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Arizona Mom Launches Kickstarter Campaign Healthy Snack Box for Kids

An Arizona mom wants to make it as easy as possible for parents to introduce unique and delicious snacks to their kids and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to deliver snacks to anyone's door once a month.

Baby Belly Stickers Offering an Innovative and Fun Way to Capture Baby's First Year of Growth

Who doesn't love baby pictures? Every proud parent or grandparent certainly needs as many as possible, and there's few things cuter to share with friends and family, not to mention to save for future enjoyment. Now there's a way to make these types of photos more amazing than ever. Baby Belly Stickers, recently announced their launch, offering a innovative way to spice up photos with an amazing selection of baby month stickers that capture a baby's first year of growth. Simply stick the baby belly month sticker on the front of the baby's bodysuit and they offer the perfect prop for photo opportunities. Families just can't get enough of them.

Road to Dreamland: Uplifting & Enchanting New Storybook Empowers Children to Pursue Their Dreams, Defy Their Age and Embrace Their Potential

There's no way to sugar coat it; millions of children fail to achieve their dreams either because they don't believe in themselves, or because adults tell them they're not capable. Author T.T. Touray is fighting back with a powerful and potentially life-changing new children's book that puts nothing between children and their full potential.

Helles Teeth to Soon Launch a New Silicone Teething Toy for Babies

Helles Teeth, a  non-toxic silicone teething toy company, has released the details about their new teething toy range, Cthulhu Chew. This product is dedicated to bringing safe gum-soothing goodness to brutal babies all over the world, and to supporting them through all stages of teething. Cthulhu Chew will be a new addition to the line of Helles Teeth range of silicone teething toys which are available in their online shop.  Their popular products include the Teething for Odin range of Viking themed teethers in 3 exclusive colour sets. Cthulhu Chew is the second design theme from Helles Teeth.

Childcare Still Unaffordable for WI Families

LogoFor the eighth year in a row childcare is found to be unaffordable for working families including those in Wisconsin according to Child Care Aware of America's Parents and the High Cost of Childcare Report. Wisconsin was ranked in the top ten for least affordable states for a 4-year-old in a group based center based on a percentage of state median income for a two-parent family.

MamaBear Helps Parents Find the Perfect Gift for the Tween in the House

LogoBuying gifts for tweens isn't easy. Falling somewhere between a child and a teenager, this age group has outgrown toys but is still young enough to want to a little fun around the holidays. Their gifts need to be the right part entertaining and age appropriate -- not juvenile, but still youthful. For frazzled parents who are down to last minute shopping, that can be a hard balance to find.

A Moment for Me Publishes Self-Care Calendar for Busy Parents

Daily Activities Help Parents Focus on Themselves While Caring for Everyone Else Publishes Updated Information on Child Custody Laws in Virginia provides necessary information about the child custody laws in Virginia. According to the website, child custody battles can be emotional and stressful times for the parents and more so, for the children. Child custody laws vary from state to state and, understanding the need for parents and guardians to be aware of these laws, has provided comprehensive information about child custody laws in Virginia. The site also provides information about the SRIS Law Group, one of the most reputed law firms of Virginia. According to, the SRIS Law Group has represented numerous child custody cases successfully.

Introducing a New Book for Kids - Monty the Fish Goes to the Zoo

Looking for the perfect book for the children in your life, look no further than Vivienne Alonge's new book Monty the Fish Goes to the Zoo.

Toddler Puzzle App Shortlisted for Prima Baby Award 2015

A leading design company that deals with pre-school, toddler and educational apps has today announced they're moving up in the world. Their iOS and Android app 101 Animal Puzzles for Kids has been shortlisted for a Prima Baby Award 2015 in the electronic toy category. Winning the award could mean getting enough publicity to increase sales and improve services even further. Anyone who wants to try the game on for size will see that Little Clever offer a basic free version on their website.

New Board Game for Kids Expounds Buddhist Principles

Dimuthu Calyaneratne of Sri Lanka firmly believes that the best way for children to learn is through games. That's one of the reasons he became a game designer.

The Street Smarts App Helps Parents of Children with Special Needs Avoid the Unthinkable

LogoBecoming separated from your child is a parent's worst nightmare. Now imagine your child has special needs.

New Parenting Programs in Greater Area of Danbury in 2015 by Renowned Family Coach

LogoRenowned family coach Soribel Martinez is all set to introduce new parenting programs in greater Danbury area from the early part of 2015. Details related to the same were confirmed by Soribel Martinez in a small press meet here today. The four week parenting program would be offered online as well as live in person and is meant for parents, grandparents, faster and adoptive parents, aunts, older brothers and sisters, teachers or any other adult directly or indirectly related to the child's development and guidance. The program will help attendees in understanding the right ways to actively involved in the child's life.

The Family Solution Is the Ultimate Experience to Strengthen Family Bonds, Find Cohesion, and Put a Family Back on Trackthrough a Unique Family Strengthening Experience

Many family units suffer drastically from problems, turmoil, misunderstandings and lack of cohesion. Struggling families are common in the modern world. The generation gap seems to be ever widening. Lack of trust and adaptation to each other leads to a broken family unit, hurtful decisions, and painful regrets.

Khush-Boo Is Raising Funds on Indiegogo to Bring Chemical-Free Baby Fragrances to Market

Multiple studies have proven that most makers of popular perfume, colognes and body sprays do not disclose hazardous ingredients in their products. Khush-Boo offers a safe alternative to the parents who want to introduce fragrances to their babies and toddlers without risking their health.

Parents of Two Blind Children with Severe Autism Seek Funding Help Through

LogoLou Anne and her husband Craig have two blind sons named Ciaran and Geordie with severe autism. Caring for the boys creates a highly stressful life; there is no external support whatsoever. They have decided to home school their autistic sons due to school bullying and inappropriate discipline received from professionals entrusted to care for them. The couple is severely sleep deprived; this has caused extreme stress, fatigue and serious health complications. Unfortunately, Craig and Lou Anne cannot afford necessary, costly treatments and medications for themselves after paying for the biomedical interventions and high grade supplements they provide for their sons - which still fall short of offering relief from the physical pain that accompanies their severe autistic symptoms.

New Bestseller Prepares Children for Today's Challenges in New Book Series

Don't Bet On It is the first book of the "Baseball-Superheroes" series, formally launched this month.

Brick Link Sees Launch of New Online Lego Store to Help Orphans Worldwide

This week marks the launch of Building Hope for Orphans, an on-line Lego market selling new and used Lego, based in Toronto, Canada. The business has a unique story, and has been set up through the kindness and dedication of children: Daniel Walessa, 10 years old, and his sister, Faith Walessa who is 7. Their remarkable desire in launching this store is to donate 100% of the profits earned directly to helping orphans through Compassion Canada and the Ellerslie Rescue Fund.

Priceless Work but Unlivable Wages

LogoA recent survey of group childcare centers in Northeast Wisconsin shows the pay rate of childcare teachers is just under the national average. Despite the important role they play in early childhood development and school readiness, childcare workers are some of the lowest paid workers in the United States, according to Child Care Aware.

Shared Parenting Guidelines for Parents and Guardians for Better Future of Their Child

It is extremely crucial to keep the situation in control and a proper co-operation from both the parents is a challenging factor here. When the parents are sure on their separation, the matter is taken to the court, and there are rigid rules and regulations that are involved. The parents must reflect on the factors that will be concluded in parent planning and sharing of time and schedule.

Fun Baby Shower Online Resource Launches Site to Provide Plethora of Ideas to Hosts

Today's baby shower is a far cry from the historical celebration of the birth of a baby. Ancient Egyptians and Grecians typically celebrated the birth of a child after the birth, and with no real fanfare, but with offerings of gifts to the Gods, rather than gifts to the mother or child. During the middle ages, the concept of gifts to the family emerged as the idea of godparents became popular present at the baby's baptism. Typically, the godparents presented silver spoons or some other like gift to the parents at the baptism celebration, prompting the temptation to name several sets of godparents to the child in return for multiple gifts.

Brooke Leedy & Brandon Kistler Seek Crowdfunding for the Baby Changer: A Cleaner, Safer Way to Change Babies

LogoThe current health standards for public changing stations are non-existent - leading to shocking levels of Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus (staff infection), and Enterobacter (a fecal virus that causes a nasty stomach bug like the Noral Virus). With these pathogens showing up at a rate of over 80% on current baby changing units, along with residue of cocaine and other drugs being detected on more changing tables than one could imagine, the situation clearly needs to be changed.

How to Keep Your Child with Special Needs Safe with Child Medical Id Bracelets

LogoParents of children with special needs have so much to worry about and are constantly facing extra challenges and situations no one had thought even existed.

The Evergreen Center Provides Details on Autism Signs in Children

LogoEarly diagnosis of autism in children is important. Every autistic child has unique needs, regardless of common symptoms. An autistic child may respond to hands-on stimulation rather than visual stimulation or vice versa. One of the good things about autism research is that children can now be diagnosed at younger ages, some as early as age three. Children and Autism at says “While “autism” is not directly treatable, children with autism spectrum and related disorders have many treatable medical problems.”

Andre Small Seeks Crowdfunding to Give Away Two Full Scholarships to a Private School.

LogoCathedral of Faith Christian School has operated since 1987 and since day one has endeavored to create an environment that produces well-rounded disciplined students in the area of academic understanding, knowledge, skills, and to develop within the child the power to reason with strong moral character and spiritual values. Many single parents desire to have their child in a safe and small learning early childhood education environment, but cannot afford the cost of tuition.