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No Risk Automation Founder John Hayes Featured in Business Excellence Magazine

John Hayes, founder and CEO of No Risk Automation, was featured in the issue of Business Excellence. The article, entitled, "Agnostic Automation Vendor Selection: Objectivity Required," discussed the four steps of no risk automation.

No Risk Automation Founder John Hayels Featured in Automation Publication

No Risk Automation founder, John Hayes, was featured in the issue of The article, titled, "Eliminating the automation Bias," argued that representing an automated guided vehicle (AGV) vendor is often a conflict of interest.

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. Now Offering Stainless Steel Products at Reasonable Prices

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SBECPL) now offers its clients a wide array of stainless steel products at reasonable prices. Started in 1996, SBECPL is one of the prominent providers of Nickel and Stainless Steel products. The company's sole purpose is to meet their clients' demands and needs for high and custom alloys. The company stockpiles a wide range of nickel and stainless products that are perfectly designed, free from flaws and are at affordable prices.

Process Solutions Cause Most Food Firms Defective Automation Implementations

The No Risk Automation newsletter reported that automation equipment is capable of handling loads of raw material. Automation can handle work-in-progress such as beer, soft drinks, cereals, candy, and snack foods. More than eighty percent (80%) of food firms experience defective or inferior automation implementations because an objective material handling operations strategy and process solutions within the food facility has not been carefully analyzed and developed before selecting an AGV vendor. Suppliers of end-of-line automation and material handling in the food sector have a distinct scope of technology to consider, including various types of palletizing robots, stretch wrapping equipment, labeling systems, pallet control systems and laser-guided automatic vehicles. These solutions go beyond AGVs and must contain software for scheduling, routing, monitoring and visualization of the complete end-of-line process. The food sectors special requirements for hygiene, safety, and data tracking are leading component required of effective system designs. Four out of five of these automation projects will be troubled, resulting in a waste in time, money, resources. Only objective and experienced project management expertise can help avoid these disastrous and misguided implementations.

Labor and Equipment of New Projects Add Costs Says John Hayes Automation Referee

The typical factions that require an automation referee are cost centers. John Hayes, founder and CEO of No Risk Automation explained, "Typically a project is adopted by a department and is found to be beneficial but the impact on other departments is overlooked. This impact can be added cost for labor or equipment to interface with the new automation. In general this cost is low, but all good managers want to stay within budget. In most cases, this is easily mitigated by having a discussion with senior management to assess the total benefit to the company by shifting budgets and responsibilities. The project then takes on a more holistic, collaborative approach."

North Carolina Increased New Distribution Centers Ideal for International Business

"North Carolina, and the entire Southeastern United States is quickly becoming the hub of new distribution centers. Many are currently considering automation currently as part of the planning process," according to John Hayes, founder and thought leader of No Risk Automation.

G-muZe Looks to Start the Production of Ellipsis with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoG-Sound has come up with an advanced charging device with multiple utilities named ellipsis. This cool gadget will make it possible for users to listen to their favorite music while the phone is being charged. The high quality speakers of ellipsis will also allow users to make hands-free phone calls.

Bodkin Design Awarded Phase 2 SBIR Contract to Demonstrate Performance and Evaluation Measurement Capabilities on a Turbojet Engine for U.S. Air Force

LogoBodkin Design and Engineering LLC (BD&E), is pleased to announce the award of a Phase 2 SBIR contract with the U.S. Air Force to build a performance and evaluation measurement system that will aid in the development of adaptive engine technology based on the sustainment and lean aircraft initiative. This program is a direct result of the success of BD&E's Phase 1 efforts to demonstrate snapshot hyperspectral imagery (HSI) of hydrocarbon flames at frame rates above 400 Hz. In Phase 2, BD&E will develop a custom, multi-modal sensor system that will focus on capturing HSI at frame rates as high as 2,000 Hz in the ultraviolet (UV) and short wave infrared (SWIR) bands to enable characterization of chemical species concentrations, local fuel-to-air ratios, and fuel mix temperatures inside a gas turbine engine or augmentor.

Hydrojet, Inc. Now Offering Reverse Engineering Services

LogoWhen a new product hits the market, many try to replicate it and add improvements to its design. One of the greatest troubles a company has when basing their model on an existing item is figuring out the placement and function of every piece. Providing businesses with viable workaround options, Hydrojet, Inc. has announced they are now offering reverse engineering services.

TCCI Manufacturing Compressors Offer Research and Development Lab and Engineering Test Facility

T/CCI provides the industry with the latest in innovative compressor designs, testing, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The state-of-the-art R&D lab and engineering test facility allows for advanced technology solutions to be fully tested. T/CCI's multi-million dollar R & D lab and engineering test facility offer advanced product design and validation capability. Test equipment include a calorimeter with 10 performance test points, five Ransco climatic chambers, eight modern durability stands, thermal shock, noise, dust, and liquid slugging equipment.

Hi-Craft Engineering Celebrates 40 Years Providing Quality Injection Molded Products

LogoHi-Craft Engineering, Inc., a Michigan-based low-cost leader providing high-quality injection molded products, is celebrating 40 years in business by continuing to proudly serve the automotive market and beyond. Additionally, in 2014 Hi-Craft purchased two 140-ton Toshiba Electric injection molding presses to continue its formidable operations support, each machine fitted with a new Star Automation Robot for the elimination of manual labor. This brings Hi-Craft Engineering's total press machine count to 38, ranging from 30-ton models to 620-ton variants.

Raframps Releases Their New Centre Axle Ramp Model

LogoRaframps, a loading solution division of Al Ameen Engineering, has announced the launch of their new center axle ramp model to help load/unload goods at various levels of heights as opposed to front axle ramps. Raframps are now one of the first local manufacturers of forklift ramps in the Gulf, where each individual ramps is load tested and certified before delivery. When contacted, Mohd Shahnawaz, the Managing Director of AL Ameen Engineering said, "We have been providing leading solutions for past 6 years, this new center axle basedramps will help facilitate quick loading/unloading at various heights which also includes L-shaped loading. We have field tested and this is the best solution to quickly load and unload materials at various heights." This innovative new product from the Raframps is bound to improve the loading and unloading experience of the local companies even further.

John Hayes Automation Referee Helps Collaborative Teams Toward Successful Manufacturing Projects

An independent third party referee, John Hayes founder and CEO of No Risk Automation, can help manufacturers in the automation process by eliminating the feeling of being pushed. Hayes explained, "It allows for the group to become a team and work together more collaboratively. In many cases the department that generated the process has little concept of the steps to take to get from concept to implementing the automation project. The ability to remove pressure from department budgets by having company senior management involved is very important. In many cases, changes are insignificant when lined up against company long-term goals."

The IMET Corporation Is Offering Electronic Engineering and Product Development for the New Year

The IMET Corporation is a contract manufacturing organization located in Southampton, PA. The corporation focuses on autonomous manufacturing systems, specializing in the industry of electronics engineering. For this New Year, they are offering top-notch electronic engineering and product development services to both new and returning clients.

Critical Success Factors Impact AGV Selection Process for Manufacturing Companies

The No Risk Automation newsletter reported that there are many critical success factors that will impact AGV companies referenced in a new by Radiant Insight report. The industry outlook and dynamics have specific market drivers which are culminating in key market opportunities (particularly in Food & Beverage and Automotive Industries). In this comprehensive report there is access to AGV market size, growth rate and forecast to 2020 In-depth quantitative information on key regional AGV markets including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific AGV market estimates and forecasts for key products/applications and market segmentation characterize the trends for market growth for AGV manufacturers. These data have to be contextualized. While interesting and informative the effectiveness of the technology often rests with the effectiveness of project management and implementation.

The Global Mobile Robotics Market Including AGVs Growing Substantially Through 2019

The No Risk Automation newsletter reported the US-based market intelligence company, Transparency Market Research (TMR), announced the addition of a new research report on the global mobile robotics market. The report, titled "Mobile Robotics Market (Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019," studied the global mobile robotics market and its elementary segments in great detail. It predicted that the global mobile robotics market, which valued US$6,249.6 million in 2012, could grow at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2013 to 2019 and acquire market value worth approximately US$14,202.2 million by 2019. The growth of the market was primarily driven by rise in use of mobile robotics in domestic, industrial, agricultural, and medical applications.

Mercury Well Control Announces New Office in Aberdeen, Scotland

Mercury Well Control (MWC) is announcing the expansion of their well control services into the North Sea market by opening an office in Aberdeen, Scotland. Chad Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, said, "Due to the demand for preventative well control services and better well control training solutions, we feel the timing is right to open the Aberdeen office."

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SBECPL) Now Offers Inconel 600 at Reasonable Prices

Sanghavi Bothra Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. (SBECPL) is now offering Inconel 600 at reasonable prices. The company offers alloy formulated nickel and chromium for industrial applications that require high temperature resistance and corrosion. Inconel 600 has unique mechanical properties that exhibit the unification of high strength and welding properties. This non-magnetic alloy has a large portion of nickel, which equips the alloy corrosion that occurs from inorganic or organic compounds. This alloy resists the chloride ion and alkaline solutions. This alloy can be hardened and strengthened exclusively by cold works. In addition to Inconel 600, the company also offers Inconel 601 and Inconel 625.

Project Management May Prove Best Automated Guided Vehicle Choice

John Hayes reported that after a new AGV (automated guided vehicle) system is purchased, the next step is not always clear. The automation trouble often starts when the distribution center managers or manufacturing plant managers meet the project implementation team. The implementation group does not know what the customer has said or what the sales rep has promised before this initial meeting. The team is rewarded for increasing project margins and will be very strict in the application of the contract and the specification. A customer advocate is needed. A customer project manager (often an experienced third party with extensive experience in these types of implementations) is needed. The project manager is the watchdog on the implementation on behalf of the customer.

AGV Maintenance Costs Calculated in Manufacturing Production Efficiency Data

No Risk Automation newsletter discussed automated guided vehicle (AGV) maintenance costs. Factored into the cost of maintenance should also be the amount of time required to respond and correct issues with the system on an ongoing basis. Many times the system slowly begins to perform at lower and lower system efficiency. When it gets to a point where production deficiency is visible and causing pain, the reduction from new high performance automation tools is shocking and frequently causes a great deal of acrimony.

Mintec Systems Publishes Enlightening New Selection of Custom Software Case Studies

Mintec Systems, one of Australia's leading custom software development firms, announced the publication of a number of new case studies on the company's website. Taken together, the studies give valuable insights into how custom-made software can benefit businesses and organizations by fitting more closely to their needs than off-the-shelf alternatives. Founded in 1979, Mintec Systems offers a wide range of information technology and software development services that can help clients cut costs and raise their levels of organizational effectiveness.

John Hayes Automation Referee Advocates Collaborative Team for Successful Manufacturing Projects

An independent third party referee, John Hayes founder and CEO of No Risk Automation, can help manufacturers in the automation process by eliminating the feeling of being pushed. Hayes explained, "It allows for the group to become a team and work together more collaboratively. In many cases the department that generated the process has little concept of the steps to take to get from concept to implementing the automation project. The ability to remove pressure from department budgets by having company senior management involved is very important. In many cases, changes are insignificant when lined up against company long-term goals."

Selecting Correct Material Handling Solutions Reduces Manufacturing Plant Costs by 30 Percent

The No Risk Automation newsletter reported on another algorithm in the literature titled, "A GA-Based Method to Reduce Material Handling." This genetic algorithm (GA), suggested authors SS Tseng, FM Chang, and YS Chu, is a way to decrease activities of material handling, waiting time, and material storage. They argued these issues are vital to increasing productivity. The research accurately suggested that in manufacturing the largest percent of product cost is related to material handling, which cannot add product value, but does waste costs. The authors extended this assertion noting that material handling accounts for 30 – 75% of the total manufacturing costs, but a good design of material handling can reduce the plant's cost by 15 -30%. AGV can be a buffer to decrease storage activities and decrease waiting times. While the efficacy of AGV solutions is not in question, the need to find an honest broker, a neutral third party, is vastly important. Hearing all sides of the AGV selection process is entering mediation and compromise is required.

Manufacturing Engineers Mindset May Derail Effective Communication for Growth Strategies

Manufacturing organizations are producing products that often require an extraordinary amount of engineering knowledge, experience, and problem-solving. Louise Dickmeyer, President of PDP Solutions shared in the company blog, that the single focus for any manufacturer is to make a great product as efficiently as possible, and it is often a challenge to tell the "story of the day." Active content is critical to the success of all manufacturing companies.

US Manufacturers Disappointed with Automation Solutions Due to Lack of Attention to Details

According to No Risk Automation newsletter, without precise specifications about the automation required and the outcomes expected, automation vendors sell what they have and the results will be disappointing. Many people say that the devil is in the details; in this case there are major costs in the details. Ignorance costs money at the time of installation; it costs time and efficiency modifying processes to meet what has been provided. Worst of all DCs and manufacturers may not look far enough in long-range planning, only to discover a system is purchased that is not capable of handling the additional operations required in the near, mid, or long term.