Electronics Press Releases

Aus3d.com Focuses on the Controversies of Revolutionizing the Medical Industry with the Use of 3D Body Parts Printing

With time and the emergence of various diseases and disorders that have caused the escalating number of deaths all over the world, health industry is continuously searching for ways to find the most effective cures and treatments for diseases.

Where 3D Printing Technology Is Heading To: Reduced Costs, More Revenue, More Novel Ideas

With a number of companies going 3D, adding up the large capital more are willing to invest on it, 3D printing is certainly on its way to stardom. With the growing number of novel ideas being created in utilizing 3D printing, it is important to watch out for the direction it is heading to.

Kanoy Communications Now Offering Feniex Pegasus LED Interior Light Bar

Kanoy Communications is pleased to announce they are now offering Feniex Pegasus LED Interior Light Bar. This SAE certified product, which is made in the United States, features up to ten widely-acclaimed Generation-V LED Light modules and is fully customizable. The Feniex Pegasus brand has been engineered for maximum warning light output. Ensuring a safe and secure installation, it is designed with custom-fit brackets for specific vehicle fit. While it is secure, it also prevents vision and unnecessary windshield obstruction. Featuring 46 user-selectable flash patterns and 21 directional patters, the Feniex Pegasus includes a built-in directional arrow stick.

Syoptek Manufactures Cost Effective Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

Clean fibre optic network is important for proper data transmission. Optical cables are an essential part of wide networks and it would be difficult to conduct data communication without these products. The fibre optics use light signals that help in effective communication networks at a faster speed. One should always focus on keeping the fibre cables clean as they tend to get dirty very fast and the dirt would cause stoppage during the communication process. One of the companies that has been producing optical cleaning products for different fibre products is Syoptek. Fiber optic cleaner comes in different range that includes OTDR, fusion splicer, fiber microscope, optical power meter, optical test kit, fiber termination kit, fiber stripper, fiber optical switch, etc.

Kings Buying Presents Its Online Store with a Range of Electronic Products for Sale

Technology seems to be everywhere and its importance for carrying out day to day activities has been growing every day. Smartphones, computers, and other household products are among the widely used products which have come in various shapes and sizes. Their efficiency has been constantly increasing and with every new release of a particular product it seems to improve. The market has numerous manufacturers and choosing the best product is a tough task with so many options available. The primary concern for any purchase is quality and pricing. Buying a these electronic products is usually costly as compared to the stores selling the same products online. This is why the online purchase of electronic products have boomed over the years. However, customers need to make sure that they purchase the products from reliable stores presenting reliable brands.

Appliance Spares Warehouse Now Authorized to Include Electrolux Spare Parts in Their Inventory

Appliance Spares Warehouse is now authorized to include Electrolux Spare parts in their inventory. They cater to the need of the hour by delivering the most recent models of electronic appliances in the market. Their range of Electrolux spare parts is an ideal solution for replacing old dysfunctional Electrolux appliance electronic parts.

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. Takes Part in Record-Breaking ANGA COM Exhibition This Past May

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. enjoys attending trade shows and conferences throughout the world, but what they enjoy more, is being a part of record-breaking statistics. This past May, the largest stocking distributor of cable television equipment, attended ANGA COM 2014, held in Cologne, Germany. Statistics recently released this month showed that the conference closed with 17,000 participants and a new congress record.

Toner Cable Equipment Inc. to Attend InfoComm 2014 This June

Toner Cable Equipment Inc., the leading stocking distributor of cable television equipment, is committed to keeping their customers abreast with their newest products and upcoming technologies. Part of this commitment is dedicated to attending as many trade shows around the world as possible. The company is pleased to announce they will be attending InfoComm 2014 on June 18-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Shopllers.com Offering High Quality Digital Cameras at Competitive Prices

Shopllers.com has done a commendable job in offering a wide range of high quality products to its humongous customer base at dirt cheap prices. The customers can purchase superior quality products that include apparels, accessories, mobile phones, gaming consoles, electronics, IT related products to name a few. The online store is surging ahead with the idea of serving its customers to the best of its ability. Aiming at the ultimate level of customer satisfaction, Shopllers.com offers a fine blend of quality products and equally endowed services.

Enjoy an Ideal Mode of Transportation with Electric Bikes

These bikes are becoming another mode of transport mainly among health conscious and elder people in lieu of bikes or even cars. One of the best positive aspect of electric bike is their environmental friendly aspect since they do not take fuel for propulsion and thus save one’s money. Having an eco-friendly aspect is their best result to mankind as many vehicles now are polluting our environment. These bikes functions by rechargeable batteries and it takes nearly 4 hours to recharge the battery.

Chinlighting Manufactures Various Environmentally Friendly LED Lighting Products

LED lights have proved to be a good alternative for the traditional bulbs and tube lights. Today they are being used in both offices as well as houses. There are various designs of LED lights available that require minimum maintenance and are cost effective. These are environmentally friendly lights that require less energy and are not contaminated with any hazardous substance. One of the companies that have been providing different variety LED lights is Chinlighting.

Shopllers.com Offers a Wide Range of DSLR Cameras at Reasonable Prices

Indian online retail store Shopllers.com rules the roosts when it comes to offering high quality, 100 percent genuine and affordably priced electronic equipment and fashion accessories at reasonable prices. Since the year of its inception, the company has been retailing the best-in-class DSLRs and other digital cameras to the international as well as domestic customers.

Electric Bikes Are the New Buzz of Adventurous Biking

An electric bike, also called as an e-bike, is a bike with an integrated electric motor which can be utilized for propulsion. Electrical bike or also called e-bikes are thought like a great gift items. E-bikes aren't just used for going on regular streets but these are merely perfect if one is participating in some cycling race or going for a mountain climb on a sunny day.

Electric Bike - A Perfect Mode of Transportation in Adjacent Areas

Many people are keen to mountain-biking for many causes and though it is amazing, this activity offers to boost body fitness and wellness. Before anyone think of experiencing this activity, it’s vital that one is aware of the riding they wish to do in order to decide which the correct mountain bike is for them. Actually, it will help in burning body calories and aid individuals to accomplish their desired bodyweight. Getting an electric mountain bike driving session with buddies is clearly among the several activities that one is able to enjoy actual fun as they like the natural environment.

FiberOpticTools.Net Now Offers a New Line of Discounted Fiber Termination Kit

The outstanding advantages of fiber optic cables can only be leveraged to the maximum when there is a way to terminate them so that a connection can be made between them. FiberOpticTools.Net recently launched a new line of fiber termination kit at discounted prices. Each of these kits is designed for addressing specific purposes. All types of fiber optic cables can be handled with at least one of these termination kits.

PCB Manufacturer China Introduces New Valor Supply Chain Tools for Electronics Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing China today announced the Valor® Information Highway and the Valor Warehouse Management products, two supply chain-focused tools designed to enhance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) effectiveness and assist electronics manufacturers in reducing material costs. Materials accuracy is a critical factor in PCB assembly operation since materials make up the bulk of manufacturing costs. At the same time, it presents a challenge to traditional ERP where inventory discrepancies compromise materials ordering and planning operations. Mentor Graphics has developed key supply chain solutions to complement the ERP/MRP operation systems.

Shopllers.com Is Offering a Wide Range of Quality Products at the Most Reasonable Rates

Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi based Shopllers.com has emerged as the most reliable, revered and reputable name in offering a wide range of superior quality products at dirt-cheap rates. Clients can purchase superior products that include apparels, accessories, mobile phones, gaming consoles, electronics, IT related products to name a few. The brainchild of highly endowed and passionate young entrepreneurs, the online store is growing in strength-to-strength and is poised to scale new heights in the time to come.

New LED Light Can Be Used for Indoor Gardens

How would you like to grow fruits and vegetables inside, all year round? Or how about a nice indoor flower garden?

12 Volt Technology Announces Availability of Victron Inverter at Best Prices Possible

Logo12 Volt Technology has recently announced the availability of Victron inverters at highly competitive prices. One must agree to the fact that Victron 1600 Watt 12 Volt inverter is designed as a compact pure sine wave inverter in order to give the users a great and clean ac output for the sensitive electronics. Especially, it has been designed with the highest efficiency for minimum power wastage while having a high peak power output.

PCB Manufacturer China Discusses a Strategy for Design-Through-Manufacturing a Whole New Beginning

The PCB industry is showing signs of life, which indicates that the pendulum is swinging in a more positive direction economically, but we’re not quite ready to uncork the champagne. A June 2013 report by Research & Markets forecast that the global PCB fabrication industry alone will reach about $94 billion in 2017, with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1% during this period. If we include assembly and test, the prediction exceeds $1 trillion. This is encouraging news for those of us in the PCB design, fabrication and assembly markets, driven by consumer demand for high-end products loaded with high-performance features and functionality.

Lighthouse LED Video a Big Part of Chihuahua's Inaugural Season

LogoLighthouse and TS Sports have installed three LED displays at Southwest University Park, fantastic new home of the El Paso Chihuahuas, AAA affiliate of the San Diego Padres.

TipToe, A Walking Robot with iPhone App Control, Debutes on Kickstarter on June 2nd to Bring Fun Back to Technology Education

LogoCrowdfunding has become a go-to vehicle for artists and innovators. Garage hackers and makers alongside global corporations like General Electric and Procter&Gamble use it to introduce new products to the market. One of the industries that is benefiting the most from this innovative financing is technology and robotics. Kickstarter has hosted more than a hundred successful robot campaigns which have raised over $4 million.

Lighthouse LED Display a Major Element at Isotopes Park

LogoLighthouse and TS Sports have installed a giant LED display at Isotopes Park, home of the Albuquerque Isotopes, AAA affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Lighthouse LED Video Bullish in Durham

LogoLighthouse and TS Sports have installed three LED displays at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, home of the famed Durham Bulls, AAA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Miniaturization of Semiconductor Electronics Drives Growth in the 3D Packaging Market, According to New Trend Report Published by PCB Manufacturing China

PCB manufacturing china announces the release of a trend report on 3D Packaging. Market for 3D Packaging is projected to witness strong growth driven by the growing trend towards miniaturization of electronic devices, and strong emphasis on product performance, power efficiency, and cost reduction.

PCB Manufacturer China Discusses How to Develop a Custom Electronics Project

Building on the knowledge, experience, and work of others makes transforming that idea to a real electronics project easier. However, while electronic project will be unique, they all follow the same sequence to transition from thought to reality.

Breaker Outlet Introduces Large Breaker Collection

Overseeing the building or renovation of a property, from the initial blueprint sketches to the finished architectural masterpiece, is a fascinating, rewarding experience, but one that requires absolute precision and tireless work ethic. Shopping for the right materials, although integral to the process, can cause major delays in the project. Breaker Outlet strives to make one part of the building process an easy one, and the California-based business is thrilled to introduce a large breaker collection to make selecting circuit breakers and accessories a stress-free endeavor.