Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Weddy Is an Inspired New Way to Immortalize the Big Event

Fredrik and Yessica Thor, the brother and sister team behind 'Weddy", have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their inspired Weddy App. This campaign has a funding goal of $80,000, which needs to be raised by April 4th in order to bring this App to the rest of the world. Weddy is a photo app for weddings that allows the happy couple to create their own wedding album, and immortalize the wedding through everyone's eyes with help from the guests, wedding party, and the Weddy App. It has already been successfully released in Sweden, and the team now wants to launch the App globally. They state, "We as wedding photographers want to take wedding photography to a new level and offer the couple and their guests an option to traditional and pricey wedding photography. The camera feature of a smartphone is constantly developing and we want to turn that into something new, fun and memorable." on Improving Customer Relations with Data-Driven Strategies from Translating Big Data

Big data plays a vital role in delivering timely and personalized customer relations. In this generation where most consumers are 'connected', data gathering strategy that includes collecting, storing, organizing and analysis is in dire need to determine the flow of the market. And having the right technology, infrastructure, and analytics could help bring out the many possibilities of data, which when is translated, could be put to good use.

Fly Snatch Mobile Game to Donate Half of All Advertisement Revenue to Children's Cancer Charities

Fly Snatch, the fun, action-packed mobile game available for free from the App Store, has pledged to donate half of all revenue generated from in-game ads to various Children's Cancer Research Organisations from around the world. The campaign hopes to both raise funds and awareness of children's cancer research, and shall stand for the lifetime of the game, donations to the charities are made on a monthly basis.

iPhones Repair Dallas Offering iPhones Screen Fix Within 15 Minutes

LogoiPhones Repair Dallas is now offering a quick service when it comes to fixing cracked screen. The company is helping clients in getting the screen of their iPhones repaired in just 15 minutes. The company specializes in broken screen repairs for iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. In addition, services including unlocking cell phones and fixing broken screen of tablets and Laptop are also on offer.

A New App Called Pocket Sergeant App Helps Store Detectives and Retail Guards Understand Laws and Procedures

A serving police officer from Lincolnshire has developed an app called Pocket Sergeant, which helps store detectives and retail security guards have a better understanding of the law. The app, which is already being used on the streets of the United Kingdom by serving police officers, is now available for anyone in the security industry or anyone who has an interest in the law.

Serving Police Officer Launches New App Pocket Sergeant That Helps New Police Offers in Their Career

Paul Cooper, a serving police officer in Lincolnshire, England, understands what it is like to be a rookie on the beat. He understands what new police officers go through in their early years, and the support they need. Paul Cooper also understands the support that long serving officers who face a new challenge each day need, and that is why he has developed a new exciting app called Pocket Sergeant.

E-Cigarette Australia Offers E-Cig Starter Packs as a Cheaper Alternative

E-cigarettes were introduced as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is also known as personal vaporizers and is battery operated. After it has become widely known, more designs are introduced with various accessories. The latest technology is applied on the new versions and consumers were given a lot more options to choose from. E-cigarette Australia is a company that offers e-cigarette starter packs and other e-cigarette products and accessories.

Weever Apps Enters Strategic Partnership with Xerox Canada to Deliver Mobile Data Solutions from Coast-to-Coast

LogoThe term innovation may be a trendy buzzword, but its core meaning - to reinvent, to rethink, to evolve – will always be at the heart of great companies that do great things.

LocalLedge App Launched to Make Anyplace a User's Own Hometown

LogoOh sure, it's great to log onto a social network and see what a pal's doing two or three thousand miles away. But what about the locals? What are those guys doing? And the bigger question, can anyone join them? By creating a digital community board that helps users make plans in real time, the new LocalLedge app immediately answers that question. Designed as a messaging app that's hyper local, it unites communities one well-sent "ledge" at a time.

Esports from Home - Swedish Gamers Launch Crowdfunding Campaign via Kickstarter for the Startup of Yamzu Esport Software

LogoAsk most people of what their idea of a dream job is and you'll get a wide array of answers; an office worker might dream of being a bartender on an exotic beach where the views are good and the tips are better while a hip teen may dream of being a celebrity DJ with his own entourage, epic mansion and millions in cash. To an online gamer, that dream job would be getting paid to play video games.

Karl Berger Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Start Manufacturing Retrofit Kit (RFK) Suitable for All D-Cell MagLites

LogoKarl Berger has created an advanced, wireless charger that will allow users keep their favorite Maglite® charged all the time. A revolutionary charger, Retrofit Kit (RFK) will save money and help environment protection by helping users renew their investment on Maglite® flashlight.

Cloud Your Car to Roll out Car Fleet Management App in the USA

Poland-based company Cloud Your Car looks to take the mobile supplier and telematics industry by storm with its CYC Beacon, as it soon makes its presence felt in the US market. The company is expected to unveil its commercial fleet management solution in the US during the third quarter of 2015. The move comes at the helm of the positive reception that the app has seen in vehicle fleet management niche. The company also looks to target the European Union, South Africa, Australia, Philippines, and the Middle East with its ingenious solution.

iCloudRemover Launches Solution to Bypass iCloud Lock for iPhone 6,5S,5C,5,4S on Any iOS 8 Version

iPhones are fast becoming the number one mobile phone to buy and is currently the fastest second hand phone to buy from used shopping sites including ebay. However, many second hand iphones come with an iCloud Activation lock. That is causing problems and now iCloudRemover have developed a service that will solve this problem and Remove and Bypass iCloud Locks.

'CA CCTV PRO' Offers CCTV Installation Services

LogoCA CCTV is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to providing effective CCTV installation. The security cameras and solutions this company has to offer is streamlined and thanks to the latest technology one doesn't have to wait all day before they can check for what was happening all day long in the area of surveillance. CA CCTV provides some of the best live streaming solutions that one could check from any place they want. This means one can now watch the place they wish to secure 24/7 without having to stay in a fixed location. The streaming can load on Smartphone's, tablets, laptops and desktops and thus it increases the level of security and assures people that everything is fine.

A Lincolnshire Police Officer Has Developed a New App Called Pocket Sergeant to Make Life Easier for Serving Police Officers

With the number of police officers employed by forces in England and Wales at its lowest number since 2002, officers on the front line are overworked and need all the support they can receive. A serving police officer living in Lincolnshire, who has felt the impact of the huge drop in front line officers, has launched a new app called Pocket Sergeant. The new app is aimed at helping his fellow officers deal with the day-to-day pressures of front line policing.

Shenanigans Viral Video Game and Scavenger Hunt Launches IndieGoGo Funding Event

LogoShenanigans Viral Video Game and Scavenger Hunt is launching a new IndieGoGo funding event to raise money for the game's continuance and expansion.  Shenanigans is a viral video game similar to YouTube but with scavenger hunt-type challenges that allow participants to interact with each other and compete for prizes.

Website Offers Madden NFL Cheat Tools for All Windows Run PC

A new website recently announced that online gamers can now get access to cheat tools of the popular Madden NFL video game. The American football online game was released on August 2014 and reports show that millions have already downloaded. With a challenging and interesting gameplay, the app is said to have won the hearts of both young and adult gamers. However, to stay competitive and win every game, players must have enough coins and resources to complete levels at faster rate. The new Madden NFL cheat tool is designed to provide unlimited coins to gamers for free.

Connexion Republic Announces Launch of Cutting Edge Tools for Iphone Repairs

Today, the electronic gadgets and the internet connectivity play a very vital role in the daily lives of the human beings. As a highly reliable repair facility firm, the connexion republic is the go to web site where individuals all across the country can get their iphones and ipads fixed within no time at all.

'Security Camera Tech' Offers Security Camera Systems

Logo'Security Camera Tech' is an efficient company that deals in security cameras installation that works well for the benefit of their clients. These solutions are user friendly and there are a number of security cameras that this company has to offer in order to satisfy an array of customers for various purposes. One could choose to install these cameras at their residences, gates, offices, shops, malls, lobbies and more. The more of these cameras we have around, the better the security and the lower the chances of one having to face a crime scene. These security cameras are a great solution for working people who are constantly worried about the equal being of their children and elderly parents that are home alone.

APA GAME Announces Availability of Best Games & Gaming Machines for Children

APA GAME offers a range of games and game machines for children to enhance their gaming experience. They have a variety of games and machines at cheap prices for children to spend their free times, enjoying exciting and thrilling video games. The company announces the availability of various games, gaming consoles, simulators and other machines at cheap prices.

Convenience and Functionality in One: Upgrading the Mobile Experience with IVIEW's Latest Phone Tablets

LogoIn the world where mobile devices dominate the home and the work environment, it's not surprising that in the coming years, these will replace PC and laptops in terms of convenience and functionality. And among the line of mobile devices that consumers own, so much potential is seen on phone tablets.

Online Auction Site, CupeBid, Enables Customers to Get the Hottest Electronics

Customers can now get the hottest electronics gadgets and gift cards on the market by purchasing bid packages from CupeBid, an online auction site. If the customers don't win an item during the auction, then they can use the 'buy it now' feature to purchase the item at retail price. The company also offers a $100.00 Visa gift card to the 1,000th customer who purchases the company's bid pack. In the same way, the 10,000th customer is offered a $1,000.00 Visa gift card and the 100,000th customer gets the vacation and 1,000 gift card and a travel package for two people to the Caribbean for a 3-6 night stay.

Global Cellutions Distributors to Offer New GoPro Hero 4

LogoGoPro, the maker of the increasingly popular extreme sports mounted mobile cameras, has officially released its Hero 4, aimed toward consumers who love to travel and engage their sense of adventure.

China Company Introduces Battery Operated & Rechargeable Lighting Solutions for Modern Consumer

Shangyu Taiyi Electronic Technology Company has introduced a variety of lighting solutions that have various applications in the modern world. These lighting products are not only practically useful but are also very stylish and energy-efficient for the modern users. They have new style flashlights with a super high beam that can be used during hunting, searching and other activities.

Pictora Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for Product Marketing

LogoPictora is a free mobile app that works with both Apple and Android smartphones.  It allows users to create a tangible photo book with a choice of covers that includes their favorite photos printed on quality paper and perforated like checks to be detachable for sharing.  Perfect for parties, graduations, weddings and other important events, Pictora allows users to create instant memory books to share with family and friends.

Wiltronic Corporation Offers the Total Solution for TV Channel Search with the Latest TV DVR Converter Box

LogoOffering a total solution with the variety of products of innovation, quality and value, Wiltronic Corporation, the leader in high quality consumer electronics and home entertainment in a very competitive price, proudly promotes the next big thing in home entertainment, the TV DVR converter box. The TV DVR converter box is the latest creation of the Wiltronic Corporation under the Iview brand which is set to enhance the viewing experience of every consumer right in the comfort of their home.

Tolocal Makes Waves at International Consumer Electronics Show

ToLocal recently made its presence felt at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada drawing attention to several products and services.