Automotive Press Releases

DRIVE.NET Takes Auto Shows Digital, Social and Global

It can't be disputed, there's a special twinkle in a car aficionado's eye when they talk about their 'baby'. With endless automotive pride, car lovers, if given the chance, are all too happy to share knowledge about trips, tips and tricks they've learned. Tapping into that wellspring, a car social network named DRIVE.NET ups the auto ante and takes it to cyber-stardom with 1.5 million car profiles. An online auto show platform for the masses, the car social network proves no distance separates those who love all things automotive.

Champion Oil Announces RK Motors Charlotte as Newest Master Warehouse Distributor

RK Motors Charlotte is the nation's premier restorer, re-seller and provider of classic, muscle and high-performance cars. The company was created in 2010 when Robert Kauffman, founder of RK Collection and co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing, and Joseph M. Carroll, founder of Best of Show Automotive, leveraged their success and experience to create RK Motors Charlotte. Based in Charlotte, N.C., the company has a showroom at 5527 Lakeview Road and a custom build and service facility located at 5523 Lakeview Road. To learn more about the company, visit

Junk Car Boys Announces How to Get Cash out of Junk Cars

Junk car companies scams are everywhere. Many used car buyers have scammed and screwed people over the years. People should be careful who they are dealing with when they wish to get rid of their junk cars.

Michael Hasco of Seegrid Talked Driverless Robotic Trucks at PACK EXPO

LogoLast month at PACK EXPO in Chicago, Seegrid Corp. held a press conference lead by Michael M. Hasco, Chief Growth Officer. Hasco explained, “Each company in the printing and packaging industry faces its own unique challenges, but the industry overall faces similar challenges. These challenges include the need to exceed customer demands, cut costs, improve safety and reduce waste.”

Executive Chauffeuring Exemplifies Premier Limousine Services Without the Premier Costs

Executive Chauffeuring, an established limousine service provider in Chicagoland area in Illinois, offers courteous, convenient and luxurious airport and events transportation at reasonable rates.

Integrity Exports Equals 2011 Sales Figures by Mid-October 2012

Japan car auction purchasing and export company Integrity Exports announce October 18th that it had already equaled 2011's annual vehicle sales total, despite there being over 2 months until the end of the year. Now Provides Auto Insurance Quotes Online That Can Save Up to 50%, provider of auto insurance quotes is offering quotes that can save up to 50% on original insurances. The company, dedicated in providing the lowest possible car insurance quotes, has supplied insurance quotes that have resulted in reducing the insurance payments to nearly half the price. The company is networked with insurance policy providers such as MetLife, Liberty Mutual, AARP, Nationwide etc.

Champion Racing Oil Announces 2013 "Preferred Racer" Program

LogoOffering one of the most comprehensive racing programs in the motorsports industry, Champion Racing Oil has announced the details for their 2013 “Preferred Racer” Program, providing support for participants in almost every recognized sanctioned racing event in North America and Canada. Now Stocking New Hummer Accessories

Customers looking for Hummer accessories online can now find a variety of new options on The online auto retail shop has a variety of new items ready to be shipped and sold immediately from the company’s headquarters. Reports Audi S5 Cars Among Most Requested

Used car website recently discussed the most common requests the company receives when people utilize their “request a car” feature. Among the most requested cars in 2012 was the Audi S5, a popular car that continues to gain traction in the country of South Africa.

I Love Body Kits Releases Brand New Euro Tail Lights now has more euro tail lights in stock than ever, adding a number of new options for customers to consider for their specific vehicle. With these newly added options, shopping is easier than ever to find just the right tail light solution.

Modern Material Handling Profiles APC and Seegrid to Bridge Transportation Gaps

LogoFollowing sizable facility expansions, American Packaging Corp. (APC) determined the length of simple A to B routes was not ergonomically ideal for human pallet truck operators. Facing a decision to add operators or automate, the company turned to robotic industrial pallet trucks to increase consistency and savings.

Public Beware of Junk Car Companies Scams

The public is being warned by licensed used car buyers such as Junk Car Atlanta about many junk car companies scams. Many of these so-called used car buyers or junk car companies claim to buy people’s junk cars for cash but end up scamming them instead.

Junk Car Portland Warns Public About Other Junk Car Companies

Junk Car Portland, the best junk car removal Portland service, warns the public about other junk car companies. Many of these used car buyers are scams that have screwed many people over the years. Junk Car Portland provides safe, legit used car buying services with paperwork.

Toyota of Hollywood, Trusted Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Toyota Dealership, Features the New 2013 Avalon

Toyota of Hollywood is a South Florida Toyota dealership which sells new and pre-owned vehicles. Serving the greater Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas in Florida, the dealership provides clients with outstanding trade-in offers, great financing deals and the best available rebates on the biggest selection and best prices of new and certified pre-owned Toyota cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks. Updates Website for Those Looking for Used Cars

Online used car dealership recently updated their website, focusing on usability for customers when they make their first visit. Effective immediately, customers can now sort by brand name in the used car section to find exactly what they are looking for right away.

Junk Car Boys Announces How to Get Cash for Junk Cars Without Getting Scammed

Used, unwanted and even junk cars still have value and can be sold for cash. There are many used car buyers or junk car companies that are willing to buy them for cash. People just have to be sure that they are dealing with licensed junk car companies.

Get Cash for Selling Junk Cars While Helping the Economy

Junk Car Boys, America’s leading used car buyer, is offering a Cash for Cars Stimulus Package. Junk Car Boys is willing to buy any used car, even junk cars for cash to help stimulate the economy.

Hurricane Sandy Flood Damage to Your Car? Experts Offer Advice

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, but as we see reported in the news daily, it has left lasting damage and destruction throughout the greater New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut area in its wake. In that connection, as people assess the damage, many are asking what to check for to see how your car has been affected by flooding. This article compiles a list from a variety of helpful sources for those affected by the storm.

Executive Auto Salon Now Offers Rim, Tire, and Collision Repairs

LogoFor some, it might be rather difficult to find a trustworthy auto body shop in PA, however, one can now turn to Executive Auto Salon for reliable rim, tire, and collision repairs. Being that a car is the second most costly investment in one’s life, it is important to put the automobile in good hands when it is in need of collision repairs and they have to be done as soon as possible. Executive Auto Salon works with various makes and models for any Pennsylvania auto repair.

Dick Greenfield Chrysler Pledges $100 for Each Car Sold to Sandy Relief Effort

With half a million homes without power and desperately in need of assistance, due to the destruction brought on by Super Storm Hurricane Sandy, Dick Greenfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram pledged today to donate $100 to the American Red Cross for every new car and truck sold, for as long as necessary. According to Jeff Reeb, spokesperson for Dick Greenfield dealerships, the money is earmarked specifically for those in the hurricane affected areas.

First Call GB Ltd Warns Drivers to Plan Ahead for Breakdowns

No matter how well maintained your vehicle it, there are certain aspects which are simply out of your control, and which could result in a breakdown – a shard of glass lying on the road could cut through a tyre, the alternator might wear out over time, or the cold weather could kill the battery. Because of this, First Call GB Ltd warn that it is essential for you have a plan in place, should a breakdown occur, so that you and your passengers remain safe, and the position of your broken down vehicle will not cause put other motorists in danger.

Internet Sites Provide Hope for Those Hit Hardest by Economic Downturn

While many look towards the recent US election for economic relief, some are utilizing the Internet and specialty websites to share information to ease their financial situations immediately. This growing trend is explored and one such website is profiled here. Offers Cheap Car Finance Deals and Quick Process Covering All Credit Ratings

LogoThe one-stop online shop for New Zealand consumers seeking solutions to their car finance and leasing needs, CarFinance2U covers all credit ratings including subprime lending.

Magliner Bottle Water Hand Truck Patented Multi-Tray Configurations

LogoDS Waters needed a new kind of bottled water truck, so they turned to Magline. The challenge was their route sales representatives were picking up one or two bottles by hand to carry to their customers. Offers New Banner Options has recently posted a variety of new banner options for shoppers to consider, as well as the ability to create virtually any look a person wants with the customization feature. The new options are intended to help make the website the #1 source in South Africa for banner needs.

Motorholme on Russian Cargo Ships Failure to Dock on International Space Station

A cargo ship from Russia did not make it to the International Space Station as planned on July 23rd. According to reports from NASA officials, this was due to the ship experiencing an operational failure. The ship, called Progress 47, was to be used as part of a trial process for a new docking system developed in Russia, named Kurs-NA. Motorholme experts have said that the cargo ship was unmanned and had been undocked near to the station for over a day. It was expected to have docked on the port of the station by 9:57pm on the 23rd.