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Archaeologist Joel Klenck Reports Noah's Ark Will Bring $38 Billion Dollars Per Year to the Turkish Economy or Marxist Terrorism

Archaeologist Joel Klenck details how the rediscovered Noah’s Ark will provide $38 billion dollars per year of incremental revenue for the Republic of Turkey because Noah’s Ark is a fact, a foundational account to three world religions, and exclusively Turkish. If not protected, the Marxist PKK terrorist group will find and loot the Ark to support attacks against the Turkish military and civilians.


Lighthouse Point, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2022 --Harvard University educated archaeologist, current president of the applied archaeology firm, PRC, Inc., non-profit Ararat Conservation, Inc., and former maritime executive, Joel Klenck, reports the rediscovered Noah's Ark will provide $38 billion dollars per year of incremental revenue for the Republic of Turkey because Noah's Ark is a fact, a foundational belief to three world religions, and the infrastructure surrounding the prehistoric barge is exclusively Turkish. Conversely, if the Turkish government does not guard the prehistoric barge on Mount Ararat, the Partiya Karkeren Kurdistane ("PKK"), a violent Marxist organization, will find the structure, loot the artifacts worth at least $100 million dollars, supporting attacks against Turkey for several decades.

Klenck confirms, "Noah's Ark is the greatest archaeological site in history. The Ark is in the southern gorge of greater Mount Ararat, 158 meters in length, in two general areas, within ten smaller locations, 3,900 to 4,700 meters in elevation, currently exhibiting 14 archaeological features, and accessed by tunnels 4 to 11 meters beneath the surface. The vessel dates to the Late Epipaleolithic Period (13,100-9,600 BC).

The maritime barge shows veneration for millennia, unique artifact placement, stone carvings, prehistoric diet, especially of chickpea, frozen animal dung, and carpentry using stone adzes, covered with pitch. Within the Ark are lithic tools, stone containers, and frozen vegetal baskets, textiles, cords, bone, and wood artifacts. The prehistoric vessel exhibits angled hulls, thousands of cages, sloping ramps, three decks, ballasts, and cargo holds. The structure matches descriptions in the Bible, Quran, and by Berossus and Josephus. Akkadian seals from 2,300 BC portray the Ark and Hittite tablets from 1,300 BC mention Noah.

Armenians hid Noah's Ark since 247 BC and improved its concealment to support Armenian independence. When this revolution failed, Catholicos Mkrtich Khrimian (1820-1907) issued orders to further conceal the Ark, a secret insured by Stalinist purges, which impacted Armenian history, and is causing a range of emotions. Klenck battles a group with ties to the PKK, who denigrate and destroy Noah's Ark, a prehistoric shrine for Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Klenck insists, "Noah's Ark will rocket tourism revenue in eastern Turkey because the prehistoric barge is a foundational belief in both Sunni and Shia Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Noah's Ark will generate at least $38 billion dollars per year for Turkey because Noah's Ark is a belief that predates any schisms between and within these three faiths. In 2018 and 2019, religious pilgrimage comprised up to $92.1 billion dollars of annual income from only four countries."

For Shia Islam, the former CEO of Iran's Tourism Development Corporation, Gholamhossein Hosseini, states that Iran has 8,000 sacred sites and pilgrimage places, especially the religious cities of Mashhad, Qom, Shiraz and Tehran. Iran's deputy tourism minister, Vali Teimouri, states that in 2018 nearly 8 million tourists brought an average of $1,490 dollars per person or the equivalent of $11.92 billion US dollars into Iran.

For all Muslims, the Qur'an demands a pilgrimage to Mecca in the predominantly Sunni Saudi Arabia. According to 2019 data, tourism receipts in US dollars accounted for $19.85 billion in Saudi Arabia. For Christianity, Israel and Italy are primary places of religious tourism, with the latter being the ancestral origin of Judaism. Data from 2019 shows tourism receipts totaled $8.46 billion in Israel and $51.91 billion in Italy. Rome itself acquired $5.61 billion in tourism revenue.

The archaeologist explains: "What is special about Noah's Ark is all three faiths hold the prehistoric vessel to be a central tenet inviting all believers to venerate this monumental structure. Conversely, non-Muslims are forbidden to enter Mecca and Medina. Many Muslims find it difficult to travel to Israel. Muslims and Jews have little interest in visiting Italy, especially for religious tourism. However, Noah's Ark is a foundational belief in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The most zealous imam, fundamentalist preacher, and orthodox rabbi will venerate Noah's Ark.

Noah's Ark is on greater Mount Ararat, a Turkish national park near the city of Dogubayazit. Turkey is very equipped to accommodate the rediscovery of Noah's Ark. First, their military is very strong in the Agri Province. Second, their religious community is presided over by the Diyanet or Directorate of Religious Affairs, which manages multiple faiths within the Turkish Republic. Third, Turkish archaeologists are excellent in conserving maritime sites and wood architecture. Fourth, only Turkish companies provide flights to airports in eastern Turkey. Fifth, President Erdogan has championed the continuity of low interest rates, enabling the rapid buildup of infrastructure within eastern Turkey. This fiscal strategy is crucial for the construction of lodging, transportation, museums, and religious centers at the base of Mount Ararat."

"If Turkey's central government does not protect Noah's Ark," Klenck warns, "the PKK will find this archaeological site. The artifacts and architecture from the Ark are worth at least $100 million dollars. In the next several months, the PKK will be able to access the vessel and rob the artifacts from the family of Ahmet Ertugrul, who rediscovered the Ark. The PKK are staunch Marxists, oppose religious beliefs, and will sell Ark artifacts for weapons to fund terrorism. The PKK are renown for attacks against the Turkish military and soft targets, such as women and children. The region around eastern Turkey is notorious for its brisk trade in illegal antiquities and their exchange for weaponry by terrorist organizations such as the PKK and Al-Qaeda."

Klenck concludes, "For the Turkish Republic, Noah's Ark offers life or death. If President Erdogan and the Turkish military protect Noah's Ark, a sacred site lauded by the Muslim Prophet Muhammed, Jesus Christ, and the Patriarch Moses, the Republic of Turkey will acquire incredible prosperity as eastern Turkey becomes a global pilgrimage center. But if Turkey fails, the PKK will find the Ark and fund horrific attacks. President Erdogan and AK Parti must protect Noah's Ark."

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