Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Leading Digital Marketing Agency,, Announces Development of Android App and Google Chrome Extension

As a leader in their industry, is transitioning into a company that covers all facets of the digital marketing industry. With their latest development, the company has created an Android application that is available for a free download on the Google Play Store. The app, called SEO News and Tips, features the latest video updates from company founder and President Lance Bachmann, as well as hundreds of client testimonials about the service they’ve received for their internet marketing campaigns.

Cell Phone Repair and Technology Franchise Announces New Media Partnership

A popular cell phone repair and technology franchise company iGeneration has announced the creation of their new in house media division. This division was created to provide iGeneration cell phone repair and technology franchise owners a direct line to their media and advertising objectives. "Typically, most franchise companies will outsource all of their online and offline media jobs. The result of this is that franchisors and franchisees alike lose some control in the development of this media and the end are marketing messages that gets lost in translation," states Stephen Dee, representative for the company.

Commercial Construction in Brazil to 2018: Market Forecast - New Market Report

LogoThis report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the commercial construction industry in Brazil. It contains detailed historic and forecast market value data for the commercial construction industry, including a breakdown of the data by construction activity (new construction, repair and maintenance, refurbishment and demolition). "Commercial Construction in Brazil to 2018: Market Forecast" provides a top-level overview and detailed insight into the operating environment of the commercial construction industry in Brazil. It is an essential tool for companies active across the Brazilian construction value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.

Home Security Systems Dallas Releases Important Information for Those Seeking Systems

Today, Home Security Systems Dallas announced the release of an informational page detailing the pros and cons of various security system technologies in order to make it easier for homeowners to choose the one best suited to their needs. The company hopes that by publishing this information, it can save consumers from making costly mistakes. This page can be found at, and it details some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a security system.

Start-Stop Introduces New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Webinars Each Month

LogoStart-Stop brings the learning and education needed to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 right to their consumers. Each month, the team is releasing educational webinars that highlight the capabilities of the software and hardware.

Website Introduces New Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Children find new ways to learn and an approach that has time and again proven to help them improve their tactical as well as intellectual skills is introducing jigsaw puzzles as part of their learning program. Lauded for Offering Quick Access to Free Online Games

It has been estimated that a major portion of the world population spend their spare time in playing online games. Earlier, when the trend of online games started, people had to pay before they can get access to the game. Thanks to the introduction of social networks like facebook, online games have become free.

Denver Smoke Shop, Headed West, Now Offers Amazing Portable Vaporizers at Discounted Prices

LogoHeaded West, a Denver smoke shop, offers the most amazing pieces of portable vaporizers at highly discounted prices. Customers will get diverse options to shop for vaporizers and the company aims to cater to a wide range of budgets while accomplishing the requirements like cleaning, accessibility, and portability. Some of the renowned brands they carry include Atoms Raw, Da Buddha Vaporizer, The DaVinci Vaporizer, Magic Flight Launch Box, and a lot more.

Headed West Offering Unique Selection of Water Pipes Online at Most Affordable Prices

LogoProviding the finest quality products, Headed West now offers a unique selection of water pipes online at the most affordable prices. Their online store is renowned in the marketplace for providing an exceptional range of concentrate rigs and bubblers. Also, their regularly changing collection includes both pull-stem and glass-on-glass. The company is associated with renowned brands like HBG, ZOB, ROOR, PHX, ADS, Zong, M&M Tech, and others.

Auto Mobile Code Review Released by Ronnie M + Giovani Leoni of Auto Mobile Code

Auto Mobile Code has just been released by Ronnie M. and it is designed to help business owners take advantage of the mobile market by leveraging proprietary drag and drop software.

iDEA Media Announces Availability of Top-Notch Quality CD & DVD Packaging Services

LogoProviding opportunities to leave a great first impression on their customers, iDEA MEDIA now announces the availability of top-notch quality CD and DVD packaging services at the most competitive prices. The company is renowned for providing the same quality packaging choices that is used in the film and video game industry for optical disc products. Selecting the right packaging option is a big task, as it is a large part of the pre-production and planning process.

Headphone Supreme Releases Long-Awaited Audio Technica ATH-50, ATH-50x Showdown

Headphone Supreme, one of the top online sources for in-depth, impartial headphone reviews and related news, announced the release of the company's eagerly anticipated comparison between the Audio Technica ATH-M50 and ATH-M50x headphone models. Since it first went on the market, the ATH-M50 has been Headphone Supreme's top pick at the under-$200 price point, and the new showdown proves that the just-released ATH-M50x is a worthy successor to its legendary parent. Headphone Supreme's new take on the two headphones is among the most detailed and extensive available and will be of great interest to music lovers everywhere.

Jamie Ferrazano Seeks Crowdfunding to Launch the Perfect Score App

LogoSkeptics can have their minds read a mile away: Sounds great but is it true? The answer is Yes! Science supplies the explanation. Testosterone is the hormone that affects a woman's libido. During a woman's menstrual cycle, her testosterone levels rise and fall throughout the month. Since sexual desire is directly connected with testosterone levels, naturally the desire that a woman feels to have sex also rises and falls. By tracking this information, we can not only tap in to the best and worst days to try to have sex with our partners but also learn what the RED HOT days are each month to have great sex!

Mayflower Electronics Receives Kripparrian Review of Their Objective2 + ODAC Combo

Audio is one of the two most essential senses, together with sight, and is arguably one we make equal use of in our everyday lives. It is also responsible for some of the most pleasurable experiences we have, including listening to music, stories, drama and more. As a result, high quality audio can make all the difference to a user experience. Mayflower Electronics specializes in innovating products that create high quality audio for the consumer. The company recently sent one of their products to YouTube Vlogger and gamer Kripparrian, who reviewed the product on his YouTube Channel.

One Can Protect Their Family From Robbers with Alarm Systems

Home security systems are common, thousands and thousands of families are reducing their risks of becoming a target of burglary and theft by using security systems installed in their residences. Home alarm systems can help to protect homes with loud audible alarms and it can be placed in easily noticeable locations such as front yards so as to let others know about a break-in and Police will be notified without wasting a single moment.

One Can Secure Themselves with Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are those electronic systems which produce an alert sound when someone tries to enter the house forcefully. These systems provide one a protected feeling when they are at their home or even when they are outside. Home alarm systems are very important these days because they ensures the safety of one’s family members as well as secure their belongings also. One have to pay some additional monthly amount also for these home alarms except the initial purchase amount. This extra amount is paid for extra services provided with these alarms like continuous monitoring of the home. These alarms sometimes switch on the lights also which panic the burglars and make him to run or caught.

Cellphone Spy Software Releases Cellphone Spy Software Review

A resource website shares a review of top cellphone spy software in the market., a resource website specializing in cellphone spy software, compared five of the most popular spy software in the market which areMspy, Mobistealth, Spybubble, Flexispy and Phoggi. A table shows the services that each of the software provides which are OS compatibility, tracking features, monitoring features, social media tracking, file access, remote control features, additional support features and even pricing. Also, a star rating is given to each software. According to the review, Mspy holds the highest rating among the five softwares providing all services listed on the table and having a five star rating. People who are looking for more information about cellphone spy software can check the review to learn more about a particular software’s features.

Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Comes Up with Updated Gaming Machines

Gaming machines are preferred by many as a great amusement. As a result lots of gaming parlors are keeping the latest range of gaming machines that offer many entertaining games. Apa Games Ltd is a China based company that export high end gaming machines. Their machines are the latest and built with amusing features to offer great gaming experience. The company ships their products to many well known countries and helps in improving their gaming field. The company has an online store that deals in online marketing and delivery.

Kingsbuying Supplies Latest Android Tablet PCs with Advanced Configurations Available at Affordable Prices with Worldwide Free Shipment

People today love to carry tablet PCs that give them the desired level of flexibility when it comes to accessing their data and works from anywhere and do the necessary tasks. Tablet PCs give them the ability to carry out their tasks even on the move. This is the reason why the demand for tablets is growing all across the world. And to meet the requirements of the global customers, Kingsbuying is now introducing a large range of tablet PCs. One can choose the customized configuration to find the best tablet PC that can meet their requirements.

MobileMunky Has Become World's Smallest and Lightest 10400mAH External Battery

MobileMunky offers peace of mind when an external charger is needed for mobile devices. It comes with a universal power cord and can automatically detect voltage anywhere in the world, making it the perfect travelling companion, also great for those lengthy meetings, busy days, or to give to the kids.

Minecraft - An Astonishing Experience for Any Player

Minecraft has taken over the encounter world for the last several years. The action is not only a fun to execute because of its interesting concept of creating any type of make that one can think of, but he/she can also modify everything of the encounter or the whole action itself. To improve everything of the encounter such as the framework or styles, one can make their own framework or styles to alternative the conventional ones. If one want to improve, eliminate or add new aspects to encounter itself, they can use Minecraft mods. Minecraft mods allows one to improve the encounter itself based on the type of the mods.

Minecraft - An Advanced Game with Thrilling Experience

Millions of fans are increasing day by day across the world for playing mine craft mods. Several games are arrived in the marketplace and at the same time almost everyone is becoming more aware of how to play these games. Each and every game have diverse themes, characters and titles which are attracting the game lovers. Today gamers requires unique and different concept in the game like mods for minecraft is providing thousands of varieties in the game. This is quite different and interesting to complete the levels as compared to the normal game.

Agradestuff.Com Emerges as Preferred Online Mobile Store in Sri Lanka has become the most sought after online store for providing highest quality products at the most cost effective prices. The company is offering a wide range of mobiles, smartphones and accessories from different and reputed brands located across the globe. If experts of the fields are to be believed, the major reasons behind the success of the store includes TRCSL approved products, cost effective prices and availability of all leading brands.

Machinima Storyteller: When TV Meets Videogames

LogobeActive will be presenting Machinima Storyteller, its brand new platform for real-time 3D animation production, at the next MIPCOM, event to be held on October 14th, 11am, at Palais de Festivals in Cannes. At its core, Machinima Storyteller is a platform that allows filmmakers to create high-end 3D CGI animated content. By using a videogame 3D engine to generate real-time animated sequences, this platform employs videogame techniques to create professional TV and Digital animated content.

Agradestuff.Com Brings Competitive Prices for Leading Mobile Brands, a well known online mobile store in Sri Lanka is offering most reasonable prices on mobiles and smart phones from all leading brands from across the globe as well as the local players. The company is offering best prices with TRCSL approval on all famous brands.

Gamesepic Launches Next Generation Life Game in the Form of Sims 4 Online Game

Gamesepic has launched in the market a new way to gaming venture. Here the gamer can play all sorts of games with an easy access. They need not go to upload different software and get it done for long hours online.

Hong Kong Company Launches Kickstarter to Make Charging Mobile

One of the biggest complaints of mobile phone users is the battery. They cannot make it through a day without requiring a stop to find a plug to charge their phone. It can be a hassle and an interruption. One Hong Kong company, Qimini™, inventors of the Pocket charging plate, wanted to make charging stations as mobile as one's phone and has launched a Kickstarter after months of testing and prototyping to raise funding to build the tooling and to get their newest product, Deuce, fully certified for UL, CE, C-tick,CCC, SAA & RoHS.