Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Weever Apps Enters Strategic Partnership with Xerox Canada to Deliver Mobile Data Solutions from Coast-to-Coast

The term innovation may be a trendy buzzword, but its core meaning - to reinvent, to rethink, to evolve – will always be at the heart of great companies that do great things.

Novak Networx Invests Further Into Area-Leading WiFi Installation Capabilities

Novak Networx, one of Southern Wisconsin's leading information technology and networking specialists, announced the expansion of the company's highly successful WiFi installation service. Thanks to new investments in training and cutting-edge technology, Novak Networx will be able to offer even more attractive and cost-effective WiFi installations to businesses and others in Janesville and surrounding towns. Novak Networx has already provided highly successful WiFi installations to many of the top businesses in the region, and founded and leads the extremely popular Janesville WiFi Project.

MyHomecareBiz Releases New Mobile App for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), Bedside Clinical Documentation

LogoMyHomecareBiz proudly announces the formal launch of their new GPS Nurse Tracker application. This app will be extremely useful for home health care agency owners or those interested in starting a home health agency. Home health software solutions from MyHomecareBiz are used extensively by home health agencies and professionals for clinician-friendly clinical documentation and management. The company also conducts a series of training programs tailor-made for the home health industry.

Nacelle Games LLC Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Rose Racer

LogoFor anyone who ever let their imagination run wild and wondered what happens at home when there's no one around and everything's quiet, Rose Racer proposes a fun and exciting answer. Imagine a house where toys, toy cars, and race tracks come to life, and you've got the premise of Rose Racer.

Aman Enterprises Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Connect Any High Precision GPS/GNSS Unit over Bluetooth to iOS

LogoWhile collecting mapping grade accuracy data on iPads or iPhones, it is often desirable/required to use a professional grade (sub-meter or cm level accuracy) GPS unit which simply cant be connected to iPads or iPhones today. Internal GPS on iPads and iPhones do not offer the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability that is currently offered by a professional grade GPS device. Connecting external high accuracy GPS devices to iPads and iPhones will allow users to collect highly accurate location data using any data collection app running on an iPad or iPhone including Collector for ArcGIS.

Scott Tucker Reviews New War Themed Game for Fun Games Blog

Fun Games Blog will spotlight a special guest review of Lifeline's latest first person shooter, "Half Crescent," by former US Marine Scott Tucker. Tucker will take readers through the game, comparing it to actual military campaigns.

Scott Tucker and Never Be Bored Tree Finder App

Never Be Bored talks with Scott Tucker later this month for their upcoming Spring Features series. The article scheduled for this spring will include an in-depth interview with Tucker covering a preview of his new App and details on his upcoming tree identification class.

Neodymium Energy LLC. Expands Alternative Energy Technology Pipeline

LogoNeodymium Energy LLC., a think tank comprised of inventors and visionaries dedicated to bringing energy solutions to the world in various technology sectors, continues to increase its pipeline of alternative energy intellectual property. The company facilitates the development and commercialization of disruptive, green technologies. New additions to the group's IP portfolio include a Micro Solar Power plant for the home and its smaller cousin the desk charger.

New App Helps People with Parkinson's Monitor Their Performance

LogoParkinson's-focused app development company PD Me Tools ( is pleased to announce the release of a groundbreaking new mobile app that helps people with Parkinson's disease monitor and track their symptoms for optimal disease management and wellness.

Sitters 4 Critters, LLC Announces New Way of Monitoring Pets While Away from Home

LogoWhen putting trust in the premier pet sitters and dog walkers in Philadelphia at Sitters 4 Critters, LLC, clients are treated with a number of ways they can keep tabs on their pets while away from home. From GPS technology to follow animals on their walk routes to cameras in the home to see how the pets are being treated, clients can now view pictures on-demand directly on the website. In the "Live Feed" section, users can see pictures the moment they are taken.

Leawo Introduces Its iPhone Transfer Software to Help Backup iPhone Contacts to Mac

LogoThe multifunctional iPhone transfer software for Mac users, Leawo iTransfer for Mac, is officially introduced by Leawo Software Co., Ltd. The software enables users to back up iPhone contacts to Mac computer with one click, and helps to import contacts to iPhone again.

Gateway 3ds ULTRA V3.0.1 Released for Playing 3ds Games on V9.2 Firmware

LogoToday the famous 3ds flashcart official team gateway 3ds team has released the new firmware ULTRA V3.0.1 which can be used for playing 3ds games on all your 3ds V9.2 or below firmware.

Phil Smith Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Support the New APP: SnappyMapz

There are certain situations in which you want to shoot photos, label and geotag them, and upload to a secure server as quickly as possible. Phil Smith of Sunnyvale, Calif., has the answer.

Coffee Retailer Expands Delivery Feature Using Mobile App

LogoDelivering Excellence newsletter reported coffee retailer, Starbucks has already invested in technology to help consumers get their drinks and food efficiently. The company recently announced they are integrating a delivery feature into their existing mobile app, which is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. The app also allows users to manage their Starbucks loyalty card, leave tips, and perform other actions to enhance their Starbucks experience. The news was shared when Starbucks revealed its latest earnings for the quarter, where the retailer shared a 10% profit growth. Currently about seven million orders are placed per week on Starbucks app, and the company has made more than $1 million from customers' orders made on the mobile app. The new Starbucks delivery option will likely provide competition for some areas that use GrubHub and Seamless websites that allow users to order coffee from local establishments.

Gen Z Marketing Introduces Specialized Mobile Marketing Service for Businesses

Mobile devices are now more powerful than the satellites that carry their signals, and allow users to do everything from taking images and video to watching them, browsing online, editing documents and even video conference calling. It is no surprise then that more users than ever are browsing the web primarily on their mobile devices, yet this remains largely an untapped market for businesses. Gen Z Marketing specializes in online and digital marketing, and has launched a new Mobile Marketing service to help businesses unlock this potential to deliver more new customers than ever. Launches New App to Find Stuff

People misplace something every day. Their keys, smartphone, purse, wallet, iPad, kids, pets, even Grandma. Frustration sets in and valuable time is wasted. iTAG Plus to the Rescue!iTAG Plus is a new generation personal tracking device that integrates Bluetooth Technology with a Powerful Mobile APP to find whatever is misplaced. A single app user can control 20 iTAG's for their personal tracking pleasure. The iTAG Plus operates on a single lithium battery which does not need charging and unlike GPS tracking devices – the iTAG Plus works when missing pets, people and valuables are at home or other buildings.

Argufy - iOS and Android App Offers a Fun Way to Settle Scores

Humans thrive on the idea that they are always right. Being right not only boosts the confidence but, also gives a sense of power over an individual, a group and so on. Arguing face to face can often times get ugly and nasty and the end result may or may not be fair. To make matters simple, Argufy an iOS and Android app has been launched.

Revolutionary Mobile App Can Access All Patient Medical Records

In treating any type of medical condition, access to relevant patient history is crucial. In case of an emergency, the ease of access is even more critical and the speed at which the information can be obtained is not only important – but a few seconds may be the difference between life and death.

Snow Lizard Expands SLXtreme Line of Protective Power Cases, Fully Waterproof with Integrated Solar Panel for Extreme Conditions

LogoSLXtreme provides an all-inclusive mobile solution to keep iPhones, GalaxyS5 & iPad® Air powered, protected and immersed in adventure.

BarUp Is Expanding to Washington D.C.

After four months of BarUp operating in Boston, we are pleased to inform our community about BarUp's first expansion. BarUp will be launching in Washington D.C. as soon as we have 1,000 pre-registers on D.C.'s landing page.

Qweyboard App Prevents Iphone Users from Touching Wrong Keys

QWeyboard is a specially designed app that helps people prevent touching wrong keys while typing on their iPhones. It contains an intelligent algorithm that prevents errors and decides the word probability, correcting it. This app is more reliable than other similar apps, as it combines 2 keys, while users type the same key number.

RebrandOne Launches Its Whatsapp Clone Updated with Material Design and New Features

RebrandOne Technologies Pvt. Ltd has launched its latest clone of Whatsapp – a mobile Messenger app and it has a cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones with internet access. Apart from text messaging – users can also send each other images, video, and audio media messages; voice recording (record audio) and forward it to the concerned chat person.

Phasx Plans to Blow the Doors off the NAMM Show 2015 as They Unveil All New Acoustic Technology

LogoPhasx Technologies, Inc. chooses NAMM '15 as the venue to unveil their latest studio monitor product line line for pro audio in the form of the PX600 and PX300. The 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California runs from January 22-25 and is widely regarded as the single best way for audio companies to build their brand and reach out to the most important music products buyers and decision makers in the world.

Carrie Carlino and Team Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Introduce Vikaura Screen

LogoSmartphone users often feel that at times, their images, reminders, ideas, information, or designs are too big for the limited confines of their phones. Vikaura Screens has been designed to help them drive things from their phones to their world. The unique capabilities of Vikaura Screens can be attributed to its patented power management systems, app "linking" functionality, E Ink bi-stable display technology, and Bluetooth communication.

Car Phone Holder Compatible with All Smartphones Has Become a Big Seller on Amazon

Verano Supplies is pleased to announce the launch of their Envi Car Phone Holder, perfect for fitting any cell phone, including iPhone 6, iPhone Plus, 5S, 5C and 4, as well as Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3 and Note 4 and 3. It will also securely hold the Google Nexus 5/4 and LG G3.

Stormbolt from Apollo Audio Lab Is the Superman of Earphones

Apollo Audio Lab, a new professional audio team dedicated to handcraft wonderful portable audio gears had recently launched a new series of earphones named as "The Bolt Series".

RebrandOne Debuts Instagram Clone for iOS and Android Platform

Instagram is an extremely popular image-sharing application. RebrandOne is proud to present such kind of Instagram clone that replicates all performance and features of original Instagram application. This photo-sharing software allows people to personalize the script which means they can alter its features based on their company needs. Instagram clone script has robust and attractive interface and features like video filter, image filter, picture enhancement and much more. One can blur, tilt and raise pictures and share them on social networking applications. The Instagram Clone-script from RebrandOne supply 100% access to Instagram clone source code. One can get total front-end and back-end code of Instagram clone.