Consumer Electronics Press Releases

"Avior Comics and Games" Seeks $60,000 in Funding Through Indiegogo for Launching Comics and Games Store

“Avior Comics and Games” is pleased to announce its upcoming launch of Indiegogo fundraising campaign for raising $60,000 in funds to open a new Comics and Games Store in North Lakes. The Avior team aims to design their store in such a way that it will become a local hang out for kids, young couples and families with warm and friendly environment. Moreover, the store will feature a fully-equipped tabletop gaming area, card game area, gaming zone, small libraries and special sections for comics, anime and manga, which will help create a fun and safe environment, where fans of comics, tabletop gaming and superheroes can have a great time. They will also organize different events for kids and/or adults, once in every couple of weeks.

Finnish Company Mekiwi Oy Launches Campaign to Pre-Sell Android App

Time. No one has enough it seems and yet, time is all one has. Time is valuable and can be bought and sold so time is money. With so many demands on one's time, how is it possible to keep track without losing time altogether? How many times are to do lists created, but nothing actually gets done? What if succeeding with one's time management was rewarded and became more like child's play? With the new Wimble Android app, it can.

18 Seconds - The Newest and the Most Addictive Game for Android

The Smartphone market is surely ruled by iOS and Android, and this is mainly because of the fact that these two are known to be the most successful and human friendly mobile phone operating systems ever built, and this is one of the reasons why you will find millions of different applications available online for these two platforms.

Trendwoo's Newest iPhone 6 Design Bluetooth Speaker on Display

Since Trendwoo's founding in 2000, this wearable technology company is taking their business to the next level a the Mobile and Electronics show in Hongkong. The China sourcing Fair displays the newest advances in mobile electronics and draws visitors and businesses from around the world. Whether looking for smartphones, tablets, or accessories, the newest mobile trends and high quality designs are displayed in fair booths along with so much more. This fair is designed to showcase the best and brightest in the business today, and organizers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the event is buyer-friendly with booths for each exhibitor and efficient organization.

Mobile Application Development by Rync Mobility Solutions Gives Small Business Owners Marketing Power

Rync Mobility Solutions, a professional mobile software application development company are helping small business owners increase their brand and customer base through powerful mobile applications from just $99. Offers the Complete Range of Best eLiquid Brands, Accessories and eJuice for Customers Worldwide

eCigarettes have turned out to become the most potent weapon against tobacco addiction, and have helped many quit smoking. Today there are numerous online stores and sites offering vaping products and accessories, but hardly any site offers the range of products as comprehensive as the “Liquid Rocket” site has to offer. It is a site which has become a one-stop online shop for ecig customers who want high quality vaping products from leading brands at most affordable rates.

iDEA Media Now Offering Unmatched CD Duplication Services with Lightning Fast Turnaround Times

LogoiDEA Media, an Inner Workings company, now offers unmatched CD Duplication services with lightning fast turnaround times. They have expertise in handling cheap CD duplication and can manage any custom order source, which clearly means that they can both copy discs and package them by hand within a short period of time. The company can also handle diverse quantities in modern and automated facilities. Customers won’t find such an easy solution for bulk CD media duplication other than at iDEA Media.

Independent Developer Reinaldo Figueroa Draws Inspiration from Potato Salad Guy's Kickstarter Campaign to Create Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game

LogoIndie game developer Reinaldo Figueroa has recently announced the launch of his maiden venture Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game. Reinaldo’s game is almost similar to Ant Smasher and challenges players to save their potato salad as it gets bombarded by waves of bugs. The players protect their potato salad by smashing the bugs under their finger. This addictive, free game has been released on Google Play, iOS, Amazon Appstore and the web.

Legal Files Software Inc. Now Offers App for iPhone and iPad

LogoLegal Files Software, Inc. now offers an app for iPhone and iPad for users to access their Legal Files database. Legal Files for iPhone/iPad provides a portal view into the user’s Legal Files database from one easy-to-navigate location. From the home page, a user can view urgent notifications through Legal Files’ Heads Up!, recently accessed files/matters, name cards/contact information, documents, calendars, email and to-do’s, as well as search for files. Talks About Interesting Game Facts

The online game world has exploded in the recent past with mind boggling games, high intensity graphics and multiplayer configurations taking over the simple fun of gaming. The new age games have in a way robbed the player of the delight that a computer game gives.

Best Home Security Companies Publishes Updated Reviews of ADT and Vivint

Nearly 2.2 million home invasions took place in America last year alone; that’s a rate of more than 6,000 a day. It is during home invasions that almost 40% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur, making protection of the home from such intruders of paramount importance for all. As such, it is equally important to choose the right system to provide the highest caliber of protection. Best Home Security Companies regularly publishes insights into these systems to give consumers valuable information on which to base their buying choices, and have updated their ADT and Vivint reviews.

Waveconn Offers Xiaomi Mi4 Android Smartphone at Special Discount for Visitors

Waveconn, a company that sells Android smartphone products, rolls out the new Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone with a 10% discount. The 4G gadget, offered via, uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core 2.5GHz and comes with 3G RAM + 16G ROM capacity.

4G Smartphone Showcasing Advanced Tech Features Available via, a leading B2C e-commerce website, announces the availability of new 4G smartphones. The 5-inch quad-core mobile phones from Xiaomi, Huawei, InFocus, Zopo, CoolPad and THL are now offered through the website.

The New Electronic Cigarette Shop Online Launched by Heaven Gifts

LogoWe are pleased to announce the launch of an entirely new electronic Cigarette online shop from Heaven Gifts that we have designed and built from the ground up after many months of planning. The new version is stylish and is full of features making the site customer-friendly.

Awesome Vapor Upgrades Inventory with New Clearomisers, E-Liquids & Gift Certificates

Awesome Vapor, a leading online retail supplier of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories has announced its introduction of new products for the e-cigarette consumer.

Shakespeare300, New App from NYT Author James Reese

LogoNew York Times bestselling author James Reese ( presents Shakespeare300 (, a new app for iPhone and iPad. All you need to know about Shakespeare before the curtain goes up or the test goes down... Shakespeare300 offers students and theatregoers alike a unique take on all the Bard’s plays presented in concise (300 word) introductions, synopses and infographics.

Security Cameras Canada Organizes the Best Providers by Locality for Canadian Customers

Home security is an essential, and fortunately home security can be as effective and comprehensive as the most advanced business security systems without the need for a huge expense. This is because advances in technology have made video security systems for the home affordable. Security Cameras Canada specializes in reviewing these systems, and has now gone a step further in helping people find the best coverage by splitting their reviews into local territories, which allow people to find the best coverage relevant to their area.

Home Security Camera System Canada Offers Free Home Camera Assessment for All New Visitors

Surveillance cameras are a great way to make people feel as if they are being observed, which in turn keeps their behavior in line. Traditionally operating a 24 hour surveillance camera system is something only high end businesses and factories could afford, but advancements in technology and the ever reducing price of digital storage has made this more accessible to homeowners. Home Security Camera Systems Canada is a website that reviews these new consumer-based products including home security camera reviews, and is now offering a free home surveillance assessment to any new visitor to their site.

Home Security Systems Reviews Canada Publishes Guide to Best DIY Alarms

Home security is an essential for anyone who owns their own home. That home, its contents and even the family it houses are vulnerable without having the means to protect themselves, and the first step in that direction is home security. The problem so many families face is that brands extort additional fees for complex wired installations that are not only expensive but highly disruptive. Home Security Systems Reviews Canada is a site dedicated to helping people get the best deals on alarm systems, and has recently created new detailed insights into DIY alarm systems.

DIY Alarm Systems Publishes Guide to Help Introduce Do It Yourself Security to Consumers

Alarm systems are a home security essential, and getting the right home security system can make all the difference to the peace of mind of the whole family. The truth is that getting an alarm system installed entails anything but peace of mind. The market is overcrowded with options and it can be difficult to tell which is best, many systems now require subscriptions and once a decision is made, it involves an expensive and disruptive installation process. DIY home alarm systems provide an alternative that enables people to customize the protection they enjoy to their own needs, and DIY Alarm Systems is a specialized website that has created material explaining the advantages of this new technology.

iOS 8 Comes, Leawo Suggests iOS Data Recovery to Save Lost Data from iDevice After Upgrade

LogoThe long wait is over. Apple finally took wraps off its new flagship smartphone iPhone 6. Besides, starting tomorrow iOS users will be prompted to update their devices to the freshest mobile operating system iOS 8. That's really a piece of great news but still coming with one problem – many users complained that all invaluable data in iDevice would be gone away if experiencing the failure of iOS upgrade or some other related situations. So to help iOS users save lost data from iDevice after iOS 8 upgrade failure, Leawo Software – the trusted multimedia solution developer and provider, shares one Savior program, Leawo iOS Data Recovery with them. No matter what killed their iDevice data, this tool could still get them back.

VeriShow's Live Mobile Touch Customers Interact Directly from Their Mobile Device Browser

LogoBusinesses, customers and internet users have all come to expect real-time, personalized help on websites. Now with the re-launch and updates of the VeriShow mobile app, expectations will be exceeded with VeriShow’s new multimedia platform. VeriShow is an easy-to-use collaborative platform for businesses and organizations that want to deliver a high-touch e-service or e-sales experience to their website and now mobile users.

USB Multitool Offers Charging, Expandable Memory Features and Flashdrive Viewing on Mobile Devices

LogoIn a world where convenience is key, a new technological leap has been launched on Indiegogo to simplify working on the go. The new leap is named /Binary - the world’s first USB multitool. The tiny multi-tasker is designed with twofold benefits, hence the name. It’s a mobile charger and a flashdrive with the capacity for expandable memory. Memory that holds information that can now be viewed on any mobile device.

Web Design Firm Focused on Smoke, Vape Shops & Dispensaries

With decriminalization of the cannabis industry in the US inevitable and the fast paced frequency of changes to public option & laws governing the use of cannabis Head Shop Hero has been established, a development & marketing firm completely focused on the needs of Smoke & Vape Shops.

Digiarty Rolls on Transcoding MKV to MP4 Video for Coming OS X Yosemite

LogoSince free converting Matroska (MKV) to MPEG4 video on Mac does not simply mean change the file extension from .mkv to .mp4, Digiarty Software Inc., a dedicated multimedia software developing enterprise, rolls on the specific solution even for the coming Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. According to the source, MKV videos can also be converted for playing on iPhone, iPad, Android and PC with the best video/audio quality.

Download and Convert YouTube Movies to iPhone iPad Realized by Digiarty Software

LogoDigarty Software, the leading multimedia software supplier, has updated the feature of converting YouTube movies separating downloads and conversion, to allow users to free download YouTube movies only or download and convert YouTube movies to iPhone iPad at one time.

84444 Offering "Texting Tuesday" Webinar on October 7th 2014

Logo84444 is pleased to announce that they’re offering a “Texting Tuesday” webinar on October 7th 2014 at 2 p.m. which will provide helpful text message marketing tips. For those who don’t know a ton about text message marketing, Bob Bentz—President of ATS Mobile and the brand 84444—will be supplying some strategies and best practices for text message marketing during this webinar.