Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Wise Marketing and Development Partners with ATS Mobile to Offer Innovative Text Message Marketing Campaign for Aaron Carter Tour

Wise Marketing and Development has partnered with ATS Mobile to offer an innovative text message marketing campaign for Aaron Carter’s 2014-15 international tour. By partnering with ATS Mobile, Wise Marketing was able to make use of ATS Mobile’s “do-it-yourself” mobile marketing service—84444, to allow Carter’s fans to join his new “VIP Text Club.”

I-Enquire Seeks €150,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Change Mobile App Development Forever

Working with the European Space Agency, Barry O’Reilly and his team have developed technology for satellite communications and to date have successfully deployed these developments on the W2A system and the SeS Astra constellations in Europe.

The Austin Cellphone Allows Users to Repair, Sell, and Buy Second Hand Phones at Affordable Price

With the new generation phones launched with high price tags, it is impossible for everyone to get new phones with every release. This does not mean that phone users should stop purchasing the latest cell phones. According to a report, there are a number of people who buy used cell phones. These phones are said to be as good as new because it is refurbished and repaired before being sold. The Austin Cellphone is a trusted company which deals with used phones. The company provides one month warranty and is known for its affordable price tag.

Headed West Now Offering Pipes and Smoking Accessories in Head Shops in Denver

LogoHeaded West is now offering pipes and smoking accessories in head shops in Denver at a superlative discount of up to 20 to 50% off. This online portal is a hotspot for all kinds of great-quality smoking accessories. Along with the high-quality smoking products, they also provide chillums, hookahs, vaporizers, glass water pipes and glass hand pipes. All in all, they provide the best-quality smoking products to their customers.

"United States Consumer Electronics Report Q4 2014" Published

LogoThe US consumer electronics market is a global leader in terms of market size and adoption of the latest technology - with high penetration rates in most device categories . Despite the maturity of the market BMI believes significant opportunities remain in emerging product categories, as well as the result of a high replacement rate in key categories such as smartphones . Growth areas include large-size HD and UHD TV sets, smartphones, Microsoft Windows 8 tablets and convertibles/hybrids, Ultrabooks, and smart TV sets. However, over the medium term we believe q uestions still remain about the sustainability of consumption in the absence of strong wage growth and the fact that most sales will be upgrades rather than new consumers.

Headed West, a Well-Known Denver Smoke Shop, Now Offers Hookahs at Affordable Rates

LogoHeaded West, a well-known Denver Smoke shop, is now offering hookahs at affordable rates. The company offers hookahs at all price ranges. With them, one will get a versatile collection of hookahs that delight the user as they provide a sense of satisfaction. The company also offers parts of hookahs such as screens, bases, coals, and hoses. The company offers many flavor choices to their customers. Smoking hookahs gives a sense of luxury which is coupled with deep satisfaction. With them, customers will get a hookah that belongs only to reliable and branded companies like Maya, Sahara Smoke, Inhale, Fantasia, Al Fakher, Starbuzz, and many more. Introduces New Waterproof Rugged Tablets

In this world of technology, where everyday new gadgets come up to make life more easy and convenient, most people have heard and even used waterproof tablets. These types of tablet are not just waterproof but also dustproof and shockproof and are ideal for use in harsh outdoor conditions. These days, many big mobile and electronic brands are coming up with waterproof smart phones and tablets. is an online retailer of such waterproof tablets and rugged PDAs and rugged smartphones. to Offer Free Shipping on All Orders of Rugged Phones

There is no shortage of websites selling wide ranges of rugged phones. Everyday more and more companies are launched in the competitive market in order to bring their products to the customers. Instead of buying from a new company, it is always advisable to use the services of a company who has a good and reliable past record and experience. is a reputed online retailer who mainly deals in rugged smartphone, rugged cell phones, rugged PDAs and shockproof tablets.

Universal Compatibility Multi USB Charger Comes with a Smart 'Auto Detect' Feature

A new age multi USB charger is here to change the game forever and it is the CHOETECH 50 Watt 6 Port Desktop Rapid USB Charger. This handy and highly useful device has everything that one would ever need from their charger and more.

Vitaliy Skugaryev & Igor Filakhtov Seek Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for VITAphoneNEO - A Smart Cloud Intercom

LogoVITAphoneNEO is a smart cloud-based intercom powered by the Android OS that mounts near or directly to the front door of any home, building or office. When a visitor comes calling, they’ll use the VITAphoneNEO touchscreen to virtually ring the doorbell. Thanks to the built-in camera, microphone and speakers a full-fledged conversation happens as you answer the door – from your smartphone. When a visitor arrives to the home or office, they'll use the touchscreen to do the equivalent of ringing a doorbell using the «call» button. A few seconds later the home dweller or office worker hears the doorbell ringing – from their smart phone. Visitors are brought to the user’s attention no matter where in the world the homeowner might be – literally.

Hass Security System Comes Up with Efficient Alarm Systems

Improving security has always been important for all kinds of businesses. This not only limited to big organizations as there are various security concerns for the small as well as medium sized businesses. To keep the organization protected from burglary it is important to use camera enabled security that can continuously monitor all the areas of the organization. This will help in tracking the events taking place around the area and stay protected. Hass security is one such organization that provides all types of alarm systems that help in keeping the house as well as offices protected.

GoDrive Mobile USB Micro SD Card Reader From Pilot Electronics Is Now Available for Pre-Order in Kickstarter

LogoUsers of modern day electronic devices large capacity digital storage space to record, share, and transfer data without any restriction. Most of the data storage and transfer technologies available today are cloud solutions that are not available all the time. GoDrive was designed to be an economical data storage alternative that can accompany users for efficient data management regardless of where they go. Compatible with standard 2.0 and micro USB devices, GoDrive can now be pre-ordered at

911SafeTrack Announces Dealer Program for 911SafeTrack S4 Vehicle Recovery System

LogoS4 Tracker is now available to New and After-market Auto Dealers, Rental Car Agencies, Collector Car Builders, Auto Parts Dealers, and Stereo & Security System Dealers.

New Report Available: Home Audio and Cinema in China

LogoHome audio and cinema continued its declining trend and recorded a 2% decrease in retail volume sales in 2014. This is largely owing to the relatively long replacement cycle, which was as around 56 months in 2014 according to Euromonitor International?s socioeconomic data. Moreover, the adoption rate of new products amongst households was limited due to consumers? preference for home video products rather than home audio and cinema products in China. This is largely because songs can be easily downloaded from the internet and enjoyed via computers and mobile phones, which has pressured the development of home audio and cinema market. Shares Insight Into How Political Text Message Marketing Is Effective offers legal and reliable text messaging services. They provide text message marketing services and solutions for a wide variety of businesses that seek to market all sorts of products and services. However, one thing in particular that they have noticed is that text message marketing can prove effective for a political campaign. In fact, President Barack Obama showed the power of text messaging marketing with a three million-person text messaging group that assisted him with winning the election back in 2008.

AppsStore, a Mobile App Development Company Now Offers iPhone and Android Apps at Competitive Prices

LogoAppsStore, a renowned mobile app development company is now offering iPhone and Android Apps at competitive prices. The company provides development services for different platforms such as iPhone app, iPad app, Blackberry app, Windows phone 7 app, HTML 5 mobile web development and mobile video SMS services. They provide services to large corporates as well as individuals. They also create strong relationships with popular social networking sites and application reviewers. The team members who are involved in the development procedure are highly skilled, dedicated and credential. Their working style is extremely professional and do their best to promote the apps in the market.

V2 Offers Customers 25% Site-Wide Savings on Electronic Cigarette and Personal Vaporizer Products

LogoV2, America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, announces 25% site-wide savings during its annual Halloween Sale. The sale runs Oct 30-31 and includes sister brands Vapor Couture and V2 Pro.

Octa Core Smartphone Selections and Top Deals Unveiled on

Original Phone, a website that carries an extensive array of mobile phone options, releases its newest range of the newest smartphones that pack 8-core processors. Explains How Individuals Can Control Text Message Spam is a text message marketing service that promotes the legal use of text message marketing through the use of opt-ins, ensuring that anyone receiving their texts has signed up to receive them. Bob Bentz, President of ATS Mobile and owner of, values close protection of the privacy and the integrity of his Canadian clients, and would like to shed light on several ways individuals can recognize and diminish text message spam. After all, Bentz and his company take spam very seriously, and individuals will only receive text message notifications from 84444 after they have opted-in.

Grandhoard Comes Up with Various Accessories for Cellphones and Automotives

The trendy cell phone accessories available today, help in giving a completely different look to the phone. While buying gadgets or various accessories involved in a gadget it is important to make a proper research. One should buy these products from professionals that are experienced and have the capacity to provide quality materials. Buying the gadgets from an amateur could prove to be disastrous and waste the money invested. People should look for trusted sellers who have a nice reputation in the market. One of the companies selling latest designs of accessories and gadgets is Grandhoard.

Just Published: "Traditional Toys and Games in Switzerland"

LogoAlthough the economic situation remained difficult in some European markets, Switzerland appeared to be virtually immune to the influence of foreign crises with regards to demand for toys and games products over the review period, and the environment for manufacturers of quality toys remained positive. Parents paid attention to high quality when buying toys. In response to the rapid development of electronic toys and games, traditional toy manufacturers exploited their potential by introducing...

World's First Credit Card Sized Bluetooth Video Game Controller Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Engineering Guru Nathan Cohorst announces the patent for his credit card sized game controller has been approved, And is now currently crowdsourcing to raise funds for production. This little device is far different from any other game controller seen on the market.

Goma Industries Brand Announces the Launch of the New Gopro Suction Cup Mount Goma Solid

GOMA Industries is known amongst specialists in the filmmaking industry for top-­?grade camera accessories they produce. The company has just released their new product called GOMA Solid that is a perfect top quality, money-­saving tool for GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero3, and Hero4 cameras with mulPple advantages and benefits.

New App Provides Clinicians Access to Easy Decision-Making and Coding Assistance

LogoProper medical evaluation and management is often challenged by the complex coding system that practitioners must use for diagnoses, procedures, and medical equipment. One new app makes medical decision-making simple by providing a single setting for coding assistance. A new app from Medical Preceptors, LLC, DeductorMD, merges technology with medical decision-making that can be used efficiently on a tablet or smartphone.

Picbel Provides Android Users with a Chance to Customize Their Phones with the New and Free Android Wallpaper App

Picbel strives to make their customers’ life easier with the new Android Wallpaper app that has been just recently released by the company. It makes it convenient to customize people’s phone choosing wallpaper from multiple available categories.

IOLogics Launches Manchester Buses Journey Planner

Greater Manchester is home to 2.5 million people and second largest urban area of United Kingdom. The city hosts a fleet of 600 registered bus services serving 225 million local bus journeys every year. There are other local transport options available as well, such as, trams and local trains but buses are the only transport medium which connects the whole area together. The area is also home to 3 major discipline universities which bring in 10s of thousands of students every year from around the world. These students need tools to explore and plan their bus journeys within the city to attend their classes on time.

KORECoin Team Announces KOREPhone Smart Phone

LogoPure Proof of Stake Anon (PoSA) cryptocurrency KoreCoin brings a new level of anonymity for transaction applications using the markets first embedded TOR PoSA script. KoreCoin will not only support truly anonymous transactions but will soon introduce an entire infrastructure supporting anonymous communications and commerce in order to revolutionize the cryptocurrency space . KoreCoin will be the first to introduce KOREsurf a browser embedded in the wallet that automatically connects to the TOR network ensuring true anonymity for all wallet users, and KOREVoIPA, now in alpha, a free communication system similar to Skype allowing completely anonymous communication within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The devoted KoreCoin team is now proud to present another project already in alpha ‘KOREPhone’ a smart phone compatible with the KORE platforms and specially designed to benefit cryptocurrency users worldwide. KoreCoin is already available on cryptocurrency exchanges, and