Telecommunications Press Releases

Presented by ACN: Gus Malzahn Named Bronko Nagurski Awards Banquet Keynote Speaker for 2015

"The Bronko Nagurski Trophy is one of college football's most prestigious awards and I look forward to being a part of their fantastic event," said Coach Gus Malzahn.

TelcoDepot Launches New Learning Center for Small Business Owners

Leading business phone system provider takes great pride in announcing the launch of a new learning center, a comprehensive resource for small business owners. This learning center includes in-depth articles, hands-on tutorials, and case examples on popular business phone systems. The goal of such a learning center is to educate customers about the industry's best-selling phone systems.

RCA Antennas Shares Reasons on Why Getting a Superb Quality of Channel Signals with Multidirectional Antennas Is as Easy as One, Two, Three

LogoWith the recent developments in improving the viewing experience of every American household from traditional one-directional antennas to cable subscriptions, the RCA Antenna is set to defy traditional channel signal receptors with multi-directional antennas that bring nothing but outstanding quality channel receptions; rain or shine.

ProCom Offering Automatic Bill Payment for All Customers Utilizing a VoIP System

LogoWith innovative software and solutions for business communication systems, ProCom is pleased to announce they are now offering automatic bill payments for businesses that utilize a VoIP system. There is an increasing reliance on high-performing technology for productivity in business, and the solutions offered by ProCom will take production to the next level. Operate business more efficiently and avoid writing bills with the automatic payment. There are number of options available through their VoIP and PBX services.

Radiant Communications Corporation Announces Solution for Local Insertion in RFOG, FTTP and PON Networks

Radiant Communications Corporation continuously researches and develops new telecommunications solutions for its clients. Most recently, their efforts have resulted in a much-anticipated development. Radiant Communications Corporation iss proud to introduce the Radiant QRF5000MFX Series, the first technology on the market that makes local insertion over all Fiber Optic networks possible. Radiant Communications Corporation is a leading provider of telecommunications technology and equipment. In keeping with their history of innovation, they are the first company to implement technology for local insertion on an RFOG or PON networks.

RCA Gives Top 5 Reasons for Getting an Antenna for the Household

LogoTelevision antennas had been widely used all over the world to get TV signal and receptions at home. It is specifically designed to receive over the air broadcast television signals, which are transmitted between 41 to 250 MHz in the VHF band. These are commonly placed on rooftops to get better signal.

TelcoDepot to Release Specialized Article on Allworx Phone System Software

LogoNew York City phone system provider TelcoDepot will publish on Monday, April 13th a blog post explaining how to use the Allworx Computer Phone System Software to enhance customer's experience. On their newest blog entry TelcoDepot will share detailed information such as capabilities, usage, benefits and more about the Allworx Phone System Software.

Radiant Communications Corporation Now Offering Wide Array of Fiber Optic Cables

Everything from cable television signals to military radar systems now utilizes the great power that comes from fiber optics. As more companies are finding they can improve their product through the use of these cables, Radiant Communications Corporation is proud to offer a wide array of fiber optic cables. Not only do they provide more bandwidth and a greater level of security, but they are also significantly lighter than its copper equivalent.

UniSource Solutions Offers New Website to Clients Seeking Call Center Management Solutions

As a small- to mid-sized business itself, UniSource understands the specific needs faced by companies that are still in the process of growing. The trained professionals at UniSource understand how to analyze growing companies and to find the appropriate software packages and platforms that are suitable for specific goals and purposes.

Triniti Communications Launches Say Goodbye to Cable & Satellite Crowdfunding Campaign on 2/28/15

LogoMonth after month, millions of Americans pay on average $120 each month for just TV and movies thanks to their Pay TV bill. And many people pay even more. The low prices always advertised for "triple play" packages aren't low after factoring in monthly box rental fees, extra charges for premium channels, DVR features, not to mention all the government fees and taxes. Then add poor customer service into the mix and it's easy to understand why so many people are looking to cut the cord to cable TV all the time.

Communicate Better Unveils Range of New Telematics and Telephony Solutions

Communicate Better Ltd, one of the world's top business communications specialists, unveiled new telematics and small business telephony options. The company's new telematics tracking solutions will help mobile business owners make the most of their time and resources, allowing for the easier optimization of routes and driver activities, as well as simpler, more cost-effective time management. Communicate Better's new telephony options will give smaller businesses access to the kinds of highly customized services that often afford larger operations an edge, making the company's clients even more efficient and competitive.

SCRIBIE Announces Official Launch of Its New Conference Call and Phone Recording Service Integrated with Transcription Service for Businesses Worldwide

SCRIBIE, a global provider of audio/video transcription services today announced the launch of its brand new conference call and phone recording service that's inclusive of transcription service. Packed with groundbreaking new features, this new service has been specially designed to facilitate better business communication, and help businesses and enterprises save valuable time and money by getting a complete solution from a single service provider. Hence, removing a lot of middle management, and eliminating the need to contact different vendors for teleconference and transcription.

ProCom Announces Installation Availabilities of VoIP Communication Systems This March

LogoAs the reliance on technology for productivity in business continues to increase, communications systems are offering reliable solutions to ensure employees are able to perform and operate with more efficiency. When looking to upgrade a business phone service in West Virginia, ProCom is announcing they have installation availabilities this March for their quality VoIP communication systems. Announces Price Reduction on Vertical SBX Phone System

LogoTop Phone System Provider has reduced the price of the Vertical SBX Phone System, with an affordable package including Eight 24 Button Phones. Users can now take advantage of this communications solution at reduced costs and zero hassle. With this offer, proves, once again, why it's steps ahead of its competitors.

Cloud PBX Provider Now Offers Four Plans for Unlimited Calling

RingSky, renowned Hosted PBX provider, offers small and midsized businesses flexible unlimited business calling plans available online in its new fully featured website. The company carries a wide array of high-end phones from innovative brands such as Polycom and Yealink (available only once a plan has been selected).

Leading Phone System Provider Buzzbox Have Lowered Their Prices on International Calling

The professional phone system provider buzzbox is proud to announce that they have recently lowered the charges of their international call making services. By doing so, they are saving their customers over 80% in comparison to the old cost of calling out to international destinations, including the United States, India, Nigeria and Australia.

VDS Dubai Launches Exciting New Reseller Program

VDS Dubai, a premier provider of high-quality telephony equipment, announced the launch of the company's new reseller program. Qualified resellers who register under the new program will receive special, discounted prices on VDS Dubai's wide selection of PBX systems, gateways, IP telephones, and more. VDS Dubai serves clients in the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and many more countries in the broader region.

Golden Gate BPO Solutions Adds a New Multi-Channel Contact Center in Miami, FL

LogoGolden Gate BPO Solutions, a global provider of customer management and business process outsourcing solutions, added a state-of-the-art, multi-channel contact center in Miami, FL.

T-Lock Call Blocker – A Simple & Affordable Solution to Protect Any Home Phone Against Rising IRS Imposter Calls & Other Phone Scams

LogoAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, IRS imposter calls are on the rise.  Complaints increased 2,300 Percent within the last year.  This is why it is important for consumers to protect their phone lines with a T-Lock  call blocker  device; an easy to setup (simply plug-in to existing phone line & start blocking unwanted numbers by simply pressing a button.  The T-Lock Call Blocker is exclusively sold by  (also available in Amazon & Ebay ).  It can block up to 1,500 phone calls and fax numbers. It can also block entire area codes and prefixes.

WePhone Expands Range of Competitive Bad Credit Phone Contracts for Smartphones

Phone contracts are essential to modern living, especially for those trying to make their way in the world and overcome difficult circumstances. Unfortunately it is usually far more difficult for those people to secure phone contracts. While bad credit doesn't mean no contracts are available, it does often mean that the contracts on offer have punishing rates, especially on smart phones. WePhone offers an alternative, with price comparison services that offer competitive contracts for those with bad credit. They have just expanded these same services to include a huge range of new providers offering smart phones.

Leading Web Site Launches Best 2015 World Leading Virtual PBX Solution

Today, one of the upcoming services that seem promising is none other than the virtual PBX. While there are many people who are already making the use of this service, there also many more who are still curious as to which Virtual PBX they can trust.

Telecoms Solutions Provider Offers Productivity-Increasing, Overhead Reducing Products and Services

Packet Media has risen to become a leading telecoms solutions provider, offering effective products and services that are designed to increase productivity and decrease overhead.

Liberty Technology Solutions Offering Quality VoIP and Business Phone Services for January 2015

Liberty Technology Solutions is an organization providing the greater Philadelphia, PA and South New Jersey areas with reliable, strategic IT solutions for a wide array of implementations. For January 2015, Liberty Technology Solutions is offering the latest and greatest offerings for conventional business phone services as well as state-of-the-art Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services.

RCA Antenna Offers the Best Indoor HD Antenna: A Viewing Experience Like No Other

LogoBeing the number 1 antenna company in America for selling 7 out of 10 antennas since 2007, RCA Antennas will continue to serve Americans with high quality antennas that are proven to offer true multi-directional reception, receives both UHF and VHF frequencies, and use excellent quality components. With the kind of antennas they are selling to improve the viewing experience of many people, RCA is the true innovator in the antenna market in both form and function.

Kevin Carr, Founder of "Bill Sharing", Announces a New Service Allowing People to Get Paid for Each Unsolicited Call, Email, and Text Message

LogoMy contact™ is the latest company working to combat unwanted phone solicitors, email spammers and nuisance text messengers.  "It seems that almost every communication I receive is because someone wants something from me. My mobile phone, my landline phone, my email and my text messaging are being used for everyone else's convenience but I am the only one paying for it.", says Kevin Carr founder of who is working on a solution that will allow rate payers a way to get paid for each communication they receive.  "If everyone else is going to use the service that I pay for then it's only fair that they pay a little bit of the bill, even if it's only a small amount, right?"

The Real Consequences of Not Adopting Real-Time Reporting

LogoThrough real-time reporting, call centers can gain a deeper insight through real-time, personalized dashboards and reporting. The ability of call centers to identify issues, train agents effectively, and to optimize performance is greatly damaged when they do not have access to real-time analytics illustrating current performance. So what are the consequences of getting call center analytics even a day late? Offers the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

An Internet based reverse phone lookupservice announces a new service to assist the public, private investigators, law enforcement, attorneys and press to effectively locate people that don't want to be found.