Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Tabernus Showcases Quick and Efficient Mobile Erasure Solution at Mobile World Congress 2015

Tabernus, an international Data Erasure software and hardware provider will present its secure data erasure practises at Mobile World Congress 2015, March 2-5 in Barcelona.

U-Way Launches Series of Apple MFi-Approved Qi Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6

U-Way has introduced newest iPhone 6 case - Qi Wireless Charging ANTI-IMPACT SHIELD for iPhone 6 (Model No.: IP6-00203), which fully certified by Apple MFi & WPC Qi. The case is fully compatible with all Qi wireless chargers, it can be simply put on the Qi wireless charger to charge up, cord free!

Nico Friedrich and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Complete the Development of Calistix Fitness App

LogoLed by Nico Friedrich, team Calistix is engaged in creating a fitness app that promises to be the perfect one for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts. When completed, Calistix will be a comprehensive virtual personal trainer with a wide spectrum of sporting activities. Users will be able to take part in over one hundred indoor and outdoor exercises that can be performed with or without equipment.

Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Co Ltd Offers a Range of Lighting Equipment

The market of electronic lightening equipment is fast expanding in China. People prefer to purchase portable lightening equipment at affordable prices. Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Co Ltd provides electronic lightening equipment at affordable prices. Customers have the opportunity to purchase LED flashlights, LED automotive work light, strap torch flashlight and many other lightening equipments at from the company which is based in China. The lightening equipment emit very bright light and are quite durable. The average battery life of these electronic equipment by the company is quite higher compared to other electrical companies.

CloudFIT Launches Social Network App Through Kickstarter Project

LogoCloudFIT has created a new social network app for fitness and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development.  Located at, this campaign will help developers raise the money needed to finalize work on the first release of this app and push it out to both Android and Apple platforms.

BUD Message Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds for Medical Marijuana Discount Service

LogoBUD Message has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at that will help authorized users find and utilize discounts on medical marijuana.  As the owners of a medical marijuana certification clinic for five years, BUD Message creators have seen the trend in which patients without insurance coverage find themselves in a position where they must make difficult financial decisions when they purchase their medication.  Now, BUD Message has created a service that will allow users to sign up with a database for free and receive instant updates on sales, discounts and other money-saving events through SMS message or email. on Improving Customer Relations with Data-Driven Strategies from Translating Big Data

LogoBig data plays a vital role in delivering timely and personalized customer relations. In this generation where most consumers are 'connected', data gathering strategy that includes collecting, storing, organizing and analysis is in dire need to determine the flow of the market. And having the right technology, infrastructure, and analytics could help bring out the many possibilities of data, which when is translated, could be put to good use.

Protecting Online Reputation and Preventing Threatening Calls of Anonymous Callers with Accurate Information from Data Grid

LogoGiving much value with online reputation is increasing these days as this affects future employments and the impression of the society to a certain individual. That to build a person's reputation effectively, an individual has to hire people who will build up their reputation through web contents and social media accounts that will boost their morale. Yet, instances happen when certain individuals will try to threaten people for money by using dummy phone numbers in exchange for a 'clean' reputation. And if this is being tolerated, such crooks are expected to pressure more innocent individuals. But online reputation can now be taken care of and threatening calls can now be prevented with the reverse phone service of Data Grip.

Ninja Trail - New Puzzle/Game App Released in 2015

HARLEY PIERRE, a 21 year old from Plymouth England came up with the vision of creating a game that fulfills the fun, addictive, strategic needs of gaming consumers after trying to find a game like this on the iTunes app store and not succeeding.

Ninja Trail - New Puzzle/Game App Released in 2015

HARLEY PIERRE, a 21 year old from Plymouth England came up with the vision of creating a game that fulfills the fun, addictive, strategic needs of gaming consumers after trying to find a game like this on the iTunes app store and not succeeding.

WePhone Expands Range of Competitive Bad Credit Phone Contracts for Smartphones

Phone contracts are essential to modern living, especially for those trying to make their way in the world and overcome difficult circumstances. Unfortunately it is usually far more difficult for those people to secure phone contracts. While bad credit doesn't mean no contracts are available, it does often mean that the contracts on offer have punishing rates, especially on smart phones. WePhone offers an alternative, with price comparison services that offer competitive contracts for those with bad credit. They have just expanded these same services to include a huge range of new providers offering smart phones.

APA GAME Introduces New Fish Hunting Game Machines for Unlimited Fun & Excitement

APA GAME is pleased to announce new games and gaming machines for the worldwide gaming enthusiasts. Among different types of game machines, they are banking on their fish hunting game machines that can offer unlimited fun and excitement to the new-age gamers. The spokesperson of the company believes that the fish hunting game could provide an exciting entertainment choice to the gamers and is confident of supplying the machine to the worldwide gaming community.

New Line of UV Flatbed Printers & LED UV Printers for Printing on a Variety of Surfaces

For a variety of printing needs, World Best Import & Export Company has a variety of modern printing solutions in their portfolio. The company endeavors to provide printers that can be used for printing on a variety of surfaces, allowing companies to imprint their logos, taglines and business messages for their promotional advantages.

Smart Kitchen Ecosystem Labs Introduces New Product for Smart, Connected Home Technology

LogoSKE Labs today announced the launch of its major funding campaign for the first ever smart container, the NeoTM Smart Jar. Using Bluetooth connectivity and ultra-responsive sensors, NeoTM tracks the weight and nutritional content of what it contains, allowing for historical and real-time tracking of key dietary components, including calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein. The accompanying mobile app can suggest recipes based on existing ingredients, inform when quantities are low, and track "best before" dates.

Tolocal to Participate in Tops Shows in 2015

ToLocal, on the back of the success of International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has gone ahead and registered for 17 noteworthy events in the year and there's more to come for the benefit of its members.

Conx2share, the 'Next Big Thing' in Mobile Apps Hits the Market

The Conx2share mobile app officially launched on Feb. 17th and is now available in the Apple and Google Play Store. Conx2share is a new one-stop mobile application that controls virtually all digital communication. This app, developed by a Toronto-based company with an international team of innovators and developers, is being recognized as the "next big thing."

Free Online App Helps Parents Understand Text and Chat Message Lingo

LogoThe transL8it! (trans-late-it) website decrypts online messages and chat lingo, starting in English and converting them to text lingo (or visa versa). With the click of a button, anyone with an internet connection or mobile phone can make sense of text lingo, acronyms, and emoticons. "Our online app allows parents and teachers to easily understand what teens are saying in online chat and text messages" said Todd Roberts of transl8it! "Our website dictionary application has had thousands of members from all over the world submit SMS and chat lingo phrases used by teens".

'UAC Home Theater' Offers Reliable and Affordable Home Theater Installation Solutions

LogoThe joy of enjoying a movie with your family is one of the best feelings in the world and this just gets a lot better when kids manage to get entertained along with their parents. Considering the cramped up movie halls and the uncomfortable seating that movie halls have these days, it's not really enjoyable anymore. Thanks to technology people can now enjoy some of their best movies in the comfort of their homes with the effect of a movie hall. A home theater is a great gadget that all homes should have these days. This gadget comes to use for multiple purposes that include movies, games and music. This system manages to provide complete entertainment for all the home members and is thus a must have.

Fly Snatch Mobile Game to Donate Half of All Advertisement Revenue to Children's Cancer Charities

Fly Snatch, the fun, action-packed mobile game available for free from the App Store, has pledged to donate half of all revenue generated from in-game ads to various Children's Cancer Research Organisations from around the world. The campaign hopes to both raise funds and awareness of children's cancer research, and shall stand for the lifetime of the game, donations to the charities are made on a monthly basis.

iPhones Repair Dallas Offering iPhones Screen Fix Within 15 Minutes

LogoiPhones Repair Dallas is now offering a quick service when it comes to fixing cracked screen. The company is helping clients in getting the screen of their iPhones repaired in just 15 minutes. The company specializes in broken screen repairs for iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. In addition, services including unlocking cell phones and fixing broken screen of tablets and Laptop are also on offer.

A New App Called Pocket Sergeant App Helps Store Detectives and Retail Guards Understand Laws and Procedures

A serving police officer from Lincolnshire has developed an app called Pocket Sergeant, which helps store detectives and retail security guards have a better understanding of the law. The app, which is already being used on the streets of the United Kingdom by serving police officers, is now available for anyone in the security industry or anyone who has an interest in the law.

Serving Police Officer Launches New App Pocket Sergeant That Helps New Police Offers in Their Career

Paul Cooper, a serving police officer in Lincolnshire, England, understands what it is like to be a rookie on the beat. He understands what new police officers go through in their early years, and the support they need. Paul Cooper also understands the support that long serving officers who face a new challenge each day need, and that is why he has developed a new exciting app called Pocket Sergeant.

E-Cigarette Australia Offers E-Cig Starter Packs as a Cheaper Alternative

E-cigarettes were introduced as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is also known as personal vaporizers and is battery operated. After it has become widely known, more designs are introduced with various accessories. The latest technology is applied on the new versions and consumers were given a lot more options to choose from. E-cigarette Australia is a company that offers e-cigarette starter packs and other e-cigarette products and accessories.

Weever Apps Enters Strategic Partnership with Xerox Canada to Deliver Mobile Data Solutions from Coast-to-Coast

LogoThe term innovation may be a trendy buzzword, but its core meaning - to reinvent, to rethink, to evolve – will always be at the heart of great companies that do great things.

LocalLedge App Launched to Make Anyplace a User's Own Hometown

LogoOh sure, it's great to log onto a social network and see what a pal's doing two or three thousand miles away. But what about the locals? What are those guys doing? And the bigger question, can anyone join them? By creating a digital community board that helps users make plans in real time, the new LocalLedge app immediately answers that question. Designed as a messaging app that's hyper local, it unites communities one well-sent "ledge" at a time.

Esports from Home - Swedish Gamers Launch Crowdfunding Campaign via Kickstarter for the Startup of Yamzu Esport Software

LogoAsk most people of what their idea of a dream job is and you'll get a wide array of answers; an office worker might dream of being a bartender on an exotic beach where the views are good and the tips are better while a hip teen may dream of being a celebrity DJ with his own entourage, epic mansion and millions in cash. To an online gamer, that dream job would be getting paid to play video games.

Karl Berger Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Start Manufacturing Retrofit Kit (RFK) Suitable for All D-Cell MagLites

LogoKarl Berger has created an advanced, wireless charger that will allow users keep their favorite Maglite® charged all the time. A revolutionary charger, Retrofit Kit (RFK) will save money and help environment protection by helping users renew their investment on Maglite® flashlight.