time to Listen, New Bible-Based Book Balances Life's Myriad of Challenges

There's no way to sugarcoat it, most people struggle to balance life's many challenges. Coupled with an epidemic where few in society listen to those around them, it's no wonder many suffer in the depths of their own despair. Valeria K. Myrick has been there and, having triumphed through prayer, is now out to help the masses with a compelling and uplifting new self-help book.

Arizona Mom Launches Kickstarter Campaign Healthy Snack Box for Kids

An Arizona mom wants to make it as easy as possible for parents to introduce unique and delicious snacks to their kids and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to deliver snacks to anyone's door once a month. Recent Review Makes the Task of Choosing the Right Electric Shaver Hassle-Free has recently brought out a well-researched and well-written review about the best electric shavers available in the market and according to them, this is an ultimate review that is certain to help people immensely in choosing the latest and the best electric shaver that perfectly suits them. This review contains all the classes of electric shavers right from the recently launched Philips Norelco 9700 to all the top-rated electric shavers. This review will be especially useful for those who intend to buy an appropriate electric shaver during this festival time. In short, these people can make their choice easily and very quickly with the help of this review.

Vasectomy Reversal USA's Dr. Aaron Spitz Offering Vasectomy Reversals This Winter

LogoVasectomy Reversal USA is a sub-division of Orange County Urology Associates Inc., headed by Dr. Aaron Spitz. Dr. Spitz has been featured on programs that are aired nationwide in the United States, including The Doctors and Doctor Phil. This upcoming winter, Dr. Spitz is proudly offering men a new chance at fatherhood at one of the best fertility clinics in and around Los Angeles, California—Vasectomy Reversal USA. Dr. Spitz is a nationally-recognized urologic microsurgeon, and his publications, teaching, and his many years of expertise have led to his nationally-recognized status.

Vasectomy Reversal USA Works Closely with Orange County Urology to Restore Fertility to Males This Winter

LogoVasectomy Reversal USA is a branch of Orange County Urology Associates Inc., headed by Dr. Aaron Spitz. Dr. Spitz utilizes his expertise to offer patients effective vasectomy reversals and other fertility treatments. Over the years, Dr. Spitz has provided effective vasectomy reversals to many individuals, offering them a bright future and a chance at starting a family. With Vasectomy Reversal USA's long history of successful vasectomy reversals they have proven that male infertility can be successfully treated.

African American Music, Art and Food Festival on Hilton Head Island

The 19th annual Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration returns to the coastal island featuring more than a dozen events including musical performances, art exhibitions, food tastings, educational events, youth performances. More than 10 events are scheduled, mostly on weekends, from February 1 – February 28, 2015.

Laurel Wire Achieves CWOB 9009 Certification as a Woman-Owned Business

The American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC™), the nation's leading independent accreditation board for the quality community announced today the approval of Laurel Wire Company for CWOB 9009:2013 Certification According to ABAC™ spokeswoman Agatha Adelman, CWOB 9009 is the only certification program for women-owned businesses compliant to ISO 9001:2008 standard while also meeting quality management standards and requirements set forth by signatories of the American Board of Accredited Certifications and its observer groups for women-owned businesses. Offers a Little Bit of Something for Everyone

As of today, the Indexed Web contains around 0.27 billion pages - obviously, the world wide web is bigger than many people think it is. Amongst those sites, many website owners have specific niches that they focus on, such as gaming, technology, pets and gardening. is a site that is amongst them, but they're taking a different approach to the game. Instead of focusing solely on one niche, they have decided to branch out and create a site that is for people from different walks of life.

Baby Belly Stickers Offering an Innovative and Fun Way to Capture Baby's First Year of Growth

Who doesn't love baby pictures? Every proud parent or grandparent certainly needs as many as possible, and there's few things cuter to share with friends and family, not to mention to save for future enjoyment. Now there's a way to make these types of photos more amazing than ever. Baby Belly Stickers, recently announced their launch, offering a innovative way to spice up photos with an amazing selection of baby month stickers that capture a baby's first year of growth. Simply stick the baby belly month sticker on the front of the baby's bodysuit and they offer the perfect prop for photo opportunities. Families just can't get enough of them.

LastCrime Launches Indiegogo to Bring Groundbreaking Crime Fighting Artificial Intelligence to Market

LogoWith criminals not shying away from using the latest technology to commit crimes online and off, many people believe the time has come for law abiding citizens to fight fire with fire.  This means using the technology to stay ahead of the curve, protecting privacy, identifying criminals and making sure oneself, friends and family remain safe and sound.  This idea has inspired the creation of LastCrime , a unique, groundbreaking artificial intelligence developed to prevent, fight, track and report crime.  The company has recently announced the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help bring LastCrime to market and the excitement surrounding the news has been high.

Brigands Militia Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Sandals for the Homeless

How people treat the least fortunate of society says a great deal about their character. The same analogy certainly applies to businesses, both for better and for worse. Florida based Brigands Militia, creators of innovative sandals that have been a hot topic of conversation in fashion circles, are certainly on the plus side of this equation. Recently, the company announced they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund their "Sandals for the Homeless" project. The project will not only provide a pair of sandals for a homeless person for every pair sold, but will also donate much needed funds to the Homeless Voice, a Florida institution that makes lives more liveable for the Florida homeless each and everyday.

Dulac Launches Crowdsourced Fashion Platform to Deliver Premium Menswear

LogoDulac (, a fashion label based in New York City, is using crowdsourcing to bring premium denim products to customers. Using crowdsourcing means the products are manufactured only when a sufficient large number of customers order the products online.

The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council Seeks Crowfunding via Kickstarter for the Pocket Park in Maple Valley, Washington

LogoThe Maple Valley Creative Arts Council is poised to take back an alley in a wasted space between a grocery store and a coffee shop. Currently crowded with shopping carts and garbage dumpsters, the plan is to improve the quality of life for residents of Maple Valley, Washington by transforming it into an innovative pocket park that will provide recreation, gathering space, and arts access for residents of Maple Valley WA. In collaborating with the Maple Valley Creative Arts Council, artist Kathleen Fruge-Brown has designed a complete makeover of the space.

Hideez Technology, Inc Launches Kickstarter Project for Safeband: A Unique Personal Security Solution

LogoSafeBand is a smart, secure and trustworthy solution to keep daily life as protected as possible. Combining the latest technology with the most useful features in a safety device while protected by a waterproof steel case and offering unprecedent 20-day battery life, SafeBand is unique in every way. SafeBand can protect everything and everyone we care about.

Road to Dreamland: Uplifting & Enchanting New Storybook Empowers Children to Pursue Their Dreams, Defy Their Age and Embrace Their Potential

There's no way to sugar coat it; millions of children fail to achieve their dreams either because they don't believe in themselves, or because adults tell them they're not capable. Author T.T. Touray is fighting back with a powerful and potentially life-changing new children's book that puts nothing between children and their full potential.

From Students to Seniors, SudzClub Cleans Up

Reza Jafery, co-founder of, was pursuing a business and management degree at Arizona State University when he decided to solve the problem of having enough personal hygiene products for college students.

Obsession Phrases: New Program Fuses Motivation & Wit to Expose the Secrets to Creating a 'New Life'. Ladies - Now Is the Time

A new course for women entitled "Obsession Phrases" was released to the public earlier this week and has been creating a great deal excitement in the women's dating and relationship advice community. The widespread media attention surrounding the course's launch has come to the attention of's chief reporter Sean Roman who has just published an in-depth review of the new program. Now Offers Church Promotional Products for Making Impactful Promotions now offers church promotional products that are imperative to market and build the church brand. Churches now have YouTube channels with sermons from their pastor, a peek inside the church and its activities and much more. Along with videos, churches have websites, social media and blogs. These have all worked to save a tremendous amount of time and effort to help people find the right church.

Prison Break Coach Sends Open Letter with Survival Tips to New Jersey Housewives Star Teresa Giudice

Prison Break Coach Allison T. Moore ( has written an open letter which has been published on In2town Magazine to New Jersey Housewives reality star Teresa Giudice.

SMMPAGES.COM Introduces Scalp Micropigmentation as the Newest and the Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Balding is most common in men especially to those who have reached the age of thirty-five. According to the data from the American Hair Loss Association, 95% of balding in men is caused by Androgenetic Alopecia or common Male Pattern Baldness (MBP). There were already numerous available hair loss treatments in the market, however, most promises result after a number of tedious and expensive sessions which will result to temporary hair thickness. Some are successful, while some tend to alleviate hair loss temporarily.

Pedal the World - An Adventure Around the World on a Bicycle

LogoActually, everything was perfect - but something was missing Felix Starck in his daily life. The meaning of life? Perhaps. In June 2013, the then 23-year old started in his biggest adventure yet. 18000 km - 22 countries - 365 days – all on a bicycle.

YOBSN Games – A Risk Free Business Opportunity

YOBSN games offer a revolutionary business concept that combines the economic stability and spread of two major industries, namely, the gaming industry and the social network industry. By allowing users to own and share games, the company allows them to also receive a large percentage of the revenue that the games generate through the in-game purchases made by players across the world, round the clock.

Gilbert's Always Professional in Moving Collects Cans and Raises Soldiers Spirits During December

LogoAlways Professional in Moving, a local moving company in Gilbert, has continued their charitable efforts by collecting canned food donations this month. Not only did they exceed their collection from last year, but they surpassed their own expectations with a grand total of 6,500 cans. The cans joined donations from across the valley as part of KNIX Ben & Matt's Million Can Crusade. All donations go to St. Vincent de Paul's Food Reclamation Center to help families in need this holiday season.

Helles Teeth to Soon Launch a New Silicone Teething Toy for Babies

Helles Teeth, a  non-toxic silicone teething toy company, has released the details about their new teething toy range, Cthulhu Chew. This product is dedicated to bringing safe gum-soothing goodness to brutal babies all over the world, and to supporting them through all stages of teething. Cthulhu Chew will be a new addition to the line of Helles Teeth range of silicone teething toys which are available in their online shop.  Their popular products include the Teething for Odin range of Viking themed teethers in 3 exclusive colour sets. Cthulhu Chew is the second design theme from Helles Teeth.

Starting over Again Announces Online Seminar for Those Who Are Ending Relationships

Starting Over Again, an established leader in providing a proven process for supporting those who want to move forward in a constructive way from relationship breakups, today announced plans for its upcoming 10 week online seminar 'Starting Over Again Rebuilding' beginning December 18th, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST. The seminar runs once per week and is 2 1/2 hours long.