Electronics Press Releases

Where 3D Printing Technology Is Heading To: Reduced Costs, More Revenue, More Novel Ideas

With a number of companies going 3D, adding up the large capital more are willing to invest on it, 3D printing is certainly on its way to stardom. With the growing number of novel ideas being created in utilizing 3D printing, it is important to watch out for the direction it is heading to.

Aus3D as the Official E3D Distributor in Australia Now Offers Genuine E3D V6 Hotend for a 3D Printing Experience Like No Other

The advancement in the technology today has certainly provided people a lot of options to make their daily task much easier than before. With a touch of a button or a slight touch on capacitive screens of many devices, everything that needs to be done manually by hand is already fulfilled by a machine. And in the coming years, it's not surprising that most of the household items needed by people that has to be brought in the market can also be created right at the comfort of their home by using 3D printers.

FiberOpticTools.Net Now Offers a New Line of Discounted Fiber Termination Kit

The outstanding advantages of fiber optic cables can only be leveraged to the maximum when there is a way to terminate them so that a connection can be made between them. FiberOpticTools.Net recently launched a new line of fiber termination kit at discounted prices. Each of these kits is designed for addressing specific purposes. All types of fiber optic cables can be handled with at least one of these termination kits.

PCB Manufacturer China Introduces New Valor Supply Chain Tools for Electronics Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing China today announced the Valor® Information Highway and the Valor Warehouse Management products, two supply chain-focused tools designed to enhance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) effectiveness and assist electronics manufacturers in reducing material costs. Materials accuracy is a critical factor in PCB assembly operation since materials make up the bulk of manufacturing costs. At the same time, it presents a challenge to traditional ERP where inventory discrepancies compromise materials ordering and planning operations. Mentor Graphics has developed key supply chain solutions to complement the ERP/MRP operation systems.

Shopllers.com Is Offering a Wide Range of Quality Products at the Most Reasonable Rates

Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi based Shopllers.com has emerged as the most reliable, revered and reputable name in offering a wide range of superior quality products at dirt-cheap rates. Clients can purchase superior products that include apparels, accessories, mobile phones, gaming consoles, electronics, IT related products to name a few. The brainchild of highly endowed and passionate young entrepreneurs, the online store is growing in strength-to-strength and is poised to scale new heights in the time to come.

New LED Light Can Be Used for Indoor Gardens

How would you like to grow fruits and vegetables inside, all year round? Or how about a nice indoor flower garden?

12 Volt Technology Announces Availability of Victron Inverter at Best Prices Possible

Logo12 Volt Technology has recently announced the availability of Victron inverters at highly competitive prices. One must agree to the fact that Victron 1600 Watt 12 Volt inverter is designed as a compact pure sine wave inverter in order to give the users a great and clean ac output for the sensitive electronics. Especially, it has been designed with the highest efficiency for minimum power wastage while having a high peak power output.

PCB Manufacturer China Discusses a Strategy for Design-Through-Manufacturing a Whole New Beginning

The PCB industry is showing signs of life, which indicates that the pendulum is swinging in a more positive direction economically, but we’re not quite ready to uncork the champagne. A June 2013 report by Research & Markets forecast that the global PCB fabrication industry alone will reach about $94 billion in 2017, with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1% during this period. If we include assembly and test, the prediction exceeds $1 trillion. This is encouraging news for those of us in the PCB design, fabrication and assembly markets, driven by consumer demand for high-end products loaded with high-performance features and functionality.

Lighthouse LED Video a Big Part of Chihuahua's Inaugural Season

LogoLighthouse and TS Sports have installed three LED displays at Southwest University Park, fantastic new home of the El Paso Chihuahuas, AAA affiliate of the San Diego Padres.

TipToe, A Walking Robot with iPhone App Control, Debutes on Kickstarter on June 2nd to Bring Fun Back to Technology Education

LogoCrowdfunding has become a go-to vehicle for artists and innovators. Garage hackers and makers alongside global corporations like General Electric and Procter&Gamble use it to introduce new products to the market. One of the industries that is benefiting the most from this innovative financing is technology and robotics. Kickstarter has hosted more than a hundred successful robot campaigns which have raised over $4 million.

Lighthouse LED Display a Major Element at Isotopes Park

LogoLighthouse and TS Sports have installed a giant LED display at Isotopes Park, home of the Albuquerque Isotopes, AAA affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Lighthouse LED Video Bullish in Durham

LogoLighthouse and TS Sports have installed three LED displays at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, home of the famed Durham Bulls, AAA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Miniaturization of Semiconductor Electronics Drives Growth in the 3D Packaging Market, According to New Trend Report Published by PCB Manufacturing China

PCB manufacturing china announces the release of a trend report on 3D Packaging. Market for 3D Packaging is projected to witness strong growth driven by the growing trend towards miniaturization of electronic devices, and strong emphasis on product performance, power efficiency, and cost reduction.

PCB Manufacturer China Discusses How to Develop a Custom Electronics Project

Building on the knowledge, experience, and work of others makes transforming that idea to a real electronics project easier. However, while electronic project will be unique, they all follow the same sequence to transition from thought to reality.

Breaker Outlet Introduces Large Breaker Collection

Overseeing the building or renovation of a property, from the initial blueprint sketches to the finished architectural masterpiece, is a fascinating, rewarding experience, but one that requires absolute precision and tireless work ethic. Shopping for the right materials, although integral to the process, can cause major delays in the project. Breaker Outlet strives to make one part of the building process an easy one, and the California-based business is thrilled to introduce a large breaker collection to make selecting circuit breakers and accessories a stress-free endeavor.

Syoptek Emerges as the Best Online Source for Procuring Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

Optic fibers are important products that facilitate transmission of digital signals. Thus, fiber optics are very important in the communication industry and they need to be cleaned from time to time, allowing signals to pass through in an interrupted manner. In multi-mode fiber optics, there are chances of signal loss, if the optics and connectors are not cleaned properly. Thus, companies engaged in the communication business and responsible for the installation and maintenance of fiber cables often require a wide variety of cleaning products to clean the fiber optics easily and efficiently.

Hongsen Cable Introduces High Quality Cabling Solutions for Signal & Data Transmissions

Hongsen Cable, the world leader in providing cabling solutions, announced that it has added several types of new cables in its portfolio, keeping in mind the present day requirements of signal and data transmissions. Today, most companies want to deploy a robust communication system, and these new cables will enable them to achieve their goals in a more effective manner.

TINOUT Offers Unique Designs of Fiber Optical Componentss

Tinout is a worldwide supplier of solutions for the optical networks which feature the CWDM and DWDM wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems. The WDM systems enable the fiber optic cables repeatedly utilized for data transmission. This technology can be referred as the medium through which the information is sent as a line. In case a station has only a single line between two towns but is looking to connect multiple lines, the WDM technology comes to the rescue.

Let Those Beats Do the Work: Benefits of Binaural Beats

LogoGet a relaxed and clear mind. Keep those creative juices flowing. Listen to binaural beats.

LaunchX431Tool Offers Its E-Commerce Website for Various Utility-Based Tools

A wide variety of products are required by people to meet their everyday chores. From kitchen to garage to any other room, specific set of tools are kept stored to do specific tasks that cannot be done without those instruments. LaunchX431Tool is a website that makes purchasing one or set of such utility-goods easy for consumers throughout the world. There are so many ecommerce websites selling so many products that specialised online shopping has now become the need. LaunchX431Tool recognises the significance of both simplified online shopping and useful instruments. Thus, the website is a dedicated platform to search for supplies related to fashion, beauty, electronics, home improvement, etc. and purchase the same online.

Breaker Outlet Introduces Service to Puerto Rico

Up until the mid-20th century, fuse boxes were used to prevent an overload of electricity but were often cumbersome to switch out. The invention of the circuit breaker in the 1960s began a new era of resettable electrical systems. When a circuit breaker detects a problem in the electrical system, it triggers a switch to close off that circuit, but unlike the fuse system, clients can simply flip the switch back on to reset the system. Breaker Outlet, headquartered in California, has long been the United State’s trusted source for circuit breakers and accessories, and the company is thrilled to introduce its services to Puerto Rico.

Breaker Outlet Introduces Square D Breaker Sales

Circuit breakers have long been the standard in electrical systems, offering users the convenient, and safe, option of simply flipping a switch to reset a circuit. When outfitting a home, business, or factory with circuit breakers, though, there are many brands from which to choose. Selecting the best option can be difficult for even the most electrical-savvy developer. Breaker Outlet is proud to carry a variety of exclusive circuit breaker brands so that clients can select the ideal option, and the circuit breaker experts are thrilled to introduce Square D to this premium line of quality brand names.

My Cordless Drill Reviews Offers All the Information Required for Various Kinds of Drills

Drills are among the handiest equipment which most of the households have. For professionals as well as industries, drills are the most essential equipment with which their work gets carried out. Drills come in various shapes and sizes and each of them have their own capacities. While the ones used for drilling walls are not the same as the ones used for drilling of furniture or other kinds of tools and fixtures. This is the reason why it is important for people to know about the specifications of the drills they are purchasing before they actually purchase them. Having a closer look at the specs and reviews would help them understand if those drills are for their needs. Although for professionals this might be easy but for a layman choosing the right kind of drill could be a troublesome task. This is where they need authentic reviews and sources which could give them all the required information about the products they are looking for.

Dealightstore.com Presents Its Vast Range of LED Lightning Solutions

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of any country or city across the world. It is due to these lighting solutions that both business and households carry out their day to day work. They are as much as a part of our everyday life that it’s hard to imagine living without them today. With years the options have expanded and companies have come up with effective lighting options. The demands of today are products which are economical and highly efficient to use. LED lighting by far has emerged to be one of the most effective products in this industry. There are several manufacturers who are offering a wide number of solutions to both businesses and households throughout the world. One such company which manufactures numerous products in this area is the LÝA Lighting Co. Limited.

12 Volt Technology Offers Top-Notch Quality 12V Battery Charger at the Most Reasonable Prices

Logo12 Volt Technology now offers top-notch quality 12v Battery charger at the most affordable prices. They have a wide range of 12 volt battery chargers to offer to their customers. This new range of high performing battery charges is perfectly suitable for cars, motorhomes, buses and boats of all sizes. 12 Volt Technology offers the new range of 12 volt battery chargers from the first class brands such as Victron, Ctek, Sinergex, Redarc, Waeco, and Xantrex. 12 Volt Technology has selected these brands consciously to give their customers the best deal on battery chargers.

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. Introduces Upgrade to TIBA Distribution Amplifier

Toner Cable Equipment is pleased to announce an upgrade to their TIBA distribution amplifier. The Toner TIBA-37-1000, 2 way Distribution amplifier with 37 dB gain has been improved to 40 dB gain while keeping its superior distortion performance.

Launch X431 Brings Technical Tools for Engine Diagnostic Purposes

There are many innovative products that help prove to be useful and at the same time help in improving the look of the device one uses. Most of the people like to buy these products online from a trusted source. Buying mechanical products and devices that are used for important purposes should not be bought casually. One needs to make a proper research before buying them and needs to have a look at the specifications of the product. If the product meets their requirements and have good reviews then the person should go ahead and buy it. One of the sources that sell these types of technical products is Launchx431tool.