Consumer Electronics Press Releases

I-Enquire Seeks €150,000 in Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Change Mobile App Development Forever

Working with the European Space Agency, Barry O’Reilly and his team have developed technology for satellite communications and to date have successfully deployed these developments on the W2A system and the SeS Astra constellations in Europe.

Shakespeare300, New App from NYT Author James Reese

New York Times bestselling author James Reese ( presents Shakespeare300 (, a new app for iPhone and iPad. All you need to know about Shakespeare before the curtain goes up or the test goes down... Shakespeare300 offers students and theatregoers alike a unique take on all the Bard’s plays presented in concise (300 word) introductions, synopses and infographics.

Machinima Storyteller: When TV Meets Videogames

LogobeActive will be presenting Machinima Storyteller, its brand new platform for real-time 3D animation production, at the next MIPCOM, event to be held on October 14th, 11am, at Palais de Festivals in Cannes. At its core, Machinima Storyteller is a platform that allows filmmakers to create high-end 3D CGI animated content. By using a videogame 3D engine to generate real-time animated sequences, this platform employs videogame techniques to create professional TV and Digital animated content.

Agradestuff.Com Brings Competitive Prices for Leading Mobile Brands, a well known online mobile store in Sri Lanka is offering most reasonable prices on mobiles and smart phones from all leading brands from across the globe as well as the local players. The company is offering best prices with TRCSL approval on all famous brands.

Gamesepic Launches Next Generation Life Game in the Form of Sims 4 Online Game

Gamesepic has launched in the market a new way to gaming venture. Here the gamer can play all sorts of games with an easy access. They need not go to upload different software and get it done for long hours online.

Hong Kong Company Launches Kickstarter to Make Charging Mobile

One of the biggest complaints of mobile phone users is the battery. They cannot make it through a day without requiring a stop to find a plug to charge their phone. It can be a hassle and an interruption. One Hong Kong company, Qimini™, inventors of the Pocket charging plate, wanted to make charging stations as mobile as one's phone and has launched a Kickstarter after months of testing and prototyping to raise funding to build the tooling and to get their newest product, Deuce, fully certified for UL, CE, C-tick,CCC, SAA & RoHS.

DUDAD Introduces Truck Driver Wireless Audible Notification Device

The DUDAD is a device that audibly rather than visually notifies truck drivers that they are finished being loaded or unloaded. This device enables drivers to sleep longer, saving them valuable time.

84444 Now Providing a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Logo84444 is pleased to announce that they’re now providing Multimedia Messaging Service text messaging. MMS is a way to send pictures, video, and sound to a customer’s mobile phone. MMS is not part of 84444’s “do-it-yourself” mobile marketing. Instead, to avoid abuse or any inappropriate photos, 84444 will set-up MMS campaigns for their customers as a concierge service.

A New App Called Zoupons Offers Convenient Mobile Payment System

Zoupons is one of the most recent innovations in California, helping people to save thousands of dollars by using online coupons. The main goal for creating a new Zoupons app about three years ago was to facilitate the shoppers in the process of buying their goods and to support small businesses and local stores in finding more loyal clients, providing them with an attractive marketing tool. The system delivered great results from the very beginning, which lead to its popularity and spreading to new locations.

Brand New Tracking Features in the Latest Release by

Monitoring someone’s mobile phone without their knowledge may seem like a gross invasion of privacy but these days it has become a common practice. Concerned parents monitor their children’s cell phone activities to keep them safe. Employers monitor the company mobile phones given to their employees to make sure that they do not misuse the phones. A mobile monitoring software can basically turn a mobile phone into a surveillance device. Mobile monitoring software has become one of the most notable applications available in the market today. This software is easy to install and use. Once it is installed in the target phone, it silently logs various activities such as call logs and SMS information as well as GPS locations. This information is then uploaded to the user’s private online account and can be viewed using any web browser.

One Can Have Amazing Fun with Minecrafts

Minecraft is a surprisingly a famous game for the pc. It is safe to say that no one could have imagined how popular it would become, least of all its creator. While it is an online game which is easy enough and has the kind of Lego-styled avatars making it fun for children, it is amazingly involved enough to draw teenagers and even adults. This game involves a 3D world where everything is made of cubes or blocks. With many elements, one can add or remove blocks. Three important aspects of this game involve minecraft mods, crafting, and using recipes.

Taker - A Bluetooth Headset Broke with Traditional Headset, Launches in Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoMost people wear a Bluetooth headset while driving for the safety and convenience. If someone calls while driving, a conversation is simple enough but what happens when an important point needs to be written down? With Taker, drivers no longer need to touch their mobile phone or jot notes while driving. Drivers enable to focus on the road and reduce distraction.

Snow Lizard's SLXtreme - Solar Powered, Waterproof and Battery-Boosting Case Line Expanding to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Logo– Snow Lizard's SLXtreme's line of ultra-rugged, waterproof protection and battery-boosting cases is about to get a whole lot bigger. Still the only case of its kind for current iPhone models, the SLXtreme line is rolling out cases for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and expanding its reach to users of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

A Wide Variety of Online Games Are Available on takes pride in saying that they are the best and the most alluring online gaming site that can make gamers go crazy. They offer a number of online games that are spellbinding as well as fun to play. They say that theirs is the right site for those who experience boredom and who want to enjoy their leisure time.

MamaBear Warns Parents They May Inadvertently Encourage Distracted Teen Driving

LogoMore than 85% of high school juniors and seniors admit they use a cellphone while driving. This may be a shocking statistic for parents who expect their teens to practice safe, non-distracted driving. But the bigger shock for parents might be the realization that they could be part of the problem.

18 Seconds - The Newest and the Most Addictive Game for Android

The Smartphone market is surely ruled by iOS and Android, and this is mainly because of the fact that these two are known to be the most successful and human friendly mobile phone operating systems ever built, and this is one of the reasons why you will find millions of different applications available online for these two platforms.

18 Seconds - The Newest and the Most Addictive Game for Android

The Smartphone market is surely ruled by iOS and Android, and this is mainly because of the fact that these two are known to be the most successful and human friendly mobile phone operating systems ever built, and this is one of the reasons why you will find millions of different applications available online for these two platforms.

Trendwoo's Newest iPhone 6 Design Bluetooth Speaker on Display

Since Trendwoo's founding in 2000, this wearable technology company is taking their business to the next level a the Mobile and Electronics show in Hongkong. The China sourcing Fair displays the newest advances in mobile electronics and draws visitors and businesses from around the world. Whether looking for smartphones, tablets, or accessories, the newest mobile trends and high quality designs are displayed in fair booths along with so much more. This fair is designed to showcase the best and brightest in the business today, and organizers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the event is buyer-friendly with booths for each exhibitor and efficient organization.

Mobile Application Development by Rync Mobility Solutions Gives Small Business Owners Marketing Power

Rync Mobility Solutions, a professional mobile software application development company are helping small business owners increase their brand and customer base through powerful mobile applications from just $99. Offers the Complete Range of Best eLiquid Brands, Accessories and eJuice for Customers Worldwide

eCigarettes have turned out to become the most potent weapon against tobacco addiction, and have helped many quit smoking. Today there are numerous online stores and sites offering vaping products and accessories, but hardly any site offers the range of products as comprehensive as the “Liquid Rocket” site has to offer. It is a site which has become a one-stop online shop for ecig customers who want high quality vaping products from leading brands at most affordable rates.

iDEA Media Now Offering Unmatched CD Duplication Services with Lightning Fast Turnaround Times

LogoiDEA Media, an Inner Workings company, now offers unmatched CD Duplication services with lightning fast turnaround times. They have expertise in handling cheap CD duplication and can manage any custom order source, which clearly means that they can both copy discs and package them by hand within a short period of time. The company can also handle diverse quantities in modern and automated facilities. Customers won’t find such an easy solution for bulk CD media duplication other than at iDEA Media.

Independent Developer Reinaldo Figueroa Draws Inspiration from Potato Salad Guy's Kickstarter Campaign to Create Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game

LogoIndie game developer Reinaldo Figueroa has recently announced the launch of his maiden venture Ant Smasher Potato Salad Defense Game. Reinaldo’s game is almost similar to Ant Smasher and challenges players to save their potato salad as it gets bombarded by waves of bugs. The players protect their potato salad by smashing the bugs under their finger. This addictive, free game has been released on Google Play, iOS, Amazon Appstore and the web.

Legal Files Software Inc. Now Offers App for iPhone and iPad

LogoLegal Files Software, Inc. now offers an app for iPhone and iPad for users to access their Legal Files database. Legal Files for iPhone/iPad provides a portal view into the user’s Legal Files database from one easy-to-navigate location. From the home page, a user can view urgent notifications through Legal Files’ Heads Up!, recently accessed files/matters, name cards/contact information, documents, calendars, email and to-do’s, as well as search for files. Talks About Interesting Game Facts

The online game world has exploded in the recent past with mind boggling games, high intensity graphics and multiplayer configurations taking over the simple fun of gaming. The new age games have in a way robbed the player of the delight that a computer game gives.

Best Home Security Companies Publishes Updated Reviews of ADT and Vivint

Nearly 2.2 million home invasions took place in America last year alone; that’s a rate of more than 6,000 a day. It is during home invasions that almost 40% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur, making protection of the home from such intruders of paramount importance for all. As such, it is equally important to choose the right system to provide the highest caliber of protection. Best Home Security Companies regularly publishes insights into these systems to give consumers valuable information on which to base their buying choices, and have updated their ADT and Vivint reviews.

Waveconn Offers Xiaomi Mi4 Android Smartphone at Special Discount for Visitors

Waveconn, a company that sells Android smartphone products, rolls out the new Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone with a 10% discount. The 4G gadget, offered via, uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core 2.5GHz and comes with 3G RAM + 16G ROM capacity.

4G Smartphone Showcasing Advanced Tech Features Available via, a leading B2C e-commerce website, announces the availability of new 4G smartphones. The 5-inch quad-core mobile phones from Xiaomi, Huawei, InFocus, Zopo, CoolPad and THL are now offered through the website.