Consumer Electronics Press Releases

London Inventor Launches Kickstarter to Build Printer

In 1959, the Xerox machine revolutionized how copies were made, becoming the standard of photocopying and replacing former duplication methods such as carbon copy paper and mimeograph machines. 2D printing is so last century. Imagine going to the copier with a design, pushing print and having in hand a three dimensional version of the design? Or taking a sonogram to the copier and printing a life size replica of your soon-to-be newborn? Science Fiction? Not since London inventor Felix Chen set about to revolutionize the 3D printing world making science fiction science fact.

DRAM Digital Products Class Action Settlement

Samsung, Toshiba and 10 other manufacturers of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) have reached a combined $310.72 million class action lawsuit settlement over claims they conspired to fix the price of DRAM data storage chips found in computers and other digital devices.

PopSoda Digital Commerce Today Announces Fly Balloon, Fly! 1.5, an Update to Their Flappy-Style Game for iOS, Android and HTML5

LogoPlayers are challenged to navigate their balloon through the skies in this simple but addictive game. The balloon must avoid hitting the flying swords or the game is over. Version 1.5 includes several important updates such as an enhanced game play, revamped graphics, newly drawn space backgrounds, a new exotic desert town backgrounds. New unlockable character "Rocket Man" if you reach 15 points. Weather effects added (rain, snow).

Say Goodbye to Pinching and Stretching Your Mobile Device Screens on Apple and Android Smartphones with the Introduction of Sofos Mobile Browser

LogoMany people accessing the internet from mobile devices are tired of pinching and stretching their mobile screen to see web sites on their phone. Nicholas Trataris faced the same problem, and this led to the creation of Sofos Mobile Browser. This is a new mobile browser anyone can use on their phone to make a web page appear in a more user-friendly way that only requires scrolling. Therefore, no more pinching and stretching needed!

Cubefield Induces Adrenalin Rush for Free

A new online game site opens with new exciting games that offer endless thrills and excitement. This site does not require any registration fees to be able to play the available games. Online gamers can now spend all the time they want playing whatever game excites them.

Consumer Electronics in Sweden - New Market Research Report

LogoConsumer Electronics in Sweden industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value 2009-13, and forecast to 2018). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the Sweden consumer electronics market. Includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information.

StreamTek's Cabinet Panel Cooler - Getting the Best out of Cooling Systems for Electronic Enclosures

LogoThere are four types of cooling electronic or electrical equipment housed in enclosures and cabinets / cabinet cooler. They are thermoelectric air conditioners, compressor-based air conditioners, vortex coolers, and air-to-air heat exchangers or heat pipes.

Pointers to Follow Prior to Hiring an App Developer

LogoIf one is thinking of creating the next smash-hit app, and is starting from scratch, he’ll need a crash course in programming and a healthy marketing fund, to even get noticed in today’s populated app market. Offers Hottest Speaker Updates

The has compiled more than 60 SoundSpeaker articles on the latest trends and updates about speaker-related gadgets. People can count on them for reviews of even the freshest speaker devices in the market for surely, their contributors will come up with an interesting assessment on every item.

Russia Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoWe expect to see growth in Russian Consumer Electronics driven by demand for digital lifestyle products such as smartphones, smart TVs and tablets/ultra-thin notebooks. Penetration of these devices still remains low by developed market standards but with local players such as YotaDevices , Explay and FLY beginning to make an impact in the market, we expect strong uptake to continue. However, our outlook has weakened slightly given the unstable domestic economic environment and uncertainty surrounding the situation in Crimea. Indeed, we forecast real GDP growth to slow to 1.0% in 2014, a marked slowdown from the 3.4% outturn in 2012, as the fallout from the Ukraine crisis will worsen the cyclical downturn . We still expect the consumer electronics market to record growth every year in our forecast period to 2018, but there is increased downside. We now expect spending to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 2.9% 2014-2018, to reach a value of USD 35.446bn in 2018.

Diametric Games Seeks Funding from Kickstarter to Augment Their New Venture GAS

LogoPlayers balance their gas in a toxic race to get to the bathroom in time! Diametric Games needs funding assistance to add more features and further development to their new game GAS.

Snapp N App Launches, a New Software Company Dedicated to Building iOS & Android Applications for Physicians, Medical Doctors and Dentists

LogoSnapp N App introduces a brand new service dedicated to mobile application development for physicians and dentists. Decreasing the amount of dedicated staff it takes to run a medical office while providing optimum convenience, the California based App development company streamlines the patient’s experience. Their apps help patients book appointments, request refills, get health tips, connect with the doctor’s social media networks, and access patient records all on their smartphones.

Cloudsclock Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Build a New Model of the First Ever Cloud Workstation Within a Clock

LogoThe Cloudsclock is an innovative and unique wrist clock which was designed to let users get rid of all unnecessary devices. People are looking for a new technological era, and Cloudsclock is leading the way. Now, users can have everything they need for their everyday life just in one compact device. Cloudsclock allows people to get rid of all unnecessary devices and to make their life easier.

Social Network for Dogs! 2Galvanize Web Solutions Launches WagAround App

Local technology juggernaut, 2Galvanize Web & Mobile Solutions, announced today the launch of its new technological solution. President and Product Visionary, Galya Westler, presents “WagAround”, a new, location-based, private social network for dog owners built for the iOS platform.

New Smart App Offers Private Connection

As digital technology advances, a lot of people have been left feeling like they are giving up their personal privacy. One company, creator of Shuffle privacy app, believes people should have the benefit of the latest and greatest of technology without exposing their lives to the masses. Shuffle enables users to create multiple numbers that they can utilize for specified needs within their business and social world. By using Shuffle, people can group their calls, texts and voice mails by Shuffle number and compartmentalize their communications.

TouchActionApps LLC Makes 'Our Rainbow' IPhone & IPad App Update

There's an old adage that says there's always room for improvement, and thanks to the new update to TouchActionApps LLC's Our Rainbow storybook application, parents will now be able to provide their children with an enhanced, interactive adventure story with audio narration, character voices and coloring pages.

Stick on Wireless Charger Set for Roll-Out

People will soon be able to simply put their iPhones and iPads down in order to charge them up. The forthcoming 3DOM Stick On Wireless Charger, an innovation of Smart Qi Power, will make this possible. Available in versions for the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 5C 5S, the credit card thin charger is easy to stick on to set up, and provides charging capability in a lightweight yet powerful Qi compatible format. Other wireless charging systems with heavy and bulky sleeves or cases have been taken out of the process. Users can leave their iPhones or iPads in its soft case or cover to hold and protect it while wirelessly charging on a compact Cookie pad, Triangle stand, or Portable pad.

Region-Free DVD Player BlazeDVD 7 Unveils Totally New and Easy-to-Use User Interface

BlazeVideo, a provider of innovative media solutions, launched an updated version of its No. 1 region-free DVD player and media player, BlazeDVD, on July 11th, 2014, with intuitive and user-friendly User Interface combing the latest flat UI design style to bring users from all over the world a fluent and premium media entertainment experience on their Windows XP/Vista/7/8 PCs.

Corsegames Releases Game Kick-Up for Football Lovers for Android, iPhone and Facebook

App Development Company Corsegames has recently launched a game titled Kick-Up simultaneously for 3 different platforms phones, tablets and web. Kick-Up is a football themed game which requires player to kick the football up in the air and keep it up using various techniques. Corsegames educated players about the gameplay:

Corsegames Releases Game Kick-Up for Football Lovers for Android, iPhone and Facebook

App Development Company Corsegames has recently launched a game titled Kick-Up simultaneously for 3 different platforms phones, tablets and web. Kick-Up is a football themed game which requires player to kick the football up in the air and keep it up using various techniques. Corsegames educated players about the gameplay:

United Arab Emirates Consumer Electronics Report Q3 2014: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe volume and value of trade in IT products will grow steadily over the medium term, helped by strong domestic consumption in the run up to the 2020 World Trade Expo in Dubai. However, the re-export market faces considerable downside risks in the long term from the likely improvement in the competitiveness of other countries in the region, both in terms of logistics facilities and country risk factors.

Save the Joker - Meet the Latest Android App for Kids and Kids at Heart

LogoA free Android app, Save the Joker, is now available at the Google Play store. The new app lets players break objects to make the joker fall in order to proceed to the next level.

More and More Users Are Becoming Addicted to "Send-Me-Pix" App

Logo"Send-Me-Pix" has become the latest craze and addiction among more and more users. Available at the iOS App Store, the game can be played using an iPhone and iPad, was originally released on June 3, 2014 and comes in Free and Premium versions. With the last update - containing bug fixes released on June 29, 2014 - it is expected that this unique app will continue to hit the market and soon become the next big thing in the app world.

GEEX Launches Ultimate Product Line with Slick and Seamless iPhone and Samsung Cases

Smartphones are more powerful than the satellites that send and receive their signals, and are capable of an extraordinary amount of functions for a single device. They are everything from a communication device, a GPS location tracking and route planning system to a games console and online browser. It is no wonder then that people wish to protect these items from damage, and phone cases enable them to do so. The problem is that many cases are expensive, bulky, difficult to fit, and unattractive. GEEX has launched its new product range as a solution to all these problems in one.

Tappy Tap - A New Game Released by App Developer Sky Little That Challenges Player's Reflexes

Mobile App developer Sky Little has recently launched a game within the casual free games genre titled Tappy Tap. The game Tappy Tap challenges players by testing their reflexes for time and accuracy. Good hand eye coordination is vital to succeed in a game such as the new Tappy Tap. The new game is an addition to the many other useful and entertaining apps by Sky Little. The developers are energetically developing creating mobile phone apps that add value to the lives of people; Tappy Tap is the first game developed by Sky Little and boasts a simple yet addictive game play which will provide players hours of entertainment and fun.

Global Digital Game Market 2014-2018 - New Report Available

LogoVideo games are electronic games that include a video device for human interaction with the user interface of the game. The video device might be a mobile display, PC monitor, or TV. The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms. The different types of platforms are TVs, consoles, mobile devices, PCs, and others. There are various types of games available for different gaming platforms. The video games are available in two major formats; Physical and Digital. The physical format comes in a physical disc, which is used while playing the game. The digital format is the one in which the game is downloaded and requires no physical disc to play.

Shore Repairs Announces Improved Repair Times for iPhones, iPads, and Android Units

Shore Repairs, a leading iPhone, iPad, and Android device repair provider, announced substantially lessened turnaround times for many of the company's services. Thanks to investments in technology and staff training and supply chain improvements, the company is now able to repair and return many mobile devices even more quickly than in the past. Shore Repairs is one of New Zealand's top providers of such services, offering the company's customers easy drop-off of their broken devices in Auckland's Central Business District, as well as mail-in repair service.