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Brick Link Sees Launch of New Online Lego Store to Help Orphans Worldwide

This week marks the launch of Building Hope for Orphans, an on-line Lego market selling new and used Lego, based in Toronto, Canada. The business has a unique story, and has been set up through the kindness and dedication of children: Daniel Walessa, 10 years old, and his sister, Faith Walessa who is 7. Their remarkable desire in launching this store is to donate 100% of the profits earned directly to helping orphans through Compassion Canada and the Ellerslie Rescue Fund.

Priceless Work but Unlivable Wages

LogoA recent survey of group childcare centers in Northeast Wisconsin shows the pay rate of childcare teachers is just under the national average. Despite the important role they play in early childhood development and school readiness, childcare workers are some of the lowest paid workers in the United States, according to Child Care Aware.

Totlings Aims to Improve Infant Health and Safety One Family at a Time, Announcing the Launch of Totlings's New, Interactive Website

Totlings; Babies with wings Totlings baby care company has developed a one of a kind baby floor seat named the Snugglish, a product that addresses the many health concerns associated with resting positions in infants and young children.

Shared Parenting Guidelines for Parents and Guardians for Better Future of Their Child

It is extremely crucial to keep the situation in control and a proper co-operation from both the parents is a challenging factor here. When the parents are sure on their separation, the matter is taken to the court, and there are rigid rules and regulations that are involved. The parents must reflect on the factors that will be concluded in parent planning and sharing of time and schedule.

Fun Baby Shower Online Resource Launches Site to Provide Plethora of Ideas to Hosts

Today's baby shower is a far cry from the historical celebration of the birth of a baby. Ancient Egyptians and Grecians typically celebrated the birth of a child after the birth, and with no real fanfare, but with offerings of gifts to the Gods, rather than gifts to the mother or child. During the middle ages, the concept of gifts to the family emerged as the idea of godparents became popular present at the baby's baptism. Typically, the godparents presented silver spoons or some other like gift to the parents at the baptism celebration, prompting the temptation to name several sets of godparents to the child in return for multiple gifts.

Brooke Leedy & Brandon Kistler Seek Crowdfunding for the Baby Changer: A Cleaner, Safer Way to Change Babies

LogoThe current health standards for public changing stations are non-existent - leading to shocking levels of Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus (staff infection), and Enterobacter (a fecal virus that causes a nasty stomach bug like the Noral Virus). With these pathogens showing up at a rate of over 80% on current baby changing units, along with residue of cocaine and other drugs being detected on more changing tables than one could imagine, the situation clearly needs to be changed.

How to Keep Your Child with Special Needs Safe with Child Medical Id Bracelets

LogoParents of children with special needs have so much to worry about and are constantly facing extra challenges and situations no one had thought even existed.

The Evergreen Center Provides Details on Autism Signs in Children

LogoEarly diagnosis of autism in children is important. Every autistic child has unique needs, regardless of common symptoms. An autistic child may respond to hands-on stimulation rather than visual stimulation or vice versa. One of the good things about autism research is that children can now be diagnosed at younger ages, some as early as age three. Children and Autism at says “While “autism” is not directly treatable, children with autism spectrum and related disorders have many treatable medical problems.”

Andre Small Seeks Crowdfunding to Give Away Two Full Scholarships to a Private School.

LogoCathedral of Faith Christian School has operated since 1987 and since day one has endeavored to create an environment that produces well-rounded disciplined students in the area of academic understanding, knowledge, skills, and to develop within the child the power to reason with strong moral character and spiritual values. Many single parents desire to have their child in a safe and small learning early childhood education environment, but cannot afford the cost of tuition.

Silver Bee Photography Shares How to Prep for a Newborn Portrait

LogoSilver Bee Photography specializes in newborn photography. In their latest blog, they help parents plan for their newborn's first photo shoot. “With a bit of prep and planning, your session will run as smooth as a baby's bottom,” says Silver Bee Photography.

MamaBear Offers Parents a Plan to Create a Safer, Less Stressful Halloween

LogoHalloween can be a scary time, especially for parents who have to be extra prepared for a holiday that comes with additional safety concerns and hazards for their kids.

Softy the Poop: New Book Gets Families Talking About Poop! but There's a Serious Goal: To Avoid Debilitating Childhood Constipation

Books about poop are rare to say the least, especially those containing an actual caricatured poop with a name like ‘softy’, who encourages children to look forward to seeing him lying at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Meet the Adorable Young Piglet Who's Taking the Children's Literary World by Storm

LogoNot since Charlotte's Web, over 60 years ago, has there been a pig who could bring such joy, laughter and excitement to young children.  With a mission to share smiles around the world, young Sir Pigglesworth is inspiring a whole new generation of children, parents and educators.

14 Year Old Teenage Fashion Entrepreneur to Present Keynote Address on the Next Big Teen Clothing Brand at UCLA This Sunday

14 Year Old Teenage Fashion Entrepreneur to Present Keynote Address On The Next Big Teen Clothing Brand at UCLA This Sunday

TCPI Addresses UN Development Agenda

LogoWith less than 500 days to go before the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), The Children’s Project International (TCPI) joins with its international partners, to call upon world leaders to intensify their efforts to accelerate progress to achieve the MDGs before their expiration at the end of next year. During the opening of the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly last month, voices from the developing world poignantly reminded the 193-member body of the commitments it made 14 years ago to eradicate extreme poverty and the work that still needs to be done before those commitments are fulfilled.

Keep Kids Safe Trick- Or -Treating with SmartKidsID Child Id Bracelets

LogoWith Halloween around the corner it is a great opportunity to remind parents to think about child safety. While Trick-Or-Treating means dark and crowded streets, it just takes a split second to get separated. Parents should be prepared and have their children worn a SmartKidsID Id Bracelet. Here is a short video on how easy it is to reunite a lost child with SmartKidsID: SmartKidsID Video

New Spy Services Used by Parents to Monitor Kids Phone, Snapchat & Facebook

LogoParents are being encouraged to take advantage of new 'spy phone' apps which secretly monitor phone calls, messages, application use and more. Many parents have been able to successfully monitor their kids activities, in some cases saving them from predators.

Bonza Brats Offers Affordable, Fashionable and Fun Kids Accessories

LogoA fashionable outfit will never be complete without the use of accessories. And for those who are looking for something that will look great together with some of the clothes found in the closets of their kids, Bonza Brats is the place to visit. This is the ultimate kids fashion clothing and accessory store that has mums and dads covered right from their small babies, tots, up to their tweeners.

Recording Artist Kaylin Roberson Joins Doggone Safe as Official Spokesperson

LogoDoggone Safe is thrilled to announce that recording artist Kaylin Roberson will be its official spokesperson. Offers Fun, Friendly and Educational Games for Kids to Play and Learn During Their Early Years is an online educational gaming site for young children that promote learning and education at a young age through fun games. It helps parents guide their children towards interactive learning through computer games that are graphically enriched for them. has a number of games based around a popular children’s character named Baby Hazel. Children love Baby Hazel and therefore, tend to follow her characteristics and traits. This character was designed to help children learn positive traits such as cleanliness, discipline and good manners.

Kamere and Comstock's Partner to Identify the Capital Region's Top 10 Most Inspiring Stories

LogoKamere, a media start-up company, and Comstock’s, the Capital Region’s award-winning business magazine, are collaborating to identify and recognize the Capital Region’s 10 most inspiring stories from the nonprofit community. The winning stories will be included in the 2015 edition of Capital Region Cares.

Liv & Leo, Inc. Announced Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

LogoLiv & Leo, Inc., a San Diego based company that features SmartKidsID wearable child Id products, announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that started September 23th 2014. The campaign runs till October 23th 2014. The funds raised are used to improve the SmartKidsID system and help positon SmartKidsID as a new brand in the market. The link to the crowdfunding site on Indiegogo can be found here: Indiegogo Campaign

Dare to Enter Aqua World with New Educational App for Young Children and Children with Special Needs

Introducing a new game by Zyrobotics, designed for younger children and children with special needs. Turtle Invaders is trending now on Google Play and iTunes in more than 20 countries in the top new educational and games category. In Turtle Invaders, the turtles have decided to take over the underwater Aqua world. The fearless Octoremus has decided to fight back!! Turtle Invaders features a unique approach to improve motor skills by providing settings that adjust to the skill level of the child.

Number One Bestseller Reusable Baby Food Pouch Offers Free E-Book and 3-for-2 Deal

LogoToday SquishDelish announced it has reached Number One Hot New Bestseller in Amazon’s Baby Food Storage category with its five pack of reusable baby food pouches.

Birthmothers Seeking Adoptive Families for Their Baby

Unplanned pregnancy can come with a flood of emotions. However there are several options, depending on the location, the beliefs, and the personal situation of the expecting mother. Adoption is an excellent selection in such cases. There are all sorts of reasons why parents or birth mothers who are not emotionally or financially stable to raise a child, consider making adoption decision for their child.