Government Press Releases

Where Have All the Treehuggers Gone?

Scientists today announced that internet search patterns indicate the public’s interest in the environment is falling, placing many environmental initiatives at risk. The respected scientific journal Biodiversity and Conservation published the findings by Gwendolynn Bury (Oregon State University) and Malcolm L. McCallum (University of Illinois Springfield) in a series of recent articles.

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Human Rights Organization Accuses US Consulate of Administrative Bottle-Necks in the Issuance of Visas

LogoThe Chief Executive Officer of the Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association-MAHSRA, a Cameroon based Human Rights Organization in consultative status with the United Nations says that the US consulate has shown much disregard on the decision of the United Nations with regards the participation of designated representatives at UN meetings in New York.

Breaking News: Judgement in High Court Social Media Libel Action

LogoA break up between friends took a sinister turn when Joanne Walder, represented by London defamation specialists Pinder Reaux & Associates, found herself on the receiving end of malicious comments on Facebook, following a break up with her friend Sharon Smith.

Breaking News: High Court Judgment in Libel Claim over Social Media Defamation

LogoJoanne Walder, represented by leading libel law firm Pinder Reaux & Associates, launched libel proceedings against Sharon Smith of G.I. Jane Bootcamp fame for libellous comments which included accusations that Ms Walder was guilty of criminal acts of violence against persons and property, in particular accusing Ms. Walder of evil acts against Ms. Smith’s children. The libellous comments which were displayed to at least 650 Facebook users also drew numerous comments and Facebook ‘likes’ from a number of other Facebook users.

Ravi Kumar Yadav Inaugurates RBR Memorial Badminton Tournament in Serilingampally Area

The General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress inaugurated the tournament. He also participated in the flag hoisting ceremony for the Republic Day celebration last week.

The Maryland Procurement Group Receives the Excellence in Service Award for the 3rd Year in a Row

LogoThe Maryland Procurement Group announces they have received the Excellence In Service award for the 3rd year in a row. The Maryland Procurement Group is a Government Consulting Company with offices in Washington, Maryland, New York, South Carolina among other locations has been helping people do business with the Government for over 2 decades.

Global Trade Expertise Assists Clients in Meeting Required Compliance Tasks

According to the United States Census Bureau, in November 2013, America increased exports to $194.9 billion, an increase of $1.8 billion over the previous month. Increases occurred in industries such as capital goods and industrial supplies and materials while decreases were seen in consumer goods as well as foods, feeds, and beverages. "With increases such as this, companies involved in international trade need to ensure they retain the services of a firm specializing in export control compliance as trade legal and regulatory requirements are continuously changing and non-compliance can be costly," Jennifer Kessinger of Global Trade Expertise declares.

EcoPoly Solutions Responds to French Proposal to Ban Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics

EcoPoly Solutions is taking a stance, with the oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association (OPD), on criticising the lobbying attempt to take oxo-biodegradable plastics off the French market. If successful this would clear the way for bio-based plastics which have completely different uses and places in the market than their perceived oxo-biodegradable competition.

Emiratisation Summit to Focus on the Future of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most exciting emerging economic powers of the 21st century and is known throughout the world for its use of traditional resources to invest in future industries and generate a legacy of prosperity. How to go about doing that is a challenge facing all businesses that operate in the UAE and even more so for those that were founded there. IIR Middle East are now inviting delegates to join the Emiratisation Summit 2014 to discuss the ways in which Emiratis can define the future of their region through the power of business.

Sochi Bombings Cause Concern to US Transit Systems

LogoEntering its second decade in the Homeland Security industry, Security Solutions International (SSI) has now expanded its wide-range of training programs to cover the potential threats against our nation’s transit hubs. SSI is taking part in the TSA’s I-STEP Motor coach Exercise in Tallahassee Florida with members of the DHS and private companies at the invitation of Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

Feldman Feldman & Associates, PC Teams Up with the Top Immigration Lawyer in San Diego

Feldman Feldman & Associates, PC teams up with the top immigration lawyer in San Diego, allowing clients to enjoy the maximum success rate in immigration cases. Their experienced immigration attorney along with the most advanced legal expertise plays a major role in client’s victory.

We Telle You LLC Looks to Raise $10,000 via Indiegogo to Save Lives from Drunk Driving Fatalities

LogoWe Telle You LLC is people’s golden ticket home founded by Shauntelle A Nelson, a successful basketball player who has a bachelors in business management and a realist who cares about others more than anything.

North American Fire Fighter Veteran Network Addresses Mental Health Issues

Post traumatic stress disorder continues to be a condition associated with soldiers returning from war and is rarely used to describe the problems experienced by many firefighters and first responders at home. "Firefighters and others who work to serve the public encounter difficult situations on a daily basis and the stress resulting from these situations often has a detrimental effect on firefighter mental health. The North American Fire Fighter Veteran Network works to help those experiencing stress handle these situations and the accompanying thoughts and feelings," S.H. Pennington of The North American Fire Fighter Veteran Network declares.

Governor Brown Pardons Man for 1968 Marijuana Offense

In 1968, Robert Akers was 20 years old, and living away from home for the very first time. His roommate occasionally sold marijuana from their apartment. One evening, while his roommate was gone, an undercover policeman came to the apartment and asked to buy some marijuana. Mr. Akers took the man’s money and gave him an envelope that his roommate had left. Mr. Akers was arrested, and convicted of selling marijuana. His only crime, ever.

Lifeline Program Now Provides Free Cell Phones for Low Income Families

Lifeline free government cell phone program is now open to low income families. It encompasses several service providers offering free phones with 250 voice minutes and text messages, plus 911, voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting service. Customers can log online to see whether they qualify.

If You Need to Make a Legal Claim Then Use the Best Family Law Advisors in London by Pinder Reaux Solicitors

LogoTheir attorneys, solicitors and legal team counsel and mediate in all kinds of cases and help both parties arrive at the best possible solution. With years of experience in dealing with complex family matters, they have all the skills necessary to deal with family situations in a professional manner, empathizing with the delicate and sensitive matters of family life.

Families Call for Unity Between Community and Police; More Accountability from Law Enforcement

LogoNearly a year after two unarmed occupants in a car were fatally shot by 13 members of the City of Cleveland Division of Police following a pursuit, the family of the victims have filed a lawsuit against the city seeking damages and police reform to protect the public.

iGrad Survey to Identify How College Leaders Are Improving Student Financial Literacy

LogoWith federal student loan defaults reaching levels not seen in two decades, iGrad, a leading online financial literacy resource, is asking college and university financial aid leaders what their students know about personal finance.

Underage Drinking in Georgia Is Costing the Citizens of Georgia $1,450 Billion Per Year

LogoUnderage drinking in Georgia leads to substantial harm due to traffic crashes, violent crime, property crime, unintentional injury, and risky sexual behavior; costing the citizens of Georgia $1,450 billion per year. The State recognizes the pressing need to address the issue of underage drinking by limiting the availability of alcohol to minors.

Gravis Marketing Florida Poll Shows Charlie Crist Leading Rick Scott

LogoHuman Events and Gravis Marketing conduced a survey of 932 registered Florida voters and found surprising results in respect to those of other polls. The subjects of the survey included the gubernatorial race, Obama Care, medical marijuana in Florida, gun rights, gay marriage, Hilary Clinton and a variety of other political pundits.

Gravis Marketing Florida Poll Shows Charlie Crist Leading Rick Scott

LogoHuman Events and Gravis Marketing conduced a survey of 932 registered Florida voters and found surprising results in respect to those of other polls. The subjects of the survey included the gubernatorial race, Obama Care, medical marijuana in Florida, gun rights, gay marriage, Hilary Clinton and a variety of other political pundits.

Metamagnetics Wins Multiple Federal Contracts This Year

LogoMetamagnetics, Inc. was recently awarded three new Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I grants from the NASA, NAVSEA and the Office of Naval Research. The company has won 10 SBIR contracts since 2010. Based on the results achieved in Phase I, which include establishing the scientific and technical merit, feasibility and commercial potential of the proposed R&D efforts by the small business awardees’, federal agencies provide further support in the form of Phase II awards. Metamagnetics has a 100% success rate transitioning from Phase I to Phase II for its five Navy SBIR awards. Below are the three recently funded SBIR projects with Metamagnetics as the primary contractor:

Gravis Marketing : When Asked Whether They Preferred a Generic Tea Party Candidate over the Incumbent Senator John Cornyn III (R-Texas), Texas Republicans Favored the Tea Party Candidate, According to a Recent Poll of GOP Voters

LogoWhen asked whether they preferred a generic Tea Party candidate over the incumbent Senator John Cornyn III (R-Texas), Texas Republicans favored the Tea Party candidate, according to a recent poll of conservative voters. The poll which was conducted by Gravis Marketing polled 563 registered Republican voters in the state of Texas. Only 33 percent of those polled chose to support Cornyn in a hypothetical primary race against a generic Tea Party candidate while 46 percent chose the generic Tea Party candidate.

Website Helps Sandy Victims and Non-Profits Find Grants: Funding Sources Are Invited to Publicize Grants at No Cost

One year ago Hurricane Sandy whipped across the eastern coast of the United States and inland, taking with her beaches, boardwalks, businesses, and homes, and deposited rain, sea, and sand on roads and buildings. At the time, many government agencies, foundations, and corporations mobilized to provide grants and loans for those stricken. "The restoration is not completed," Libby Hikind, CEO and founder of notes. "There are many organizations, businesses, and individuals who are still desperately trying now, a year later, to recover from Sandy. In searching, we have found little grant money available at the present time."