Automotive Press Releases

Champion Traffic School Emphasizes the Impact of Defensive Driving in the Prevention of Road Traffic Accidents

Car collisions, car crashes, and other road traffic accidents have been documented to cause the most number of deaths and debilitating injuries all over the world and this fact has been proven as revealed by the survey and studies made by the World Health Organization. The daily news is filled with footages of catastrophic car accidents which shock the global population everyday and the number of casualties has become more and more upsetting and distressing. The number of disastrous and tragic road accidents has become a global concern and different states and other organizations and agencies are constantly searching for the best ways, if not to eradicate, to reduce the number of occurrences.

PFS Auto Repair Partners with BizIQ

PFS Auto Repair, a full-service auto repair shop serving residents of the Lansing area, has announced a partnership with BizIQ, a digital marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona and specializing in serving small businesses throughout North America.

New Car Number Plate Rotator Introduced to Avoid Camera & Protect Identity

Hiding number plate of a vehicle is now a lot easier with the most advanced Car Number Plate Rotator introduced by Stealth Plate Store. The new flipping licensed plate device has two different license plates and the original license plate can be rotated down to a 180 degree angle with a push of a button. The original number plate becomes "Out of Sight", giving way to a duplicate number plate. This way, a car owner can easily hide the original license plate to protect his/her identity.

Twin City European Auto Repair Company Launches Interactive New Website to Maximize Customer Service

Proudly serving the Twin City area as a premier Bosch Service Center for over twenty-five years, Valley Auto Care makes scheduling services even easier for customers with a newly redesigned website platform. Valley Auto Care is staffed with highly trained technicians focused on all types of European and American automobiles from standard-sized sedans to German supercars.

Footage for Car Accident Claims: The Accident Team Comments

A recent survey of 29 top motor insurers has revealed that when dealing with claims, especially regarding traffic accidents, they will now accept dashcam footage as supporting evidence. A dashcam is a camera that can be installed on the dashboard of the car and films the driver's view. It is a tool that can provide security for many drivers, as it can film car journeys, not only for reference, but also as evidence regarding the circumstances of accidents.

Philadelphia Has the Third Highest Car Insurance Rates in the Country

LogoAccording to an automobile insurance report, there are only two cities across the nation with higher car insurance rates than Philadelphia, PA: Detroit and Brooklyn, respectively. In fact, residents of Philadelphia's 19132 ZIP code pay 128% more than Pennsylvania's state average for their car insurance; the state average comes in at $1,210, while Philadelphia residents pay approximately $2,760. The report's calculations were based on the rates from 6 of the nation's largest carriers: Allstate, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive, Farmers and State Farm. The Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency requests the chance to lower that rate, when possible, for Philadelphia residents.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 200,300 BMW Auto Parts and Accessories

LogoBMW, a German-based automobile manufacturer, is one of the three largest luxury automakers in the world. Therefore, it seems fitting that many people who own any of their luxurious model vehicles would go above and beyond to keep it in pristine condition. If a BMW owner happens to be on the market for a high-quality replacement part—but also wants to save money, one company that they can turn to is Parts Geek. To help BMW owners acquire the parts they need, Parts Geek makes it one of their top priorities to keep increasing their BMW parts inventory. In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is now offering over 200,300 BMW auto parts and accessories on their user-friendly website.

Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Comes Up with Innovative Range of Fluid Couplings

Fluid couplings are mainly used in industries for connecting the driven machine with the prime mover. These products are extremely useful and they are used in various industrial works like steel production, power generation and mining. There are various companies providing these products but one needs to make sure that they but from a professional company that has experience in this field. One of the companies providing these products in China is Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co.

TBC Jumps Into the Sharing Economy with Reviews on Car Sharing Companies (TBC) recently released review for companies in the car sharing industry.

Longevity, a Renowned Supplier of Welding Equipment, Now Offers Plasma Cutters at Affordable Rates

Plasma cutters are considered to be one of the best tools for cutting metals. For people who want to weld metals, Longevity, a prominent provider of welding equipment, is now offering plasma cutters at affordable rates. These plasma cutters work by passing a gas through a narrow opening and bringing this in contact with an electric arc. Customers can depend on Longevity for superior-quality plasma cutters as they are offered at competitive prices compared to other brands. The plasma cutter that the company offers easily meets the expectations of every professional and commercial welder and other hobbyists.

Work Zone Traffic Accidents a Major Problem for Motorists and Highway Workers

LogoThe safety of highway workers and motorists in construction zones remains a major concern in the United States. There were 609 work zone traffic fatalities in 2012 and 579 the following year (Federal Highway Administration). The consistent number of work zone deaths each year further illustrates the seriousness of the issue.

More Than a Quarter of Car Accidents Are Caused by Cell Phones Warns enviCAR

enviCar, the company behind the popular Car Mount, Cell Phone Holder that is available on Amazon for $19.97, has launched an important campaign. The campaign is to make people aware of how dangerous using a mobile while driving can be.

Parts Geek Now Offering Hood Release Handles

LogoOne auto part that is an afterthought for many drivers is their vehicle's hood release handle. In order to check what is going on under a vehicle's hood, many drivers will need to flip a switch or pull a lever in order for their hood to release. Therefore, if a driver finds that that he or she is unable to open the vehicle's hood, the culprit could be the hood release handle. Drivers, who are looking to acquire a high-quality replacement hood release handle quickly, can now turn to Parts Geek. What's more, this leading online auto parts retailer offers hood release handles from top brands in the industry such as APA/URO Parts, Replacement, Genuine, Dorman, and Febi.

American Collectors Insurance Offering Policies to Protect Antique Cars During Travel

LogoWith vehicle collectors gearing up to display their classic cars at auto shows this summer, drivers are going to require protection through transportation. Offering flexible and comprehensive insurance policies, American Collectors Insurance is proud to announce their extra layer of protection through a towing and labor for collectors plan. There are three levels of coverage available, and drivers have the option to choose silver, gold, or platinum at affordable rates.

Green Auto Lube Will Soon Be Providing Services of Green Oil Change in Spokane at an Affordable Price

With pollution increasing at an alarming rate, concern for the environment grows every day. Understanding the impact caused in the atmosphere, Green Auto Lube will soon be providing environmentally-friendly services of green oil change in Spokane, Washington at an affordable price. This is the perfect solution for vehicle owners looking for green oil. Customers can rely on the alternative options provided by the company in the fast lube market. 85-89% less energy is used to produce these re-refined oils, which is not only environmentally-friendly, but also good for vehicles.

Escapecars Unveils Car Renting Services in Scandinavia

Escapecars announced to offer car renting services to Scandinavian clients in a small press meeting here today. The company has a co-operation with renowned car service providers from across the world. Customers can rent a car through the Escapecars website of the company by clicking just a few buttons or calling the customer service.

Parts Geek Expands Inventory of Transmission Mounts to Meet Customer Demands

LogoProper vehicle maintenance is critical to long-standing performance. Common problems that arise must be addressed before further damage affects the vehicle. If a transmission mount is loose, parts in its immediate vicinity can be susceptible to expensive damage. To meet the increasing demands of customers in need, Parts Geek has expanded its inventory of transmission mounts to include over 11,450 parts. The Importance of Road Safety Tests in Ensuring the Use of Road-Worthy Cars

LogoMost people spend a lot of time on the road; some may just be pedestrians who are walking on their way to school, some just have to run to the store for some errands and some drive and face the traffic travelling to work. But there are a lot of times where road traffic accidents transpire due to a number of reasons like road and weather conditions, driver factors and, of course, vehicular conditions.

Champion Oil Announces Engine Builder Supplier Program

Logo"Champion's motor oils for passenger, racing, collector and vintage cars, as well as diesel applications, and our hydraulic and gear oils, greases, additives, chemicals and aerosols can be packaged to meet each engine builder's unique needs. We can start wherever the engine builder wants and help build a small pipeline of inventory," explains Champion spokesperson Karl Dedolph III. "We will offer, upon request, a suggestion of inventory specifically designed for their particular market and offer resources designed to help them build mixed inventories to maximize pricing and freight costs. Offers the Best Towed Vehicle Brake System That Makes Towing Effortless

LogoEngine troubles usually happen that makes a person ask for help to tow their vehicles to the nearest motor homes. However, problems often arise when the braking system of the vehicle being towed does not work according to the expectations, which makes the towing even harder. But today, with's latest product offering, towing will never be daunting the way it used to be with their newest towed vehicle brake system which is the Stay-in-Play DUO.

Asphalt Addiction: A New Clothing Line for Motorcyclists

Perry Prichard's enthusiasm for motorcycle riding extends well beyond the roadways. A former motorcycle racer from Knoxville, Tenn., he is equally passionate about riding gear so he created Asphalt Addiction, a clothing company dedicated to motorcycle riders of all levels.

Parts Geek Announces Updated Inventory of Nissan Pathfinder Parts

LogoParts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce their updated inventory of Nissan Pathfinder parts. Those who own this economical and compact vehicle will now be able to browse an online inventory that features well over 4,500 products. Nissan Pathfinder owners will also find that Parts Geek offers many products from leading brands such as: A1 Cardone, Action Crash, GT Styling, Husky Liner, Weathertech, NPN, and much more.

California Car Dealership Attorneys Fight Car Dealer Auto Fraud

Many California car buyers get scammed by used car dealers. The most common fraud issues are false advertising, hidden accidents, and financing scams. In California, it is against the law for a dealer to sell a car for any amount higher than the advertised price. It is also illegal for a dealer to hide previous accidents or serious damage from the buyer. A dealer must also comply with strict financing laws that protect California car buyers. When car dealers break the law, the auto fraud attorneys at Consumer Action Law group sue car dealers for fraud.

TireTek Celebrate with Discount Offer as Premium Tire Pressure Gauge Becomes Big Seller on Amazon

TireTek has today announced they have launched a special offer on their Premium Tire Pressure Gauge with a large dial as part of a celebration of the success of the product on Amazon.

Avail Optimum Automobile Coverage by Getting Motorcycle Insurance Quotes Provided by Kaups Insurance

Riding a bike gives a pure adrenaline rush to passionate bike lovers. But quite often it gets scratched, breaks down and even gets badly damaged due to accidents. To get optimum automobile insurance coverage, individuals can avail the motorcycle insurance quotes provided by Kaups Insurance. The quotes offered assist bike owners to get information about reliable companies that provide maximum protection with minimum legal requirements. These insurance quotes help in dealing with different queries with broad variations in deductibles and premiums, in rider qualifications, in cost and coverage and variations related to different kinds of motorcycles. Their specialized motorcycle quotes help in dealing with concerns about trailer coverage, rider accessories, medical options, roadside assistance and repair options.

Patriot Chevrolet Announces May Special for New Camaro Models

LogoAs the seasons change, many drivers are in the market for a new vehicle. To drive in style and receive a special offer, Patriot Chevrolet is proud to announce their exclusive May deals for new Camaro models. Throughout the month of May, drivers interested in a 2014 or 2015 convertible or coupe Camaro will receive consumer cash and bonus cash offers up to $3,000.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 1,500 Washer Reservoir Parts

LogoHaving windshield washer fluid is one thing, but having a properly functioning washer reservoir is another. Sometimes this plastic auto part can break and crack if it is filled with any washer fluid that is not resistant to freezing. Therefore, when drivers find themselves with a cracked washer reservoir, one company that they can turn to is Parts Geek. In fact, this leading online auto parts retailer is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 1,500 washer reservoir parts.