Electronics Press Releases

Aus3D as the Official E3D Distributor in Australia Now Offers Genuine E3D V6 Hotend for a 3D Printing Experience Like No Other

The advancement in the technology today has certainly provided people a lot of options to make their daily task much easier than before. With a touch of a button or a slight touch on capacitive screens of many devices, everything that needs to be done manually by hand is already fulfilled by a machine. And in the coming years, it's not surprising that most of the household items needed by people that has to be brought in the market can also be created right at the comfort of their home by using 3D printers.

Digital Signature Company SIGNiX Closes Funding Round

SIGNiX, the leading provider of secure digital signatures, today announced the closing of its largest round of funding to date with the addition of Horizon Technology Finance as an investor. SIGNiX will use the proceeds to expand its market presence, secure key partnerships and advance sales initiatives in the United States and in international markets.

Breaker Outlet Introduces Square D Breaker Sales

Circuit breakers have long been the standard in electrical systems, offering users the convenient, and safe, option of simply flipping a switch to reset a circuit. When outfitting a home, business, or factory with circuit breakers, though, there are many brands from which to choose. Selecting the best option can be difficult for even the most electrical-savvy developer. Breaker Outlet is proud to carry a variety of exclusive circuit breaker brands so that clients can select the ideal option, and the circuit breaker experts are thrilled to introduce Square D to this premium line of quality brand names.

My Cordless Drill Reviews Offers All the Information Required for Various Kinds of Drills

Drills are among the handiest equipment which most of the households have. For professionals as well as industries, drills are the most essential equipment with which their work gets carried out. Drills come in various shapes and sizes and each of them have their own capacities. While the ones used for drilling walls are not the same as the ones used for drilling of furniture or other kinds of tools and fixtures. This is the reason why it is important for people to know about the specifications of the drills they are purchasing before they actually purchase them. Having a closer look at the specs and reviews would help them understand if those drills are for their needs. Although for professionals this might be easy but for a layman choosing the right kind of drill could be a troublesome task. This is where they need authentic reviews and sources which could give them all the required information about the products they are looking for.

Dealightstore.com Presents Its Vast Range of LED Lightning Solutions

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of any country or city across the world. It is due to these lighting solutions that both business and households carry out their day to day work. They are as much as a part of our everyday life that it’s hard to imagine living without them today. With years the options have expanded and companies have come up with effective lighting options. The demands of today are products which are economical and highly efficient to use. LED lighting by far has emerged to be one of the most effective products in this industry. There are several manufacturers who are offering a wide number of solutions to both businesses and households throughout the world. One such company which manufactures numerous products in this area is the LÝA Lighting Co. Limited.

12 Volt Technology Offers Top-Notch Quality 12V Battery Charger at the Most Reasonable Prices

Logo12 Volt Technology now offers top-notch quality 12v Battery charger at the most affordable prices. They have a wide range of 12 volt battery chargers to offer to their customers. This new range of high performing battery charges is perfectly suitable for cars, motorhomes, buses and boats of all sizes. 12 Volt Technology offers the new range of 12 volt battery chargers from the first class brands such as Victron, Ctek, Sinergex, Redarc, Waeco, and Xantrex. 12 Volt Technology has selected these brands consciously to give their customers the best deal on battery chargers.

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. Introduces Upgrade to TIBA Distribution Amplifier

Toner Cable Equipment is pleased to announce an upgrade to their TIBA distribution amplifier. The Toner TIBA-37-1000, 2 way Distribution amplifier with 37 dB gain has been improved to 40 dB gain while keeping its superior distortion performance.

Launch X431 Brings Technical Tools for Engine Diagnostic Purposes

There are many innovative products that help prove to be useful and at the same time help in improving the look of the device one uses. Most of the people like to buy these products online from a trusted source. Buying mechanical products and devices that are used for important purposes should not be bought casually. One needs to make a proper research before buying them and needs to have a look at the specifications of the product. If the product meets their requirements and have good reviews then the person should go ahead and buy it. One of the sources that sell these types of technical products is Launchx431tool.

FiberOpticTools.net Now Offers Complementary Shipping on Selected Items

LogoFiberOpticTools.net is a division of SYOPTEK - a leading online retailer for fiber optic tools and tool kits. Considering the fact that cost of shipping usually pinches the pockets the customers, the company has now announced free shipping on a majority of items in its inventory.

Syoptek International Limited Presents Their Range of Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies

Fiber optics finds a widespread use in the present day communication. Fiber optics works on the principle of light. The networks that are on the increase in the today’s world are dependent on fiber optics for a successful and effective operation. The optical cables essentially form part of the wide area networks of the campuses and buildings. When considering working with fiber optics in network, the most important task that needs to be remembered is cleaning the fiber optic cable as well as the connectors. The way in which it works most importantly is helping the user accurately troubleshoot the fiber optic network connection. Most of the times the installers are needed to spend extra time and money in replacing the patch cords when quality cleaning would have helped in the improvement of the transmission signal. Syoptek International Limited offers quality fiber optic cleaning tools and products.

Robust Hand-Held Meter Allows Mobile Measurement of Up to 22 Measurands

LogoThe new Omniport 30 from E+E Elektronik is a professional and robust hand-held meter that meets the highest requirements. Thanks to a wide range of interchangeable sensing probes, Omniport 30 can be used in various applications.

Bodkin Design and Engineering to Exhibit at SPIE DSS 2014 in Baltimore

LogoBodkin Design and Engineering(BD&E) will exhibit at SPIE DSS 2014 from May 6th – 8th in Baltimore, Maryland, booth #956. SPIE DSS 2014 is the year’s largest conference on sensing technology for military, defense, aerospace and security applications. Visit our booth to learn more about the newest hyperspectral real-time analysis tool for microscopy. This breakthrough spectral imaging attachment fits standard microscopes and allows the collection of hyperspectral video in over 90 wavelength bands, with no motion artifacts and maximum signal-to-noise.

Enhanced Fiber Optic Position Sensor Now Features 14-Bit Resolution

(IndustrialPR.net) The Micronor MR330 series Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor System now features 14-bit single-turn resolution. The enhanced performance is accomplished via improved electronics and new firmware-based algorithm update to the MR330-1 SSI Controller Module which is backwards compatible with earlier units. Rotary sensors are offered in two models - Standard MR332 and MRI Safe MR338.

PowerstarLED Introduces Powerful LED Lights

PowerstarLED has announced the availability of their LED lights and LED bulbs to consumers interested in cost-effective lighting fixtures for their homes and offices. This company is one of the leading lighting suppliers in the UK. Their LED lighting fixtures are one of the most affordable and durable lighting system in the country.

DK Photonics Announced Its Mini CWDM(Compact CWDM) Mux/Demux Module

DK Photonics now can offers a Mini CWDM (compact CWDM) module that provides bandwidth capacity expansion for future network growth in one of the industry’s smallest packages.The compact CWDM modules are based on free space optics technology.It is available in 4-or 8-channel,even 18-channel configurations.It have lower overall insertion loss and better uniformity across the channels. Operating Temperature can be -40°C ~ +85°C available upon request.Its compact size and unique carrier tray set it apart, making it easier to deploy in a variety of field situations.

Fibre Optic Cleaning Offers a Range of Optical Cleaning Products

Optic fibers are products that are used for transit of digital signals. These signals are transmitted in the form of light and these optical fiber cables are arranged in form of cables. There are two types of fiber optical cables that include the multi-mode cables and single mode cables. Multi modes are used for emitting diodes and single modes are used for transmission of laser lights. One of the companies that have been providing good quality fibre optic cleaning products is the fiber optic cleaning .

12 Volt Technology Offers Durable & Cost-Effective LED Lights That Help Maximize Efficiency

Logo12 Volt Technology offers the most durable and cost-effective LED lights that help maximizing efficiency. In addition, the efficiency maximized by LED lights converts most of the electrical energy into light and not heat, approximately 20% of electricity is lost through heat. Also, the traditional lighting is the reverse, vast amounts of electrical energy consumed is emitted as heat rather than light, and approximately 80% of electricity is lost through heat.

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. Showcased Latest Products at 2014 NAB Show

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. is pleased to announce the success of their exhibit at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas this April. During the annual event, made for people who are passionate about electronic media and content, the company showcased some of the latest products that can be found on their website.

FHD Offers Its Range of Hand Dryers for Customers Across UK

Hand dryers are among the essential elements which a company should have when catering to a huge customer base. The market offers numerous such products which are manufactured by companies from across the globe. One such company which caters to customers across the United Kingdome is FHD. It has been in the washroom business for over 3 decades and specializes in hand dryers. The online portal of the company features a vast range of products in the hand dryer category. The products by the company have been popular to be highly durable, long lasting as well as innovative. The exclusive range of hand dryers are equipped with hot air and new-generation blade hand dryers. These products are eco-friendly and the company makes sure that they do not damage the reputation of the customers.

Wholesale-to-Go Offers Accessories for Apple and Blackberry Products

Apple and Blackberry are among the leading manufacturers of smartphones across the globe. Both the companies hold a considerable market share in all the countries across the world. While the phones are very much in demand, the accessories are among the widely purchased products. They include protective cases, decoration cases, back covers, repairing components, etc. There are several companies across the globe who is involved in manufacture of these cases. However, not all offer the accepted standards when it comes to quality.

Electric Express Solutions Expands Options to Help in Emergencies

Premier locally owned electrical company Electric Express Solutions launched a new initiative to make electrician emergency access the family owned company's top priority. Clients who live in the suburbs of the Upper North Shore, Inner West, Lower North Shore or Northern Beaches of Sydney will now have the assurance that no matter the hour of day or night, or the nature of their electrical emergency, someone from the Electric Express Solutions will immediately respond to their call and will be on their doorstep within two hours of their call. The owner, Steve Hutchings says, homeowners often mistakenly assume electricians keep bankers hours, but such is not the case with Electric Express Solutions. Concern that someone might ignore an emergency electrical situation was the motivating force behind the company's decision to be on-call 24/7.

Homeowners Choose LED Lighting Products for Four Special Reasons

Today, the first-time buyer is overwhelmed by the different types of LED lighting products available in the market. At the very outset, some of the most commonly used and available types are the LED street lights, LED flood lights and the LED explosion lights. There are many more sub categories even under this. While it is a better choice over the other forms of lighting, it is also important to keep in mind the fact that not all LED lights are manufactured the same. Quality also matters.

12 Volt Technology Now Presents 12 Volt Solar Panels of Leading Brands

Logo12 Volt Technology holds a place of prominence among retail outlets in Australia for its high quality 12 volt products and it now offers 12 Volt Waeco Solar Panels from leading brands. These solar products have been innovatively designed and developed by some of the top notch manufacturers like Waeco, Blue Sun, REDARC, OEX, Solarwatt, Solar King and many more. Besides this, the company also has a big assortment of varied solar panel accessories along with portable folding solar panels. Tested and certified as per international standards, these 12 volt solar panels are efficient, high quality and render reliable and long term high performance.

Kanoy Communications Featuring New LED Emergency Lights on Website This Spring

Kanoy Communications is pleased to announce they are now featuring a new, wide variety of LED emergency lights on their website. Whether people are searching the Kanoy Communications website because they have been attracted to emergency lights from birth, or enjoy flashy, bright things, there is no doubt they will be impressed with the products featured. The company is dedicated to maintaining an impressive stock of high-quality lighting products made by the industry’s top brands such as: SHO-ME, Feniex, and Whelen engineering. The American-made products will not disappoint as they are backed by the manufacturer’s original product warranties.

CEO Leonard Livschitz Looks to Raise $10,000 via Indiegogo to Introduce Luxera SmartSwitch Lighting Automation System.

LogoLuxera simplifies LED lighting and connected systems to enhance safety, convenience and create a unique lifestyle experience.

Introducing the CO2 Sensor Module Designed for OEM Applications

The sensor module EE893 from E+E Elektronik allows highly accurate and long-term stable CO2 measurements in demanding OEM applications. Due to its very small size and low power consumption, E+E Elektronik said the EE893 can be used in both hard wired sensors and battery operated devices such as wireless transmitters, hand-helds and data loggers.

CO2 Sensor Module Designed for OEM Applications

LogoThe sensor module EE893 from E+E Elektronik allows highly accurate and long-term stable CO2 measurements in demanding OEM applications. Thanks to its very small size and low power consumption, EE893 can be used in both hard wired sensors and battery operated devices such as wireless transmitters, hand-helds and data loggers.