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Vegas-Off-Road Experience Is at It Again with a Customized 2015 Ford Transit

This week VORE announced they will be unveiling an all-New 2015 Ford Transit specially customized by VORE. VORE is a Las Vegas based leading off-road tour and racing company that offers off-road courses - short courses, challenge tours, raptor programs and arrive and drive racing events. "VORE makes your off-road experience exhilarating from beginning to the end by offering many different driving experiences such as: Arrive and Drive Racing, Desert Terrain Course and 5 to 20 laps' short courses that accommodate the experience levels of each customer. It's you who gets behind the wheel of our VORE Challenge Race trucks and they are sure to give you the adrenaline rush that you will never forget," Mike of VORE said.

Renaissance Health & Wellness to Host New Tulsa Location Grand Opening on October 27

Renaissance Health & Wellness will host a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of their new location in Tulsa, Okla., on Oct. 27, from 4­6:30 p.m. The new establishment is located at 8014 S. 101st East Ave., Suite 200. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Announces TraceGains Webinar on Legislative and Regulatory Outlook for the Food Industry recently announced, “Webinar to Outline What’s Ahead in US Food Regulation,” written by Jenni Spinner. The TraceGains’ webinar entitled, “Legislative and Regulatory Outlook for the Food Industry,” is being held on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT.

Baby Boomer Media Presents a New Article About Adopting Pets

Baby Boomer Media is pleased to present an article about the benefits of adopting pets long after National Pet Month in May is over. Boomers can experience a wealth of benefits from owning a pet. Tips and benefits of adopting pets for boomers also outlines how to choose a pet, what responsibilities to expect and more cutting edge facts about pet ownership.

The Headset Shop Offers Best-in-Class Cordless Headsets with Sleek Design

The Headset Shop offers best-in-class cordless headsets with sleek design, great compatibility and excellent features. They help people choose wireless headsets in accordance to their own personal taste and preference. It depends on how much money one is willing to pay as their headsets cater to different budgets. Their range of wireless headsets allows people have freedom in their working place, car or home even when having a call on the phone line.

Magline Featured in Product of the Month in Material Handling Product News

LogoThe Magliner Extractor-handle for two-wheel hand trucks was featured as Product of the Month in a recent issue of Material Handling Product News. The publication is the most comprehensive source of materials handling systems, equipment, and products.

American Packaging Corporation Adds Seegrid GT10 Tow Tractor Improving Plant Safety and Productivity

LogoAmerican Packaging Corporation, located in Story City, Iowa, recently added the Seegrid GT10 tow tractor to their robotic fleet. Seegrid Corporation, the leading manufacturer of vision-guided robotic industrial trucks to the material handling industry, announced the addition of the tow tractor; American Packaging already utilized two robotic GP8 double length pallet trucks to transport raw and finished goods to specific locations in the manufacturing plant.

Rise of Crowdsourced Politics: U.S. Veteran Turns to Writing in Pursuit of More Honest Political System

While many have a mission to affect great political change, most bold and powerful books hit the marketplace either from noted celebrities, activists or even politicians themselves. However, one United States Air Force veteran is bucking the trend by presenting a manifesto for change that speaks on behalf of the millions of Americans that don’t have a nationally-televised voice.

Lost & Found: Unique Contemporary Romance Series Tells Story of Love from Male Narrators' Perspective

While thousands of romance series have been cherished by readers for decades, none are perhaps quite as unique as Lori L. Otto’s ‘Emi Lost & Found’. With the series revolving around one captivating woman, two of the three books are narrated by different men who believe her to be their soul mate.

Hill's Drug Store, a Trusted Pharmacy in San Antonio, Continues Legacy of Medical Equipment Servicing

LogoWhen it comes to the specific products and services that are considered life's essentials, every place has its own story to tell about the most trusted and highly established long-running provider. In San Antonio, Texas, one name stands out in the medical pharmacy arena: Hill's Drug Store. Announces New Line of Wine Chillers and Coolers, a leading online retailer or wine-related accessories and products, is happy to unveil a brand new line of wine chillers and coolers, just in time for summer picnics, parties and barbecues. The coolers and chillers come in a wide variety of styles, and each one is designed to keep wines and champagnes perfectly chilled.

Job Seekers Use New "Tailoring Method" to Get Offers in Impossible Job Market

Never before have common interview questions like "Tell Me About Yourself" been so easily answered. A new technique is helping job seekers across the country get offers from their job interviews at a frequency that is leaving hiring managers shaking their heads. The technique, rather method, is called "tailoring", and it allows interviewees to customize their entire interview to the company they are interviewing with.

"Heaven Sent" by Zawles Available on Itunes

“Heaven Sent,” an absolutely blazing new Hip Hop track by fast rising artist Zawles is now available on iTunes, Last.FM and other digital purchase sites. Produced by Stevie Hooper, “Heaven Sent” is a veritable tour de force of genre bending sounds. “Heaven Sent” combines powerful sounds from Rock music with classical elements from Hip Hop to accentuate Zawles’ unique vocal talents. This track is one for those who enjoy old school flavor, but still appreciate an artist who isn’t afraid to try new things and create new sounds.

Point of Sale and POS System Company Moves to Modernize Orange County Businesses

Cerritos, CA based company, Eprime POS (point of sale) has announced their expansion to the Orange County market from their Cerritos, CA location. Eprime POS has provided Los Angeles restaurant business owners computerized cash registers and complete POS systems for over seven years since 2006 and have serviced a wide variety of customers. Clients include big names such as Shakey's Pizza, Round Table Pizza, Creation Grill, Shekarchi Restaurant, and more. More details regarding their specific units and clients can be found at their landing page:

The Dream of Owning a Log or Timber Frame Home Is Alive and Well in New York

LogoResidents of the Lake George area and its surrounding communities who've always dreamed of living in a log or timber frame home or enjoy the rustic lifestyle and simple, elegant furnishings they afford are invited to spend time with the industry's top log home and timber frame companies and builders along with industry experts at The New York Log Home and Timber Frame Show at the Lake George Forum, June 14-16.

Stop Paying Rent: Motivational New Book Helps Home Buyers Lock the Door on Myths & Misinformation.

With real estate markets around the world struggling as of late, millions of buyers have endured an overwhelming and frustrating flood of myths, misinformation and conflicting strategies. In an effort to set the record straight and help any buyer grab the keys to their dream home, one Canadian real estate professional has released what could be the most valuable and honest book of a generation.

Bible Gateway Launches "the Plan," a New Devotional Tracking the Promises of the Bible

LogoThe Plan carefully notes each prophecy in the Bible and whether it has already been fulfilled, is being fulfilled today, or will be fulfilled in the future; no other devotional so thoroughly tracks the Bible’s promises. Offers Automation and Custom Bots for Sale

The site offers assistance in marketing strategies by providing automation and custom bots services at affordable rates. The site offers its services to take marketing a step further to help increase the sales and boost the web presence of you or your clients. It provides the right platform for custom bots development.

Elite Machinery Systems Launches Used Molding Equipment Sales

Elite Machinery Systems was established by a group of professionals with a view to deliver the best quality machinery to the medical industry. The team at Elite Machinery Systems is trained professionals who understand the need for quality equipment. At Elite Machinery Systems, one never needs to worry about quality since it is given the upmost importance and if the machinery is not up to the mark, the company won’t sell it.

Crossroads Investigations Founder Marc Hurwitz Appointed Chair of Aventura Marketing Council's New 'Law Committee'

Marc Hurwitz, founder of Crossroads Investigations, has been appointed to serve as Chair of the Aventura Marketing Council’s new Law Committee, launched to create a forum for attorneys and other professionals in the legal field such as paralegals, mediators and court reporters, to network and earn continuing education credits.

Victor Phonograph Business Owner Selling Entire Parts Inventory

Victor Phonographs were built to last. Unfortunately, most antique phonographs outlast the company’s desire to manufacture parts and accessories for older phonographs. Nick Dimaio sees this on a daily basis.

Do Not Call Guard Helps One to Get Relief from Bothersome Phone Calls

Some may not know how to stop these annoying calls from telemarketers, debt collectors, and others but there is a solution to this aside from turning off one’s cell phone. This solution doesn’t cost much and is very affordable and can provide peace and relief from unsolicited automated phone calls.

Dallas-Fort Worth Security Made Safer Through Republic of Texas Fire and Security CCTV Services

LogoThe Dallas-Fort Worth areas in Texas is the central hub of corporate headquarters of the some of the biggest businesses in the United States. Home to several firms that compose the telecommunication, computing and electronics sectors, the region boasts of competitive security systems and services needed to protect and secure the large industries.

Local San Diego Internet Marketing Company Provides Complete Web Promotion Solutions

Internet Marketing Pros, a San Diego Social Media Management and SEO company, has expanded its services by providing complete web solutions for business owners.

Ameriplan Reviews Independent Business Owner Reviewed the Ameriplan Company and Seeks New Employees

Ameriplan Business Owner Steve Smith has reviewed the Ameriplan Company and has determined that Ameriplan was built to last. America's Health Plan is an independent bus. of AmeriPlan USA, which provides high quality health care to the average American family that accepts everyone despite age, residential status, PREEXISTING CONDITIONS or status who are UNDER INSURED, NOT INSURED, or INSURED. Trusted since 1992 with an A+ rating by the BBB, we have over 2 MILLION Members and over 500,000 providers within our network nationwide. Smith has done extensive Ameriplan Reviews and is ready to move forward promoting this life-saving company.

PC Check Writer Summer Savings: Gives Away EzCheckPrinting via Online Offers

LogoWith ezCheckPrinting, writing a check is really easy! All user have to do is to enter the date, payee’s name and amount payable to the payee. This check writer will automatically convert numbers to words. User can write and print a check with just a few clicks. New business owners can now get ezCheckPrinting, the PC check writer software and compatible check stock for free through new offers from

EyeQuick Launches Its Portable Ophthalmic Camera in Europe

EyeQuick Launches its Portable Ophthalmic Camera in Europe Invented by an ophthalmologist, the EyeQuick is the world’s smallest integrated ophthalmic camera