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Promontory Is Going Green for the Utah Environment

Promontory is a community that cares about the environment and offers residential recycling services through Allied Waste. This service provides residents of this luxury community with recycling pick-up every other Thursday at 7 AM. Each resident receives a brown bin for recyclable materials which will be picked up and disposed of properly. Those who have been thinking about moving to this luxury community will find that it is not only a very fun and safe place to live, but also eco-friendly.

TransLimo Service Now Opens Its Limousine Doors for Local and Overseas Visitors

TransLimo Service now opens its limousine doors for local and overseas visitors in Singapore and Malaysia. Business ventures, vacations and leisure trips are now given the outmost care and style to make the travel all about the destination goals and experience. Combining excellent service skills with luxury vehicles, any transportation needs will be in a class of its own.

Circus Social Brings in COO to Fuel Expansion Across Asia

Circus Social is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ram Bhamidi as COO. This is the first of new hires being made by social software firm Circus Social to underpin their expansion across Asia. Bhamidi’s first priority will be to establish the new design and development center in Bangalore focused on Facebook application development.

Tire Rebates HQ Offers Rebate Information

Those who drive a car realize there will come a time when tires are going to be necessary. Expensive, tires are necessary. Getting a great deal on tires can be a very trying and daunting task, so James Franklin decided to do something about it. Delivers Premier Licensed San Diego Locksmith Services

LogoWhen time-consuming issues on damaged locks or keys at home or problems on broken car locks occur, it is not uncommon for residents in San Diego, California to seek immediate assistance from locksmith services. Recent reports, however, point to the presence of fraudulent locksmith in the area. As such, it is highly imperative for customers to ensure that they are transacting with a reputable and legitimate San Diego locksmith company that provides not only top value for money, but also priceless peace of mind.

Cloud-Based Toll Free Numbers Offer a Professional Business Image at Lower Costs

LogoCredibility and professionalism are key to business; success. Most Fortune 500 companies can afford to put every strategy possible in place to maintain a great image that the market will associate their business with. Startups and small businesses can do the same, starting with toll free numbers that help project an image of reliability that customers will have no doubts doing business with. Now Offering Wide Selection of Discount Prescription Sunglasses Online

Online customers looking for discount prescription glasses that will keep their sight safe during the summer will be pleased to know that is now offering a wide selection of sunglasses for men, women, and children. Along with offering the most affordable options on the Internet, provides an extensive selection of prescription sunglasses that will keep the sun out of customers’ eyes while they are vacationing down the beach this summer. Because the sunglasses are so affordable, customers will have more money to spend on treats, games, and rides on the boardwalk. With the new, fashionable sunglasses they purchased from, customers will easily stick out among the best looking people at the beach.

Brazilians Are the Leading Buyers of Centercon Properties

Instead of taking Miami apartments for rent, a growing number of Brazilians prefer to invest in Miami real estate. This development is mainly due to the extremely high real estate prices in Brazil. The more favorable market in the United States however, presents a great opportunity for Brazilians to take advantage of. As a result, the Florida real estate market is growing stronger. One of the company's that genuinely pushes to bring in outside investment is Centercon.

FineArteStore: One Stop Destination for the Best Oil Paintings Reproductions Launches

For all those who love art, but cannot quite afford an original Van Gogh or Raphael, is the best place to find oil paintings reproductions online. The prices are affordable, at art remarkable and the website has over 50,000 hand painted oil painting reproductions of offer to their clients.

Master Art Oil Painting Reproductions Now on Sale from the World's Best

For those who cannot afford to invest in original paintings, the option of buying masterpiece reproductions works out to be the next best approach. Paintings from the world's top artists carry significant value but, they are also susceptible to damage, burglary and so on. Worth millions these are pieces that require high level of security which results in even bigger investment. One source which promises to give customers customized hand paintings from the same leading artists at a much lower price is Fine Art Store. The Best Online Portrait Painting Gallery Has Just Launched

People today are showing an increasing interest for portrait paintings because these paintings are a real sophisticated way to showcase their taste and personal style in the living room. These days there are many good online galleries offering portrait painting services and is one of them. It is well-reputed for its lifelike china portrait paintings that are available in plenty of painting medium options such as rich oil paints, water color, Crayon, Pastel. Also offers premium quality portraits sketched out of Charcoal and Pencil.

New and Effective Viral Party Promotion & Event Marketing Tool Released has just taken major steps in simplifying the task of effectively promoting events, bars specials, parties and concerts to entire areas. By using Fiesta Frog; promoters, bars, venues for concerts and events can already have their promotional materials distributed to a massive groups of people and large areas. In addition to the niche targeted viral event-marketing engine, promoters and venues can use the Fiesta Frog platform to promote to large amounts of social media followers. SEO professionals have tested the system’s ability to rank event pages on Google and help with personal link building campaigns.

Sold out After Crisis Review: Must Read! - Forward Thinkers Stock Up on 37 Vital Foods

Sold Out After Crisis bares 37 food items that are essential to ensure a family’s survival amidst any disaster. While these foods would stave off starvation in prolonged crisis, they practically get sold out fast making it crucial to know where to buy them before everyone else does and how to securely store them.

Stalking via Phone Can Never Be a Problem Again

Ever wondering on how to get rid of those unknown callers? Some may do not know how and what to do in order to be protected with this. A lot of times, these unnecessary calls disturb others with their day to day activities offering some promotional items specially when these kind of calls will be receive in the midst of a meeting and worst, during bedtime thinking that calls may be important that later it would be found out that its nothing. It may even stress on some people.

New Book Offers Holistic Information on How to Treat a Boil

Anyone who has ever suffered from painful, recurring boils knows how frustrating they can be, and how difficult to get rid of for good. Now, a new book explains to the millions of sufferers of this common condition how to treat a boil — and how to prevent boils from recurring.

Cost-Effective Health Care Insurance for People with Pre-Existing Conditions Now Possible with New ObamaCare Health Insurance Law

A cost-effective health care insurance for people with pre existing conditions is now possible with the new ObamaCare health Insurance law. However, the ObamaCare reform is to take effect on January 14, 2014.

New Website Features Cheap Mattresses for Sale

At, visitors to the site can read customer reviews on the most popular cheap mattress sets, sleeper sofa mattresses and affordable bedroom sets; watch the videos; and compare prices.

New Sunglasses Website!

With there is a new player in the world of sunglasses. If you love famous brands like: Ray Ban, Oakley, etc. but not so much the prices in local shops. Then you’re at the right place!

NYC Mold Inspection Company Now Offering NYC Water Damage Services for Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief

LogoAn established NYC mold removal company, Five Boro Mold Specialist, recently launched a new water damage and flood damage program for people that have been devastated by the contaminated flood waters of hurricane Sandy. As there were literally thousands and thousands of building and homes that were underwater for a considerable amount of time, many of these buildings and homes have been forced to take extreme measures to clean, disinfect, remove, and repair water damaged areas of said structures. Due to the fact that such a large area of New York City was flooded, many of these affected areas have been experiencing increased reports of major water damage, toxic mold growth, and sickness directly derived from the contaminated flood waters of Hurricane Sandy.

J John Sebastian Attorney Expands Criminal Defense Practice to New Areas

LogoJ John Sebastian is excited to announce an expansion of the firm to serve more courts and areas throughout the Greater Buffalo Area.

iQuarius Media Provides Social Media Marketing and Web Design, Orlando offers Internet marketing services and web design Orlando. The traditional media studio of iQuarius also provides SEO Orlando. Viewers can watch motion graphics reel through this website. Customers can spread their message with smart phone applications and digital media with the help of this company. Complete custom-made e-business solutions are also featured on this website. iQuarius guarantees that all the needs and requirements of customers related to Internet marketing are fulfilled. The portfolio icon of this website leads to audio post, commercials, branding, web design, social media marketing and motion graphics reel.

MamaBear Instagram Alerts Can Help Parents Monitor Video Tagging.

LogoThe MamaBear worry free parenting app is the front line for child monitoring, particularly when it comes to social media. The popular photo sharing social media app Instagram recently launched its integrated video functionality. Instagram Video allows users to upload videos up to 15 seconds in length directly from mobile devices. These videos can use all of the standard filters and tagging options that the app is already known for offering. Videos upload directly into the photo stream and are available for public consumption, just like pictures. Families that use the popular family tracking app MamaBear, are already finding it useful to for Instagram video monitoring. This is in addition to the wide range of child family monitoring and parental alert applications the app already offers.

Make Products Pop Like Fireworks with Custom USA Stickers

Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, encourages manufacturers to prepare their products for the Fourth of July and other patriotic summertime events by using USA Stickers. Products can be just as American as apple pie in time for Independence Day, which can make them the perfect addition to themed cookouts, family gatherings and other summertime events.

No Win No Fee Helps Clients Win Accident Compensation Claims

No Win No Fee helps its clients win accident compensation claims. Along with explaining the clients all the steps involved in the process of accident compensation claims, the firm also helps them find injury lawyers. The law firm helps clients find a personal injury solicitor at a much lesser fee than they would otherwise get elsewhere.

Innovative Technologies Providing a Spurt to the Indian Paint Market

LogoOver the past few years, efforts on the part of the manufacturers to introduce innovative technologies in the paint market have led to a growth in demand for paints in India. Manufacturers have introduced new and better performance products which are eco-friendly and cater to the needs of individual customers. According to the latest report by RNCOS “Booming Paint Industry in India” new technologies in the paint market would lead to better performance, cost reduction and wider applications of paints in India.

Buy Exclusive and Original Art Works of Fine Artist MendyZ at "Prisoners" Art Exhibition

Public displays of exclusive art pieces or paintings are a stirring experience for art lovers. They love to attend art shows especially when they include collections of famous artists. MendyZ is one of the world’s most renowned fine art artists who is presently showcasing some exemplary canvas art collections with a highly complex twist while bridging various scientific and art fields. Artist MendyZ is primarily based in Chicago and has been very popular with regards to the various collections of artworks done so far, and they have been vast in medium, subject, artistic viewpoint, and creation style. The artist has currently launched his new art studio with unique facilities for canvas painting, screen printing, intaglio printmaking, sculpting, wood working, and serigraph.

Protein Engineering Market Is About to Grow $168 Billion - 2017

LogoThe report "Protein Engineering Market [Products (Monoclonal Antibody, Insulin Analog, Modified EPO), Technology (Sequential Modification, Glycosylation, PEGylation), and Applications (Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Research)] - Global Forecast to 2017", analyses the global protein engineering market by products, technology, applications, and geography with five-year revenue forecasts. It also identifies the factors driving and restraining the global protein engineering market with analysis of trends, opportunities, and threats.