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Breakfast Ideas for Kids Creates New Recipes for Kids and Parents to Make Together

The conventional wisdom that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has held throughout the dawn of advanced nutritional science. As a result, people are taking breakfast more seriously, and that includes parents most of all. Children need healthy breakfasts, but getting them to eat them can be tough. Breakfast Ideas For Kids is a website founded on helping parents engage kids with healthy foods through creativity. Their latest venture has been to create recipes children can help create together with their parents.

MamaBear Teaches Parents How Allowance Can Create Financially Responsible Kids (And Adults)

LogoTalking to preschoolers about money may seem strange to most parents. But a recent article by MamaBear, The Ultimate Parenting App™ reminds parents that kids, even young kids, need to start learning about money early in their lives.

Judy Belletti Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Help Children Improve Their Vocabulary Through Bright World eBooks

LogoKids are known to be naturally inquisitive. They enjoy new experiences and discovering things unknown to them. Judy Belletti, the co-founder of 3D Learning Group, firmly believes that it is much easier to engage children with visual learning rather than asking children to memorize vocabulary from a list. This concept has led Judy and her team to create the company's first endeavor, Bright World eBooks. The eBooks will be a complete 3D reading experience where children will be given the opportunity to access learning tools that are as engaging and entertaining as a video game or movie.

CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids Greg Durocher Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support the Company's Informational Video Project for Caregivers

LogoPregnancy loss can be an extremely sad and stressful experience regardless of how it happens. Recent studies reveal that every year, almost 3,000 unborn babies are denied of their birth because of pregnant moms experiencing car accidents. In spite of these scary figures, safe driving during pregnancy is not a frequently discussed topic. Surprisingly, only 27% of expecting mothers discuss this topic with their health care provider. Safe Ride 4 Kids has started this project to change this scenario by presenting the caregivers an easy way to share information with their clients.

Lorraine Peoples Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Digital Versions of "You Can Teach Someone to Read"

LogoThe life's journey can be an endless struggle for people that can't read well. Lorraine Peoples strongly believes that all these people can be taught to read regardless of their age. The objective of this digital project from Lorraine is to enable more fluent readers to teach the non-readers and struggling readers to read English properly.

Durham Preschool to Host Stuffed Animal Drive

Children's Campus at Southpoint is proud to announce their participation in the Stuffed Animals for Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) stuffed animal drive from March 23rd to April 17th, 2015.

Blue Lights for Blue Kites

LogoFamily & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. is bringing back its Blue Kite Campaign for a 4th year to raise awareness to child abuse prevention programming during National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month in April. This year partner locations will once again sell the Blue Kites pin-ups for $1 but the agency is also asking area businesses to turn their lights blue at night to remind neighbors of the 4,464 reports of suspected child abuse and neglect.

MamaBear Grows Their Parenting App with Acquisition of KidNotice

LogoMamaBear®, The Ultimate Parenting App™ is growing, evolving, and cementing their place as the leading all-in-one parenting app that promotes family protection, communication, location, and organization.

Register for Child Care by May 31 and Receive Tuition Discount, Announces

The YMCA of Western Monmouth County announces a 10 percent discount on Freehold New Jersey Childcare for those registering before May 31st. Individuals who sign up by this date receive the discount on their first month's tuition in the childcare program, which provides for children between the ages of zero and five. Children taking part in the program receive the best possible learning opportunities in an environment which is safe, warm and loving, and parents find they feel confident leaving their child with the staff at the YMCA.

New Company Called Apricot Kids Interactive Releases First Free Fun and Educational App for Toddlers

Apricot Kids Interactive, a new company that offers "Montessori Preschool Apps and Fun Educational Games", is now releasing their very first free app for kids without pop-ups and ads.

Kite Fundraiser to Draw Attention to Child Abuse

LogoDuring Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. will ask the community to support its 4th annual Blue Kite Fundraising Campaign, an effort to bring attention and funding to child abuse prevention efforts. Green Bay Police Chief Tom Molitor, Brown County Sheriff John Gossage and Mayor Jim Schmitt are scheduled to sign the first honorary kites in the fundraiser.

MamaBear Recaps Child Protective Services Findings in Free Range Parenting Case

LogoParenting is back in the news as Child Protective Services recently issued their findings in a Maryland case that many consider a normal situation for free range parents, those parents that believe children should be allowed to explore the world at their own pace and freedom.

Carol Cline Introduces Start Potty Training Program for Three-Day Results

LogoCarol Cline has been labeled a "Potty Training Guru," but she claims that she is actually just an ordinary mother of four who happened to stumble on a method that allowed her to start potty training at 1 year with her children.  Now, Carol is sharing this method with others through her Start Potty Training PDF  book and video located at

Non-Biological Fathers May Have Custody and Visitation Rights, Reports

The Colorado courts must take many factors into consideration when determining if a non-biological father should have custody and/or visitation rights of a child he did not father. Circumstances considered by the court during the process include whether or not the man believed he was the father. In addition, if a non-birth father successfully demonstrates he has a strong, enduring relationship with a child he hasn't fathered, he may be able to retain parental rights. Maceau Law ( works to help men who find they are in this situation.

"Kids as Integral Money Managers" Project Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Logo"Kids As Integral Money Managers" is the name of a series of books by Ariel Cotton that help children learn vital lessons about managing finances.  Because of her own struggles with money, Cotton determined that she would find books that would help her children learn the valuable lessons of saving and budgeting at an early age.  However, she could find little to no information on practical money management advice.

Globally Renowned Children's Content Company Smartoonz Launches Monkey See Monkey Dance App for Children and Family

A world leading creative children's content development company has announced the release of a brand new interactive application. Smartoonz has launched "Monkey See Monkey Dance," a new app based on the company's successful TV series "Monkey See Monkey Do."

MamaBear Explains That Parents Could Drive Their Kids to Risky Online Behavior

LogoParents who are aware of online dangers are constantly working to protect their children from harm. But a new study reports that parents attempting to aggressively direct their children away from harm could actually be leading them toward it. Provides Valuable Resources to Parents About Organic Crib Mattresses was recently launched to help parents make an informed purchase decision by giving them necessary information on how to identify and choose the best organic crib mattresses. The website also provides evenhanded reviews of the best organic crib mattresses available in the market today to cut down the time and effort most parents put in while looking for a hygienic, comfortable and safe mattresses for their child. further discusses the many merits of opting for an organic crib mattress, foremost of which is making sure that a baby is not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Scott Tucker Announces New Our Family Fun Night Kids Storytelling Workshop

The site aimed at keeping families learning together, Our Family Fun Night, is featuring master storyteller Scott Tucker in their upcoming article. Tucker is hosting a brand new class aimed at children interested in the field.

Kids Yoga Stories Announces the Release of the Second Edition of Anna and Her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats by Giselle Shardlow

LogoYoga books for kids can teach important lessons and be entertaining, but they are also amazing tools that could lay the foundation for healthy behavior for years to come. The For proof, Kids Yoga Stories books written by author Giselle Shardlow have led the way in providing fun and informative yoga stories. The latest is their recently announced new release, the second edition of Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats. News about this book, one of the most popular books published by Kids Yoga Stories, has been met with a very enthusiastic response.

Mum to Be Releases New Product Line for 2015

Mum To Be specializes in a great range of organic skin care products that have been developed to offer a safe and effective skin care for pregnant women and young mothers. They are now introducing a new product line for 2015 that will help create a pleasant pre- and post-pregnancy experience for the modern of the world. The Australia skin care brand believes in organic formulations and offers products that are rich in Vitamins, anti-oxidants and other ingredients that can nourish skin naturally and thus can be the most suitable for mums to be and young moms.

Suffolk Based Little Acorns Fostering Launch Open Day on 9th May for Potential Foster Carers

With reports from The Fostering Network show that 9,000 fostering families will be needed for 2015, Suffolk based Little Acorns has decided to launch an open day on the 9th May 2015. The event will give people thinking of becoming a foster carer an insight into the important work that foster families do and how important it is for more foster families to come forward.

Rogan Family Care Announces New Nanny Vacancies

Rogan Family Care releases the latest list of nanny vacancies for those looking for a career in this field. Vacancies are open for those who are energetic and experienced career nannies, professional school aged nannies, and more. Workers in this industry find the listings to be of great assistance in finding the perfect job for their needs and families love the vacancy listings also, as they can find the professional best suited for their children.

Moving & Educating Kids Overseas: How One Mom Helped Her Child Thrive Available on Amazon

LogoMoving & Educating Kids Overseas: How One Mom Helped Her Child THRIVE by Elizabeth Ballard examines what it takes to make an international move with children, with a focus on helping them continue their education overseas as well as assimilate, make friends, and learn the language. The book is now available on Amazon at

As the Risks of Childhood Diseases and Vaccines Remain Embroiled with Debate Parents Find Consensus with a Whimsical Solution for Basic Illness Prevention

LogoWith a continuous stream of alarming reports about new clusters of measles outbreaks, parents have plenty of reasons to be anxious. In many cases parents are at odds with each other over the safety and efficacy of vaccines. The debate over vaccines continues to flame both passionate and hostile reactions. Abstainers fear the risk of vaccine side effects while adopters fear the risks of contracting preventable targeted diseases.