Manufacturing Press Releases

Finotek Hydraulic Valves Comes Up with Cost Effective Valve Services

Hydraulic machinery and equipment require precision and it is not easy to develop them. One needs to make a proper research before they buy them. Professional companies make sure that consumers have no problem with the high purchasing cost if the product satisfies needs of the consumers consistently. Finotek Hydraulic Valves mainly produces high capacity Hydraulic Control Valves, Hydraulic Cartridge Valves and Hydraulic Excavator Valves of various brands and prices. All its hydraulic products are smooth, having lower noise, leakage proof, having rotator knob of flexible quality and many more.

Pcdata USA Exhibits Flexible Picking Solutions at ProMAT 2015 in Chicago

Pcdata USA will be exhibiting at ProMAT Conference at booth #4564 in Chicago, IL from March 23-26, 2015. ProMat is the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America. The conference provides attendees access to the latest material handling and logistics equipment and technologies. Over 800 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government will display supply chain solutions and innovations on the 300,000 square foot show floor.

TCCI Climatic Wind Tunnel Replicates Extreme Conditions Featured in Automation and Controls Today

The T/CCI Climatic Wind Tunnel is featured in Automation and Controls Today magazine. T/CCI is able to validate temperature control from -30C to 50C (0.5C steady state and 1.0C during transition) with proven repeatability. The climatic wind tunnel allows for the accurate simulation of extreme temperatures to ensure the desired set point is accurately established to ensure the error is zeroed out before the product reaches production and the customer. The feature article, authored by industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, is titled, "Climatic Wind Tunnel Replicates Real World Extreme Conditions."

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry Drive $141.22B in Economic Impact

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported that the non-alcoholic beverage industry plays an important role in the U.S. economy. The non-alcoholic industry has a direct economic impact of $141.22 billion, provides more than 233,000 jobs and helps to support hundreds of thousands more that depend, in part, on beverage sales for their livelihoods. Beverage companies and their employees, and the firms and employees indirectly employed by the industry, provide significant tax revenues - more than $14 billion at the state level and $22.7 billion at the federal level - and contributes more than $765 million to charitable causes in communities across the nation.

Successful Employee Owned Company Creates Family Culture

Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported on Companion Group whose CEO Chuck Adams emphasized the culture of family, "We're not just a 'family of brands,' we are a family. We started the business back in 1984 (we used to be called Charcoal Companion, but have since evolved). 2014 marks our 30th year in business, yet we feel like we're just getting started. Likes to refer to us as the "first company in grilling." Adams insists that treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. "We treat our customers how we want to be treated. We listen to customer concerns and feedback and are only a phone call or email away. We treat each other like family, and we treat ourselves to a good day's work and regular vacations," Adams shared.

Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Russia: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoBeauty and personal care is one of the more diverse markets with lots of different product subcategories and players. In addition, these products are part of people?s everyday lives and, as a result, consumers in beauty and personal care expect more innovation not only in terms of products, but also packaging. Russian consumers expect packaging to be user-friendly, high-quality and attractive in terms of design. Thus, manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into packaging innovation. Packaging manufacturers drive innovations in terms of functionality of packaging, whereas product manufacturers are the drivers in terms of design, in order to make their product stand out on the shelves and attract more customers. International players are more active in terms of packaging innovation, as they are trendsetters not only in Russia, but also in more developed Western markets. However, local players also understand the importance of innovation in terms of packaging and introduce new packaging solutions to Russia from abroad, especially those partnered with foreign packaging manufacturers. Nevertheless, it is hard to introduce innovative solutions to the market without the support of large marketing budgets, which is one of the problems for domestic manufacturers. Packaging innovation also helps manufacturers to cope with counterfeit products, as it is quite hard to replicate various innovative solutions, especially those in premium product lines.

Now Get Sophisticated Spirit Bottles with the Leading Glass Bottle Manufacturer in the UK, Croxsons

Retaining their prominent position as one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in the UK, Croxsons is now offering their clients an extensive range of spirit bottles at the most reasonable rates. The company demonstrates expertise in providing perfectly and uniquely designed spirit bottles that meet the needs and demands of the beverage sector. Moreover, the company has even categorized its wide range of spirit bottles into different sections that include 'Classic', 'Super Premium', 'Clyde Forth' and 'Have your own design'. Through their different categories, customers get the opportunity to customize their spirit bottles according to their personal needs and requirements.

Klarm Machining Ltd Offers High Precision CNC Machined Parts in China

LogoChina is well-known globally for its ability to provide quality services in just a matter of days. The economy of the country thrives on being both quick and effective in whatever they choose to do. It comes as no surprise then, that the industry in China has also expertly covered the precision machining tasks and that they are able to provide the very best in this too. Klarm Machining Ltd. is one such example of a Chinese CNC machining firm winning over a global customer base with their effectiveness and their quick services. They have been operational since 2005 and have served customers in Europe, in North America and even in Japan.

Pcdata USA Picking Technologies Featured in ProMat 2015 One Minute Video Contest

LogoPcdata USA has entered into the ProMat 2015 one-minute video contest. Registration is required to vote for the video. ProMat 2015 is giving exhibitors one-minute to convince every attendee that they need to come to their booth.

Employee Owned US Manufacturer Recovers Quickly After Recession

Manufacturers' Pain Points newsletter reported Hannibal Industries strategic and impressive recovery was featured in a LA Times article. Hannibal Industries, a large scale, California-based manufacturing company, became an employee owned company via ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) in 2008.

Hytrol Conveyor Integration Partners Bring Largest Manufacturing Network of Industry Experts

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturers of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, has the largest network of industry experts. Integration partners are experts in Hytrol products as well as experts in implementing systems that are right manufacturing businesses. Paige Carswell, Hytrol's Marketing Specialist shared in the company blog, "We're proud to have over 100 integration partner (IP) locations around the world and they provide a local presence. The local presence gives integration partners the ability to go beyond the initial solution; they're able to provide service at every step. Since the IP in the area, they are familiar with local codes and laws."

AGV Selection Process Requires Objectivity and System Integration Project Management

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are used to consistently and predictably transport loads of material to places that might otherwise be serviced by forklift trucks, conveyors, or manual cart transport. They are typically used where high volumes of repetitive movements of material is required, but where little or no human decision making skill is required to perform the movement.

Recent Study: Global Dairy Packaging: Winning New Markets with the Right Format

LogoDairy, the largest category for food packaging, records 4% volume growth globally over 2014 to 475 billion units. By 2018, a wealth of opportunities in dairy should include liquid cartons and HDPE bottles rising alongside milk consumption in China. Thin wall containers will expand for spoonable yoghurt in modern retail outlets in Asia and Africa. In Europe and the US, packaging innovation such as shaping will be key in delivering higher shelf presence and greater suitability for snacking on the...

New Market Research Report: Packaging Industry in Russia

LogoAfter two years of heated discussions and arguments regarding a potential ban on PET bottles for beer packaging proposed by the Customs Union, it seems that PET will remain available for brewers. Russian breweries, the trade association and the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service spoke against the proposed ban, based on the fact that there was no evidence of any harmful effects from this packaging type and such a measure would lead to unfair competition among packaging manufacturers in Russia. The...

Top Emergency Chair Manufacturer Evacuscape Overhauls Website

Evacuscape, a leading manufacturer of low-cost, high-quality emergency chairs, announced the completion of an update and overhaul of the company's website. The newly revised website makes it even easier for visitors to learn about the company's industry-leading safety products, thanks to improved navigation and refreshed content throughout. Evacuscape's innovative, high-quality evacuation chairs are a low-cost, highly effective way of helping people with reduced mobility escape burning buildings by using stairs, requiring the assistance of only one other person.

TraceGains Announces Addition of Production Specialist Hilary Burr as Growth Continues

LogoTraceGains, the leading automated supplier, compliance, and regulatory document management solution for the food supply chain, announced the addition of Hilary Burr, TraceGains' Production Specialist. Burr will be working to help create and manage the company's visual brand.

TCCI Heavy Duty Compressors Emphasizes Importance of Metal Nameplate for Identification

Information about installed compressors must be easily identified according to T/CCI manufacturing. The leader in heavy duty compressors locates the metal nameplate at the top front of the compressor, which serves as a means of identification. The location permits viewing the nameplate with the clutch installed. Data inscribed on the nameplate includes the serial number, combination model/part number, date of manufacture, and type of refrigerant.

Survey Results Show Corporate Culture and Salary Satisfaction Correlated

For the second time in three years, salaries in 2014 decreased slightly for quality professionals, who said their organization's quality culture plays a key role in the overall satisfaction of their job and salary, according to Quality Progress magazine's 28th annual Salary Survey. PDP profiled the survey in the company blog. PDP Solutions President, Louise Dickmeyer, highlighted the importance of salary satisfaction is tied to corporate culture.

Grocery Home Delivery Market Expands to Meet Consumer Demands

Logo800-344-3646 x209 Delivering Excellence newsletter reported Walmart plans to make a comeback venturing into a new business: delivering groceries. Walmart is not trudging in troubled waters with this move, as the company has prior experience to delivering foods to homes since they did home delivery to other countries. Walmart is also planning to promote free in-store delivery and home delivery for a meager amount of $5 to $7, making it a very competitive retailer in the online shopping industry. The company also plans to be more accessible to customers buying just a few things and plans to put up smaller neighborhood stores in the coming years that will go head-to-head with popular dollar stores like 7-Eleven. Currently, Walmart's "Neighborhood Market" posted better sales performance, and in the coming years will also adapt home delivery system which will be more accessible to more customers.

Quality Digest Magazine Series Features Hytrol Conveyor Company Lean Journey

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., was featured in Quality Digest in the first of a series of articles highlighting a deep dive inquiry among members of the organization about their lean journey. Industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, authored the article titled, "Conveying Lean Excellence," which will be part of year-long examination of how lean touches different people in a manufacturing and materials handling organization.

Material Handling Solutions System Integrators Must Account for Cross-Docking Returns and Prepacking

Cross docking is a process which moves incoming products directly from receiving to shipping, eliminating additional product touches to put-away and later pick the product for orders. This means that the incoming products are either being shipped out in full case quantities or have been packaged with the exact right combination of items that can immediately ship out to fill an order.

Picking Solutions Driving Distribution Center and Warehouse Efficiencies

LogoPicking Perfection newsletter reported in consort with best-of-breed pragmatic picking solutions, such a Pick-to-light (PTL) are driving bottom-line warehouse and DC efficiencies. Cost effective services which reduce development cycles and increase customer loyalty, product quality and efficient delivery times is something that is relevant, and a must-have to differentiate from competitors. Today M2M technology is turning every production line and supply chain into a network of intelligent machines which can respond in real-time to ever changing market demands and conditions. Machine to Machine (M2M) can deliver improved remote maintenance, mobile asset tracking, and fleet management services.

Green Supply Chain Award Recipients Recognized for Achieving Measurable Sustainable Goals

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported that the December print issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive featured the recipients of the 2014 Green Supply Chain Awards. The awards recognized companies making green or sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy, and are working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their own operations and/or supply chains, in the areas of Sourcing/Procurement, Fulfillment/Logistics, Operations, Product Lifecycle Management, and other areas of the supply chain. The awards also recognized providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals. Submissions were judged based on the clarity and content of the goals and strategy, the extent of the steps being taken, the impact of the results to date, projected results, and the form and presentation of the information submitted.

No Risk Automation Founder John Hayes Featured in Business Excellence Magazine

John Hayes, founder and CEO of No Risk Automation, was featured in the issue of Business Excellence. The article, entitled, "Agnostic Automation Vendor Selection: Objectivity Required," discussed the four steps of no risk automation.

Hytrol Conveyor and Mexican Integration Partner Mindugar See Materials Handling Growth

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions attributes the international integration partner network critical to the company's success. Hytrol Conveyor's Integrated Partner, Mindugar in Mexico ensures high quality and lean manufacturing best practices are available to Mexican manufacturers and distribution centers throughout the supply chain.

Retail Returns During Holiday Season Just as Serious as Mis-Picks

LogoPicking Perfection reported this week that retailer Stage's average rate of return throughout the year is about 7 percent of sales in its physical stores and about 11 percent online, adjusted for exchanges. Over the holidays, those figures grow. (Many merchants keep the exact increase a secret.) Noted Steven Hunter, Chief Information Officer at Stage: "Holiday returns for any retailer can be challenging." The Christmas season is a windfall for retailers, who book as much as 40 percent of their annual sales during the season, but many of those reindeer sweaters, neon socks, and micro-miniskirts in size 16 come back to haunt them. Post-holidays, retailers see triple the number of returns of any other time of year, says Jack Plunkett, Chief Executive Officer of Plunkett Research. "We think something will fit or look good on us, and it doesn't, and we send it back," he explained. The resulting pileups of returning merchandise, he commented, "create a huge problem for the whole retail system."

Warehouse Performance Analysis Essential in Operations Management

Exacta provides customers with access to a reports library that presents data in clear, standardized ways for easy warehouse performance analysis, as well as the ability to create custom reports.