Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Petronome App Launched on iTunes to Redefine a Child's Experience of Keeping Time

Leave it to creative designers in the digital age to make an early 19th century tempo keeper sound like a child’s best friend. Enter, the Petronome app from Kenlos Studios. With a twist, this first in the marketplace replaces the common click of a metronome with an animal sound. Comically proving to kids that a “ribbit” or a “hoo” can make the daily practice of an instrument a whole lot more fun.

The Laptops 4 Low Income Company Announces the Availability of a New Program Offering Free Laptops for the Poor

The Laptops 4 Low Income, a project by Juju Mobile Detroit is recently established with the aim to provide poor people with laptops, tablets and other electronics at the most affordable and low prices possible. Their new program, called Free Laptops for Low Income (FL4LI) quickly gained popularity, so the company is spreading awareness about the requirements that make American citizens qualified for this program.

Awesome Vapor Promises to Continue to Serve the Public in Face of FDA Threats

Awesome Vapor, a leading provider of high-quality e-cigarettes, their accessories, and e-liquids, has announced that it will continue to faithfully serve the public despite the ongoing calls by lawmakers and regulators for more bans and laws to be placed upon the sale, the owning, and the use of e-cigarettes in the U.S.

New Mobile Games Developer Shaking Up the Gaming Industry

LogoNew game developers Social Gaming, Inc. have broken into the mobile games industry with YOBSN mobile games. Their free mobile games are offering a major point of difference. People that enjoy playing games now have the option to also share in the revenue created by in-game purchases.

London Game Developer Launches Kickstarter to Free the Game

Two children. One mysterious adventure. A cursed kingdom and an Evil Wizard. However, little boys don't have superpowers or weapons so he will have to use his brain instead of fighting and this won’t be an easy journey because the Enchanted Forest is filled with dangerous creatures loyal to the service of the Evil Wizard. A London gaming company, CG Development, has captured the essence of Super Mario and married it with the game strategies of the Incredible Machine and has launched a Kickstarter campaign and is participating in OUYA's #FreeTheGames Fund, created by OUYA to support developers making new and creative console games in order to launch the game in December 2014.

New 3D Virtual Glasses Lets Users Share the Experience: Chinavasion

LogoWATCHING movies and TV shows through video glasses just got a whole lot more social with Chinavasion's new Miracast compatible 98 inch 2D/3D glasses, according to Chinavasion PR manager Rose Li.

New 3D Virtual Glasses Lets Users Share the Experience: Chinavasion

LogoWATCHING movies and TV shows through video glasses just got a whole lot more social with Chinavasion's new Miracast compatible 98 inch 2D/3D glasses, according to Chinavasion PR manager Rose Li. Presents Its Store Featuring a Vast Range of Electronic Products

Electronic items have transformed the world of technology and enhanced the user experience. Especially, the Chinese products have stormed the world markets as they are available for cost effective prices. There are huge number of manufacturers from the country which offer highly innovative electronic products for sale. Audio equipment is one of the electronic products which is used in large numbers. These include the CD players, cables, power filers, etc. With so many companies and products on offer it becomes difficult for customers to choose the best quality which are available for them. In order to help them purchase products offered by some of the popular brands in China, China Hifi Audio has come up with its own online store. The store features a vast range of options in electronic audio sound to choose from.

Singapore's Top Wedding Service Provider Now Offers Personalized App Based on Couple's Story

Singapore's one stop wedding service provider, Dream Wedding is a Sentosa Leisure Group appointed wedding vendor and now also offers Singapore First wedding apps personally developed for each couple. The company has wedding planning service coverage not just in Singapore but also in Korea and Taiwan. They also have their go-to boutique for wedding items, the Wedding Emporium also specializes in custom-made items, decorations and practical wedding favors.

Vaporin, Inc. Announces 1:50 Reverse Stock Split

Vaporin, Inc. (OTCQB: VAPO), a distributor and marketer of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids products, today announced a 1:50 reverse stock split effective at the opening of trading on September 10, 2014. The strategic move by management makes Vaporin, Inc. more attractive to institutional investors as CEO Scott Frohman is preparing for a non-deal road show to present in front of numerous brokerage firms, hedge funds, and money managers. The Company is confident in the long-term benefits of the reverse split.

MeCam Now Available at Touch of Modern

MeCam is proud to announce that the MeCam HD, the company's high-resolution Hands-Free Video Camera, is now available through Touch of Modern for a limited-time price of $214.

Lita Lewis Aka FollowTheLita and Celebrity Trainer Kali O'Mard Awarded by BodyStream, the rising fitness app that is billed as the Official Home for Social Fitness, continued in its growing tradition of rewarding its top users. The app announced today that popular social media fitness star Lita Lewis, also known as FollowTheLita to her 300,000+ social media followers, and Celebrity Trainer Kali O'Mard were the top trainers in the app and received the “Platinum Prize Pack” which included items like Beats By Dre Pro Headphones and $500.00 Giftcards from American Express.

New Market Research Report: Czech Republic Consumer Electronics Report Q4 2014

LogoAfter a challenging period from 2011 to 2013 during which consumer electronics demand contracted in the Czech Republic there are indications of a resurgence in demand in 2014 - in line with our expectations. TV set sales were expected to pick up in 2014 ahead of the FIFA World Cup, while data indicate sales of desktops and notebooks bounced back in H114, and smartphone and tablet sales continue to boom. These trends will reinforce the Czech Republic's position as one of the most lucrative in Central and Eastern Europe.However, there is downside risk, with the weakening of the koruna pushing up prices of imported products and acting as a drag on growth.Meanwhile the crisis in Ukraine results in heightened risk of cyber security incidents in the region.

iDea Media Now Offers Fast and Efficient Short Run CD Duplication Services

LogoWith a profound understanding of the various facets of optical disc media services, and command over advanced techniques for replicating optical discs, iDea Media has amassed tremendous acclaim for their expertise. They are an Inner Workings company now offering prompt and efficient short run CD duplication services delivering in lightning-fast time. Well equipped with state-of-the-art techniques, they easily manage bulk orders for disc duplication and packaging and even have the ability to copy discs and hand-pack them on short notice.

Diminishing Identity Theft with a Vision in Full Force

LogoMark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:SFOR) speaks with Uptick Newswire about their Cyber Security technologies for the PC, new MAC version and their new mobile application (MobileTrust®) for all Apple and Android mobile devices, becoming available to their distributors, retailers and consumers in the very near future.

Clearvision Communications Reports Consumers Have More Viewing Choices

Citizens of New Zealand want value for their money and Clearvision Communications understands this. Consumers looking to improve their television viewing experience frequently turn to this company to save on their viewing devices as Clearvision Communications offers discounted online prices on a variety of products. In addition, consumers spending more than $150 receive a free universal television remote, one valued at $64.95.

Czech Developer Launches Indiegogo to Find Friends

For shy people, trying to approach others for friendship, dating or even a love relationship can be nerve wracking and even cause anxiety attacks. For some it’s about not wanting to appear clumsy. For others, confusion sets in and fear takes over. One Czech developer, Lukas Mastik, has created and iPhone and Android app to help people find friends more easily and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring awareness of the app to those who need it most.

Samsung Pushes the Smartwatch Into the Future with Their New Gear S Watch - Due to Launch October 2014

Samsung have announced the release of their new Smartwatch – the Samsung Gear S

Technatives Pty LTD Announces Release of Version 2.0 of Popular Smartphone Application Hurt Locker

A casual glance at the evening news on many recent nights has revealed the need to secure smartphone data. For many people, their smart phones contain sensitive information, photographs, text messages and more that touch on all areas of their lives from business to personal. One company who have provided a popular and well regarded solution in this area is the innovative technology group Technatives. Technatives are the developers behind smartphone security application Hurt Locker, recently releasing version 2.0, with greatly expanded features, usability and power. Users have greeted the release of Hurt Locker 2.0 with quick positive feedback.

An Important iPhone App for Students to Live Fear Free at University Is Being Launched by IShield

iShieldApp is pleased to introduce its contribution to fear-free living, thanks to the features found with the innovative smartphone app. The iPhone version of the app will be available 29-September-2014, followed by the release of the web portal on 13-October-2014. The Android version is expected on 15-September-2014. The app is a simple-to-use basket of security options that serve several functions, so that users do not have to feel fear when adverse situations arise.

Vaporin to Present at the 2014 Aegis Capital Conference

Vaporin, Inc. a distributor and marketer of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids products, today announced that Chief Executive Officer, Scott Frohman, is scheduled to present at the Aegis Capital Conference on September 11, 2014 in Las Vegas.

Pinpoint Mounts Promises to Test the 'Crap' out of the Mounts It Sells

A spokesman for Pinpoint Mounts says that the audio-visual equipment retailer tests all of the mounts it sells. “We take pride in working the utter crap out of every mount that we sell,” the spokesman said when asked about the Houston-based company’s quality assurance practices. “Hey, we understand that our audio and video mounts are tasked with holding costly speakers and screens up high and that if our mounts fail, equipment can be damaged and, even worse, people can be hurt.”

Home Security Alarm Systems Creates Specialist Wireless Home Security Resource Category

Home security systems are an essential for anyone looking to protect their home and deter intruders. Home security systems vary greatly in their provisions and can include round the clock remote monitoring, cameras, motion sensors, door sensors and more. All this equipment can present a significant challenge when wiring into an existing home, which makes wireless systems an easier and better choice for most homeowners. Home Security Alarm Systems regularly publishes reviews of all kinds of alarm systems, and has created a new section solely for wireless systems for easy cross-comparison.

Smart Home Systems Launches Free Home Security Assessment Offer for All New Visitors

Home security systems are essential for anyone looking to protect their home, their valuables and even their families from intruders with criminal intent. Finding the right home security system however can be overwhelming, as the sheer number of different systems, different providers and different features can make it impossible to clearly see which is best. Smart Home Systems regularly reviews the newest releases from the top names servicing Canada, and is now offering a free home security consultation for all new visitors to the site, for a limited time only.

WRAPmail, Inc. (OTC: WRAP) Receives Patent for Dynamic Email Content "Wrap"

LogoFt Lauderdale, FL - WRAPmail, Inc. (WRAP) has been issued a U.S. patent for their dynamic email content “wrap”.The now patented “wrap” imports and seamlessly integrates graphics, pictures, and text contentfrom social media and other sources into multiple email platforms WRAPmail users create a dynamic email WRAP (graphical template and border) automatically from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest content with just one click.

iShieldApp Announces Upcoming App to Help Users Live Fear Free

iShield is pleased to announce that it will be releasing the Android App version of the mobile product on 15-Sept-2014. The iPhone App will be released on 29 September and the Web Portal is planned for 13 October. The app is intended to add a layer of security for those who want to be able to live a life free of fear for one's safety.

CHOETECH Announces Launch of Most Advanced Smart 50 W Multi-Port USB Charger for Universal Charging Experience

LogoCHOETECH, a leading developer of cutting edge wireless charging devices is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new Smart 50W Multi-Port USB Charger that can automatically detect and charge devices like iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Nexus, etc at highest speed possible. The CHOETECH multi-port USB charger comes with 6 dedicated usb ports that can recharge 6 devices, all at once. Besides, the light and sturdy built of this charger makes it possible for the users to carry it anywhere else and charge their devices while traveling.