Retail Press Releases

Scottsdale Appliance Repair Company Awarded Angie's List Super Service Award for 2014

Tiger Mechanical has been awarded the coveted Angie's List Super Service Award for exemplary customer service in 2014. The award is granted to the top 5% of businesses in each category. Angie's List is the nation's leading provider of consumer reviews of local service providers. Tiger Mechanical was honored be recognized as the leader in appliance repair in Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding Maricopa County.

Woodbridge Virginia Embroidery and Screen Printing Company All Star Sports to Attend Virginia Youth Soccer Association Convention January 30-31

On January 30-31, the Virginia Youth Soccer Association will hold its annual convention in Crystal City, Virginia. The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) has over 144,000 registered players and is made up of several groups of teams throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The VYSA promotes both recreational teams and travel teams. All VYSA players must be under 19.

Jewelbox Display & Supply Co. Announces Availability of Wooden Jewelry Boxes at Affordable Prices

LogoRecognized globally since 2000 as one of the most prominent distributors of jewelry supply, Jewelbox Display & Supply Co. now announces the availability of wooden jewelry boxes at affordable prices. From high-end wood boxes to cost-effective boxes, individuals can easily find a wide range of these wooden jewelry boxes at the company's online store. The company offers Rosewood Premium Jewelry Boxes, Ruby Deluxe Jewelry Boxes, Moonlight Blue Boxes, Deluxe Leather Jewelry Boxes, Ring Jewelry Hat Boxes and much more.

Watch Box Co. Now Offering Large Range of Wooden Watch Boxes at a Competitive Price

LogoAiming to provide some of the most uniquely designed watch cases, Watch Box Co. is now offering large range of wooden watch boxes and cases at a competitive price. The company offers an extensive line of boxes which is stylish and has a classic look making them appropriate as gift items for any occasion. The watch cases provided by the company are available in various sizes, styles, colors and finishings. Depending on the number of watches the buyer wants to store, they can buy the boxes accordingly.

Irresistible Money Saving Discount Coupons for Leading Brands Announced by Promonada

Promonada, one of the US's leading coupon deals website announces new promo codes for several revolutionary brands like Harrods, Mango, Very and many more. With a wide range of exciting deals and offers from the leading brands, Promonada is an excellent place that must be visited before shopping to grab the latest discount or voucher codes being offered by the brands. Online shopping becomes much easier as the coupons let the shoppers to save more money.

Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs Introduces New Product for Smart, Connected Home Technology

LogoSKE Labs today announced the launch of its major funding campaign for the first ever smart container, the NeoTM Smart Jar. Using Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors, NeoTM tracks the weight and nutritional content of what it contains, allowing for historical and real-time tracking of key dietary components, including calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein. The accompanying mobile app can suggest recipes based on existing ingredients, inform when quantities are low, and track "best before" dates.

SheildEx Silicone BBQ Grilling Gloves Launched on Amazon to Make Kitchen Duty Easy

LogoAnyone who's prepared a meal knows the importance of convenience in the kitchen. With that in mind, SheildEx has launched a useful product on Amazon that allows cooks to handle hot foods up to 425 degrees. The SheildEx Kitchen and BBQ Grilling Gloves use food grade silicone to stand between high heat and the chef's hands. Making it possible to reach into a smoker, oven or grill and grab that rack of ribs, hot brisket or pork butt without having to locate the tongs.

ATD-AMERICAN Now Offering Earth-Friendly Furniture This Winter

LogoAs a company that supports the eco-friendly effort, ATD-AMERICAN offers a collection of furniture pieces that are sustainable. The furniture supplier sells ecological furniture at wholesale prices that can accommodate the needs of schools, offices, businesses, churches and more. Customers who opt to "Go Green" can purchase the furniture with the assurance of knowing that the piece was constructed to help improve the environment. The distributor aims to provide customers with sustainable-living products that preserve natural resources.

Affordable Moonwalks Etc Launches Multiple Item Discounts

Moonwalks, or bouncy castles as they are commonly called, are inflatable playgrounds that allow children to feel weightless while having the time of their lives bouncing around on a cushion of air. They offer an unforgettable opportunity for great memories at outdoor events. However inflatables are not the only option available in the 21st century. Affordable Moonwalks Etc LLC has acquired a huge range of amusements, from mechanical bulls to climbing walls, from slides of all sizes and shapes to obstacle courses in all lengths. And to top it off, they are now offering multi-item discounts on bookings made before the end of March. They want to help make their customers events a huge success.

DIY Surveillance Pro Now Offering Sale Price for Coat Hanger DVR Spy Cam

LogoWhen looking to monitor a home or office space without others being able to tell, covert and stealth spy cameras provide the perfect way to record discreetly. With a variety of spy cameras that blend in seamlessly with other household items, DIY Surveillance Pro is now offering a sale price for their stealthy coat hanger camera with DVR. With a limited amount in stock, the discounted pricing model costs just $57.

Softnia Announces the Debut of Their Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion at Amazon

Softnia has recently announced the debut of their high-quality, memory-foam coccyx orthopedic seat cushion at Amazon starting today, February 6. The product will be available to the public at the reduced price value of $39.99 due to the grand opening sale initiated by the company.

Fine Italian Outdoor Furniture, Pretty, Personal and Practical

LogoMost people feel they need an expert, interior designer, or style specialist in order to know what should go into their homes, where it should be placed, and what colour combinations work. Under this insecurity, they don't realize that the person who knows best for what is good for their homes is they themselves. One likes something like fine Italian outdoor furniture simply because they like it, not because someone tells them to like it. Home decor should reflect who one is and it should make one comfortable in their own environment. Nobody else will ever be the expert of one's own homes except them themselves. The rest is advice, knowledge, tips, and ideas to pick and choose from.

Parts Geek Expands Inventory of Replacement Exhaust Headers

LogoThe more oxygenated air that a vehicle's engine receives, the better it performs. Offering a part that isn't pre-installed on many car models, Parts Geek has expanded their inventory of exhaust headers to help drivers increase the performance of their car's engine. Exhaust headers add horsepower to the engine, and the part allows the vehicle a separate exhaust pipe for each cylinder to avoid additional stress on the exhaust manifest. Customers can now choose from over 3,500 exhaust headers for increased engine performance through the harsh temperatures of the winter. Launched Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Electric Scooters for Urban Commuters, the UK based company which is a part of All Seasons UK Group, recently launched their futuristic electronic scooters in the UK. has named the electric bike as E-Moto 48V. According to the owners of the e-scooter manufacturing company, no licence or registration is required for riding this scooter on the UK roads. They have pointed out that the UK laws do not require electric scooter riders to have a licence or registration. The owners have also underscored the fact that the E-moto 48v is not classified as a moped. This is actually an electronic scooter which is lightweight, eco-friendly and cost effective.

Traffic People Launches New Online Brand Image

LogoTraffic People, one of the UK's fastest growing online women's fashion providers, celebrates their new Brand Image online with the launch of their brand new website.

Pavel Makhnatch & Lesha Limonov Start Kickstarter Campaign to Create Levsha Designer Diary

LogoLevsha Designer Diary is ideally suited for people that consider time to be the most precious possession of their life. In today's hectic lifestyle, it is only possible to accomplish more goals in life by proper structuring of work schedule. The head of a creative thinker is always full of new ideas, goals, and thoughts. With too many ideas, it becomes important to transfer them to a place that is safe and easily accessible. This creates space for new ideas to generate.

Starlight Delta Lauded for Quality Camping Accessories to Ensure Security to Campers

Fitness has become a big part of life for the modern inhabitants. The comfortable lifestyle made possible by the secure economy have made the modern individual obese. Lack of exercise and unlimited access to good food are two of the main aspects that have contributed to this abundance of obesity.

Mike Newcombe Seeks Support from Kickstarter to Start Commercial Production of DirtTea

LogoThe benefits of using compost tea as soil conditioner are known to all since many years. Compost teas maximize nutrient absorption to make the plants stronger and healthier. However, this benefit is not available in any of the chemical fertilizers that are readily available in the market. Mike Newcombe has developed DirtTea, a specially conditioned soil conditioner that can provide the ultimate nutrition to all growing plants.

Grand Opening of Sway ME Vegas Home Decor for Purchase and Rentals

Michelle Essix has just unveiled her home décor brand named "Sway ME"; her brand is the realization of Michelle's style sense, creative flair and her penchant for premium supplies which she uses to create her home décor products. Each product that will be offered by the brand will be created with close attention to detail and ingenuity which allows each piece to stand alone as an impressive statement piece or work in a theme to create stylish home décor fit for any holiday or season.

Jesus Sees Us: A New Jesus Doll, Just in Time for Easter

Jesus Sees Us was conceived by two mothers of preschool children; Maureen Longua Bueltmann and Kelly McCourt. Both mothers were struggling with the same challenge; how to introduce their young children to their Faith in an engaging and relatable way.

Third Wind Enterprise, LLC Launches Website Featuring Grills for Tailgating and Outdoor Entertaining

LogoSusan Nelson is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide selection of grill products including charcoal grills, gas grills, electric grills, hibachi grills, and grill accessories. Many of these grills are portable which makes them perfect to use at tailgating events. Ms. Nelson was inspired to create her business as a lasting one that she could pass down to her children and grandchildren. She chose to sell grills in this division of her main business because she has always loved to entertain outdoors. These grills are a useful tool to have at the events which bring families and friends together in an outdoor setting.

SRE Distributors, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Camping and Outdoor Gear

LogoStanley Estep is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide range of outdoor gear including cots, tents, fishing gear, hunting gear, backpacks, and sleeping bags. Estep has sold similar items in the past within the stipulations of an online sales site. He has always enjoyed hunting, fishing, and camping so he has used many of these items and knows a lot about them. He decided to start his own website so that he would be able to offer a wider selection of items without rules on how many items he could have or fees for making sales. By branching out to his own website, he will be able to offer a larger number of products at lower prices than he could sell them for otherwise.

Moderndomicile to Offer Assistance to Victims of the Avalon Cove Fire in Edgewater

Interior design firm and online retailer ModernDomicile has announced a program to assist individuals and families affected by a devastating fire that has impacted their community.

Moderndomicile to Now Carry G-Romano Upholstered Custom Modern Furniture and Accessories

ModernDomicile, an online retailer of designer furniture and an interior design service, has announced that their e-commerce site and "bricks and mortar" store will begin carrying G Romano furniture designs.

Everything 5 Pounds Launches New Arrivals Page to Help People Get Latest Looks While Stocks Last

Fashion is often considered to be an expensive business, thanks in large part to elite brands that set the trends. However, many more affordable brands can replicate these trends and even put their own more inventive spin on the stuffy establishment offerings. These can be offered at better prices as shoppers aren't being charged for the label. Everything 5 Pounds has taken this principle to new heights, with a single price for a huge range of items, all high quality, and all inspired by the very latest trends. They have just launched a new section of their website which will be updated live as soon as new looks enter their warehouse.

New Amazon Coupons in February 2015 on Website

Amazon is the biggest online retailer on the internet and because of this there is always a vast amount of savings people might not know about that top coupon websites such as helps display to visitors.

Save More with Extra Discounts on Printer Products

Supplies Savings offers exclusive coupon codes for customers who wish to avail additional discounts while they purchase printing products online from Supplies Outlet is an online retail store that sells compatible as well as remanufactured printer cartridges. The site is most popular for offering their products at the lowest prices possible. And for customers who want to save more they can check out the latest coupon codes from Supplies Savings. Supplies Outlet offers over 2000 toners and ink cartridges from famous manufacturers and brands such as Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung, Lexmark and more. The site also offers computer supplies for schools, offices and various other clients who need these items in bulk.