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Apprenticeships Can Bridge STEM Skills Gap, Says Matthew Hancock – Hardy Services Comment

Hardy Services have shared their thoughts on calls from the business, enterprise and energy minister to make going to university or becoming an apprentice the norm after finishing school.

Engineering in London Soars by More Than 16%: The Hosemaster Comments

Recent figures have revealed that in London engineering companies grew by more than 16% last year, according to Accountants Nixon Williams. The data also showed that whilst 1700 firms were registered in 2013 in the sector, this increased to 1,985 in 2014, and with experts predicting further growth for 2015. Specialists at equipment provision in the industry, such as The Hosemaster, have received the news positively and aim to offer support for other areas seeking to encourage engineering across the UK.

Engineering Procurement from India – A Convenient Way to Save Money

Unique Source Point (USP) is an engineering components sourcing company from India for international buyers. USP acts as a remote local office for buyers to conduct their activities with various suppliers in India – thereby minimizing the cost of purchase activity, increasing time & investment efficiency and providing substantial convenience for the procurement cycle as a whole.

Casette Italia Opens New Engineering Department for Tailor-Made Projects

After the recent years of leading positioning of CASETTE ITALIA within the Italian market of both wooden garden sheds and wooden garages, the company has decided to step even forward to competition. The strategic approach refers to the logic of "never stop improving, always try something new", which in this specific case means the new consultancy and engineering service to help customers to design a wooden house or garage fully compliant with their own dreams. Indeed, the secret of beautiful wooden houses is not about only quality materials and robustness, but it is about aesthetic taste and match with existing buildings, which might not be built with the BLOCKHOUSE technology.

Eberly & Associates Celebrates Every Permit

Permitting has always been an essential part of every project that Eberly & Associates works on, but now permitting is part of the critical time line. It is now taking an average of 13 weeks to receive a permit for projects located within metro-Atlanta, when in the past it was a 6-8 week process. Our project managers reviewed the last 32 land disturbance permits pulled by Eberly & Associates. These permits encompassed 17 different jurisdictions within the metropolitan area including 12 permits in the City of Atlanta, where the average permitting time was 15 weeks. Because permitting is so critical to the economic success of a project, we celebrate each permit!

Determine the Radiometric and Photometric Properties for Your Unique Setup or Application

LogoBodkin Design and Engineering LLC(BD&E), is pleased to announce that it is distributing a fully functional, blackbody radiometry and photometry calculator free of charge on The calculator can display and export photometric and radiometric quantities as a functions of wavelength and temperature. This data is presented in graphical and tabular formats, user can select Source Temperature, Emissivity, Wavelength Range, and Source Area from within an easy to read spreadsheet.

Kinane Engineering Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Kinane Engineering Inc., a structural, mechanical and electrical engineering shop in Utah, has announced an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a digital marketing firm specializing in local search optimization for small businesses throughout North America.

KC Engineer Building a Market for Amphibious Vehicles

What goes around, comes around. That's the way Robert Long thinks about amphibious vehicles. A German Volkswagen factory produced around 15,000 of them in the early 1940s but these all-terrain, nautical autos are a rarity these days.

Eberly & Associates, Inc. Is Seeking a Civil Project Engineer and Civil Project Manager

Eberly & Associates, Inc. is seeking a Civil Project Engineer and Civil Project Manager with a BSCE in Civil Engineering from an accredited college or university.

The IMET Corporation Offering Electronic Engineering, Developing and Manufacturing for Clients in 2015

The IMET Corporation is an organization based out of Southampton, Pennsylvania, providing top-quality contract electronic manufacturing services. The IMET Corporation specializes in using autonomous manufacturing systems to help businesses build electronic products. For 2015, the IMET Corporation is advising businesses that they can benefit from IMET's expertise in electronic engineering, product development, and manufacturing.

Systems Integration Survey Concludes Engineering Skills Most Helpful

Survey results from Control Engineering magazine's membership who are directly involved in aspects of system integration within their organizations. System Integration News reported that the study asked key questions on system integration practices, including average project size, devices integrated, preferred qualities of a system integrator, and issues with project schedules and budgets. Engineering skills were seen as the most helpful by 98% of respondents for system integration services. Other helpful qualities included project management skills and knowledge of industry and national standards.

The Solar Light Company Is Providing Reliable UPF Evaluation of Fabrics and Materials for 2015

The Solar Light Company is a Glenside, Pennsylvania-based organization providing atmospheric monitoring equipment, light measurement systems, photovoltaic research, ultraviolet light protection factor (UPF) testing and more for their client base. For 2015, they are reminding both new and returning clientele that they offer reliable UPF evaluations on fabrics and materials for all interested manufacturers and companies.

Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants, a Well-Known Land Survey Companies in Dubai Now Offers International Quality of Land Survey

Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants, a well-known land survey companies in Dubai now offers International quality and standard of land survey. The company provides solutions for land survey that are conscientious and reliable engineering. The services are for development of various kinds of infrastructures such as high rise tower, development of bridge and road, etc. in UAE. The land surveying solutions are available for international consulting companies, client and construction companies for both government as well as private sectors. Due to the usage of the latest and advanced technology in the industry, it makes Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants as one of the best companies in the industry.

No Risk Automation Founder John Hayes Featured in Business Excellence Magazine

John Hayes, founder and CEO of No Risk Automation, was featured in the issue of Business Excellence. The article, entitled, "Agnostic Automation Vendor Selection: Objectivity Required," discussed the four steps of no risk automation.

No Risk Automation Founder John Hayels Featured in Automation Publication

No Risk Automation founder, John Hayes, was featured in the issue of The article, titled, "Eliminating the automation Bias," argued that representing an automated guided vehicle (AGV) vendor is often a conflict of interest.

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. Now Offering Stainless Steel Products at Reasonable Prices

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SBECPL) now offers its clients a wide array of stainless steel products at reasonable prices. Started in 1996, SBECPL is one of the prominent providers of Nickel and Stainless Steel products. The company's sole purpose is to meet their clients' demands and needs for high and custom alloys. The company stockpiles a wide range of nickel and stainless products that are perfectly designed, free from flaws and are at affordable prices.

Process Solutions Cause Most Food Firms Defective Automation Implementations

The No Risk Automation newsletter reported that automation equipment is capable of handling loads of raw material. Automation can handle work-in-progress such as beer, soft drinks, cereals, candy, and snack foods. More than eighty percent (80%) of food firms experience defective or inferior automation implementations because an objective material handling operations strategy and process solutions within the food facility has not been carefully analyzed and developed before selecting an AGV vendor. Suppliers of end-of-line automation and material handling in the food sector have a distinct scope of technology to consider, including various types of palletizing robots, stretch wrapping equipment, labeling systems, pallet control systems and laser-guided automatic vehicles. These solutions go beyond AGVs and must contain software for scheduling, routing, monitoring and visualization of the complete end-of-line process. The food sectors special requirements for hygiene, safety, and data tracking are leading component required of effective system designs. Four out of five of these automation projects will be troubled, resulting in a waste in time, money, resources. Only objective and experienced project management expertise can help avoid these disastrous and misguided implementations.

Labor and Equipment of New Projects Add Costs Says John Hayes Automation Referee

The typical factions that require an automation referee are cost centers. John Hayes, founder and CEO of No Risk Automation explained, "Typically a project is adopted by a department and is found to be beneficial but the impact on other departments is overlooked. This impact can be added cost for labor or equipment to interface with the new automation. In general this cost is low, but all good managers want to stay within budget. In most cases, this is easily mitigated by having a discussion with senior management to assess the total benefit to the company by shifting budgets and responsibilities. The project then takes on a more holistic, collaborative approach."

North Carolina Increased New Distribution Centers Ideal for International Business

"North Carolina, and the entire Southeastern United States is quickly becoming the hub of new distribution centers. Many are currently considering automation currently as part of the planning process," according to John Hayes, founder and thought leader of No Risk Automation.

G-muZe Looks to Start the Production of Ellipsis with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoG-Sound has come up with an advanced charging device with multiple utilities named ellipsis. This cool gadget will make it possible for users to listen to their favorite music while the phone is being charged. The high quality speakers of ellipsis will also allow users to make hands-free phone calls.

Bodkin Design Awarded Phase 2 SBIR Contract to Demonstrate Performance and Evaluation Measurement Capabilities on a Turbojet Engine for U.S. Air Force

LogoBodkin Design and Engineering LLC (BD&E), is pleased to announce the award of a Phase 2 SBIR contract with the U.S. Air Force to build a performance and evaluation measurement system that will aid in the development of adaptive engine technology based on the sustainment and lean aircraft initiative. This program is a direct result of the success of BD&E's Phase 1 efforts to demonstrate snapshot hyperspectral imagery (HSI) of hydrocarbon flames at frame rates above 400 Hz. In Phase 2, BD&E will develop a custom, multi-modal sensor system that will focus on capturing HSI at frame rates as high as 2,000 Hz in the ultraviolet (UV) and short wave infrared (SWIR) bands to enable characterization of chemical species concentrations, local fuel-to-air ratios, and fuel mix temperatures inside a gas turbine engine or augmentor.

Hydrojet, Inc. Now Offering Reverse Engineering Services

LogoWhen a new product hits the market, many try to replicate it and add improvements to its design. One of the greatest troubles a company has when basing their model on an existing item is figuring out the placement and function of every piece. Providing businesses with viable workaround options, Hydrojet, Inc. has announced they are now offering reverse engineering services.

TCCI Manufacturing Compressors Offer Research and Development Lab and Engineering Test Facility

T/CCI provides the industry with the latest in innovative compressor designs, testing, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The state-of-the-art R&D lab and engineering test facility allows for advanced technology solutions to be fully tested. T/CCI's multi-million dollar R & D lab and engineering test facility offer advanced product design and validation capability. Test equipment include a calorimeter with 10 performance test points, five Ransco climatic chambers, eight modern durability stands, thermal shock, noise, dust, and liquid slugging equipment.

Hi-Craft Engineering Celebrates 40 Years Providing Quality Injection Molded Products

LogoHi-Craft Engineering, Inc., a Michigan-based low-cost leader providing high-quality injection molded products, is celebrating 40 years in business by continuing to proudly serve the automotive market and beyond. Additionally, in 2014 Hi-Craft purchased two 140-ton Toshiba Electric injection molding presses to continue its formidable operations support, each machine fitted with a new Star Automation Robot for the elimination of manual labor. This brings Hi-Craft Engineering's total press machine count to 38, ranging from 30-ton models to 620-ton variants.

Raframps Releases Their New Centre Axle Ramp Model

LogoRaframps, a loading solution division of Al Ameen Engineering, has announced the launch of their new center axle ramp model to help load/unload goods at various levels of heights as opposed to front axle ramps. Raframps are now one of the first local manufacturers of forklift ramps in the Gulf, where each individual ramps is load tested and certified before delivery. When contacted, Mohd Shahnawaz, the Managing Director of AL Ameen Engineering said, "We have been providing leading solutions for past 6 years, this new center axle basedramps will help facilitate quick loading/unloading at various heights which also includes L-shaped loading. We have field tested and this is the best solution to quickly load and unload materials at various heights." This innovative new product from the Raframps is bound to improve the loading and unloading experience of the local companies even further.