Consumer Electronics Press Releases

Easy Games Studio to Launch Latest Game Application Ninja Turtle Nachos

Easy Games Studio has officially announced the launching of their newest and exciting game application called Ninja Turtle Nachos. The game application has just been released and is available on Apple's app store.

The World's Thinnest Yet Most Functional Stand for Apple iPad Was Launched at Kickstarter

Think Stand was designed to offer a versatile and comfortable viewing experience to thousands of iPad users around the world. In spite of the many attractive features of iPads, users often complain that a flat surface is required to ensure the best possible performance of these devices.

AppsStore, an Android and iPhone App Development Company Offers the Best App at Unbelievably Competitive Price

LogoAppsStore, an Android and iPhone app development company offers the best apps at unbelievably competitive price. The company has developed various crucial apps for iPhone such as Q & A, Vision Board, Mall Navigator, ATs Sports, Chill List, and many more. All these apps are crucial and have proved to be very useful for the users. Q & A enables users to ask questions and answers back as well. Vision board is an app that will remind the users about their dreams and goals. The mall navigator app helps users to navigate to the closest mall and stores. ATTS Sports is a fantastic app for sport lovers as it keeps the user updated about live matches, real time status, scores and players.

Red Theory's Additional Services: Custom Home Theater Interiors for North American Homes

Red Theory, a Canadian company responsible with custom home designing, now advertizes its home theatre design work that can be made to suit various spaces.

PhasxTM Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for Thunder UnderBass

LogoOver the last 10 years, millions of powered desktop, computer speakers, and TV sound bars have been bought by consumers looking for quality sound in their workspace and living spaces. While there have been some breakthroughs made, appearances of quality computer and TV speakers have been few and far between.

"Video Games in Indonesia" Published

LogoIn Indonesia, piracy was still a significant factor hampering the growth and success of video games, specifically video games software, during the review period. Individual media products stores with pirated video games software offerings were easy to find in Indonesia. Pirated video games software is easily used by hacking the security code incorporated in video games consoles such as Xbox and PS3, whilst being much cheaper than the genuine games. Hence, many Indonesian consumers were willing...

"Chile Consumer Electronics Report Q4 2014" Published

LogoThe consumer electronics market in Chile is one of the most lucrative in Latin America in per capita terms due to high incomes and developed retail and distribution networks. Since 2012 tablets and smartphones have been the main growth drivers , with lower cost Android devices extending market reach . However, this growth has had casualties, including notebook and digital camera sales. Meanwhile the economic environment remains supportive with banks willing to extend credit and the unemployment rate remaining low . However, t here is a note of caution to temper our positive outlook , with a significant slowdown in external demand potentially disrupting household spending. Despite this our core view of growth remains bullish based on the fundamentals of low household penetration of many digital devices, plus their growing affordability, which should keep the consumer electronics market on an upward trajectory.

Maryland City Votes Unanimously to Alert Citizens to the Health Risks of Cell Phone/Wireless Radiation and to Oppose Cell Towers on School Grounds

The Greenbelt Maryland City Council voted unanimously on November 24, 2014 to alert citizens about the fine print warnings and possible health risks of cell phones and wireless devices and to send the FCC Chairman a letter encouraging national action on this issue.

Realtime Translation Device "Lingmo" Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Lingmo is a simple, affordable Bluetooth language translation device that will let you communicate and understand in over 30 languages. Lingmo International’s mission is pretty simple, they set out to make a device that pairs up with your Smartphone or tablet so users can communicate easier in any language no matter where in the world.

Wireless Qi Charger Proves to Be an Excellent Choice for Smart Devices

The new CHOE Stadium wireless charger is a new and improved version of a typical wireless charger that smart device owners use. This Qi charger is jam packed with features, one of the top being, the charger’s wide base area supported by 3 coils inside the charger base. The wider charging area helps in charging the device a lot quicker than usual.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for iPhone Whodunnit Murder Mystery Game

A new murder mystery iPhone game called Whodunnit has caused a great deal of excitement with crime and murder mystery fans. The people behind the game have now launched a crowdfunding campaign accompanied with awards. Their goal is to raise $5,000 by Jan 13, 2015 to make this project a reality and launch what some have said will be the best ever murder mystery game available on a smartphone.

World's First App for Mobile Expense Claims Launched - Mobilyser

LogoMobilyser, the world’s first mobile phone and data expense tracking application has been launched in Australia, signalling a new era for business and individual expense claims.

Zickr Android App Launched to Help Social Media Users in Decision Making

Sharing photos and videos is a widespread leisurely pursuit of social networking addicts. Zickr, a photo sharing service currently available on Android’s GooglePlay, is an innovative app that makes photo-sharing a more purposeful pursuit. The developers claim that Zickr service can be used for forming opinions about different products and services. Users can share photos using Android devices and get opinions from their friends and acquaintances about almost everything. Whether it’s a new gadget that has just hit the stores or a designer outfit, users can share photos using the app and get feedbacks from just their friends or everyone in the Zickr community. What makes it different is that the answers are exclusively viewable to users sharing the photo.

DinoSystem Dinosaurs Ecosystem Simulator and Survival Game Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Italian indie game developer Daniele Ferraro and his team have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to support the development of DinoSystem, a top-down 2D survival game simulating a complex cretaceous ecosystem, with strong RPG and DinoSystem is planned for PC, OS X and Linux, release is scheduled for Q3 2015 depending on the success of the crowdfunding campaign.

84444 Now Offering an International Text Message Marketing Service

Logo84444’s special sauce is that they allow for the same short code to be used both in Canada and the United States—84444. To help businesses that wish to market around the globe, 84444 is now able to offer an international text message marketing service.

KeyCharge Is a Keychain Capable of Keeping Devices Fully Charged

LogoKeyCharge, a brand new way to keep phones and other USB devices fully charged throughout the day, is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo campaign. This campaign has a funding goal of $10,000, which needs to be raised by December 23rd in order to bring KeyCharge to market. The creative team behind this invention state, “We first came up with the idea for KeyCharge when we couldn't find a backup charger for our smartphones that was compact, smart, simple, and elegant enough for everyday use. Everything that was on the market was too large to conveniently take with you everywhere.” The KeyCharge team wanted to create something that a person wouldn't have to worry about forgetting; something small and convenient enough that a person could always have it with them. They put their creative minds together and came up with a brilliant concept, a charger that is small enough to be used as a keychain.

84444 Announces Their New "Text to Landline" Service is a text message marketing company that offers businesses the chance to market themselves through their “do-it-yourself” text message marketing platform. In their efforts to make their services effective for businesses that have a branded vanity phone number/landline, the professionals from 84444 are pleased to offer their new text to landline service.

AppsStore, a Mobile App Development Company Now Offers Android App Development at Competitive Prices

LogoAppsStore, a mobile app development company is now offering innovative and creative iPhone and android app development at competitive prices. Their models are simple and the apps are designed with the intention to enhance the experience of users. The android app developer team in AppsStore is highly dedicated and credential. After designing and development of the apps, the developers take them in the market and promote them through the best medium, such as application reviewers and other social networking sites.

Ayla Networks and Ever Win International Corp. Partner to Accelerate Innovation in Home Automation and Connected Consumer Electronics

LogoAyla Networks, a leading provider of Agile Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and Ever Win International Corp., a leading OEM serving mobile communications and consumer electronics companies, have unveiled a program to help manufacturers bring connected home and lifestyle products to market.

AllBuy Fashion Outlet Creates Original iPhone App for Instant Discounted Online Shopping

Cracking the Mobile market is the newest gold rush in retail, as the vast majority of initial enquiries now take place through mobile searches and increasingly people are managing their money and payments through their mobiles thanks to the emergence of NFC chips and the PayPal app. The AllBuy Official Site is an e-commerce marketplace that offers the best value fashion items available online, and has just created a Mobile app to make browsing and purchasing from the site via mobile devices as easy as possible.

Johnny Football HAD to Have One and Scored! Austin Mahone Is Saying "Mmm Yeah" What Is It? Why Did They Have to Have It?

AVODROC, the company who has designed custom phone cases for professional athletes, major music recording stars and the consumer and business who likes to stand out from the crowd with distinct branding uses an innovative technology to design custom cell phone cases. AVODROC plans to take the appearance of cell phone cases to a new level with the highest materials and craftsmanship and customer service.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery - Making Evolution over Revolution

Among the high end Android smartphones that offer unmatched features with great performance particularly when it involves battery life is the “Samsung Galaxy S5”. At 2,800 mAh and 10.78Wh brick, the Galaxy S5 battery is far better than the one utilized in Galaxy-S4. This stretches the life span of one's smartphone for two days. Samsung states that this battery enables customers to surf the web for ten hours and provide video playback for eleven hrs.

84444 Introduces Ringless Voicemail to Complement Text Marketing

Logo84444 is a text message marketing company that offers reliable and legal services. This fall, they are pleased to announce the introduction of their ringless voicemail marketing service. Established to complement any text message marketing campaign, businesses or even individuals who utilize 84444’s ringless voicemail service will be able to leave an automated message on a consumer’s phone without it having to ring.

VeriShow Announced the Release of a Native iOS Video Chat SDK for Mobile Apps

LogoVerishow is a live support and collaboration platform, which, according HBR Labs CEO Yuval Model, is designed to meet the needs of the new emerging customer who wants to interact in person with agents. Essentially, the program is made to enhance customer service: Instead of dealing with some far-off customer service rep when inquiring about a product over the phone, Verishow allows you to speak face to face with a rep that can actually show you the ins and outs of a product while simultaneously showing you facts and figures about the product on an adjacent window. VeriShow is a “MAYDAY “solution for any website. The solution fits almost any line of business. Any company that wants to differentiate itself by providing better customer service can benefit from using VeriShow. Verishow also uses a consumer-friendly system that displays various independent applications to assist the customer in the chat. Offers Updated Cheats for Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an increasingly popular mobile game developed by Supercell, a game company based in Helsinki, Finland. Clash of Clans is a combat strategy games and it involves planning and executing strategies. The game is free for all players but premium users enjoy special privileges of accessing various resources by paying real money. In order to bridge this gap, is offering cheats and the latest walkthroughs for the game.

New Buy Followers on Instragram App Becomes a Vital Tool for Social Media Marketing

When running a business and looking to increase the exposure of the product, service or brand, it is important to use social media networks. One credible social media tool for marketing, advertising, and gaining public confidence is Instagram. However, if a business does not have many Instagram followers then the social media marketing campaign could be a waste of time. Thanks to Kallada Solutions, people can now Buy Followers On Instagram ( by using their android app.

84444 Releases New Infographic on the History of the Text Message

Logo84444, a mobile marketing company, has recently released a new infographic titled “The History of the Text Message.” With this new infographic, the professionals from 84444 are offering their audience a brief, yet informative look into the evolution of the text message.