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Award Winning Entrepreneur Reaches out to Online Community to Fund Flaggle Waggler Flags

Steve LePage, past winner of Inventor of the Year is not only pursuing Major Licensors and Brands, he is also willing to customize Flaggle Waggler Flags for community and small business organizations. The goal is to be the Official Flaggle Waggler Flag supplier to your unique Business, University, College, Organization, Community Association, Agency, Professional and Amateur Sports teams, Church, Product, Brand, Franchise, Complex, Branch, Town, City, Governing Body (National or Regional), Law Enforcement Group, Military Branch, Fire Department, Superhero, Cartoon character, Marching Band, Rock Bank, Choir, Institute, Foundation, Fraternity, Sorority, Tournament, Marathon, Competition, Race, Annual Parade, Special Event or any Anniversary you may be involved with.

Creative Designs, Inc. Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Take to the Next Level

Crowdfunding is an excellent concept for raising money to fund the development of worthy products and technologies that would not be funded through other venues. However, unfortunately, the crowdfunding platforms have often been misused by people driven by greed or simply by the lack of basic understanding of science. In many instances, campaigns have been launched to support products and technologies that have no technical merit and cannot possibly function as claimed.

What We Weren't Taught About the Bible and Its History: New "Bible Digest" Explains Scripture from Original Hebrew Perspective

There’s no way to sugarcoat it; millions of Believers struggle to understand the Bible due to its random ordering and presentation of the Holy Scriptures from a Hebrew cultural perspective. This ‘disconnect’ is so much of an epidemic that Christianity is losing millions of followers each year who become frustrated and ultimately give up. In a true world’s first, an Ohioan Rabbi has condensed pertinent Scripture into not only a logical order, but with explanations so that their Hebrew perspective makes powerful sense and turns the book into the life-changing text it was intended to be.

Confessions of a Gay Boy That Became a Woman: Raw & Frank New Autobiography Gives Voice to Gay Individuals Afraid to Come Out

Everyone has dreams. For some it is material and for others it’s to achieve a certain status in society. For Aynat Fox, it was to become a woman. Fox spent decades as a gay man who struggled to be free and proud in a world that wouldn’t accept his sexual identity. She broke through the adversity, became the woman she had always dreamed of and is now sharing her journey with the world.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Company Now Offers Versatile and Original Brazilian Hair Extensions

Reflecting their position as a major importer and exporter of Brazilian hair, the Brazilian Virgin Hair Company now offers a myriad of Brazilian hair extensions at affordable prices. Now the dream of getting that celebrity like hair is just a step away. Their wide variety of hair includes Brazilian Remy hair, Indian virgin Remy hair, Brazilian lace frontals, Brazilian clip on hair, Brazilian fusion extension, Brazilian top closure, Ponytail range and others. The company pays a lot of emphasis on the quality of Brazilian weave hair extensions and they set their own benchmark in the hair extension industry which outshines them against their competitors.

ITGIRL4LIFE: Artist & Speaker's New 'Blueprint' Book Empowers Teen Girls to Take Charge of Life & Step Into Their Greatness

Artist and speaker, Tamara Branch shares what it takes to play BIG and own your life in, ‘ITGIRL4LIFE’, a self-empowerment guide that is designed to help teen girls discover their inner “IT” potential. Packed with sage advice, life-changing insights and affirmations to help you soar, ITGIRL4LIFE provides a roadmap to high self-esteem, offering ideas, tools and principles that you can reference and build upon, supporting you in becoming your best.

Hit Stageplay Scheduled for East St. Louis in November Promotes Anti-Bullying

Stageplay fans can start making plans to attend the hit stageplay, Love and Happiness, as the stage is set for the event to be held atEast St Louis Sr High School. The play is a collaborative effort of Team Bully Response Squad (TBRS)and Beyond Limits Productions and a large turnout is expected in support of this hilarious and riveting play.

Mark Blanton Seeks $40,000 in Crowdfunding to Bring African-American Barbie to South Africa

LogoDuring Mark Blanton’s many travels first in the US Army then later as a member of the Secret Service protecting two vice presidents, he noticed the absence African American Barbie dolls but no lack of South African girls with her Caucasian cousin –the original Barbie. We all know the history of the iconic Barbie doll here in America and understand the power that this one doll holds over little girls as they learn and grow.

Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA Answers Important Questions Women Have Concerning Vasectomy Reversal

LogoEvery couple should carefully consider making the decision to reverse a vasectomy. Women may find talking to their partner about a vasectomy reversal is a difficult topic to approach, as some concerns are hard to express. Women who have trouble speaking about the life-changing procedure can contact Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA. He assists patients with microsurgical vasectomy reversal in Los Angeles and surrounding areas of California.

Listlux Launches Free Classified Website in Cities Across the US

The phenomenal success of online classified lists such as Craig's List have encouraged a number of other sites to pop up over the Internet in recent years. In fact, although the classified business has dominated newspapers for the last hundred years, the influx of online classifieds sites is still very much in state of constant change. The growing number of web companies, both new and established is a fact, but few are dominating the field, with most choosing niche markets of classifieds, instead. This leaves the market wide open for those companies who do wish to challenge Craig's List or offer an alternative to consumers who wish to place Free Classifieds.

Vasectomy Reversal USA Answers Longstanding Myth Concerning Pregnancy Success Rate

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA, an urologist who helps men by providing personalized services for vasectomy reversal in Los Angeles and surrounding areas of California, is pleased to address longstanding myths concerning pregnancy success rates occurring post vasectomy reversal. There are several factors that may increase the likelihood for getting pregnant after a spouse has had a vasectomy reversal.

Daughter Launches Gofundme to Bury Her Father

For families living paycheck to paycheck, one serious illness can put them on the street, homeless and wondering from where their next meal will come after facing insurmountable expenses for hospitalizations, tests, and treatment. Facts indicate that homeless children miss more school than those who have homes. And psychological barriers are known to factor in to whether families get the help they need when they are in crises when they suffer from embarrassment, nervousness about filling out the forms or answering questions properly, and if they have further self-consciousness regarding their appearance and hygiene when living on the streets. Children raised under the stress of these conditions often grow into adults who suffer from Childhood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When one of the breadwinners then succumbs to death, life for the family in crises can be compounded exponentially for years.

Pull Your Ex Back Review Examining Ryan Hall's New Self-Help System Released

This Pull Your Ex Back Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not their money to get Pull Your Ex Back new revolutionary program. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called Pull Your Ex Back are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. Pull Your Ex Back Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews. Sells a Wide Range of Products for Men and Women

The internet world has unlimited number of websites selling consumer usable products. They are largely preferred as it relives the buyers of going through the complex process of reaching out to various places for shopping. From the comfort of home or office, they are able to shop for their choice of products. is a China based shopping agency which is a one stop solution for different shopping needs. In the sea of online retailers, it is distinguished by serving high quality items along with secure payment method and cost effective shipping. It has been affiliated by some of the biggest online shopping houses of China such as,,, and more.

Today's Miracles of Christ Publishes Proof of New Miracles Showing Jesus Working Every Day

Keeping the faith in the modern world can be difficult and challenging at the best of times, and often tragedies are sent in order to test the faith of those who believe in Christ as their personal savior. Some believe however that Christ’s influence is still potent and immediate and responsible for miracles throughout the world. Today’s Miracles of Christ is a new website created to collate those miracles in one place, so that visitors to the site might rejuvenate their faith through news of Christ’s work every day.

"Penguin Method" by Samantha Sanderson Receives Positive Customer Feedback

Samantha Sanderson's "Penguin Method" program has just been released to the public generating a buzz of commotion throughout the women's dating and relationship advice community. The widespread media attention surrounding the product's release has caught the attention of's Sean Roman prompting an investigative review of the course.

Hook Your Ex System Overview to Offer Complete Guide About the HookYourEx Program

Hook Your Ex System is a relationship guide created by Steve Pratt to help people get back their ex and have a fresh start. Steve Pratt shows people the right things to do from the moment they breakup to the time their ex returns. Breakups are heart wrenching and most people end up being overwhelmed by emotions of anger and regret, which most times leads to regretful actions.

New Hampshire Eckankar Regional Seminar: "Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Life"

LogoAuthor Anne Archer Butcher will be the guest speaker at the New Hampshire Eckankar Regional Seminar to be held on September 20, 2014.

Politically Active Tech Team Launching Game-Changer for Independents

Republicans. Democrats. Seems politics is making everyone seem like an ass while avoiding the truth about the herd of elephants in the room. One political movement, Independent by Choice hopes to change all that and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to 'Rise Above The Sheeple' and give the people a voice in politics again.

New Website Provides Resources to Help People Start Their Own Business Utilizing the Cloud

Starting and operating a business via the cloud requires specific knowledge and skills that are unique. Entrepreneurs Nick and Lorna Marquet, a husband and wife team has recently launched a resourceful website that is geared toward providing parents of young children and other caregivers the essential knowledge and skills required to be successful working in the cloud.

One Can Enhance Their Financial Well-Being by Buying Facebook Likes

Social media is one of the main faces of advertising. With several facets it can work on one’s fame, brand promotion, sales. It also helps in establishing a status for their firm in the marketplace among consumers. People like to involve with a brand which is well-known in the marketplace. It is not about the quality of product or service initially but about the publicizing.

MamaBear Issues a List of Dangerous Social Apps Parents Need to Ban

LogoThe online social scene is getting more dangerous for young people. A variety of apps that permit users to create accounts and interact anonymously have triggered a risky situation where bullies can post harassing comments from behind a veil and receive little to no consequences for their actions.

Know Romantic Life During 2015 from the Horoscope Site of World-Famous Relationship Astrologer, Marcus Lee

Despite a number of technological and scientific advancements and innovations, there seems to be no dearth for superstitious people among us. These people still have a lot of faith in love horoscopes, zodiac as well as star-wise predictions, etc. Of course, there are people who say that they do not believe in all these things. Though people belonging to various religions seem to have varied opinions about predictions, love horoscopes, zodiac-wise predictions, star signs, etc., the fact remains that millions of people, regardless of the religion they belong to, have a curiosity to know what their future love life will be. This may be because almost everyone is serious about having a good life partner and they know pretty well that happiness in life is possible only if their love life is good. At the same time, it cannot be denied that some people want to have the predictions about their love life just for fun. Offers Pinterest Repins, Likes & Followers

The world has gone through many technological changes over the past few years and due to that, the usage of social media websites as well as networks has become an essential part in promoting any kind of business. Pinterest is one of the most well-known social media networks currently and through it, the promotion of businesses has become immensely easy. Through social networks and websites as such, not only can individuals increase their friend circle, but they can also get a massive amount of followers conveniently, that is if they work towards that goal.

Director Brent Harvey and Actor Tyler Derench, Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Their Upcoming Film "DIVE"

A new Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign is now underway to raise a total of $20,000 in pledges to complete the filming for “DIVE”, an independent short film that explores the common struggle of a gay athlete overcoming the challenge of accepting his own identity.

Mobile Defense System Now Providing Back to School Safety App This Fall

LogoMobile Defense System is pleased to announce their back to school safety app this fall. Fall has almost arrived and that means children are headed back to school. With the recent increase in violence at schools, parents may fear their child will be harmed at any moment.

Cycle Technologies Shares 12 Years of Insights on the Importance of Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

Cycle Technologies issued a statement outlining the reasons why women should track their menstrual cycles. According to Ann Mullen, the company’s Director of Client Services & Health Education, “Since 2002 we have helped women track their cycles and use this information to plan or prevent pregnancy. While our focus has been on helping women to achieve their reproductive goals, we’ve also realized that there are a number of other benefits that come from tracking your menstrual cycle.”