Retail Press Releases

Bethel Shopfitting World Releases New Shelving Product and Launches Mid-Year Sale

With a 15-year track record of happy customers Bethel Shopfitting World offers their client base more than the lowest factory prices across all their products. They continually offer new shelving and shopfitting product designs that set new standards in the industry. Such is the case with the release of their new Glass Cabinet on Pegboard Shelving unit. Released during their August Mid-Year Sale the product is a classic approach to displaying items for sale.

Sofia's Linen Adds Bath Towels, Napkins and Tablecloth Sets to Its Product Lineup for Customers Seeking the Elegance and Health Benefits of 100 Percent Flax Linen

Known for its pure flax linen bed sheets and bedding accessories, Sofia’s Linen is proud to add an all-new line of bath towels, napkins and tablecloth sets for those who desire and demand the advantages of linens made from flax.

Special Feelings Brought by Special Occasion Gowns at

There are reasonably priced dresses with good quality for any special occasion at The company has the latest designs for girls' First Communion, semi-formal and informal cocktails, and family gathering. All these beautiful dresses are available for really cheap prices, and buyers can enjoy special and wonderful feelings brought by fine fabrics and workmanship.

2014 Latest Bridal Gowns and Wedding Apparels Are at Discounted Prices at

Benefiting from the increasing requirements on wedding dresses,, a new online store of wedding dresses and special occasion outfits, has made a great progress in the last year. Today, the company unveils its 2014 wedding dresses. What's more, it launches a special offer on all these trendy items, up to 75% off.

Casual Luxury Wear for Women Has Never Been This Fashion Forward

Modern living requires that you look great whether you are out shopping at the grocery store or working out at the gym. Women today take pride in their fashion with a passion that is unparalleled. It is these three driving forces that Citee'd perfected to launch a casual luxe line of premium t shirts for women.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 35,900 Subaru Products

LogoSubaru, a vehicle brand that is manufactured in Japan and owned by Fuji Heavy Industries, is known for providing vehicles that have unparalleled performance as well as some of the highest safety ratings. In fact, many of their vehicles boast some of the best vehicle crash test ratings in the world. Therefore, for those looking to keep their Subaru vehicle in tip-top shape, Parts Geek is pleased to announce that they are now offering over 35,900 Subaru auto parts and accessories.

Clearvision Communications Reports Consumers Have More Viewing Choices

Citizens of New Zealand want value for their money and Clearvision Communications understands this. Consumers looking to improve their television viewing experience frequently turn to this company to save on their viewing devices as Clearvision Communications offers discounted online prices on a variety of products. In addition, consumers spending more than $150 receive a free universal television remote, one valued at $64.95.

Diti Jewllery Online Discusses Platinum Demand to Jump 35% in 2014 on Rapidly Changing Consumer Preferences

LogoIndia's platinum demand is likely to rise a staggering 35% in the calendar year 2014 on rapidly changing consumer preferences especially from bridal segment, which was earlier confined to gold and diamond. Sells High Quality Furniture to Local and Overseas Buyers

Furniture is something people can’t do without these days. Chairs, tables, beds, sofas and stands have become products of daily use. Chinese furniture has become famous throughout the world. The furniture manufacturers’ and factories in China have seen substantial improvement over the years, particularly in quality and competitive pricing.

Shineweiltd Offers a Huge Collection of Innovative Cameras for Sale

The world of technology has evolved over the years and the products have come in various shapes in sizes. Their capacities have increased drastically, especially the cameras which are available these days. In the yester years people had to take photos and print them to preserve, however, today the cameras come in advanced forms and enable the user to store in memory cards. Besides the general cameras used by the general public there are many cameras which are developed for specific purposes such as security, wildlife photography, sports, etc. The market is flooded with companies manufacturing these cameras but only a few of them offer great quality pictures. Shineweiltd is one of those companies which has been offering its innovative range of cameras for different needs.

Gold Price Volatility and Import Curbs Boost Platinum Jewelry Sales

LogoIndia, one of the three largest markets for gold jewelry in the world, with China and the United States, where owning and acquiring gold jewelry has great cultural significance from time immemorial, is set to break with age-old traditions, according to a recent research conducted by the London-based Platinum Guild International. In the wake of escalating world gold prices, and measures taken to curb gold imports, such as the imposition of high import duty, that necessarily resulted in the prices of manufactured gold jewelry skyrocketing beyond the reach of the average Indian gold consumer, the study conducted by PGI had shown an increase in tendency among the Indian middle-class consumer to turn towards platinum-based jewelry. The study showed that during the period 2013-14 the platinum jewelry market in India witnessed a staggering growth of 41% over the previous year, so much so, that India today has become the world’s fourth largest platinum jewelry market.

Newest Collection of Prom Dresses Released by EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, an international supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion outfits, has released its newest collection of prom dresses. According to the CEO of the company, these unique items are specially created to expand the international market. All orders placed before the end of the month can get a discounted rate, up to 75% off.

Chic Wedding Dresses for the UK Market Released by EhomeDress

LogoEhomeDress is a renowned wedding dress manufacturer and supplier. Recently, the company has released its new selection of chic wedding dresses. In addition to that, the company has started its special offer on these fashionable products, up to 75% off. For additional information, the promotion will be valid until the end of the month. This is a great chance for those who are looking for chic and beautiful wedding gowns to find their desired apparels.

IDreams Jewelry Company Inc. Sells Extensive Range of Jewelry for Couples

Jewelry is typically considered the best gift for any woman. The tradition of jewelry can be traced back to earliest civilisations known to have existed. IDreams Jewelry Company s is an enterprise that strives to nurture the tradition. It is an online jewelry shop that specialises in couples jewelry. Jewelry trends have been changing in cyclic manner and the present age is much like the age when much of the world was ruled by kings. Today, both men and women adorn themselves with jewelry in some form. IDreams Jewelry Company has good collection of necklaces, rings, etc. that have been separately designed for both ladies and gentlemen.

Mirraw Starts a New Trend of Cash-on Delivery Services

If you’ve spent a lot of your time shopping online then you must already have an idea about cash-on delivery services? With the invention of online retail stores, shoppers around the globe have found a platform to browse, bookmark and purchase goods that are displayed in variety. Mirraw is one of the leading online stores that consist of designer clothing like salwar suits, wedding sarees, lehengas and precious jewellery fabricated by talented artists. E-commerce has changed the manner in which one can find and shop for products and services. Mirraw introduced its online business for the basic purpose of improving clientele communications and business transactions.

EhomeDress Launches a Special Offer on Its Mermaid Wedding Dresses

LogoEhomeDress is a famous reliable online shop in the global market. It is known for its various kinds of wedding gowns and women's special occasion dresses. Recently, the company has released its new selection of mermaid wedding dresses. In addition, the company has launched a special offer on all its new outfits.

Automated Search Engine Website for eBay Users Launched

The tools of the new site increase the efficiency of shopping on eBay by extending it’s possibilities. Users can search for items from any eBay site through WatchMyDeals’ engine and by following their searches they can build their own shopping list. Results of these saved searches can be quickly and easily checked with just a single click. The system checks the user’s wishlist continuously (even if the user isn’t logged in) and notifies the user instantly if there are new items based on the saved searches available. Currently there are visual, audio and e-mail notifications.

Palmerston Furniture Launches New Financing Plans to Better Serve Area Customers

Consumer reports indicate the average family could face spending up to 50 percent of the value of their home on furniture and interior decor. Though certain pieces of furniture are essential to comfort, such an expense tends to place a great deal of strain on household budgets. With this in mind, Bernie Kelly of Palmerston Furniture has launched a number of special financing plans to help ease the financial burden on consumers.

Barcelona Designs Travels Back to the 1920s with Their Exceptional Barcelona Chair Reproduction

LogoInterior design has recently discovered a style where vintage merges with the modern facets of space. Chic, archetypal, with some round the bed stance.

California Women Launch Kickstarter to Promote American-Made Goods

One can hardly go shopping anywhere today without finding jeans made in Bangladesh, purses made in China, or toys made in Mexico. When the news is constantly portraying the economy as being in need of a boost and American jobs being shipped overseas, seeing the 'Made in Somewhere Else' tag can be discouraging. A new movement towards American-made goods is sweeping the nation and one San Francisco online company is hoping to make the move to storefront property in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco with solely American-made goods, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them do things the American way. Long-time tote bag manufacturer, Spicer Bags is seeking investors who are like-minded to help them fund their new shop, Spicer on Third.

EVOLVh Revolutionizes Natural Hair Care with a Healthy Hair Trio That Transforms Hair Texture and Appearance

LogoTypically words like gluten free, vegan and organic ingredients are used to describe a healthful diet. Could it be that healthy ingredients can also bring amazing performance and beautiful hair? So says EVOLVh and their mission to redefine the hair industry with health-conscience products that deliver transformative results. Users often describe the products as “miraculous” and “life-changing”, the relationship between the company and its customers can only be described as a love affair.

Pinpoint Mounts Promises to Test the 'Crap' out of the Mounts It Sells

A spokesman for Pinpoint Mounts says that the audio-visual equipment retailer tests all of the mounts it sells. “We take pride in working the utter crap out of every mount that we sell,” the spokesman said when asked about the Houston-based company’s quality assurance practices. “Hey, we understand that our audio and video mounts are tasked with holding costly speakers and screens up high and that if our mounts fail, equipment can be damaged and, even worse, people can be hurt.”

Online Store Selling Camouflage Baby Clothes and Accessories Experiences Demand Surge

Growing popularity for camouflage baby clothes is increasing amongst hunters and military families. Camouflage Baby Clothes from the ATP company currently offers camo baby acccessories, clothes, sleepers, seat covers and many other new products to satisfy this growing demand. The revolutionary online shop added comforters, diaper changing sets, beddings and portable highchairs all with the camo accent.

Egypt Retail Report Q3 2014 - New Study Released

LogoEgypt's huge and expanding population, together with increasing levels of disposable income, should result in a strong rise in household spending over the next few years, although the continuing political unrest could dent retail prospects. The Egyptian retail sector is set to continue to grow across all subsectors. We are particularly positive about the future growth prospects for the health, transport and education sectors, with communications also set to grow strongly; however, we expect the highest proportion of the household budget to be spent on food & drink throughout our forecast period, with housing & utilities spending also taking a substantial share.

Ace of London Offers Exclusive Collection of recyclablePVC Protected Bags

With TV shows like The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea, more people are now becoming fashion conscience and wearing clothes and fashion accessories to help them stand out. But being in the fashion trend and standing out does not have to mean wearing clothes and fashion accessories, which are not friendly to the earth. As more and more celebrities are wearing eco friendly products, people are getting the message that they can look great while still protecting the environment.

Barcelona Designs Relives Barcelona Chairs and Offer It on an Affordable Price Tag

LogoBarcelona chair’s design is based on the folding chairs of the Pharaohs and Romans, van der Rohe and his partner Reich incorporated a modern twist to this ancient and regal thus making the Barcelona chair stand out making it a worldwide sensation. The chair was showcased as a centerpiece of the German Pavilion at the International Exhibition, which van der Rohe also designed. Amidst Germany’s resurgence, and after World War I’s devastation – design and architecture has contributed so much for Germany to be back on track. Van der Rohe’s pavilion was a success, and his chair was the talk of the design world.

Zhunrize Creates a New Wave in Online Shoping

Zhunrize has created an opportunity for users to make the most of online shopping wave by having their own eCommerce and Internet marketing business, which can lead to huge profits for them.