Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Kamere Kicks-off Crowd-Funding Campaign to Raise Money for Mobile Application

Kamere (, a start-up company that makes people feel great through the power of inspiration, has launched a 30-day crowd-funding campaign that will generate funding to support the development of its mobile application. The campaign will be kicked-off today at a media and VIP event at the Urban Hive where many of Sacramento’s leaders will reveal what inspires them about living and working in Sacramento.

Graphics One Announces Joint Marketing Agreement for Valiani Digital Cutter Flatbeds

Graphics One and Crescent Cardboard are pleased to announce a joint marketing agreement for the Valiani line of flatbed cutters and the GO F-24 UV Small Format Printer. The agreement is reciprocal and Crescent will bundle the F-24 with its cutters and GO will bundle the various flatbed cutters offered through Crescent. The target markets for these systems is packaging and POP graphics.

Market Report, "Video Games in China", Published

LogoThe establishment of the Free Trade Area (FTA) in Shanghai in September 2013 has brought an opportunity for static video game consoles. Foreign companies are allowed to manufacture and sell video game consoles within the FTA. Moreover, their products may be sold nationally with the permission of the government. Microsoft already announced a plan to set up a joint-venture company focusing on Xbox business within the FTA in September 2013. At the same time, domestic players also began to seek a...

Electronic Cigarettes, Are They Banned or Aren't They

LogoIn the few short years since the term “electronic cigarettes” entered the Canadian lexicon, the popularity of the devices has exploded.

Apphac Helps New Players Get Exclusive Tools from Top Gaming Sites

It has always been the dream of android game players to enjoy their game without the distraction of ads. AppHac is the web site that offers an ad free experience with additional features and offers unlimited access to the complete version of games for absolutely free of cost. The site covers android games and some of the biggest names in the industry like Xbox Live, Facebook, PSN, iOS games and others.

Now Get Highly Professional Custom DVD Packaging Services Only with iDEA Media

LogoiDEA Media, renowned for its high-end and all-inclusive CD and DVD replication services, now enables people from different industries to obtain highly professional custom DVD Packaging solutions that are developed as per the client’s specific needs. They have all the right techniques and resources to ensure the same flexibility and quality they are known for in their array of print and packaging options for varied optical disc products. From music, audio and any other wing of the entertainment industry, to data and business solutions, iDEA Media is proficient in delivering customized DVD packing options that ensure that the DVDs attract the attention of potential customers when on the shelves.

eCigarettes Canada Offers Electronic Cigarettes to Ensure Healthy Life

LogoTobacco cigarettes are detrimental and they will affect the lungs of the smoker significantly and it may even lead to death at some point of time. As smokers find it difficult to quit smoking instantly, providing them with a suitable alternative is the only choice left out and ecigarettes fit the bill and purpose perfectly. They are neither harmful nor expensive and using them will improve the health system remarkably.

KKS Services, LLC Launches Website Featuring High Quality Audio Systems

LogoKatharine and Karen Schwind are proud to announce the creation and launch of their new website venture, The website carries a variety of audio products including audio amplifiers, home theater speakers, wireless microphone systems, and all weather speaker systems. Katharine and Karen were inspired to start their website by their desire to provide people who needed these audio systems with a site that would offer them at reasonable prices with free shipping. They wanted to be able to provide high quality audio systems to people who might not otherwise be able to afford them. In addition to this they plan to donate some of the money made from the website to charities and organizations that have made a difference in their lives and the lives of those they know.

Linq Services Helps Business Using Digital Technology to Save Money on Mobile Management

LogoAnyone who owns a business knows how important it is to save as much money as possible. There are a lot of different ways to cut costs in a company, including with the right mobile management services.

Minecraft Game- A Multiplayer Game for Fun

Enjoying Minecraft for some time, one may want to modify, alter or add some new factors for their match. To finish the career, minecraft mods are the thing one have to own. Mods are very preferred now a days as they are really adept to completely transform their Minecraft.

Minecraft Game - A Complete Rousing Experience

Minecraft has conquered the game world since few years. This game is not only a fun to play due to its interesting idea of making any sort of construct that one can think of, but one can also change the particulars of the entire game. To change the particulars of the game like the skins or the texture, one can make their own skins or texture to change the default ones. If one want to delete, change or to add new things to the game, one can use minecraft mods.

Video Chatting with Relatives and Business Associates Abroad Need Not Be Expensive points out that among the many ways available for talking with relatives and friends who live abroad and with international business partners, video chatting and online conferencing are the most convenient and easiest. But if people want to have successful online video chats, they need to have a webcam of the highest quality and a reliable Internet connection.

London Inventor Launches Kickstarter to Build Printer

In 1959, the Xerox machine revolutionized how copies were made, becoming the standard of photocopying and replacing former duplication methods such as carbon copy paper and mimeograph machines. 2D printing is so last century. Imagine going to the copier with a design, pushing print and having in hand a three dimensional version of the design? Or taking a sonogram to the copier and printing a life size replica of your soon-to-be newborn? Science Fiction? Not since London inventor Felix Chen set about to revolutionize the 3D printing world making science fiction science fact.

Home Security Survey Finds Americans Do Not Trust Door-to-Door Salesmen

LogoDoor-to-door salesmen have become a common practice for home security companies. Several of them send out thousands and thousands of salesmen each summer to sell their products and equipment.

Too Funny for Words! An App Based Word Game, Is Based on the Fact That the Average Person Uses the Same 400 Words in Conversation Every Day

Be entertained, have a blast and learn real and spectacular words which will boggle your mind. Here is the game play: Each level has 15 words followed by three definitions, one real definition and two decoys, otherwise known as taradiddles (bogus definitions). You have to pick the right definition!

She Town Bargains Launches Website Featuring Quality Vaporizers

LogoTheresa Ramsey is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website features a diverse selection of vaporizers including portable and desktop vaporizers that are capable of vaporizing either liquids, waxes, herbs, or all of these things. Ramsey was inspired to start the website by her interest in providing healthy alternatives to cigarette smoking. She saw that portable vaporizers could be used with e liquids to help people quit smoking. She also recognized that vaporizers were growing in popularity among medical marijuana users. Ramsey started her site to provide people with vaporizers they could use to improve their health and well being.

Korean Tech Company Launches Indiegogo to Create Rollybot

Sometimes another pair of eyes is all that is needed. Whether is watching children in another room while doing housework or watching pets in an area that is off limits, a Korean tech company has invented a versatile Robot camera to be that second set of eyes – at an affordable price. Introducing Rollybot.

Digiarty Software Unveils User Reviews of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to Public

LogoToday, Digiarty Software, a famous multimedia software developing company with huge customer base, jubilantly unveils parts of genuine user feedbacks to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the birth of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, since the company recently is "bombarded" with commendatory mails especially on the DVD ripping software. Reviews Top 5 iPad Tablets from Apple is an informational website that posts reviews of digital products that are sold online. The site has now posted a comprehensive review assessing the top five tablets from Apple.

Vaporin Issues Letter to Shareholders

Vaporin, Inc., a distributor and marketer of vaporizers and e-liquid products, today releases Shareholder Update and company outlook.

Fake Colours out Now Exlusively on OUYA

LogoForthright Entertainment's C.E.O Ryan Waller talked about the benefit of launching on OUYA. "The OUYA console is the perfect platform to launch Fake Colours on. OUYA has been flying under the radar with steady growth, and OUYA's 'OUYA Everywhere' campaign brings even more potential customers to our game. Unlike the Apple and Google Play app stores, the OUYA is not flooded with hundreds of the same game reskinned with different game art, giving us easier visibility."

Keller Independent School District Selects Appdigio Mobility Lifecycle Management Platform to Manage 35,000 Devices

LogoKeller Independent School District (ISD) of Keller, Texas announced today that it has selected the Appdigio™ Mobility Lifecycle Management™ platform to manage the mobile devices and content of its 35,000 students, teachers, and staff members. The Appdigio Mobility Lifecycle Management platform enables organizations of virtually any size to manage digital educational content vouchers, Apple and Android educational applications, digital textbooks, and the devices that run them. The Mobility Lifecycle Management platform from Appdigio helps significantly reduce technology-related costs and increase voucher utilization efficiency by empowering teachers and staff with more control over devices and education content.

Customers Offered 1 Year Warranty with Purchase of Samsung Galaxy S5 from CaCell

CaCell, a notable online retailer for smart phones announced that it has added Samsung Galaxy S5 to its collection, which comes with a 1 year warranty. The newest to the Galaxy S series, it has been reported that S5 was a huge success with new added features and friendly user interface.

New Gadget Competes with Bluetooth Trackers in Lost & Found Field

Once people lose their keys, forget their bag in cafeteria or have their dog run away and is nowhere to be found, it definitely complicates their life. Everyone has been in such situations. As a way out, there are Bluetooth trackers which brought a valuable solution to misplacing of items. But in case of loss, Bluetooth trackers do not seem to be that efficient as has been proven by user reviews. Its biggest disadvantage is in its low battery stamina – it gets easily out of the juice. Second, the Bluetooth tracker requires its very own app to localize it. Plus, these Bluetooth trackers have a limited range especially when there is something in the line of sight. If any of these conditions is broken, the Bluetooth tracker doesn’t work in situations of loss.

Sentinel Security Group in Sydney Offers Security Solutions

LogoSecurity companies are always adapting to the needs of the client. A security firm’s core value is to serve and protect. Sentinel Security Group provides several services like mobile patrol, concierge services and alarm monitory solutions in Sydney.

TakeOff Running to Be Released This Week on Apple and Amazon

Development Innovations has been quick to announce the new release of TakeOff Running on the Google Play Store. Well, it looks like Apple and Amazon users can rest a little easier now knowing that this app will be releasing on these platforms this week. Fun and excitement will continue to rest in the hands of gamers as they continue to download this app all over the world and top the leaderboards.

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Companies Named by has published its in depth List Of Best Prepaid Cell Phone Companies for 2014. The list examines the providers, their phones, their prices and tips for starting with them, their highlights and what makes them stand out from the crowd. The carriers offer pay as you go, pay by the day and the prepaid cell phone monthly plans.