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Palm Vascular Centers CEO Announces ACO Participation and New Uterine Fibroid Treatment

Palm Vascular Centers CEO, Eric Rogers, announced that the medical center will be a participant in the PremiereMD Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Rogers made the announcement during PremiereMD's regional event. The partnership will save money for Medicare, increase revenues and provide augmented quality of care for patients. The medical facility is a leader in vascular services and the innovative UFE treatment, uterine fibroid embolization.

Sovereign Announces More Senior Staff Appointments for 2015

LogoContinuing the company's exponential expansion of treatment locations and innovative health services, Sovereign Health has also added a number of new positions to support and strengthen staff operations within its clinical and administrative sectors. The latest of these illustrious additions include staff Psychiatrist and Senior Director of Strategic Development, whose responsibilities have both been carefully crafted to manage Sovereign's growing scale of care.

Dallas Chiropractor Encourages Golfers to Seek Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

LogoIt's estimated that more than 5 million recreational golfers per year suffer from low back pain injuries and it is the most common complaint seen amongst professional golfers. And while low back pain is often the source of pain felt by golfers, it's not always the cause of pain. Rather, the cause of this pain is often disc injury, muscle or ligament sprains, altered joint mechanics, degenerative arthritis, or a bone fracture. With routine chiropractic care, Dr. Mark Harris can help golfers determine the true source of their low back pain and take the necessary steps to treat it.

Chiropractor in Kalamazoo, MI Helps Patients Maintain Mobility as They Age

LogoDr. Michael Kudlas of Kalamazoo Community Chiropractic is encouraging Michigan patients to take necessary steps to maintain their mobility as they age to prevent injury and improve their quality of life. While maintaining mobility is not difficult, it requires patients to take an active part in their health and well-being, and seeking routine chiropractic care can prove to be very beneficial.

Chiropractor in North Seattle Helps Women Find Relief from PMS Symptoms

LogoWith an estimated 90% of women suffering from some form of premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS, about 10-20% experience severe or disabling symptoms that interfere with their daily life each month. Fortunately, chiropractic care may help if female patients have evidence of nerve compromise to their reproductive organs. Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Lee Phelps of Abrams Chiropractic is helping local patients find natural, drug-free relief from PMS symptoms through chiropractic care.

Quick Care Family Medicine Offering New Range of Affordable Care Services in Birmingham, Alabama

Flu is estimated to kill almost 50,000 people every year, and those who die from Flu are usually the young and the elderly. Taking care of those most at risk is essential for a healthy society, and getting a flu shot or flu mist can help people inoculate themselves, preventing them from carrying the disease to vulnerable relatives. Quick Care Family Medicine is an urgent care facility providing front line services for families in need. They have just introduced the best priced flu jabs and mist as part of their latest service expansion.

Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss Assures Successful Fight Against Obesity

LogoMany Texas residents battling obesity and health-related issues need not worry further; The Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss offers a comprehensive and successful fight against over-weight problems with advanced medically-supervised weight loss surgery.

Los Angeles Transgender Voice Therapy Offered by Top Los Angeles Speech Therapist

LogoLA Speech Therapy Solutions offers dedicated programs for transgender voice therapy patients who are transitioning from either male-to-female or female-to-male, helping to transform the voice to match their external appearance. The organization offers a series of transgender speech therapy sessions that focus on vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, and non-verbal forms of communication that help patients to overcome the difficulties that transgender patients so often face.

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Menachof Utilizes 3D Computer Imaging for Better Patient Consultations, Visualizations & Outcomes

LogoDenver facial plastic surgery expert Dr. Michael Menachof is offering patients ideal results with their procedures by utilizing the latest in computer imaging technology at his Greenwood Village office. Using 3D imaging technology, Dr. Menachof and his staff at The Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery are able to create accurate representations of what the outcomes will look like after a facial plastic surgery procedure. This technology helps Dr. Menachof and his patients communicate in a more effective, visual way about what the patient expects with their procedure and what the realistic outcomes will be.

Podcast on Minimally Invasive Rhinoplasty Featuring Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon Now Available

A new podcast on the eHealth Radio Network featuring Dr. Jay Dutton is now available on

Santa Monica Dermatologists Create Educational Resource to Better Serve Their Patients

Mary Lee Amerian, MD and George Anterasian, MD, founders of the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center located in Santa Monica, CA, have created this visual infographic on injectables to give their patients an easy way to digest educational information on these procedures. Realizing information may be better absorbed visually for some, Drs. Mary Lee Amerian and George Anterasian have begun to create a library of infographics to support the educational information on their site. Out of the cosmetic procedures series, this infographic is focused specifically on the use of injectables in facial rejuvenation.

New Podcast on Mommy Makeovers from Dr. Steven Robinson of Ohio Plastic Surgeons, Inc. Now Available on eHealth Radio Network

A new podcast on the eHealth Radio Network featuring Dr. Steven Robinson MD, FACS of Ohio Plastic Surgeons, Inc. is now available on

Podcast on Ultherapy Featuring California Facial Plastic Surgeon Now Available

A new podcast on the eHealth Radio Network featuring Dr. David Kiener is now available on

Orange Country Plastic Surgeon Creates Educational Resource to Better Serve His Patients

Ali Sajjadian, MD, triple board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Sajjadian Plastic Surgery located in Newport Beach, CA, has created this visual infographic on rhinoplasty to give his patients an easy way to digest educational information on this procedure. Realizing information may be better absorbed visually for some; Dr. Sajjadian has begun to create a library of infographics to support the educational information on his site. Out of the cosmetic surgery series, this infographic is focused specifically on the facial cosmetic surgery procedure, Rhinoplasty.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Creates Educational Resource to Better Serve His Patients

Dr. Pradeep Sinha, double board certified plastic surgeon located in Atlanta, GA, has created this visual infographic on fractional laser resurfacing to give his patients an easy way to digest educational information on this procedure. Realizing information may be better absorbed visually for some; Dr. Sinha has created a library of infographics to support the educational information on his site. Out of the cosmetic procedure series, this infographic is focused specifically on the non-surgical procedure, fractional laser resurfacing.

Virginia Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Acquires Vectra 3D Imaging System

Dr. Gordon Lewis and founder of Lewis Plastic Surgery has acquired the Vectra 3D Imaging Solution for Breast, Body, and Face to assist his patients in viewing the possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures. The Vectra 3D imaging system allows Dr. Lewis to engage in an educational consultation with his cosmetic surgery patients by supplying the tools needed to view their three-dimensional images from any angle, zoomed in view, superimposed over the pre-op, comparing them side-by-side or fade between the two.

10 Top Sports Physiotherapy Clinics Open April 2015

We specialise in the delivery of physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, sports physiotherapy, exercise physiology and sports massage.

Virginia Physical Therapy Clinic Announces Quest for Qualified Physical Therapist

LogoDynamics Physical Therapy is seeking a compassionate, results driven physical therapist to join their physical therapy practice. This physical therapist owned and operated practice focuses on providing above standard care for those suffering from an injury or chronic pain-driven illnesses. Returning a positive outlook and better quality of life for their patients is a main goal for each and every patient, regardless of the severity of their injury or illness.

TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic Announces the Launch of Their Newly Redesigned Website

TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic announces the launch of their newly redesigned website. Clients find it much easier to locate the information they are looking for as a result of this upgrade, and this clinic remains one of the most popular aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics in the country, thanks in large part to the wide range of services offered at this facility.

Advanced Facelift & Eyelid Rejuvenation Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Jon Mendelsohn

LogoFacelift surgery has changed drastically over the last decade and those previously 'tell-tale' signs of facelift surgery are no more, due to the advent of the advanced facelift. It is now done under local anesthesia, with much smaller incisions, and far less downtime and recovery, and the results are natural and enable a person to look refreshed, not different! Eyelid rejuvenation surgery has followed that same trend and the lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery) is rarely performed as better results are typically produced with non-invasive techniques and procedures.

Sovereign Health Group Sets Up Series of Seminars for April

LogoContinuing a tradition of educational addiction and mental health seminars throughout the year, Sovereign Health announces a line-up of expert guest lecturers to offer their respective knowledge of addiction. The continuing education (C.E.) seminars will take place throughout Sovereign's Southern California locations and each event will address a variety of unique aspects related to addiction management.

Discover the Zen Bodi Slimming Program at Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics

For many people, weight gain and cravings can be influenced by hormonal fluctuations within the body. The hormone leptin – which is responsible for telling the brain that we're full – can often be suppressed during times of stress. This is why emotional eating can be such a problem for people.

Arab Couple Embarks on Gender Selection Using IVF for Their Next Child

Rashida and Masoud Khalil are a relatively young Saudi couple who have enjoyed a married life for a little over 6 years. In their 6 years of companionship, Rashida has given birth to 3 healthy boys. They have a loving marriage, beautiful children and all the life's material necessities that one can wish for, but despite all this they feel that there is still something missing from their lives.

Roseville, CA Chiropractors at Twin Creeks Health Help Patients Regain Health After Auto Accidents

LogoIt's estimated that nearly half of all chronic neck pain in America is due to car crashes, most from low speed rear-impact collisions. In fact, more than half of all low speed rear impact collision injuries occur without vehicle damage. But just because a vehicle didn't sustain damage in a collision doesn't mean there won't be lasting health consequences for those involved. Dr. Michael Putman, D.C. and Dr. Anthony Oberti, D.C. of Twin Creeks Health in Roseville, CA are encouraging all who have been in recent auto collisions—even the most minor—to have their health evaluated to prevent long-term complications.

Eagle Chiropractic in Pennsylvania Helps Patients Find Relief from Headaches with Natural Treatments

LogoEagle Chiropractic, with three offices in Chester County, PA, is helping local patients finally find relief from debilitating headaches through natural and drug-free solutions. Instead of having to rely on heavy prescription medications for headache pain relief, patients of Eagle Chiropractic are instead finding relief through treatments such as adjustments, stretching, massage therapy, as well as lifestyle and wellness behavior modification.