Telecommunications Press Releases

Tinout Introduces Unique Telecoms Solution for Transmission of Multiple Data Streams via a Single Optical Fiber

The telecommunication sector is expanding rapidly with the growing demand of transmitting data and signals on a daily basis. This is the reason why telecom service providers are in urgent need of maintaining the efficiency of their networks so that voice, data and multimedia streams can be transmitted across the network. Keeping the growing data transmission requirements of the present times in concern, Tinout Technology releases unique Telecoms Solution that allows transmission of multiple data streams through a single optical fiber.

BBee Introduces Their Discounted Call Rate Solution via Indiegogo

A brand new cheap call rate solution is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which was launched on October 2nd. This campaign has a funding goal of $50,000, which needs to be raised by November 26th in order to officially launch this calling plan called ‘BBee’, so that the company can begin offering customers a real solution to the more expensive calling plans on the market. The goal of BBee is to improve the design and style of the modern communication system, while offering something valuable to their customers. The creators state, “Our team wants to give something back, and to make a difference with its contributors. So we decided to not make a profit on telephone calls of the people contributing to our project.”

Florida's Leading Telecom Company Rebrands Itself as a Tech Solutions Provider

Florida's leading telecommunications company, ABC, has announced that they are expanding into the new technology solutions market, and have rebranded themselves as ABC Technology Group.

Contact Helpline Ensures Customers Fast and Easy Correspondence with Argos Customer Service Without Hassles is a reputed online directory service provider and has a huge database of contact numbers of various organizations in the United Kingdom. Such a comprehensive database of contact numbers of various companies helps customers to reach the companies as and when they need it, without having to struggle too hard. The company also provides the Argos customer service number, which is one of the popular online digital stores in the United Kingdom. The company has over 30,000 products in its inventory, and offers high discounts on its products, which has made it one of the top grossing online digital shops of the country.

Contact Helpline Offers Fast, Easy and Reliable Connectivity with the John Lewis Customer Service for Customers' Convenience has set a new benchmark when it comes to online directory services. It has one of the biggest databases of the contact numbers of companies and organizations operating in the United Kingdom. Providing customers with the local contact numbers of the organizations, even if they are headquartered elsewhere, helps the UK customers to quickly call the company and resolve their issues, without any hassles.

Mind Commerce Sees Smart City Investment as Major Driver for ICT Investment

LogoGlobal metropolitan areas are facing unprecedented challenges as the pace of urbanization is increasing at a pace that is testing the ability of city planners to meet the current and anticipated needs of its citizens. In addition, the enhanced mobility of modern society has created extreme competition between cities to attract skilled residents, corporations, and jobs.

Medical Answering Service - An Ideal Solution for Busy Professionals

Healthcare is a service oriented sector and these services help the healthcare professionals to be available to the patients even after office hours. Medical answering service can offer round the clock service to the sufferers. There are a number of reasons why doctors must think of hiring these services. May be they are busy with the patients, in the midst of the operation or attending any medical emergencies. This makes it difficult for them to receive calls. Medical offices have their own limitations since the reception staff has to attend to the visitors, and during peak hours it becomes rather difficult to manage the visitors as well as the incoming calls.

Medical Answering Services Can Keep Physicians Available 24x7 Virtually

Today many medical practitioners are hiring expert answering service firms to take care of the patient's calls all over the day and night. Maintaining a 24 hour receiver desk may be quite a costly affair; doctors answering service is a much better option because of their efficiency and affordability. There are many companies providing these sort of services and selecting one amongst them may be a challenging task.

Contact Helpline Provides the Experian Contact Number for Faster Resolution of Problems and Issues of the Customers is one of the leading internet directory service providers that have allowed millions of consumers across the United Kingdom to find the contact numbers of various companies and organizations in the country. It helps the customers to find the contact number of customer service departments of the respective organizations without hassles. This ensures that customers can inquire about anything they want or take assistance, as and when required, quickly and effectively. Customers looking for quantitative analysis of their finances through Experian and are looking to contact the respective company for more details can contact Experian through the Experian contact number provided on

Mind Commerce Releases Latest Edition of Comprehensive M2M and IoT Research

LogoMachine-to-Machine (M2M) communications represents a key enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), which will ultimately impact virtually every industry sector including smart cities, smart offices, and smart factories. However, some of the leading application areas Mind Commerce anticipates are Connected Homes, Connected Vehicles, and Industrial Internet.

Mind Commerce Releases List of Companies Covered in Latest M2M Research

LogoMind Commerce has released the listing of companies covered in its most recent edition of its annual machine-to-machine report, End-to-End M2M, Seventh Edition, which provides invaluable information for anyone seeking to better understand the technology, applications, business and regulatory issues.

Why Should Businesses Go for Land Leasing to Develop Cellular Towers?

Many property owners are still unaware of what is right-of-way land leasing and how can they make money over it. Right-of-way (ROW) is basically a privilege that is given to a person to pass over the land that belongs to someone else. This passage consists of a strip of land over a person has the legal right to pass. This also holds true for development of cell towers. When cellular companies wants to provide better coverage and connectivity to their consumers, they decide on what they need to build their towers on a property owned by either the government or private owners and what they need to obtain right of way permission from the land owner.

Always Be in the Know with Real-Time Reporting

LogoWith Bolder Thinking's real-time analytics, call centers will be continuously updated on the status of all agents, queues, and be able to track the percentage of first call resolutions. With Bolder's Real-Time Dashboard, make call center decisions based on a clear understanding of what is happening in the center and when it is happening.

Liberty Technology Solutions Offers Phone and I.T. Support & Services for the Coming Winter

Liberty Technology Solutions (LTS) is a firm offering comprehensive I.T. Support and digital phone services with two offices. One office is on 19th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the other is in Moorestown, New Jersey. This coming winter, they are offering their Phone and I.T. support systems to businesses in the Philadelphia and South Jersey Regions as well as throughout the United States.

ProCom Offering Elite Business Communication Services Without Long Term Commitment

LogoBusinesses of all kinds are relying more and more on technology for communication and transactions between employees and customers. With the New Year looming, companies of all sizes are reorganizing their budgets in an effort to enhance business. Offering their customers the ability to avoid long term commitments for their communication services, ProCom is announcing their elite installations of phone and business internet service in West Virginia.

Medical Answering Service - Treatments on Phone Calls

It is necessary for every medical specialist to have valuable time with their patients as well as skilled enough to effectively take care of them. There is a demand of an answering service in the medical field from a long time; however, occasionally they are simply tempted to take the help of a live calling service. It is essential for all to hire an effective and proper medical answering service to get proper treatment on time.

Market Report, "Asia Mobile Operators", Published

LogoAs subscriber growth eases in Asia's huge mobile market, the focus has rapidly turned to mobile broadband

"Kyrgyzstan - Telecoms, Mobile, Internet and Forecasts" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoKyrgyzstan appears to take a step backwards with decision not to fully privatise Kyrgyztelecom

Mind Commerce Reveals Outlook for M2M and IoT in Latest Edition of Report

LogoMind Commerce sees total M2M related revenue growing from $37.9B USD in Year 2014 to $102.3B USD in Year 2019 with a CAGR of twenty-two percent. The top industry sectors by revenue through 2019 are expected to be healthcare, manufacturing, and energy. The three are verticals are anticipated to accrue $10.6B USD, $9.2B USD, and $8.5B USD respectively in year 2019. This represents a share of 19.2%, 16.6%, and 15.4% respectively.

Reverse Phone Detective Launches an All-in-One Reverse Phone Number Look-Up Solution recently reviewed Reverse Phone Detective, a reverse phone lookup service and has provided necessary information to potential customers of this service. According to, the reverse phone detective is a convenient and useful tool to find out the identity of the registered owner of any phone number. Furthermore, the review has described this service as easy to use and fast. Readers of the review have praised for being succinct and objective.

Contact Helpline Provides Authentic and Verified Amazon Customer Service Number for Faster Connectivity and Correspondence is one of the most trusted and leading online directory service providers in the world, which houses the list of contact numbers of all the major organizations in the United Kingdom. The company goes to great lengths to ensure that its databases of contact and customer care numbers of different companies are always updated and verified, for the convenience of the customers. It becomes a big struggle when the customers are facing any issues with the services provided by the company or have any queries, and they are not able to reach out to the company due to the absence of a verified contact number. In such time, the services of the come to the rescue.

Kazakhstan - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Forecasts - New Market Research Report

LogoExecutive summary. In Kazakhstan the boom in uptake of mobile broadband is continuing.

Medical Answering Services – The Best Way to Address Every Patient Call

The introduction of Internet and computer has led to an excellent technological revolution by creating a brand new innovation in the field of technology and science. The means of communication is getting quicker, quicker and much more efficient allowing better info distribution around the world. Utilizing the power of World Wide Web, physicians can give higher focus on their patients using their online existence on the internet. Healthcare call center is widely available for the physicians via medical answering support who're able to address their immediate medical requirements and problems in a better way than before.

Callagenix Announces Expanded Selection of International Virtual Numbers

Telephony services and virtual number specialist Callagenix announced that the company has expanded its international telephone number offerings. Callagenix clients can now choose from an even more extensive selection of virtual numbers based in over 100 host countries, allowing them to better serve customers around the globe. Founded in 1999, Callagenix has grown to become one of the world's leading providers of virtual numbers and telephony services including call conferencing, forwarding, and diversion, fax to email conversion, and more.

Versadial Solutions Releases Adutante H5 1.6.0, Bringing to Market a Browser-Based UI and Responsively Designed Call Recording Software Solution

Versadial Solutions; an industry leading Call Recording Solution Provider has now released the new version of Call Recording Software: AdutanteH5, version 1.6.0. This application brings a user interface built on HTML 5 architecture, taking advantage of responsive design, and supporting usage across a variety of media devices.

myNEXUS Releases Informative, Accessible Video Intro to Company's Telehealth System

myNEXUS, Inc., announced the release of a video that introduces and explains the company's powerful telehealth monitoring system. Available at the myNEXUS home page, the video is aimed at individuals and their loved ones and seeks to demystify the technology of telehealth and provide insight into its benefits. The myNEXUS telemonitoring system has been proven to improve health outcomes and bring down healthcare costs for individuals with a variety of chronic conditions.

ShopforBandwidth Offers Attractive Deals in MPLS Network

Company owners searching for more efficient communication networks can now afford to take a break. There's a communication company called ShopforBandwidth that offers amazing deals on their MPLS network and MPLS VPN. These special services can provide affordable but efficient communication systems for any commercial entity.