Automotive Press Releases

AutoRep Sales Named Champion Racing Oil Rep Firm of the Year

"Walt Siklich, President of AutoRep Sales, has grown-up around performance and racing. His passion is the driving force behind AutoRep Sales", stated Karl Dedolph, Champion Director of Racing & Performance. "AutoRep Sales is driven to succeed for companies like Champion utilizing their contacts, knowledge, expertise, and Walt's love of this exciting industry."

Champion Racing Oil to Display Carbon-Fiber Sprint Car Body at PRI Trade Show

Dave Blaney, professional NASCAR driver, Sprint Car Champion, and owner of DB Racing in Salisbury, NC has recently formed a new partnership with Jack Elam at J & J Auto Racing out of McKenzie, TN. Over the past two years DB Racing has built Blaney’s Sprint Cars in- house and with these new developed carbon fiber materials and structures, Sprint Car Racing is primed for the future.

MSG Cars Now Offers Low Deposit Sub Prime Finance for as Low as £400

LogoHelping people with poor credit ratings acquire a vehicle, is offering the low deposit sub prime finance deal for as low as £400 starting in October 2012.

Liftn Buddy Wins 2012 Wall Street Journal Innovation Technology Award

John M. Leger, News Editor with the Wall Street Journal was pleased to inform Ergologistic that they are the winner of the Technology Design category in this year’s Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards.

BMW Diagnostics at August European a Good Choice for San Diego BMW Car Owners

A BMW, unlike most other cars, is a valuable possession, and anything goes wrong with it is usually reason for grave concern, says BMW specialist Brian Sanders of August European, the San Diego BWM Diagnostics repair shop located at 9705 Candida Street in San Diego, CA 92126.

Selling Your Car? New E-Book Offers Helpful Tips

If you've ever wondered when the right time is to sell your car, the easy answer is replacement: you've purchased a new car and the old one has got to move on. For many though, particularly those in and around major metropolitan areas, you might find that the cost of car ownership - gas, repairs, parking, etc. - is just too high and want to sell your car for cash for basic economic reasons. And, in the current economy, if you’ve recently been laid off or your spouse’s hours have been cut back, you may decide that the loan amount and monthly car payments are now too high and it’s time to sell. For still others, maybe you’ve relocated to an area where you don’t actually require a car as public transportation is plentiful. You may just look forward to joining the ever-growing movement of people choosing to live without a car (p.s. - this 'Best Cities in the US – Living without a Car' article can help you find a great place).

AERO Attending Georgia Car Show October 13

LogoInternational AERO Products, AERO, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming George K. Gannam Post 184 American Legion, Inc. 2012 Fundraiser 3rd Annual Car Show. The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 13, in Thunderbolt, GA. Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Ward, will be on site for product demos and to answer all your detailing questions.

Liftn Buddy Electric Hand Truck Profiled in Business Excellence Magazine

Ranked as the nation’s leading manufacturing journalist and a contributing editor for hundreds of publications annually, Thomas R. Cutler, has been writing extensively about manufacturing and industry for more than twenty years. In the Business Excellence magazine, Cutler profiled Ergologistics makers of Lift’n Buddy. Launches Innovative Money Back Guarantee Promise

Moving a car from one place to another sounds like a fairly easy proposition. After all, it is a vehicle. However there are many situations that make transporting a car by driving it impractical or impossible. Sometimes the distances are so vast that it doesn’t make sense to drive it. Sometimes a car needs to be in a different place than the owner. For these reasons, and many others, professional vehicle movers exist to help people get their cars to another place. Offers Free Shipping on All Headlights

The owners of have now officially make all of their current headlight selection free to ship to any home in the United States. This move makes it much easier for customers to find the right fit and the right price for their automobile. Launches Lowest Price Car Insurance Quotation Pledge

A little research goes a long way when it comes to finding insurance quotes online. Some insurance providers depend on the fact that visitors never research alternative options over the internet. Unfortunately for those companies, many vehicle owners have started to realize that they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year by comparing auto insurance quotes online. Gains Attention for Its Bad Credit Car Financing Tutorials

The recent economic turmoil has plunged millions of families into financial difficulty. Because of the poor economy, some hardworking people have been forced to let their credit ratings suffer in order to keep their families fed – or to stay in their homes.

Brett Hearn and Champion Oil Win VP Small Engine Fuels 200 at Syracuse Mile

LogoBrett Hearn’s long run of big-block Modified misery during NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week is over. Combining a fleet racecar with the good fortune that had seemingly abandoned him at the famed New York State Fairgrounds, Hearn emerged triumphant in Sunday’s rain-shortened VP Small Engine Fuels 200.

Champion Racing Oil Now Available at Engine Research & Development (ERD)

LogoERD has an experienced staff of engine builders and builds race engines for several forms of motorsports including; Oval Track, Drag Racing, and marine for over eight-five teams in North America and Europe. Contact ERD at 905-562-3966. They are serious about winning!

Driving Schools in Arizona Provide Key Safety Standards

The standards today for safe driving records amongst teenagers is becoming a mounting concern throughout the United States but particularly in Arizona. Car insurance costs for parents is necessitating a comprehensive driving program for young and about to be drivers. A geed driving school is not only one that allows a child to pass their driving test for their motor vehicle license, but also one that teaches the subtle and not so subtle aspects of getting behind the wheel. The challenges for youngsters today is a combination of issues such as technological advances in smart phones and tablet technology that allows the Generation X, Y, and Z to stay connected at all times. Now Hiring Sales People

The owner of Cerritos Hyundai recently announced that they are looking to hire new sales people as the company continues to grow. The current opportunities are open to anyone in the area, although previous car sales work will help. Lists New Used Hyundai i20 Options

The webmaster of recently updated the website to showcase many of the new used Hyundai i20 cars currently in stock and ready to be sold. Customers are able to search some of the most recent additions and get all the vital information straight from the website before stopping in to view the ride at the dealership.

Travel with Ease by Renting the Cars from Promotor Rent

Whatever be the nature of your travel, be it official or a holiday with your family, it is very important that you take the right travel company for the rented cars. A comfortable and hassle free car rental service provider can help you make you journey much easier and joyful. Moreover when you are in Romania you surely would like to travel in and around the cities in the car of a reliable service provider.

Hire.Buy.Sell Gives It Users the Ability to Post Free Classifieds, and More

There is good news for all those who live in Australia and hope to buy, rent, or sell just about any kind of automobile, boats included.

International AERO Products Now in Canada Through RNB Restorations

LogoInternational AERO Products, AERO, is pleased to add RNB Restorations as a wholesale distributor servicing Canada and New England. RNB Restorations, located in Ontario, Canada, and Niagara Falls, New York, carries a variety of premium products, and AERO is proud to be added to that list.

International AERO Products Welcoming RNB Restorations as Its New Distributor in Canada

LogoInternational AERO Products, AERO, is pleased to add RNB Restorations as a wholesale distributor servicing Canada and New England. RNB Restorations, located in Ontario, Canada, and Niagara Falls, New York, carries a variety of premium products, and AERO is proud to be added to that list.

Companies Cannot Afford Back Injuries According to Liftn Buddy

Lift’n Buddy is committed to reducing injuries from repetitive lifting, lowering, and moving. Aaron Lamb created this important and cost-effective electric hand truck to drive improved safety and lower the high cost to North American businesses. The cost of back injuries alone costs millions of dollars each year. According to Lamb, “Lift'n Buddy automates those tasks, significantly reducing the potential for injuries and costly downtime.” Lamb suggests that all companies invest in the safety of their workforce.

Used Cars in Las Vegas NV Announces on-Line Used Car Directory Sales Office Opening

Used Cars in Las Vegas is pleased to announce the unveiling of it's on-line car directory's new sales office that will be located right on S. Las Vegas Blvd. This office and its site will provide a local precense in the community for used car dealers to reach new customers through organic search methods. The used car Las Vegas directory features extensive automotive information, as well as high quality inventory. All social media is used as well to enhance the future car buyers experience.

Aussie Campervan Hire Website Announces New 4WD and Camper Trailer Combo Deal

LogoThe new "combo" deal from Western Australian website gives travellers the opportunity to explore the best of outback Australia. The deal, which includes both an off road 4WD (Aussie 4WD Camper Hire) vehicle and a luxury camper trailer, is offered by popular demand on the website.

Brett Hearn Jets to 358-Modified Series Victory at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park

LogoBrett Hearn, who runs Champion Racing Oil, got his 20th feature win in 2012 at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park. The 358-Modified Series 75-lap victory at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park added to his now 823 career racing wins including 72 Track and Series Championships. Follow Brett on-line at

AERO Prepares for Canyon Lake Car Show

LogoAERO gears up for the Canyon Lake Car Show on October 6 with local distributor

Vehicle Insuring Launches Competitive Local Price Comparison Quotes Tool

Comparing car insurance companies used to be a complex and difficult process involving no small amount of research. This task put a lot of people off changing provider, especially when under pressure to renew a policy. Even in the age of the internet, two thirds of car insurers don’t look at their options to switch provider, despite the process being easier than ever. Vehicle Insuring is a new website that uses local searches to make price comparison easier than ever for consumers, and encourage more people to save money on their car insurance.