Press Releases For Alberta (CA)

Health Issues Linked with Breast Implant Problems Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Susan Kolb

Breast implants are still one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures across the world but they can cause serious health issues. There is general awareness that there can be a problem if breast implants leak, but it is less well known exactly what those health problems can be, and an implant doesn't have to leak to cause health issues. These are some of the issues highlighted this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and expert on breast implant health problems, Dr Susan Kolb from her practice in Atlanta, Georgia.

Advanced Facelift & Eyelid Rejuvenation Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Jon Mendelsohn

Facelift surgery has changed drastically over the last decade and those previously 'tell-tale' signs of facelift surgery are no more, due to the advent of the advanced facelift. It is now done under local anesthesia, with much smaller incisions, and far less downtime and recovery, and the results are natural and enable a person to look refreshed, not different! Eyelid rejuvenation surgery has followed that same trend and the lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery) is rarely performed as better results are typically produced with non-invasive techniques and procedures.

Stretch Marks – What Are They and How to Get Rid of Them - New Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoStretch marks - their causes and available treatments are the subject of many frequently asked questions to Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka, so they are featured in a short educational video released by Dr Lycka this week (20may15).

Men: Come Experience the Thrill of an a-Capella Barbershop Chorus

LogoThe Stampede City Chorus is looking for new members to join its a-Capella chorus singing barbershop four-part style music! Since 1955, the men of this group have built great friendships, shared their love of singing with the province, the country and the rest of North America and are now accepting new members!

Vitamin Creams & Their Effect on Cosmetic Surgery Results Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Gordon Telford

LogoVitamins are very important for the human body to function at its very best. Vitamins come from our food and can be increased with orally taken vitamin supplements. However, it is also possible to apply vitamins directly to the skin in the form of vitamin creams. There are certain vitamins which occur naturally in the skin and so supplementing those vitamins with vitamin-rich skin creams provides many benefits to the skin, particularly in terms of increasing skin health, improving its condition, and improving its ability to fight infection and heal. Therefore this is of great interest to cosmetic dermatologists who are assessing the effect of vitamin skin creams on cosmetic surgery recovery and the results achieved by their cosmetic surgery patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma – The Latest Uses Are Not Just for Facial Rejuvenation - New Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoPlatelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, comes from a person's own blood. The blood is extracted, spun to extract the platelets, activated and then re-injected back into the person to take advantage of its proven powers of rejuvenation. The principle of PRP is used across a wide range of medicine and in cosmetic surgery it was first used as a way to rejuvenate the skin, particularly for facial rejuvenation, where the term 'vampire facelift' originated!

Walley Is the Smartest Member of the Smart Clock Family

LogoWalley, a highly versatile and multi-functional smart clock, is being introduced to the public via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $70,000, which is being raised to bring the newest member of the smart clock family to market. The creators of Walley decided to improve upon the modern smart clock by adding several innovative features, and they are very proud to introduce their creation to the world. The team describes Walley as, "The world's most revolutionary, versatile clock ever. A multifaceted wonder!" and are certain the crowd will agree once they get a chance to see this innovative clock for themselves.

Calgary New Home Builder Helps Find Homes for the Animal Rescue Foundation at Their Show Home

Broadview Homes recently announced that they would like to help the Animal Rescue Foundation find new homes for their recused dogs and cats. The Calgary new home builder will be hosting an event on Sunday, May 24, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM where the public can meet pets that are in need of a good home. The Animal Rescue Foundation of Alberta will be available to answer questions about adoption, share stories about individual animals and provide helpful pet care information. The event will be held at the duplex show homes in the Evanston community located at 124 & 128 Evansglen Close NW.

Eye Rejuvenation Choices Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Mirwat Sami

LogoEye rejuvenation can have not only a great impact upon a person's facial appearance but also on their expressions. Wrinkles and frown lines around the eye distort expressions and can appear to communicate moods such as anger, tiredness and irritation even when those emotions are not being felt. There are a variety of options to rejuvenate the eyes, eyelids and the area around the eyes, both surgical and non-surgical. They are highlighted this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Board Certified ophthalmologist Dr Mirwat Sami, who specializes in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, from her practice in Houston, Texas.

Darcy Beaumont Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing Profiled Wear Resistant Gasket

LogoInventor Darcy Beaumont firmly believes that Profiled Wear Resistant Gasket can be a revolutionary solution to leading edge wear in piping systems. High slurry piping systems are commonly lined or coated to protect them from the abrasive wear of the slurry. These liners and coatings create a gap at the pipe joint which causes many issues. Misalignment is also a common problem in piping systems.

Gartner Names 3esi a 2015 "Cool Vendor" in Oil and Gas

Logo3esi (, a leading provider of upstream oil and gas planning solutions, today announced it has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the "Cool Vendors in Oil and Gas, 2015" report by Gartner, Inc. published April 21, 2015.

Natural Breast Augmentation SVELT Uses Patient's Own Body Fat - New Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoBreast Augmentation doesn't have to be done with implants. A natural breast augmentation procedure called SVELT has been developed which uses a patient's own body fat to augment or rejuvenate the breast. The SVELT procedure is the subject of a short educational video released by Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka this week (06may15).

Fuelled Announces Release of Updated App for Gas and Oil Industry Professionals

Raj Singh, president of , announced the launch of the company's new website and the release of the firm's newly updated Fuelled app. Available at the iTunes store and on Google Play for Android devices, the app is the first of its kind designed and built specifically for the gas and oil industries. The Fuelled app allows individuals to locate, buy and sell equipment via messaging or phone.

EasyCover Launches New Website to Provide Free Quotes for Personal Liability Insurance

Blake Harrison, CEO of EasyCover, announced the launch of the company's new website at . To celebrate the event, the firm is providing professionals with the ability to obtain a free, no-obligation quote online. The firm provides professionals in multiple fields with the liability insurance they need to protect themselves and their business interests.

Calgary New Home Builder Wins Three Best New Home 2014 SAM Awards

Broadview Homes, Calgary's premiere new home builder recently won three SAM Awards for the calendar year 2014. The three awards came in the Best New Home Category for the price ranges $255,000 - $294,999, $425,000 - $484,999 and $485,000 - $549,999. According to Broadview Vice President Peter-John Woolf, "We are thrilled after winning these awards. We understand that winning a SAM award is the highest honor in our industry and the awards stand as a testament to the quality homes that we offer."

Daydreaming Performance with a Rich Chorus History

LogoSaturday May 9th, at 2pm and a 7pm encore, the Stampede City Chorus, as well as their special guests, The Bon Vivants Quartet, will be putting on a show for the entire family to enjoy! Daydreaming, their 60th anniversary show, will take place at the McDougall Church located in south-east Calgary.

Great Western Painting and ICI Paints: A Partnership for Better Painting Services in Calgary

Great Western Painting is the local house painter in Calgary founded by Ron Wood in 1993. The team is comprised of professional painters that service both residential and commercial properties. The company offers painting services whether the client wants one room painted or the whole interior or exterior of the property. Inquiries via calls are answered directly by Mr. Wood. A detailed written estimate will be provided to the client as well as assistance in choosing the right color for paint. Sample paint will also be shown to the client prior to the actual painting to give the client a visual example of their choice. Great Western Painting does not ask for deposit and fees carry no hidden charges.

Latest Advances in Facial Rejuvenation Treatments & Techniques: Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Debra Jaliman

LogoThree of the latest advancements in facial rejuvenation and cosmetic dermatology are the featured subjects this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Debra Jaliman from her practice on 5th Avenue, New York City.

Latest Broadview Homes Show Home Opens at the Kinniburgh Development in Chestermere

Broadview Homes, a custom home builder in Calgary, has just announced the opening date for their latest show home in the Kinniburgh community in Chestermere. The show home is the Stanford II Colonial and the grand opening of this latest show home is set for Saturday, May 30, 2015. According to Broadview Homes Vice President Peter John Wolf, "The Stanford II Colonial is a spectacular model home and reflects all that our clients have come to expect, including the best quality construction and the latest amenities. We encourage everyone to come out and have a look."

Broadview Homes Announces Grand Opening for Evanston Show Home in NW Calgary

Broadview Homes announced the date for grand opening of its new showhome in the NW Calgary community of Evanston. The company is known for their innovative and award-winning home designs that offer a wide range of options for their customers to choose from.

The Wild East: Drunk on Power: Action, Vice Lords and Vengeance Collide – As Young Texan Exploits His Unique Power of Being Drunk

Everyone loves a drink. For some, it fosters light-hearted bravado that makes them the life and soul of the party. For others, drinking opens the floodgates to ending up slumped in the corner sobbing about the girlfriend that dumped them fifteen years ago. For the young protagonist in James Hunter's thrilling debut novel, alcohol provides something much more impressive.

Who Needs Another Artificial Mind?

LogoA Calgary based professional services firm is entering the global market with training, advisory and consulting services based on insights drawn from the cusp of Artificial Intelligence, Technical Remote Viewing, Neuroscience, Complex Systems, multiple variant of evolutionary as well as personality psychology. The startup was conceptualized on the anomaly insight, that the research driving technological innovation should "pay backwards" and improve human productivity and efficiency rather than replacing humans in the process.

Treatment Options for Spider Veins on the Face – New Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoSpider veins on the face are tiny blood vessels close to the surface and can appear around the nose and cheeks. They are the subject of a short educational video released by Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka this week (15apr15).

Moments of Impact: Sole Survivor of an "Unsurviveable" Plane Crash Explores Humanity's Relationship with Risk and Short Impactful Conversations That Can Save a Life

The bottom line is that Tom Wilson shouldn't be here; he should have died in November 2008 along with the other passengers in a Grumman Goose seaplane that crashed and exploded.

Pro-Am Motorsports of Calgary Announces Move to Larger Space to Better Serve Customers

Pro-Am Motorsports, one of Calgary's largest suppliers of vehicles and accessories for all motor sports, has a new address. The store recently moved to a location just off of McKnight Boulevard NE in Calgary. The new address is 630 46 Avenue NW #117 in Calgary. According to General Manager Corey Taillon, the move will allow Pro-Am to offer customers a better experience. "Our new location is larger," said Taillon. "The bigger space allows us to showcase more of our products and to keep these products in stock to make life much easier for our customers."

Sclerotherapy to Treat Spider Veins in Legs Is Explained by Dr Barry Lycka & Karen Whitney

LogoSclerotherapy is the name of the treatment given to get rid of spider veins in legs, where a solution is injected into troublesome veins to make them shrivel and ultimately be absorbed by the body so that they disappear. A greater level of scientific knowledge and understanding has developed over the last ten years or so regarding spider veins and how best to treat them. And due to its specialized nature, it is often a procedure that is referred to expert Sclerotherapists to treat.

Archie's First Adventure: Children's Author Hand-Makes Book's Fascinating "Real" Small World from Wool & Polymer Clay

Many children's authors are happy to hastily throw some words on paper, draft out illustrations and rush the book to market. But not Canada's Katherine Kleymenova; who hand-crafted the small world her book is set in – down to every last detail.