Press Releases For Alberta (CA)

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Featured in Latest Educational Video from Dr Barry Lycka

Cosmetic surgery financing is featured in the short educational video released this week (12Nov14) by Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka.

MaxWell Realty Launches Fun Dream Vacation Sweepstakes Contest

Leading Calgary real estate company, MaxWell Realty, has recently announced its fun Dream Vacation Sweepstakes Contest. The firm caters to both residential and commercial sectors.

Nvenn Team Uses IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch Natural Hair Products

Nvenn launches Canadian made natural hair product line on Black Friday, November 28, 2014. A crowdsourcing campaign is put in place for Nvenn's first inventory run of hair products. People can exclusively pre-purchase products at a discount.

First Fly Through 3D Real Estate Showcase in Alberta, Canada

LogoWes Giesbrecht of Realty in Red Deer (a Century 21 affiliate) launched the next generation of real estate viewing on Monday November 14, 2014 at 2:30 P.M at his office located in Parkland Mall, Red Deer, Alberta by publishing the very first ever Alberta 3D Virtual Real Estate Showcase.

Facial Rejuvenation Options Highlighted in Latest Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoFacial Rejuvenation cosmetic surgery procedures help a person look younger and more refreshed whilst remaining natural looking. Several popular options are highlighted by Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, in his latest short educational video released this week 26Nov14.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses How to Ensure an Immersive Experience for the Visitors

LogoWhile almost all CIOs believe mobile is good for business, half think the process of developing a mobile app takes too long, according to a new study released last week.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Google's Panda 4.1 Algorithm and How to Avoid Getting Penalized

LogoOver the course of 26 confirmed updates and refreshes, the algorithm wizards at Google have been refining the content-focused search engine update and rolling their new features out gradually. Now, the 27th update has arrived, and it's significant enough to be called 4.1.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Factors Which Count to Rank Number 1 on Google and Other Search Engines

LogoLet’s assume we are talking about Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO. Paid search will let us get to page one quickly, but it will cost you each time someone clicks on your link.

3esi Honored in Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500

LogoThis past week Deloitte announced the winners of its prestigious Technology Fast 50™ and Fast 500™ awards, given to some of the fastest growing technology companies in Canada and North America respectively.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses HTML5 Is Ready for Primetime, Says W3C

LogoYou could be forgiven if you thought the HTML5 standard — the follow-up to 1997’s HTML 4 — has long been set in stone, given that developers, browser vendors and the press have been talking about it for years now. In reality, however, HTML5 was still in flux — until today. The W3C today published its Recommendation of HTML5 — the final version of the standard after years of adding features and making changes to it.

Red Cherry, a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Common Website Design Mistakes Which We Can Avoid

LogoThere are a number of things that can off-put visitors to your site and be losing your business potential sales. Below we highlight 5 of the most common website design mistake we’ve come across. Most websites are guilty of at least one of these, but they’re also easy fixes and shouldn’t be left unresolved.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Most Deadly Mistakes in Website Design

Logo1. Disabling the back button. Evil site authors long ago figured out how to break a browser’s back button so that when a user pushes it, one of several undesired things happen: There’s an immediate redirect to an unwanted location, the browser stays put because the “back” button has been deactivated, or a new window pops up and overtakes the screen. Our advice: Never do it. All that’s accomplished is that viewers get annoyed and do not return to our site.

Red Cherry, a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a Web Designer or Design Company

LogoWhat are the top trends powering web design for 2015?

Red Cherry, a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Web Design Trends for 2015

LogoMany design trends that emerged this year are set to continue and evolve into 2015. The rise of mobile usage has had a direct influence on these trends and we saw responsive web design becoming the new standard.

Red Cherry, a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses How Google Is Bringing Material Design Animations to the Web

LogoThe information can be found in the following video from the Chrome Dev Summit 2014, the recording is from November 19th and packed full of great new things that Google is working on. Of course, the video is also eight hours long, so you are going to want to dive into the 54th minute to get to what we are discussing today.

Cosmetic Surgery Information New eBook Series Highlighted in Dr Barry Lycka Video

LogoCosmetic surgery information is available in many forms from Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, including his weekly video blog, his weekly podcast on WebTalkRadio, and now a series of in-depth cosmetic surgery eBooks. These books are featured in the short educational video released this week (19Nov14) by Dr Lycka.

Advanced Facelift & Eyelift Procedures & Benefits Explained by Dr Lycka & Dr Mendelsohn

LogoSurgical techniques continue to advance and this is reflected in the big changes in many cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Both facelifts and eyelifts (aka Blepharoplasty) have changed drastically over the years to the extent that many hours of surgery and weeks of bandages and recovery have been replaced with 45 minutes under local anaesthesia and recovery in a couple of weeks. The advanced facelift and eyelift are discussed this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, talks with dual Board Certified facial plastic surgeon Dr Jon Mendelsohn from his Cincinnati, Ohio practice.

Mortgage360 Offers Effective and Seamless Solutions to All Mortgage Requirements

LogoMortgages have assisted millions worldwide in buying their dream homes or starting up a new business etc. However, mortgages may have created a negative impact because occasionally, some people might have encountered a bitter experience by opting for an unfit mortgage solution, or due to inadequate knowledge about the appropriate options available, guidelines and procedures to be followed etc. In such a scenario people need a mortgage broker who can relate to their requirements and suggest to them the right mortgage option the right way.

Mortgage 360 Assists Clients to Find the Right Mortgage the Right Way

LogoIn today’s rapid life style, mortgage services that get the appropriate mortgage quickly and efficiently are crucial. Mortgages have helped millions across the globe to add wings to their dreams with suitable financial support at the right time, but many people refrain from seeking mortgage services owing to a lack of knowledge and clarity about the process. In such a scenario people need a mortgage broker who can not only get them the best deal but also guide them through the whole process so that they get the right mortgage the right way.

Latest Non-Invasive Cellulite Treatment & Micro-Needling Highlighted by Dr Lycka & Dr Back

LogoNon-invasive procedures are the big trend in cosmetic surgery to the extent that even classically trained plastic surgeons are doing much less surgery than they used to and are taking advantage of all the latest non-invasive techniques that are being developed. This topic, and two new procedures in particular, are discussed and reviewed this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, by show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, when he talks with Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr Lyle Back from his Cherry Hill, New Jersey practice.

Maxwell Realty Comes Up as the Most Resourceful Real Estate Site in Calgary

LogoThe Calgary residents looking for an able guide on real estate affairs seem to have a credible aide, MaxWell Realty has emerged as the most resourceful real estate site across the area. Emerges as Absolute Resource for Online Calgary Property Search

LogoThose looking for a credible aide for Calgary property research need not search further, leading Calgary realtor company has come up as absolute resource for online property search in the area.

Mortgage 360 Guides Clients Discover Best Deals and Avoid Financial Devastations in Calgary

LogoPurchasing a home for the first time can be daunting because most people find it difficult to arrange convenient mortgages in Calgary. Without professional guidance, it can be detrimental. Finding the best mortgage broker in Calgary is the simplest way to address this as he/she could help people realize the best deals available in the market.

Calgary Mortgage Broker Promises to Beat Any Mortgage Quote

LogoA free mortgage consultation session with the Mortgage 360 team helps prospective homeowners save thousands of dollars. The team works with hundreds of different lenders specializing in different types of mortgage loan deals. They’re now challenging home owners to find a mortgage deal that’s better than their current one.

Stress-Free Home Buying with CalgaryRealEstateAlliance.Com

LogoWith the real estate market getting increasingly complex in Calgary, associating with the right experts becomes all the more important. Calgary Real Estate Alliance offers you the right kind of expertise and resources needed to find the perfect lofts, condos, townhouses, and luxury properties for your family.

EcoWater Systems Calgary to Donate Part Proceeds of November Sales to Calgary Children's Foundation

Improving water systems in Calgary homes and businesses is the primary mission of Ecowater Systems Calgary. However, throughout the month of November, the company is on a mission to help improve the lives of children within the community, through their sponsorship of QR77 radio station's fundraiser for Calgary Children's Foundation -donating $5,000.

Calgary Based Web Design and Development Company Red Cherry Discusses Common Website Design Mistakes

LogoWithout proper insights it can be difficult to tell if visitors to your website are engaging with your web design. This is where Google Analytics comes in handy. Free to use, Google Analytics provides business owners the ability to see various metrics from their actual website results. It highlights things like bounce and exit rates that can show where you are losing your customers. If your homepage has a high bounce rate (anything above the 70% mark) then you should consider re-evaluating your design and/or content.